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Works of Anime Fanfiction That Seemed Really Neat To Us At The Time.

Yes, another page of links. Hey, why not? Besides, we offer commentary to help you decide which link to follow. Although IMHO you should follow all of them....

M Productions

Fanfiction by RpM, Great Old Master of the humorous fanfic, disciple of Pratchett, and all-around nifty writer. Possibly the best fanfic works on the web, and The More Things Change/The Pursuit Of Happiness is the personal favorite-all-time-triple-whammy fanfic of at least one of us. As an added bonus, you get stuff by Nigel M. and Ross MacSomethingIAlwaysManageToMisspell, both fine authors.

Converging Series

Take seven of the top writers of fanfiction. Have the characters from their series join together in a reality-crossing epic of love, hate, drama, and adventure. Then have half the writers suddenly resign due to personal catastrophy, and have life attempt to kill off the other half. They're still cranking it out, though. Highly recommended.

Fanfiction By Lara Bartram

Lara's works are... um... well... 'dark' describes half of them, and 'lemon' covers the other half. But the writing's top notch. Most works contain heavy doses of Kuno, Nabiki, or Kuno and Nabiki (hinthint nudgenudge saynomore), so if you aren't a fan of the characters, or that pairing, you might not get much out of this. If you don't like gritty emotional drama with a bit of sex thrown in - well, what are ya, nuts? Highly recommended.

Ranma 2096

Ranma dies. Then Akane kills Happosai and commits suicide. Kasumi and Nabiki get blown up. Tofu and Ukyou go insane.

Chris Willmore, the author, insists it's a comedy.

A dark fanfic about Ranma's death, resurrection, and canonization. Contains some of the more memorable new characters in fanfiction, and has spawned more sidestories than any other fanfic on the web. The author is a certifiable nutcase, a fact which only enhances the fine prose.

Fanfiction By Bob Barnes

Bob takes a deep, surprising look at characters who have been pigeonholed through years of fanfiction, coming up with dramatically new intepretations. Wickedly funny in places, profound in others; a good read in general.

Hearts of Ice Homepage

We said above that RpM's TMTC/TPOH may well be the best fic on the web. Here's its competition. A spellbinding tale of magic, love, and adventure, HoI has picked up honors the way Ranma picks up fiancees. Check out the review by Taleswapper if you still aren't convinced. *.*

Sean Gaffney's Fanfiction

Reviewer, kibbitzer, poet, prophet of Akari, author, King of the Britons, Defeater of the Saxons, Sovereign of All England, official Lanky Irish Guy. Neat fanfics in a variety of series (that's right, not just Ranma! Wow!). A big Akari fan. Watch the Converging Series people take merciless advantage of this fact. Also contains the Happy Guy reviews for you Whovians out there.

Fun Fanfic Critiques

John Biles was the first to let loose a MST3k-style review team, with the Dread Space Pirate Bailesu and his mate Ami going through guest reviewers like popcorn. Then came Travis Butler, bringing in the trio of Windir, Frito, and Lyra. Then came the Institut Rats. And then Gary Kleppe, Raph See, RpM, and Sean Gaffney got into the act. And then MST3ks started popping up everywhere.....

This page contains the earilest and best of the lot, focusing on the positive reviews rather than the gawd-this-blew ones. Check it out.

Scoop of the Day

A series chronicling the misadventures of the Furinkan Informer, the school's underfunded newspaper. Good stuff, with a memorable central character and an missing final chapter. We encourage you to bug the author, Raphael See, to hurry up and finish the dratted thing already. Raph also does reviews, which can also be found on this page.

Matthew Trotter's Series

Another Disciple of Pratchett, Trotter suffers from a bad case of Hemingway syndrome. And his spelling stinks. His layout could use a bit of work as well. On the bright side, he writes some of the funniest Ranma fanfiction out there, on a par with TMTC. Not convinced? Check out the review of Aftermath at the FFC page.

Joe Kohle's Page

The author of MASN, one of the most avidly followed series on the FFML, Joseph has a excellent understanding of human drama. His works, while containing physical action, shine due to the superb character interplay. Kohle also possesses a excellent grasp of Japanese culture, and integrates this into his series' without confusing or alienating the reader. If the idea of a highly addicting series that shows no sign of ending soon appeals to you, check this out.

Spoof Chase Productions

John "Don't Call Me Jimbo" Biles. Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne. Mihoshi "No nifty nickname". What more need be said? Humor of the first rank.

Sebastian Weinberg's Fics

Despite the fact that he lives in a city named "Food", Sebastian's a really together guy. One, we might add, who writes better in English (not his native tongue) than 99.9% of the population of the USA(EDNOTE: You damn with faint praise. - Susan) (EDNOTE: Hey! - Mike) and who possesses a devious and crafty mind for plot twists. We encourage you to bug him about finishing Ranko 1/2. Viel Spas, Ja!


Angst, Ukyou, and More Angst. Zen is the one who inflicted Bitter End on us, nearly crashing RAAF in the resultant tsunami of discussion (read as: brutal hand-to-hand fighting). One of the best writers of serious fiction on the web, who sadly has this tiny little Ukyou=Kamisama/Akane=Charles Manson bias. Drop him a line to try and make him see reason. ;)

Formula 119

The fanfiction of Benares, one of the first fanfiction writers to hit the net. Still the greatest writer of fusion/crossover fics out there. Also the author of Stepping Stones, the very first Ukyou Angstfic, which is probably better than all of the host of Bleak Ukyou fics that have followed in recent years. Talk about trendsetters...

