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A long time ago on a mailing list far away, there was an unusual lemon writer. Now, for those of you who are not in the know, a lemon is a fanfic that takes existing characters and puts them in adult situations. No, not like paying taxes or gettting Social Security checks or worrying about Medicare; I'm talking the kinds of situations you find only in the pages of Penthouse magazine or perhaps the Oval Office.
Now, lemons have been around as long as fanfic has, and the standard lemon had a plot like this: two characters get together and have sex. That's about it. What made Caroline "Kun-chan" Seawright's lemons unusual is that her lemons actually had some storyline between all the sex.
In the course of her fanfic writing career, Caroline paired up almost everyone logically and gave them something to do other than boinking. She also created some "bizarre" pairings, and even got some anime writers in on the act.
Not bad for a writer of lemons, eh?

[Editor's Note: Did you know there's a 19 hour time difference between California and Australia? I didn't, but I do now.]

Q: Caroline? Let me know the minute you get online tonight. <smile>
Caroline: I'm on!
Q: Yeesh, I was expecting you much earlier... What time is it in Australia now?
Caroline's alter-ego, 'Kunoichi' Caroline: It's 10:30pm... on Saturday nights, I go RPGing [role play gaming] at a friend's place..I'd normally still be out, but the GM was tired. It's 3:30am for you??
Q: Oh, yeah... I've been waiting since around 12:30am. So, what kinds of games do you role play?
Caroline: We normally play things like Werewolf and In Nomine. Though I started off playing Paranoia.
Q: The one where you're a robot and every one is against you?
Caroline: Heh, yes. (Clone, but close enough!) You get a number of clones and it's basically kill off the others before they kill you!
Q: It sounds like a heck of a lot of fun. <smile>
Caroline: It is. The funnier actions you do, the more likely the GM will let you get away with it. <wink>
Q: First standard question: How did you get into anime?
Caroline: Well, I do remember always watching various cartoons as a kid, and it tends to be the anime that I remember to this day. My most favourite anime as a kid was 'Gigi'... it was only much, much later that I found out it was anime - Minky Momo. I guess I really learned what anime was from my Japanese friend at high school - Fumiyo Sakabe.
Q: You were into anime in high school? What high school did you go to?
Caroline: Yes, I was. I was also into BBSing [Bulletin Board System reading], and so got more images of anime than what I'd actually watched! I was at Kilvington Baptist Girls' Grammar school at the time. (Before that I was at a public school near my home.) I don't actually remember why anime was brought up in the first place, but I do remember asking Fumiyo all about things like 'The Mysterious Cities of Gold' which had been repeated for the nth time, and 'Samurai Pizza Cats'. It probably went from there. I [also] remember doing various art projects with anime-style drawings as the theme!
Q: How hard or easy is it to get anime in Australia? I ask this because most of the major translated suppliers are here in America.
Caroline: Well, I live in a suburb of Melbourne. Anime has become easier and easier to get over the years, but the major comic shop in the city has always sold at least translated manga. The anime in that shop was sold side by side with their Hong Kong movies (though the HK movies were subbed, and the anime was dubbed.)
There were also two or three places that sold Japanese manga, or translated manga with subbed or dubbed anime. Nowadays we have a Japanese department store - Daimaru - which sells manga in their Japanese book shop. LOTS of manga!
Then there have been the anime clubs!
Q: You guys have clubs? <blink> I didn't have a club to go to! What was your club like?
My fiance Damon, me and Caroline at Anime Expo 1999 Caroline: There was always Melbourne Anime Society [MAS], since I've been into BBSing - I found other anime lovers through these systems, and ended up going to MAS with another BBS sysop. So I got all the anime I wanted there! Then I remember helping a friend who went to my BBS pick the name of an anime club he'd start up at Melbourne University! WWWA [WWWA is the name of an organization in "Dirty Pair", an older, yet still popular anime]. Since then Monash University and a couple of other universities have made anime clubs.
What was the anime club like? Well, MAS used to be at a guy's house, and was 99% male (I was the only female there, 90% of the time!), and most of the guys were in their 40s. They subbed things themselves for everyone to watch and things like that. So it was a bunch of guys (and me) watching anime. Now, though, it's changed. I haven't been in quite some time, though.
