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Subject:         [Amber/TAMD] All -- Various Threads after the Recovery

In a page-pose to you, Shizumaru nods. :)

Dowager Queen Anthy says, "Okay, now I must pray facing the Phillipines."

Shizumaru n.n;

Shizumaru asks, "What of Trish?"

Dowager Queen Anthy says, "I haven't gotten email back, so I don't know
for sure when he'll be here."

Dowager Queen Anthy says, "SHE will be here."

Shaft-Ra The Everliving exclaims, "I... liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!"

Shizumaru says, "..."

Dowager Queen Anthy says, "Nice bandages,."

Shaft-Ra The Everliving says, "thanks.  you see, i got dumped in this
whirlpool and....."

Shaft-Ra The Everliving ponders black and pink bandages, with gold

Gabrielle asks, "Pimp-Mummy?"

Shaft-Ra The Everliving says, "hey man, if michael jackson can do it with

Dowager Queen Anthy says, "Cool."

Dowager Queen Anthy says, "Hmm, trying to think if I have anything I can
do with y'all before the otehrs arrive."

Shaft-Ra The Everliving says, "not really. not shaft anyway."

Shizumaru hrms.

Shaft-Ra The Everliving says, "he's conscious, he's moving, that sums it

Corrine asks, "Trying to retrieve Juri?"

Shizumaru says, "I'm with Nanami and Tsuwabuki. Not much to do there,

Shaft-Ra The Everliving asks, "shouldn't hiko be here for that?"

Shaft-Ra The Everliving says, "Juri, that is"

Dowager Queen Anthy says, "Yeah, as Rod said, we'd want Hiko for that."

Shizumaru says, "Yep."

Corrine says, "But it'd still need Hiko, yes... and the folks that were in
the room for the Miki Retrieval."

Dowager Queen Anthy says, "I'm not going to count on getting everyone

Shizumaru says, "Something that Shizu would want to do now that Trump
jamming's gone is to talk to Rimu, but again, he's with Nanami and Tsu,
and wouldn't know yet that Miki's back. :)"

Dowager Queen Anthy says, "Heh."

Shaft-Ra The Everliving asks, "who, er, is Tsu?"

Shizumaru says, "Tsuwabuki."

Dowager Queen Anthy says, "Tsuwabuki"

Shaft-Ra The Everliving says, "oh."

Shaft-Ra The Everliving says, "target #1 of the day."

Corrine asks, "Hm... where does this put us, game-time-wise?  Midday Day

Shizumaru says, "Sounds about right."

Shaft-Ra The Everliving asks, "outta curiosity, what was the reaction when
shaft suddenly ran outta the room?"

Juri of Avalon says, "OOC:  We could RP Juri telling Roderick that she's a
lesbian and was just teasing him, so he can go insane and team up with
Evil Horatio, and they can both have Night Train to Lorca as their theme.

Shaft-Ra The Everliving says, "RP with NPCS only, what a concept"

Shizumaru says, "Heh."

Corrine says, "Corrine was glad Shaft was going off to check on Misaki."

Shaft-Ra The Everliving says, "nono, before that.  just when shaft was
about to bludgeon Tsuwabuki into submission"

Corrine says, "Oh,  I must have missed that."

Shaft-Ra The Everliving says, "ran off and said 'I'm sure you can handle
this, brb'"

Shizumaru says, "Oh, that...hrm."

Shizumaru says, "We blinked at you leaving, wondered a bit, but continued
with...whatever it was we were doing at the time."

Corrine says, "Actually, I -did- miss that, sicne I need to supress a
Shadow Storm in the Infirmary."

Shaft-Ra The Everliving says, "i assume tsuwabuki was down for the count

Shizumaru says, "By then, yes."

Shaft-Ra The Everliving says, "good thing I didn't stick around and wallop
him into the ground...."

Corrine says, "Yeah, they got info out of him, which lead to nice
conversational threads."

Shizumaru says, "If you kept on beating him up, Nanami would have zapped
you one good."

Shaft-Ra The Everliving says, "veeeery likely"

Dowager Queen Anthy noddles.

Shizumaru thumbtwiddles.

Dowager Queen Anthy checks timeline.

Foxtrot has connected.

>> We have arrived, you may kiss my foot, now.

Shaft-Ra The Everliving says, "as an amusing asides... if one looks at the
logs.... juri asks shaft for a cigar, he says he's none left.... emergency
happens, everyone leaves... nagisa bemoans this, shaft hands him a cigar."

Shizumaru exclaims, "Yay!"

Shaft-Ra The Everliving says, "Oi, okay, let's get Juri back."

Shizumaru laughs.

Hiko the Firechilde OOCly  waves, tiredly.  "headache right  now.  Don't
piss Hiko off tonight."

Dowager Queen Anthy says, "We are currently mid-day on day 70"

Shizumaru hugs. o.o

Shaft says, "Illness getting worse? :("

Corrine OOCly says, "Coolness, what I figured. *hugs Trisha*"

Dowager Queen Anthy says, "Iya, I know how much that sucks."

Dowager Queen Anthy cracks knuckles.  Okay.

Juri of Avalon says, "OOC:  Juri noticed that, actually, Shaft.  :)"

Shaft asks, "is it just a headache are are you getting worse in general?"

Shizumaru OOCly says, "Now, Juri's gonna murder Shaft in his sleep."

Shaft says, "OOCly she did not! O.o"

Juri of Avalon says, "OOC:  Why do you think she was just a little slow in
grabbing for him?  :)"

Juri of Avalon says, "OOC:  Yes, she did.  She just didn't say anything.

Shizumaru OOCly says, "Or break down, just as if her mother promised her
to give her a puppy, then didn't give her a puppy. Only with a cigar, this

Shaft says, "ah, well, more people to trample on"

Hiko the Firechilde OOCLY says,  "Just a headache."

Shaft says, "thank goodness for tha"

Shaft says, "t"

Hiko the Firechilde OOCLY says,  "Again, will be leaving 'round eleven

Hiko the Firechilde OOCLY says,  "And taking TWO Tylenol PMs."

Shaft says, "which is.... 1am our time."

Shizumaru OOCly nods.

Shaft says, "and 2am shizzy s time"

Shizumaru OOCly says, "Oh, Trish, you know what happened last night?"

Dowager Queen Anthy says, "I think Phil sent log."

Corrine OOCly says, "Sent to her keep addy, yes."

Dowager Queen Anthy says, "OOC Okay, let's get going."

Shizumaru OOCly nods.

*** Shizumaru goes IC. ***

*** Aerianne goes IC. ***

*** Rod goes IC. ***

Hiko the Firechilde OOCLY says,  "He did.  I'm going to scan the log so
I'll be fairly quiet."


Shizumaru is still in the breakfast room, guarding over Nanami and

Shaft is missing.

Juri of Avalon is still in the group hug, presumably.

Corrine is still down in the Conservatory/Balcony, looking over people
after the recovery of Miki and about ready to trump her sister.

Gabrielle is 'woo-hoo'ing over her newfound Mad Music Skeelz.

Silence returns as the waters clear out and servants come in to clear away
the rubble.

Various folk lie around exhausted.

Corrine asks, "So then." She quirks a slight smile.  "Shall we try and get
my sister and Shaft back, then have some lunch?"

Miki says, "I'm going to need a nap soon, I think."

He looks fairly wasted.

Funaho says, "No time like the present."

Corrine says, "You've earned it, Miki.  Prolly should have a brain check
too, and once you're rested and nourished, a Pattern walk on top of it."

Juri of Avalon smiles at Miki, looking pretty wasted herself.

Corrine nods.  "Cover me, Funaho.  Juuust in case."

Corrine pulls out her trump of her sister.

Foxtrot has disconnected.
>> Byeeee!  It was really fun!
Shaft says, "OOCly _doh_"
Shizumaru OOCly headscratches. Well, she did say she wasn't going to be
doing too much right away. We can continue and fill her in once she comes
back. Shaft says, "OOCly maaa... but this is Juri, hiko's mom....."
Dowager Queen Anthy says, "OOC Doh." Shizumaru OOCly says, "...ack,
right." Dowager Queen Anthy says, "OOC we'd best wait a minute for her."
Corrine OOCly says, "And Corrine's blood-sister." Dowager Queen Anthy
says, "OOC For that bit, anyway"

Madoka says to Juri and Kozue, "Thank you very much.  I can't possibly
thank you enough."

Kozue just continues to quietly sob onto Miki's chest.

Foxtrot has connected.
>> We have arrived, you may kiss my foot, now.
Shaft says, "OOCLy wb :)"
Shizumaru OOCly says, "Whew. Welcome back, Trish. :)"
Corrine OOCly says, "Boingie?"
Hiko the Firechilde OOCLY says,  "Boingy."
Shaft says, "OOCly okay, now we can trump juri"

Juri of Avalon gently strokes her hand through Kozue's hair and smiles at
Madoka.  "I'm just relieved it worked."

Corrine nods, and picks up her card of sis, and concentrates on it, makign
sure once more that her DemiJewel access is tapped...

Kozue relaxes at the gentle touch.

You focus.  The card is cold, as if Juri was dead or somehow trump

Corrine blinks.

Corrine tries to focus harder, her eyes narrowing, trying to break the
blockage, a sick feeling developing in her stomach....

Corrine says, "....gabrielle... try to reach sis...."

Miki sags, and Madoka says, "Can you all help me take Miki to lie down?"

Gabrielle blinks. "Okay. Hand me that card."

Corrine stops focussing for the moment, and hands it to Gabrielle, her
expression worried.

Juri of Avalon nods and stands up, supporting Miki.

Gabrielle stares at the card, a thin rope of fire extending frm her head
to one of it's corners.

Corrine watches, gnawing her lip.

Hiko the Firechilde stands, alone, not wanting to hear what will be said.

Gabrielle keeps staring at the card, trying to activate it.

Juri of Avalon glances to Corrine and Gabrielle as she helps bear Miki up.

Gabrielle sighs, and hands it back to Corrine. "Dead card."

Gabrielle says, "Either that ro someone amazingly good is blocking it."

Kozue, Madoka, and Juri help Miki stumble towards the door.  Kozue turns
and says faintly, "It looked to me like the whirlpool caught her...but she
disappeared so suddenly, I can't be sure."

Juri of Avalon closes her eyes at Gabrielle's words.

Corrine winces, closing her eyes. "Dammit." She then looks up again.
"Touga we thought was lost.  -GIL-GALAD- we thought was lost.  But yet,
they live and breathe and walk.  I can't... -won't- say she's gone until I
hear otherwise."

Hiko the Firechilde says, "Dead."

Hiko the Firechilde bows her head.

Corrine says, "-No-."

Hiko the Firechilde turns away abruptly and walks out the door.

Kozue sighs, watching her go.

Corrine clenches her fists at her sides.  Then sees Hiko heading out the
door, and heads after her, quickly.

Foxtrot stops prodding inn--- guilty authors and says, "Gimme a chance to
catch up before I come back in... I'm still reading logs." (to you) You
page, "Ah, so ka." to Foxtrot.

You page, "wanna place bets she's been captured by the outsiders? |P" to
Shizumaru. Shizumaru pages, "Whee." to you. Shizumaru pages, "Might be
corrupt or something." to you. You page, "Blech. :P *sigh* Argh." to
Shizumaru. Shizumaru pages, "Whoops, that was a mispage. n.n;" to you. You
page, "Eheh." to Shizumaru. You page, "Waiting for TRisha to catch up
logwise...." to Akemi.

Juri of Avalon sighs almost in unison with Kozue.  "Let's get Miki
somewhere where he can rest."

Juri and company head off with Miki.  Corrine can easily chase down Hiko.


Shizumaru OOCly says, "Stuff being done via page, presently? o.o;"
Juri of Avalon says, "OOC:  Guess so."
Dowager Queen Anthy says, "OOC Trish wants to read the log before
continuing, so I think I'll work with Shiz while I wait for that."

