Basic information file - Shadow Velo

Shadow Overview and Analysis: Velo would appear to be a high-tech Shadow, with beam weapons, starships, interstellar empires, and a hyperspace jump drive system. At present, several major wars are being fought among the various races and governments of the galactic core. Magic appears to be inoperable, and no native mages seem to be present.

Political Organization: Velo is populated by 7 major starfaring species/nations:

Currently, the following major wars are being fought:

All of these conflicts are in a bloody stalement. The Voinian/UE conflict appears to be slowly swinging in favor of the UE. The various Cresent wars have been going on for hundreds of years, and look set to go on for another couple hundred without meaningful progress.

The Empires:

The Voinian Empire: The Voinians look somewhat like humanoid rhinos. They act someone like them too. Voinians are a strongly authoritarian, conquest-driven race out to expand. The initial days of the Voinian Empire met with great success; they conquered and enslaved the fledging star union of the Hinwar, and then gobbled up the relatively primitive Emalgha systems. Their blitz eastward into Human space was intially unstoppable, as system after system fell. However, they failed to take into account the Human capacity for adaptibility. Mankind quickly unified, rushed ships into mass production, and defeated the Voinian fleet at the Battle of Sol. The Voinians now barely hold their own along the pre-war frontier.

Voinians fly massive, wedge-shaped ships painted gray with crimson lines. Their shields are primitive, but their armor is the thickest in the galaxy. They use short, slow-firing, destructive neutron cannons and unguided but potent rocket turrets. They turn like cows.

The United Earth Republic (UE): Humanity, centered around Sol. Originally a multinational confederacy, mankind unified to fight off the Voinians. A fairly easygoing entity when not fighting for its survival. Southern UE space is infested with human pirates, and is a dangerous place to travel.

The UE flies fast, fairly nimble ships laden with well-trained crews. Their 'Red Baron' fighter is surprisingly potent for such a hastily-build design, standing as perhaps the second-best in the galaxy, and was the major factor that turned the tide of the war. UE military ships use 'blaze' cannons (a form of energy railgun with a rapid rate of fire, decent range, and poor accuracy), seeking missiles, and lots and lots of fighters. Their civilian vessel rangle from bulk cargo haulers to fast couriers to pocket carriers mainly used for piracy.

The Miranu Economic Union: The Miranu are reedy, sad-eyed humanoids largely devoted to the finer things in life... art, science, money, philosophy, money, money... they are on reasonably good terms with most of the galaxy, and trade with everyone except the Voinians.

Miranu freighters fall into two categories - massive slow cows of commerce, or fast packet traders. Do combat the steadily worsening pirate infestation to the north of their space, they've hired a massive security fleet, the Zachit, who are thoroughly dangerous professionals.

The 456th Emalghion Popular Liberation Movement: The poor Emalgha and their single colony were conquered easily by the Voinians. They remained as slaves of the Empire until, facing sudden defeat at the Battle of Sol, the Voinians pulled their warships out of the system. The Emalghans revolted, built a fleet, and proclaimed their independence.

Then the Voinians came back, destroyed the fleet, andcrushed the movement. And left again.

Then the Emalghans rose up again, and built a new fleet. The Voinians came back, destroyed it, and left again to fight the Human advance.

Currently the Emalghans are on Resistance Movement 456. Which demonstrates one of the most notable Emalghan traits - suicidal persistance. While primitive, slow, and not very tactically astute, Emalghans are as stubborn and unshakable as bulldogs on crack.

Emalghan ships are... well... made of wood. Very thick wood, but still wood. Pilots of every other species cringe at the sight of them. They fly converted freighters and what may well be the worst fighter in the galaxy. Emalghan ships are armed with high-velocity railguns that cut through armor like a hot knife through butter, and through shields like a dull knife through concrete, and a cheap knockoff of the Voinian rocket.

The Crescent Strands: Actually one race, the Crescent species has been split into three distinct factions for eons. They are remarkably similar to humans, although their skin is a dull black and they have two sets of eyes.

All three strands are traditionalists. They favor fast, manueverable ships with lots of shields and little armor. The standard weapons of the crescent are the Phase Cannon, a rapid-fire long-range energy gun with commendable accuracy but little effect on armor, the SAD torpedo, a potent energy missle with advanced seeking systems, and the Dispersal Rocket, a area-effect blast rocket meant to maul fighter packs. Standard ships include the fast, lightly-armed Crescent Fighter, the sleek gunboat/trader Arada-class Corvette, the fast and nimble light warship/trader Lazira-class Light Cruiser, and the fearsome, fast carrier-and-pocket-battleship class known as the Crescent Warship, the standard big gun of the Strands.

The Igadzra are incredibly paranoid and secretive, mildly xenophobic, and highly reclusive. Their capital warship, the Igazra-Class Battleship, the the most formidable vessel in the Crescent, possibly in the galaxy, boasting massive shields and an equally massive bank of turrets and torpedo launchers.

The Zidagar are open, honest, brave, enthusiatic, generous, dimwitted homicidal maniacs. Befriend a Zidagar and he will be your friend for life. Propose a toast, and he will either second it, tears flowing from emotion, or he will challenge you to a duel over it. Anger him, and he will hunt you to the ends of the galaxy. Their unique warships include the Zidara-class Cruiser, the most potent light warship in the galaxy, and the Zig Fighter, carried in pairs by Zidaras. They pack the standard Crescent weaponry and a coherent, forward-firing energy beam of great destructive power.

The Azdgari are spacefaring mongols or huns, mercurial and prone to raiding. They are semi-nomadic in nature, moving from system to system in their territory. Azdgari are speed freaks without equal, and may be the greatest natural pilots in the galaxy. Their unique Azdara fighter looks like a cross between a hummingbird, a dragonfly, and a razor, and is the fastest and most manueverable vessel in space, the finest fighter craft in existance. They are fond of modified Crescent Warships, rigged to carry extra Phase Cannons and hordes of Azdara - dedicated carrier-battlewagons.

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