We read their stories every day, talk to them in e-mail, chat with them on IRC... but do we really know who these fanfic authors are?

This website is dedicated to exploring the minds of the fan author through interviews and essays. Every month, I will spotlight a different author from either the anime/manga and comic book fiction worlds. Each interview will include a link to selected stories by that author as well as the Spotlight Picks.

Important News

Due to circumstances beyond my control, this site is not going to be updated anymore. I will still be maintaining this site, because I think it's a valuable resource as an insight into the minds of comic book and anime fanfic authors. I apologize to authors who I had intended on reviewing and never got around to, plus fans of this site who had suggested authors that were in the queue to be interviewed.

If you're a fan of my interview style, you can check out my interviews, articles, columns and reviews in Sequential Tart, an online fanzine devoted to comics, anime and all things inbetween, from a female perspective. I may not be in every issue, but every issue is worth reading.

Thanks to everyone, from the writers I interviewed to the visitors to this website, for your encouragement and support.

Oh, and I just updated the Fanfic Glossary, too, so go read!

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