Writer's Notes: Explaining John Constantine

The family of Constantine is something of a legend in the
occult circles.  The name and the bloodline have always been
linked to magic in one form or another, as far as man has
been keeping a history. 

Kon-Sten-Tyn ruled England after the passing of King Arthur. 
His was not a pleasant rule. 

Harry Constantine was a soldier of fortune with Cromwell's
army as it marched across Ireland.  He crossed paths with
the ribbon queen and was damned to live eternally as a
rotting corpse. 

And in modern day there is John Constantine, trickster,
magus, and all-around bastard.  Unlike other men of magic,
he comes off as more of a common man.  He forever clashes
with authority, thumbing his nose at them whenever possible. 

John knows about his family history, and he sees the magic
as a curse.  It is a curse, in the sense that almost every
Constantine touched by magic has a tragic story.  John
himself made many mistakes, and his actions have left behind
a bloody trail of casualties, both friends and foes. 

He's had enough. 

While not willing to give up on the magic entirely, he
doesn't care for the curse to continue, which is why he
constantly tells his niece, Gemma Masters, to never, ever
dabble with magic. 

But Gemma has already had encounters with magic: first,
haunted by the spirit of her grandfather, and then nearly
killed by a member of the satanic Damnation Army. 

And as the saying goes among those in the occult, once you
walk the path of magic, there's no turning back. 

John hopes that Gemma will never take the path of magic, but
only time will tell.  He also believes himself the last to
carry the name 'Constantine', and with his death, the curse
on his bloodline will end. 


His deceased father had brothers, and they may have had
children of their own, and the legacy of Constantine may yet
march on...