Fractured Fic, part One (working title only)
By Azzy, Dex, JBMcDragon and Trisha Lynn (in alphabetical order)

Disclaimer: Dex was bored one night, so decided that we should do a live round robin. This is the result of the first session. I have no idea when we're gonna finish it, but here's what we've got anyway. Copyrighted to all of us.

Session Start: Fri Dec 15 21:55:39 2000

<DexF> Right, ladies and gents. Here's the deal. I'm going to post a paragraph, then the person under me posts a paragraph, then Trisha, etc, as we cycle through.
<DexF> Right then. So, I'll start, Trisha to follow, etc...
<TrishaLynn> Got it. Space limits? Para limits?
<DexF> Try to keep it under 100 words, I think. If using dialogue, finish you bit with //
<TrishaLynn> Got it.

<DexF> Case knew it was going to be the start of a wierd day when he came home to find the angel lying under the ruins of his skylight, on the hardwood floor of his loft. The lay in a heap, wings bent and a few irradiscent feathers splashed across the floor from the impact centre. The long blonde hair of the celestial lay in a lank heap over it's face, obscuring the features.

<TrishaLynn> He put his keys down and crossed to his answering machine. No messages. He checked the mail slot. Nothing. He looked everywhere except in the direction of the fallen angel. This was too much to believe, even for him.

<TrishaLynn> Case finally decided to take a look at what the sky dropped in. He nudged it with his toe, careful not to touch any of the blood or the feathers.

<Azzy> Case, in his lonesone, acne-filled teenage years often longed for something like this to happen. Some buxom blonde to suddenly fall out of the sky and into his lap. Alas, his wish finally came true about 20 years later, when he a man in his thirties with a fiancee and 9-5 job. Oh well, better later than never. Carefully, he secured the figure under it's armpits and rdagged it over to the lounge, where he tried to prop it up without further damaging it's wings. Upon closer inspection, the be-winged figure, with cascading blonde locks and a soft, cerubic face, was most definitely, male.

<DexF> Male, and slightly charred. Black edges his feathers, dulling their white sheen under a layer of soot. Case considered re-entry and had to quash the urge to giggle madly. The angel was deadweight as he pushed and shoved him into what might have been a comfortable position on the lounge, and took a seat across from it.

<DexF> "So, now what?" He muttered under his breath.

<TrishaLynn> Was it-- he dead? Only slightly charred and if he looked closely, Case could see the angel's chest move slowly. He crept forward and placed an ear to the angel's chest.

<TrishaLynn> "...sannah in excelsis... deo christo deo..."

<Azzy> Case jerked his head up and blinked. He looked about himself quickly, and then carefully put his ear to the Angel's chest once more. ".....sannah in excelsis...deo.." The Angel coughed and stirred suddenly, and Case jumped back quickly.

<DexF> The angel coughed once. Twice. Explosively. He opened his eyes, and fastened his glare on Case. Case froze in his haf-crouch, mesmerized by the eyes, so pale blue as to be almost white.

<DexF> Here was an angel, a voice of God. Proof of the afterlife. What would it say, or think?

<DexF> Case did not except to see it blink twice and mutter "Wha--"

<TrishaLynn> The Angel rose quickly, whirled around, then grabbed Case by the collar. "Where am I?"

<Azzy> Case stammered, unable to string a coherrent thought togther under the gaze of those eyes. "Uh, um, West 54th street? Apartment 3B? Ontario?" He broke off when the angel sagged and collapsed onto the cough, his skin as pale as unwashed sheets. Case, having the mind of a normal mortal man, was instally filled with a dozen or so questions, but being only a mortal man, was only able to stare stupidly.

<DexF> Case out to try and shake the thing back to consciousness, but snatched his hand away as he touched him. The angel's skin was burning like an oven. He went to the sinka nd ran a towel under cold water, considering how poor the training of celestials had been in his First Aid course, and returned, placing the cloth on the thing's forehead.

<JBMcDragon> It didn't move. It didn't cough, it didn't whimper, it didn't even do what Case's ex-girlfriend used to do and yell at him for disturbing her. It laid there. Which really didn't look good. In fact, it looked rather bedraggled. Case wondered if you went to hell for letting an angel die. Then he wondered if he had any vodka left. It was for a good cause. Angels might drink vodka, too . . . even if it wasn't currently conscious.

<TrishaLynn> Case was in luck. There was vodka. He drank a bit before feeling the towel. It was dry, almost cracked, as if there had never been any moisture on it. "Right... bath tub."

To be continued...?