Mortal Fates: An Ah My Goddess!/The Dreaming crossover

Closing notes from the writers


Author's Commentary

Closing remarks: Oh lord, this is FINALLY over! 

This is a major pain in the butt story. 

This was during the time we were just finishing part 2 of
Dire Fates.  It was as a result of a debate with Rod where I
thought we could pull off a Vertigo/Ah My Goddess trilogy. 
And naturally, the only continuing Vertigo series that
incorporated the DC universe at the time were: John
Constantine: Hellblazer, The Dreaming, and The Books of

Since Hellblazer and Skuld had been done, it seemed natural
to match the Dreaming with Belldandy and Books of Magic with

The hard part was coming up with a plot for Belldandy. 

Usually it was "No," from Rod for MOST ideas I came up with. 

Then I got pretty frustrated and said, "Why don't we just
split up Belldandy?" 


And then we sat down and hashed out a plot. 

A pretty nice plot. 

Too bad the end version ended up nothing like that. 

To put it mildly, the Ah My Goddess continuity nitpickers
came out en masse. And ah, the Dreaming got kinda
overwhelmed by the strong Ah My Goddess plot. Sorry 'bout

But it was a fun ride. 

Anyway, miscellaneous tidbits: 

The titles of each chapter are taken from the titles of
Edgar Allan Poe poems.

Rod is STILL a horrible speller. 

Rod thinks this fanfic is incomplete, mostly because it
doesn't have John Constantine in it. 

Always blame Mike Loader. 

That's it. Aheh.

-David Tai (


Author's Commentary

Closing remarks: Well, this was a bit rough, wasn't it?
-rod m

Oh, what to say on this little venture.

It was, to be honest, a somewhat daunting project.  With a
plot such as this, there would be expectations put upon us
to make a social statement of some sort about mankind, love,
and all that other nonsense.

I hate making statement like that.

There were several difficulties in writing this.

The first difficulty was in reader appeal.

I think David was a bit unrealistic, but I wasn't, about the
possible readership of this story.  In Dire Fates, we used
two characters with large fanbases: Skuld and John
Constantine.  Heck, we even had a few people get into
Hellblazer because of it.

But Belldandy?  Sure she's the main character of Ah My
Goddess, but she's.... just not as interesting as her
sisters.  And the Dreaming, while being an offspring of
DC/Vertigo's famous 'The Sandman' series, was 'The Sandman'
without the Sandman, and its popularity is not as strong as
Sandman's, not nearly as much.

To summarize, I had doubts about who'd want to read it.
Those who were hooked by Dire Fates might not be willing to
go through Mortal Fates, really.

Another difficulty?  The element of surprise.

A lot of our pre-readers thought, as they read through half
of the story, that the First of the Fallen was up to
something again, or perhaps it was a mean deed of the
archangels.  Quite a few thought it was a run-of-the-mill
Belldandy-loses-godhood-and-dies sort of story, which it
was, but wasn't at the same time.

As a consequence of hiding that surprise, the opportunities
to expand on the character of Verthandi were terribly
limited.  We only had part 3 to work with to really work on
her.  It wasn't a lot of room, and to be honest we came up a
little short, but we did the best we could.  And that'll
have to do.

The worst difficulty?  Keiichi.

Damn the man.

You don't have any idea how nauseating it is to write scenes
for such a powerless wishy-washy geek.  By the end of part
2, me and david were contemplating letting keiichi die
instead and have Bell live happily ever after with Megumi,
Keiichi's sister.

But, all in all, despite a tad bit much on the melodrama, I
think this story worked out okay.  Managed to keep the plot
twists, a fair degree of originality, and a little bit of
that warm and fuzzy feeling you get on 'chick films'.

So, where do we go from here?

I dunno.

We've one more cycle of the trilogy to go, we'll see how it
comes out.

Hope you enjoyed the story.

-rod m.