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This page briefly describes your relations by blood and marriage.

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Generation 0, 1 and 2 in order by Age

"Professor" Fuyutsuki (Birthdate unknown, but predates the Pattern)


"I am the great Giacomo, King of Jesters and Jester to Kings!"--Fuyutsuki
"You can learn a lot from Great-Grandpa."--Mutsumi
"Imagine if the Oracle of Delphi lived her entire life without ever getting off the big fume-spewing crack in the ground.  That's Fuyutsuki."--Ambassador from Uila.

Drawer of Pattern, spinner out of fate, complete loon. If you know sorcery or trumps or advanced pattern, you probably studied under him. He's a fruitcake, but he's a powerful, knowledgeable fruitcake. Watch out for his hat.  He's your great-grandfather, but no one is sure who or what he had sex with to produce Gendo.  Rumors claim it was the Unicorn, but surely the Unicorn has more taste.

Fuyutsuki lives in a suite of rooms down in the dungeons under the Palace.  He has a very large lab, which the front door opens into; no one is sure if he has a bedroom or just sleeps there.  He also has a painting gallery connected to it, most of which are trumps.   All of your family are depicted, along with other people and places you've never seen.

Fuyutsuki married Shaft's ex-wives, the Kasumis, during the Herald Crisis.  Lady Kasumi lives in Amber with him while Leather Knight Kasumi stays in ShAmber; he spends a lot of time there for obvious reasons.

Rumor has it that he's contemplating making a new Unicorn Spikard, in order to match the seven of Chaos.

King Gendo I (Dead--0/100 AY?-1262 AY)

"Take this sword, march to the top of Okila pass, and kill everything that tries to pass you.  Now."--King Gendo
"My husband was the best man I have ever known. He sacrificed everything for what he loved."--Dowager Queen Anthy
"She doesn't mention WE were among the things he sacrificed."--Saionji

Your Grandfather, the ruthless bastard.  He only ever cared about one thing in the universe:  Amber.  Everything else came second, especially anyone's personal feelings.  Luckily, he probably died before most of you were born.  His mother was rumored to be the Unicorn, but it remains uncertain as to the truth of that allegation.

Gendo's early years are shrouded in legend.  He was born some time between 0 and 100 AY, but his mother remains unknown, and so does the exact date of his birth.  Between 100 AY and 200 AY, he was off in Shadow gathering the peoples who would form the original population of Amber. It was at this time that he fought a duel with 'The Dragon of Chaos', and in which he gained his sword, 'Justice'.

After his coronation in 200 AY, he ruled Amber for several hundred years alone, although he had many lovers during this time.  The history of Gendo is largely identical to that of Amber, so it will not be discussed in detail here.

King Gendo is still dead, just in case you were wondering.

King Tylor I (430 AY-Present)
Son of Gendo and Sakura

Tylor says, "Well, it looks like this crisis is over.  And you know what that means."  Juri of Avalon glances at Tylor.  "Party?"  Tylor says, "It's time for us to go back to what's left of the castle and PARTY!!!!!"Tylor opens a Pattern Gate with the Eye of Metal, right to the Party  Chambers he put together in the Dungeons.  "Okay, let's go!"  Corrine glances at Tylor.  "You think of -everything-, don'tcha?"  Corrine grins, despite it all.  Tylor says, "That's why it's GOOD TO BE THE KING!"  He picks up Yuriko and spins her around as she laughs.--After the end of the Second Day of Darkness

"After a thousand years of Gendo, he's a breath of fresh air in a stuffy palace.  He's a king you can like."--Guard Commander Misato

"'Do what you want' is not a viable philosophy for a king.  He's lazy and ignorant, and if his wife didn't do all the work for him, Amber would in shambles by now.  I can't see how she puts up with him."--Queen Jasra of Kashfa many years ago (before her overthrow and flight into...wherever she is now)

It's hard to believe your grandfather somehow produced Tylor.  Tylor is open, friendly, cheerful, helpful, and impossible to believe he came from the same genetic stock as most of your relatives.  Tylor has a great reputation as a naval hero, and apparently it's actually all true.  At least to some degree.  Mostly, Uncle Tylor seems to just stumble through life, trusting to luck and the Unicorn to save him.  Unbelievable as it seems to have worked for him so far.

King Tylor, is known to possess a mysterious jewel which may be the legendary Jewel of Judgement, but only wears it on certain ceremonial occassions, keeping it locked away in the vaults the rest of the time.

Tylor has explored Shadow more thoroughly than many of siblings, wandering off many times to explore its distant reaches.

King Tylor suffered a lot of pains in his side, and had spells of extreme sickness after the Annadil Crisis for forty years, believed to the result of some mysterious injury he suffered during it.  Yet he remains for the most part cheerful and kind.  He is known to have practically raised Prime Minister Keitaro Orkuz of Begman himself as a foster-child and seems to regard him as a son, and is known to spend much time with Prince Beowulf.  He enjoys excellent relations with the monarchs of Ember, Rebma, and Arcadia.

King Tylor is fast friends with Baron von Munchausen, and has had several beatings from Yuriko when he has vanished into shadow with Munchausen without so much as even mentioning he's taking off.  Or when he dragged her into it.

King Tylor also seems quite friendly with Prince Orien, Princess Random, and Prince Aburatsubo.

Tylor is currently bodyguarded by Spike Spiegel.

Tylor seems quite unhappy over the death of Telemain, Nanami, and Mikage in the recent battle in shadow.

Queen Yuriko Star I
Daughter of Queen Moire of Rebma and Count Yamato

"Stop slouching, husband,"--whispered by Queen Yuriko at a reception to her husband.
"She's a woman I can respect and do business with.  She gets things done and keeps the royal government efficient and effective.  The perfect match for Tylor,"--Horatio Walpole, ex-head of the KTC.
"Even my best pratfalls don't work on this woman.  I think she sold her sense of humor to the Narwhale for power or something"--Krusty the Royal Fool

Yuriko is the hyper-efficient daughter of Queen Moire of Rebma, now married to King Tylor.  They form a good pair, as her efficiency counters his laziness, while he keeps her from becoming so tightly wound that she explodes.  She has yet to successfully produce any children, which has caused some grumbling at court.  Queen Yuriko has extensive military experience in Rebma's underwater navy, and met Tylor during a joint military operation.

Queen Yuriko is bodyguarded by Vash.  She is a full partner of her husband and weilds vast authority, especially when he is sick.  This is known to irritate some of the nobility.  She is known to be on good terms with Prince Kentaro and Ambassador Sumire, and on fairly good terms with most of the rest of the Herald-era generation.  She has been known to lecture Jacqueline about being more careful, Lily about wearing more clothing, and Mitsune about causing less trouble, though.  Like her husband, she has spent a lot of time with Lord Keitaro, and seems to largely treat him as if he was her son.

Offered the throne of Rebma at the end of the Herald Crisis, she refused it on the grounds that she couldn't keep Tylor out of trouble if she ruled Rebma too.

Queen Yuriko is known to find Orien useless, Random quite aggravating, and to favor Asuka and Kaname.  Queen Yuriko really, really can't stand Baron von Munchausen.  She tends to become twitch-tastic when in the presence of Setsuna for long.

Many in Amber grumble because she has yet to produce an heir, but her position remains safe for's not as if the family doesn't have enough princes to take over if Tylor does die.

Yuriko seems quite unhappy over the death of Telemain, Nanami, and Mikage in the recent battle in shadow.

Touga, Special Agent of the Crown
Son of Gendo and Sakura

"Old age and treachery will always defeat youth and skill."--Touga
"I still don't understand why he believed in me when few others did, but I am grateful."--Princess Juri
"Back-stabbing, lying, worthless bastard.  How he produced Shizumaru, I'll never understand."--Princess Nanami

Take Bleys, remove his good nature, but keep the rest, and transplant Caine's sneakiness into him. That's your uncle Touga. You can't trust him, but you can rely on him to do almost anything fairly well, if not quite anything the best. Except being a total and utter bastard. He spent decades in exile, having been exiled by Gendo for reasons known only to Touga and Gendo.

Touga returned to Amber during the Annadil Crisis, seeming much mellowed by his time in shadow, and much more relaxed.  He participated in Drake's raid on Rebma against Embra-Derith, and demonstrated powerful skills of sorcery.

Yuriko appointed Touga as commander of Amber's western armies which became involved in Talma/Uilan/Singh conflict.  Touga was been fairly successful until the Red Death swarmed over the area, devastating it.  He vanished into Shadow for a few months after the fighting was over, then resurfaced seeming very subdued.  After several decades spent studying with Wakaba and Anthy, about ten years ago, he became a special agent of the crown and now pops in and out of court, frequently gone for weeks or months at a time.

He has strange relations with his old lover, Lady Hisame Atsuko, mother of Shizumaru; they become quite strained in his presence, but he is openly known to be Prince Shizumaru's father.  He and Shizumaru are not generally believed to be very close.  He also seems to become intensely uncomfortable in the presence of his granddaughter, Akari, and has been known to teleport away at her approach.  The reasons for this is unknown.

Touga played a very active role during the Herald Crisis, if sometimes behind the scenes.  He seems to have grown closer to his brothers in the aftermath of that, and even achieved a tentative reconcilliation with Princess Nanami.  Everyone hopes the truce will last.

Many members of the family consider Touga likely to be covertly the head of Amber's spy network, but he isn't talking.  He seems to work very closely with his son Haru, but has mixed relations with Aburatsubo, who seems to disappoint him.  He is known to be very affectionate with his wife Suu, though they are usually at opposite ends of the universe. He seems to regard most of the current generation with mild favor, though he may simply be hiding his opinions as usual.

Touga is currently off in Shadow for reasons unknown.

Drake--Lord High President of the Harad City War Academy
Son of Gendo and Sakura

The White Star rises into the air with Drake piloting.
Touga says, "You know, Drake, I just thought of something we should have had for this."
Drake says, "Another exploding corpse of Father?"
Touga nods.
Drake says, "Sadly, Father could only be flung from a catapult once and exploded to sink a Black Fleet."
Drake says, "That's why I collected Mother's body, rigged it to explode, and loaded it into the bomb bay."
Touga stares at him.
Kanna just arches an eyebrow at this.
Kanna . o O (Aunt Nanami must never, ever be told.)
Touga says, "Nanami will kill you for this."
Drake says, "No she won't. Sakura was in YOUR body when she died, remember."
Drake says, "Nanami will give me a medal."
Touga says, "You just think of everything."

You pour out of the ship and confront Hel herself, along with Wu-Corrine, Wu-Gil-Galad, Wu-Juri, Wu-Drake, Wu-Eowyn, and Wu-Van.
Hel's gaze sweeps across your ranks, and she laughs. "I see you forgot someone."
Drake says, "I see you forgot most of your Wu... oh, wait, WE KILLED THEM ALL."
Drake says, "I see you forgot to stop looking like a two-mug whore from the Dead Unicorn too. So how much hair gel does it take to make your hair stand straight up like that? Going to shout Kamehameha at us?"
Kuonji Ukyou says, "Surrender, Hel. You cannot defeat Drake's mouth." -- Drake on the Day of Darkness

"So the assassins are pouring through the windows, but Drake just draws Werewindle and wades into the middle of them.  One dies with every thrust, while he dances about, causing them to stab each other as they lunge at him.  Finally, the last of them fell dead, and he used the man's hair to clean his blade of blood.  Then he sighed.  'Too easy,' he said."--Deputy Lord High Chamberlain Nabiki

"Self-centered prick who takes on too many jobs at once then leaves others to do the boring parts.  Plus he has an ugly beard."--A clerk in the Lord High Chamberlain's office

Drake was the youngest child of Gendo and Sakura, born shortly before she left Gendo.  He grew up to become a great military leader, and has served several terms as Marshal of Amber.  He held the office of Lord High Chamberlain for many years, up until his disappearance during the Annadil Crisis.  He spendt a lot of time away from Amber, leaving the work to his assistant Nabiki, the Deputy Lord High Chamberlain, studying the ways of business and technology in Shadow.  Drake is known for taking on too many duties at once and not quite managing as a result to do any of them as well as might be desired.  When he turns his mind to one single thing, though, he becomes a nigh-unstoppable force.  Given he possesses Werewindle, one of the legendary Pattern Blades, this is often no mere metaphor.  He is said, indeed, to have MADE it.  In fact, he also forged a new Greyswandir after the destruction of the old, and has that too.

During the Annadil Crisis, Drake outsmarted a shadow Derith by tricking him into stealing a fake Werewindle, then led the raid which freed Rebma from Shadow-Derith's control, cut off Shadow-Derith's arm, and took Magnus the Unseen for himself.

At the height of the Annadil Crisis, someone (apparently believed to be Derith by Drake) tried to murder Drake with an exploding fake Jewel of Judgement.  Drake swore vengeance on the guilty party, and passed his keys to his second in command, Nabiki, and vanished into Shadow.  He remained missing until quite recently.

Drake resurfaced during the Herald Crisis with Werewindle, but Nanami seems to have acquired Magnus the Unseen.  This doesn't seem to please Drake.  He was held captive for decades by the Cyberope, Jean Malraux, an Outsider cultist, and was rescued by a horde of his relatives led by Moriya and Beowulf.

Upon his return, Drake resigned his post of Lord High Chamberlain and urged the King to give the job to Nabiki.  Drake married Nabiki late in that same year.  Sumire Kanzaki of Ember is now known to be their daughter.  After the crisis ended, Drake became head of the Harad City War Academy, and has spent the last century beating would-be officers into shape.

Drake is known to have great regard for Asuka, and to approve of Random's skills, if not her general behavior.  He seems to have a personal interest in Nanami Minor, though he can also be very harsh with her.  Drake despises Aburatsubo, and seems to regard Telemain as one big failed experiment.  He often seems rahte personally disappointed by Orien and Deirdre.  He seems to view Shiori and Kaname with mild favor, seeing both as competent naval commanders, though he has little personal interest in naval strategy.  Drake has a very high view of Lord Sousuke and Lady Melissa, and seems to find Nanbara funnier than Krusty.  Drake is known to have once recommended to Mitsune that Miroku be spayed for his own good.  He is known to have been rather pleased that Kanako went missing.  He does not seem very pleased she's come back.

Drake is still obnoxious.

Drake seems to take the viewpoint that Telemain got what he deserved for screwing up what should have been a glue box of a mission, but regrets Nanami and Mikage's death.

Van--Warden of Uberwald


"You shall not destroy this village while I draw breath!"  -- Prince Van
"My brother is the greatest hero who ever lived."  -- Prince Saionji
"Van was a complete idiot, and I'm surprised he hasn't killed himself off again."  -- Princess Kozue

Van was Saonji's elder brother.  He rode forth to challenge a dragon that was raiding the Golden Circle.  Neither he nor the dragon was ever seen again, and his trump was cold and dead for centuries.

However, he resurfaced during the Herald Crisis, having apparently been in the clutches of Hel, Queen of the Dead, all these centuries.  Saved from destruction and freed of her control, he and Saionji moved to Arcadia, and he took up the duties of Warden of Uberwald, where he still serves, bearing the Arcadian Patternblade, Dragonslicer.

Your generation has seen little of Van, but he still seems to be a rash, impulsive man with a strong heroic instinct.  (ie, Heroic Stupid).  He and Saionji are very close.

Saionji--Marshal of Arcadia
Son of Gendo and Yvette

"What a vision of loveliness I behold, almost equal to my own beauty."--Saionji
"Grandfather has served Arcadia well this past century; he is truly a great general."--King Thoric
"I heard he added a new wing to his mansion to accomodate his ego."--Princess Kozue

Green haired. Considers himself an honorable warrior, although his honor seems to have some cracks in it when it comes to women. Indeed, he is quite the playboy, enjoying stringing women along.  He spends a lot of time out wandering around shadow fighting things.  He and Touga used to fight a lot--it's unclear to you if this was a friendly or hostile rivalry, and possibly unclear to them as well.  Saionji served as the leader of Amber's armies since Juri's retirement, after a brief period in which Drake held both the office of Marshal and that of Lord High Chamberlain.  He is Michelle's father.

After Saionji's humiliating defeat at the hands of the Harad revolt during the Annadil Crisis, Saionji resigned the office of Marshal.  For a time, he vanished in shadow with Prince Shizumaru and his daughter, then went out into Shadow alone, but then 20 years ago, he returned and assumed the role of commander of the Southern Fleet.  He has served well in this capacity.

Saionji is known to have personally trained Motoko and to admire her as much as he's able to admire anyone who is not himself.  He's provided extensive personal training to his daughter, Prince Ramon, and King Thoric, and is on fairly good terms with all three.  In recent years, he seems to be on better terms with Kozue, perhaps as a result of their naval collaborations, and he's known to approve of Kozue's daughter Shinobu Major, and her grand daughter, Naru.  He tends to simply laugh disdainfully at everything Kentaro does.

Saionji surprised many in the family by delivering an articulate, wise, non-lustful eulogy at Moriya's funeral.  This came in the middle of his many woes during the Herald Crisis.  Repeatedly kidnapped, brain-washed, cursed, set on fire, and unable to get any sex in a time of growing harems, he accepted Jacqui's offer and moved to Arcadia to become her Marshal.  He continues to serve in that capacity, and is little seen in Amber these days.

Saonji bears Coinspinner, the Arcadian Patternblade of Air.

Eowyn--Commander of the Air Fleets of Amber
Daughter of Gendo and Haruka

"Who wants to live forever?  DIVE!!!!!"  -- Princess Eowyn
"Brave, honest, forthright.  She is like a mother to me," -- Princess Nausicaa
"I see you can murder the innocent and still get your family to love you in Amber," -- Lord Hatlin of Alars

The biggest surprise of the Herald Crisis (well, for some people), was the revelation of the survival of the long-lost Princess Eowyn, eldest princess of House Harad.  Long trapped in a prison shadow, she eventually escaped, only to be brainwashed by the Serpent's Horn.  Captured by Princess Kanna, she was freed of her brainwashing (rumor has it the Pyricorn was responsible, others speak of the Serpent, and a few say that Morgenstern pumped the power of Funk into her brain to drive out the brainwashing) shortly thereafter, and helped Princess Motoko at the battle of the Courts of Chaos during the Day of the Dead.  She apparently joined some sort of victory orgy which followed, during which she concieved her daughter, Asuka.  Her father remains unknown.

She has become the commander of the Air Fleets of Amber, in which capacity, she has served Amber well.

Eowyn is very mercurial in personality, sometimes moody, and flickering from cheer to gloom at a moment's notice.  This reminds many people of Morgan, leading a few to speculate she is actually Morgan in disguise, though she has yet to change sex.

Princess Eowyn, Prince Mikage, and Princess Nausicaa are known to be very close to each other, almost like a family, though Eowyn and Mikage are not thought to have a romantic relationship.  She is also very close to Juri and Corrine for obvious reasons, and is quite friendly with Prince Demetrius, Princess Kanna and Prince Beowulf.  She has very stormy relations with Asuka, and they fight frequently.  She seems uncomfortable around Drake, but is quite friendly with Dowager Queen Anthy.  She seems to regard Princess Motoko very, very highly.

Eowyn is known to regard Captain Hanajima as somewhat of a protege, and has been known to visit Tir'na'nog with her.  There are a few rumors of them having been lovers (or even that Hanajima is somehow Asuka's father or mother, which is chronologically and physically impossible).  She gets along well with Random and Kaname, and is known to be quite friendly with Baron Munchausen.

Eowyn is known to have helped Drake with the arrest of Shinobu Major.

Juri--Ambassador to Ember
Daughter of Gendo and Haruka

"I lay down my sword and take up this pen to fight a different kind of war"--from the introduction of Juri's Thoughts on the Nature of Reality
"Her help was invaluable to me in my early years as King, and I miss having her near my side.  Still, she makes a great ambassador as well, and I know she will serve Amber well in Ember."--Prince Miki
"Every dyke in shadow is a reflection of her.  How she spawned, I'll never know."--Prince Saionji

Quiet and reclusive, Juri is a noted master of the sword. In 1258, she retired from the job of Marshal to do some writing and meditating, and wrote a history of her time as Marshal. She is noted for her dislike of politics and her disbelief in miracles--this has frequently led to squabbles between her and many High Priests of the Unicorn.  She is red haired, tall, and wiry.  She is Hiko's mother.

Juri went missing for 40 years after the Annadil Crisis, after last being seen in the vicinity of the Rebma-Whirlpool.  A few Amberite sailors spread tales of a Ghost Fleet commanded by her, which sometime saves lost travellers from monsters.  Kanna and Lian found her in Cathuria and delivered Merehallow to her.  She led Cathuria's armies to the aid of Amber on the Day of the Dead, and slew Hel with Merehallow; she now bears said blade.  Juri also has a magical fork, said to be a potent anti-order weapon.

Juri spent the twenty years after the Herald Crisis serving as Marshal of Rebma, until sufficient Rebmans had been trained up that she wasn't needed any more.  She was frequently very gloomy and depressed during this period.  Juri then vanished into shadow for five years, and returned seeming much more cheerful than she had been when she left.  Tylor appointed her Ambassador to Ember on her return.

Juri now serves as Ambassador to Ember, continuing to write books and enjoying the peacefulness of her work.  Every few years, she teaches special seminars at the Harad City War Academy and the Amber City Naval Academy.  Juri also often takes up the work of Special Agent of the Crown, heading into shadow to deal with various threats (at times in the company of Princess Kanna and/or Princess Eowyn and/or Princess Asuka).  She has also spent a huge amount of time training many members of the younger generation, to the point that many of her siblings of the second generation teasingly call her 'Professor Juri' these days.

