Rake At The Gates of Hell

Watch them as the cold earth sucks them

Down to Hell, good night, God love them

If any should escape above me

Beg and cheat until they trust me

Drag them down to be damned with me

Laugh at them as they forgive me


"I have waited a long time for this. She has given me the means to take back that which shall destroy her.

There is nowhere in this universe, or any other, that she can hide.

But first, a prelude..."


"When you kill people as the means to an end, you shatter someone's universe.

Sometimes the someone is pretty good at shattering themselves."


"I have grown to this role and this charge.

It suits me. Well enough.



"Yeah, there's a storm coming. Let's see if I can kill this horse riding before it. The only way to travel, man."


"They'll get wise and come for us, one of these days. Let 'em. Lots of people have before. We're still here.

What's ours is ours. What's their's is ours too."


'Only a madman seeks to become a God. Sane men seek to become the first under God."


"He threatens the balance, and the balance is all..."


"I think I'll kill me a princeling of Avalon.

Just to keep in practice.

O yah."


"Foreign foes, old allies. The same, in the end.

This flame shall burn them away, methinks."


"...for the love of god, get me out of here..."


"Yes. The long view is best. Your move, my friend."


"Method, method, method to it, eh!

Only a cad does not gamble, sirrah.

I am a gentleman, and my stake shall be worthy of my rank...

...the universe..."


Mother's eyes are sparkling diamonds

Still the moon it shows no light

Roses wither may God deliver

The rake at the gates of Hell tonight

The Royal Family of Avalon

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