You page, "waiting for Trisha to catch up. ^_^;" to Shizumaru.
Shizumaru pages, "Ah." to you.

Back at the meeting room, Shiz has been waiting quite a while as faint
strains of music drift down the hallway

Nanami has moved Tsuwabuki up onto the table.

Shizumaru kneels in front of Nanami and Tsuwabuki, looking worried.
Especially when he saw a small wave of water wash past in the hallway.

That's when you start hearing storm noises...inside the castle?

Shizumaru OOCly says, "Oh. n.n;"
Shizumaru OOCly says, "Strike that, then."

Nanami says, "Was that a crack of thunder?"

Shizumaru frowns, and walks toward he door, looking out. "I...I believe
so, Aunt Nanami."

Water begins to pour out of the conservatory, down the hallway.

Shizumaru shakes his head, and walks back, facing the doorway. He watches
the water flow past, bemusedly. "Something seems to be happening up
there." Champion of the obvious.

Nanami says, "Please do something about the water.  I paid good money for
these shoes."

Shizumaru blinks, and nods. Carpet on the floor?

There is carpet.

Shizumaru slices up a section of carpeting with his sword, rolls it up,
and uses it as a dam of sorts against the water.

This helps.  After a while, the musical storm rises to a crescendo, and in
the distance you hear Utena, Tylor, and Vash yelling and making falling
noises, as if perhaps they were being washed down a staircase.

Shizumaru sweatdrops, but does not move to leave the room.

Finally, the water stops flowing, and the music and the shouting fall

TimeRunner has connected.
>> TimeRunner's Analogue suddenly comes to life.
Shizumaru OOCly says, "Woohoo! Now where's the other islandboy?"
Mikage says, "OOC Hiya. I'll contact him."
Shizumaru OOCly says, "Thanks."

Nanami turns to Shizumaru.  "Can you help me carry him?"

Nanami seems very subdued.

Mikage asks, "OOC Is she talking about Tsuwabuki?"

"Certainly." Shizumaru moves to pick up Tsuwabuki.

Foxtrot stops prodding inn--- guilty authors and says, "Did Corrine wash
down the hallway?" (to you and Akemi) You page, "No... this was after
things had flushed." to Foxtrot.

Shizumaru OOCly says, "Yep. John's running me back in the breakfast room
with those two, to account for me not being there for yesterday's bit."
Hiko the Firechilde OOCLY says,  "Done reading... geez... where's Shaft?
<giggles>" Shizumaru OOCly says, "Shafted, of course."

You page, "So next folks would see would be Hiko running out, then Corrine
after." to Foxtrot. Foxtrot stops prodding inn--- guilty authors and says,
"I mean just now..." (to you and Akemi)

Mikage says, "OOC Ah, you read what happened when you'd gone. Poor
Shaft... ^^;" Shaft says, "OOCLy ICIly everyone's far too busy being
emotionallly overwhelmed :P"

Nanami and Shizumaru begin hauling Tsuwabuki down the hallway.

You page, "No, I don't think Corrine just washed down the Hallway." to
Akemi and Foxtrot.

You head down the hallway, then up the stairs to the living quarters, then
haul Tsuwabuki down to one of the rooms.  Nanami unlocks the door with a
glare, and you haul Tsuwabuki in.

You pass through the living room, into the bedroom, where she gently lays
Tsuwabuki down on the bed.

She turns to you and says, "Thank you, Shizumaru."

Shizumaru stands back, and bows. "It is the least I could do for you and
him, after my failures before."

Hiko the Firechilde OOCLY says,  "Whoo hoo!  Way to go Shiz!  This is all
you, yes, it was your fault... <giggles madly, not looking at Nanami...>"

Nanami shakes her head.  "You did your best to rescue him.  Hiko, on the
other hand, I'm going to see ripped apart and eaten by dogs if it's the
last thing I do after she abandoned the two of you to die."

Shizumaru OOCly whistles idly.
Hiko the Firechilde OOCly  skulks off into a corner... "Ah hee hee..."

She gently strokes Tsu's hair with one hand.  "My poor Tsu," she whispers.
 "I'll take away your pain."

Shizumaru closes his eyes and nods. " not judge Hiko so
harshly. The powers in the Keep were far past our abilities. And I too had
considered the notion of leaving Tsuwabuki behind, to escape with my own
skin intact."

Shizumaru bows once more. "By your leave, Aunt." And then he moves toward
the door.

"But the difference is that she gave in to temptation and you did not."
She sighs.  "I will see you later.  Good day, nephew."

Shizumaru pauses at the door, looking troubled, but decides not to say
anything further. He departs, and heads back toward the breakfast room,

For just a moment, you hear Nanami crying as you leave.  Where to now?

Shizumaru OOCly points to his pose.
Dowager Queen Anthy says, "OOC Doh, brain damage."
Shizumaru OOCly beams.

The breakfast room is empty when you arrive.

Upon reaching the room, Shizumaru slows slightly. He frowns. "The storm seems to be all right now." Best get an update, and he doesn't
know the way to the conservatory from here. He fishes around in his trump
deck, and comes up with...Shaft's. Attempts to trump.

Shizumaru OOCly says, "Do I reach Shaft?"
Dowager Queen Anthy says, "OOC Hold just a second."
Shizumaru OOCly says, "Gotcha."


Akemi pages, "The water level has dropped, so it's safe to go down the
hallway" to you and Foxtrot.

You page, "[Corrine, naturally, follows Hiko.]" to Akemi and Foxtrot.

Foxtrot stops prodding inn--- guilty authors and says, "She turns to
Corrine.  "She was there... within our grasp."" (to you and Akemi)

You page, "[Corrine blinks.  "When the Cow was sent to get her?"]" to
Akemi and Foxtrot.

Foxtrot stops prodding inn--- guilty authors and says, "Yes.... she was
there, in that same shadow." (to you and Akemi)

You page, "(recall Corrine left the room in the middle of the first
attempt... *wry look*)" to Akemi and Foxtrot.

Foxtrot stops prodding inn--- guilty authors and says, "The cow told me
she was there, in the Whirlpool." (to you and Akemi)

Foxtrot stops prodding inn--- guilty authors and says, "Stuck in it, going
'round and 'round... we need to go back and get her and Ota." (to you and

You page, "[Corrine blinks.  "Kozue was saying that the whirlpool was
-Rebma-, Hiko.... or where it was.... and Miki was saying something about
Leviathan..."]" to Akemi and Foxtrot.

Foxtrot stops prodding inn--- guilty authors and says, "The Great One.  It
has her, I know it does.  If not, it has her body." (to you and Akemi)

You page, "[Corrine pales.  "... oh no...."]" to Akemi and Foxtrot.

You page, "[Corrine] perhaps... perhaps gabrielle can help us reach her,
musically... and Shaft... there was a lullaby she adored when she was
young...." to Akemi and Foxtrot.

Foxtrot stops prodding inn--- guilty authors and says, "And right now...."
 She shudders.  "Rescuing Prince Ota is more of a priority.  He holds one
of the keys to closing the Gate"" (to you and Akemi)

You page, "[Corrine] ... um.. he doesn't." to Akemi and Foxtrot.

Foxtrot stops prodding inn--- guilty authors and says, "He will GET IT
BACK!" (to you and Akemi)

You page, "[Corrine] Somehow, between his travels between his new flawed
pattern and here, his flawed demijewel and Justice were swapped for
duplicates---agh!" to Akemi and Foxtrot.

Foxtrot stops prodding inn--- guilty authors and says, "A lick of flame
dances along one hand.  "We WILL get him, and we WILL get Mother, and we
will STOP that bastard, and I WILL make amends with Nanami-san."" (to you
and Akemi)

Foxtrot stops prodding inn--- guilty authors and says, "You witnessed it.
I swore on my unborn child that he would not be harmed." (to you and

You page, "[Corrine stares at Hiko's flame for a moment, and then nods,
curtly.  "Yes.  We shall, and we will."]" to Akemi and Foxtrot.

Foxtrot stops prodding inn--- guilty authors and says, "The flame dances
higher.  "You will bear witness with me.  Come."  The flame abruptly dies
out and she calls for a servant to take her to where they last saw
Nanami." (to you and Akemi)

You page, "[Corrine nods, and follows, trying to figure where they saw
Nanami last.]" to Akemi and Foxtrot.

Akemi pages, "The servant blushes.  "I saw Princess Nanami..."  She gulps.
 "She's in her room."" to you and Foxtrot.

Foxtrot stops prodding inn--- guilty authors and says, ""Take us to her.""
(to you and Akemi)

Akemi pages, "The servant pales a little.  "You sure of that?"" to you and

Foxtrot stops prodding inn--- guilty authors and says, "I am sure... why
does everyone keep asking me that when I wish to seek her out?" (to you
and Akemi)

You page, "[Corrine] Yes, we are sure.  Best to get it over with now, and
quickly." to Akemi and Foxtrot.

Akemi pages, ""She's in her room, with a man," the servant says." to you
and Foxtrot.

Foxtrot stops prodding inn--- guilty authors and says, "Tsuwabuki-san?"
(to you and Akemi)

You page, "[Corrine] Hrm.  Tsuwabuki, most likely." to Akemi and Foxtrot.

Akemi pages, "The servant nods.  "Yes, ma'am."" to you and Foxtrot.

Foxtrot lowers the cattle prod gingerly and searches for a piece of paper
to write things on. (to you and Akemi)

Foxtrot stops prodding inn--- guilty authors and says, "Do you have any
paper, Corrine?" (to you and Akemi)

You page, "[Corrine pulls out a sheet of paper from her small trump
sketchbook.  "I have pens and pencils if you need them, too."]" to Akemi
and Foxtrot.

Foxtrot lowers the cattle prod gingerly and takes one of the pencils and
writes. (to you and Akemi)

You page, "[Corrine patiently waits.]" to Akemi and Foxtrot.

Foxtrot lowers the cattle prod gingerly and folds up the paper and gives
it to the servant, writing Nanami's name on the outside.  "Give this to
her, and tell her she can reach Corrine by trump when she needs us." (to
you and Akemi)

Foxtrot stops prodding inn--- guilty authors and says, "I... need to talk
to the Green Knight for a bit.  Could you leave me alone for a while?" (to
you and Akemi)

You page, "[Corrine considers, and nods.  "As you wish, Hiko.  You'll know
where to find me."]" to Akemi and Foxtrot.

Foxtrot stops prodding inn--- guilty authors and says, ""Where will you
be?"" (to you and Akemi)

Hiko the Firechilde OOCLY says,  "Question... Miki getting his brain
scrubbed atm?" Dowager Queen Anthy says, "OOC You don't know where Miki

You page, "[Corrine] Most likely with Juri of Avalon, to check up on Miki
and then figuring out our next move.  Trump me when you're ready." to
Akemi and Foxtrot.

Foxtrot stops prodding inn--- guilty authors and says, "I will." (to you
and Akemi)

Foxtrot stops prodding inn--- guilty authors and says, "She walks off,
towards her quarters." (to you and Akemi)

You page, "[Corrine watches Hiko walk away, sighs, and heads off to find
Juri of Avalon, looking grim.]" to Akemi and Foxtrot.


Akemi pages, "Where do you look for Juri?" to you.

You page, "Looking for her in the vicinity of Miki's quarters, first." to

Akemi pages, "Corrine hears the sound of women telling stories in Miki's
room." to you and Kima.

You page, "[Corrine politely knocks.  "Hello?"]" to Akemi and Kima.

Kima pages, "<Juri> 'Okay, so then Miki got all embarassed, and said,
'Sempai, sometimes a foil is just a foil!', and--Corrine?  Is that you?'"
to you and Akemi.

You page, "[Corrine] ... yeah... it's me.  *she sounds... muted.  and not
by the thickness of the door*" to Akemi and Kima.