Juri, for reasons unknown, seems to take great delight in teasing Prince Demetrius; this playfulness confuses many used to her usual coolness.  Prince Demetrius seems to respond by coming unglued at the seams; perhaps this is why she does it.  This same playfulness seems to come out when she's around Prince Miki.  The two of them are quite close.  Juri is also known to be quite fond of Queen Mutsumi of Arcadia, Miki's daughter.   Unfortunately, Miki's wife, Queen Madoka, doesn't seem to like Juri very much.  Juri is very close to Eowyn and Corrine, and also is on very good terms with Prince Beowulf, Princess Kanna, and Princess Naru.  Juri seems to become uncomfortable around Princess Motoko, Princess Moonshade, Duchess Mitsune, and Duke Davros.  It is generally believed this is because of the death of Hiko and Morgan while under Princess Motoko's command at the Battle of the Courts of Chaos on the Day of the Dead.

Juri is known to be very close to Random, perhaps to the point of being lovers.  She helped to raise Princess Shiori, and seems very proud of her.  She is also very friendly with Prince Haru, Prince Aburatsubo,  and Yomiko.  She respects Asuka's skills, but Asuka's temper drives Juri off.  The same can be said of Princess Nanami Minor.  She is known to have some respect for Melissa and Sousuke, and to play along with Setsuna's rantings.

Juri is known to have visited Arcadia with Random recently, and then to have fallen prey to Nemuro Hall along with Random. She seems very shaken up and guilty by her part in all that.

Corinne--Queen of Ember
Daughter of Gendo and Haruka

"If both of you had lived and resolved this someway that didn't involve freeing Brand, etectera, perhaps you would have made peace.  Perhaps not.  I cannot say, and to try and predict the future is futile.  But I can -hope-, and dammit I WILL keep holding onto that hope, for all our realities."--Corrine to a Darako in the Cave of Worlds.
"A good woman, a good sister, and a good queen."--King Tylor
"You will not find a more sanctimonious goody-goody in all of Shadow no matter how hard you try.  Although her taking a harem at least makes her a little more like a real human being."--Kozue

Corrine is one of the strongest, perhaps the strongest of her generation, a great dark haired woman said to have once picked up a lion and broken its back over her knee.  Dark haired and blue eyed, she's a little shorter than her sister Juri, and somewhat stockier.  She is also noted as a skillful painter and Trump Artist, happily providing Trumps for anyone who asks, though these days, she is often too busy.   Corrine seems to get along fairly well with most of your relatives, although their intrigues easily exasperate her.  Corrine has a pet dragon named Sparky who she inherited from Gendo.  She is known to be one of the few people who actually understand Chef Bork when he speaks.

Phil wrote a story that sheds some light on bits of Corrine's past exposed in one of the final adventures of TAMD, called "Fractures".

Corrine vanished into Shadow multiple times during the Annadil crisis, returning with a shadow of Juri and two men who claimed to be Princes of Amber from other universes--Gideon and Roderick.  Rumor has it they formed her personal harem; certainly she was known to be amazingly intimate with Juri for a recently met shadow of her sister.  Indeed, a few whisper she snapped when Juri vanished and sought out a replacement.  Such whispers are a good way to get beaten up, though...  Corrine is definitely known to have begun a relationship with her current husband, the Red Knight of Ember, at this time.

Corrine also became Queen of Ember, the Fire Pattern, during the Annadil Crisis, and whatever her love life, she provided noble service to Amber during this crisis, battling a child of the Serpent of Chaos during the Second Day of Darkness.  Indeed, some say she somehow blew its head open with fire from her eyes.  It is generally assumed the Serpent will come gunning for her some day for revenge.  An attack by another Child of the Serpent in Ember during the Herald Crisis ended with her destroying said child with a mere wave of her hand.  Or so they say.

Corrine served as a pallbearer at Moriya's funeral.  On the Day of the Dead, she is known to have charged across Hel's Primal Pattern to grapple Wu-Fuyutsuki.  It remains unclear how she survived this, but many assume that her creation of a Pattern has given her powers on the level of those of Fuyutsuki.  But not the madness, thankfully.

Corrine is known to carry a huge crossbow that fires flaming bolts of death, modelled after Whalekiller and a large number of other devices which also rain down flaming death.  She sometimes gives these instruments of destruction to her friends.  She also seems to have taken up music more in recent years, and is known to sometimes perform duets with Mikage or Miki.

Because of her role as Queen, Corrine has had little direct interaction with most of the current generation or previous, although she's known to be very proud of her daughter Kanna, and obviously has some degree of approval of Sumire, given she appointed Sumire as Ember's ambassador.  She is known to be close to her neice Hiko and her nephew Shizumaru as well.  She has mixed relations with her illegitimate daughter Keiko, who is rather more greedy and manipulative than Corrine likes, but she favors her son-in-law, Prince Ramon.  Corrine seems to get along very well with her illegitimate son Demetrius, apparently the child of her and the 'Roderick' of the Annadil Crisis (it remains unclear where her harem currently is...).  As he does with Juri, Demetrius often seems to come slightly unglued around Corrine, though with less reason, although they get along well.  Corrine enjoys excellent relations with King Miki, King Tylor, Queen Jacqueline, Queen Mutsumi, and King Thoric.  To a degree which would probably make Gendo die again of sugar overdose.

Corrine seems proud of Princess Shiori, and is known to have many of Random's recordings.  In fact, she is thought to have trained both Random and Kaname in trump arts.  She has a copy of 'Secret History of the Cone People' on her coffee table, right next to the copy of 'Pienetics' which Nanbara gave her.  Careful observers would notice the dust layer.

Makoto--Castellan of Castle Amber
Son of Gendo and "Charlotte" (Sakura)

"Pull my finger."--Prince Makoto
"Always a kind word for everyone, even those who deserve to be set on fire and rolled down Kolvir instead.  He has a warm smile and a friendly laugh, and when I'm with him, I can forget all my pains."--Nanami
"Name one great deed he's ever done.  I heard he was down in the basement with a chambermaid the whole Second Day of Darkness.  Loser."--Duke Dalt, Ambassador from Kashfa

Makoto is an amiable sort, a friendly guy who always has a kind word for the younger generation...and a joy buzzer.  He has a bit of a tendency to be a prankster, pulling stunts like tricking people into hellriding into shadows full of jello and falling buckets.  He's also a skillful warrior, which earned him his position as Castellan of Amber Castle.  He performs these identities quite efficiently, which seems to give him a lot of free time to cause trouble in.

During the Annadil Crisis, Makoto is known to have gone on a quest into shadow with Prince Ota and Duchess Yumi to recover Justice, King Gendo's old patternblade.  This quest was a mixed success; it recovered the sword, but also led to Gil-Galad the Traitor Prince being freed from the prison he had been trapped in by the mysterious shadow dieties known as the Valar.  To the confusion of observors, King Tylor doesn't seem to hold this against Makoto, perhaps because Makoto atoned by freeing the legendary bad ass Stagger Lee from his imprisonment in Shadow, a turn of events crucial in the salvation of Amber from the Black Moon, Annadil, and the Deep Ones.

Makoto spent most of the Herald Crisis in Castle Amber, running the castle in peace, though he assisted Beowulf's assault on Leng.  Makoto has had a stormy romance with Misato ever since the Herald Crisis; it is constantly on and off again, and it remains unclear if they will ever marry or just squabble until the end of time.

Makoto continues to serve as Castellan when not annoying people with practical jokes.  He has been seen quite a bit with the Lady Yumi over the last two centuries, and remains very close to his sister Nanami as well, though perhaps not quite as close as in some times past.  Makoto is known to have provided personal training to Ramon in the distant past, and slightly more recently to Keitaro, in the arts of management and castle defense.  He seems to be on very good terms with Lily and Kitsune, and has sometimes teamed up with Kitsune to cause trouble.  He's generally on good terms with most of the Herald-era generation, though he's known to especially favor King Thoric and Queen Mutsumi and to somewhat frown on Kentaro and Lady Sumire.

Makoto seems quite fond of Yomiko, and is known to be on good terms with all of the other Captain Special Agents of the Crown as well.  He is known to egg Setsuna on to ever greater heights of delusion.  He and Baron von Munchausen get along very well, and he seems fond of Akari.

Corey, Wandering Loud Mouth
Son of Gendo and Lady Daria of House Salisbury

"Ahh, there you are, Uotani.  C'mere, I haven't beaten the crap out of anyone today, and I'm bored." -- Prince Corey
"I love him very much, except when I want to kill him."  -- High Priestess Edith of the Turtle
"He's always yummy!"  -- Maeve the Hagling
"PUNK ASS BITCH!"  -- Captain Uotani, about to get her pay docked again.

He was another of Gendo's bastard children.  He was legitimized after Sakura's treason was revealed, and made Nanami's young life hell.  An overbearing bastard who wrote bad poetry, he insulted the wrong ambassador and was cut in half.

Said Corey is revealed to have been a blood clone made by Gendo as part of a plot to provoke Therin into war.  Due to some complications, the real Corey was left hidden in a secure shadow for hundreds of years (which was then lost completely after Gendo died), until Hel's agents found him and brainwashed him.  He was saved by Edith, a Blessed of the Unicorn, who unbrainwashed him with the help of Prince Demetrius and Queen Mutsumi.

Corey has become a sort of tactical nuke for the family; tell him some force insulted him and he goes and destroys it violently.  He is known to be dating Edith, High Priestess of the Turtle in Arcadia, and splits his time between the universes; usually he comes over to this one after he and Edith have a spat, stays a few years until he misses her too much, then goes back to Arcadia until he drives her insane and she throws him out of the universe again.

Many have compared him to Drake, if you stripped away every vestige of civilization.  He gets along well with Ramon and seems to like Nanami Minor in his own way (ie, he made her life hell when she was a kid, and now gets in periodic massive brawls with her, but doesn't draw the big-ass-sword he carries everywhere).  He and Captain Uotani also enjoy beating the crap out of each other.  He has a great liking for Miroku and Kurz, as they can go get drunk and laid together.  He's also quite friendly with Cho in a violent sort of way.  He also seems to like Munchausen, as he has a liking for good stories.  He's known to hate Asuka, and periodically announces he's going to find that shadow she rules and burn it to the ground.  But nothing seems to ever come of it.  He periodically invades the Chaos Embassy, just to force Yuki and Kyou to get in a brawl with him; this seems to amuse Shigure, rather than anger him, though Yuki and Kyou are getting sick of the man.

Miki--King of Rebma
Son of Gendo and Rei of Rebma

"I'm sure we can find a peaceful settlement."--Miki
"Rebma could not have found a better monarch, nor I a better brother."--Princess Juri
"I hear he's having a menage-a-trois with his sister and his wife every night"--Countess Lucrezia

Miki  is a talented pianist and a fencer of some repute. Friendly and open, almost everyone likes him. He has publically announced he has no interest in the throne.  Ironically, he has since become King of Rebma, mostly against his will...  He also turned down the offer of the job of Admiral of Shalomar, pointing to his lack of naval experience despite his Rebman ancestry.  Carries a stopwatch and times things frequently.  He spends a lot of time trying to keep his sister Kozue out of trouble.  Miki spent many years as Master of the Revels, then after the Annadil Crisis, become of one of Amber's main diplomats, rising to the position of head of the Diplomatic service.  He has since become the King of Rebma.

Miki now possesses the patternblade Withywindle after a complex series of events detailed in Motoko's entry.

Shortly before the Annadil Crisis, Miki became engaged to his long time love, Madoka, the Court Bard. This resulted in a rose duel between Madoka and Kozue during which Kozue lost her hand and an attack by the Embrans effectively began the Annadil Crisis.  Kozue, having lost the duel, went into exile.  During the Annadil Crisis, Miki was captured during a scouting mission to the Keep of the Five Worlds led by Princess Hiko, along with Greyswandir, loaned him by his brother, Derith.  He was rescued by some sort of experiment which flooded the castle, but also resulted in reconciliation between Miki and his sister Kozue.  (Certain castle wags claim there was some sort of four way orgy involving Miki, Kozue, Madoka, and the Shadow-Juri of Corrine's harem.  And possibly Corrine too, for good measure.  Of course, some of these same people say they've seen Gendo's ghost, so...)

During the Herald Crisis, Miki engineered alliance with the Courts of Chaos, culminating in the joint Amber/Chaos alliance against the Serpent's Horn and the Chaos Expedition on the Day of the Dead.  Emerging triumphant from this, he was then called upon by the remaining leaders of the Rebmans to become King of Rebma.  He reluctantly agreed only after Juri offered to serve as his Marshal.

Miki and Madoka are known to be incredibly proud of their elder daughter Mutsumi, despite not really approving of her double marriage.  Miki is also known to have been an important influence on Prime Minister Keitaro, training him in the arts of Trump.  He remains friendly with Michelle, who he taught to play music, and is on fairly good terms with the Herald-era generation, especially those musically inclined.  He and Thoric were known to have late night musical sessions (sometimes joined by Michelle, Mutsumi, and Madoka).  Such jam sessions are very rare now, but still happen once a year.

Miki is generally believed to be Prince Nagisa's father, and is known to go periodically to Cabra to visit Nagisa.  He is on very good terms with Princess Shinobu Minor and Gabrielle as well.

Miki and Madoka have a mixed relationship with Kaname; they are usually proud of her, but sometimes her temper flares and stupid arguments ensue.  Miki is known to look favorably upon Orien and Random and Akari.  He also seems quite fond of Kurz, Melissa, and Sousuke, who have performed several missions for Rebma in the past.  There are, in fact, rumors that Miki and Loewen have discussed engaging Kaname to Sousuke.  Miki seems to view Shiori with favor as well.

Kozue--Admiral of the Pearl Fleet of Rebma
Daughter of Gendo and Rei of Rebma

"I suppose Tylor will probably appoint Roberts the Admiral of the Northern Fleet next.  What it is with this whole thing of recruiting people who ought to be in JAIL???"--Kozue
"My sister is the most determined woman in the universe.  Whatever she does, she doesn't give up until she gets what she wants.  I often wish I could be so strong-willed."--Miki
"Even more of a bitch than Nanami, who at least isn't a two mug trollop.  Probably wins her battles by bribing the enemy commander with sex.  Too bad she's all tease and no performance."--From the Amberite 'Famous Last Words' collection.

Kozue is Miki's female twin.  She is sly and manipulative, driving her brother insane with her reckless behavior.  She seems to have very bad taste in men, but some say that is just a front to help drive her brother crazy.  She seems to dabble in a little of everything, from swordsmanship to sorcery.  She long served as Admiral of the Northern Fleet, and has shown a remarkable knack for naval combat...perhaps her Rebman heritage shining through.  She doesn't seem to be so good at the organizational side of things, however.

After the loss of her hand and Magnus the Unseen, during her rose duel with Madoka, Kozue withdrew to Shalomar, only returning to Amber in the last days of the crisis to help rescue her brother from Annadil.  She has reconciled with the pair and seemed quite content at their wedding.

During the Herald Crisis, she led her fleet nobly and well in battle, although she was apparently kidnapped by the Black-Unicorn War Train at one point.  She piloted the Soyokaze on the Day of Darkness, and was congratulated publically by Tylor for her good work.

She then moved to Rebma and became commander of the Pearl Fleet for her brother, Miki, when he became King.

She was known to dote on Mutsumi, and worked hard to spoil her when she was little.  Mutsumi's marriage to Jacqueline turned this sour; they now see little of each other.  She and her son, Nagisa, get along fairly well these days, and she's a frequent visitor to Nagisa's lighthouse.  She dotes upon Shinobu Minor as well.  Her relations with her daughter Shinobu, and her granddaughter, Naru, are more mixed.  She and Shinobu Major fight constantly, and she's known to disapprove of Naru's bad temper, carefully ignoring her own bad temper.  She's also disappointed that none of her descendents seem to desire to go into naval combat.  Said disappointment has been to the benefit of Princess Shiori, who recieves a lot of favor from Kozue for the simple reason that she shows an interest in Naval Combat.  Prince Demetrius likewise has a fair amount of Princess Kozue's approval.  While Kanna is no naval person, Kozue seems to get along well with Kanna and her husband, Commodore Ruka, as well.

Kozue is believed to be trying to hide from Michelle and Atsuko's new man-whore, Damask, who is apparently the son of her equivalent in the Avalon-Amber universe, supposedly.   (Many believe he is probably the result of the Miki/Juri/Madoka/Kozue/Corrine tryst during the Annadil Crisis.  Or possibly a genetic experiment gone horribly wrong.  Or some sort of sentient potato.)

Most of the younger generation has been spared many dealings with Kozue, though she's known to view Sousuke as a moron, Melissa as having some potential, Asuka as being a punk, Akari as being utterly and completely useless, and Uotani as a thug who needs to be hurled off the top of Mount Kolvir onto an iron spike fence.  (Uotani is known to have responded by calling Kozue 'The Great Whore of Rebma' and offered to King Miki to command the Pearl Fleet for a year in order to prove that anyone could do a better job than Kozue does. This got Uotani docked two weeks pay, and a polite rejection of the offer from Miki .)  Her hated of Uotani pales compared to her hatred of Haru, who she seems to have adopted in stead of Jacqui as 'Person I most hate', perhaps because Jacqui is mostly gone these days.  She is known to periodically play chess with Random, despite Random's heritage.

Utena--Commander of the Northern Fleet
Daughter of Gendo and Dowager Queen Anthy

"Beat me in this game of basketball, and I won't stand in the way of your wedding, son."--Utena
"Brave, strong, wise, just, beautiful.  I have to admit I envy her sometimes"--Wakaba
"La la la, look at me, I'm so nice I give people cavities, la la la, it's such a beautiful world, la la la.   Feh.  She's had such a happy life, she can't understand anyone else's pain.  No, we should all forget our pasts and be shining goody-goodies like her.  The past is not a garment we can discard, Utena.  You'd do well to remember that."--Nanami

The pink-haired, boyish goody goody of the family. She is also one of the best among the elders, perhaps the best at feats of arms, although many would argue Juri and Drake are superior to her at leading armies.  Utena served both Gendo and Tylor as  bodyguard and judicial champion for many years.  She then resigned the post to Prince Ramon, and became commander of Amber's new Air Fleet, in which capacity she's been known to work closely with Wakaba and Beowulf in airship design.  She also has trained Princess Kanna in bodyguarding, and has been seen many times playing basketball with Kanna, her son Ota, and Jacqueline (usually against Jacqueline's will).  She's known to dote on her grand daughter and to be very protective of her.

Utena seems to have become friendly with Touga, since his return from exile, and is known to have gone on several missions into shadow with him.  Utena is on very good terms with Thoric and Mutsumi, though the whole horde of Jacquis and multiple spouses issue seems to make her a little uncomfortable.  She also seems to enjoy the company of Motoko, though they don't interact much, and has become fairly friendly with Prince Ramon.  She's known to carry a Morgenstern manifestation, from which boogie music sometimes plays, and is also on good terms with Princess Naru.  She and Sumire feud for no clear reason, and she has been known to berate Kentaro when he's on one of his more arrogant kicks.  She and Wakaba remain very close.  For a time, she was believed to be Prince Shizumaru's mother, and is known to be fond of him, his wife, and his daughter, Akari.  Utena is no fan of Bust Rimururu.

During the Herald Crisis, Utena, along with most of the rest of the Tenjous, was imprisoned by the Gaunt Man and had to be rescued.  There's also rumors she was seen running around CAFAM in a chainmail bikini with Moriya, Davros, and Motoko (while the other three were all wearing pointy hats...).  She then vanished into Shadow on a long sabotage mission with Wakaba against Hel's forces, resulting in the destruction of Hel's Amber via Logrus Squid.

After the Crisis, Utena accepted command of the Northern Fleet after Kozue's resignation, and handed over the Air Fleet to Eowyn.  Utena and Eowyn have become quite friendly, in fact.  She seems very fond of Random, though sometimes frustrated with her, and seems to have great affection for Princess Makoto and for Minako.  As she was with Ota Major, she often seems exasperated with Ota Minor.  She tries to get along with Asuka and often succeeds.  She and Kaname have had several fights over the issue of House Helgram, as she looks upon Kaname's friendly dealings with that house as a huge mistake.  She spars regularly with Kuonji, who she is on very good terms with.  She also spars regularly with Setsuna, and tries to convince him to stop worrying about the Cone People.  She has a high regard for both Haru and Aburatsubo.

She also is the current guardian of Justice, though she will likely yield it up to whoever turns out to be the next Child of Metal.

Wakaba--Mistress of the Revels
Daughter of Gendo and Dowager Queen Anthy

"That's a lovely dress you're wearing today, although you'd look better in rose pink, I think.  Want me to adjust it for you?"--Wakaba
"Mother is the very epitome of grace and poise, behaving as truly fits a princess of Amber.  I could not have asked for a sweeter, kinder mother.  Unlike my step-mother, who seems to have stepped right out of 'Snow White'."--Prince Kentaro
"Adulterous bitch who ensorceled my husband to murder his mother.  I'd have been next if we hadn't lost, leading her to sell Kashfa down the river.  And her son's an arrogant prick.  I'll strangle on my own vomit before he sits on Kashfa's throne.  Even Kozue's less of a two mug whore than she is."--Queen Coral of Kashfa

It's hard to think of Wakaba as a princess of Amber. Her hair is an ordinary brown, pulled back into an elaborate hairstyle that probably takes her an hour each morning to put up. She dresses fashionably, and worries more about her love life than power or politics. Still, she is one of your aunts and a noted sorceress. She and Utena are very closely allied.  Even after centuries, she's still the baby of the family, at least to her siblings.  Wakaba acted for several decades as bodyguard and judicial champion for Queen Yuriko Star.

