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Hi, welcome to the revamped web page! This page contains my fanfiction, both ecchi and non, as well as some links to my Frank Zappa and Doctor Who pages. Fear not, everything is still here, it's just been shifted around a little. Oh, that's Hotaru up there. See Made of Stone for a fanfic featuring her.

The Pages

First, of course, there's my Fanfiction page, containing the fics I've been writing since May 1996. Well, almost all the fics...

The fics that might be considered sexually explicit have all been moved to their own Lemons page. Keep in mind this page is for the Over 18 crowd only.

Here's a Works In Progress page. It has no actual rough drafts, but at least tells you what's next on the agenda Well, OK, it doesn't even do that. Think of it as an idea page, bearing no resemblance to what I may actually write next. ^^;;

I am also the editor of the Ranma Fanfiction Drinking Game, a true test of Ranma cliches, not to mention endurance. John Biles, Harvey Torrance Griffin, Thomas "Wyrm" Jefferys, and Nick Leifker are the other major contributors. Here's Version 2.0 of the game. It's hopelessly out of date, but think of it as a time capsule to the Ranma fics of yore.

And for the musically inclined, there's my Frank Zappa Page.

And we have the reviews I write for rec.arts.drwho, here.

My links have moved to their own page. One of these days they may get updated.

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