Kima pages, "<Juri> 'Come in.'" to you and Akemi.

You page, "[Corrine enters, and looks like she's aged years in the past
few days, finally allowing it to show.  She does manage a smile, though.
"How's Miki?"]" to Akemi and Kima.

Kima pages, "[Juri stands up from the table she's seated at with Kozue and
Madoka.  They have several open bottles of wine between them.]  'Sleeping
it off.  How are you holding up?  Any luck with your sister?'" to you and

You page, "[Corrine sighs.  "I... don't know.  Hiko... thinks she may be
in the hands of the Outsiders, now."  She shudders a bit, looking ill.
"We couldn't break through normally... perhaps what we did to recover Miki
will help with retreiving sis.... good unicorn and pyricorn I hope..."]"
to Akemi and Kima.

You page, "[Corrine looks for a place to sit, pulling up her knees to her
chest so her feet's on the edge of the chair.]" to Akemi and Kima.

Kima pages, "[Juri puts her arm around Corrine.  "We'll get her back," she
says softly.  "Kozue, pour Corrine something to drink?  I think she could
use it."]" to you.

Akemi pages, "Shaft AND Shiz are trumping you.  Who do you take?" to you.

You page, "[Corrine looks about to respond, and then BLINKS.]" to Akemi
and Kima.

You page, "Well, shiz is likely still alive and in the castle, so Shaft."
to Akemi.

Akemi pages, "Okay, you are in Trump Contact" to you and Rod.


Shizumaru shakes his head, and puts the trump away. He blinks. Then he
draws out another trump...Rimururu's. And tries it.

It works.  She answers.  "Hello, Shizumaru."  She smiles at you, but you
notice she's sweating.

Shizumaru smiles broadly, then looks a bit worried. "Rimururu? Is
something wrong?"

She says, "We're having very strange weather."  Taking out a cloth, she
dries her brow.  "It's just so incredibly hot."

Shizumaru nods slowly. "I think I know why...the Water Pattern has
disappeared, and there is an extra Fire Pattern now." He sighs. "We will
set things right--I know it." Then he smiles again. "Guess what? We have
rescued Tsuwabuki-dono, and...I think, since this trump connection is
working now, I think Uncle Miki is all right." He looks a little uncertain
at that, but is hopeful.

Rimururu looks worried.  "The water pattern is gone?"

Shizumaru looks a bit glum. "Yes. We are not sure what happened,
but...Rebma, and everything in it has disappeared. We may try to draw
another water pattern to counter the effects."

Rimururu begins to pace, her ice crystal sluggishly bouncing along after
her.  "How soon?" she asks, sounding very worried.

Shizumaru shakes his head. "I do not know. Within the next day or so, I
hope." He sighs, reluctantly. "I am afraid I do not have much time...much
more has happened, things I want to tell you about, but I need to go find
the others."

She nods.  "I must look to protecting Frostspire."  Her voice shudders,
and her body sags.  "He is beginning to melt."

Shizumaru looks pained. "I will do my best to hurry things here." He
hesitates, then leans forward, and kisses her on the forehead, through the
trump contact. "I miss you, Rimururu. I will call you again as soon as I
hear more news."

She smiles brightly.  "Thank you, Shizumaru.  I miss you every day.
Please, I beg of you, let me know as soon as you can."

Shizumaru nods. "I understand how you feel...the power of Wood, and Arden,
are also threatened. Take care, Rimururu...I love you. I will see you

Shizumaru reluctantly closes the contact, then pulls out another card,

Shizumaru frowns, and puts this card away. "Not answering...I wonder what
is happening."

Shizumaru hmms, and on a hunch, pulls out a trump to the Infirmary.

Dowager Queen Anthy says, "OOC The infirmary is not in a standard deck."
Shizumaru OOCly says, "D'oh."

Shizumaru walks to the Infirmary, then.

Shizumaru runs, rather.

Okay, will tell you when you get there.

Shizumaru OOCly says, "Cool, they are there. :)"

You run into the infirmary.  Go to Arden

Shizumaru has left.


You page, "[Corrine] Shaft?  Where are you?" to Akemi and Rod.

Kima pages, "[Juri frowns.  "Corrine?"]" to you and Akemi.

You page, "[Corrine appears to be in Trump Contact with Someone....]" to
Akemi and Kima.

Rod pages, "Shaft smiles grimly, you can see a smear of blood on his lip
and under his nose. "Auntie Corrine, hey, I'd yell at y'all for leavin' my
ass to hang, but apparently Juri's ass is still hangin' and I might be
able to do something about it.  Got any mages that're good with flight
spells that you can spare?  Get'em here fast 'cos I ain't wasting time.""
to you and Akemi.

Rod pages, "Shaft thumbs behind him, where you can see he's on a boat with
a full crew, heading towards the whirlpool" to you and Akemi.

You page, "[Corrine stares. "Juri's still alive?!  DAmmit, to get them
I'll have to call back, where are you location-wise??"  Corrine also racks
her brains for any of her mages that are good with Flight Spells.]" to
Akemi and Rod.

Rod pages, ""NO I dont' know if she's still alive, but if she's unconscios
you ain't gettin'er with a trump, huh?  And who's here to search for her
if she's floatin' in the water? ME!"" to you.

You page, "[Corrine's body language indicates that whatever she's talking
about, it's importaitn...]" to Akemi and Kima.

Rod pages, ""OOC forgot to bounce to john" to you and Akemi.

Rod pages, ""NO I don't know if she's still alive, but if she's
unconscious you ain't gettin'er with a trump, huh?  And who's here to
search for her if she's floatin' in the water? ME!"" to you and Akemi.

You page, "[Corrine would facepalm, but mind's going to overrev again.
"-Shit!-  Of course!  Right, I'll try to link Gabrielle into this to
Relay..." She draws on the Manifestation.  "Gabrielle!!"]" to Akemi and

Rod pages, ""I'm off the waters'a Arden, where Juri went down! "" to you
and Akemi.

Mercutio pages, "Hey Phil, you in Arden?" to you.
You page, "No, I'm in a trump convo with Shaft who's in the waters off
Arden where Juri went down." to Mercutio.

Akemi pages, "Gabby, you're being patched into a trump link of Shaft and
Corrine" to you, Mercutio and Rod.

You page, "Any mages Corrine knows that are good with Flight Spells?  For
some reason I'm thinking 'Lady Minako', aka Sailor Venus... ;)" to Akemi.
Akemi pages, "Heh, sounds good." to you. You page, "(military type, part
of the trained bands of Ember, etc.  Similar rank/tude to Keiko, but you
can play her.)" to Akemi. In a page-pose to you, Akemi nods

Mercutio pages, "[Gabrielle} "Hey, Mom, what did you.... oh, hey Shaft.
You're alive! And very wet."" to you, Akemi and Rod.

You page, "[Corrine] Gabrielle!  Contact Lady Minako, and trump her down
to shaft's position!  He thinks he can recover sis!" to Akemi, Mercutio
and Rod.

Mercutio pages, "Minako is one of the EMber crew?" to you.
You page, "*nod* One of the Mages in the Ember City watch/Trained bands.
Think equivelent to Keiko in Amber, but with a Flight Spell increased
knowledge.  Ie', she's Sailor Venus, but hey. :)" to Mercutio.

Rod pages, "Ladies... i need someone to be ready t'take on 60 sailors via
trump... when the boat gets close enough, I'm havin'em abandon ship." to
you, Akemi and Mercutio.

Mercutio pages, "[Gabrielle] Eh? Sure. Gimme a sec, all this multi-tasking
is eating my bandwidth like nobodies business." to you, Akemi and Rod.

Rod pages, "An'tell Kozue we'd better DAMN be even since I saved her damn
fleet's asses." to you, Akemi and Mercutio.

You page, "[Corrine] Gabrielle, that'd be your bailwick. *she nods* We'll
try to lighten the load soon enough." to Akemi, Mercutio and Rod.

You page, "[Corrine] ... I will, Shaft." to Akemi, Mercutio and Rod.

You page, "[Corrine] . o O (Good thing I'm in the same room...)" to Akemi,
Mercutio and Rod.

Mercutio pages, "[Gabrielle] Shaft, are you TRYING to get me killed?" to
you, Akemi and Rod.

Rod pages, "[Shaft]  Hey!  Who brought Gil-Galad back?!" to you, Akemi and

Rod pages, "[Shaft]  Who brought hypnotized Wakaba back?!" to you, Akemi
and Mercutio.

Mercutio pages, "[Gabrielle] If we try to Trump Gate to your positions,
Shadow Storms will backlash through the connection." to you, Akemi and

You page, "[Corrine] Hell!  Shaft, can you get a fire going on deck?
Gabrielle can use that as a focus!" to Akemi, Mercutio and Rod.

Rod pages, ""[Shaft] Who's the man, dammit!  I'm gettin' this shit done!
A fire?  RIGHT!" to you, Akemi and Mercutio.

Akemi pages, "Starting a fire in howling rain is going to be hard." to
you, Mercutio and Rod.

Rod pages, "OOCly can I start a fire inthe lower decks?" to you, Akemi and

You page, "[Corrine] Arrrgh... *starts racking her brains for any way she
can help for -this-....*" to Akemi, Mercutio and Rod.

Akemi pages, "Good idea.  Yes, you can." to you, Mercutio and Rod.

Rod pages, "Shaft heads to the lower decks and scrounges materials to
light a torch" to you, Akemi and Mercutio.

Akemi pages, "Okay, wit the torch, Merc can shunt Minako through." to you,
Mercutio and Rod.

Mercutio pages, "[Gabrielle] A torch'll work for Minako, shaft, but if you
want a gate big enough to evacuate your ship, you'll have to blow it up
first."" to you, Akemi and Rod.

Akemi pages, "Minako, a blonde sorceress in revealing garb looks at Ota
assessingly and purrs.  "You're handsome," she says." to you, Mercutio and

In a page-pose to you, Akemi and Mercutio, Rod takes  a moment to
appreciate Minako, then shakes his head.  "Sorry, baby, business before
pleasure.  Can you get some big magical fire thing started in here?  An' I
don't mean burnin' love...."

Rod pages, "aheh, sub Shaft for Rod n.n;;;;" to you, Akemi and Mercutio.

Akemi pages, "Minako says, "How big a fire are we talking?"" to you,
Mercutio and Rod.

Rod pages, "Hey, Gabby, how big a fire?" to you, Akemi and Mercutio.

You page, "(is Corrine still in this contact?)" to Akemi, Mercutio and

Mercutio pages, "[Gabrielle] Shaft, you'd have to set most of your SHIP on
fire." to you, Akemi and Rod.

You page, "[Corrine... is still in that trump contact.  She doesn't seme
enthralled or enspelled or antyhing, though....]" to Akemi and Kima.

Rod pages, "I have to WHAT? Damn!  FINE!" to you, Akemi and Mercutio.

Akemi pages, "Minako blinks.  "You want me to set the ship on fire?"" to
you, Mercutio and Rod.

Mercutio pages, "I knew he'd try that. >.<" to you.

You page, "OOC: How doing? *wl*" to Foxtrot.
Foxtrot stops prodding inn--- guilty authors and says, "Things go well...
it's the first kid the Green Knight's ever had, btw.  <wl>" (to you)
Foxtrot stops prodding inn--- guilty authors and says, "He didn't think it
was ever possible." (to you) You page, "Oh my. *wry look* Well, I'll
admit, Hiko's pregnancy gives good chances for Corrine once she ends up
preggers as well." to Foxtrot.

Rod pages, "Shaft scowls, shakes his head, then says, "Minako, baby, put
flight spells on us, then light this thing up."" to you, Akemi and

You page, "[Corrine]  WHat about recovering Juri?" to Akemi, Mercutio and

Rod pages, "Shaft says, "Hey, hey, we're still headin' for the whirlpook,
aight?  Jeez..."" to you, Akemi and Mercutio.

