Abyss Power
(as Developed by Mike Loader)

Abyss Protection (Pit Diving) - 10 Points
This is a simple power, providing some protection against the entropic effects of the Abyss in the shallower portions of it.

Initiate of Abyss Power - 50 Points OR 40 + Abyss Protection
"If you gaze long enough into the Abyss, the Abyss gazes back." Nietzche had it right for once. Those who descend into the Abyss and allow it into themselves gain a certain level of mastery of it, at a price.  This price is known as Abyss Lock - The Initiate, once in the Abyss, cannot leave without substancial assistance.

  • [5] Abyss Resonance - Inside the Abyss, the Initiate can make mental contact with other creatures also inside. He or she must first become aware of them, though.
  • [10] Abyss Opening - The Initiate can punch holes in Shadow, creating temporary openings to the Abyss.
  • [10] Purge Abyss - The initiate can drive the taint of the Abyss from other people, and sense those tainted by it.
  • [10] Invoke Abyss - The initiate can fill his or herself with the negative energy of the Void. They become a featureless, ghostly black form, insubstancial to the touch and filled with enthropic energy. A useful combat form, but subject to manipulation.
  • ( [5] Abyss Sorcery - Those with Sorcery can put the negative power of the Abyss into their spells. This is not included in the standard 40 point cost, as you can't buy it unless you also have sorcery)
  • [5] Abyss Timeflow and Healing - While in the Abyss, the Initiate can speed up or slow down his or her physical functions and recovery ability, or do the same for those under his mental control. This allows recovery from almost any wound, supernaturally fast movement, and several weeks equivalent of pondering in a nanosecond.

  • Mastery of Abyss Power - 70 points OR 20 + Initiate Of Abyss
    Once any of these powers are gained, the Master suffers from Abyss Existance - Once inside, the Master cannot leave the Abyss without a major ritual of power performed from outside, combining both massive energy release and entropic destruction.


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    Last Update February 3, 2002