After being captured with Yuriko in Kashfa during the Annadil Crisis, Wakaba was rescued by Prince Ota, and remained largely in seclusion, probably from embarrassment, for a time.  (In part also due to her discovery of her pregnancy)  In the aftermath of the crisis, she seems to have become quite friendly with Prince Touga, who to the amazement of many people, takes her advice very seriously.  She also seems to be on quite good terms with Mutsumi, Naru, and Thoric, and very kind to Shinobu Minor.  She doesn't seem to like Sumire much, though she attends Sumire's parties.

Wakaba is very kind to her niece, Jacqueline, and is on fairly good terms with both of her children, Beowulf and Kentaro, though she's known to favor Beowulf because he doesn't have Kentaro's arrogance.  Her relationship with Rinaldo is strained; they're known to both be still quite fond of each other, but he's married, and she is now sensible enough not to intervene (It remains unclear as to the circumstances of their fling, although it's assumed to be consensual, despite her captivity of the time, given she's never called him a rapist and acted to protect Kashfa from Amber's wrath after the Annadil Crisis.  Queen Coral is known to HATE her).

Wakaba had to be rescued during the Herald Crisis with the rest of the Tenjous.  She caused some surprise when she attended the Marching dinner and ball with Duke Dalt as her escort.  She joined Utena in a mission to sabotage Hel's Ember, and fought at the Day of Darkness, where she was set on fire and nearly died.

Wakaba has since taken up the job of Mistress of the Revels of Amber.

Unlike many members of the family, Wakaba is on very good terms with Kuonji, despite Kuonji's dislike of her son, Beowulf.  Wakaba dotes on Setsuna to a degree which embarrasses him (and has spawned some mild speculation of her being his mother).  She's known to have come to approve of Lily, and dotes on her grandson, Telemain.  She has sometimes been seen with Orien on social occassions.  She seems to like Random, Shiori, and really, most of the new generation.  She was seen kissing Munchausen after a party some years ago, and it's thought they may have been lovers for a while.

Vash the Stampede, Special Agent of the Crown
Parentage Unknown (Possibly Corrine and 'Gideon' or else Gendo and some Shadow Woman)
"Love and PEACE!!!"

"What, you mean that's the Pattern?"--Vash
"Vash is very kind and fun to be around.  Taking oneself too seriously just makes you old before your time."--Dowager Queen Anthy
"I wouldn't put this man in charge of guarding the dip at a party, let alone defending the Queen.  I keep expecting daily to hear he accidentally shot her."--Rally Vincent

Vash wandered out of shadow during the Annadil Crisis, acting as a bodyguard for Robert Blake. He walked the Pattern after Crusty double dog dared him to do it, and to the shock of observers survived it.  He seems to be a complete idiot, though in Amber that probably means he's a genius.  He bears a strange resemblence to Gideon, who was one of Corrine's harem boys (but who hasn't been seen in decades.  Make of that what you will).

After over a century in Amber, Vash remains an idiot, though he's an idiot who has the Metal Spikard in a big gun.  He is known to be on good terms with King Thoric, as they both appreciate not being shot and a good party.  He greatly enjoys crashing Kentaro and Sumire's parties, turning them into utter disasters, which has resulted in both of them banning him from their residences for life, a measure which only seems to encourage him.  Kind to all in a goofy way, he is on good terms with Jacqueline and Shinobu and Mutsumi, finds Beowulf vastly amusing, and has been known to team up with Kitsune to cause trouble.  He is also known to be on very good terms with Anthy, Lily, Yumi, and Bill Vincent.  In fact, there are rumors of a secret romance between Vash and Anthy, though it remains unclear why they keep it a secret.

Strangely, Vash seems to very much dislike Prince Demetrius, for no apparent reason, though usually he just avoids him.

Vash assisted in the rescue of the Tenjous, and in the battle against the Black Unicorn Family at Mechanus.  He helped defend ShAmber on the Day of Darkness.

After many years as Royal Bodyguard, Vash resigned to begin decades of adventures in Shadow (sometimes with Orien).  He is not seen too much these days.

The Third Generation of Amber

Keiko, Court Mage of Amber and Princess of Amber and Ember
daughter of Corrine and ?

"It's never too late to go shopping." -- Keiko
"My wife is probably the most beautiful and the most intelligent woman in the universe.  I can't imagine being married to anyone else." -- Prince Ramon
"Gold-Digging Bitch."  -- Lord Walker

Keiko was originally believed to be from Lipun, although during the Annadil Crisis, she walked the Fire Pattern of Ember and was revealed to be Corrine's daughter.  Before this revelation, she served well in the City Watch of Amber, eventually rising to head the investigation department, during which time, she fought several battles against Makoto the Mad.  She demonstrated her talents well during several missions with Prince Ota and Prince Ramon during the Annadil Crisis, after which she struck up a romance with Prince Ramon, eventually leading to their marriage.

During the Herald Crisis, she went on many missions, culminating in her defense of ShAmber and the mission to attack Hel's Primal Pattern, where she is said to have rained down fire with the aid of both Gabrielle and Morgenstern.

Originally rised in Lipun, Keiko seems to have completely assimilated and never mentions her homeland.  Her skills at the use of magic for conducting investigations is quite reknowned.  She is generally a pleasant person.  Once a terrible guitar player, she has practiced for a century, and moved from bad to mediocre to decent to good to great, and now sometimes has been known to join in the so called 'Royal Jam', which happens once a year in Rebma (So called because Miki, Madoka, Mutsumi, and Thoric are all royalty now).

For reasons unknown, Keiko's Haradian heritage seems to have manifested itself strongly over the last century.  She has gone from a short, willowy woman who looked about as Haradian as, say, Anthy, to a still short, but now rather more solidly built woman, putting on large amounts of muscle mass and having enhanced curves.  Once weaker than the average chambermaid, Keiko is now strong enough to have once punched out Ota Minor.  (She has been known to augment this strength with magic, becoming strong enough to take on Nanami Minor and win when she does so).  The cause for this is believed partially due to her beginning a training regime with her husband, but even her physical features look more Haradian, and it can be seen clearly that she is Corrine's daughter.

She is Motoko's mother, and has had a stormy relationship with her daughter, although she seems to have come around to accepting Motoko's unusual relationships.  In fact, she seems to rather revel in Motoko's position as Bride of the Dragon, and has been known to be able to bully the Logrus into doing her will, calling on her authority as the Logrus' grandmother.  After years of squabbling, she and Moonshade have made peace, though it is unlikely they will ever be very close.  She seems to like Davros, and alternates between good relations with Mitsune and wishing to kill, kill, kill her.  She seems fond of Deirdre, aggravated by Miroku, confused by Kanako, and dismissive of Nanbara.  She and Nanami Minor have a poor relationship, ever since Nanami Minor's teenage years.  She has fairly good relations with most of the current generation, especially the mages.  She is known to have provided some training to Captain Hanajima, and to have gone on a wild shopping adventure with Captain Tomos and the Logrus some years back.

Many observers are quite baffled by her relationship with Captain Uotani.  She first met the Captain by being punched out in a boutique by her (for reasons unknown to the general public), and for many years seemed quite irritated with Ramon for his favorable treatment of her.  Over the years, she gradually softened, and after the 1395 incident in Wroland, she made a sharp 180, and has moved to showing Uotani an amount of favoritism which quite irritates many other guardsmen and baffles many other people.  They go shopping together, she tried to teach Uotani sorcery (and did teach her power words), and she continues to work on smoothing away Uotani's rough edges with mixed success.  Uotani seems to show up a remarkably large number of Belgalad family gatherings where one might not expect a simple guardswoman to appear.  This has led some to speculate that Uotani quietly shares Ramon and Keiko's bed, though Uotani becomes violent when people ask this, and Keiko just laughs at anyone who suggests it.  Ramon simply glares.  Others speculate that she is an illegitimate child of one or the other of them, though given that no one else seems to bother hiding their bastards, this seems unlikely.

Keiko, Chloe, Kaname, Kanna, and Nanami Minor recently were involved in a raid against the Untouchable Trio (plus one) and seem to have been rather successful.

Daughter of Saionji and Paulette

[Sound of violin music]--Michelle
"Mother gave me a love of music and a love of peace which abides with me still.  I can never repay her that gift."--King Thoric
"Why can't I have a harem too?"--Saionji

Michelle is of medium height with long aqua-green hair which is somewhat wavy.  She always dresses elegantly.  Unlike her father, she is slender rather than athletic, artistic rather than militant.  She is reknowned for her skill with the violin, and is a somewhat skillful sorceress.  Her mother, Paulette is long dead, one of Saionji's lovers out of Shadow (Gaul), and she is technically illegitimate.  She trained musically with Miki for a time, and usually seems closer to him than to her own father.  She bears a strong resemblance to Michiru, a woman whom rumors claimed was Queen Haruka's lover.  There is probably no connection, however.

During the Annadil Crisis, Michelle provided aid to Prince Shizumaru, and it is rumored they were lovers for a time.  However, he left her for Rimururu, and she seems to have acquired a large harem of men from somewhere, which she shares with his mother, Lady Atsuko.  This leads to all sorts of rumors too numerous to list here, but Thoric is generally thought to be the result of one of her liasons with her harem (which she keeps in Shadow to avoid Yuriko hanging her from a yardarm).

Michelle loves Thoric, her son, very much, and is incredibly proud of him.  She is also very fond of his wives, Mutsumi and Jacqueline, and of her niece Shinobu Minor.  She is on good terms with Kentaro (who is rumored to wish he had a harem himself, though one of women, of course).  She and Sumire snipe at each other rather viciously.  She is on good terms with Motoko, Moonshade, Mitsune, Davros, Shinobu and Jacqueline.  She gets along well with Beowulf, and she's developed a friendship with Yumi and her daughters (all of whom are rumored to have free access to Michelle's harem).

During the Herald Crisis, Michelle's estates were levelled by the Serpent's Horn, and much of her harem was slain.  The Horn held her prisoner for a week, until she was finally rescued by the joint Amber/Chaos force that destroyed the Serpent's Horn.  She apparently briefly went mad and tried to slay King Ishmael for no apparent reason, but came back to her senses.

Michelle appeared at Moriya's funeral with her new man-whore, Damask, who rumor has it is a Chaosian from another universe or possibly the love child of the Miki/Juri/Corrine/Kozue/Madoka tryst during the Annadil Crisis.  Or a strange living fungus.

Either her new lover, or perhaps her repeated misfortunes lit a fire under her feet, and after forty years of mostly playing with her harem and sometimes helping Tylor with odd jobs, Michelle took it upon herself to found a magical academy.  Sort of.

The Monde-Hisame Academy for Young Sorcerors is in some ways best described as Harem 2.0.  Avoided by more reputable families, it's generally believed (and probably true) that the instructors, and part (maybe most) of the student body teach and study by day, and act as Michelle and Lady Atsuko's harem by night.  The academy provides excellent instruction in Magic, Broken Pattern, Shapeshifting, Music, Etiquette, History, Estate Management, Swordsmanship, and all the arts necessary to produce fine young, mildly sex-crazed noblemen.  Michelle, Atsuko, and Damask lead yearly field trips into shadow, which have ranged from glorified picnics to the storming and sacking of some threat to Amber in shadow by the student body.

Whatever is exactly going on, Princess Michelle carries herself with a renewed grace and determination, and seems to take great pleasure in every diploma she grants and the end of every successful field trip.  She seems for the moment, to have put her fears behind her (if not her sex drive).  She's also taken to offering private lessons to any member of the family who desires to learn more of music, manners, or the ways and byways of shadow.  Random seems to have taken her up on this in the past, and they remain close.  She also seems very friendly with Baron Munchausen, who attended her school many years ago.

Michelle, Mitsune, and Moonshade are all known to collapse laughing hysterically whenever 'Bust Rimururu' is mentioned.  Many wonder if they know something the rest of us do not.

Kaworu Nagisa, Keeper of the Lighthouse of Cabra and Court Mage of Rebma

TAMD PC played by "Scriviner"

Age: 21--Physical Appearance
391--Age in Amber Time
572--Experienced Years
Height:  Five Foot and Eight Inches
Weight: 125 lbs
Eyes: Red
Hair:  Blue 
Skin: Pale
Parents:  Not publically known, but generally rumored to be Kozue and Miki 

"I like music, don't you?"--Nagisa
"Quiet, polite, gentle, kind.  Makes it easier to believe Miki's his father than that Kozue is his mother."--Princess Wakaba
[minutes of silence and staring blankly]  "There, that's my Nagisa impression"--Krusty the Royal Fool


Kaworu arrived in Amber at the beginning of the Annadil Crisis, having apparently been raised in an alternate Amber known as Ambre.   He has demonstrated substantial skills as a magician and as a musician.  His heroic deeds during the Annadil crisis are too numerous to describe, but can be found in the TAMD timeline.

Prince Nagisa was recently revealed to have been secretly married to Princess Gabrielle of Ember, and Shinobu Minor is their daughter.

Between the Annadil and Herald Crises, Nagisa largely focused on trying to find the Demi-Jewel of Water in order to create a new Rebma and end the problem of the Rebma vortex once and for all.  He's also built and maintains the Lighthouse of Cabra, a powerful construct which uses various items of power he has collected to maintain safe shadow travel paths to Amber and Rebma.

During the Herald Crisis, he helped fix Morgenstern after Morgenstern's fit of insanity, had a very public fight with Prince Lucien at Marching, rescued Prince Lucien from Bloc Rebmaquois despite that, and nearly died at the hands of Prince Saionji.  At the Day of the Dead, he had to fight Hel with the Demi-Jewel of Water, and nearly died.  He has since become the keeper of the Demi-Jewel of Water.

Nagisa is rarely seen at Amber's  court, but does stay in touch with Miki and Kozue (his parents), Madoka (his step mother and sometimes musical partner), Shinobu Minor (his daughter), and Shinobu Major and Naru (his half-sister and neice respectively).  He is on fairly good terms with all of them, although he's often embarrased by Kozue, Shinobu Major, and Naru's fits of temper, or Kozue's mercurial nature.  He also is on very good terms with Lady Yumi.  He seems to be on good terms with Kaname, and to view her friends Melissa, Kurz, and Sousuke with favor.  He's somewhat afraid of Baron Munchausen, and is known to intensely dislike Asuka.

Ramon, Personal Trainer of Amber and Possibly Strongest Man in the Universe
Son of Nanami and Tsuwabuki (most likely, anyway, as Ramon calls him 'Dad')


"I am NOT A HUMAN SHIELD!    Okay?!?"--Prince Ramon
"So, the chair breaks over his head, and he just stands there, shaking his head, saying, 'You really need to go home before I have to arrest you'.  The guy punches him in the gut three times, and he just sighs.  Then the guy kicked Ramon in the balls, and he just winced and said, 'Last warning'.  I was already tossing drunks in the wagon by then.  So the guy picks up the bartender and tries to use him as a club, and Ramon wrestles away the bartender and then shoves the guy's head under a beer faucet and turns it on, holding the guy's mouth open under it.  'You like beer?  Here, I'll buy you a round for the house just for yourself'.  Haven't seen that guy around making trouble since."--Prince Ota
"How did someone as sharp as Nanami produce someone as stupid as Ramon?"--Lord High Chamberlain Nabiki

It remains a mystery as to how two short people like Nanami and Tsuwabuki managed to produce a hulking man like Ramon.  He's tall, with short dark hair and bulging muscles.  He tends to wear martial arts clothing, and is noted for his skill in those arts.  Ramon is an easy going guy and somewhat easily exploited, which usually results in his mother lecturing him.  He bickers constantly with his mother, who has been known to use him as a human shield.

During the Annadil Crisis, Ramon assisted Prince Ota on several missions into Shadow, one of which led to his love affair with Keiko, to whom he is now married.  Their love may not inspire epic love songs, but one hundred and forty years of marriage is nothing to sneeze at either.  In recent years, he and Keiko and Captain Uotani work out together most mornings, and he seems to be very proud of his wife's growth in strength.  He and Keiko are Motoko's parents, and while neither of them really understands her, they both are known to care for their daughter quite a bit.  He is also Nanami Minor's father, and is known to care for her quite a bit, although her temper frustrates him.

Ramon's house in Shadow is generally open for anyone who wants to come and party, much to Keiko's annoyance at times.  Just clean up after yourself, please.

During the Herald Crisis, Ramon fell into the hands of House Darios, resulting in his being held hostage until Moriya and Motoko engineered an operation to rescue him.  He also delivered a heart-felt if not very well written eulogy for Prince Ota at the Marching ceremonies.  On the Day of the Dead, he is known to have killed some six or seven of Hel's Wu, more than any other member of the family, an act which seems to have greatly elevated his status in the eyes of Drake and Shinobu Major.

Ramon is a very easy-going guy, and is on good terms with just about all of the younger princes and princesses, though he seems to especially favor Kanna (who he is known to have trained), Jacqueline (who he seems to treat as his own daughter), Thoric (who he enjoys wrestling with), and Moonshade (ditto).  While he doesn't see her much, he and Shinobu Major are on good terms as well.

In recent years, he seems to regard Captain Uotani of the Watch as a protege, and spends a lot of time helping to train her in unarmed combat.  In fact, he's on rather better terms with her than he is with Nanami Minor, and almost certainly sees her more often.  Uotani seems to show up a remarkably large number of Belgalad family gatherings where one might not expect a simple guardswoman to appear.  This has led some to speculate that Uotani quietly shares Ramon and Keiko's bed, though Uotani becomes violent when people ask this, and Keiko just laughs at anyone who suggests it.  Ramon simply glares.  Others speculate that she is an illegitimate child of one or the other of them, though given that no one else seems to bother hiding their bastards, this seems unlikely.

Ramon has trained an immense number of people in unarmed combat over the last century, and generally cemented his position as quite possibly the strongest man in the universe.  He is known to have won best three out of five rounds against Lady Suroth, generally considered the strength champion of Chaos.  Tylor has appointed him 'Royal Physical Trainer of Amber'.  He seems to view Orien quite favorably, and Random as well, along with the rest of the Arcadians, especially Makoto Minor.  Ramon sparred with Kanako at times before her disappearance.  He seems to view Deirdre and Miroku as if they were his own grandchildren.  And to lecture both of them, as if that was the case.  He seems utterly baffled in every way by Nanbara.

Major General Shinobu, Commander of the Amber Cavalry Corps
Daughter of Kozue and Lord Briaros

"Now you've made me REALLY angry!"--Shinobu
"Now here's a woman I can respect.  I've seen her lead troops, and it's pretty damn impressive.  And she fights like a hurricane in a duel."--Duke Dalt
"Is she a Princess of Amber or a troll?"--Khunta Kol, Ambassador of Ashante

Shinobu has short black hair cut in her mother's style and a rather bulkier figure, inherited from her father's side.  She got picked on a lot because she was an ugly little kid, so she got tough fast and learned how to fight very well.  She has a legendary temper, during which she seems to get impressive bursts of strength.  She has an uneasy relationship with her mother, who is sometimes affectionate and sometimes distant and usually manipulative.  She was raised by her father, Briarios,  in Sethfor as a result; he is an easygoing man, tall, dark haired and bulky.  Most observers remain confused as to why Kozue had a fling with him in the first place.

During the Annadil Crisis, Shinobu ran wild over the Therins, crushing them.  She then commanded the expeditionary force which crushed Lipun, and directed its reconstruction.  She married a minor Lipunese nobleman, Inaba, a friendly, but not always very competent sorceror, noted for his odd magical rabbit suit.  She now spends most of her time in Harad, breeding horses and training cavalrymen.  She's known to be somewhat disappointed in her daughter, Naru, who has abandoned a promising career in the cavalry to pursue trying to get into Panopticon University under the influence of the Royal Tutor, Seta Noriyasu.  She challenged Seta to a rose duel, but he set the weapon as unarmed combat and pounded her into the ground.  She's known to really, really hate him.

During the Herald Crisis, after the loss of Hiko, Shinobu acted as Warden of Arden until a more permanent appointment could be made.  She assisted in the destruction of the Red Death in Arden and in the war on the Serpent's Horn.  She commanded the assault on Hel's Primal Pattern with great success.

Tylor offered her the job of Admiral of the Southern Fleet after Saionji's resignation, but she refused the job, citing a lack of naval experience.

Shinobu once had great respect for Motoko, but her increasing puritanicalness has caused her to reject all of the various harems of the Herald-era generation.  She's known to have taught Keitaro how to ride a horse, and is known to have great respect for Thoric despite his harem membership; his performance in the Herald Crisis enabled many people to finally understand why.  She and Prince Ramon are known to get along pretty well.  She is known to rather dislike Marshal Tsuwabuki; jealousy of him getting the job she wanted is considered the cause.  She is known to like Asuka quite a bit.

Shinobu rarely comes to court, and is usually either off at a war, or off training her men.  Rumor has it she's quite irritated at not being appointed Marshal when the job came open after Shaft's death.

Hisame Shizumaru, Warden of Arden and Master of the Keep of the Five Elements

TAMD PC played by Andrew Huang

Age:  56
Height:  5 foot 6 inch
Weight: 140 lbs
Eyes: Red
Hair:  Auburn 
Skin:  Tanned
Parents:  Touga and Hisame Atsuko 

"Gomen nasai. Mou ikimasu."
( I am sorry.  I must go now.)--Shizumaru
"My favorite pseudo-nephew."--Juri of Avalon
"Traitor to our land and our ways.  He will soon perish as will all foreign dogs."--Part of a manifesto circulated in Daikyou.