You page, "[Corrine chuckles a bit, and manages a smile.  "Just checking,
Shaft.  Tell you what, when you get back, your choice of liquor, on me.  I
promise."]" to Akemi, Mercutio and Rod.

Akemi pages, ""Minako says, "Right.  One flaming ship coming right up.""
to you, Mercutio and Rod.

You page, "[Corrine chuckles a bit, and manages a smile at something,
still doing the call.]" to Akemi and Kima.

Akemi pages, "She starts casting a spell." to you, Mercutio and Rod.

Rod pages, "Shaft says to Corrine, "Here's the plan: we set fire to the
boat, abandon ship, FLY  over the waters and see what's up, and if needs
be, Minako casts an air bubble around me and I go follow the whirlpool
down.  Okay? Alright? Any objections?"" to you, Akemi and Mercutio.

Mercutio pages, "[Gabrielle] Besides the fact that you all might drown
before I pull you through?" to you, Akemi and Rod.

You page, "[Corrine blinks.  "Be careful, Shaft!  There's an Outsider at
the bottom of the whirlpool!  We can't lose you, too!"]" to Akemi,
Mercutio and Rod.

Rod pages, "Shaft shrugs.  "Heyhey, worse comes to worse, I trump you
while my ass is in an air bubble 20,000 leagues under the sea, and then
I'm home!" to you, Akemi and Mercutio.

You page, "Do -you- have as much misgivings at this as I do, Merc? *wry
look*" to Mercutio.

FASTER, I WOULDN'T BE IN THIS SHIT!"" to you, Akemi and Mercutio.

You page, "(though, if he pulls it off... hey, anything to work off the
Bad Stuff...)" to Mercutio.

Mercutio pages, "More." to you.

Rod pages, "Shaft says to Minako, "C'mon, baby, you got 60 sailors waitin'
for you to light their fire, step it up."" to you, Akemi and Mercutio.

Akemi pages, "Minako nods and shouts, "DRAGON SLAVE!"  The entire boat
turns into a huge blazing death trap.  Better work quick, Gabby" to you,
Mercutio and Rod.

You page, "[Corrine's expression goes blank.  "The trumping was being
blocked at the time, Shaft.  But that is in the pas---"]" to Akemi,
Mercutio and Rod.

Rod pages, "OOCly okay john, tell me I've got the flight spell on" to you,
Akemi and Mercutio.

You page, "[Corrine STARES at something in the trump contact.]" to Akemi
and Kima.

Mercutio pages, "Gabby starts dumping sailors rather unceremoniously into
the water just off one of the docks in AMberport." to you, Akemi and Rod.

Akemi pages, "Minako and Shaft soar into the air from the burning ship."
to you, Mercutio and Rod.

Akemi pages, "Winds immediately begin to buffet you about." to you,
Mercutio and Rod.

Akemi pages, "You need to drop the contact to Corrine and Gabby in order
to concentrate on flying" to you, Mercutio and Rod.

Rod pages, "Shaft circles over the whirlpool's edge, searching for any
sight of Juri.  He thumbs Juri's trump card in his hand." to you, Akemi
and Mercutio.

Mercutio pages, "[Gabrielle] Shaft, I need to let you go, I don't have the
band- *click*" to you, Akemi and Rod.

You page, "(assume Corrine blips out as well?)" to Akemi, Mercutio and

Akemi pages, "Yes, Trump's connection to you goes 'click'" to you,
Mercutio and Rod.

Rod pages, "Shaft tries to see if he can trump Juri from his position" to
you, Akemi and Mercutio.


Mikage heads to the conservatory.  It is mostly empty except for servants
doing construction work and repairs at Makoto's direction.

Mikage asks, "Makoto. Where did everyone go?"

Prince Makoto says, "OOC Foxtrot, go to Arden.  "
Foxtrot has left.

Prince Makoto says, "I think they all went to take naps.  "

Prince Makoto says, "Leaving me to fix everything, as usual."

Prince Makoto sighs.  "What a hideous mess."

Mikage says, "My apologies. It was necessary in order to rescue Prince
Miki and to remove the Trump jamming."

Mikage says, "OOC, Oooh, I like this... verbal fencing. This has
'dangerous undertone' written all over it. ^^;"

Mikage says, "OOC Wow, there's a site with videos of the black rose

Mikage says, "He was Tokiko's brother... or so I've been told. I suspect
every memory I have before I met Annadil, and many of those that come

Anthy says, "I do not blame you.  My brother's will is strong beyond
measure, and many a mind he has bent to his games."


You page, "[Corrine starts, gasping as the trump connection closes.]" to
Akemi and Kima.

Kima pages, "["Corrine?"]" to you and Akemi.

You page, "[Corrine] ... good unicorn does that boy have balls... *she
stares a bit at the space on the floor in front of her.*" to Akemi and

Kima pages, "["Corrine?" Juri asks again.]" to you and Akemi.

Autolyca has connected.
Autolyca exclaims, "OOC Howdy!"
Mikage says, "OOC Hiya."
Prince Makoto exclaims, "OOC Howdy!"
Prince Makoto says, "OOC I'm juggling like a MAD MAN! HAHAHAHAHA"

You page, "[Corrine then looks up. "Shaft... was on the ship.  Kozue's
ship.  WAs in contact with him and Gabrielle.... he's looking for a way to
drag sis out if she's unconcious.  Gabrielle gated one of my mages there
to help with flight, and Gabrielle gated Kozue's sailors back here,
somewhere... probably in Amberport...."]" to Akemi and Kima.

Shaft says, "OOCly yes, we're all in diferent scenes :)"
Corrine OOCly says, "John is MULTITASKING MAN!"
Autolyca OOC I'd say poor John, but he probably set himself up for it.

You page, "Oh, and the Green Knight is ready to have a background now.
^_^" to Foxtrot.

Kima pages, "[Juri just shakes her head.  "Now he's reminding me of his
mother.  That's exactly the sort of thing she'd do."]" to you and Akemi.

You page, "[Corrine blinks at that, and hehs.  "You've... got a point
there." She smiles, slightly, and then sags.  "But what else can we do?"]"
to Akemi and Kima.

You page, "(gomen. missent page.  Argh. -fapcepalm-)" to Akemi and Kima.
You page, "(gomen. missent page.  Argh. -fapcepalm-)" to Foxtrot.

You page, "OOC How doing? *wl*" to Shizumaru.
Shizumaru pages, "It's going okay. :)" to you.
You page, "Heh. *idly waits in the response queue...*" to Shizumaru.

Akemi pages, "So what are you two doing right now?" to you and Kima.

Kima pages, "Well, Juri will more or less go with Corrine, now that it
looks like Madoka and Kozue aren't going to strangle each other." to you
and Akemi.

You page, "Presumably, we were talking... though I think if things are
calmed a bit, best to check on Misaki, etc." to Akemi and Kima.

You page, "Since corrine's waiting on trump calls for Shaft and Hiko,
etc." to Akemi and Kima.

You page, "And if Corrine doesn't do -something-, she's gonna go batty.
*wl*" to Akemi and Kima.

Akemi pages, "Okay.  You two head down to the infirmary.  Misaki is
asleep, Wasyuu is in her lab, Gil-Galad and Utena are talking while Tylor
and Vash sleep." to you and Kima.

You page, "[Corrine nods a bit at the sight, and smiles slightly.  "Hey
there, Utena, Gil... everything copacetic down here?"]" to Akemi and Kima.

Akemi pages, "Gil-Galad looks at Corrine.  "Copa what?"" to you and Kima.

You page, "[Corrine's smile quirks upwards more.  "Copacetic.  It means if
everything is all right down here."]" to Akemi and Kima.

Akemi pages, "Utena says, "Wasyuu says Gil-Galad and I are Mikage's
parents.  We're trying to see how this could be possible."" to you and

Kima pages, "[Juri says, quietly, 'Maybe you were both really, really
drunk?'" to you and Akemi.

You page, "[Corrine hrms.  "Well... if Annadil was involved in all this,
then perhaps he seduced you on one form, then seduced Gil in another...
but I don't see how he could keep Egg and Sperm viable for -that- long..."
She glances at JuriAv, and eyerolls.  She murmurs under her breath,
"Juuurrrii...."]" to Akemi and Kima.

You page, "[Corrine] He seems to like doing that a lot, I think. *she
frowns* For all I know, he would have needed just -one- night as John
Shaft to sleep with you to get you to conceive Ota... *she taps her
chin.*" to Akemi and Kima.

Akemi pages, "Gil-Galad says, "Well, I was certainly....used...enough
times."  He pales." to you and Kima.

You page, "[Corrine sighs, and hugs Gil-Galad.  *q* "damn."]" to Akemi and

Akemi pages, "He is quite stiff in the embrace, but slowly relaxes." to
you and Kima.

You page, "[Corrine then hrms, blinking, and gently relaxes.  "Though,
hold on a second.  The thing is, I looked at Mikage when he appeared
earlier today.  With Pattern Sight.  He's got the Air and Water pattern
imprints... and Chaos Blood as well."]" to Akemi and Kima.

You page, "[Corrine] Which fits with the hypothesis that Annadil helped
contribute to the birth of the five Children.  Hiko and Shaft have Chaos
Blood too. *she purses her lips* Something is -not- adding up." to Akemi
and Kima.

Akemi pages, "Gil and Utena both nod." to you and Kima.

You page, "[Corrine then ohs.  "And oh yes.  Shaft trumped me earlier.
He's trying to recover sis from that damned whirlpool.  I have no idea
where the rest are, save that Hiko's in Arden with the Green Knight."]" to
Akemi and Kima.

Rod pages, "you know... i realize i shoudl hav eshared this info with
corrine... shaft seemed to either move the storm away or temporarily make
it smaller by using his pattern skills to will himself to a safe place
with no storm. could be possible a pattern expert can combat the storm
fully." to you. You page, "Whupsie! *wry look* Well, as long as the search
continues, I suppose... all our pattern experts are busy in one place or
another, it seems." to Rod. Rod pages, "doh.  guess it doesn't matter o.o"
to you. You page, "Whupsie?" to Rod. Rod pages, "you'll get the story soon
enough... or the obit." to you. You page, "Yrgh." to Rod. You page, "I
suppose you could try trumping one of them to get their attention..." to
Rod. Rod pages, "you have no idea how bad this is getting... Trump Is Not
An Option >:)" to you. You page, "... Yoik." to Rod. Rod pages, "hey,
corrine knows what shaft's doing, she can try to trump him, but i'll tell
you right now you're not going to like it." to you. You page, "Ah, right.
... nevermind. ^_^;;;" to Rod. Rod pages, "outt acuriosity, who else knows
the crazy stunt shaft's doing?" to you. You page, "Corrine mentioned it to
Kozue and Madoka, and Juri of Avalon knows, too." to Rod.

You page, "[Corrine] I'd have Shizumaru, Mikage, and Nagisa walk the Fire
Pattern and see what Gabrielle could dope out with regards to their
genetics, and see if there's a match, but I don't know if we can take the
time and we -can't- take the risk right now with Shizumaru." to Akemi and

Akemi pages, "Gil-Galad asks, "Fire Pattern?"" to you and Kima.

You page, "[Corrine nods, smiling wryly. "The Fire Pattern in the heart of
Ember, the Kingdom in the heart of Amber's sun." She blushes a bit.  "And
I'm now its Queen."]" to Akemi and Kima.

Akemi pages, "Gil-Galad nods.  "I never thought my new life would be so
strange."" to you and Kima.

You page, "[Corrine hehs.  "Eh, it should all settle down soon... I hope."
She smiles, self-depreciatingly.  "And it's bound to get stranger before
it gets calmer." She sighs.]" to Akemi and Kima.

Akemi pages, "He says, "So what comes next?  How do we stop what Annadil
is doing?"" to you and Kima.