Q: It almost sounds like a scene from "Otaku no Video". What did you do in the clubs besides fansubbing?
Caroline: Heh, yes it did. What did I do? I didn't fansub, I just went and watched the anime, or read from their manga collection when they were showing anime that I wasn't interested in. Sometimes I got online (because by then, I was in university and had discovered the internet!) and got my e-mail. It was too far away from the train station to go there for any other reason than to watch anime when I could get a lift.
Q: Here's fundamental question #2: How did you get into anime fan fic writing?
Caroline: Fanfic writing? Hmm... well, I started, really, because I wanted to chat to someone who wasn't online at the time. I was on a MUCK where I played Akane, and he played Ranma. So instead of RPing [role-playing] with him online, I left little RP-style messages for him instead...
Q: What were these messages to your RP friend like?
Caroline: The messages were rather long, and mostly just acting out various things. But one day while I was at work, after it closed, I decided to take what I'd started with and turn it in to an actual story which I would then e-mail to him. For a while after I continued to work on it, adding bits, changing from first person perspective, making it more like just a Ranma and Akane story rather than 'us'...
Q: Do you still have the story?
The scene that launched a thousand lemons Caroline: Yes, I do. <smile> It actually, in the end, turned in to "Ranma nibun no ichi - The Wedding". I don't remember quite how, but I think that I gave it to some friends to edit before I sent it to 'Ranma', and they persuaded me to 'publish' it.
Q: Did you write before you were into anime?
Caroline: Only in English class! But I did enjoy it when I was able to write a story that I wanted to do, rather than any other type of writing. Heh, I always got told off about how I wrote too many pages in my stories in English class - the teachers only wanted two or three pages, rather than nine or ten! I wrote 'long short stories'.
Q: I can only imagine. <smile> As for the type of stories you've written, why did you pick the Ranma anime to base your stories off of?
Caroline: Actually, I'd never seen the Ranma anime. Maybe one or two of the TV series, and maybe an OVA [Original Video Animation] or two... but I was always much more into the manga, and collected the Viz series, and the Japanese or Chinese (they were cheaper) when I could get my hands on them. I enjoyed the series enough to want to RP the characters... it was my favourite manga. So that's what I ended up writing on.
Q: Can you read Japanese?
Caroline: Well, not at the time. I still can't, really, apart from various words here and there. I did Japanese at university, but I've forgotten a lot since I left. I have a Japanese-English dictionary and JWP (Japanese Word Processor for Windows) to help me out, though. I look at the pictures and check the kanji and guess. <nervous smile>
Q: As for the type of stories you write (and February being the month of Valentine's Day, you knew I'd ask you this), why do you write lemons?
Caroline: After a while of seeing characters you like, doing everything under the sun to each other, girl-girl scenes for no reason, Ranma [screwing] every girl left right and centre, no grammar, no STORY, you kind of get sick of it.
Q: So you thought you could come up with something better?
Caroline: Yes, I thought that my story I'd written for Ranma was a heck of a lot better than the crap... and sent it to rec.arts.anime.stories (as it was back then). (After lots of editing by lots of people!)
Q: What kind of response did you get?
Caroline: Hmm... I actually remember getting quite a number of responses, and they were pretty positive, actually. I don't remember getting and negative ones... I know that the ending is pretty so-so with all the pairing off, but still... back in those days what I wrote was original!
Q: How long ago was this?
Caroline: I think it was over the summer of '94 or '95...
Q: Wow, you are a dino, then.
Caroline: Heh, yes - I'm ancient in internet terms. Well, old anyway. <wink>
Q: <uncomfortable look> If I can be so bold as to ask... where do you get your inspiration for your lemons?
Caroline: Heh... too much time playing [Truth or Dare] and too much time spent in the more sexual side of the relationship with 'Ranma' after me ('Akane') and he got married online in the RP-ing. <sour look> And I got carried away with the whole 'TS' (online sex) thing back in those days... didn't lead to much happiness, all of that, but I learned that even online sex shouldn't be taken lightly.