  Hisame Shizumaru is a young man--a boy, really, even moreso because of his small stature. He is known to be the son of Touga and a minor Lipunese noblewoman, Hisame Atsuko. She has raised him more or less by herself, as Shizumaru was conceived out of wedlock--Touga seduced her when passing through this land, and left soon thereafer--and was banished to the countryside by her family.

  Having been relatively isolated all his life (his mother chose to live outside the nearest village, rather than in it) and largely shunned by family, Shizumaru is overall pretty shy and withdrawn. He did not Play Well With Others, especially since he was an outsider. Instead, he spent most of his time with his mother, and when he got a little older, by himself out in the woods and fields. In his wanderings, when he was ten, he bumped into a man named Haohmaru, a master swordsman and martial artist. Haohmaru saw talent in him and decided to train him to fight, with his mother's approval. Shizumaru eventually became quite adept with a sword and, for some reason, a bamboo umbrella, learning to fight with one, the other, or even both at the same time. He also learned barehanded combat. In his fourteenth year, Haohmaru showed him the Broken Pattern, near his home. The master had walked it himself sometime before, and told Shizumaru that he would be able to walk it as well. About a year later, Shizumaru did walk it, and Haohmaru added the techniques of the Broken Pattern to his training repetoire.

  This life was pretty idyllic. Almost boring. And then, one day, a man with a silver arm showed up at his house and tried to kill him. Shizumaru managed to fight the man off, with the help of Utena, but his mother vanished mysteriously at the time. Shizumaru has sworn to find her--and his father, though that is an older promise he made to himself--and came to Amber along with Utena and Corrine. And so, he plunges into the story....

  Shizumaru is a quiet and polite young man; there's often a sort of melancholy, brooding air about him. He's inherited his father's good looks (and red hair, though it is somewhat spikier, and worn in a ponytail).  He seems to dislike conflict, but is ready to fight whenever needed. He has some amount of anger toward Touga for having abandoned his mother, but is not hateful; They seem reconciled since the Annadil Crisis, but are not close. He seems fond of Utena and Corrine, as the former was the one who chased off the man with the silver arm, while Corrine especially seems concerned about him and his mother.  For a time he believed himself Utena's son, and in many ways, this seems more plausible than his true parentage.  They remain good friends.  His umbrella seems to be everpresent, no matter what the weather is.

His heroic deeds during the Annadil crisis are too numerous to describe, but can be found in the TAMD timeline.

Shizumaru is now happily married to a former Miko, Rimururu, who served the Kami Frostspire.  He mostly dwells in Arden, where he serves as Warden.  Shizumaru seems to be on good terms with all the members of his generation, though he is not known to seek out Mikage's company.  He seems especially close to Michelle, who it is rumored was briefly his lover, with whom he has shared many adventures into shadow.  To the amazement of many, he is on very good terms with his aunt Nanami (indeed, rumors state they made out on the roof of City Hall during the final hours of the Second Day of Darkness, but if you listened to such rumors, you'd have to believe the entire royal family had a giant orgy up there...), who seems to greatly respect him.  He is known to have trained her granddaughter, Motoko, and has great respect for her.  Shizumaru didn't have a lot of contact with the Herald-era generation, though he is known to have provided some training to Prince Thoric, who unfortunately, turned out to be rather a disappointment for a long time.  (Some point to the fact that Thoric was born six months after a five month long journey into shadow by Michelle and Shizumaru to find Shizumaru's mother, and say he is Thoric's father.  Others point to the presence of Saionji on that trip and find it rather unlikely he just would have sat back and watched.  No, don't take it THAT way either.  And if you then try to claim...just don't.)

Shizumaru is the master of a center for training in the Elemental Powers, the Keep of the Five Elements, watched over by his elemental Construct, Kafuin.  What time he does not spend in Lipun, Arden, or Amber is usually spent there.

Prince Shizumaru and his wife both vanished during the Herald Crisis; Rimururu seems to have fallen into the hands of Malraux for a time, while Shizumaru apparently went down to Chaos.  There, he was put on trial for the death of twelve Knights of Hendrake, and convicted, sentenced to 50 years imprisonment for manslaughter.  Shizumaru was briefly paroled to attend his son's funeral and to fight on the Day of the Dead.  He served out his term, and after he was released, was appointed Warden of Arden, where he now dwells.  He now has a daughter, Akari.

Most of you have not seen much of Shizumaru, although he's known to be very friendly with Yomiko, and to be on good terms with Violet and Kaname.  He seems to try to avoid Setsuna at all costs, and he's known to generally disapprove of every single child of the Quartet, as well as Ota Minor and Minako(rumor has it that Minako told him he ought to marry Bust Rimururu as well).  He seems able to get along with Random and Makoto, however).

The Fourth Generation of Amber

Beowulf Kohl, D.PLH, Panopticon University
Son of Wakaba and ?
UnS Player Character (Travis Butler)

Beowulf asks, "Lian, you said you had disguises for us? I'll be Ringo, Kanna can be John... would you rather be George or Paul?" --Dread Pirates and their Dread Disguises

"Beowulf is very sweet and gentle with good taste in clothing.  And he always gives people very nice presents.  And I love to hear him talk about all his adventures, even though you have to pry, because he doesn't like to brag."--Queen Mutsumi

"So, we're in Five Mirror City; Beowulf asked me to come along with him to help him pick out some nice Hang-Kung porcelain for his mother's birthday, and since I know the place better than he does...anyway, we're in the porcelain shop, when one of the tables starts making this weird whooshing noise.  I'm looking around, and I see a bunch of men in purple jump suits somehow step OUT of the table.  I point this out to Beowulf, who simply says, "Probably just someone from Panopticon wanting porcelain."  Doesn't even bother to look.  Given the men are brandishing laser pistols, me, I'm a little more worried.  Especially when this older guy, dark clothing, dark hair, dark moustache, radiating 'I AM EVIL' from fifty feet away, steps out.

So I pull out a trump card of Mom, preparing to get the hell out, and I tug Beowulf on the shoulder, "I don't think he wants porcelain, Beowulf."

Of course, Mr. Creepy then says, "Beowulf, where is the Porcelain Goddess?"

And I just lost it.  Who wouldn't?  I just start laughing at the guy.  Beowulf STILL doesn't turn around.  He picks up a porcelain plate set and checks the bottom of the plates one by one, and replies, "I think the idols are over by the east wall.  I'd suggest asking one of the clerks.

"Do not make fun of me, Beowulf," the man said.  "Where have you hidden the Porcelain Goddess?"

I couldn't help myself.  I should have just shut up, or just kept laughing, even though the man was glaring at me.  So I said, "Have you checked the bathroom?"

So he sends some of his men to the bathroom.  Well, I just lost it completely.  I'm rolling around on the floor, laughing my head off.  Which I guess annoyed him because he pointed a ray at me and turned me into a doll.  Well, that finally got Beowulf's attention.  He turns around and frowns at Mr. Creepy, and says, "That wasn't very nice."

Mr. Creepy says, "I tire of this game.  Tell me where you have hidden the Porcelain Goddess, or I will finish the job on your hyena-like friend."  That made me mad, but there wasn't much I could do as a doll.

"Hold on, it's in my bag," Beowulf said, taking off his backpack, and pulling his whip out of it.  Crack!  He grabbed the doll-ray device.  The man orders his minions to fire, but their weapons didn't work.  So he runs and somehow jumps into one of the tables, which then makes whooshing noises again and briefly blinks out of existence, then comes back, while Beowulf is beating down the goons.

Fortunately, the doll-ray thing had a setting to turn people back to normal, or I'd probably be in Mutsumi's collection.

I'm never going anywhere with Beowulf again."
--King Thoric

"Caught with his arm thrust into a bag nearly up to his shoulder, a tall, thin man gazed into space with that odd expression people get when they're digging around inside something.  Small round spectacles were sliding down his nose, revealing his cheerful hazel eyes.  He rather reminded me of a magician having trouble with a trick.  A stage magician, that is.  He wore a respectable tan suit in the style of twentieth century Shadow Earth; the jacket was casually folded over the top of a chair, and a fedora and a whip sat on a table nearby.  I wasn't sure if he was going to produce something really nifty or just finally extract his bagel."
--Beowulf's Trump


Height: 6 feet
Weight: 155 pounds
Eyes:   Hazel
Hair:   light brown
Skin:   Moderately Tanned (the power of FIELDWORK at work!)

A short biography of Beowulf Kohl

Ah, very well... if you wish, I'll tell you something about my childhood. Though I still don't see why it would be particularly interest-- Ow! Please, dear lady, I have already agreed; there is no need to resort to such measures.

<Ponders for a moment.> Mother... well, to understand about me, you have to understand Mother. She's always had romantic notions about masterful heroes and daring rescues -- so when she discovered herself with child, she decided to take me someplace where I could be raised right, to be a hero. I... well, I'm afraid I disappoint her somewhat.

So, to make a long story short, I was born and raised in Lucas. Now, Lucas is a wonderful place to grow up in; all the adventure and excitement a child could want, delivered right to your doorstep. Mother apparently hoped that this would rub off on me, and that I would choose to be a great warrior, or the leader of an elite squad of government agents.  At the end, she finally had to settle for encouraging me to become an archeologist, following (hopefully) in the footsteps of the great Dr. Jones. Alas, I'm afraid that none of this quite worked out; while I didn't end up assigned to alligator control, I'm really not much better than average.

Perhaps it was because Mother wasn't around a lot of the time. While she certainly cared, and my time with her was always wonderful when she was around, she spent a lot of time away from home. I don't *blame* her for it, I hasten to say -- either then or now -- but it did make things more lonely than they might have been. As she explained it when I was growing up, she worked at a rather sensitive government post, and had to go on a lot of trips for the government. And indeed, as I learned later, this was completely true -- it was simply the Amber government that she was working for. After I'd made it out into the wider world, she also explained that she kept me hidden from the court of Amber -- and did not expose me to it -- because she was disgusted by the behavior of some of the Amber nobles, and didn't want me to be corrupted by it. But I'm getting ahead of myself here...

In any event, she would visit me every few months as I was growing up, stay for a few weeks, then have to leave again. As I approached adulthood and was getting ready to graduate from high school, Mother started dropping hints about taking me on a very special trip to meet our relatives after I graduated, and not to make too many plans about college -- I would undoubtedly see a few things that might lead to adjusting those plans. So graduation rolled around. Mother had made elaborate plans, had said she'd be there a few days before so we could get ready... and never came.

After a month of waiting during the summer, and still no Mother, I had to assume that she was dead; she'd always warned me that she was in a somewhat risky line of work, and there might be a point when she might not come back. I cried for a few nights, then sighed and decided how to go on with my life. College was still what I wanted to do; although it was too late to get into any of the best schools, I was able to enter a rather nice state university. I went into archeology; while it wasn't my primary interest, it's what Mother would have wanted.

Several years passed. I went through college with a decent if not exactly spectacular career, graduated, got a graduate degree, and joined an expedition into the heart of Deepest Africa.

And then Mother returned...

I admit, it was rather surprising to be in our base camp -- hundreds of miles away from the nearest outpost of civilization, let alone the nearest city -- and see Mother walk into the clearing. A charitable description of my expression at this point would probably have to include words like 'fish,' 'gaping,' and 'goggle-eyed'. Honestly.

The first thing she did after spotting me was run over, nearly strangle me with a hug, cry into my shoulder and ask me how I was doing. The next thing she said was, "Bey -- I know I wanted you to go into archeology, but really... where's the evil temple? I don't see any mystic ruins anywhere near here, do you?"

"I... but Mother, I... we're going to be there in a couple of days, I'm sure --"

"I'm sure. Now pack up your things, son; we need to go."

"But, Mother! What about my companions here --"

"I've arranged for a replacement for you. Gourry? Could you come over here..."

And so she dragged me away from Deepest Africa, and brought me to Amber. I admit, at first I was not entirely sure whether this was any better; even considering the number of Children of Amber who come walking out of Shadow, the new kid on the block often comes in for a fair amount of sharp teasing. Fortunately, it did not take long for me to settle in and start making acquaintances, and I now count a number of people here as good friends. Mother brought me to Panopticon University for a look, and the rest -- as they say -- is history.

Um... could you put the feather duster down now?

Note:  A large proportion of the Shadows in the 'Beyond the Golden Circle' Page are from Beowulf's perspective, extracts from various of his scholastic writings, kindly donated to the Library of Castle Amber.

Relations with siblings:

Beowulf, in general, is on pretty good terms with all of his relatives.  He spends a lot of time with his mother, Wakaba, and has been known to play cards with King Tylor regularly.  Beowulf and Kentaro are half-brothers, but aren't very close, though they seem to get along reasonably well.  Beowulf is especially close to Mutsumi, and the two of them carry on as if they were full siblings most of the time.  He and Naru and Juri all seem to get along very well, and enjoy having academic debates with one another.  He has come to be on very good terms with Thoric and Jacqueline over the years, and has done many services for their Kingdom.  He's been known to drop in on Prime Minister Keitaro and offer him advice, and he and seems to enjoy Lady Sumire's parties, though he is no aristocrat.  He is now married to Countess Lily and he and Kitsune take great pleasure in playing complicated pranks on one another with good cheer.  He gets along well with Moonshade, and has spent some time tutoring her in the arts of Conjuration.    While Kuonji still doesn't like him, he always greets Kuonji with a friendly smile which only sends Kuonji into more conniption fits.  Beowulf is especially close to Kanna, and there are frequent (but probably untrue) rumors of he, Kanna, Lily, and Ruka sharing a bed during visits to Ember.

Beowulf is also known to be on fairly friendly terms with Lord Franich (the court historian), Lady Haruna, and Travis the Librarian.  He and Seta, the Royal Tutor, both went to Panopticon at the same time, and Beowulf recommended him for the job.  Beowulf has also become rather friendly with the Shadow Mage Spellvis in the aftermath of the Herald Crisis.

The most skillful warrior of his generation (at least most successful surviving member), Beowulf is noted for his ability to prevent people dying and for his great conjuring and artificing skills.  Beowulf carries the potent staff Morkeleb, which does great damage and is able to both break spells and store them for later use.

Beowulf's heroic deeds during the Herald Crisis are too numerous to mention, but can be found in the UnS Timeline.

After spending time in setting up the Museum of Shadow and raising his son Telemain to teenagerdom, he set out in 1347 with his wife and son to Arcadia, where he spent thirteen years helping to make the Arcadian Patternblades.  Telemain returned in 1355, before his parents did.

In 1371,  in Sailoon, the Cult of Shuma-Gorath nearly frees their dark god.  Ambassador Amelia assembles a strike force of Beowulf, Kanna, Nausicaa, Kaede, Naru, Kentaro, and Sumire.  They arrive in time to discover that someone has already slaughtered the cultists and prevented the ritual.  They spend some time rampaging through Sailoon, slaughtering monsters, just to make the trip not a complete waste.  This leads to the infamous 'tea with goblins' disaster, of which none of them will speak (though there are rumors of Kentaro having been stuffed in Beowulf's bag and used as a club.  Most discount these, as Beowulf wouldn't be so cruel).  Gourry makes his first appearance in over a century, rescuing them all with the help of Naga the White Serpent, Kitiara, and Pirotess.  Much embarrassment ensues.  Beowulf hires Gourry as head guard for the Museum of Shadow.

From 1372-1400 AY, Beowulf went to Arcadia, and worked with Thoric, Mutsumi, Jacqui, Dr. Jacqueline, and the Bride of the Jewel in forging the Turtle Spikards.  His essential good nature (or perhaps the fact that the Turtle Spikards won't work back in his home universe) prevented him claiming any for himself, although one of them is reserved for his use during his visits there.

Happily married to Countess Lily, Beowulf now has a son Telemain who is known to be quite proud of.  He spends much of his time running his Museum of Shadow, teaching at Panopticon, or exploring Shadow.  For a while, Princess Moonshade studied with him, learning the arts of Conjuration.  In recent years, he and Lily have spent most of their time in the Jacquiverse, exploring its infinite Shadow.

Two ex-members of 'Lucien's Ladies' now work for Beowulf, running the Museum of Shadow during his absences (Kitiara and Pirotess).  Beowulf, being a fairly amiable person, seems to like most of the current generation, though he's been known to lecture Random and Miroku.  Especially Miroku.  Some years ago, Asuka punched him in the face for no discernable reason; neither will comment on it.  It is noteworthy that Kaname's temper seems to evaporate entirely in his presence.  His neice, Deirdre, seems exceptionally fond of him, and he's known to have long talks with Setsuna and Yomiko (both fellow Panopticon graduates), even though they often disagree.

Prince Demetrius, President of the Amber City Naval Academy
Son of Corrine and some Harem-Boy (Probably 'Roderick')
UnS Player Character (Matt Giglia)

"Mr. Nelson, engage the engines."  -- Prince Demetrius
"Captain Demetrius played a crucial role in our victory on the Day of Darkness, fighting on almost every major front.  He's a valuable asset to the family, and Corrine should be proud of him."  -- Prince Drake
"Miserable incompetent little @%$@%@#$%@#$^%$^!!!!!!"  (Saionji now begins to gibber incoherently)  -- Prince Saionji

Born to Queen Corrine and one of the members of her mysterious harem (allegedly recruited from other universes), Demetrius is dark haired and clean cut, a splendid military figure, except when his mother or Aunt Juri is teasing him and he begins to unravel.  He is an excellent warrior and a noted master of the mysteries of the Abyss, said to have taught many secrets to the White Knight, who seems to be his lover (in fact, he made his appearance on the scene by rescuing the White Knight from the Abyss).  He has a psychotic sister Ryoko, who thankfully hasn't been seen in a century, having apparently been sent off to be imprisoned somewhere, from which she will hopefully never return.

Prince Demetrius commands the Radiant, one of the Great Ships, a powerful Abyss cruiser.  He is assisted by three mysterious figures from Shadow: the living skeleon named T, the red-haired trickster Bogdozan, and the tiny-brained Vaprak, who is said to have once eaten a spikard, a Wu-Lord of Chaos, blood clones of Tylor and Corrine, and an Animal God, all in the space of a month.

Demetrius' heroic deeds (and amazing screwups) during the Herald Crisis are too numerous to mention, but can be found in the UnS Timeline.

After the crisis, Demetrius was given an MVP award by King Tylor and appointed President of the Amber City Naval Academy.

Demetrius, despite early difficulties with Motoko, and the continuing hatred of Prince Saionji and Princess Michelle, he seems to have adjusted well to family life, and gets along with all of the members of House Harad.  Corrine and Juri treat him especially well, and he is known to be quite friendly with Princess Shiori (who calls him 'Uncle Demmy').   He is also close to Queen Anthy.  (There are certain strange rumors which claims Anthy and Demetrius periodically merge together into some sort of rampaging uberpowerful Abyss Monster which is then turned loose on Amber's enemies.  Most people place these roughly on a  level with the claim that Davros is actually King Gendo in disguise.)

Demetrius has not had many dealings with non-Harad family members and their allies in the last century, unless they became involved in naval affairs.  He does seem to approve of Melissa and Kurz, however, and he is known to have taken a special interest in both Shiori and Kaname when they attended the ACNA.  He's also rumored to have fought some sort of strange naval duel involving swan gondolas with Allen von Munchausen, but Munchausen _probably_ made the whole thing up.  He's come to have frequent dealings with Sumire and Utena and grown friendly with both of them, and is on good terms with Kozue and King Miki as well.

For no discernable reason, Demetrius seems to be attacked once a year by poorly designed giant robots; since it always happens on exactly the same day, he's learned to adjust to it  (For those wishing to know when to avoid him, it's always July 21st, a day of no known significance.)

Many people wonder why Damask runs away from Demetrius, and this is considered to probably be a bad sign.  Or something.

He also breeds and sells Abyss Kittens to anyone who is interested.  With a stern warning about how they can bite off a man's leg if provoked.

Queen Jacqueline Tenjou of Arcadia
Daughter of Prince Ota "Shaft" Tenjou and Lady Kasumi Tendo
UnS Player Character (Rod Malapitan)
aka "Fleet-Crusher"

"aaah! er.... your room might not be suitable for all audiences! w-wait!"--Jacqueline

"Oh crap. I've got Destiny." -- Jacqueline Tenjou, informed that she's The Bride of the Jewel.

"To be the lover of a living goddess is both ecstasy and terror."--King Thoric
"She is kind and gentle and full of love.  I could not ask for a better lover."--Queen Mutsumi

"Ignorant.  Clumsy.  No control of her powers.  Acts as lowborn as her mother and as her father tried to be.  Oh, and ugly too.  If she comes near the fleet again, I'll hang her from the yardarm!!!  Worthless little... [censored] [censored] [censored]!!!!"--Princess Kozue of Amber.

"Dressed in a formal kimono, a young woman kneeled facing the viewer, performing a tea ceremony.  She looked nervous, though she was making no obvious errors.  Her short, light pink hair hung down freely, accenting her tanned skin and dark blue eyes.  Her complexion was perfect, her makeup without an error.  A broom leaned against a wall nearby, and steam rose from the tea.  The shadow of a man, her father from the shape of it, fell across her and the tea set."
--Jacqueline's Trump

Age:     39 Amber years, physically 19, unknown 'lived' years.
Height:  5 feet 5 inches
Eyes:    Dark Blue
Hair:    Light Pink
Skin:    Slight tan

The daughter of Ota Tenjou and Kasumi Tendo. Soft spoken, shy, and very uncomfortable in large social affairs, she is rather friendly and very gentle once you get to know her.  There does seem to be a sort of sadness to her, something hard to describe and harder to see unless you look carefully.  It often seems as if she's constantly afraid of messing something up or offending someone.

