Updated July 21, 1998
the seven 'stars' of Tokyo's Real World tv show:  Ranma Saotome, Ataru Moroboshi, Kyosuke Kasuga, Mamoru Chiba, Atsuko 'Nuku-Nuku' Natsume, Washu, & Goddess Urd
this is the story of seven ordinary people
(or so the television studio thought)
picked at randon
(or so the producers thought, anyways)
to live in a house, and find out what happens when people stop acting scripted,
and start acting real


It seemed to be the perfect idea.
A tv show cheap to produce, that garnered high ratings
and with actors that had very few demands.
It didn't turn out exactly as they expected it would...


  • Part I: Where the Boys Are
  • Part II: And Now The Ladies...
  • Part III: Watching You From Afar...
  • Part IV: Men At Work
  • Part V: Divine Advice
  • Part VI: Love and Robots
  • Part VII: That Introspection Thing
  • Part VIII: No Need for a Neighborhood
  • Part IX: Perils & Perverts / Kyosuke Can't Sing*SNEAK PREVIEW*
  • The Ladies:

    The Gentlemen:

    surreal visions - a stranger look at our erstwhile roomies
    an alternate view of things
    Chris Davies
    Colliding Symphonies
    David Eddy
    Scott Jaimson (SKJAM!)
    Gary Kleppe
    Richard Lawson
    Nicholas Leifker
    Mike Loader
    Trisha Sebastian
    Matthew Trotter