Mortal Fates: An Oh My Goddess!/The Dreaming crossover.

Cast from The Dreaming

- Matthew -

Once, he was Matt Cable. A respected lawyer, he seriously
injured himself one day in a car accident. As he lost
consciousness and fell into a coma, he found himself in
the land of the Dreaming.

Those who die as they dream are given the choice to stay
in the Dreaming forever.

Matthew was offered that choice, and more. Now he is
Matthew the Raven, a servant and advisor of the one
known as Dream of the Endless.

- Eve -

The first woman?

All women?

The woman known as Eve denies all this, though she seems to
be the biblical Eve incarnate. She is a mother to all
mankind, and in a sense, mother to all stories created
by man.

- Mervyn -

Ever wonder who builds dreams?

Mervyn the Pumpinhead is, in a way, that person. He was created
by Dream of the Endless as general handyman. Construction,
cleanup, and all the other little jobs are often overseen by
Mervyn and his crew of workers.

- Cain & Abel -

The first brothers...

The first murderer. The first victim.

Cain is the caretaker of the House of Mysteries, while
Abel tends to the House of Secrets.

They exist in the dreaming, telling tales to those
who would listen.

The brothers are given the duty to watch over the mysteries
and secrets of the Dreaming, and they do their job well.

However, Cain has a habit of killing Abel now and then.

- Lucien -

In the heart of the Dreaming, there exists a library containing
every book ever imagined and dreamed, every tale ever lost to
the memory of mankind.

Lucien watches over them all, the consumate librarian, entrusted
by the Dream King, to guard and care for them, so that they may
never be lost.

- Corinthian -

The Corinthian is a nightmare given form and identity, a dark
reflection of humanity.