Sailor Hellblazer: A John Constantine: Hellblazer / Sailor Moon crossover.

Cast from Sailor Moon

- Sailor Venus -

The lovely blonde here is Aino Minako AKA Sailor Venus, the Senshi of Love. Minako was the first Sailor to discover her powers. Her job was to distract the Dark Kingdom from finding the Moon Princess (Sailor Moon). To do that, she went to England and posed as Sailor V. When she had to return to Tokyo to join the other Sailor Senshi, she staged the death of Sailor V and became Sailor Venus. She has been very lonely since becoming Sailor V, as fighting the forces of evil forced her to abandon most of her friends. This has left a her with almsot a multiple personality disorder. At times she is the veteran fighter of evil, Sailor Venus! At other times... well, she can make Sailor Moon look like a brain surgeon. She can be excessively silly, can't cook, and is prone to mangle sayings but, as she likes to say, "If it ain't broke, save it for a rainy day." Or something like that.

- Sailor Pluto -

Sailor Pluto is the guardian of the Gates of Time, a mystical means of traveling through Time. Not much is known about her as she keeps her secrets close. Her duty is to prevent the abuse of time travel and in general seems to be working toward the creation of Crystal Tokyo, a utopian society founded by Sailor Moon a millennium from now. However, only Sailor Pluto knows what must be done to create that paradise and she is telling no one. She will appear when she is needed, do whatever needs to be done, and then vanish. She has the power to stop time, if need be, but this supposedly the most forbidden act for her. When she has need of a civilian identiy, she uses the name Meiou Setsuna.

- Artemis -

The white cat is Artemis, Sailor Venus's guardian cat. Artemis is from the Moon Kingdom where he and his fellow cat Luna were advisors to Queen Serenity. When Queen Serenity banished the Dark Kingdom, she sent the souls of the fallen from her court to the future. Since she knew that the Dark Kingdom would return, she placed Luna and Artemis into suspended animation to advise the Sailor Senshi when they awoke. Of course, a thousand years of sleep can mangle anyone's memories, or else there might not have been a Sailor Moon. Artemis found Minako and together they kept the Dark Kingdom busy while Luna found and prepared the other Sailor Senshi. Artemis can be lazy, prideful, and prone to putting his pawin his mouth, but he generally has his ward's best interests in mind. He is in love with Luna, but has problems telling her that.