Dire Fates: A Hellblazer/Oh My Goddess! crossover.

Cast from John Constantine: Hellblazer

- John Constantine -

Bastard. Trickster. Conjob. Magus. John Constantine.

Known as one of the most daring and adept mages of modern times, John Constantine has done the impossible, beating incredible odds again and again. Unfortunately, sometimes his great feats of magic have a price to pay. It has cost John the lives of many of his associates and friends. The guilt he feels over it is a heavy burden which drives him to act as a loner, so that others won't be hurt.

- Chas Chandler -

Chas is John's oldest friend, going as far back as John's days as a teen. Where John delves into the depths of magic, Chas constantly fights the grinding battles of mundane everyday life as a cab driver, husband, and father. He's got a gruff demeanor, sometimes backs John up in a fist fight (Constantine is VERY lousy at hand-to-hand fighting), and acts (sort of) as a sidekick to John, giving him free taxi rides, bringing him misc. odd items, and doing other odd jobs that Chas really despises but does anyway.

- The Lord of the Dance -

Once upon a time, there was a spirit that roamed the isle of England. Wherever men and ladies gathered to celebrate, he was there. Whenever they sang his song, he was summoned and joined in the celebrations. It all began to change, however, when the age of Christianity arrived on England's shores. Confused by the changing beliefs of the people, and horrified at how his song, 'The Lord of the Dance', was taken and changed to fit a new vision, The Lord of the Dance spent several hundred years alone and bitter. One Christmas night, however, he ran across John Constantine, who showed him that the spirit of Celebration still lived in the hearts of the people of Britian, and that he still had a place. He now runs a pub, the better to celebrate life.

- Weeble -

Weeble is an addict. He's addicted to being a medium for spirits. It is, to him, as much a rush as drugs or sex. All he needs is to hold an item owned by the deceased, and he can make contact with it. He's also one obnoxious bastard.

- Rich the Punk -

Rich met John first when they were both young, wild, and leaders of their own punk bands. Years later, John has run into him again, and Rich hasn't changed a bit. Well... except for the wife and two children, that is. Otherwise, Rich still acts like a punker stoned out of his mind. Rich is the one that nicknamed John 'Conjob', in honor of all the con jobs he did with and without Rich in the past.

- Chantinelle 'Ellie'  -

Ellie was a succubus with a plan. She was going to seduce an angel, which was sure to impress the lords of Hell and get her a promotion. She never expected to fall in love, nor become pregnant. But she did, and she and her angel lover turned to John for aid, knowing neither Heaven nor Hell would accept their behavior. John hid them from Hell, but not from Heaven. The Archangels discovered them and killed Ellie's angel lover and took her child. Hell never discovered this, and Ellie ended up owing John.

Her subsequent roles in the downfall of the Archangel Gabriel and the 'slaying' of the First of the Fallen led to trouble. Hell sought her, and Ellie could only hide, furious at John for his toying with her heart and for bringing back the First of the Fallen in order to achieve his own goals.

- The First of the Fallen -

When Lucifer Morningstar fell from Heaven, The First of The Fallen was there to greet him. The First of the Fallen is THE Devil. His exact origins are unconfirmed, but rumors and his own memories suggest he was a part of God, given form and cast out from Heaven.

John Constantine has gotten the better of the Devil on at least five occasions thus far, something no other mortal has ever managed to do. With every victory, John can't help but gloat, and this further enrages the First of the Fallen. More than angels, more than God, The Devil _HATES_ John Constantine. He waits, and plots, and schemes for the day when he finally gets the better of John and drags his soul to Hell.

- Clive Peters -

A decade ago, Clive Peters raped and killed five children. He was also demonically possessed by an entity called Gout. However, it wasn't the demon that drove Clive to killing the children. The chilling fact was that Clive Peters had invited it along for the ride.

Clive was caught and incarcerated at Whitechapel Hospital for the Criminally Insane. John knows the truth about Gout, and sometimes visits Clive to find out what's going on in Hell.

- Phantom Stranger -

An unknown enigma, some say he is an angel who refused to side with either Heaven or Hell, and was banished to wander the Earth forever. Others believe he is the Wandering Jew of legend. No one knows, for he claims neither a title nor a name. Whatever he may be, he remains a stranger.

- The Archangels -

Once, there was nothing... then there was God. God created the world, the heavens, and then found he could not run it alone. And so angels were created. Above them all, set to run various aspects of the World, were the Archangels.

Gabriel, the Lord of the Cherubim and the Seraphim. Raguel, entrusted with the Vengeance of the Lord. Raphael, overseeing humanity. Uriel, ruler of the worlds. Michael, set over Chaos. Saraquael, set over spirits. Lucifer, the Lightbringer.

And the world was run by the Seven. But things were not meant to be.

Lucifer fell first.

Aeons later, Gabriel fell from grace.

Now the angels are nervous.

Could the fall of the Archangels result in the end of all that is?