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New Works!

New Additions & Series in Progress:

Shoujo Kakumei Utena - What Is Done by Alan Harnum Everyone does bad things when they're a kid, right? Some are just worse than others...[PSYCHOLOGICAL DRAMA]
Shoujo Kakumei Utena - The Graduates by Alan Harnum ...and what, then, awaits the chick who finally cracks its shell?[DRAMA/ROMANCE]
Shoujo Kakumei Utena - As Others See Her by Alan Harnum A story about perceptions, voices, and a few other things.[DRAMA]
Shoujo Kakumei Utena - Fugue by Alan Harnum Once upon a time, there was a little princess. No, not that one; another one. And one day, she ran away from home...[DRAMA]
Shoujo Kakumei Utena - Sonata For Piano Duo by Alan Harnum In which a short journey is made into the mind of Kaoru Kozue.[DRAMA]
Shoujo Kakumei Utena - Sovereignty Associatonist Girl Nanami by Alan Harnum and Paul Corrigan A very special Canada Day story that deals tastefully and fairly with pressing national issues. No, really.[EXTREMELY SILLY POLITICAL SATIRE]
Mourning Becomes Kuonji by Alan Harnum We are shaped more by our tragedies than by our triumphs.[ELEGY]
Waterfalls by Alan Harnum and Chris Willmore A spider spins her webs in shadow, flies swarm and feed and fall within the strands, past and present collide...friends vanish, foes return...the whirlpool draws Nerima down into the darkness.[SUPERNATURAL MYSTERY]
El-Hazard - Mortal Engines by Alan Harnum In the magical world of El-Hazard, dark terrors mingle with exotic beauty. The twin threats of the Bugrom and the Phantom Tribe have been defeated; but from the seeds sown by the conflict, a dark and bitter fruit shall be born...[FANTASTICAL ADVENTURE]
Last One Standing by Mike L. Somewhere outside the Waking World, a plan is sliding into place. Somewhere to the north, someone heads towards Nerima with an old vendetta. And somewhere in Nerima, a fall is coming. [DRAMA/HORROR]
Pastpresent by Susan Doenime Genma Saotome is dead. As his final legacy, however, he leaves his son a book that tells the real story of the man who studied under Happosai, the husband on Nodoka, and Soun Tendo's friend and rival. [COMEDY/DRAMA]

Finished Works:

