Dire Fates: A Hellblazer/Oh My Goddess! crossover.

Cast from Oh My Goddess!

- Keiichi Morisato -

A young Japanese college student studying mechanical engineering.

Keiichi was answering the phone for his dormmates one day, when he got hungry, and made a phone call to order food. He dialed the wrong number, and ended up calling the Goddess Relief Office.

Belldandy answered his call. She gave him a wish. And when he idly wished that a girl like her would stay with him forever, she fulfilled his wish.

Keiichi is very happy with Belldandy. If only others didn't keep getting in the way...

- Belldandy -

A very sweet goddess, Belldandy is beautiful, innocent, and caring.

She will stop anyone who interferes with her relationship, for she loves Keiichi very much, even if they both are too shy to express it openly.

Belldandy's link to heaven, and her teleportation medium, is mirrors. When she exhausts herself, she regains energy through sleep.

- Urd -

One day Keiichi received a videotape in the mail. When he watched it, a tan sleek white haired goddess stepped out of the television. And a major source of Keiichi's troubles arrived. Urd, Belldandy's elder sister.

Urd fancies herself a love goddess. She can make potions and medicines that encourages love, and has often tested them on any poor soul who gets in her way. She is of the type that believes that the ends justifies the means, and will often do the wrong things in order to achieve a good thing. Whether this is caused by her half-demon half-goddess nature is unknown.

Urd's link to heaven, and her teleportation medium, is tv screens. Like Belldandy, Urd can exhaust her powers. Unlike Belldandy's sleep needs, her alternate energy source is alcohol.

- Skuld -

Skuld, the youngest of the three sisters, arrived on Earth, missing her big sister Belldandy.

Her love for Belldandy caused her to stay, and sparked off an rivalry between her and Keiichi. Her sisterly fights with Urd can be often devastatingly for the poor mortal caught between them, which is usually poor Keiichi.

Skuld loves to invent. She can often be found creating new machines, and has an extreme dislike of useless objects.

Skuld's link to heaven, and her teleportation medium, is water. Her alternate energy source, of course, is _ICE CREAM_!

- Mara -

Mara is a demoness from Nifelhelm, the Norse aspect of Hell. She usually spends her time causing trouble for Keiichi and the goddesses. She's VERY allergic to good luck charms.

She used to be close friends with Urd, but her duties and Urd's separated them.

- Peorth -

Peorth is from a rival Goddess Relief office. She first appeared to grant Keiichi a wish, and later developed an interest in him, causing a rivalry with Belldandy.

Peorth is a romantic at heart, but eccentric and nutty.

Peorth's link to heaven, and her means of manifestation, is through camera lens.

- Banpei -

Skuld's robot, invented as a defense system against Mara, is constructed for many uses, having been granted the ability to morph into various transportation and defense mechanisms.