With her father often absent in the line of duty for Amber, she has been raised mostly by Kasumi and it shows in her demeanor -- adept at domestic skills, such as cooking, cleaning and serving a great cup of tea.  She has shown brief but with small flashes of an adventurous streak in venturing out of the castle on her own, just to see what's out there.  Despite her curiosity, she has done so very infrequently, and also seems as frightened by the world out there as she is curious.  Her father's influence manifests itself in her awkward attempts at learning the arts of the sword, often asking to wield her father's Pattern or Logrusblade.  Thus far, despite her father's, her grandmother's, and other various family members' attempts, she seems to have sword skills inferior to those of the standard castle guards.  Despite this, her father tries to encourage her to become a better swordswoman.  This makes her birth-mother fret slightly, as it seems to her a bit unladylike.  She also bemoans the nicknames her father has given her, "Jackie" and "Lady Jaq", believing they sound far too much like names for boys. Her other mother, the (in)famous Leather Knight, is greatly amused.

Living in the castle meant she interacted with many magic users, those of the family and the staff, and as a result she has picked up some skills.  However, after accidentally sinking a large portion of her Aunt Kozue's fleet, including the boat Kozue was in, the opinion of the family regarding any further magical education is mixed.  Her father generally facepalms and breaks out the painkillers whenever the topic of magic and Jacqueline come up.

In terms of real battle experience, nobody can recall her having any.  In practice sword matches, her valor varies, from putting on a brave face despite trembling arms to something just short of the astonishing cowardice of her cousin Thoric.  She is, in fact, the only person Thoric fared well against in a practice match.

The only turbulent period in her life when she was nine years old, when she disappeared from the castle for the first time. Her father and mother knight went in search for her, returning much, much later, but neither they nor Jacqueline will say what happened, and will dislike being questioned about it.  Despite the length of their absence, Jacqueline seemed to hardly have aged at all.  It was after that incident that Jacqueline's bravery intermittently dipped to Thoric-like levels.  She's recovered since, but still has bouts of severe anxiety.

Her relationship with her family is largely a good one, as she really does put effort into being nice to her aunts, uncles and cousins.  She is very good friends with her cousin Shinobu, who many say are almost like sisters in their behaviour.  She's also known to be on very good terms with Duchess Yumi, who is Jacqueline's godmother and instructor in all things magic.  Her father's construct, Morganstern (otherwise known as the Notorious Mo G, Snoop Mo, and Morgansteinz) is like a deranged, wacky uncle to her. She is generally fearful of her Aunt Kozue, who openly loathes Jacqueline and still hasn't forgiven her for the Fleet Sinking Incident, and will flee at the very sight of her.  Her relationship with her mothers has been strained since they took up with Fuyutsuki.  She is on fairly good terms with Prince Ramon, who often acts as if he was her own father, and Princess Keiko, his wife.

Jacqui is both the most disaster-prone and most able to bounce back from catastrophe member of her generation.

Jacqui's heroic deeds during the Herald Crisis are too numerous to mention, but can be found in the UnS Timeline.

Jacqui has become the Pattern-Drawer of the universe of Arcadia, and is part of the Triumvirate which rules it, along with her spouses, Thoric and Mutsumi.  Rumor has it that she has created an army of clones of herself to assist herself in performing her duties, or perhaps all of her Patternknights are aspects of herself.  Still, she seems very happy and cheerful as long as her father's death or the Logrus aren't mentioned.  Her position in the 'Jacquiverse' has prevented her having much interaction with many of the current generation, though Princess Kaname is known to have come to the Jacquiverse and trained with her and Mutsumi and Thoric.  (As is the wont with such things, many rumors claim she shared their bed as well, but this is usually discounted just like the rumors that the Triumvirate and Motoko's Quartet get together every year for a giant magical orgy).

Kanna, Princess of Ember
Daughter of the Red Knight and Queen Corrine I of Ember
UnS Player Character (Phil Moyer)

(aka, "Kanna Darako Kusanagi", "Kanna the Hammer",   "Officer Kusanagi", "Lt. Kusanagi of the Ember Floral Assault Group", "Hey You! The Bitch In Tights!",   "AAUUUGH, NOT THE FACE, *NOT THE FACE!!*")

"Somewhere, -somebody- is probably getting their jollies about seeing me butt-naked at the end of adventures. I need to hunt them down and slap them silly into the stratosphere."  -- Kanna gets rare insight into the nature of her universe.

 "Eeyyyah, two short swords stabbed through them by the same guy would count as a kidney 'failure', yah, mom."--Why Kanna needed a kidney transplant

"So then she vaulted off the roof into the back of the speeding truck.  One swipe of that staff of hers broke out the back windows, and the second blow knocked out both of the men in the cab.  Unfortunately, the truck was still moving and promptly smashed into a wall.  I thought she was gone for, but she just crawled out of the wreckage, wiped her brow, then started dragging the men out before it could blow up.  I'd have just shot out the tires myself." --Princess Utena of Amber

"Hi, big lady!"--Lady Suu of Alars (age 10)

"Like her mother after someone bleached out the redeeming qualities.  I have to wonder if the Red Knight of Ember was a gorilla instead of a human being.  Given the woman is known to keep a harem, I can't imagine why she didn't breed with something more handsome."--Marchioness Lucrezia of Florence

"The next trump portrayed a woman; but oh, what a woman!  She was a giant with deeply tanned skin, at least six and a half feet tall, with thick red hair chopped into a careless wolf cut.  A white headband held the hair away from her blue eyes, the ribbons trailing down her back.  The span of her wide shoulders were barely contained by the yellow gi and red low-cut spandex top she wore, tied at the waist with a wide black belt.   Her legs were long and well-defined, sheathed within black tights with red psuedo-cherryblossom starbursts on them.  Despite her powerful build, she wasn't unfeminine, nor did she look surly; instead, her face was graced with a proud, smug smile, her right hand curled and lifted in a thumbs-up gesture.  Her other hand rested on her hip.  She stood in the middle of the Royal Gymnasium, a large staff with a golden sphere on the end slung on her back.

Her pose expressed the sort of solid good cheer that one often found in particularly large, powerful people, the easiest alternative to such people during their formative years being a bullying surliness.  We had our differences, but we still got along most of the time.  She was Kanna, Princess of Ember... and she was my younger sister."
--from Gabrielle's Trump of Kanna:


Height: 6 feet 6 inches
Weight: 230 pounds
Eyes:   Sapphire Blue
Hair:   Firey Red
Skin:   Moderately Tanned

Kanna is the second daughter of Corrine I, Queen of Ember (or the first, if you don't count Gabrielle.  Few don't.), and the first child of Corrine's to be actually physically born.  She was conceived soon after the Annadil Crisis, as folks were recovering from the Golden Circle Revolts and the Lava Circle invasions.  Kanna was born into a relative time of peace, as Ember began to make its presence fully known in Shadow and Reality, assisting Amber in their reconstruction efforts.

Kanna was raised, for the most part, in Ember proper, but she came along with her mother whenever she visited her old stomping grounds in Amber.  This allowed her to develop some good connections with the rest of the family, to at least be familiar with them in an extended family way.   It soon became evident that Kanna was going to inherit her mother's strength; therefore she began training in the arts of combat (both armed and unarmed) from her mother, her cousin Shizumaru, her cousin Ramon, Bodyguard Misaki, and Aunt Utena, It didn't hurt that she -liked- the training, seeing it as a way to live up to her family members (especially the stories of her long-missing Aunt Juri and Other Aunt Juri).  Besides, it was fun, and gave her the opportunity to flit down to Amber more often.  When puberty hit, it also became obvious that Kanna was going to inherit her father's muscle mass, so she redoubled her training, honing her body and spirit into a lean, mean fighting machine.

By the time she turned twenty-one, Kanna was already well-known through the kingdom of Ember as a girl whom you didn't want to piss off.   This renown wasn't -as- known in Amber, but her frequent training around the castle helped make up for it.  Fortunately for many, Kanna turned out to have a pretty decent disposition, filled with good cheer and easily capable of making friends.  She parlayed her people skills and her combat training into an off-again/on-again Military/Police career, much in the same mold as Cousin Shaft, Amber P.I.; a semi- freelance investigator often sent on missions for the kingdoms, save without as much Macking around.  She's also done a turn of duty as an Arden Ranger, applying her mother's teachings to help her older Cousin Hiko (though she did need to be told that yes, the trees were NOT supposed to be on fire, and this was their natural state, so stop asking Gabrielle to try to make them otherwise).

Kanna's temper can, and does, flare up at times; this is a source of some concern for her mother, but at the same time Corrine doesn't censure it, since she easily sees those same threads in herself and her other daughter.  Most of the time, Kanna just vents it in extra-intense sparring sessions.  But woe be it to somebody who, during an investigation, manages to piss her off -- Kanna is -fiercely- protective of her friends and family members, and does not take abuse of them lightly.

Kanna is also somewhat self-concious about her size tending to intimidate most men, but she is rather flamingly -Straight-, and is capable of flirting with the best of them.  One day she may find a True Love like her mother did, but not today.  She has some skill at dancing, from long nights at various diplomatic receptions and the more modern steps from out in Shadow.  Her mother's diplomatic training has also rubbed off on her, though she shares Corrine I's similar distate for politics in general.

Kanna has received instruction in various of the Trump Tricks her mother has refined over the years; while she'll never be a Trump Artist, she's at least capable enough to use her own deck to determine who's calling her.  She's got some artistic talent, but not enough patience to pull off the several-day-long painting sessions beginning Trump Artists have to endure to make Trumps.  She also walked the Fire Pattern of Ember on her twenty-first birthday; in the decades since then, she has made forays out into Shadow to see what's out there, becoming more experienced and more capable of kicking butt each time she returned home.

Kanna's everyday wear tends to be tights, with shorts over them on occasion, a tank top, and a karate gi.  During most formal affairs, she'll wear a red military jacket with white cravat and gold braid, and white pants with red shoes.  She rarely wears dresses (when she does, they're enginnered much like her mother's with the removeable skirts and pants underneath), but she looks absolutely stunning in a Kimono.  She oftentimes can be mistaken for a native Lipunese in such a costume -- that is, if the Lipunese grew to six-foot-six and could shot-put engine blocks.

Kanna is without a doubt the strongest member of her generation of Amberites, though Thoric certainly comes close.  Nanami Minor and Captain Special Agent Uotani are close on her heels, and sometimes beat her in sparring matches.  (Though Kanna could turn either of them into a fine spray with Beryllina, her weapon-of-all-trades, which is rumored to be the sharpest blade in the universe).  For a while, Kanna was seen toting a giant butter knife around, but seems to have passed it on to Naru, after a shared adventure in shadow (which apparently involved cleaning up some loose end from the Herald Crisis, and also involved Juri, Wakaba, Utena,  and Eowyn.)

Kanna's heroic deeds during the Herald Crisis are too numerous to mention, but can be found in the UnS Timeline.

Kanna continues to act as a special agent of the crown of Ember, and sometimes as Regent, having held the office for a five year stretch while her mother vanished into shadow with Princess Juri.

She has married Commodore Ruka of the Amberite Navy, and they have a lovely daughter, Shiori, who seems to usually delight them.  Usually.  She's also on very good terms with Orien, and seems to view Kaname with favor as well.  Asuka and her have a stormy relationship.  She seems fond of Telemain and Yomiko.

Keiko, Chloe, Kaname, Kanna, and Nanami Minor recently were involved in a raid against the Untouchable Trio (plus one) and seem to have been rather successful.

Prince Kentaro, Ambassador to Therin
Son of Wakaba and King Rinaldo of Kashfa

"He's so regal and gracious and handsome.  I wish he'd look at ME like that.  I hear he has a magical mansion where every day is a formal ball.  I'd love to go there."--A lady in waiting describes Kentaro

"Selfish, stuck-up, self-centered prick.  And he's the result of adultery.  So he's a Prince of Amber.  Big deal.  Do I care?  Okay, maybe I care a little, but..."--Begman Prime Minister Keitaro Orkuz describes Kentaro

"Tall and handsome with short cropped light brown hair, he struck a handsome figure in his crimson and blue formal court dress.  He held a fencing foil in his right hand with the stance of a professional, and a confident smile lit his face.  He had his mother's eyes and his father's confidence and poise.  Everything about him screamed 'I am a Prince of Amber, fall at my feet all ye lesser mortals and despair'."
--Kentaro's Trump


Height: 5'10 feet
Weight: 155 pounds
Eyes:   Hazel
Hair:   light brown
Skin:   Aristocratically pale

Kentaro is a bundle of contradictions.  To the ladies, he is gracious and generous.  To rival men, he is an obnoxious, stuck up punk with an inflated sense of self-worth.  He is perhaps the most eligible bastard in Amber, the result of an adulterous fling between Wakaba and King Rinaldo of Kashfa.  Certain rumors whisper Wakaba ensorceled Rinaldo, while others say he did something to her.  The exact chain of events remains a mystery, but it's clear he was concieved during the Annadil Crisis.  He dwells in Amber, tending to reject his Kashfan heritage, although his father wants him to come home soon to prepare for the day when he must take up his duties as King of Kashfa.  The fact that his step-mother, Queen Coral, hates him hasn't made him eager to go home.

Among the oldest of the current generation, he is quite skilled in the social graces, having attended Ohtori Academy.  He is more known for strength of mind than of body, though he is a notable fencer and adept at horseback riding.  He's known to have some skill at alchemy, having studied with his mother, and to throw very good parties, probably due to his training from King Tylor.

Kentaro is known to have a magical mansion which follows him around shadow.  There is always a formal ball about to start, and invitations to his parties there are much in demand.

Kentaro's heroic deeds during the Herald Crisis are too numerous to mention (well, not really, but I'm lazy), but can be found in the UnS Timeline.

For a few years after the Annadil Crisis, he dated Anna Unruh, the assistant librarian.  Until she dumped him in 1338 after catching him with another woman.

In 1343, Demetrius IV finally snapped.  He executed his daughter, Princess Alexandra, who had been seeing Prince Kentaro.  Kentaro responded by calling out Prince Alexander, Demetrius' favorite son, to a duel.  Too proud to refuse, Alexander went to the duel, and Kentaro chopped him into bits.  Demetrius IV demanded Kentaro be turned over.  Tylor replied that while he extremely disliked duels, they were, unfortunately, legal under both Amberite and Uilan law, and that perhaps he shouldn't have executed Kentaro's lover for no good reason.  This led to the War of Demetrius' Son, in which Prince Kentaro fought nobly and well and rather angrily.

Kashfa was on the verge of intervening in the War of Nicephorus in 1390, when the riots, disorder, and eventual civil war known as the Fronde broke out.  A combination of noble disaffection, dislike of Queen Coral, financial crisis and a massive crop failure led to the near collapse of the Kashfan state.  Amber refused to intervene, arguing Queen Coral had 'meddled in Amberite Court Affairs'.

Nearly twenty years of anarchy and bloody civil war followed.  The end came only when Prince Kentaro, to the surprise of many, came to the aid of his father, and somehow convinced Shinobu Major to sign on as a 'volunteer'.  Shinobu Major wiped out six major Kashfan noble houses to the last man, woman, child, and dog, and soon had the rest reduced to quivering fear.  Kentaro has become closer to his father as a result of this, and even Queen Coral has softened towards him, although she still hates his mother, Wakaba.

The Kashfan monarchy became much stronger, but is also now dependent on Amberite aid to survive in the face of resentful nobility and angry peasants.

Kentaro is known to be closer to Telemain than to Telemain's parents, and remains friendly with Sumire, though there's always a shadow over them when they meet.  He's had some friendly dealing with Moonshade of late, concerning their joint interest in conjuration.  He's also known to have helped train Yomiko, and to be on very good terms with her.  Kentaro seems to enjoy conjuring Cone People and turning them loose to watch Setsuna freak out.  He has been known to call Miroku 'Manwhore', which Miroku responds to by calling him 'Pot-Boy'.  He seems to get on well with Kaname and Aburatsubo.

Prince Kentaro now serves as Ambassador to Therin.

Prince Kuonji
Precise Heritage Remains Unclear (Could be descended of Van or maybe a child of Gil-Galad)

"It looks like the Outsiders will break through your spell in five minutes, more or less.... I think you might need a hand. Care for a  scone?" - Kuonji

"The Black Unicorn were getting ready to fry me when Kuonji swoops in out of nowhere, saves me from certain death, torpedoes their train, and then rides off into the sunset. He had no reason to help and has never asked me for anything in return, and I understand the same is true of Utena and Wakaba. He's always willing to give aid or advice to anyone who asks him nicely, and only Fuyutsuki knows more about the pre-Logrus civilization. In thanks, half of us treat him like a pariah and the other half just don't invite him to parties. If I were him I'd have  told the whole family to go to hell years ago." -- Kozue

"Oh, Kuonji can be helpful. I'm sure Faust thought Mephistopeles was helpful too. He's a backstabbing snake who doesn't give a damn about other people, and all that politeness is just a thin coat of slime over what he's really saying: cross me and I'll kill you without a thought. Eventually he'll try what his father did, and will suffer the same fate. Stay away from him unless you  enjoy being a disposable pawn." -- Keitaro

Kuonji remains the great mystery of the family.  Little is sure of him, except that he attended Panopticon at the same time as Beowulf and hates him.  He has claimed at various times to be the descendent of Prince Van or alternately, a child of Gil-Galad (aka, Annadil, the Lion of Chaos).  It remains unclear if Kuonji is male or female (leading some to speculate that his other parent was a Pattern Knight.  A few lunatics argue he's actually Morgan in disguise.  Usually right before they argue Gendo is alive and is disguising himself as Prince Demetrius and giving out yummy, yummy candy to children everywhere.).

Kuonji's heroic deeds during the Herald Crisis are too numerous to mention, but can be found in the UnS Timeline.

After serving a period of time in jail in Ember (He served a 50 year sentence in a fast-time bubble, being released in 10 years of real time), due to his involvement in planting some sort of tap in Gabrielle, he was released by Queen Corrine, and has been...well, accepted into the family isn't quite the right word, but few in the family hate him these days, though few trust him too much either.  He is known to have publically sworn on Justice never to speak another lie to any member of the family.  He still doesn't like Beowulf, though they mostly avoid each other these days, except for the Lost Lark incident, which is capable of reduing Kuonji to gibbering madness.

Kuonji is known to have a son, Setsuna.  The mother (father?) remains unknown.

Kuonji is well noted for making the best pastries in the universe, as was established when he took on Makoto in an iron chef duel during her visit to Amber in the late 1420s.

Princess Moonshade, Sword of the Bride of the Dragon
Daughter of Prince Shaft and Nienna of the Valar

Moonshade tries to say something, cries more, then says, "The Elves are really good at that.  Mom always said she could find beauty even in sorrow."  She grabs another chug of wine.  "Bunch of damn drama queens!"--Moonshade on the Ballad of Turin Turambar

 "LIGHTING BOLT THIS, MONKEY BOY!!!"--Moonshade vs.a VR Star Wars Emperor

"Isillome is my strong right arm, and my gentle comforter on long, cold nights.  In her arms, I know I am safe."--Princess Motoko
"Where I am a slow burning, but steady flame, Isillome is a roaring bonfire which never runs out of fuel.  I can always warm myself in her glow, and relight my own flames with hers when they go out.  And she's a good sparring partner, though I usually lose." -- Duke Davros
"Isillome knows how to have fun; she and I can usually kick Motoko and Davros in the head until they loosen up.  And the ears...mmmmm, elf ears." -- Duchess Mitsune

"All of Utena's descendents seem to be crazed nymphomaniacs.  Except for Ota Minor, who is too brain damaged to have a sex drive.  Makes me wonder what Ota's father was like."--Lady Lucrezia
"Hello, daughter. Have you met Ota's other daughter, the giant slut?" -- Keiko tells Motoko about Moonshade (not in Moonshade's presence, fortunately).
"Incest is best, put your cousin to the test!"  -- Krusty the Royal Fool on Moonshade.

"She stood over a kicked in door, sword in hand, about to charge at some very, very unlucky man.  Solidly built, but not quite a moving mountain like Kanna, she was clearly not someone you wanted to mess with.  Long pink hair shone brightly in the light, and her silvery blade glistened as well.  Pointed ears peeked up out of her hair, showing off the non-Amberite side of her heritage.  You could see it as well in her angular features.  She wore hunting clothes in green and brown, and I hoped I would never be the target of one of her hunts."--Her trump

Daughter of the valar goddess Nienna and Ota Tenjou of Amber, she grew up hearing stories of her father the Mighty Warrior and decided to follow in his path.  Though growing up, it began to irk her more and more that Dad and Mom was a one night fling thing.  At word of the wedding of her father to a chambermaid, Moonshade decided enough was enough and that she was going to throttle the old man with her bare hands.  The news that the Blade of the Valar, a gift given to Ota by the Valar, was lost and had fallen into the hands of Chaosian bounty hunters irked her even more.

At first a kind soul like her mother, years of aggravation and training in the martial arts somehow transformed her into a short-tempered, foul-mouthed, very violent demi-goddess.  A century of mad passionate sex seems to have smoothed her temper, though she's still capable of fiery bursts of rage, and fights like a demon unleashed.  She has the potential for magic, which she chiefly funnels into making magical artifacts.  Moonshade has now taken on the duty of being the Sword of the Bride of the Dragon.  What all this entails is unclear to most Amberites, beyond being the Bride's bodyguard and lover.  Those most intimate to her call her Isillome, but this seems restricted to the Quartet, Deirdre, and Miroku (You have the impression she wouldn't mind if Kanako or Nanbara called her that, but they don't.).

Sansacure, Wind-Splitter, is her enchanted blade, forged by Aule of the Valar.  She bears it with pride.  She is known to have done the actual forging part of the forging of Shinjin and the reforging of Covenant (see Motoko's entry).  .

