Ranma Saotome is invincible.
If it's got martial arts in it, he'll win, eventually.
This is a good thing.... right?

What if things had gone a little differently, though?
One day, one different decision,
one event out of place,

What if Ranma wasn't the hero, but the villain?

Ill Met By Starlight
A Ranma 1/2 FanFiction Series
by Susan Doenime and Mike L.

Genma Saotome arrives at the Tendo home one day, bringing his son. Despite his curse, and the misgivings of her sister, Akane takes a liking to him. And the parade of enemies from Ranma's past begins....

Content Disclaimer - this work is dark in tone, and contains scenes of violence. Reader discretion is advised.

Chapter 1 - Here's Ranma
Chapter 2 - Perchance To Dream
Chapter 3 - Brothers In Arms
Chapter 4 - ....What Are Friends For
Chapter 5 - Idle Conversation
Chapter 6 - I'm Happy To Be Here
Chapter 7 - Faust
Chapter 8 - Escalation
Chapter 9 - A Gathering of Ravens
Chapter 10 - Things Fall Apart
Chapter 11 - Heart of Darkness
Chapter 12 - The Tempest
Chapter 13 - The End of the Matter
Epilogue 1 - Jabberwocky
Epilogue 2 - Silverblue
Epilogue 3 - A Vase of Cherry Twigs NEW!
Annotations and Notes NEW!
'Are you awake' spoof scene clippings. NEW!

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