Too many people can get hurt... but stories are fine. No emotions involved, except in writing a story that has actual meaning to me. <smile>
'Fun' isn't fun when you're too emotional. So... there's no way in heaven or earth that I'd have online sex, now, with someone I didn't love. This has been the same for probably three or so years.
Q: So the lesson to be learned here is lemons are fine, lemon writing is fine, lemon acting out and getting married online and the like can lead to trouble?
Caroline: Acting out getting married and what not online is fine... just remember that, if you're new and you don't have the blocks that you do [in real life] to stop your emotions getting entangled in things, you can easily get hurt by others... and that you can easily hurt others.
I found that it was so easy to think that you're just having 'fun' when, in reality, I was just hurting someone else back for them hurting me, because I actually had fallen in love with him... and I'd forgotten that the other people were real people, too, with the same feelings and problems as me...
Q: Wise choice, to be sure.
Caroline: I think it was my wisest choice in the last five or so years. <wink>
Q: While waiting for your replies, I was reading the 1997 Chicken Ball Awards Ceremony on your site. It mentions your satire lemon story "Gaijin in Nerima" getting nominated for Worst Fanfic of 1997. Could you tell me why you wrote that fic?
Caroline: Ah, "Gaijin in Nerima"! I can't say that I ever really enjoyed reading self insertion 'fics... especially the ones where the author's avatar gets the girl. (Mostly the writers are male, so ...). I wanted to write a satire on those type of fanfics. Something even more way over the top than the self insertion fanfics usually are. And instead of just sticking myself in there, why not stick a few friends in there, too? Make it REALLY silly. Get everyone to get the character they want. And why not get the reader involved, too?
Stick in a couple of paragraphs with the reader as a character - 'you' - and a built in drinking game... using as many of the rules as I could that would get someone to drink... and voila! "Gaijin in Nerima!"
Q: Did you have to get the authors' permissions before you released it?
Caroline: Yes, the people who I wrote into the story all gave their permission for me to put them in. In fact, many others wrote to me asking if I'd make another one, and to have them put in it! (Though that one was kind of a flop... too many people, and I ran out of steam. I gave up, whacked on an ending, and there was Gaijin in Nerima 2).
Q: Have you actually tried to play the Ranma 1/2 drinking game while reading "GiN!"?
Caroline: Me? <laugh> No! I don't drink that much! Maybe I'll have to get it out at a party and see what happens, but I only ever really drink a cocktail. Only at parties where you [bring your own] drinks (or where there are free sweet alcoholic drinks) do I drink more than that!
Q: Why do you think it got nominated for the 1997 Chicken Ball Awards for Worst Fanfic? Cause I thought it was kinda clever myself.
Caroline: Heh... because people have no taste. <wink> Actually, I think it's because it's too silly for some people, and they don't get the concept - satire - behind it. They didn't appreciate it for that reason.
Q: What would you say was the hardest plot you had to put together? By looks alone, it appears to be "Too Much Wedded Bliss" because of the extent of the people involved. You have ALL of the cast involved in some way or another.
Caroline: Hmm, no, "Too Much Wedded Bliss" actually flowed quite well when I was writing it. I'd say that the hardest was "H is for Hinako". It loses it nearer the end, I think. I just couldn't get the last part right. I went through a lot of editing and suggestions, and finally couldn't do anything more to fix the ending, and put it out.
Q: Is it because of Hinako? Because technically, she's still a kid....
Caroline: No, no. She's more mature in my series. I changed things a little. It was just that I lost the plot somewhere near the end. I knew what I wanted to have happen, but I just couldn't get my writing right. Instead of just flowing, it spluttered and died.
Q: You said "Too Much Wedded Bliss" was the easier of the two. Why do you think so?
Caroline: I don't know. My way of writing is to just sit down, when I'm in the mood for writing, and type. It might take a few days, it might take a few weeks, it might take months... (in one case, it just took a few hours!) But I can only write when I'm in the mood. I can't sit down and plan what I want to do... I either write it out as I go, or I can't write at all.
This is why I need to edit my 'fics and get as many other people to edit them before I let the general public see them. I have to get them pretty decent before I'll let anyone see the stories. "Too Much Wedded Bliss" was one of the ones that just flowed when I was writing it.