Kima pages, "[Juri makes stabbing gestures.  "That generally works."]" to
you and Akemi.

You page, "[Corrine] Apparently, the Five Children and the Icons are the
key to defeating him.  And yes, hopefully with that as the end result." to
Akemi and Kima.

You page, "[Corrine] This has gone beyond vengeance, beyond hate, beyond
any sort of emotion for retribution that can be attached to it.  He's a
madman, with mad goals, and -must- be taken down. *she states this, very
calmly*" to Akemi and Kima.

Akemi pages, "Utena nods firmly.  "We WILL stop him."" to you and Kima.

You page, "Oh, and Gil-Galad and Utena know, too." to Rod.

Rod pages, "aaah.  this should be a very happy homecoming... or funeral...
in a moment." to you. Rod pages, "ooooh, something else to think about. if
kozue can be summoned by song... and she was part of the trio... does it
not stand to reason juri has a song by which she can be summoned?" to you.
You page, "I think that's been floated, actually, but with everybody's
attentions split... :/ And I'm not sure if she'd need to be concious or
not...." to Rod. Rod pages, "well dammit,someone's gonna havta knock
heads... if i ever get back there alive....." to you. You page, "... but
didn't you just trump me?" to Rod.

You page, "[Corrine chuckles a bit, and nods. "-One- way or another..."]"
to Akemi and Kima.

Akemi pages, "Shaft is trumping you." to you.

You page, "[Corrine Accepts.  "Shaft?"]" to Akemi.

You page, "[Corrine gets the look of someone accepting a Trump Convo.]" to
Akemi and Kima.

You page, "[Corrine Accepts.  "Shaft?"]" to Akemi and Rod.

Rod pages, "You see shaft, who is looking definitely more angry than he
looked before.  Behind him is roaring waves that seem to be destroying the
beach, and there's some flying squid too....  "Pull me through," says
Shaft grimly.  "Now."" to you and Akemi.

You page, "[Corrine BLINKS, grabs onto Shaft's hand, and PULLS rapidly.]"
to Akemi and Rod.

You page, "(is Minako with him, too?)" to Akemi and Rod.
Rod pages, "No." to you and Akemi.
You page, "Blech. *nod*" to Akemi and Rod.

Rod pages, "um... should I go ahead and pose my arrival or are there
others in the room with corrine?" to you and Akemi.

Autolyca says, "Caine faked his own death. Corwin was thought dead for a
time. Brand was also, I think, thought dead. Martin was thought dead but
survived." Autolyca OOC oops Mikage says, "OOC ^^;" Corrine OOCly says,
"Darn, wish I knew what that was a part of... *wl*" Autolyca OOC Merc and
Megs are bickering in the keep Corrine OOCly says, "Ah." Prince Makoto
asks, "OOC Over who is dead?" Autolyca OOC Actually, it seems to be
heading for WWIII Mikage says, "OOC Figures. Good thing I retrieved my
puppet before that happened." Corrine OOCly says, "Ack." Autolyca OOC
removes his puppet as well. They've gone to cursing at each other now

You page, "She's in the infimary with JuriAv, Gil-Galad, and Utena, and
others." to Akemi and Rod.

Akemi pages, "Okay, you trump to infirmary, Rod." to you, Kima and Rod.

You page, "[Corrine pulls Shaft through, rapidly.]" to Akemi, Kima and

Akemi pages, "Utena stands up.  "Son!  Are you okay?"" to you, Kima and

Rod pages, "Shaft arrives, looking drenched like a rat and grim like a
reaper.  He looks around the room a moment, his eyebrow twitching, then he
turns towards the room's exit.  He pauses.  "Auntie Corrine," he says
without looking ather, "tell Minako's family... tell'em she died
heroically.... I'll pay for any funeral arangements."  And with that, he
stalks off to the exit." to you, Akemi and Kima.

You page, "[Corrine BLINKS, swallows, and nods quietly. "... as will I."]"
to Akemi, Kima and Rod.

Akemi pages, "Utena says, "Son..."  She extends a hand after you as you
go." to you, Kima and Rod.

Rod pages, "Shaft pauses.  "Oh... and where..."  He grits his teeth.
"Where's Mikage?"" to you, Akemi and Kima.

Akemi pages, "All the NPCs shrug and don't know." to you, Kima and Rod.

You page, "[Corrine considers this.  "I have no idea at the moment, Shaft.
 The last I knew, he was around the vicinity of the Conservatory."]" to
Akemi, Kima and Rod.

Rod pages, "Shaft nods and exits the room, heading towards the
conservatory." to you, Akemi and Kima.

You page, "[Corrine watches Shaft go, her expression unreadable.]" to
Akemi and Kima.


Akemi pages, "Okay, what's next?" to you and Kima.

Mikaze wakes up.

Rod has left.

You page, "Corrine... isn't quite sure.  She's got the nagging feeling she
needs to get -sis- back, but isn't sure how.  She could be unconcious, she
could be dead, she could be in the hands of the Outsiders and she has no
idea how the rest of the children are doing.  She'd look to Juri for
advice on this." to Akemi and Kima.

Kima pages, "OOC:  Forgive me my lack of coherency ATM, Damask's brain is
being eaten in RATGOH.  [Juri:  "What are you going to do now, Corrine?"]"
to you and Akemi.

You page, "OOC: Glaaah.  know that feeling. :P [Corrine] I... don't know.
*she sighs* ... dammit... *she reaches up, and squeezes the bridge of her
nose* ... want sis back, but... *she considers* ... try the conservatory
again, and then fill in Yuriko on what happened?" to Akemi and Kima.

Kima pages, "[Juri:  "Whatever you think is best, Corrine."]" to you and

You page, "[Corrine nods, quietly, and checks on how Misaki's doing before
she departs.]" to Akemi and Kima.

Akemi pages, "Misaki is resting peacefully." to you and Kima.

You page, "[Corrine nods, quietly, rubs a hand across Misaki's brow, and
then heads up towards the conservatory, or what's left of it, to survey
the damage.]" to Akemi and Kima.

Akemi pages, "You reach the conservatory.  Makoto is directing repairs.
he says, "Hi, there."" to you and Kima.

Rod has arrived.
Foxtrot has arrived.
>> A portal opens up and out pops a fox-woman.
Shizumaru has arrived.

You page, "[Corrine manages a wan smile.  "Hey there, Makoto.  Sorry 'bout
the damage."  She sighs, looking about.  "If it helps, I'll shove some
funds from the royal coffers of Ember to help cover all this." She then
murmurs under her breath, "dammit."]" to Akemi and Kima.

Akemi pages, "He nods.  "Well, you got Miki back at least.  Got time to
help with this, or you off to the races?"" to you and Kima.

You page, "[Corrine] I... honestly don't know what ELSE I can do down here
at the moment, so... If we can help out here for a bit, I think that would
be fruitful." to Akemi and Kima.

Kima pages, "[Juri]  "Consider me at your disposal."" to you and Akemi.

Akemi pages, "Okay, you guys go to work repairing stuff." to you and Kima.

You page, "*nod* Corrine helps with the heavy lifting... if there's an
intact piano around, she may just plunk around a few chords for the hell
of it, thoughtful." to Akemi and Kima.


Mikage says, "OOC Ah, a pleasant way to spend the rest of the afternoon.
^^;" Prince Makoto says, "OOC Someone may be coming to you, we need to
wait and see." Mikage says, "OOC Dang. ^^;" Prince Makoto says, "OOC It
depends on if he gets distracted." Mikage says, "OOC Ugh... this Utena dub
is horrible..." Mikage says, "OOC One moment, need to idle for a short
while." Prince Makoto says, "OOC No problem."

Shizumaru, Hiko, and Shaft enter the gardens, finding Anthy busy spraying
down roses with bug killer and Mikage in the middle of pruning bushes.
[spoofed by Akemi]

Hiko the Firechilde walks into the gardens, behind Ota.

Shaft strolls, slowly, towards Mikage, a casual look on his face.  "Brotha
Mikage... how goes things..."

Shaft asks, "We recovered Miki?"

Shaft asks, "Kozue okay?"

Shizumaru watches Shaft nervously.

Hiko the Firechilde hangs back, but definitely within earshot, but not
swinging distance.

Mikage says, "Oh, fine. Miki is resting, and so's Kozue. I'm just spending
the day helping out Anthy here."

Anthy nods.  "They are both fine."

Shaft nods and stands next to Mikage.  "Exactly what y'doin there...."

Shizumaru sighs, and smiles at that. "We did recover Miki safely. Good."

Hiko the Firechilde turns to Anthy.   "We did manage to remove the

Mikage says, "Uh, yes, we did, actually. The song seemed to undo the

Autolyca OOC Not resting in the same bed, I hope ;)

Mikage says, "I'm just pruning pushes here."

Shaft asks, "got a question for ya, Mik... if we were able t'get Kozue
with music... an'she was part of the lovely singin' trio... y'think a song
might work with her too?"

Shaft says, "with juri, that is"

Mikage says, "I'm sure it would... if we only knew what song is associated
with Juri. I heard Corrine mention a lullaby their mother used to sing
that Juri liked, but you'll have to ask Corrine for that."

Shaft says, "good, good... oh, and Mik...."

Mikage asks, "Hmm?"

Shaft headbutts Mikage.

Shizumaru cringes.

Mikage exclaims, "OW!"

Shaft asks, "STOP THE FUCKING MUSIC?!??!?"

Shizumaru OOCly says, "BAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Anthy says, "Grandson, what are you doing???"

Hiko the Firechilde tries not to laugh, and fails.


Mikage rubs his head, wincing visibly. "We were going to Trump you
afterwards, you know!"

Mikage asks, "Besides, how was I supposed to know you wanted to 'get a
feel of the damned deck'?"

Shizumaru simply sweatdrops, deciding not to say anything.

Shaft grabs Mikage by the shirt.  "IT TOOK SHIZU HERE TRUMPIN' OUTA

Anthy says sharply, "Ota, let go of him."

Hiko the Firechilde stops giggling, and schools her expression.

Shaft seems to be simmering now, "If leisure-boy here didn't waste time,
WE'D HAVE AUNTIE JURI BACK!"  He lets go of Mikage, shoving him away

Shaft says quietly, "Minako wouldn'a died....."

Hiko the Firechilde whips her head to regard Mikage.  "Whaaat?"

Anthy says, "From what Kozue said, it was too late for Juri before we even
saved Kozue."

Mikage exclaims, "Let me see... I discovered Gil-Galad was my father,
Utena was my mother, and that Anthy here knew someone from my past. Now if
only I'd realized you didn't have initiative to take care of things FOR
YOURSELF, maybe you'd have gotten things done without your useless brother
Mikage's help!"

Shaft says, "I'm inclined t'take her good world view on things...."

Gabrielle flashes into the garden. "Minako is DEAD?"

Mikage pushes off from Shaft.

Shizumaru rubs his forehead. "...I feel a new headache coming on."

Shaft says, "I took care'a things myself, no thanks t'you, punk-ass."

Hiko the Firechilde exclaims, "Calm DOWN!"

Shaft simmers quietly.

Anthy says, "There will be no violence in my garden."  She stares at both
of you.  "And we cannot afford to kill each other."

Hiko the Firechilde says, "I don't like you, Mikage, but we need to work

Mikage says, "My apologies, Anthy."

Shaft grins nastily at Mikage.  "I feel ya pushin' but you can't come in."
he says, tapping his head.  "Cut it out, now."

Hiko the Firechilde says, "If you would quit being obtuse and let us know
what you know, then we can perhaps trust you, even."

Nagisa walks into the garden.  "Hey, what's going on?"

Mikage suddenly glares at Hiko, but lets it slide.