Brought to Amber by Kanna during the Herald Crisis, Moonshade's heroic deeds during the Herald Crisis are too numerous to mention, but can be found in the UnS Timeline.

Moonshade is now Grand Duchess of Maryland in the United States of Chaos.

Married to Princess Motoko, Countess Mitsune, and Duke Davros, Moonshade mostly lives in Chaos these days, acting as bodyguard to Motoko when not engaged in kinky group sex.  Moonshade is known to have studied the art of artificing in her home shadow, and has further studied the arts of Conjuration with Beowulf, and has become one of Amber's premeire makers of magical devices.  She has also instructed many members of the new generation in unarmed combat, and seems to especially enjoy sparring with Violet.  She has a daughter, Deirdre, by Duke Davros, who she loves very much (although she seems disappointed that Deirdre is not as much of a badass as she is); conversely, she seems to easily become frustrated with her step-son, Count Miroku.  She's known to be very close to Prince Ramon, while she has mixed relations with Princess Keiko.  She has become friendlier to Kentaro of late, due to a shared interest in Conjuration.  She enjoys sparring with Asuka, and has said that Asuka is the greatest warrior of this generation.  She also enjoys sparring with Yomiko, but is known to go easy on her, and to have most of Random and Shiori's records.

Michelle, Mitsune, and Moonshade are all known to collapse laughing hysterically whenever 'Bust Rimururu' is mentioned.  Many wonder if they know something the rest of us do not.

Princess Motoko, Ambassador to Chaos and Bride of the Dragon and Harem-Keeper.
Daughter of Ramon and Keiko
UnS Player Character (Alan Harnum)

"If you can find me a room that people aren't having sex in where I can lie down, I will gladly tell you the whole story."--Not one of Motoko's better days

"My daughter is an excellent ambassador and a sorceress of puissant skill.  I only regret that she was ever foolish enough to have slept with Loewen."--Princess Keiko (Motoko's mother) describes Motoko
"Strong and skillful and magnificent.  Motoko is my strength when the world turns cold, the steel in my spine, and the one who ignites the fires of my heart.  With my Beloved at my side, I can face anything, do anything, triumph over anything."--Duke Davros
"She makes me more than I am."--Duchess Mitsune
"She opened her gates and let down the drawbridge that I might enter her heart and dwell within.  And I will defend that fortress to my last breath.  Shizumaru and Rimururu and Kozue and High Priest Geo and all the rest of those whining little bitches can kiss my fucking ass if they don't like it. " --Princess Moonshade

"More like the Whore of the Dragon, in my opinion." -- Princess Kozue
"Let us not fall into the path of the Scarlet Woman..."  -- High Priest Geo
"I don't understand her at all any more." -- Prince Shizumaru

"The trump was all in shades of red, showing Motoko striding angrily towards the viewer, her wooden sword over one shoulder, one of the great forests of Lipun behind her.  She wore her usual white and red hakama, ready for a duel at any moment.  Her long hair flowed freely as usual behind her, straight and black as the night.  She was determined, an unstoppable force in whatever cause she was defending."
--Motoko's Trump

Motoko is the product of the somewhat unlikely match of Prince Ramon, son of Princess Nanami and noted human shield, with Keiko, head of Nanami's Sorcery Division, Princess of Ember by adoption, and protagonist of one of the most inspiring rags-to-riches stories in history.

The circumstances of her birth are considerably less cheerful.  Keiko was carrying twins, but went into premature labor seven and a half months into the pregnancy, brought on by the stress and shock of an attempt on her life.  The assassin got away after shooting her through the shoulder and hip with a magical crossbow before she got to safety.  Extensive investigation by Ramon and Nanami alike have never managed to uncover the reasons for the attack, although suspicion is heavy it either had something to do with Lipun or Ember or Embra or one of the numerous people Nanami's pissed off over the years.

The older one (by six minutes) was stillborn, and Motoko came out small, sickly, weak and closer to dead than alive.  She lived through the first few days only due to careful use of magic by Nanami, but then began to display a fierce tenacity and will to survive that has kept her going to this day.  As she grew up, it became clear that she had inherited little of the reknowned strength of her father, perhaps a product of her early ill-health.  Her mother and grandmother both began to tutor her in sorcery from an early age, and she took to it with great aptitude.

A summer spent training at the Keep of the Five Worlds under her Uncle Shizumaru was what changed things for her radically.  She began to display an interest in the sword, compensating for her lack of physical strength with her magic.  She is known to have been heavily influenced by the philosophy of the sword he teaches as well, and shortly thereafter took off to Lipun, apparently to seek training and her family.

What followed next remains unknown to those not intimate with her, although the general belief is that she emerged with mixed emotions about the land of her ancestors.  She also emerged having developed her own unique style of sword-sorcery, which is known to have impressed both her parents.  She reconciled with her mother, then spent the next few years, serving in the armies of Amber, working and training closely with Prince Saionji.  He is known to have great respect for her, but she doesn't seem to like him much, for reasons which remain unclear.

After finishing her service in the army, Motoko took off into Shadow, found (or created) Kenshi, and began shaping it into her
ideal civilization, a task that has had most of her involvement up to the present day.  She periodically visits Amber, mostly to join her family for holidays, it seems.

Motoko is polite and courteous under almost all circumstances, but tends to lose her temper rather easily where men of her age are involved. This led some, who noticed her kindness to females and the flocks of young girls who seem to follow her everywhere in Amber, to presume she must be a lesbian, although before the Herald Crisis, she had never taken a lover of any sex that anyone knows about.

She gets along well enough with most of the family, although she dislikes Saionji despite the fact that he usually seems impressed by her.  She has erratic relations with her parents, but this is fairly normal among young Amberites.  Nanami (who seems to have mellowed out even more since the near-destruction of the universe) would spoil Motoko rotten if she'd put up with it.  She seems closest to her Uncle Shizumaru, although their respective duties seem to preclude them spending much time together.  This of course, provokes the court vultures to naughty whispers, though such whispers tend to result in time spent as an actual vulture, thanks to Nanami. Or they're temporarily turned into ice sculptures, courtesy of Rimururu. And on one notable occasion, Shizumaru was standing right behind one such gossiper as he made a ribald joke of some sort. Shizumaru challenged the man to a Rose Duel; when he hesitated, the Prince plucked the paper umbrella from the man's fruity pink mixed drink and said he'd use only that. Shizumaru thrashed the gossiper anyway.

While fairly competent with a sword, she lacks the raw skill possessed by some members of her generation, such as her cousin Beowulf.  Her magical skills are unparalleled among her generation, and indeed exceed those of a fair number of her elders, though Mutsumi is stronger in pure will.  Motoko now carries Shinjin, the Sword of Faith, said to have been forged by the Quartet with the assistance of Lady Kodachi and the Valar, using Wyrm Ourobous and Breath of the Dragon in conjunction, along with the mixed blood of all four members of the Quartet.  At the same time, they reforged another blade, Hummingbird, once possessed by Captain Demetrius' insane sister Ryoko, into the blade now known as Covenant, and traded it to House Alars to recover Withywindle.  Motoko then passed Withywindle to Queen Corrine, since the House of Ember had claimed Hummingbird.  Queen Corrine passed it to King Miki of Rebma, since she normally fights with Gabrielle-backed weaponry, and Withywindle has trump powers.

Motoko's heroic deeds during the Herald Crisis are too numerous to mention, but can be found in the UnS Timeline.

Motoko is now Grand Duchess of Pennsylvania in the United States of Chaos.

During the Herald Crisis, Motoko underwent a great change of personality and beliefs.  She became the Bride of the Dragon, a Chaosian religious figure, and took three lovers (Princess Moonshade, Duke Davros, and Duchess Mitsune), who she married.  Much of the previous coldness of her nature has vanished, and while she remains polite and formal with those not intimate with her, there is a sense of warmth behind the mask.  Those with the most dealings with her have seen her in the throes of religious ecstasy, when the Serpent comes upon her, at which time she speaks with great authority and power, and even the Great Lords of Chaos listen.  A few have seen her in the spring and summertime, dressed in clothing mild by most standards, but scandalous by the standards she once held, behaving very affectionately towards her lovers and family.  Most of the time, she is much like her old self, though.

She surprised many (though those who point to her Quartet and to the yearly trysts believed to take place with the Triumvirate are not surprised at all) when she had a brief affair with Lord Loewen, resulting in the birth of Kanako and Nanbara.  Her lust-crazed sex vixen harem freely took her back after this, and she has not strayed again.  Motoko often seems frustrated by her children, neither of which she has much in common with, though she tries to be a good mother.  Nanbara and Kanako would be enough to make many people snap.  Nanbara seems affectionate to her in his own way (which involves a lot of ranting and wiggling), while she and Kanako are rather cool to each other.  She seems relieved, rather than worried, that Kanako has vanished into Shadow of late.

She is on rather better terms with her step-daughter Princess Deirdre, and is known to have been very proud when Deirdre walked both the Logrus and the Pattern (and relieved that it didn't kill her as some feared), although she often lectures Deirdre on the necessity of focusing one's efforts.  Count Miroku drives her mildly insane, as his every act revives claims that her house is a wild sex-palace.  On the other hand, she seems impressed by his piety and logrus skills.  Like her parents, Motoko seems to be on good terms with Captain Special Agent Uotani, who seems to get all the missions to Chaos as a result.

Motoko maintains strong ties to Houses Alars, Helgram, and Nurgal, and can often be seen with Lady Talia, Lady Kodachi, Lord Loewen, Lady Suu, Lady Mataka Fillmore, Hoji, Lord Atleby, or Lady Yuki.  She also seems fond of Melissa Fillmore and on good terms with Lord Sousuke.  She is known to lecture Kurz and Allen von Munchausen, though she does seem to enjoy Munchausen's stories.

She seems favorably impressed by Countess Violet and fond of Countess Yomiko.  Her relations with her younger sister are often poor; they have clashing personalities and little in common.

The name 'Bust Rimururu' seems to immediately send Motoko into a mood of suspicion which she tries to hide.

Queen Mutsumi of Arcadia
Daughter of Miki and Madoka

"Loewen is just a big huggable mummy like Seta gave Mitsune for Yule one year."--Mutsumi, on Lord Loewen of House Helgram.

"Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to Hate. Hate leads to premature wrinkles."  -- Mutsumi, Jedi Master

"A magnificent musician, a gentle lover, a wise fellow monarch.  I would be lost without her."--King Thoric
"Oooh, she's just so soft and cuddly!" -- Queen Jacqui

"What sort of fool lets a glorified harem girl help run their country?"--The Omnian Ambassador

"I turned over the card, and a youngish girl stared back at me; deep, liquid brown eyes and hair the same shade, meticulously coiled into a long braid and draped over her shoulder. She wore a conservative full-length dress of beige and green, and stood on the seashore; a small turtle napped inside an open mandolin case at her feet. I beheld in her the very picture of innocence, openess, honesty, and purity.  I was fairly certain she'd drawn this trump herself."
--Mutsumi's Trump


Height: 5'10
Weight: 150 pounds
Eyes:   brown
Hair:   brown
Skin:   pale

Mutsumi is sweet and kind, but also responds poorly to stress.  Sickly since childhood, she is constantly fainting or tripping or otherwise incapacitating herself whenever the need arises for intense physical activity.  But her mind is keen, her eye farseeing, and her hands both gentle and nimble.  She's noted both as painter, singer, and musician, absorbing most of the talents of her two parents, though she plays the mandolin instead of piano or saxaphone.  She's also learned the arts of Trump from her father, and happily turns out trumps for anyone who asks.  She also paints pictures as gifts for people, always remembering birthdays and holidays.

Mutsumi has the odd quirk of being simultaneously brilliant and a flake.  She failed the entrance exam for Ohtori because she went to the wrong shadow and never showed up for it.  But at the same time, she can argue philosophy with Travis, Yumi, and Haruna with great facility and talk rings around Princess Nanami, who is known to avoid her after having been shown up during a formal court dinner by Mutsumi.

Mutsumi has a flying turtle for a pet, named Tama-chan.  Rumor has it that Tama-chan is now the Air Avatar of the Arcadian Pattern.

Mutsumi's heroic deeds during the Herald Crisis are too numerous to mention, but can be found in the UnS Timeline.

Mutsumi's accomplishments during the Herald Crisis surprised many, as she proved herself a Trump Master, and ventured bravely into danger time and time again.  She finally broke off her long time pursuit of Keitaro, and hooked up with Princess Jacqueline and Prince Thoric. Now married, they rule Arcadia together with a gentle hand.  And lots of watermelon.  Rumors claim the Triumvirate and Motoko's Quartet have a yearly sex orgy.  Most people discount this, and saying that around her father is a good way to get sent to Detention.  When asked directly about the issue, Mutsumi laughed and offered some watermelon to the questioner.

Mutsumi is generally considered the premeire trump master of the family these days, as even Fuyutsuki has said she's better at it than he is.  She's also one of the very strongest minds, and definitely the strongest of her generation.

Mutsumi is known to love both of her children dearly, though she gets along better with Minako than Makoto.  She seems baffled by Ota Minor, and is known to be very fond of Random.  She is also quite close to her sister, Princess Kaname.

Though she rarely sees him, she is known to be quite affectionate towards Nanbara, who makes her laugh.  (She once called his father 'A big huggable mummy').  She seems to get along reasonably well with Kanako, though they have few dealings.  She seems vastly amused by Miroku, and encourages him to keep trying with Uotani.  She is on poor terms with Asuka, who she once lectured on manners for 3 hours straight.  She is known to think Setsuna is a sweetie, and to be favorably inclined towards Akari.  She also likes Aburatsubo quite a bit.  Haru, for some reason, seems to irritate her.

Dr. Princess Naru, Doctor of Shadow Geography and Cavalry Tactics, Professor at the Harad City War Academy
Daughter of Shinobu Major and Inaba

"Alright, students, let's take it from the top.  The biggest mistake often made with cavalry is to believe that they are only good for one purpose and that you only need one kind..."  -- Naru at the Academy

"She's an excellent scholar. Highly intelligent, works hard, very good at making deductions from even meagre evidence.  And she's quite kind and generous, too."--Lord Franich describes Naru

"She punched me through a WALL!  She inherited her mother's foul temper, unfortunately.  See if I give her any suggestions about her non-existant love life again."--Kozue describes Naru

"I turned over the next card.  She sat at a table, her hair done up into some hideous parody of a hairstyle, though you could tell she was ash-blonde and could look much better if she felt like it.  Huge circular rimmed glasses hid her eyes, and she wore an orange 'Ohtori Academy' sweatshirt and running pants.  Books covered the table, along with a beaker, several runesticks, three carven rowan wands, and a small yellow, vaguely rabbity doll.  She gazed down at her book, instead of up at the viewer, frowning with concentration.  She was the brains of our generation."
--Naru's Trump


Height:  5' 4"
Weight: 160 pounds (muscle, not fat)
Eyes:   brown
Hair:   ash blond
Skin:   Moderately Tanned

A graduate of Ohtori and Panopticon, Naru is one of the premeire swordswomen of the family.  Trained in elite cavalry tactics by her mother, Shinobu Major, she combines weapon use with Power Words to make her quite dangerous in battle.  She's also one of the strongest members of the family, and possesses many strange Elder-powered weapons, including flying star blades and a giant butter knife.  No, really.  She got it from Kanna, who first got it from somewhere in Shadow.

Her relations with her parents tend to be rather variable, as both she and her mother are hot-tempered, and her mother wanted her to go into the Amberite army, rather than running off to Panopticon University just because she was tutored by someone from there.  Her father quietly supports her when her mother isn't looking.

Naru is known to be on quite good terms with Travis, Haruna, and Yumi, all of whom she's roped into helping her study at some point in time.  She went to Ohtori with Mitsune, and they remain close friends.   Despite Naru's disapproval of her fashion sense, Lily and Naru spend a fair amount of time in scholarly discussion these days.

Naru's heroic deeds during the Herald Crisis are too numerous to mention, but can be found in the UnS Timeline.

Shortly after the events of UnS, Naru entered Panopticon, staying there for nearly twelve years as she worked her way through a Batchelor's, Master's, and Doctorate.  She then vanished into shadow for a decade, then returned to Amber.  She then accepted a post as a professor at the Harad City War Academy, where she teaches Cavalry Tactics, Power Words, Philosophy, and Geography of Shadow related courses.  She takes periodic sabaticals into shadow which seem to involve large amounts of Outsider cultist killing.  She is known to have delved into the lore of the Elder Gods and to take a very pro-active stance against Outsider worshippers.

While Prince Kentaro periodically tries to seduce her, Naru remains single at the present time.  She's seen with Haru an awful lot, though.

Naru is very friendly with Juri these days, and the two of them can often be found with Travis, Haruna, Yumi, Seta, and Franich, arguing some point of history, philosophy, or theology.  She is also on quite good terms with Prince Beowulf, though she still doesn't like his wife.  She makes periodic visits to Chaos to hang out with Mitsune, and while she seems to disapprove of the Quartet marriage, she's on relatively good terms with its members.

Naru and Asuka are known to extremely hate each other (for no good reason), and have fought several Rose Duels.  Naru generally wins, angering Asuka more.  Naru seems fond of Captain Tomos of the Guard, and there are periodic rumors of something more intimate between them.  She is known to have trained Yomiko and Kaname, and is on good terms with both.  She and Yomiko are known to have gone on several Outsider-slaughtering missions together.  She and Kyou have beaten each other up in the streets of Amber City for no good reason at least twice.  She got in a brawl with Uotani once, but they seem amiable enough these days.  She and Aburatsubo went through a period of being close friends, but are not quite as intimate these days.

Princess Nausicaa, Special Diplomatic Envoy
Daughter of Mikage and ?
Player Character (Time Runner)

The later volumes describe Taylor's plans to sow chaos.
These plans included -- Killing Shaft. Convincing House Tremere to stop having their heads up their asses. Getting a P-Blade and chopping down Yig. Getting Kozue to have sex with Miki so she would loosen up. Getting Utena laid.  Teaching Gabrielle to play the Bagpipes so he could have a duet with her.
Nausicaa says, "This ranges from the truly wicked to the merely insipid."
Nausicaa says, "And then there's this..."
Getting that annoying goody-goody Nausicaa to wander the Dead Unicorn naked and drunk.
Nausicaa's eyebrows shoot way up.
     -- Taylor's journal, and Nausicaa's reactions

"So, we went down to Arden to try to find these rare herbs I needed for this Talman dish I wanted to try.  I guess we could have just gone down to the market, but there isn't one at Poppa's Lighthouse, and...anyway.  So this bear comes roaring out of the woods at us, and I just ran and hid behind a tree.  But Nausicaa just walks up to it smiling and starts talking to it.  Pretty soon, it just calmed down and ambled off.  I just couldn't believe it."
--Princess Shinobu Minor

"Goody-Goody pacifistic moralizing pain in the ass.  I thought her father was annoying, but I'd rather just have him staring at me like I'm an idiot.  Sometimes I think he found her under a cabbage."
--Princess Shinobu Major

The day after the Second Day of Darkness, Mikage and Anthy were seen taking care of a red-haired baby in the Rose Gardens. People asking the two about the parentage got two disparate (though not conflicting) answers:

Anthy: She's Mikage's daughter.
Mikage: She's the child of a dream.

This immediately set off a string of rumors that only grew with Mikage's leaving the child in Anthy's care during his foreign service assignments as the newly-appointed Ambassador of Amber. Even more rumors abounded about the ring the child was wearing, or how the child sprang forth fully-formed in the span of a night.

Nausicaa grew up in this environment unscathed by all the strange tales of her origin. As soon as she was old enough she came along for nearly every single trip her father went on. She also showed her affinity for Wind Magic early on, and seemed fascinated with the idea of flight.

Her father sent her to Ohtori Academy to get 'a proper education as befits a Princess of Amber', but only months after the start of her education she sailed back into Amber (on a trade ship), walked the Pattern (proving that she was indeed, Mikage's child), and promptly disappeared.

She reappeared about a month later flying onto the deck of the Dreamchaser on a glider she called a 'mehve', with a fox-squirrel named 'Teto' on her shoulder. Much to her father's consternation, she refused to return to Ohtori, saying something about words being 'dead without experience to base them on'. Mikage reluctantly allowed her to become part of his diplomatic party to the Golden Circle, where she learned the finer points of diplomacy (as well as the best ways to put down an opposing negotiator). Mikage and Nausicaa are now quite respected around the Golden Circle, due to numerous treaties they have brokered between these kingdoms and Amber.

Nausicaa's heroic deeds during the Herald Crisis are too numerous to mention, but can be found in the UnS Timeline.

In the aftermath, Nausicaa has taken over her father's job as one of Amber's leading diplomatic special envoys.  She's also married Kaede Galfordson, but has yet to have any children.  She is most noted for her involvement in the treaties which ended The War of Demetrius' Son and the Second Melnibonean War.  You don't see Nausicaa too often, but she seems to have a kind word for everyone, except for Yuki and Lord Atleby and Munchausen, none of which she's on very good terms with (something to do with her Spikard and the Day of the Dead).

Mindcontrolled by Nemuro Hall after Mikage died, Nausicaa is in mourning for her father and very embarrassed.  Her current plans are unknown.