Q: Have there been any fics of yours that just stalled coming out of the gate?
Caroline: Hmm... Coming out of the gate? No. I generally, when I'm in the mood to write, get a fair way into them. If they're going to stall, it's going to be half way through, or nearer the end. "Gaijin in Nerima 2" is the one that stalled the earliest. Probably a bit sooner than half way through. I'm not very happy with that one.
My Red Dwarf one stalled, too, so I decided to make it Part 1 ... haven't done a Part 2, yet, though... it's been quite some time. <sweatdrop>
Is she, or isn't she, a hussy? Q: Quick question: Why do you hate Shampoo so much? You made the girl give birth to kittens!
Caroline: Ah, Shampoo. A subject that I could rant on for hours and hours, making everyone who likes Shampoo get very, very annoyed. I thought it was funny making her give birth to kittens. But I try to put my personal bias aside when I write the "Nibun no Ichi" series... I don't think that I have shown too much bias against Shampoo in that series, have I? <sweatdrop>
Q: I don't think so. I do agree you've tried to be fair. But if you had to name three reasons why you don't like her, what would they be?
Caroline: I'd say that the major reason why I hate Shampoo was the way various Shampoo fans acted. I got sick to death of them, they way they treated people, and so sick to death of the character. But these days, I don't care too much one way or another about the character. I still sometimes point out all the bad things about the character Shampoo to people on the Ranma ML, just to annoy those other Shampoo fans who say how wonderful she is. <sour look>
Q: Has it been hard for you to write lately?
Caroline: Oh, yes. Every since I started working full time (about two years ago), I've hardly been able to write a thing. Work seems to zap me of creativity. All I want to do after work is either get online and talk to friends, go out with friends here, or watch TV. Even the weekends I don't want to do anything except go shopping. I can't write... Ah, I want to go to university again!
Q: What did you get your degree in?
Caroline: I did Computing (Information Systems) at Monash University. I never got to finish, though, because I got a full time job... I'll do that last elective one day, though...
Q: Which of the fics you've written are ones you'd recommend to people who are over the age of consent who are interested in your work?
Caroline: If they're wanting to read a 'lemon', I'd suggest starting off with "The Wedding". Otherwise I'd suggest (for just about everyone else, even younger people), to read "Passion Spice...?" as it isn't a lemon.
Q: Yes, the infamous Passion Spice. <smile> Can you tell me what inspired that one?
Caroline: Hmm... lets see... I remember on the FanficML, back in the olden days when SPAM was allowed, there was a huge passion spice thread. I don't really remember what happened, but it probably involved a bit of fun role playing, as well as whatever originally started it - probably someone saying how everyone uses 'passion spice' as a cheat to get characters together. So I wrote something to seem like I was using the 'cheat' ... but didn't. <smile>
Q: Oh, you're referring to what the spice actually did, rather than what it was "supposed" to do?
Caroline: No, that story doesn't even use passion spice in it. The character who gets it, THINKS that's what she's using, but.....
Q: Hey, no spoilers... we want people to read your story. <smile>
Caroline: I'll try not to spoil that any more. But I think it's a fun story.
Q: Another question: Which authors did you used to read and who do you still follow?
Caroline: Authors? Let me see... generally I read fantasy books, though I'll read sci-fi, historical/romance and other such books, too. Let me see about the authors...
For fantasy novels, I used to read Piers Anthony (still do, occasionally. I'm fond of Xanth, even if it is way too "punny" these days.) Recently I've been reading Robert Jordon's Wheel of Time books (for the second time). He's pretty good.
As for the sci-fi, there's Douglas Adams and Jack L Chalker. (Oh, I also read Terry Pratchet!)
Q: Who are your favorite romance authors? Do you think they've influenced your work?
Caroline: Romance? Lets me think... For historical/romance/adventure I'd read the American Indian books, such as "People of the Wolf" by [Michael and Kathleen Gear], I believe. I think that Chalker, Jordan and Gear are pretty good writers. Reading other stories after them tends, more often than not, to be a let down.
Darn, I'm at work and can't remember [a certain] author's name. All my books are at home. She writes under a pseudonym for her historical romances to differentiate them from the non-historical romances...