Shizumaru OOCly says, "Say, whatever happened to Scriv, anyway? c.c"
Mikage says, "OOC Family. Might be late."
Prince Makoto says, "OOC He had to go to church, I'll run him as NPC for
moment." Shizumaru OOCly says, "Okky." Mikage says, "OOC The trouble is
that the mall is close to the church." Shizumaru OOCly says, "D'oh."
Prince Makoto says, "OOC AAAAAAAA." Corrine OOCly says, "Whups." Hiko the
Firechilde OOCLY says,  "Good Lord, they'll be there forever." Mikage
says, "OOC Not for lack of wanting, John. It's his family that spends
quite some time there." Prince Makoto says, "OOC Uuggh...I know my Momma
in malls = Day is gone."

Shizumaru sighs, and moves over toward Nagisa. "Filling each other in on
what has happened."

Shaft looks for a place to sit/recline and simmer.

Hiko the Firechilde raises her hands.  "Hey, it wasn't me this time."

There are several benchs nearby.

Nagisa nods and sits on one.

Mikage asks, "I had no idea about Minako. And I see where I might have
been terribly wrong. But must I do everything myself? I've told you nearly
everything I know? Don't I deserve even a single afternoon of rest?"

Hiko the Firechilde asks, "*Your*self?"

Mikage says, "Please prove me wrong, cousin Hiko. I do hope I'm wrong
about that."

Shizumaru hmms, and follows Nagisa over, sitting down. "
you know of who might be able to draw a Water Pattern, to replace Rebma's
and bring balance back to the elements?"

Mikage asks, "Wouldn't that be Nagisa as well?"

Anthy says, "Now, now, all of you have worked hard in this garden."

Shaft reclines on a bench.  "Yeah, sure you been doin shit....."

Hiko the Firechilde says, "I'm not sure what you mean by that

Hiko the Firechilde crosses her arms.

Nagisa nods to Shizumaru.  "We would need the Water Jewel or the Jewel of
Judgement to do it.  I could try...but I don't trust my skills."

Shaft says, "OOCly I could do the pattern! >:)"

Gideon . o O ( OOC No more naked Kasumi patterns. )

Autolyca OOC No one's ever tried to draw two patterns. I suspect it would
be bad.

Nagisa says, "What is needed is a firm will and a strong body, to endure
the shock."

Shizumaru nods, looking downcast. "The unnatural ascendance of Fire is
threatening so much...Arden, the power of Wood, Frostspire...." He sighs,

Nagisa says, "I believe I could do it."

Hiko the Firechilde says, "I know you could."

Mikage says, "I am not inclined to like any of you. But you have no idea
how often I've wished that I did. Believe me. But when people go around
headbutting me it's... difficult."

Shaft crosses his arms and spits in disgust.  "You're all here talkin' an
nobody's tryin' anything to get Juri back."

Mikage says, "So where is Juri, anyhow? She's not responding to Trump or
so I hear."

Hiko the Firechilde smiles.  "It's Ota's way... and yes, we will go back.
We have to.  We just need to plan first."

Anthy says, "Rushing off without careful preparation is a good way to die,

Mikage says, "Or to lose one's Icon..."

Shaft raises an eyebrow at Mikage.  "Thought you knew everythin',

Mikage says, "If I did I'd be at the Keep right now."

Shaft seems to bristle at that comment a moment.

Hiko the Firechilde says, "If I recall correctly, we need to draw the
Leviathan out, and defeat it.  Perhaps we can raise Rebma as well, release
it from its grasp, thus killing two birds with one stone."

Hiko the Firechilde turns to Mikage.  "Doing what, per se?"

Nagisa says, "Unfortunately, the Jewel and the Water Jewel are both gone."

Mikage says, "Retrieving the lost Icons."

Shaft says, "retrievin'.... one."

Shaft claps

Shizumaru winces at the losing-icons comment.

Hiko the Firechilde turns to Shaft.  "You got Justice back?"

Shaft facepalms.  "Thanks for bringin' that up sis, oh  yeah...."

Hiko the Firechilde facepalms as well.  "Well, our missions are threefold

Nagisa continues, "Uncle Derith probably got the Water Jewel dragged down
to Rebma with him, and he may have had the Jewel of Judgement as well."

Shaft says, "Well, I GUESS I'd have had the icon if I just hid in the
castle all day after that, but not all of us can do that...."

Hiko the Firechilde says, "A mission to the Keep, to get the Seed back."

Mikage says, "I learned the layout of the Keep from Tsuwabuki, so I can
help there."

Hiko the Firechilde says, "A mission to the vortex, to rescue my mother,
but most importantly to defeat the Leviathan holding Rebma in place."

Hiko the Firechilde says, "And a mission to wherever that horse thing I
heard about was keeping Justice."

Hiko the Firechilde asks, "Is this clear?"

You page, "Hiko/Shizu would remember that Corrine and co were pllaning
Keep assault and stuff with Ember troop allocation, and that direct to
Keep was dangerous due to 2-days-out for Gaby Manifestation blockage and
trump." to Foxtrot and Shizumaru.

Mikage says, "Most probably at the Keep as well, unless the horse thing
wasn't in league with Annadil."

Shizumaru blinks, then speaks. "About the Keep assault...."

Mikage asks, "Yes, Shiz?"

Hiko the Firechilde says, "With Trump clear again, we can get close to the
keep, and Corrine has pledged her Embran armies..."

Shaft mutters something about Mikage's brilliant plans, catapults, and
random teleportation into the keep that will lead to near-death.

Hiko the Firechilde says, "Oh.."  She looks at Shizumaru, blushing.

Shizumaru says, "Aunt Corrine was planning a full-scale assault, using
Ember troops. And because of the trump jamming--not Uncle Miki's, but
Annadil's, done at the Keep--there would a two-day delay, in getting
troops there."

Mikage nods.

Shizumaru OOCly says, "Whoops, pause."
Hiko the Firechilde OOCLY says,  "Hey, we cool now?"
Mikage asks, "OOC Cool?"
Mikage asks, "OOC About what?"
Hiko the Firechilde OOCLY says,  "Drew called a pause."
Mikage says, "OOC Oh."
Prince Makoto says, "OOC Yeah, so we're waiting for the Pause."
Shaft says, "OOCly i was waiting for that headbutt for so long o.o"
Hiko the Firechilde OOCLY says,  "It was worth it."
Shizumaru OOCly says, "back"
Mikage says, "OOC I'm sure. That was cool."
Shaft says, "OOCly thte last words shaft hears before getting stranded,
'Stop the music!'" Hiko the Firechilde OOCLY says,  "Cool." Mikage oocly

Hiko the Firechilde looks at Shizumaru.  "You and Mikage should go to the
Keep then."

Shizumaru nods. "Definitely."

Shaft's labors for the day seem to be catching up to him, as he begins to
sag into his bench.  "Hell'va day..."

Mikage asks, "Why me in particular?"

Nagisa begins drawing the Pattern on a piece of paper.

Hiko the Firechilde asks, "You said you knew the layout, remember?"

Hiko the Firechilde says, "You're also stronger psychically than he and
can buffer against any psychic attacks."

Shaft mutters something about getting punkasses outta hiding and doin'
some field shit for a change....

Mikage nods. "All right."

Hiko the Firechilde says, "He is stronger than you physically (I think)
and can protect you."

Mikage says, "True."

Mikage says, "Though I have fair skill with the sword."

Shaft grins toothily at that remark.

Hiko the Firechilde says, "Nagisa and I will go to Rebma and take care of
things there."

Shizumaru OOCly says, "I can whup yer ass anyday, Mik. ;)"
Mikage says, "OOC I'm sure. No surprise there."

Shaft says, "Hey... I'm in on the Remba thing... that leviathan fucker
owes me..."

Hiko the Firechilde says, "After you've rested, Ota, you would do well to
find Justice, and walk the Metal Pattern, unless you've already attuned
yourself to it."

Mikage says, "On the Keep note, Shizumaru..."

Nagisa says, "Can we do all this in just five days?  The first full moon
is then."

Shizumaru asks, "Yes, Oniisan?"

Mikage says, "I must walk the Air pattern again, myself"

Naga wakes up.

Shizumaru looks over at Nagisa. "We have to. We have no choice."

Mikage says, "I have a... bodyguard who might prove useful at the Keep."

Hiko the Firechilde says, "No, Ota.  You need to find Justice.  Above
anything, Justice is one of the keys to closing the Gate."

Shizumaru nods at Mikage, looking curious.

Shaft narrows his eyes.

Hiko the Firechilde says, "And we will all need to work TOGETHER to close
it, if it comes to that.  Which I am planning on."

Nagisa frowns, then nods.  "We must find the seeds.  But much as..." He
stares at the ground.  "It may be...that Rebma..."  He gulps nervously.
"Should wait."

Mikage smiles.

Mikage says, "He's all right. Completely loyal to me. He aslo wields the
Logrus quite efficiently."

Shaft says, "If I get Justice in time... I'm comin' after Leviathan."

Shizumaru nods. "I am glad to hear that."

Hiko the Firechilde nods.  "Yes..."  A look of sadness crosses her face.
"...I am forced to agree."

Shaft asks, "OOCly how much juice I got left, John?"

Hiko the Firechilde says, "Well, then..."

Prince Makoto says, "OOC You need sleep, and yuo need it badly."

Hiko the Firechilde looks very uncomforgable.

Shaft staggers to his feet, leaning on his sword.  "This... this ain't the
end of things..."

Mikage says, "You don't say, brother."

Shaft trumps Kasumi.

Hiko the Firechilde says, "Rest, Ota."  She leans up on tiptoe and kisses
his cheek.

Hiko the Firechilde says, "Thanks for trying to save my mother."

Mikage raises an eyebrow at this.

Shaft says to Mikage, "I tol'ya before... we're cool till you cross me.
You crossed me.  We'll see."

Mikage asks, "We shall, won't we?"

Shizumaru shakes his head sadly.

Nagisa frowns and finishes his drawing.

Shaft looks at Hiko.  "I know we ain't been on the best'a terms but....
we'll get your mom back.. she's a good woman."

Shaft says, "just don't do that freaky shit no more."

Hiko the Firechilde smiles.  "I was faking, you know."

Mikage says, "I believe I owe you an apology, Anthy, for the commotion."

Shaft shakes his head.  "I ain't even gonnna ask why, Hiko."

Hiko the Firechilde OOCLY says,  "Cut in a few?  Tylenol PM bottle's
staring at me wistfully."

The honorific is noticeably absent from Mikage's speech as he addresses

Shizumaru OOCly nods.

Hiko the Firechilde says, "Tactics, Ota.  Wanted you to believe I was

Anthy says to Mikage, "Apology accepted, Mikage."

Prince Makoto says, "OOC We can cut for anyone who wants to cut, pretty

Mikage smiles.

Shaft reaches through his trump, and soon vanishes.

Prince Makoto says, "OOC Since your characters can easily scatter or
whatever at this point."


Mercutio pages, "Mom? Hey, Mom?" to you.

You page, "[Corrine] Yes, Gabrielle?" to Mercutio.

Mercutio pages, " remember Minako?" to you.

You page, "[Corrine nods, her expression saddening.  "Yes.  I do.  I heard
from Shaft after I pulled him through from where he was on the shoreline
after escaping whatever they were into." Her emotional veins are that of
restrained frustration and grief."]" to Mercutio.

Mercutio pages, "Oh. Umm. Okay. I thought you didn't know." to you.

You page, "[Corrine gives Gabrielle a mental hug, from where she's helping
clean up the conservatory, and she looks older than perhaps Gaby
remembers... emotionally if not Physically. "... gabrielle?"]" to

Mercutio pages, "Mm?" to you.

You page, "Okay for Corrine to have sung that lillabye of Juri's to Gaby
in the past?" to Akemi. Akemi pages, "Yep." to you.

You page, "[Corrine] ... you remember that lullabye that I used to sing to
you when you were younger, and still do sometimes?  the one that's kinda
martial?... sis liked that, too." to Mercutio.

