Mortal Fates: An Ah My Goddess!/The Dreaming crossover

Part 2: The Valley of Unrest

"You scarcely exist.  You're a dream of a ghost of a memory
 of someone who, one suspects, never existed in the first
 place.  Your death will hardly be a real death." 

	-The Erinyes, Greek Goddesses of Vengeance,
	 "The Sandman: The Kindly Ones" 


"Urd?  Skuld?  Anybody?" 

It was a dream, thought Belldandy.  It had to be a dream. 
Everything was clouded in an ethereal haze, giving the world
a surrealistic quality.  Her footsteps echoed through the
temple grounds, reverberating through the forest around


Again, the echo of her voice was the only reply in the empty

A moment's feeling, intuition, a small voice at the back of
her mind, something on the subliminal scale whispered for
her to leave the house, leave it behind, and go to the

She moved, though it all felt unreal, like an out of body
experience, walking slowly and carefully towards the
building at the center of the grounds.  From within came a
soft and unearthly light, and it evoked fear in her heart.

Within the barren building was a tall mirror covered by a
huge white cloth.  She did not know how she knew that it was
a mirror, it just seemed to be something that was obvious.

'Look and see', whispered something in her mind. 

"No," she replied in a hoarse voice. 

The whispers intensified.  'Look and See!'


Her hand reached out for the cloth. 

"No... stop... I don't want to..." 


She pulled the cloth away. 

"Stop... I don't..." 

The whispers seemed strangely satisfied.  'Too late.'

The cloth slid away, revealing the mirror underneath and a
blinding light that tore her soul apart...



The faceless, nameless workers of the Dreaming went about
disassembling the scene quickly.  Mervyn, their supervisor,
watched over all and checked off items on a list.

"Lessee.... full dream, check.  Lifestyle revelation, check. 
All props accounted for... hrm."  He paused to look at two
workers as they moved the mirror.  "Hey!  Careful with that! 
That's loaned material!  Da boss is gonna have a fit if we
break it!"

He eyed the workers warily for a moment more as they hauled
the item away, then resumed flipping through his clipboard.

"Right, lessee, what's next... aw shit.  A John Constantine
nightmare?  Cripes.  I hate those." 


Keiichi stood outside the temple, frowning, rubbing at his
weary eyes.  Days and nights of worry tended to do that to a

It had been a few days since Belldandy lost her godhood, and
already the strain was showing on her.  She walked around
like a zombie, moving from task to task as though that were
all she lived for. 

She had finally returned to school, but was listless, so
much that people had kept stopping Keiichi to ask if
something was wrong with her.  He had no answer for them. 

Often at nights, he'd find Belldandy pacing the hallways,
and when he asked what she was doing, she'd reply in a dull,
toneless voice that she was cleaning up. 

She was a ghost in her own home, and it frightened him. 

He suspected she was trying to avoid sleep.  He knew that
when she slept, nightmares and dreams plagued her, for he
could hear her screaming from her room as she awoke.

He wished he could help.  But every time he had come to
Belldandy, she told him to leave her alone, telling him in 
no uncertain terms that he couldn't help.

But he could have been there.  For her.  Why didn't she see

Sighing, Keiichi turned to see if Belldandy was there to say
goodbye to. 

She wasn't. 

That seemed to be the norm these days. 

And where, he wondered, were her sisters?  Why weren't they
helping her? 

With a parting frown at the temple, Keiichi started walking


 [Yggdrasil: 112th branch diagnostic complete.]
 [1392 irregularities fixed.]
 [48 files restored.]

Urd sighed and pushed her chair away from the terminal. 
Long, seemingly endless hours of checking on the infinite
files of the Yggdrasil system had taken its toll on her.

"All done with 1 through 112," she droned.  "Can I take my
break now?"

A cold, commanding voice replied.  "Check branches 113 to 324


"Check branches 113 to 324 first," repeated the voice, firm 
authority accenting it. "Then take your break." 

Urd scowled at her new supervisor.  "Fine, fine." 

She didn't like this situation, not at all.  Urd wondered if
Belldandy would have made the decision had she known of its

A few feet away from Urd's station, Skuld worked on her own
terminal.  She seemed less enthusiastic about her task than
she usually was. 

"I really hate her," grumbled Skuld, eyeing their new

"I know, I know," whispered Urd in reply, "but it's a
mandate backed by the Yggdrasil, and no powers that be have
stepped forth to say otherwise." 

Skuld rolled her eyes.  "Yeah, I know, I know.  Urd, how
long is Belldandy going to be away?"

Urd shrugged.  "I dunno, kid.  As long as the system
approves it, I guess.  Until then, we'll just have to accept
her in Bell's place, okay?"

"Bugger this crap," muttered Skuld. 

"Watch the language, kid," said Urd.  "You been hanging
around with Constantine again?" 

The youngest goddess frowned.  "I haven't had time, not
since this bloody shi-" 


"Er... stuff." 

Urd gave her sister a quick noogie to the head.  "Been
hanging around Constantine TOO much." 


The two settled into their work.

"I wonder... I wonder how Bell is doing," mumbled Skuld. 

"She'll... Bell will be okay.  She's stronger than you



Muttering to herself in exasperation, Belldandy rubbed away
at a stubborn little spot on the kitchen counter.

There.  All gone. 

She looked around her kitchen wearily. 


There certainly wasn't anything left to do.  Her homework
was done.  The dishes were washed and put away.  The laundry
had been washed and dried and folded.  She had finished her
shopping.  She had dusted and mopped and polished all over
the temple.  She had even washed the windows. 