Careful Destiny

There are hundreds of "what if" fanfics. This is one of the ones that stands out. Ranma winds up in an alternate version of his life after a wish to be free of his curse, and finds that maybe some things about his old life weren't so bad after all. Regarded as one of the classics of fanfiction (along with Oliver Twist and Moby Dick. Handsome, leatherbound editions of Careful Destiny, suitable for your library, can be obtained from Transpacific for the onetime low price of 23,000 Mongolian Pobble Beads.) by all Right-Thinking People.

Richard Lawson's Fanfics

The works of Richard Lawson, one of the better-known writers of fanfiction on the net. Includes Thy Inward Love (his continuation story), Thy Outward Part (his orientation story) and Roses of Shadow (his madly laughing Kodachi story). Now with scrubbing bubbles.

Nightelf's Elysium

No, we don't know what an Elysium is either. Nick Leifker's works can be found here, including the (in)famous Sunrise series. A lot of heart in these, and a great deal of angst. Although, despite the title, 'Contagion' is pretty darn funny.

Kun-chan's Lemon Fics

No link page, of course, would be complete without a link to the Lemon Goddess of the FFML. Contains Adult Material (gasp), although extreme well-written and for the most part monogamous adult material. Kun-chan is renowned as the true owner of the FFML, and as the first person on record to write a lemon with an actual plot.

Jeff Hosmer's Page

The author of 'Lies', which is quite possibly the finest example of a darkfic in existance. Has to be read to be believed.

Andrew Huang's Anime Fanfiction

Andrew is one of the up and coming humor writers of the FFML, author of the renowned Evanjellydonut series. Possible Disciple of Pratchett; I understand the canonization board is meeting as you read this. His TMTC/TPOH pages are a essential resource for any fan of the series.

McKinley Morganfield's Fanfic Thingie

Fanfiction by one of the great Blues artists of history. No, really! Surreal, shocking, penetrating, McKinley writes with the style and vision of an emu on acid. One of the only two fanfic writers in the known universe to despise Kasumi. (The other one works for Transpacific.)

Suds-kun's Fanfics

Quite a variety here, from funny to introspective to dark. One of Shawn's fics, "It's 11:00", sparked the discussion that led to Transpacific's own Ill Met By Starlight. So it's all his fault.

John Biles' Homepage

The lair of the Dread Space Pirate Bailesu (not to be confused with the Dread Space Perfectly-Honest-And- Aboveboard-Seaman-With-Legal-Letters-Of-Marque-Just-Ask-Good-Queen-Bess-God-Save-Her Balisue), and home of a list of his fanfics. Also has an image gallery, song page, and the WOT RPG. Biles' work can also be found at the Spoof Chase page.

Taleswapper's Tribute Page

Tributes indeed. Taleswapper gives detailed, exhaustive analysis for some of the best Ranma fanfics; commentary of the sort you'd expect to see in a research paper without the dullness. This is a good page to check out if you want to grab a good fic - how do we know they're good? Well, he liked our work. ;) He includes links to most (all?) of the stories reviewed.

Daigakusei No Ranma

Written by John Biles, David Tai, and others. Chronicles Ranma and Akane's life in college, and is considered to be one of the best 'continuation' type fics. New characters also abound, to the delight of some readers and the annoyance of others.

CBear Fanfiction

Is your soul feeling worn down from the angstfest of Sunrise? Have you just finished reading Bitter End, and are looking for a convienient rope? Did you make the mistake of thinking everything by RpM is funny, and read On The Edge unprepared? This site offers a convienient antidote in the form of Warm And Fuzzy fanfics; the literary equivalent of a hot mug of tea and a blanket. Hey, what do ya expect from someone named 'CBear', death and destruction? Skillfully written.

Greg Sandborn's Fiction Page

Greg Sandborn doesn't write self-insertions. Remember this. Your continued health may depend on it if you ever talk to him. He does, however, skillfully write an excellent Nabiki continuation story, and several very funny humor bits. Plus some lemon with cats innit. Don't send Greg any SI's either, he uses them to wrap fish in.

The RAAC Mirror

RAAC has the ultimate collection of fanfics. Which are stored in an annoyingly zipped fashion that browsers refuse to open. The nice folks at have mirrored the site, and changed the format to plain ol text. There's enough material in here to keep you reading for months; sadly, the only information on the stories without actually reading them is the name. Hence, you'll likely have to sort through a great deal of dross to find the gold.

Gary Kleppe's Comics Page

Yes, 'comics'. Gary's an extremely prolific author, and you can find just about all of his fics, spanfics, reviews, and collaborations on this page. In addition, it boasts a wealth of resources, from FFML FAQs to links to the Map Project. A fun site to poke around in.

Fission Park Press

The works of J. Austin Wilde (isn't that just the coolest name?), including Ranma and Robotech Fanfiction. Mr. Wilde is widely known as the man who brought the war-technothriller to R1/2 fanfic... no, honest! He's like an evil mix of Tom Clancy and Takahashi! Some really good stuff here, and only one of them has an amazingly silly title.


One of the series currently worth following on the FFML, Relentless is written by Grayson Towler, a promising new entrant into the Fanfiction arena. Mr. Towler also maintains an original fiction site.