Mercutio pages, "You mean <a few bars of music play acorss the connection>
that one?" to you.

You page, "[Corrine smiles faintly, and nods.  "Yes.  Do you think you
could do the same thing we did to retrieve Kozue, and Miki, with enough
preparation, to retrieve sis?  Or would she need to be concious to make
the connection?  Or dare we even risk it?" She gnaws her lip in worry.]"
to Mercutio.

Mercutio pages, "I can sure try! But not by myself. I don't really know
how the whole musical thing works yet." to you.

Mercutio pages, "I'd be experimenting, but a lot of my bandwidth is tied
up in cooling Arden, and I think Shizumaru might ask me to cool Frostspire
soon.'" to you.

You page, "[Corrine nods.  "Oh hell.  Frostspire's affected, too?  Damn."
She rubs her brow again. "How much is your load averages holding up?  This
will proably put the kibosh on some things, movement wise.  But on the
flip side, I'm pretty sure myself and Juri here and Hiko can help with the
singing... perhaps even bring Miki into it when he's recovered."]" to

Mercutio pages, "It would help ifyou bruned down about a quarter of Arden,
so I could divert the energy cooling that to the rest of it or
Frostspire." to you.

Mercutio pages, "But I can do both, if you dont mind my physical
projection to be very low-res." to you.

You page, "[Corrine] ..... Ermmm, I suspect that Hiko, the Green Knight,
and the rest of the family would get very pissed off at us if we did that.
*she considers* Can you shift projection to the younger one, then?  Or
superdeformed? That should decrease enerrgy requirements.  If necessary,
go back to the original projection-gates you used." to Mercutio.

Mercutio pages, "Well, I'm good for now, but if I have to help with
Frostspire, I'll need to pixellate." to you.

You page, "[Corrine nods.  "Understood, Gabrielle.  The troop-shunting for
a possible Keep assault wouldn't be full-time.  Drop the troops outside
Annadil's jamming, and whatever support we had planned for Amber down
here, even witht hat whirlpool still around."]" to Mercutio.

Mercutio pages, "No problem.. wait. You mean NOW?" to you.

You page, "[Corrine] No, not -now-." to Mercutio.

You page, "[Corrine quirks a smile.  "Once we get the all-clear to do
so."]" to Mercutio.

Mercutio pages, "No problem. I'll tell Catherine to get everyone ready."
to you.

Akemi pages, "You finally finish all the repairs.  Makoto looks pleased.
"Thank you."" to you and Kima.

You page, "[Corrine] Thank you, Gabrielle.  Make sure the rest of the
chain of command knows as well.  *She hrms.*  Where are the rest of the
children?" to Mercutio.

Mercutio pages, "In the garden." to you.

You page, "[Corrine, who looks distracted but still functional, nods.
"You're welcome, Makoto." She quirks a slight smile. "We're going to head
out to the garden now, if that's all right."]" to Akemi and Kima.

Akemi pages, "He nods.  "Okay, see you later."" to you and Kima.

You page, "[Corrine] Thanks, dear." to Mercutio.

Akemi pages, "Y'all head on down to the garden." to you and Kima.


Hiko the Firechilde OOCLY says,  "Okay, I'm OUTTA here... I'm gonna take
two Tylanlol PM and see y'all in the morning."

*** Foxtrot goes OOC. ***

Hiko the Firechilde says, "Oh, and I won't be gaming at all next weekend,
as I will be in Virginia getting drunk."

You page, "Som we get to turn up as Shaft and Hiko have left.  Yay." to
Akemi and Kima.

Shizumaru OOCly says, "As will I. :)"

Corrine OOCly says, "Well, so will I and Droo... welll, not the drunk

Hiko the Firechilde says, "Groove with me, baby."

Corrine OOCly says, "And Merc."

Akemi pages, "Waah." to you and Kima.

Hiko the Firechilde exclaims, "Merc's coming?  Sweet!"

Shizumaru OOCly will be doing the mildly tipsy thing, at least. :) And
grooving with Trish, of course.

Gabrielle says, "Yup."

Hiko the Firechilde says, "Now I've really got to find a leather or vinyl
bodice somewhree..."

You page, "Well, there's still chatting with Shizu and Mikage and
Anthy..." to Akemi and Kima.

Rod has disconnected.

>> It's only after you've lost everything that you're free to do anything.

Naga OOCly will be in VA getting drunk tomorrow! ... well, not drunk.. :>

Hiko the Firechilde says, "Cool... you can look up the boys.."

Shizumaru OOCly says, "TR, you can't log on for RP until the weekends?"

Hiko the Firechilde grooves with Drew.

Akemi pages, "Hai." to you and Kima.

Naga OOCly ^_^ "I wish. I don't have the time. Getting to Richmond in time
to eat, rest, change, and go to a concert and the subsequent party! whoo!

Hiko the Firechilde says, "Lotsa stuff planned for next weekend.  Dinner
and dancing with Jeff.  Lunch with other friends in VA.  The private PRA
party Sat. night..."

Naga OOCly says, "sounds like fun!"

Corrine OOCly says, "Lotsa stuff, whoooo...."

Mikage says, "Me? Uh..."

Prince Makoto asks, "OOC You gonna be here a while longer, Drew, or are
you gonna crash soon?"

Mikage says, "I can log on on Mondays, Wednesdays  and Thursdays."

Shizumaru OOCly says, "I should crash soon."

Prince Makoto says, "OOC Alright, I think we'll need to cut for the night

Corrine OOCly says, "Ackle.  And I have TAS tomorrow... but yeah."

Prince Makoto says, "OOC As I'm still feeling sick and should get extra

Mikage says, "OOC I have preparations to make, but we don't need to RP

Autolyca exclaims, "Think I'll turn in now.  Night all!"

*** Shizumaru goes OOC. ***

Corrine OOCly says, "After last night, I think we all need the breather.

Prince Makoto asks, "OOC Who all will be around tomorrow night?"

Shizumaru says, "Later, Jeff."

Corrine OOCly says, "Me, after 9ish, but work the next day."

Gabrielle says, "I will be here, as always."

Hiko the Firechilde says, "Not I... maybe.  Depends on if I can talk."

Shizumaru says, "Mmm...I'll be on probably a little late, tomorrow. My
dad's birthday, so we're taking him out to dinner."

Hiko the Firechilde says, "I'm not going to be here Weds. through Sun.

Mikage says, "Okay."

Corrine hugs Trisha.  "Hope you get better in time for the 'con." *wl*

Juri of Avalon says, "OOC:  I should be around as usual."

Autolyca has disconnected.

Rod has connected.

>> You are the all-singing all-dancing crap of the world.

Hiko the Firechilde says, "Me, too.  <wry grin>"


Shaft says, "there goes my logs o.o"

Naga OOCly blinks?

Mikage patpats.

Hiko the Firechilde OOCLY says,  "Well, we cut, and YIKES!"

Shizumaru acks. >.<

Corrine OOCly says, "I remember one 'con where I got hit... forget which
one it was, tho. :P"

Shaft exclaims, "well, lady, gents, it's now official!"

Naga ohs

Prince Makoto says, "OOC During the Con, I will probably only be doing a
little running, since most of my players will be out of commission."

Corrine winces.  Ow.

Mikage asks, "What's official?"

Shaft exclaims, "I have now broken all of the DO NOT DO THIS rules of Mike
Loader's 'DON'T DO THIS IN AN AMBER GAME' guide!"

Shizumaru asks, "Bad stuff crossed over into RL?"

Shizumaru laughs!

Hiko the Firechilde says, "His Bad Stuff is carrying over into RL."

Corrine says, ".... oh boy."

Hiko the Firechilde says, "Oh god... he MUST get points for that."

Corrine asks, "Happy now, Rod?"

Hiko the Firechilde asks, "Right, John?"

Shaft says, "and I am still ALIVE"

Mikage asks, "Wait... you summoned the Logrus over the pattern?"

Prince Makoto says, "Well, Rod, if you had ignored that last warning,
you'd be dog meat right now. :)"

Shaft says, "nono, that's an example, mik, not a rule"

Mikage says, "Wait, oh, right... Ignorance, ignoring the GM... Uh..."

Corrine says, "So, question, John....."

Hiko the Firechilde says, "That's gotta be worth a couplea points."

Mikage says, "Arrogance..."

Shaft asks, "so, it woulda been stupid to have dived in after that voice,

Mikage asks, "Am I missing something?"

Prince Makoto says, "I can say no more."

Shaft says, "Arrogance, Trust, Ignoring the GM"

Prince Makoto asks, "Yes, Phil?"

Shaft says, "there's a few more"

Mikage says, "Trust. Yeah, Trust."

Shaft says, "boooy did I trust"

Corrine asks, ".... for the sum total of things that happened in Day 70 of
this.  Did we come out ahead?"

Mikage says, "Ignorance is the first one."

Shaft exclaims, "I THRIVED on ignorance!"

Shizumaru says, "Cockatrice. :)"

Prince Makoto says, "That would be telling, but I'd say rescuing Miki is a
big plus."

Shaft says, "yes, cockatrice :)"

Mikage says, "I remember four rules."

Shizumaru exclaims, "I thought it was some sort of parrot!"

Mikage exclaims, "Parrot?!"

Shizumaru says, "That's what Rod said. :D"

Shaft says, "and this comment too  'Morgoth? who's Morgoth?'"

Shizumaru snickers.

Mikage ^^; "Dang."

You page, "Watch us have Juri vs. Juri before the final reel.  I can just
feel it coming. ^_-;;" to Kima.

Shaft says, "and 'WHo's this Sauron dude, an'why you fools so scared?'"

Gabrielle asks, "Rod, you are the anti-reference, you know that?"

Hiko the Firechilde says, "No, that would be me."

Mikage says, "Meanwhile, I'm still hitting on Anthy. ^^;"

Shizumaru says, "Well, I don't know who Morgoth and Sauron are. But I'd
have been wary. n.n;"

Hiko the Firechilde says, "I just love Shaft's reaction to that..."

Gideon hms. Gotta hit on Anthy too some time.

Kima pages, "Well, Embre-Juri and her Pattern Bowling Ball are out there
somewhere... :)" to you.

Mikage asks, "You don't know who Sauron is?"

Shaft says, "they're apparently BIG TIME hitters in the Lord of the Rings

Mikage says, "O-kay."

Shizumaru says, "Nope."

Gabrielle says, "Mikage has been workign on Anthy since day one."

Mikage nodnods.

You page, ".... jooooyyyy." to Kima.

Shizumaru says, "Haven't read Tolkein. Yeah, yeah, I know. Shut up."

Hiko the Firechilde says, "Let's go to the Gardens.  Mikage's there,
hitting on her Highness, Anthy."

Gabrielle says, "If he's sufficiently smooth, he might get some."

Shaft says, "I trounced Sauron and told Morgoth "FUCK YOU! KISS MY ASS!""

Mikage says, "Finally got her to stop calling me Grandson. ^^;"

Prince Makoto says, "Well, if things had gonna little more poorly in any
of several ways, things would have been quite ugly."

Shizumaru says, "We've been very lucky. n.n;"

Hiko the Firechilde says, "Heh."

Shaft says, "oh, yes, hiko  helped track mikage down, yeeees"

Shaft says, "perfect phrasing"

Shaft says, "he's already infuriated, and now he knows you're hittin' on

Shizumaru says, "I loved the headbutt. :)"

Hiko the Firechilde says, "The headbutt was my FAVORITE part."

Prince Makoto says, "Heh."

Mikage says, "Me too. Nice touch, Rod. I saw it coming, but I wanted to
play along... ^^;"

Shaft says, "give shaft a good excuse and mikage is going to find out how
well he handles a sword"

Shizumaru says, "That must have been cathartic for Shaft. And Rod, for
that matter. :)"

Shizumaru says, "Yeah, I can see a few more Rose Duels coming up, still."