Bringing a hand to her brow, Belldandy wiped away sweat. 

There were certain inconveniences about being mortal. 
Sweat, for example, was one of them.  Goddesses don't really
sweat.  It wasn't necessary and it seemed rather untidy. 

After experiencing it personally, she had confirmed her
belief.  It was, indeed, tremendously messy. 

She sighed.  It was time to take a bath. 


It was perhaps the only true pleasure she had as a mortal,
reclining in the large tub, letting the heat calm her

Belldandy closed her eyes, settling into the hot soothing
water, tense muscles slowly relaxing.

She could almost feel her skin melting into the water.  If
she leaned back long enough, she could almost hear her 


Belldandy sighed, trying to ignore the voice.  It was silly,
really.  A figment of her imagination. 

She closed her eyes. 

"Belldandy?  Belldandy, please, listen!" 

She blinked, startling, sending water flying from the tub. 
No, no... she was NOT going to fall asleep! Not after all
those bad dreams she'd been having lately.

Still, the call of the water was almost seductive... 


Quickly, Belldandy scrambled out of the water, grabbing a
towel, and fled from the room.


Skuld stomped angrily around the room, yelling, "BUGGER! 

So CLOSE!  She had almost managed to contact Belldandy,
gotten away from her duties just long enough, but...



Uh oh.  Busted. 

She turned around, very slowly, a nervous smile on her face. 
"Ah-heh heh, hi there." 

"You know you're forbidden to talk to her." 

"She's my sister!" raged Skuld. 

"Belldandy is no longer your concern." 

"That's bloody friggin' bollocks!" 

"And it seems you've been badly influenced by Mr. 
Constantine as well."


"Clean up your language.  And until your behavior improves,
I don't want to see you near that man." 

"WHAT?!  No friggin' way!" 

"I'm sorry, but it's for the best.  And don't say Frig." 

Skuld fumed, gritted her teeth, opened her mouth to say
something, then shut it and turned away.  She took one
mighty stomp away, paused, turned around, and lifted a
defiant middle finger.

"Up yours!" 

With the last word now in, she stomped away feeling mildly
better.  She hadn't a clue what it meant, but it seemed to
be the thing to do when one was mad at someone else.  At
least, that's how it seemed to be used by John.

And she felt better afterward too. 

Skuld hesitated for a brief moment, thinking over what she'd
said.  "I'm gonna hafta apologize to Frigga later," she

Behind her, the mysterious figure shook her head, her 
shoulders almost slumping.  She looked up, sighing.

"Why do they make my task so much harder?"

There was no answer from above.


Clad in jeans and a simple sweater, Belldandy knelt on the
temple floor, sipping a cup of Darjeeling tea. 

She would drink Darjeeling regularly, especially after 
classes;  the hot tea, her favorite, was soothing for her
nerves.  Today, though, it did little for her. 

She looked out at the courtyard through the sliding doors.
Everything seemed so bleary to her eyes. 

Or was it the lack of sleep?  She'd had so precious little

Wait.  Why was the world getting dark? 

No.  Those were her eyelids. 

Belldandy blinked hard, trying to keep her eyes open. 

This wasn't working. 

Her world kept fading to black every couple of seconds. 

Mustn't... sleep. 

No... she... 



It was, finally, a good day for Belldandy.  Her energy, her
focus, her drive, it had all returned to her.  Everything
was as it should have been. 

Even her sisters, Urd and Skuld, came by for a visit! 

It was _such_ a wonderful day, with all their friends coming
over to visit with music and dancing and so much fun... 

And now, at last, with the moon shining above and a lone
raven flying by, she was alone with her Keiichi.

He sat at the front porch, staring at the stars as she
emerged from the house.  For a moment she simply stood there
and gazed lovingly at him. 

   "What?!  You sure about this?" 

   "Hey, I'm just the messenger." 

Belldandy blinked.  Where did those voices come from?  There
seemed to be nobody here but her and Keiichi.  Oh well, she
probably left the television on. 

With a mischievous giggle, she snuck up from behind and
wrapped her arms around him. 

Slowly, Keiichi turned around and gazed at her with rows of
smiling sharp teeth... 


"[Something wrong?]" he asked, puzzled.  The teeth in his
his eyes seemed to smile at her casually. 

"[Ah... ah...]" 


Coming out of seemingly nowhere, a pumpkin-headed man
stepped into the dream, cigar in its mouth and clipboard in
its arm.  On its shoulder a raven was perched. 

Keiichi seemed irritated.  "We're in the middle of
something, you know." 

"Don't matter," said the pumpkinhead.  "Someone screwed up
in bureaucracy.  She ain't supposed to have no nightmare


"Nope.  See?"  The pumpkinhead handed the clipboard to
Keiichi, who read it carefully then shrugged. 

"Waste of my time," grumbled Keiichi. 

It was at about this time that Belldandy finally found her

"Um... hello?" 

"Oh, hey there," said the pumpkinheaded man.  "Sorry." 

"W-what's..."  Belldandy stared in shock as her Keiichi
morphed into a tall albino man in a white t-shirt and blue
jeans, and still with the grotesque gaping maws where the
eyes should have been. 

"What's happening... to..." she stuttered. 

The pumpkinhead paused and turned towards Belldandy. 
"You're..."  He checked his clipboard.  "Belldandy, formerly
of the... whoa, the Norns?" 

"I... I guess so." 

"We, ah, sorta set up the wrong dream for ya, ma'am. 
Sorry 'bout that."

"If we can't even get dreams right, how are we going to make 
men afraid of nightmares?" grumbled the strange man as he put
on sunglasses.