Let's see if I can find anything on the internet... There we go! Victoria Holt!!
Q: Okay, slow down! <smile> Which is the romance author and which is the historical/romance author?
Not bad for a 70+ year old woman Caroline: Victoria Holt has three names - Victoria Holt, Philippa Carr, Jean Plaidy ... I don't know why she does, but there we have it. I like her books. <smile>
Q: Which writes which?
Caroline: Victoria Holt is the one where I like her style the best - she's the one who writes non-historical. (But not modern, either.)
Q: What do you feel is the difference between non-historical and modern?
Caroline: For a modern romance, you wouldn't have women in long dresses being chased around castles in forests by darkly handsome villainous counts. <smile>
Historical, though, I'd say would be much, much further back, set in a specific period, such as in the Czar's Russia, the French royal court, and what not.
Q: And you don't do the villainous count, do you?
Caroline: "Ranma 1/2" doesn't lend itself much to that type of character.
Q: Which fanfic authors do you like? Who do you still read?
Caroline: I'm bad. I haven't read a fanfic, really, in years. <big sweatdrop> (I hardly get around to writing them myself!)
Q: Who did you like?
Caroline: Hmm... remembering things doesn't help when you've got a mind like one of those things that has holes in it. You know, you stick rice in it to rinse it before cooking the rice. Spaghetti too.
Q: A colander?
Caroline: That would be it. <wink> I've got a number sitting in my FFML box, waiting for me to look at, but... who do I like? Hmm. I did enjoy reading Eric Jones' Mikado series. John Biles' Lemonade (the first one)... I don't know. I'm the type of person who likes an individual piece more than everything done by a certain person.
For instance, while I liked the first Lemonade, I didn't enjoy the second one. There are too many fanfics out there that I've read and enjoyed to remember. (If I did enjoy it, the author got a little message from me saying so - I like to let the author know that their work is appreciated.)
Q: Do you always feedback authors you like?
Caroline: If I read the story, yes. Even if it's just an 'I enjoyed that.' Sometimes, if I'm feeling up to it, I might give a little C&C [Comment and Criticism]... mostly, though, it's just a one liner saying that I liked the 'fic.
Q: Final question: If you had the time to write a fanfic today, what would it be about?
Caroline: Hmm... Probably the next story in the Nibun no Ichi series... I wouldn't mind trying an Azusa-Tsubasa story, even if it's only a short one. <smile>
Q: If you ever get the time, I wish you luck. Thanks for the time. <smile>
Caroline: Thank you!

Once again, the stories marked with an NC-17 rating should not be read by persons who are not of the age of majority in their country. Reader's discretion is advised.

Author's Picks:

Mikado Ichiban by Eric Jones -- Yes, you heard right, a series starring Mikado Sanzenin, the egotistical and self-serving half of the Kolkohz High Martial Arts pairs skating duo. This version is complete through chapter sixteen, linked to the TASS r.a.a.c. mirror.
Lemonade by John Biles -- From the "Old Man of Anime Fic" comes a "kitchen sink" crossover, a comedy, gratuitous self-insertion and sex. And you thought all he did was write Sailor Moon crossovers... I'm including the text here. Rated NC-17 for sexual situations.

Spotlight Picks:

Gaijin in Nerima! by Kun-chan -- This was nominated for the 1997 Chicken Ball Award for Worst Fanfic. Once you get past the ick factor in thinking about fanfic writers having sexual relations with characters, this funny and satirical tale really starts to get to you. This is also the fanfic where Shampoo gives birth to kittens. Rated NC-17 for sexual situations.
Kun-chan and White Wolf's Hentai Fic, parts one and two, by Kun-chan and White Wolf -- The sexual situations here are implied, but very, very perverse and very, very funny. You're gonna have to read it to believe it. Rated NC-17 for implied sexual situations.
Ranma Nibun no Ichi - The Wedding by Kun-chan -- The story that started it all, read all about how Ranma and Akane get married, and the consequences of their actions. Rated NC-17 for sexual situations.
Passion Spice by Kun-chan -- For the minor crowd, a very sweet story that deals with love and mystical Chinese spices and how the two shouldn't mix.

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