Sailor Hellblazer: A John Constantine: Hellblazer / Sailor Moon crossover.

Cast from John Constantine : Hellblazer

- John Constantine -

It seems as if the line of Constantine has spanned the ages, and for every generation there is a Constantine who dares to face the darkness and embrace the path of magic, no matter how costly the price.

John Constantine is the current magus of the Constantine line, already a legend in his time, feared and hated by Heaven and Hell alike.

Those who know him say John is more bluff and trickery than spells and sorcer. John admits this is true, and generally despises the use of magic, but he always knows enough of it to win in the end.

- Gemma Masters -

Daughter of Cheryl Constantine Masters, John's sister, Gemma's life has had its share of run-ins with the supernatural, having several close calls with the darker side of magic as a child.

Fortunately for her, uncle John was there to save her.

John has a soft spot for Gemma, frequently bringing her gifts as a child and being very protective of her as she grew older.

While John is her favorite uncle, she is sometimes frustrated by his forgetfulness, and the many times he's failed to be there for her for birthdays, holidays, and other important times of her life.

Still, they are family...

Gemma has some of her uncle in her, occasionally being stubborn and confrontational, and has even taken to smoking. However, her usual personality is that of a somewhat shy, unsure, and melancholy young woman

- Chas Chandler -

Though he'd probably punch anyone suggesting it, Chas is John's sidekick. He's been John's friend for many years, from the wild college days to the more somber times of today.

He drives a cab for a living, and in turn often becomes John's chauffer, something Chas is generally unhappy about. He also has run errands for John before and has, on a few rare occasions, become involved in the supernatural adventures of his friend.

Chas has a short temper and will beat the hell out of anyone who pisses him off, including John. Life as a married man and a father hasn't taken that away from him.

While Chas often helps John because of their friendship, when Chas becomes stubborn about things John always reminds him that he's in John's debt. Exactly what it is that John did to put Chas in his debt is never entirely clear.

- Blathoxi: Demon Lord of Flatulence -

While being a demon lord of flatulence, Blathhoxi seems more concerned with the trade of souls, organizing part of hell in the same manner as the Stock Exchange, trading souls in large numbers according to their value.

He had the great misfortune to cross paths with John, who manipulated the underworld mentality to crash the market and put Blathoxi in financial ruin.

- Arcadian: Lord of the Dance -

Once upon a time, there was a spirit that roamed the isle of England. Wherever men and ladies gathered to celebrate, he was there. Whenever they sang his song, he was summoned and joined in the celebrations. It all began to change, however, when the age of Christianity arrived on England's shores. Confused by the changing beliefs of the people, and horrified at how his song, 'The Lord of the Dance', was taken and changed to fit a new vision, The Lord of the Dance spent several hundred years alone and bitter. One Christmas night, however, he ran across John Constantine, who showed him that the spirit of Celebration still lived in the hearts of the people of Britian, and that he still had a place. He now runs a pub, the better to celebrate life.

- The First of the Fallen -

When Lucifer Morningstar fell from Heaven, The First of The Fallen was there to greet him. The First of the Fallen is THE Devil. His exact origins are unconfirmed, but rumors and his own memories suggest he was a part of God, given form and cast out from Heaven.

John Constantine has gotten the better of the Devil on at least five occasions thus far, something no other mortal has ever managed to do. With every victory, John can't help but gloat, and this further enrages the First of the Fallen. More than angels, more than God, The Devil _HATES_ John Constantine. He waits, and plots, and schemes for the day when he finally gets the better of John and drags his soul to Hell.