"Jeez, Corinthian, go take five or somethin'.  Anyway, ma'am,
I... ma'am?" the pumpkinhead said, looking at Belldandy.
Belldandy, however, wasn't paying attention.

"Dream?"  Belldandy thought about it for a moment, then felt
a rush of hope.  Of course!  The Dreaming!  If somehow she
could talk with Dream of the Endless, he could help her
discover exactly what had happened to her. 

"Would it be possible for me to see the lord of this realm?" 
she asked hopefully. 

"Nope, sorry," said the raven.  "The boss is kinda busy
right now, family business." 

"Awright, guys!" yelled the pumpkinhead.  "Clean up!" 

Belldandy watched with fascination as faceless minions
emerged from nowhere and quickly disassembled her dream,
leaving them in a rather non-descript green pasture. 

"When will he be available?" asked Belldandy. 

"Don't think he'll be around for a while, lady," said the
raven.  "But if you need help, I guess you could ask E-" 


"[-elldandy?  Belldandy?]" 

Keiichi frowned, lightly shaking Belldandy's shoulder. 
Though he hated to wake her, with as precious little sleep
as she had had, he had company.  He looked over at his

Megumi frowned, concern on her face.  "[Keiichi, maybe we
shouldn't wake her up...]" 

Belldandy sat up, wearily rubbing her eyes.  "[Mmm... 

"[Belldandy, how are you feeling?]" 

The former goddess yawned, eyes barely open, and stretched. 
"[A little... *yawn* tired... why?]" 

"[You've been asleep a whole day,]" said Keiichi, a worried
frown on his face.  "[We couldn't wake you up until now.]" 

Belldandy's groggy expression gave way to one of surprise. 
"[All... day?]" 

Brother and sister nodded. 

"[Maybe we should have a doctor look at you again?]" asked

Belldandy smiled warmly, putting a hand to Keiichi's cheek. 
"[Don't be silly.  I'm fine, really.]" 

The two of them still watched her, unconvinced.  Belldandy
sighed and slowly stood up.  "[See?  I'm fine.  I guess I
should start preparing breakfast now.]" 

"[Um... Dinner, actually.]" 

"[Dinner?]" asked Belldandy.  "[Oh my.]"  As she turned to
look out the window, Megumi gave Keiichi a swift elbow. 

"[Don't worry about dinner,]" said Megumi.  "[I bought us
some take-out, my treat.]" 

"[Oh, you shouldn't have.]" 

"[Hey, I figure it was time for me to treat you guys for a
change,]" said Megumi.  "[C'mon, let's eat.]" 

"[I'll be there in a moment,]" said Belldandy.  "[I'll just
change into something else first.]" 

"[You're _sure_ you're okay?]" asked Keiichi. 

"[I'm fine,]" she replied warmly, kissing him on the cheek
afterwards.  "[Thank you for worrying about me.  Now go.]" 

The Morisato siblings departed, although a bit reluctantly. 
Once they were out of sight, Belldandy leaned against the
wall and took a few very deep breaths. 

In the haze of her mind, the flickering remains of a dream
danced in her head, slipping out of her memory like sand. 
Something about... pumpkins?  Ravens?  Was it important? 

She wasn't sure. 


"Whoop, there she went,"  said Matthew.  "Who was she

"Belldandy, formerly of the Norns, sez this," replied
Mervyn, pointing to the clipboard. 

"Formerly?" asked Matthew. 

Mervyn shrugged.  "Hey, don't ask me, I only work here." 

"The Norns... ain't they the Viking equivalent of the

"I guess so," said Mervyn. 

"So... if she ain't with them any more... doesn't that lead
to a cosmic imbalance or something?" 

"Nah.  I heard they got themselves a replacement goddess. 
Someone with lotsa experience.  Everything's fine.  At
least, I hope so.  Last thing we need is another
three-as-one goddess type runnin' amuck here." 


Maybe, thought Belldandy, it wasn't such a good idea to go
to class.  Though Keiichi had told her to go on while he
talked to his friends... it didn't feel right to go without
her beloved.

"[And if we change the flow to...]" 

There was a mantra fading in and out of her head.  It went
like this:  Stay awake, have to stay awake. 

"[... pressure equals half of...]" 

The world faded to black for a moment, then snapped back
into existence.  Belldandy's head jerked upright suddenly,
causing her classmates to glance at her with a little

A wave of numbness flowed through her again, bringing with
it another rush of darkness. 

"[...very unsafe to operate if...]" 

Must stay awake... awake... ah... oh... my...


It is said a lifetime can pass before your eyes in a
heartbeat.  Therefore, an hour can pass in the blink of an

As Belldandy's head snapped back up, she discovered this

"[Oh.. oh no!]" 

The classroom was empty, very empty.  Shame and
embarrassment settled in on her soul, quickly crushing any
optimism she may have had for the day. 

With a shuffling sort of step, she left the classroom, then
the building, and finally took a seat by the water fountain. 
She sighed and looked at the reflection of herself, a pale
shade of her former self.  She felt devoid, lacking any
energy, any vibrancy.  Her beauty was gone, all gone,
replaced by this tired mortal shell. 

How could Keiichi love her still? 

She smiled quietly. 

Keiichi, such a good man.  That's why she loved him.  She
hoped he would arrive soon. 

It was starting to feel so cold... 



Keiichi gulped, looking into Tamiya's big ugly face.  Funny,
how you could see right down Tamiya's throat when his mouth
was wide open, yelling like that. 

"[Yes, sempai?]" 

