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Andrew Huang's Anime Fan Fiction Pages
Not the largest list of links, but a fairly large one. Huang provides good commentary on the contents of each site he lists as well. And, of course, there's his own fics (especially the Evangelion fic) which I rather like as well.

The REC.ARTS.ANIME.CREATIVE fan fiction archive
web-friendly edition
Lots and lots and lots and lots of stories....
One of the longest-running archives, very extensive.

Asagiri Kendai's Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction Site
Kendai's site doesn't go into detail about the sites he lists as much as Andrew does, but his list is quite a bit larger.

Rui's Anime Fan Fiction Link List From Hell
Large list of fanfic links sorted by authors, series, archives, and more.

Anime Web Turnpike
THE place to go for anything about anime. Tons and tons of links sorted by topic.

Fanfic Authors, Groups, and All Around Nice People

Mihoshi's Test Page From Hell
A one-time fanfic writer, but is mostly a graphic artist of sorts. Cool page, cool links, cool person. If it weren't for her advising, 'The Pursuit of Happiness' never would have been written. Mihoshi created the character of Tanya Noori for 'The Pursuit of Happiness and wrote the origin story for her. She's also the writer of 'You Can't Do That on Ranma 1/2'.  Flat out comedy, which, in these days of angstfics and dark sagas, we need more of. ^_^

Chris Willmore's Ranma 2096 & other works
One word that would sum up Chris' stuff? Hrm... 'avant garde' perhaps? Willmore's page is mainly about his Ranma 2096 stuff, but there's links to his other great works as well, including my ever-favorite 'Within The Candle Flame' and my contribution to his Ranma 2096 universe, 'Gosunkugi: Generations'. A story that everyone believed nobody would dare write... the courtship of Gosunkugi and... Akari. Of course, there's the OTHER fic everyone believed nobody would write, the courtship of Konatsu and Tsubasa... and buddy, I am not touching that with a ten foot pole.

Mike Loader & Susan Doenime's
Ill Met By Starlight
Ranma as you've never seen him before... as the villian. A dark vision of what Ranma Saotome could have been.

The Scriviner's Vault
The Scriviner's written quite a lot of my favorite fics lately. 'That's 1/2 My Goddess' (Ranma 1/2 - Ah! My Goddess fusion), Nibunoichi Muyo (Ranma 1/2 - Tenchi Muyo crossover), and 'Two Hearts of One Mind' (Evangeliion short fic) are all worth a read, definitely.

Lara Bartram's Fanfic Pages
Disturbing, provoking, some deep reading here. Not your typical Ranma fics, not by a long shot.

Spoof Chase Productions
Headed up by Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne, including John Biles and Mihoshi, they're the best humor writers around. Very witty and intelligent fics here. Highly highly highly reccomended.

Bailesu's Fiction Pages
Hey, can't have a list of worthwhile reads without listing Jimbo's stuff.

Leather Goddess of Phob... er... Kunoichi's Fanfic Pages
The most prolific Lemonesque fanfic writer out there at the moment, and possibly the most famous

Drawings by Lyn Daniel
Miss Daniel was ever gracious enough to do a little artwork for me, work that I was giddy to see. Her sketch of 'The More Things Change' and 'Converging Series' villian Ryo Muhoshin as well as lots of other sketches are available at her site.

Fission Park Press Fan Fiction
The website for J. Austin Wilde, writer of epic-style Ranma fanfics and more. His 'Chasing The Wind' is a person fave of mine.

The Popularity Contests
Best of Ranma Fanfiction Awards
The original voting forum for Ranma fanfics.

Reader's Choice Ranma Fanfic Awards
Recently established, this also serves the same purpose, although their methods of tallying votes is a bit different.