Princess Shinobu Minor (aka 'Gabrielle the Blue')
Daughter of Nagisa and Gabrielle

"I cuooldn't beleeefe-a my iyes! Sheenuboo's reelly groon up fest. Um de hur de hur de hur. Und yuoo vuooldn't beleeefe-a hoo fest she-a cun chup un ooneeun noo.  [I couldn't believe my eyes!  Shinobu's really grown up fast. And you wouldn't believe how fast she can chop an onion now.  ]"--Chef Bork describes Shinobu

"You... you've turned into some kind of WARRIOR HUSSY!"
--Motoko's initial reaction
"I am not a Hussite, I am a Valkyrie."
--Gabrielle the Blue (Shinobu Minor)'s response



Height: 6'0"
Weight: 170 pounds
Eyes:   green
Hair:   blue-black
Skin:   tanned

Shinobu Minor first appeared at the court of Amber shortly before the Herald Crisis, as a shy, withdrawn thirteen year old with a talent for cooking and an already potent mind and some sorcerous talent.  During the Crisis, she was flung to Chaos, and returned after 40 years of fast-time (2 days of real time) as a powerful, tanned warrior in the full bloom of adulthood.  This sent many people into shock.  She remains very much the warrior hussy, though she's refined her sorcery somewhat, of late.

Shinobu Minor's heroic deeds during the Herald Crisis are too numerous to mention, but can be found in the UnS Timeline.

Shinobu Minor has since married Prime Minister Keitaro Orkuz of Begma, but has no children, yet.  She is known to make periodic trips to Chaos to visit her foster parents, Thor and Sif, who she remains close to.  She and Jacqui are on very good terms these days, and she is quite friendly with Jacqui's spouses, with Motoko, Moonshade, and Mitsune, and with Prince Beowulf, his wife, and his child.

She seems very understanding of Asuka, and patiently puts up with Asuka's fits of anger.  She seems less understanding of Kaname's fits of temper.  She is sometimes lectured by Violet due to her fashion sense.  Shinobu has been known to spar with Captain Uotani of the Guard and with Nanami Minor during her visits to Amber (They beat her unarmed, she beats them with weapons), and with Prince Ramon as well.  She is known to rather dislike Captain Hanajima and Princess Kanako.  She and Deirdre get along quite well, though Deirdre loses all her sparring matches with her.  She once beat Miroku into a pulp, and he now tends to avoid her.  She and Moonshade have become quite good friends, and she is very friendly with Beowulf and Kanna as well.

Shinobu Minor and Keitaro were nearly blown up by the recent disaster in Begma, but escaped thanks to quick action on the part of the Hemingway-hunting posse.

Princess Sumire Kanzaki, Admiral of the Southern Fleet
Scion of House Kanzaki, actually daughter of Drake and Nabiki

"Lady Sumire  always throws the most elegant parties, almost as good as mine.  I was quite enjoying myself, chatting with some lovely ladies and the Ambassador from Therin, when these boorish ninjas decided to crash the party.  People began running everywhere, screaming, spilling drinks on themselves, and leaving blood on all the expensive upholstery and carpeting.  Sumire's security staff did their best, but they simply weren't up to the job. I was regretting having come unarmed, so I hefted a chair and prepared to do battle for the lady's honor.
That's when Sumire clapped her hands, and this flaming naginata appeared out of nowhere.  And then she went into action.  The blade end left a flaming trail as it moved, slicing the first wave of ninjas into a bloody mess.  She whirled it over her head, and fire erupted from it in bolts, burning away the remains of the first wave, leaving nothing behind.  Then she pounded the second wave of ninjas into paste, and when the third wave ran for it, she shouted words of power, and long silken streamers erupted from the naginata as she waved it in an arc, tangling them up.
Then she called the servants to bring me some drinks to fortify myself, and asked me to read their minds for her.  I did, of course.  Oh, why were they there?  I was asked by Lady Sumire not to tell, and I keep my promises."
--Prince Kentaro

"Two words.  Gold Digger.  Oh, let me add 'Arrogant', 'Bitch', and 'Vain' to that.  I wish I could think of something nice to say, but I can't.  Well, she's not a whore, unlike certain members of our court.  I can say that about her."--Lady Haruna

"It was a rather strange trump.  Dressed in a long, elegant purple dress, the short haired woman before me seemed to be almost dancing with a naginata, whirling it over her head like a baton, albeit a baton that left a long flaming streak.  The blade was made of a golden metal with a delicate red tracery upon it, all curves and arcs.  Flames roared up all around her, highlighting her brown hair and golden jewelry.  Behind the flames, you could make out some sort of building, perhaps a factory of some kind.  She smiled confidently, maybe even like a predator, at the viewer.  This was a stranger to fear."
--Sumire's Trump


Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 140 pounds
Eyes:   Hazel
Hair:   brown
Skin:   Ember Tan

Sumire is the heir to Kanzaki Enterprises, a metal working company in Ember.  She has been a 'friend' of Kanna ever since childhood.  Sometimes they get along, and sometimes Sumire is enough to drive even the even-tempered Kanna to the verge of homicide.  Sumire served as Ambassador to Amber from Ember at the time of the Herald Crisis.  She is now definitely known to be the daughter of Prince Drake of Amber and Lord High Chamberlain Nabiki.

Elegant and aristocratic, vain and arrogant, Sumire is the very essence of nobility, with all its strengths and flaws.  Everything must be done properly and in order, and all must know their place and stay there.  To those who play by those rules, she can be quite kind, and she is known to be generous to her servants.  Those who do not know their place will fall before her biting wit.

Sumire is known to be on fairly good terms with Nanami, though their friendship sometimes resembles more an alliance of vultures against a corpse than true companionship.  She is on excellent terms with Prince Kentaro, and they are known to have been romantically linked before her heritage was revealed.  She is known to regard Princess Jacqueline and Princess Shinobu as both ill-bred and unworthy of their station.  She seems to have a certain grudging approval of Princess Motoko (though this was shaken by the formation of the Quartet), and is on good terms with Prince Thoric; they have known each other since childhood.  Even Amber isn't large enough to hold the totality of her disdain for Duchess Yumi, Duchess Lily, and Duchess Mitsune; she typically refers to them as 'the whore triplets'.   She seems to have a certain fondness for Beowulf and Mutsumi, inviting them to her parties because they both tell very interesting stories, and their general kindness to all seems to have made an impression on her.  Indeed, two of Mutsumi's paintings hang prominently in her living quarters.

Sumire is known to be a deadly combatant with her favorite naginata, which she crafted herself in a two week session in one of her family's manufacturing facilities.  It seems to have quite extensive powers, and can cut through almost anything, even tre-stone.

Sumire's heroic deeds during the Herald Crisis are too numerous to mention, but can be found in the UnS Timeline.

After Saionji's resignation, Sumire took up the task of being Admiral of the Southern Fleet.  She has greatly grown in military skills over the last century, under the tutorship of Kozue and Drake.

Sumire is known to have general disdain for the Quartet's children, especially Nanbara and Miroku, both of whom she has repeatedly described as 'utterly worthless'.  She isn't much fonder of the Triumvirate's children, though Random gets some grudging respect for her tactical skills.  She does seem to get along reasonably well with Telemain, despite his mother being Lily, and with Yomiko, despite her mother being Yumi.  She and Violet get along quite well.  She generally approves of Kaname, and has mixed relations with Asuka.  She's on fairly decent terms with Shiori, and is known to view Orien as only slightly higher than pond scum.  She is known to have once teleported to the top of the Amber Lighting and Power tower and thrown Kurz off the top of it, after setting him on fire.  This hasn't convinced him to give up, though.

King Thoric of Arcadia
Son of Michelle and ?

"It's probably from the Nile Empire, this shadow full of crazed Egyptian world conquerors.  Think Nazis in skirts.  With ugly hats."--Thoric on the Nile Empire

"More of a sex machine than Davros.  Don't ask me how I know that.  Strong and brave and and kind and gentle with hair the same color as a turtle's shell.  What more could I want?"--Queen Mutsumi describes Thoric
"He's my brave and shining hero who protects me."--Queen Jacqui

"A disgusting man who ruts endlessly with his harem girls, and gives them actual political authority!  Furthermore, he laughs at all our pamphlets, and persists in worshipping Great A'tuin.  That's like worshipping this rock, just because my foot's on it."--The Omnian Ambassador describes Thoric

"I turned over the next card. A handsome young man with wavy blue-green hair and dark green eyes, he stood clad in expensive Talman clothing in shades of silver and gold.  A conical cap of green felt sat on his head with the unicorn embossed on it in gold.  He stood in a busy city street somewhere in the City of Amber, and everyone was smiling at him and waving.  He looked nervous himself, holding his huge two-handed sword with a blade made of white crystal out in front of him, as if to ward off some approaching menace.  He didn't have the look of a warrior about him, though his stance was good."
--Thoric's Trump


Height:  5' 11"
Weight: 175 pounds (muscle)
Eyes:   dark green
Hair:   wavy blue-green
Skin:   Tanned

Thoric's father is unknown; Michelle isn't telling.  Thoric spent his youth being dragged all over creation by his mother on diplomatic missions, and has thus acquired an extensive circle of friends all over the Golden Circle.  He's a generous man, said to have been a coward in his youth, though it's hard to believe that could have ever been true these days, as he is generally well-regarded by the family as brave, generous, and gentle.  He's also a potent warrior and humongously strong, carrying the Arcadian Patternblade Frostrazor.  (Certain confused stories claim he possessed it during the Herald Crisis, which would be theoretically impossible, given the Arcadian Patternblades postdate the crisis.)  He is also a sorceror of some skill.  And King of Arcadia in his spare time.

Thoric's heroic deeds during the Herald Crisis are too numerous to mention, but can be found in the UnS Timeline.

Thoric is on good terms with most of the family these days, though he and Kozue get along poorly, as he takes great offense at the bile she spews at his wife.  They mostly avoid each other since a Rose Duel nearly a century ago in which Kozue lost and lost badly, much to her shock.  Thoric seems to get along especially well with Prince Beowulf, Princess Kanna, Prince Ramon, Princess Keiko, and Motoko's Quartet.  (And of course, his wives, Jacqueline and Mutsumi.  Theare are continuing rumors of a yearly Triumvirate and Quartet tryst.  His easy intimacy with Motoko at public occassions has tended to further these rumors.).  He has mixed relations with his father-in-law, King Miki, who likes Thoric, but doesn't approve of triple and quadruple marriages.  He seems fond of his sister-in-law, Kaname, but gets along very poorly with Shinobu Major these days.

Thoric seems to like most of the younger generation, though not all of them return the favor.  He is baffled by his son Ota, who is nothing like him, but gets along well with Princess Makoto, his daughter by Mutsumi.  Thoric has been known to lecture Miroku on sexual responsibility, which usually results in Miroku pointing to Thoric's marriage and leaving Thoric lost for words.  He finds Nanbara amusing, and seems to have a certain fondness for Kanako and Deirdre.  He and Violet are known to enjoy each other's company, and he's been known to consult with Yomiko and Telemain when obscure matters came up.  He and Aburatsubo get along very well.  (Thoric seems to regard Aburatsubo as being very similar to his younger self, though Thoric doesn't have the reputation of having been more flamingly gay than the inhabitants of Big Gay Amber in his youth.)  Thoric does not get along well with Captain Uotani, who apparently somehow mistook him for an intruder during one of his visits to Amber, and attempted to beat him up.  (He didn't appreciate being thrown down the stairs, and she failed to appreciate him using her as a club to beat up her guards unit or the chewing out she got from Misato afterwards.)  Captain Hanajima seems to regard him with suspicion for no apparent reason, and he's known to find her somewhat creepy.

Thoric is currently Thorica, a woman, and is apparently pregnant.  Rumor has it that Motoko is the other parent.  This doesn't surprise too many people.  He seems to be in the doghouse with his spouses for obvious reasons.

Princess Vice
'Child' of Jacqueline

"I am loyal to Amber, for I know what's good for me."-- Princess Vice
"I can't pretend I like her early history, but the woman knows her business more than a lot of older members of this family do.  And she's been loyal this last century and served Amber well.  Father forgave Saionji for committing treason, so I'm willing to forgive her too.  But then, I'm not the one she sinned against."  -- Prince Drake
"I suppose we'll be sweeping random gutter scum off the street and adopting them into the family next."  -- Princess Kozue

An elegant, muscular brunette who dresses in expensive clothing and carries around a crossbow, Vice was once a highly-regarded professional assassin in the Courts of Chaos. She seems to specialize in Logrus and close-combat; her crossbow bolts carry an enchantment that induces petrification.

She tangled with Motoko during her attempts to take Miki's head for unknown employers (suspected to be House Darios), while working alongside Mario of Chaos and the Taylor blood creature known as Yog-y'bootymac; Motoko bound her briefly with a spell, but Vice escaped while Motoko rescued Davros from Yog's attempts to steal his spikard.

Later, she and her partner Mature attempted to kill Beowulf. He escaped after trapping Vice in his bag and came back with reinforcements. A cross-Shadow chase ensued, during which Mutsumi lost an eye to a crossbow bolt, and Jacqueline received numerous injuries. Vice was eventually beaten down, captured and psychically interrogated; the full extent of her activities have not yet been revealed, but she seems to have primarily been in the employ of Yog-y'bootymac.

Possibly with the help of a Chaosian crimelord named Vicious, Mature successfully turned the tables on Beowulf and Jacqui when they tried to use Vice to capture Mature. Beowulf and Jacqui escaped the trap abandoned the search for them.

Unfortunately, Vice and Mature had no intentions of abandoning their search for Jacqui. Having ambushed Jacqueline after she redrew Shamber's Flawed Pattern, they then took her to House Tremere, where members of that house merged her with the Chaosian mental case, Yog-Y'bootymac. Thus empowered, the three then laid a trap-scam by which they breifly got Merehallow from Kanna and Lian while on the way to Cathuria. However, their possession of the sword was measured in under a few hours, as Kanna's group figured out the scam in time and followed Yog-Y'bootymac back to the rendevous. After a tense, pitched battle, Vice and Mature were subdued, and Yog-Y'bootymac was killed.

It has since been revealed that Vice was the result of experiments by madmen of House Tremere, using Jacqueline during the period in which she was missing, and fostered in Chaos by Makoto the Mad.

On the Day of the Dead, she was released to help defend the Keep, and shifted into Utena, then fought Wu-Van to a standstill. She then lost her identity, thought the
real Utena was an imposter, and had to be knocked out.

For obvious reasons, the family does not entirely trust her, but Tylor is reluctant to kill a relative, and her talents have proven very useful to the family.  The Quartet all seem to have an intense dislike of her, and the Triumvirate aren't much fonder.  Vice is very polite to them, and has spoken well of Moonshade and Motoko and Thoric despite that.  Shinobu Major has been known to say the woman has good sense.  She continues to work closely with Mature (rumored to be her lover).

Vice seems to be very friendly with Princess Kanako, and she also seems to favor Orien, Shiori, Random, and Asuka.  She seems to respect Nanami Minor's fighting skills, but has been known to say she thinks Nanami Minor needs better rage control.    The mere sight of Baron Munchausen sends her running for the hills.  The same can be said for Setsuna.  She also responds poorly to the word 'Fate'.

It is rumored that Vice and Mature may have been involved in the death of Moorcock I.

Spouses (and their relatives) of your Blood Relatives (Who aren't office holders)

House Butler

Dr. Duchess Lily, Curator of the Museum of Shadow
Daughter of Duchess Yumi and Travis

"It always amazes me how, at the drop of a hat,  she can go from fluttering her eyes at some man to make him melt to discussing the latest political crisis in the Golden Circle with greater fluency than the ambassador FROM that kingdom is capable of.  It's like she has both of her parents in her head, and she just lets one or the other take over as needed.  Of course, I've always thought her mother was smarter than she let on, but..."--Prince Makoto describes Lily

"I'm waiting for the day when she masters this 'wearing clothing' thing.  She seems to think she's always at The Beach.  Her mother may be a whore, but she at least usually has the decency not to prance around in skimpy clothing in front of Princes of the Blood, no matter how many people she's sleeping with behind doors.  What's disturbing is that her sister is MORE of a slut than she is.  That takes effort."--Princess Nanami describes Lily.

"I turned over the next card.   I've heard of a legendary set of porno trumps; for a moment I wondered if I'd found one of them.  A young woman turned slightly off to the right smiled brightly at the book she was reading.  Her white skirt, fringed in blue, was slit so heavily up the side, it was fairly close to being more a very long loincloth than a skirt, revealing the curve of her strong, shapely legs.  Perhaps the very long light blue stockings were intended to make up for this.  Long translucent silk light blue gloves covered her hands and her forearms, while her shoulders and upper torso were bare.  One got a quite good view of her cleavage, with a dark blue bustier providing for some minimal decency in that region, but leaving her midriff bare.  Just to be incogrous, however, she was standing in front of a huge map of Amber and the surrounding region,  and you could see the title 'Thoughts on the Nature of Reality' on the cover of the book.  Four more books lay open on the table near her, though Snickers had apparently curled up on one of them.  I couldn't understand her at all."
--Lily's Trump


Height:  5'10
Weight: 155 pounds
Eyes:   Blue
Hair:    Ash Blonde
Skin:   Light Tan (as might be expected from not wearing much)

Duchess Lily is one of the older members of this generation, a graduate of Ohtori and Panopticon and former Master of the Revels of Amber.  Lily was very shy and repressed as a child, and very studious.  Now she's quite outgoing and friendly, and dresses in a rather risque manner which gets her the attention she seems to want.  She is generally about as daring as she can get away with, although she does seem to have a keen sense as to who to flirt with and who not to.

She has her mother's knack for water magics, and is a skillful sorceress and shapeshifter.  She's also known to be a crack shot with a crossbow and to have an extensive knowledge of the latest fashions and of shadow.  And she's a logrus master; a rare trait in Amber.

Lily spends a lot of time trying to keep her younger sister out of trouble, when not sharing in that trouble.  She gets along well with most people, although Sensei Haruna hates her for no apparent reason, though it probably is simply the Haruna-Yumi feud carrying over.  She is on good terms with both of her parents, and likes to tease Keitaro.

Lily's heroic deeds during the Herald Crisis are too numerous to mention, but can be found in the UnS Timeline.

Since the Crisis, she's married Beowulf, attended Panopticon University (getting a Bachelor's and a Masters of Museum Administration), and now helps to run the Museum of Shadow, when not busy running off into shadow with Beowulf.  She dotes on her son to a level which can kill those of low sugar tolerance.  She remains close to her parents, her sister Mitsune, and to her new sisters Violet and Yomiko(who she helped train in magic), both of whom she approves of tremendously, though Violet seems less fond of her.  Lily is known to be quite fond of her nephew Miroku, though she periodically lectures him on self-control.  Nanbara aggravates her, and she seems to disapprove of Kanako on general principles.  She helped train Deirdre in magic.  Despite Naru's disapproval of her fashion sense, Lily and Naru spend a fair amount of time in scholarly discussion these days.  Though she doesn't see her much, she gets along very well with Minako, and is known to dislike Ota Minor, considering him a thug.  The same can be said of Captain Uotani, who has been known to assert that she thinks Bust Rimururu is Lily in disguise.  Or possibly vice versa.

Duchess Mitsune (often called Kitsune), Assistant Ambassador to Chaos and Heart of the Bride of the Dragon
Daughter of Duchess Yumi and Travis

"Now, now, Davros, don't forget you said yourself there are no nudity taboos in Chaos."  --Duchess Mitsune

"She always knows where the party is because she IS the party.  My kind of woman.  Makes me regret I'm off the market.  Oww, Kasumi, let go of my ear!!!"--Prince Ota describes Kitsune
"She is my Heart.  Need I say more?  Then I will say that I love her, now and forever.  No matter what trouble may flow of it.  She is mine, and I am hers.  Do you understand?" -- Princess Motoko
"My partner in crime; I don't know how I ever lived without her." -- Princess Moonshade
"Mitsune forces me to live whenever I begin to retreat into my shell and become what I once was.  And when we dance together, I touch heaven.  She is all the best things of Chaos in one beautiful package."  -- Duke Davros

"That finishing school seems to have finished off her self-control.  Are you sure I'm her father, Yumi-chan?"--Travis the Royal Librarian describes his daughter
"Gold-digging whore."--Jewel
"What can you expect from the daughter of Gendo and Tylor's Whore?  Well, better manners and a smaller butt to start with."--Lady Constance

"I turned the next card over.  A woman with short blonde hair smiled impishly at me as she perched on a chair in a cafe, a bright green drink sitting in a large glass on the table next to her.  A green and gold Cathayan dress was wrapped tightly around her, both concealing her flesh and revealing her figure at the same time.  Comfortable pumps on her feet, she leaned over on the table, supporting her head with one hand, a large red flower tucked into her hair over the ear on that side.  I felt like she'd just been waiting for me to arrive for the party to start."
--Mitsune's Trump


Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 150 pounds
Eyes:   light brown
Hair:   very blonde
Skin:   pale

Mitsune is a classmate of Naru's from Ohtori, the younger daughter of Yumi and Travis.  She's a very playful woman, though she has grown more serious since the Herald Crisis, and could sometimes almost be mistaken for her mother.  Until the itching powder goes off.

Like her older sister, she's a skillful sorceress and logrus adept.  She's one of the most noted shapeshifters on either side of the universe, known to favor turning into a fox, thus leading to her nickname (and also into a cloud of mist or into an angel or a fox-woman).  She has some skill with electrical magics (and some whisper with sex magics).

Mitsune gets along well with anyone who knows how to have fun, and poorly with anyone serious.  Although she's usually in trouble for something.

Mitsune's heroic deeds during the Herald Crisis are too numerous to mention, but can be found in the UnS Timeline.

Mitsune is now Grand Duchess of Hawaii in the United States of Chaos.