Keiichi wished frevently that he hadn't told the Auto Club
that Belldandy had been sick most mornings.  He was 
missing... no, he HAD missed class fending off questions.
He should have known better than to talk with his friends,
because right now, they were thinking... 


"[I didn't...  I swear... I... can't... breathe...]" Keiichi
managed to choke out in a strangled voice.  His feet dangled 
well off the ground, frantically moving in mid-air as he sought

"[Keiichi?]" a light sweet, though urgent, voice called. 

"[HASEGAWA-SAN!]" Tamiya bellowed. 

Sora Hasegawa, one of Keiichi's friends, blinked as she leaned
against the door.  She was panting hard. 

"[Keiichi?  It's Belldandy.  She...]" 

Feeling a cold sensation seize his heart, Keiichi managed to
shake himself free of Tamiya's grasp. 

In a flash, he was out the door. 


There was a large crowd surrounding the fountain.  Keiichi
had to push his way through the crowd, following after
Sora, who, for once, was not being polite, bulldozing
aside anyone in her way. 

His heart ran cold when he saw Belldandy's prone body in
Megumi's lap.  Megumi looked up at her brother, tears in her

"[Keiichi?  She's... she's... I don't know, she's
unconscious, and I can't wake her up!]" 



Keiichi stood in stunned silence, as ambulance noises roared
about him. 


Thick, humid fog flowed all around Belldandy, obscuring her
vision so much that she could barely see her feet.  She
stumbled around, feeling entirely disoriented. 

"Hello, Belldandy." 

The voice.  It seemed familiar, somehow, though not in a
comforting way. 

"W-who's there?" 

The voice sighed.  "Perhaps the fog was a bit over the top," 
it muttered.  With a gust of wind, the fog cleared away,
revealing an old, unkempt graveyard.  She stood on a dirt
path winding through the graveyard, one that split in two a
fair distance away.  On the horizon, the moon rose between
twin hills, each crowned by old, sinister houses.

And atop a nearby gravestone, a demoness was perched.  Not
just any demoness, either.  This was a humanoid demoness,
with long, flowing blond hair and black leather attire.

She and Belldandy had some history together. 

"Mara?" asked Belldandy, clearly surprised.  "What are you
doing here?  What's happening?" 

"Well, as far as what's happening, we're in the Dreaming," 
said Mara, hopping off the tombstone.  She leaned against it
lazily and gave a slight frown.  "Ask yourself, Belldandy,
why do gods and goddesses come here?  To the Dreaming?" 

"I... oh no."  Cold realization washed over Belldandy, 
chilling her to the bone.  "No, I can't be." 

The Dreaming, she realized, was the place where all
forgotten deities go. 

Right before they die. 

"That's right, Bell," said Mara sadly.  "This is it, the
final goodbye." 


"No, really, think about it," said Mara.  "You've been
growing more and more tired.  Some days it's been a real
struggle just to get by.  You've spent more and more time
asleep, trying to draw on enough power to stay afloat.  But
it's useless.  You're powerless, cut off from the touch of

Belldandy slowly sank to her knees, covering her face with
her hands, quietly sobbing.

The expression on Mara's face flickered briefly to an
expression of somber sadness, perhaps even guilt, but was
replaced quickly by a slightly warm, though slightly
artificial, smile.

Kneeling next to Belldandy, she put an arm around her and
squeezed slightly.  "Hey, now, it doesn't have to end this

"It... it doesn't?" asked Belldandy, turning towards the

Mara nodded.  "There IS a way out." 

"What is it?  Please, tell me!" 

The grin on Mara's lips increased.  "Well, you've fallen
halfway.  C'mon, Belldandy, let's go all the way." 

Belldandy's eyes widened and she stood up immediately,
putting a little distance between them.  "No, I couldn't!" 

Mara rose and leaned casually on another tombstone.  "It's
not such a bad occupation, you know.  You just do the
opposite of what you were doing before, that's all." 

"It wouldn't be right," replied Belldandy with conviction. 
"I won't do it." 

"Right?" said Mara with a sarcastic laugh.  "At a time like
this, with your spirit fading to nothing, you're worried
about what's right?  With Heaven forsaking you and lady
Death approaching, you still worry about what's right?" 

"I won't work for the Fallen," said Belldandy quietly. 

Mara swept her hand to the side, creating a shimmering
portal.  Belldandy gasped as she saw herself, unconscious,
in a hospital bed, a red-eyed Keiichi at her side.

"Even as your beloved Keiichi cries out for you, his warm
hand holding desperately to your deathly cold one, even now
you concern yourself with what's right?"  With another sweep
of her arm, the image faded away. 

Belldandy felt tears well up again and a knot form in her
throat.  Her voice had left her, driven away by the
realization of what she was about to lose.

"Come on, Belldandy," said Mara softly.  "For Keiichi." 

The former goddess closed her eyes and stood in silence,
deep in thought. 

Mara idly ran a finger over the gravestone she had leaned

"No.  I won't do it." 

Mara lifted an eyebrow.  "Not even for Keiichi?" 

Belldandy turned away and began to walk down the path.

Mara opened her mouth to say more, but hesitated and also
turned away.  She shook her head sadly, took one more 
glance at the departing goddess, and disappeared. 


Mara's words still stung her heart, but with each step
Belldandy found herself feeling just a little better.  Well,
"better" wasn't quite the word.  "Not quite as miserable" 
described the situation better. 

One problem at a time, she told herself.  She had to find
Dream of the Endless, to see if perhaps he would aid her. 
It was a distant hope, he owed her no favors, but it was the
only hope she had. 