Ill Met By Starlight by Mike L. and Susan Doenime Events happen a little differently, and the Ranma Saotome who shows up at the Tendo's is far from the heroic fellow we're used to. Some have, in fact, found him to be the villain of the series... [DARK/PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER]
Bliss by Mike L. and Lara Bartram Two young people, a man and a woman, wake up on the shores of a hostile, unnatural island. Their memories gone, they struggle to survive against a malign nature and the sinister forces lurking in the background. But escaping alive may turn out to be the easy part... [DRAMA]
Waters Under Earth by Alan Harnum The god-king Saffron falls in battle, and the final signs are fulfilled. Powerful forces begin to move in Japan to prepare for the storm to come. And at the centre of it all, a young man called Ranma Saotome...[EPIC FANTASY]
Turning the Wheel by Alan Harnum Formerly known as the Unnamed Saga, now given a name to avoid confusion with the Nameless Saga. It begins with a brutal murder; it becomes something almost beyond imagining. Sometimes you bury the past, and sometimes the past buries you...[LOVECRAFTIAN SAGA]
The Varaiyah Cycle by Mike L. Akane cooks with Cologne's spices, Kasumi and Nabiki sample something they shouldn't, Shampoo and Kodachi discover something in common, and yet another Generic Chinese Warlord puts in an appearance. A slapstick series without a dark bone in its body, formerly known as the Nameless Saga. [LIGHT COMEDY]
The Nameless Sequel by Mike L. Picks up events roughly a month after the end of The Varaiyah Cycle. Ryoga learns a new technique, Ukyo gets professional help, the Kunos fixate on someone other than Ranma, Shampoo learns Japanese, and Ranma lands a job. [LIGHT COMEDY]
Eidolons by Alan Harnum The old gods lie sleeping, and their dreaming thoughts shape fantastic worlds just beyond the wall of sleep, where the beauty of dreams intertwines with the terror of nightmares. And into this land, Ranma Saotome is about to journey... [LOVECRAFTIAN FANTASY]
Poison by Susan Doenime Akane, influenced by her family and culture, comes to a decision about her relationship with Ranma. But it's still her choice. [DARK/PSYCHOLOGICAL DRAMA]
Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed? by Mike L. Ranma vanished one day, and shortly thereafter Akane took a dive off the dojo's roof. Suicide, or murder? Daisuke investigates, motivated by a burning need for justice, a firm dedication to the truth, and the fact that Ukyou's paying him a lot of money to do it. Will he find whodunit... or is there no guilty party to begin with? [MYSTERY]
She's Got The Look by Mike L. Kasumi's serene. Nabiki's on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Akane's scared of both of them. What the hell's going on? Unless you've read one of America's classic supernatural authors, you probably won't get it. [SPAMFIC/HORROR]
Bubblegum Crisis - The Tesla Agenda edited by Mike L., John Biles, Travis Butler, and Nick Leifker All sorts of people write fanfics. Including, as it turns out, the residents of a certain dojo in Nerima. Read on as the Tendos, Saotomes, and assorted others write a round-robin story of Bubblegum Crisis. Will the Knight Sabres uncover the terrible secret behind the sinister Tesla Project? Will the diabolical Waiter succeed in his evil plans? Will Nabiki go insane trying to ride herd on these would-be authors? Will Mike get stuck with the bill at Teller's?[COMEDY]
What I Was Once by Alan Harnum Ten years ago, Mousse made a choice. It was the right choice to make; but even when you do the right thing, you have to live with the consequences.[DRAMA]
Ukyou Can Cook by Susan Doenime A story many Ukyou fans had a hard time swallowing. Still, widely praised for it's biting humor. Version archived on this site taken from the RAAC Digest. [BLACK HUMOR]
A Fate Worse Than... by Susan Doenime Genma and Soun will do anything to get their children married. Anything. But married to who? [LIGHT COMEDY]
Gardens of Proserpine by Alan Harnum What is the measure of the depths of one person's love? Is it a thing that can be quantified, weighed upon an impartial scale? Or does the kind of person that you are also determine how your love must be measured?[DARK]
Smoke and Mirrors by Mike L. After a bomb levels the Tendo Dojo, Kasumi races through and against time to save everything she holds dear. Not a very light story, and not very easy on Kasumi. A tale of sacrifice and redemption. [DARK/PSYCHOLOGICAL DRAMA]
Kasumi's Guest by Susan Doenime A day in the life of Tendo Kasumi. Tea, vacumning, gunfire. [BLACK HUMOR]
Simulacram by Alan Harnum Simulacrum, n. (pl. -ra). Image of something; shadowy likeness, deceptive substitute, mere pretence. [f. L simulare (similis like)]
Silent Partner by Mike L. Nabiki chats with Ranma. Originally done in script as part of Nameless 2, rewritten as soon as the author realized he had just written a dark scene into a slapstick comedy. [ANGST]
Quixote by Susan Doenime After a mysterious attack, Ranma wakes up to find his world subtly changed. An ancient legend offers hope, but will the way home be as easy - or as difficult - as he thinks? [MYSTERY]
Time, Out of Mind by Alan Harnum Witness the incredible adventures of Aran Harnumo, wandering swordsman and do-gooder. A story that will teach you the value of good dental hygiene and proper nutrition.[SI PARODY]
Reunions - The Tofu/Kasumi Segment by Mike L. Part of Erin Mills's "Reunions" series. See Kasumi Tendo take on the Scarlet Revolutionary People's Jihad with only her trusty assault rifle! No, really! [LORD KNOWS]
Making the Jump by Mike L. A short spoof on one of the most persistance cliches in fanfiction, done in the style of the average science-fiction magazine. [PARODY]
Stars Against the Sun by Alan Harnum Opposites attract. But it may be that sometimes, you fall in love with exactly the wrong kind of person, and they fall in love with you. Sometimes, love simply isn't enough.[SAD]
Closing Time by Mike L. Ranma and Akane get married. And the rest of Nerima gathers at Ucchan's to, er, celebrate. Sort of. Based on and incorporating the Leonard Cohen song by the same name. [HUMOR/ANGST]
Ghost Story by Mike L. Several decades after the events of the manga, Nerima has pretty much settled down into a normal community. Or has it? A red-haired ghost sends two Furinkan students plunging into a web of lies, betrayal, and murder that stretches back to 1998... [MYSTERY]
Hand of Glory by Alan Harnum What if someone offered you all that you desired, all that you wanted on the earth? And what kind of price would you have to pay?[SUPERNATURAL]
Faithful Departed by Mike L. A piece written for Chris Willmore's Ranma 2096 series, touching on the aspect of Mr. Willmore's story that always hit me the hardest. Either depressing or uplifting, depending on who you ask. [R2096/REQUIEM]
Daigakusei No Ukyou #7 by Mike L. So one day David Tai asks Mike to do a DnU episode. Mike agrees... and flounders around for a plot. Hmm... time to get out that John Woo tribute fic idea... [HUMOR]
Dies Irae by Alan Harnum Slow but sure moves the might of the gods.
Star Wars - A Faint Hope by Mike L. and Lara Bartram A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... well, you saw the movie. But I bet you thought that was the whole story, didn't you? Not hardly. Take a look behind the scenes, and follow the other group of rebels wandering around Tatooiene and the Death Star...[HUMOR/PARODY/CROSSOVER]

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