Mortal Fates: An Ah My Goddess!/The Dreaming crossover

Writer's Notes: Explaining The Dreaming

"The Dreaming.  A realm comprising tales and nightmares, 
 woven on the fragile loom of sleeping minds." 

	-Dr. Occult to Tim Hunter,
	 "The Books of Magic"


The Dreaming.

A vast landscape, a realm of dreams, ruled by a Prince of

A place outside of time, outside of space, where there be
dragons... where ravens soar through the sky.. 

Here, one can find the House of Mystery, side by side with 
the House of Secrets, run by the brothers Cain and Abel.
And in a cave somewhere dwells a woman named Eve.  Whether
they be the true Biblical characters or part of the tales
that live in the Dreaming... 

Here, there is a library possessing all the books never
written, all the stories ever lost, run by Lucien the 

Here, a grumbling pumpkinhead named Mervyn constructs sets
to all dreams that all creatures dream. 

Here, the Corinthian dwells, a nightmare created to be
the dark reflection of humanity. 

All myths, all fairy tales, all the wonderous dreams and
fantasies ever created, and those yet to be dreamed reside
here... and here nightmares and horrors also dwell; light
and darkness side by side under the watchful eye of Dream of
the Endless... 

Welcome to the Dreaming...