She hoped she was on the right path.  Only because it seemed
to be the only path around, she followed where it led. 
Away from the graveyard and over some hills it led, until
finally it became a fork in the road. 

She looked to the path at the right, then the left.  To
either side a hill, and on either hill a house.  Each house
looked equally as menacing: ancient, built of aging wood,
and the very image of a haunted mansion.

Which to chose?  The right, or the left?  After staring at
the houses a moment more, she saw a light at a window, and
headed towards it. 

The wood of the porch creeked eerily as she ascended its
steps, making her wonder if the place would fall apart at
her touch.  Cautiously, she knocked on the door. 

Within the house, muffled voices could be heard. 

   "Get the door, lard-ass." 


The door opened slowly, its ancient hinges creaking and
groaning.  A squat, portly, black-bearded man in a suit 
opened the door. 

"Ah, hello," said Belldandy. 

"O-oh, huh-huh-hi thuh-thuh-there," the man stuttered. 
"Wuh-wuh-won't you cuh-come i-in?  Juh-join us fuh-for tea." 

"Who's at the door, chunky?!" yelled a voice from within the

"A duh-duh-dreamer, Cuh-cain!" 

A tall, lean, bespectacled ginger-haired fellow with a long
silky beard, also clad in a suit, appeared.  "Ah, madame, 
welcome to the House of Mystery," he said, bowing slightly 
and with a smile.  "You've arrived just in time for tea.  
Won't you come in?" 

She nodded, being overwhelmed with a odd, inexplicable
feeling.  The two gentlemen led her through a corridor to
a dark and shadowy room, illuminated only by a few oil lamps
and a crackling fireplace.  The furniture was ornate, in an
old world sort of way, and smelled of tobacco, wine, and days
gone by.

A raven was perched atop one of the sofas. 

"Hiya," it said. 

Belldandy looked at the bird curiously.  It seemed familiar. 
"Excuse me," she asked.  "Have we met?" 

"I think so," said the raven.  "Oh, wait, yeah, we did meet. 
A few dreams ago, I think.  You had the botched nightmare." 

"The botched...?" 

"The dream with the Cor... the guy who had teeth for eyes?" 

"Oh!  Oh, that." 

"Have a seat, madame," said the tall one.  "Allow me to
introduce ourselves.  I am Cain, the obese wonder here is my
brother Abel, and our avian companion here is Matthew." 

Abel waved.  "Huh-hi." 

"Nice t'meet ya again," said Matthew. 

"Cuh-cuh-creme?  Suh-sugar?" asked Abel. 

"Oh, yes please," said Belldandy. 

"Help yourself to the sandwiches," said Cain, indicating a
plate of finger sandwiches. 

"Thank you."  Belldandy took a sandwich and nibbled daintily
on it.  It was a ham sandwich, with a bit of lettuce, a
large chunk of cheddar, and it was delicious.

Abel handed Belldandy a teacup, from which she sipped

"I-is the tuh-tea okay?" Abel asked. 

"Oh yes, it's very good," said Belldandy. 

"So, miss..." 

"Belldandy of the Norns," said Belldandy, pausing a moment
afterward with a fret and a sigh. "Formerly of the Norns." 

Cain clasped his hands together and smiled.  "Right, well
then, now that introductions are out of the way, let's get
down to business." 

She blinked with confusion.  "Um, business?" 

"Right, my dear," said Cain.  "At this moment you've a
choice. From me, you may hear a mystery."  With much less
enthusiasm, he added, "Or you can hear a secret from Abel
over there." 

"Oh, I see."  She looked between the two brothers carefully,
then asked, "Would it be possible for me to see the Dream
Lord instead?" 

Cain frowned slightly, a bit put off by the request. 
"That... isn't usually the way things go." 

"Sorry, but the boss still ain't available," said Matthew. 

"Yes, yes, quite unavailable," interrupted Cain quickly. 
"So, as I was saying, a mystery?  Or a secret?" 

Belldandy fidgeted nervously.  "Well, it's just that I need
to know why..." 

"Mm-hm?" said Cain. 

"Why is this happening to me?" asked Belldandy. 

"Er, what?" asked Cain.  "Beg pardon?" 

"Why am I dying?" she said, frustration shaking her voice. 
"Why am I not a Goddess any more? Why has this been done to

"Oh, er, well..."  Cain frowned.  "To be honest, that would
be a mystery to us, a secret for someone else to tell." 

"Muh-maybe E-eve cuh-can help?" asked Abel, looking to the

"Won't hurt asking, I suppose," said Matthew with a shrug. 
"Hey, lady?  I know someone that might have some insight
into the situation." 


There was a pub. 

This was, at first glance, a rather ordinary London pub.  It
was built of dark and finely polished wood, softly lit,
giving the place a cozy feel. 

On second glance, a person might notice the patrons were a
little odd.  A faerie's wings flittered here and there.  A
large individual with an odd Nordic accent and a hammer
dwelled by the bar sometimes.  And on certain days, one
could even see the occasional angel or devil. 

This was the pub of the being known as the Lord of the
Dance, sanctuary for those needing a break from their roles
in the supernatural scheme of things. 

And this is where Mara, Demoness First Class, had taken to 
coming on a weekly basis, usually with company in a nice, 
quiet booth in the back.  Although on this day the company 
was a little late. 

Ah, thought the slightly tipsy Mara, I see.  In the end good
will lose because evil isn't late for appointments. 


Mara looked up.  "S'bout time, Urd." 

"Sorry I'm late," said the goddess, taking a seat, careful
not to spill her own drink.  "Taskmistress from heck kept me
working overtime."

