MegaTokyo is about to freeze over...
Bubblegum Crisis - Frozen Knights

    40 years ago, off the eastern coast of the United States, billionaire Grant Walker created the perfect city, 'Oceana'. It would survive while he cleansed the rest of the world with a second ice age. To achieve that goal, he obtained the services of the infamous Mr. Freeze, once Victor Fries, and promised to help him cure his terminally ill wife in exchange for his alliance.

    Unfortunately for Mr. Walker, Mr. Freeze didn't like that plan. Oceana was destroyed, shattered into a hundred pieces. Along with the city sank Mr. Freeze and his beloved wife. Both disappeared into the pages of history, forgotten by all as the age of heroes came and went.

    Mr. Freeze was not entirely forgotten, for his incredible freeze technology, and the process which would theoretically have increased his lifespan to hundreds of years, were often pursued but never successfully duplicated. Several mega-corporations, including Genom, have expressed interest in obtaining these secrets.

    The place: MegaTokyo, Japan

    The Time: 2034

    Mr. Freeze has been resurrected.

    MegaTokyo is about to freeze over.