IMBS Posters

Chapter 13 Preview Poster 1 by -M- Productions

Chapter 13 Preview Poster 1 by Reiraku Designs

Poster 1 by -M-Productions

Poster 2 by -M-Productions

Poster 3 by Reiraku Designs

Poster 4 by Justin Baugh (Note: Possible Spoilers)


Hibiki Mariko. Artwork by Katrine Lvovsky.

Hibiki Mariko, by Adrian Wong

"Can you take me to the airport?" Mariko, sketch by Carissa Merz

NEW! Mariko looking suspicious. Artwork by Vilja.

Mariko looking unpleasant. Photorealistic rendering by Chris Willmore

Mariko vs Akane on Gunkanjima. Artwork by Katrine Lvovsky.

Shan Pu. Artwork by Katrine Lvovsky.

NEW! Tsen and Ukyou. Artwork by Vilja.

Tsen Wu. Artwork by Adrian Wong

Shan, post-chapter-13. (SPOILER) Art by Carissa Merz

Ranma makes a discovery (Chapter 11). Artwork by Katrine Lvovsky

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