"Ah, I see," said Mara. 

"Well, aren't you all cheery today," observed Urd. 

"Botched 'nother job, Urd," said Mara.  "My superiors won't
be happy about it." 

"Oh well, that's the way it goes," replied Urd.  "You win
some, you lose some." 

"It might interest you to know," said Mara, "that I have
spoken with Belldandy." 

Urd raised an eyebrow.  "Really?  Hey, you didn't-" 

Mara waved a hand around.  "Nonono, I didn't try to attack
her or anything.  We just talked." 


"She's not doing so well, y'know?" 

Urd frowned.  "No?" 

Mara shook her head.  "Mm-mm.  She's not doing well at all."

"Of course she's not doing well at all!  She's mortal!"

"Yes.  A mortal."  Mara paused.  "The girl's in a hospital.
In a coma."  She took a sip of her beer before continuing.
"Her soul's already set adrift in the Dreaming.  And you 
know what _that_ means." 

"Oh no!" Urd exclaimed, jumping up from her stool.  She
started towards the TV, then stopped in her tracks, looking
at Mara suspiciously. 

"Mara... why let me know?  I mean, you'd know I would have

"I don't suppose you'd buy that I was bored?" 

"Not really, no." 

The demoness smirked.  "Well then, I was bored.  Hmph.  It's
just not the same without you guys to mess around with." 

"Yeah, right."  And Urd departed into the television in a
bright glowing haze. 

Mara leaned back and drank, thinking to herself. 

Messing around.  Just another demonly thing to do. 

Didn't have anything to do with their childhood together. 

Nope.  Not at all. 


Deep in the heart of the Dreaming... 

Belldandy walked quietly down a path, following the path of
a raven. 

"C'mon, sister, don't look so down." 

"My name is Belldandy." 

"Whatever.  Look, Bell, Eve's got a lot of knowledge.  I
mean, you know all about her, doncha?" 

Belldandy kept walking, politely listening to Matthew. 

"Yeah, maybe she's the one who was tossed out of Eden n' all
that for eatin' the Apple of Knowledge, but...  Aw, hell,
sister, she's Eve, okay?" 

They travelled on a bit further before Matthew added, "And
besides, death ain't always the end." 

Belldandy stopped, and looked at Matthew. 

"No?" she asked, curious. 

"Take me, for example.  I wasn't always a raven, y'know. 
Used t'be a man once.  Then I died, one thing led to
another, and now I'm the raven for the Dream Lord.  Funny
how life works, huh?" 

Belldandy thought it over for a moment.  "Do you think
there's a chance I'll come back?" she asked. 

"Well, er, I dunno, Bell," said Matthew.  "But who knows? 
Maybe it's already happened and we just don't know about

After a few more minutes of travel, they finally came upon a
modest cave, nestled amongst trees and rocks. 

"Yooooooooo hooooooo!  Eve!  Anybody home?" 

A mild voice answered from within the cave.  "I can hear you
perfectly well, Matthew." 

Matthew flew into the cave.  Momentarily, he came back out,
perched on the shoulder of a matronly woman with black hair
streaked by grey. 

"Hello, Belldandy," Eve said. 


Belldandy knelt quietly down on a large rock, her legs tucked
under her.  Eve seated herself on another boulder, brushing a
stray strand of raven-black hair back from her face.  "So, 
Belldandy, what brings you here?" 

Quietly, slowly, Belldandy told her tale.  About how she was
a mortal one day, with her sisters gone.  About her lack of
energy these days, about how she had come to the Dreaming.
Eve listened quietly, hands clasped in her lap, Matthew
perched on her shoulder. 

At last, when Belldandy had completed her tale, Eve sighed. 

"I wish I could help you, Belldandy." 

Belldandy frowned, leaning forward.  "But you're as old as
mankind itself.  Don't you know anything, ANYTHING that can

Eve put a finger to her chin, thinking.  When she spoke, it
was with a solemn, low tone. 

"Some say that gods and goddesses were created out of need. 
Man was alone.  Alone... in a world that he understood
nothing of." 

Eve stood up, and began to pace slowly around the area.  "As
generations passed, mankind's innate need to explain the
inner workings... and unfairness... of the universe led them
to create stories.  Gods and Goddesses were born from men's
dreams, from that rationale that everything must have an
logical explanation." 

Eve turned to look at Belldandy, a small smile on her lips. 
"Even if the explanation is Magic. 

"Some gods were born to explain the sun, and how it crossed
the sky.  Some goddesses were born to explain the changing
of the seasons.  And some were born to explain the mystery
that is Fate... 

"As mankind grew and evolved, some gods died and returned to
the dreams from which they came.  New gods were born.  Others
adapted and became different gods..." 

Belldandy quietly whispered, "The Reconfiguration." 

Eve inclined her head affirmatively. 

Matthew cawed.  "But what about why Bell's here?  Can't she
undergo that Reconfiguration or whatever it is?" 

Belldandy looked at Eve with hope.  "I have already been
through it many times, though I remember little of previous
incarnations.  Can't I do it again?" 

Eve looked away quietly.  "I'm afraid not."  She looked back
at Belldandy with sorrow and pity.  "Have you woken up

Belldandy frowned.  "No." 

"Gods and Goddesses do dream, but... sometimes they give
themselves willingly over to the dreams... and go Beyond." 

Matthew looked at Eve.  "So what does that mean?" 

Eve regarded Belldandy forlornly.  "She may have returned to
the Dreaming...

"... to die." 


