"This is my life, and my triumphs, and my mistakes. You might learn something from them. You might not.Regardless, here it is. This is Saotome Genma.

But before that, there was Kasigi Genma, who was a very different young man, indeed...."

- Legacy of Saotome Genma

1963, and Tokyo has almost finished covering the scars of the last war. Some, like the Tendos and Saotomes, emerged with their fortunes intact. Others... didn't.

This is the story of the beginnings of the Anything-Goes schools, of thieves and students, love and hate, kami and demons, and the shaping of the current generation of Nerima martial artists.

Ranma 1/2 - Pastpresent

by Susan Doenime

Group Picture
From left to right - Tendo Soun, Saotome Nodoka, Kasigi Genma, Biki Kiritsubo, Misuto-no-Kami.
Kuonji Inji New!
Art by Katrine Lvovsky.

Prologue - The End of the Beginning

Story One - Beautiful Friendship

Story Two - Fog of Confusion, Part One

Story Three - Fog of Confusion, Part Two

Story Four - Heirlooms

Story Five - Tourism, Part One

Story Six - Tourism, Part Two

Interlude One - Verlorenseele

Story Seven - Tourism, Part Three

Story Eight - Ash and Water

Story Nine - Echoes in Darkness

This is very much a work in progress. Send comments or questions to wendigo@humbug.org.au

Characters and backstory are the creations and property of Takahashi Rumiko, and are used without consent or knowledge. I must ask that this work not be archived, distributed, printed, or used without my permission.

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