Hiko the Firechilde says, "Hell, everyone saw it coming.  Ota's not one to
be pacific."

Gabrielle says, "Well, actually, Rod, Gabrielle found Mikage. John said
to me 'Mikage is in the Garden, with Anthy.' Then I said to Trish, 'Mikage
is in the gardens, hitting on the Queen.'"

Shizumaru says, "Shaft vs. Shizumaru, just a friendly face off, see who's
better. Shaft vs. Mikage...the grudge match."

Shaft says, "aaaah."

Shaft says, "muuch help"

Hiko the Firechilde grins.

Corrine says, "Save it until after we save the universe? *fwl*"

Mikage says, "Jeez. Thanks, Merc ^^;"

Hiko the Firechilde says, "Hey... obfuscation can be useful."

Shizumaru says, "Of course. :)"

Corrine says, "Or universes, as this case may be...."

Shizumaru sniggers.

Hiko the Firechilde highfives Mec.

Hiko the Firechilde says, "er... Merc."

Prince Makoto says, "Five days to the apocalypse."

Shaft says, "Once I get Justice back, I can see Ota's one-liner."

Gabrielle exclaims, "Yes!"


Shizumaru o.o;;;

Corrine says, "Oh My."

Mikage ^^;

Hiko the Firechilde says, "Oh yeah... I want to see that fight."

Mikage says, "I know my response to that."

Hiko the Firechilde says, "And Hiko's not getting into the ring with any
of y'all."

Sana_Kurata falls asleep.

Mikage exclaims, "SAve it 'til after the Revolution, Brother!"

Shaft says, "it should be interesting.... mikage's got enough mental mojo
to put shaft down, i think, but it's not easy stopping a rampaging bull"

Shizumaru has a quote or two prepared for the final battle. :) I can't

Corrine says, "We;re clealy going to be busy AFTER campaign end with all
the afterwards and epilouges and whatnot for a while. *wry look*"

Hiko the Firechilde says, "I have no quotes prepared, but I think Juri's
militaryness is coming out in me."

Hiko the Firechilde says, "Hee hee... I'm ordering y'all around.  I love

Shaft says, "I have the standard.   'kiss my ass' 'fuck you'  'who's the
man, bitch'  etc"

Corrine tries not to predict these things anymore. ^_-;

Hiko the Firechilde says, "Just goes to show... itjust takes a woman's

Gabrielle asks, "Says the girl with, what, maybe ten Warfare? Tops?"

Mikage has not quites, either. Comes up with them on the fly. I'm just
glad none of you were around during my conversation with Anthy. ^^;

Shaft asks, "oh! oh!  Trish! I got to quote sammuel jackson's Shaft! Did
you notice?"

Prince Makoto says, "Lots of generals got by on chutzpah :)"

Hiko the Firechilde asks, "Did Genius boy agree with me or not???"

Corrine says, "And that's psyche. :)"

Hiko the Firechilde says, "I state my case."

Mikage nods.

Hiko the Firechilde says, "No, I didn't... sorry luv."

Shizumaru asks, "What was the quote, Rod?"

Prince Makoto tries not to smirk too much. lalalalala.

Shaft says, "'who cleared up your record.'  'you did'  'an who got you
into the force?'  you did.'  'now who's the man?'  'you are'"

Shaft says, "my version:"

Mikage says, "John, stop smirking! ^^;"

Shaft exclaims, "Who brought back Gil-Galad?  I did!"

Hiko the Firechilde says, "OH, that's right..."

Shizumaru laughs.

Shizumaru says, "Cool."

Shaft exclaims, "Who brought brainwashed Gil-Galad back? I did!"

Shaft exclaims, "who's the man?!"

Mikage exclaims, "You are!"

Gabrielle asks, "Who controls the British Crown?"

Shaft says, "er, brainwashed, Wakaba....."

Hiko the Firechilde exclaims, "SHAFT!"

You page, "So what DID happen out of the my logging view?" to Shizumaru.

Gabrielle asks, "Who keeps the metris system down?"

Shaft sings o/! we doooooo, we dooooo o/~

Hiko the Firechilde exclaims, "Talking' bout shaft!"

Mikage exclaims, "SHAFT!"

Naga falls over laughing

Hiko the Firechilde yells at Gabby.  "Shut yo mouth!"

Gabrielle asks, "Who robs crayfidh of their sight? Who rigs every Oscar

Shizumaru pages, "Not that much. I just consulted with people, talked to
Hiko and filled her in about what happened at the Keep." to you.

You page, "So what DID happen out of my logging view?" to Foxtrot.

Shaft says, "seriously, though, if shaft doesn't take part in smacking
down leviathan, he's gonna have a bruised ego"

Mikage snickers. "We do, we do!"

You page, "Righto." to Shizumaru.

Shaft says, "and because of this, I have a Really Insane Plan"

Foxtrot stops prodding inn--- guilty authors and says, "Lots of me and
Shizu bonding, and Shaft headbutted Mikage." (to you)

Gideon says, "Leviathan ... can I have its body? :>"

Gabrielle asks, "Who keeps Atlanis off the maps? Who keeps the MArtians
under wraps?"

Shizumaru says, "Oh, noooooooo...."

Mikage says, "Oh, no..."

Shaft asks, "john, do I not still have a trump of the beach house?"

Prince Makoto says, "Heh."

Prince Makoto says, "Yes, you do."

Mikage says, "o/~ We doooo..."

Shaft asks, "and is that beach house now not part of the world shaped in
my visiion?"

Hiko the Firechilde says, "Okay... dropping off into sleepy mute-ville.
Goodnight, gentlemen."

Foxtrot has disconnected.

>> Byeeee!  It was really fun!

Prince Makoto says, "Yes."

Mikage asks, "Can I puh-lease have a Trump of Nemuro Kinenkan?"

Shaft says, "all I need to do is confirm that the jewel is there...."

Gabrielle says, "o/~We DOOOOOO!!!!! o/~"

Prince Makoto says, "However, the major change to the shadow might have
caused it to stop working."

Shaft says, "failing that, i'm going to do something even more stupid."

Shizumaru says, "Oh, noooooooo...."

Ivan exclaims, "Your puny leviathan is no match for the Squid!"

Mikage exclaims, "Ahhh! Gumi!"

Prince Makoto asks, "Tantric sex with Kasumi in the middle of the

Shaft says, "been done."

Corrine develops that facial tic.

Shizumaru says, "..."

Gideon kicks Ivan. "Let me get my hands on the leviathan, then we'll see
who's better at customizing them things."

Naga puts Corrine on Risperitol

Mikage realizes he's going to have to bonk Grandma to come ahead in

Shaft says, "but if I do this right... I blow one day getting Justice, one
day recovering from my incredibly stupid plan, one day chasing after
Leviathan after procuring heavy armnaments."

Corrine says, "And hopefully recoup your good stuff."

Mikage says, "Sounds like... a plan... sorta."

Gabrielle says, "Dude, use the bag of winds to take Anthy dancing in the
air out over the bay on a starry night."

Gabrielle says, "Chicks love tha stuff."

Shaft says, "hm. actually... i don't know if that'll be enough points to
get me outta the negative"

Mikage exclaims, "I'm working on it, I'm working on it!"

Corrine says, "Every little bit helps."

Shaft says, "ooooh, mikage is gonna be soooooo dead...."

Corrine considers a Mikage/Anthy ballroom scene.

Corrine whimpers.  So many things to Drawwwww.....

Shaft says, "and imagine Ota crashing in from the skyline with a giant

Mikage says, "I'm listening to the Eros of the Ball song from the Utena
OST now... Anthy *.*"

Corrine exclaims, "Yay!"

Shaft says, "good session, for me.  nice, tense, lots of action, flying
squids, angst, porthos, headbutting."

Shizumaru sighs. Well, at least Shizu got a chance to see Rimu-chan again,
finally. *.*

Naga yawns. Ear hurts. sleep-- squids.

Gideon hms. Mack on Utena, Anthy, and Nanami. Looks like Gideon will have
to stay i nthat universe for a few years.

Corrine says, "For me, that's Corrine and the Red Knight, right there."

Gabrielle says, "you mean Pathos. Porthos is different."

Mikage says, "Good for me too. Got in some drama with the folks, and
played a good understated wooing scene with Anthy. :)"

Shaft says, "in shaft-talk, i'm sure it's Porthos."

Naga waves <.< >.>

Shizumaru says, "Very cool session."

Shaft says, "i'm boggled at how mikage is actually DOING this o.o"

Naga falls asleep.

Shaft says, "and SUCCEEDING O.o"

Corrine thinks Corrine just guilted a lot. *fwl*

Mikage nodnods :)

Prince Makoto listens to Iris

Shizumaru says, "Almost makes up for missing the Miki-rescue last night.

Shaft says, "i will have no problem tossing mondo points to MIkage if he
pulls this off o.o"

Shizumaru says, "If Mikage"

Gabrielle says, "Well, Mikage has been trying all game."

Shaft says, "to top this, I'd have to shag Fuyutsuki."

Shizumaru says, "..."

Prince Makoto says, "heh."

Gabrielle says, "And he..... " STARES at Rod.

Mikage says, "It's uh, tougher than it looks, guys. This is the woman
who's had Gendo AND Annadil. ^^;"

Shaft says, "and dammit... gramama wouldn't let shaft slug mikage."

Mikage grins. "That's 'cause she likes me. ^^;"

Shaft says, "i know ;_;"

Anthy says, "No violence in MY garden!  That's what the arena is for."

Gideon asks, "In which way, though?"

Mikage asks, "You know the planetarium music from Utena?"

Shaft says, "'You ready to duel, you punka-'  'Grandson, DON'T YOU DARE
KILL HIM!' '... fine, I'll use the mallet.'"

Shizumaru laughs.

Mikage asks, "The creepy, yet seductive music when Anthy visits Akio?"

Gabrielle says, "Anthy is a soft touch. Take her to dinner, then take her
dancing in the air."

Shaft says, "and then we get:  'Juri jumps in and slices the mallet in

Mikage says, "Exactly, Merc."

Gabrielle says, "Then save her from a Ninja attack. She'll be putty in
your hands."

Shaft says, "we need a MIkage/Anthy betting pool"

Gideon says, "... ninjas. Hate. Ninjas."

Shaft asks, "a) Will he shag her? b) WHEN will he shag her?"

Mikage says, "Anyway, the song (called Poison) is playing in my head.
Whoo, Anthy *.*"

Shizumaru asks, "Especially flatchested ones, Brem?"

Gideon says, "Yes."

Gabrielle says, "The scary thing is, they HAVE Ninja-Away Spray in TAMD."

Shaft says, "...."

Shaft says, "You Lie "

Shizumaru sniggers.

Corrine asks, "We do?"

Shizumaru says, "Yeah."

Juri of Avalon says, "Damn ninjas."

Shizumaru asks, "Remember?"

Shaft says, "No Way."

Corrine asks, "Must've missed that.  Where can we get some?"

Juri of Avalon asks, "Brem, I got some of her blood.  Want to help me kill

Gabrielle asks, "Nope. Remember when you went to the Nekohanten with
Fuyutsuki and Vash?"

Shizumaru says, "Yep."

Mikage says, "Ninja-Away? ^^; Why do we need this stuff? ^^;"

Shaft asks, "you got any pimp-away?"

Shizumaru says, "Shamps said that she had just sprayed for ninjas."

Corrine says, "Annnyway.  to bed now."

Shaft says, "damn"

Gideon says, "Let me get out of whatever trouble Dara is in now first.
Then we can go killing ninjas."

Mikage says, "Night, Phil."

Shaft says, "okay,me driving home now."

Corrine OOCly waves.

Shizumaru says, "Later."

Shaft says, "back in 30, etc"

Gideon says, "But I get the corpse, to make ninjasicles."

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