Streaking through the realities like a blazing comet, Urd
rushed toward the realm of dreams, praying it wasn't too

She didn't know what she'd do when she got there, she didn't
know what could be done, but Urd was never one to stand by
and do nothing.

The continuous blur of lights around her suddenly halted,
her motion through the worlds brought to a jarring halt in
the empty void of Limbo.

And not of her own choice.

"Hey!  What the-"

"Where are you going, Urd?" asked a gentle, yet firm voice.

"Let me go!" Urd yelled.

"You're going to see her, yes?  I thought I made it clear
we would no longer interfere in her life."

"She's dying, damn you!  In the Dreaming and fading away!"

"Dying?" asked the other, puzzled.  

"That's right!  Dying!  It wasn't supposed to be this way!"

"I see."  There was a brief pause, as if possibilities were
being considered, options being weighed.  "I will see her."

Urd looked quite astonished.  "You'll do it?"


"Let's go, then!"

"You will stay here."

"What?!"  Urd tried to leave Limbo, but found herself
trapped within the dimension.  "Hey! Wait a minute!" 

With the whisper of the wind, a bright and shining entity 
streaked forth, blazing a trail to the realm of Dream.


"C'mon, cheer up, kid.  Maybe Eve's wrong." 

Belldandy kept walking down the path away from Eve's cave,
silent in her despair. 

 Matthew, never one to leave a pretty girl in dire straits,
tried to think of another way to help. 

"Hey, wait a minute Bell, there's one more person we can
ask!  Lucien!" 

Belldandy didn't seem terribly encouraged.  "Who?" 

"Lucien, the guy that runs the library down at the palace. 
He knows a lot of stuff.  And hey, who knows, we might find
something helpful in the books." 

Across the dreamscape they traveled once more, passing
sights and dreams of endless varieties.  The greatest hopes
of mankind, as well as its darkest, its most beautiful
deeds, and most sickening perversions, all took place in the
dreams around them in a surreal forever show, until at last
they reached the palace of the Dream King. 

The guardians of the castle blocked their way.  The wyvern,
gryphon, and the hippogriff loomed over the stairs leading
to the doors of the Castle. 

"Hello, Matthew.  Are you here for Dream?" the gryphon

"No, I'm here cuz I'm takin' someone to the Library,"
Matthew said, perching on Belldandy's shoulder. 

"Who is she?" the hippogriff asked, eyeing Belldandy

Belldandy cautiously replied, "I am Belldandy.  I... I hoped
to speak with the Lord Shaper... but..." 

"Our lord is busy.  However, the Library is open to all. 
Stay to your path, and it will take you there," the wyvern

Matthew turned his head towards Belldandy.  "Let's go." 

Belldandy nodded her thanks, and walked into the Castle of

They made their way through majestic halls and narrow
corridors, past faeries and figments, until at last they
arrived at a wooden door.  The sign on it read: 

        "The Library of Dreams
            The Management
            cannot be held
            responsible for
           anything lost or
            found within. 
               Chief Librarian" 

Belldandy looked quietly at Matthew, who nodded his head. 
She opened the door, and they entered the Library. 

Endless rows and columns of books were stacked here,
stretching skyward with spiraling staircases and to the
horizon through countless archways. 

"Hey Lucien!  Where are ya?" Matthew cawed. 

A thin calm voice answered in the distance.  "Over here,

"C'mon, this way."  And Matthew glided through the air
towards the voice, Belldandy following morosely.

What greeted Belldandy's eyes when they arrived was a thin
tall gaunt man with large horn-rimmed glasses with thinning
brown hair.  She froze, hesistant. 

The man bowed to Belldandy gracefully.  "Good day, madam,
how may I help you?" 

"... excuse me... um..." Belldandy stammered, looking down
at her feet. 

After a few awkward moments, Matthew took over, and quietly
explained.  "Look, Lucien, she's not here to check out a
book.  Well, she's here to look at a book, yeah, but she's
not here in the Dreaming to check out a book.  She's here
to... well, she's stoppin' here on her way to... uh...

Lucien put a hand up to his mouth.  "Oh dear."

Belldandy looked back up. "We thought m-maybe one of the

Lucien frowned, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.  "Hmmm... 
there might be a few.  Come, I will assist you in your
search."  And he strode down the aisle. 

Belldandy followed, Matthew perched on her shoulder, as
Lucien prattled while he walked down the aisles, commenting
on tales never written while examining the numerous rows of

"... the works of Dr. Susan Calvin are a bit dry, 
unemotional, but perhaps you might want to consider Dr. 
Seldon's writings on the science of... ah!"  Lucien stopped
in front of a row, and pulled out a thin book. 

"Perhaps you might want to use that," Lucien said,
indicating a table nearby, as he handed Belldandy the book.

Belldandy took the book, and headed towards the table
without a word. 

Matthew exchanged glances with Lucien, and then cawed. 
"Kid, I'll be with Lucien.  Come get me when you're done,

Belldandy nodded wordlessly, as Matthew flew off her
shoulder.  Lucien bowed once, and retreated, Matthew
following him, but Belldandy did not notice. 

She ran her hand down the spine of the book, frowning,
before turning to the front, to look at the title: 

                       MORTAL FATES


The waiting room was packed, as friends, and some not many
would consider her friends, awaited news of what ailed 
Belldandy.  Within a silent room, the silence disturbed 
only by the steady beep of a vital signs monitor, Keiichi 
kept vigil over his beloved.

He never liked hospitals.  They were sterile, cold,
unfeeling places.  Nurses bustled by here and there, 
clinical, robotic in their motions. 

