If you've never heard of Eyrie Productions, you must either a) not read anime fanfic or b) are blind. Eyrie Productions is the single largest and oldest writing collective in anime fanfic history, starting in 1991 with a revolutionary (for that time) self-insertion fanfic called "Undocumented Features", set at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Nothing of the like was ever seen in anime fandom, and the response was overwhelming. Even people who didn't know these three guys from Massachussets were regularly reading the posts on rec.arts.anime.stories (now rec.arts.anime.creative).
From those humble beginnings, the three main writers moved on to other anime universes, picking up and dropping writers along the way. Here, I've picked seven of the group to spotlight. Click on each individual name for his interview.

Two of Eyrie's Founding Members

Some of the Auxillaries

Authors' Picks

Megazone's Picks

The Works of Ryan Mathews-- A past Spotlight Author, he also writes a column for the ever-popular AniPike. You can find all of the fics that Megazone mentioned here.

Megazone's e-mail address is megazone@megazone.org .

Truss' Picks

The Slayers Trilogy by Stephan "Twoflower" Gagne --Linked to its own page now, these three stories (Slayers Reflect, Slayers Chaos and Slayers Rebirth) are fun while being thought provoking.

Magical Troubleshooting Crossover Fighting Tournament BETA! by Stephen Gagne --What do you do when you cross any and all the fighting game characters, stick them in a ring, and put up the prize of being GOD? This, of course. The sequel was made into an Impro fanfic, but this first one was written by Stephen all by himself, with the help of the reader's votes. The winner may come as a surprise... or maybe not.

Eva-R by Modus Productions-- Thanks to all the wonderful folks who wrote in, I now have the link for this up. Anyway, this has got to be the most elaborate setup for a fanfic project I've ever seen. What does this bode for us simple text only sites? Anyway, I just skimmed this site, but it appears to be possibly the most well thought out and most well put together visual, aural and written interpretation of how a sequel to NGE could be done. Watch for a special appearance from voice actress Tiffany Grant.

Truss' e-mail address is truss@hotblack.gweep.net

Martin's Picks

Reunions by Ryan Mathews and Larry Mann--Oh heck, I'm lazy... go see the link to Ryan's fanfics above, okay? It's the sequel to the "The Ballad of Lord Robin".

Juyza's Lyric by Stefan 'Twoflower' Gagne--I liked this one, too. A look at the Ranma-verse from the viewpoint of Asuza's brother. Fairly angstful.

Ministry of Confusion by Stefan 'Twoflower' Gagne--I think it's based off of an RPG. In any case, it takes cyberpunk and the Ranmaverse and good old fashioned storylines into a new realm.

Martin can be contacted at mfrose@provide.net

Kris' Picks

The Slayers Trilogy by Stephan Gagne--Boy, those Eyrie boys can think alike, hmm? See the link above.

Twisted Path by Twister--A Ranma 1/2 self-insertion flavorfully fun romp. One of the 'oldies but goodies'.

BubbleGum Zone by Bert Van Vliet--AKA "SkyKnight", AKA "The Man Who Punned Too Much", Bert carved his own niche into the self-insertion game by becoming the first SI character to NOT become involved with Priss.

Gods Willing by Eyrie Productions Unlimited--Linked below, it's got the boys, it's got the goddesses, it's got the fun.

Kris can be reached at redneck@detnet.com.

Gryphon's Picks

Hammer Time by Martin Rose --Goodness, the picks are more incestuous than usual... Martin Rose takes on the UF continuity; writing this gave him a warm welcome into the Eyrie Inner Circle.

Gryphon can be reached at gryphon@gweep.net

Spotlight Picks

Undocumented Features I by Eyrie Productions Unlimited --The first is a classic, and I read it for the very first time during the course of these interviews. Classic, classic material.

BubbleGum Pink by Redneck Gaijin and Larry Mann--Yeah, I read lemons. So what? This is a lemon, and it's linked to the Sakura Lemon Archive. This fic is rated NC-17.

Gryphon's Little List of Anime Expo Hints and Tips--This tongue firmly in cheek guide to the Anime Expo convention is up just in time for all of you who are going to this year's convention, held at the Long Beach Convention Center

Assorted Links

Eyrie Productions, Unlimited-- Interested in reading more about the Eyrie fics mentioned in this interview? Go check out their page, and give a hearty nod to Truss for such fine webwork.

Many thanks are going out to the Eyrie guys for putting up with my lateness in getting this out, along with the following websites for hosting the pics I used to illustrate the interviews:

Megazone's Section: Truss' Section: Martin's Section: Kris' Section:
Gryphon's Section: These sites were found using AniPike, the search feature on Yahoo! and various other sources.
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