But he was stuck, sitting by Belldandy's side, holding her
hand, trying to be there for her.

After all the times she was there for him, there was
absolutely no way he was leaving her side now.  Even after
hours waiting in the hospital for a response, watching
doctors come and go, examining her. 

The doctors and nurses that came and went were nothing more
than phantoms, whispering words he didn't care to hear.

"I'm sorry, son..."

"She's slipped into a coma..."

"Not sure why..."

"All we can do is wait..."

Their words didn't matter.  They didn't matter.  He took her
hand in his, and he held on the belief that no matter what,
she would come back to him.

No matter what, he believed.


Belldandy stared at the book, utterly astonished at the
pages she had opened to.  Here was her thoughts, here was a
part of her LIFE on Earth, in a book for all to read!  Part
of her was shocked and angered as she turned the page,
reliving the beginning of her slide into death.  

Another part of her was scared.  If the book truly followed
the events of her life...

She skipped through most of the book, cutting to the end.

Blank pages.

She frowned.

Belldandy flipped back a few pages and read...

         Belldandy flipped back a few pages and read...

A chill ran down her spine, seeing her actions placed into

         A chill ran down her spine, seeing her actions
         placed into words.

As the words slowly appeared on the page, she closed the
book and pushed it away.  It felt wrong, unnatural, to read
her own story.  It felt like a taint on the soul.

Belldandy stood, deciding to go in search of Matthew and
Lucien, when a slight breeze caressed her face.  She felt a
pull, an urge, a whisper of something in the wind that
lifted her from her feet and led her through the endless
corridors.  Silently, serenely, she stepped out from the
library and through the hallways of the keep once more.

Through corridors and passageways she walked, until coming
upon the entrance of a long hallway.

She peered within and gasped.

Lining the passage were mirrors, countless varieties and
sizes of mirrors, each slightly lit with a life of its own.

'Look and see' whispered a voice in her head, as cool and
distant as the stars.  Belldandy put a hand to her mouth
in shock.  She recognized the voice.

It was her own.

Trembling, her breath ragged and knees weak, she entered the
hall of mirrors.  She nearly jumped back in surprise, as the
mirrors suddenly shone, nearly blinding her as she raised an
arm over her eyes.

The lights slowly faded, down to a tolerable level.
Belldandy looked around once more and gaped in wonder.

Surrounding her, in every mirror, were the infinite lives
of Belldandy.  Mother, lover, teacher, leader, Goddess,
Demoness, healer, destroyer, images of worlds only dreamed
of and worlds never thought of held within each mirror and
moving slowly.

Filled with wonder, she continued down the hallway and
looked into each one, her mind amazed beyond words.  One
mirror caused her heart to soar, as she saw one image of
her, clad in a bridal gown, kissed tenderly by a tuxedo-clad
Keiichi, as confetti and rice slowly fell all around them.
In the background all their friends were cheering, Keiichi's
family, their friends from Nekomi Tech, and even Mara.

Everyone was so very happy.

She reached out to touch the image, slowly, carefully,
fearing that the vision would fade to nothing.  A hair's
breadth before touching it, she drew her arm away.  Somehow,
she knew it wasn't right to touch the image.  With longing
in her heart, she turned away and continued her journey.

She continued onward, until she came to the end of the
hallway.  Marking its end was a single, majestic, shining
mirror, its surface nearly blinding with light.  Within,
through the blinding glare, she could see herself, as she
once was.

The Goddess.

Her hair flowed around her, supported by a silent wind, and
her eyes ablaze with the raw power of creation.  

Belldandy watched in amazement, before moving closer.  It 
was then that she realized that the mirror was mimicking her

She frowned, it frowned.  She tilted her head, it tilted
its head.

"What is wrong?" the other's voice asked, so much like 
Belldandy's own, as her doppleganger looked upon her with a
soft smile and indifferent eyes.

"I am dying," she replied sadly.  "I am dying and I don't 
understand.  It hardly seems fair."

"Life is not supposed to be fair.  It simply is."

"Why have I been cast from Heaven?  I was once a Goddess,
and attended to my duties well.  Was the love of a mortal
so wrong?"

Her other's expression changed to that of concern.  "You
don't seem to understand, Belldandy.  You were never a

"What?" asked Belldandy, startled at the answer the other's
voice gave her.

"You seem to have a misplaced belief in your identity," her
other's voice echoed to her softly.

"No," Belldandy said with a shaking voice.  "I am Belldandy
of the Norns, Goddess First Class, caretaker of the 
Yggdrasil, and-"

"Your name is Belldandy," the other's voice interrupted, in
a soft yet detached tone, "and all you are is a mortal.  You
were a mortal, and you will die a mortal."

"Who are you?!" Belldandy screamed.

The mirror rippled as the image in the mirror began moving
slowly towards Belldandy.  Its surface rippled, as if made
of water, as the goddess within emerged.

"I am Necessity..."

Slender refined hands reached for the sides of the mirror
frame, and took hold, allowing a well-formed body to step
out on delicately slippered feet.

"I am the weaver of the destiny of men..."

The other reached back with a hand to send her tresses 
flowing in the air as she smiled, a smile that seemed to
be warm, yet felt empty. 

"I am the Goddess of the Here and Now..."

Pale clear blue eyes opened to regard Belldandy 

"I am Verthandi of the Norns."

-= end part 2=-

"I saw it in the mirror, I saw it in my face
   That I'm no longer needed, anyone can take my place
      I saw it in the mirror when I look into my eyes"

                  - Abba,
                      "I Saw It In The Mirror"