In the aftermath of the Herald Crisis, Mitsune has found her purpose in life, marrying Moonshade, Davros, and Motoko, becoming mother to Miroku (who she loves dearly except when she wants to kill him), and perfecting her shapeshifting arts.  She's also walked the Logrus and become the guardian of the logrusfoil Trust, which she recovered from the deathtrap which killed Prince Moriya, who was her lover at the time.  Many in the family were scandalized when she quickly hooked up with the Quartet after his death.  It still causes her problems with her mother at times, and with Prince Shizumaru and Duchess Rimururu.  Rimururu, in fact, seems to pretty much out and out hate Mitsune's guts, despite Mitsune's efforts to keep her promise to Moriya to take care of Rimururu.  Since Shizumaru's return, Mitsune has cut her losses and minimized all contact with Rimururu.  She seems to like Akari, though, although Akari seems to avoid her.  (Certain people have noticed that Akari treats Mitsune the way Touga treats Akari.  Damned if anyone knows why).  Mitsune is very fond of Deirdre, and helps her get in trouble.  She also seems to have a strong friendship with Kurz and Melissa Fillmore.  She greatly enjoys teasing Sousuke and watching him unravel.  She's also known to enjoy the company of Allen von Munchausen.  Mitsune periodically tries to convince Yomiko and Telemain to get out of the library and the lab and actually LIVE.  The number of Cone People pranks she's pulled on Setsuna can't be counted with mere numbers.

Michelle, Mitsune, and Moonshade are all known to collapse laughing hysterically whenever 'Bust Rimururu' is mentioned.  Many wonder if they know something the rest of us do not.

House Galfordson

Duke Kaede Galfordson

'I wish we didn't have to do this.' -- Normal Kaede. 'What, done already?' -- Awakened Kaede.
"A valiant warrior like his brother.  He fought bravely on the Day of the Dead." -- Lord Loewen
"There's nothing like being threatened with death at a victory party by someone who would be a corpse without your intervention to remind you of the dark side of human nature." -- Lord Atleby

The son of Nakoruru (sister to Rimururu) and Galford, he was raised in Frostspire, where he became the Avatar of Seiryuu, a dragon god.  This gave him great powers over lightning and the ability to fly and transform into an avatar of Seiryuu.  He was very close to Moriya and Yuki as a child, and when Moriya died, he came to Amber, where he aided Motoko in her work in the last weeks of the Herald Crisis.  During that time, he met Princess Nausicaa.  They fell in love, and eventually married.

He now accompanies Nausicaa in her travels.

House Hisame

Lady Hisame Atsuko

"Welcome to our school.  I hope you will enjoy your time here."--Atsuko
"She's been a very good friend to me, like the mother I lost long ago."--Princess Michelle
"It's shake the bed night every night at her estates, I hear."--Krusty the Royal Fool

Prince Shizumaru's mother.  She lives on Princess Michelle's estates, watching over their shared harem of men (don't ask).  During her court appearances, she is a graceful middle-aged Lipunese woman with a strong resemblence to old Queen Sakura.  She and Touga were once lovers, but now seem to make each other uncomfortable.  She sometimes embarrasses her son, but dotes on him, his wife, and his daughter Akari with great affection.

In recent years, lady Atsuko has started to become notable as a sorceress.

House Minobee-Barimen

Major Damask of the Amberite Army, Harem Boy to Lady Atsuko and Princess Michelle

"Mmm, yes.  But I would have loved to have a blood clone of my father, when I was a child.  My apologies, Princess."--Damask
"Gentle, kind, and honest.  He is a very good man and very dear to me."--Princess Michelle
"I heard he's the love child of Miki and Corrine's harem girl Juri shadow."--Krusty the Royal Fool
[Gagging noises]-- Princess Kozue

A strange blue-haired man, allegedly from another universe.  His amazing shapeshifting powers and his apparent utter lack of contact with reality have made him stand out from Michelle and Atsuko's harem.  He's known to often accompany Michelle on her forays into shadow.  He's also known to ask perfect strangers for their blood.

House Nurgal

Duke Davros, Priest of Pindin, Soul of the Bride of the Dragon, ex-Stylite and Love Monk

Davros and Motoko on her estates in the Grand Duchy of Pennsylvania

Motoko says, "Explain the religious significance of the pre-Rite cleansing. Focusing on the metaphysical side helps to distract from the physical one." She starts working on Mitsune's chest.
Mitsune shivers happily as she is scrubbed. "Think of Chef Bork. If you get turned on from that, there's just no hope for you."
Motoko says, in a slightly shrill voice, "Bork me! Bork me hard!"
Moonshade makes a face of nausea. Davros says, "You see, this is symbolic of rebirth. We are cleansed of our sins and made pure; we shed our skins and are reborn anew. As I run this cloth of soapy water along Isillome's muscular legs, I am not just removing dirt, but showing that I accept her into my heart, that I am willing to touch her physically and emotionally. As we cleanse each other physically, we also cleanse each other spiritually. Then we may stand clean before the Serpent, wearing our new skins, ready to join in holy union with him and each other." -- Davros at the Summer Rites

"He is not my brother, though I would be proud to claim him as such if it was true.  He is a kind, gentle, and faithful man, and I am proud to have him as a grand-son in law.  How do these insane rumors get started?" -- Princess Nanami
"He is my beloved husband, the flower of my heart, a companion on whom I can rely in the bright of the sun, and the darkness of the night."--Princess Motoko
"My little love monk.  Tempting him to get naughty is almost as much fun as watching Motoko blush."--Mitsune
"Brave and strong and kind and a LOVE MACHINE.  And a good listener and sparring partner too."--Princess Moonshade

"Does the will of the Serpent, uh huh.  Since when was the Serpent SuperPimp?  Just like his son, except he's been successful at snookering women with scriptures."  -- Princess Kozue
"We don't even have to make anything up to get good porn out of this man's life."--Abu Nidal, VP of Programming at the Amber Porn Networks.
"How could you do this to us?  I thought you were our friend."  -- Duchess Rimururu
"The seeds of sin were there from the start, but now they have flowered and bloomed into a dark garden of depravity."--Prince Shizumaru

Few Amberites are entirely clear on the origins of Duke Davros.  He is rumored to have been:

Whatever his exact origins, he (or maybe his father) assisted Shizumaru and Michelle with the recovery of the stolen Seed of Hope during the Annadil Crisis.  Forty years later, he accompanied Prince Moriya and Princess Motoko during their missions in Chaos.  Over time, he apparently seduced Motoko, Moonshade, and Mitsune and convinced them all to marry him.  This has led many would be harem-keepers to beat a path to his door, though he seems unwilling to share his secrets of getting women to be your harem and like it.  (Others argue that he initiated Motoko into the rites of Kundali, causing her inhibitions to collapse, and her to gather Moonshade and Mitsune and him as HER harem.  This remains debated.  It also remains debated whether the Quartet and the Triumvirate actually  have the rumored yearly sex orgies, though it's expected he probably organizes them if they do.)  He is certainly (well, rumored to be) a thirteenth-level Kundali adept in addition to being a Priest of Pindin.  (The priests of Kundali have repeatedly asked him to join their order, but he has refused.  Supposedly.  That's what they WANT you to think.)

Motoko and Davros have become reknowned as the foremost experts on weaving Pattern and Logrus magics together in the universe.  This expertise was important to the reforging of Hummingbird into Covenant and the creation of Shinjin.  He possesses the Breath of the Dragon, a spikard of energy magics, and is a noted Logrus sorceror, shapeshifter, and Logrus user.  He's also very strong, able to wrestle with people like Thoric, Moonshade, Kanna, Nanami Minor, Uotani, Yuki, Kyou, and Ramon and have a decent chance.  Well, not against RAMON, but...

Davros holds the title of Grand Duke of New York in the United States of Chaos.

Davros is alternately pleased by and frustrated with his son Miroku, who he feels has learned all the wrong lessons from his father's life.  Still, Miroku's skills and his piety please Davros greatly.  He is very fond of his daughter Deirdre, but joins Motoko in lecturing her on being more focused.  He is baffled by Nanbara, and is known to not like Kanako at all.  Like Motoko, he is rather fond of Melissa, and like Motoko, he tends to lecture Kurz on his behavior.  He is very friendly with Allen von Munchausen, and on good terms with Aburatsubo.  He seems to approve of Sousuke.  He's known to be on very good terms with Violet and to find Yomiko and Telemain both quite pleasant; he's been known to have long intellectual discussions with them.  He often seems somewhat sad in the presence of Asuka, and is known to find Kaname delightful.  He is known to have been quite pleased when Random joined the Stylite order, and quite angry with Miroku after he caused her to be thrown out.

Davros seems intensely frustrated by the rift which has opened between himself and Shizumaru and Rimururu.  At the same time, he seems unable to do anything about it.  He does his best to be friendly to Akari, though she doesn't seem too fond of him.

Any mention of the band N'Stylite seems to reduce Davros to utter incoherency, and can be used in a manner similar to the use of crosses on vampires to drive him off if you really need to get rid of him.  (Certain rumors claim Mataka Fillmore somehow hornswoggled him into providing some of the training the early members of that band had in pillar dancing, but nothing is known for sure.)

House Orkuz

Lord Keitaro Orkuz
Son of Nadia Orkuz (Prime Minister of Begma) and Lord Jean of Loire

"He'll be a good ruler for Begma one day.  He's loyal, brave, honest, and trustworthy.  And he draws well.  And anyone trained since childhood by me just can't go wrong."--King Tylor describes Keitaro

"Delusions of grandeur, as if his petty little Golden Circle Kingdom couldn't be evaporated in two seconds by the Jewel of Judgement or a true Amberite.  Sure, he'll rule it one day, but that's like declaring yourself king of a back alley in the Ward of the Dead Unicorn.  And he's lazy, lacks social graces, and obsesses over those stupid photo stickers.  I can't see what Mutsumi sees in him."--Prince Kentaro describes Keitaro

"I turned over the next card. It was amazingly photo-realistic.  A young man with short cut black hair and glasses stood turned off to one side, camera in hand, snapping a shot of a raging sea-shore with a look of excitement on his face.  He wore expensive Begman silks and velvets in blue and gold, along with sensible black hiking boots.  Full of youth and enthusiasm, he didn't seem to notice the large wave about to crash onto the shore, right over him."
--Keitaro's Trump


Height:  5' 6"
Weight: 125 pounds (a little thin)
Eyes:   Hazel
Hair:   light brown
Skin:   Moderately Tanned (the power of FIELDWORK at work!)

Keitaro is an amiable young man who happens to be the Prime Minister of Begma, a title which is a king in all but name.  He is, unfortunately, far better at being an artist than in the skills of kingship, as he's rather shy and retiring, rather than strong leadership material, though he does have a knack for making people like him once they get to know him.  He's studied with King Tylor since he was little, but seems to have gotten a lot more from his training with Prince Miki and his friendship with Princess Mutsumi, as he's a skillful Trump Artist.

Keitaro is most noted for being a bit of a photography maniac, having made a trump camera which works everywhere, or so it seems.  He loves photostickers and has huge folders full of them.  He also practices trump sorcery and experiments with interesting Trump Artifacts, often in conjunction with Mutsumi.  They're known to be close friends.

He has an endless feud with Kentaro; they hate each other.  He is close to Mutsumi and is known to get along well with Prince Thoric and Prince Makoto.  He has had a rather shaky relationship with Naru since the events of the Herald Crisis.

Since the Herald Crisis, Keitaro has become Prime Minister of Begma and married Princess Shinobu Minor.  He is doing his best to lead his nation.

Shinobu Minor and Keitaro were nearly blown up by the recent disaster in Begma, but escaped thanks to quick action on the part of the Hemingway-hunting posse.

House Rimururu

Uncle Kido

Rimururu's uncle, a noted fighter with a bit of a temper.  Defeated in holmgang combat by Shizumaru.  Now getting pretty old.

Duchess Rimururu, Priestess of Frostspire

"Hmm, doesn't seem very cold to me."--Rimururu
"Rimururu is a lovely young lady, an excellent match for my nephew.  She could use a little more schooling in courtly graces, but I'll fix that soon enough.  WHAT?  No, we do not have a feud over which one of us gets to have Shizumaru in bed on Sundays!"  *ZZZZAAAAPPP!!!!!*  "Neither of us would ever cheat on our men like that.  Please don't confuse either of us with Kozue.  We have morals and standards."--Nanami
"Yeeeaaah, shake that ice booty!  OW!  Kasumi, leggo a my ear!" - Ota
"Frost powers?  Hah!  I can get ice cream 20 times faster than she can."--Lord Falme the God Tosser

Rimururu was a shrine maiden/priestess of Frostspire, the ice kami which represents her home shadow. She met Shizumaru during his second quest for the Seed of Hope; his party helped beat off a pack of Chaos demons chasing her. She decided to accompany them (she had just finished off a mission of her own) in trying to recover the Seed. During the quest, she demonstrated a remarkable ability of power and control over ice and some rapport with nature. (She insists that her sister, Nakoruru, is far better at the latter.)

Evidently, she worked rather well with the Amberites, and returned with them to Amber, spending quite a bit of time with Shizumaru in particular.  She also came along on the ill-fated reconnaisance mission to the Keep of the Five Worlds, barely managing to escape back to Frostspire after the ship was attacked and sunk. She was soon reunited with Shizumaru, though, and it was at this time that he first proposed marriage to her, apparently. As she was still sworn to celibacy as a shrine maiden, she had to refuse him for the moment, but said that she would be able to answer him yes the next spring. In the meantime, Shizumaru would court her; they exchanged rings--she gave him a ring of magical, unmelting ice, while he gave her a ring of still-living wood--to mark their pledge. This story still makes the chambermaids of Castle Amber sigh wistfully, even forty years later.

Rimururu is a slightly diminutive woman, appearing to be in her late 20s physically, with bobbed brown hair and matching brown eyes. She usually dresses in the clothing styles native to Frostspire, and has a blue, double-knotted headband in her hair. Although growing up has lent some maturity to her features, she is still very cute, more than beautiful. She is usually very warm and friendly (belying her elemental alignment) and energetic in the way that is best described by the Lipunese word 'genki'.  One of the few things that will make her frown is mention of Urd, her former rival for Shizumaru's affections from back during the Annadil Crisis, even though Urd has rarely been seen since. Rimururu still has her ice powers, despite having left Frostspire's service when she married Shizumaru, and has an intelligent ice crystal named Konril as a constant companion. She wears a short sword of Frostspirean make at her back on her belt, though few have ever seen her use it.

She is intensely devoted to Shizumaru, and he to her. Both care for their daughter Akari, very much, as well.  She largely went into seclusion during his imprisonment.  She seems to have handled her son Moriya's death as well as any such death is ever handled.  However, that death being followed up by Mitsune, her son's lover, hooking up with the Quartet, seems to have weighed on her increasingly heavily over the years.  She seems to intensely hate Mitsune, and to greatly frown upon Moonshade and Motoko.  In fact, she's fought three rose duels with Mitsune.  And lost each and every one by a huge margin.  Shizumaru has prevented further duels since his return from prison.  Her encounters with Davros are exercises in mutual agony.  She cannot forgive him for taking Mitsune as his wife, yet their old companionship and adventures together means that neither can retreat into the easy refuge of hatred either.

She has had few dealings with most of the current generation, and seems to frown on much of the previous generation, approving only of Kanna and Nausicaa, though she dislikes Kanna's child, Shiori.  She especially dislikes Miroku (who she once froze in a block of ice and set adrift at sea in the middle of Shadow), Kurz (who got frozen in the same block with Miroku), and Nanbara (guess what happened to him).  She seems very understanding of Asuka, and has a talent for bringing Asuka out of her rages.  She seems to approve of Telemain, but also avoids him.

In recent years, she has developed a friendship with Nagisa and his wife Gabrielle.  She also frequently invites her nephew, Kaede, and his wife, Nausicaa to visit her.

She is known to have walked a Broken Pattern early in the Interregnum; she now becomes increasingly uncomfortable and nervous the further away from a source of water she gets.

House Tendo

Dr. Lady Kasumi

"Next time, don't mention the mutagens until it's too late, honey."--Kasumi
"Kasumi can clean anything.  A useful talent around here."--Prince Makoto
"I still think throwing me off the roof for tracking dirt across the floor was excessive."--Mitsune

Prince Ota's ex-wife and ex-head chambermaid of the castle.  She is a tall, thin brunette with a pleasant smile for everyone she meets, and probably the nicest person in Amber.  Which given how your homeland works means she's probably an axe murderess in her spare time.  She seems to be somehow linked to the Leather Knight, defender of Shaft's Pattern.  This means she has odd fits of obsession and emotion at times, though usually calm and sweet.  She is Jacqueline's mother.

Kasumi nearly died when Shamber was destroyed, but recovered with Fuyutsuki's help.

She now seems to have shacked up with Fuyutsuki, sending Jacqui into conniption fits.  She also seems to manifest potent Pattern powers these days, although examination of her doesn't show any sort of Pattern Imprint.  She has taken to wearing a labcoat, and attended Panopticon, getting a medical degree.

Lord High Chamberlain Nabiki

Kasumi's sister, described in the Court Officials section of the Non-Royal Amberites Page.

Gendo's Wives

Sakura of Catala (first time)--Dead

Sakura was Gendo's first wife.  Tall and dark haired, she was from Catala, a kingdom which once ruled all of what is now Kashfa, Eregnor, and Begma.  Tylor, Touga, and Drake were born during her first marriage to Gendo.  Then, when Gendo  provoked a civil war in Kashfa in order to prevent its new monarch making war on Amber, she stormed out and didn't come back for a very, very long time.

Yvette of Monde--Dead

Gendo's second wife was formerly his mistress, married mainly as an act of spite against Sakura.  She was a pretty young blonde lass, who was married to Gendo for four years, then died giving birth to Saionji.

Haruka of Harad--Dead

Haruka's father was the last king of Harad, who willed his daughter and kingdom to Amber in order to gain protection from the invasions of the Cimbri tribes which were overrunning everything north of the Kolvir Range.  Haruka grew up a warrior, fighting the invasions, and fought constantly with Gendo.  There were persistant rumors she was lesbian, but she did have several children by Gendo, of whom only Juri and Corinne survive.  She was murdered, but the killers were not found until years later.

"Charlotte of Belgalad"  Sakura of Catala (second time)--Very Dead

Agents of Sakura murdered Haruka.  She then managed to swoop in and seduce Gendo, having disguised herself with shapeshifting.  Somehow, she convinced him to retroactively annul all his former marriages, rendering Saionji and Juri bastards, then married him and produced Nanami.  She apparently planned to use Nanami to try to destroy Amber somehow.  She died at the hands of Touga and Gendo in the Pattern chamber under circumstances neither of them has ever been willing to discuss.  The common rumor is that they killed her by forcing her to walk the pattern herself.  He annulled the marriage as well, thus making Nanami a bastard.  Rumor has it this contributed to why she's so cranky, as this has never been reversed.

Rei of Rebma--Dead

[Silent stare]--Rei
"Mother is a wonderful sculptor; her art says everything she cannot say with words."--Miki
"I divorced her because it was like having sex with a corpse. I'm not a necrophiliac."--Words attributed to Gendo by a pamphlet at the time of the Rebma/Amber Divorce Crisis.

Rei was sullen and quiet, with blue hair and pale skin, the sister of Queen Moire of Rebma.  Gendo married her in a diplomatic marriage at the behest of the Lord High Chamberlain of the time.  He soon found her to be creepy and too passive and not up to his physical standards.  He kept her only as long as was necessary to avoid a breech with Rebma, then had the marriage annuled.  It still caused a diplomatic breech with Rebma.  She is mother to Derith, Miki, and Kozue.

During the Annadil Crisis, she demonstrated the ability to create oracular statues.

Rei is now known to be dead, along with the majority of Rebmans.

Lorelei of Therin--Dead

She was tall and thin, dark skinned with dark black hair.  A gracious hostess, she was in many ways the perfect wife for the King of Amber.  She has no surviving NPC children.  She had the misfortune to drown during a boating accident.

Dowager Queen Anthy--Very Much Alive

"Come here, ChuChu."--Dowager Queen Anthy
"She is the Keeper of Dreams.  Listen to her words if you have any sense in your head."--Mikage
"The Queen who thinks she's Dr. Doolittle, that Anthy.  Oh, and she seems to think she's the Royal Gardener too.  At least she's not a whore like her daughter, but..."--Queen Coral of Kashfa

Dowager Queen Anthy was Gendo's last wife, and still is alive.  The young dowager queen is younger than many of her step-children. She is shy and quiet, the least assertive of the queens Gendo married over the years. In fact, she is sometimes so passive it gets downright creepy.  Still, she is gentle and kind. Her hair is purple and wavy, pulled back into a bun, and she wears glasses. She is mother to Utena and Wakaba.

These days, she seems largely content to advise Tylor and to maintain the castle gardens.  She also acts as the umpire for the Rose Dueling Arena.  During the Annadil Crisis, it became apparent that she is the guardian of the Demi-Jewel of Air.

Anthy is known to be quite close to Prince Mikage, and quite fond of her granddaughter  Jacqueline and her grand-neice, Shinobu.  She's also been known to discuss being a queen with Corrine and to spend time with Princess Hiko.  She also seems quite fond of Prince Demetrius and is rumored to be secretly dating Vash.  (There are certain strange rumors which claims Anthy and Demetrius periodically merge together into some sort of rampaging uberpowerful Abyss Monster which is then turned loose on Amber's enemies.  Most people place these roughly on a  level with the claim that Davros is actually King Gendo in disguise.)

Dead members of the royal family, in order of Death

Everyone listed here is presumed dead, usually with good reason.


One of Gendo's bastards.  His shoelace came untied while walking the Pattern for the first time. He tripped and fell and the Pattern ripped him apart.  He has become a cautionary tale in Amber.

Presumed dead fighting a dragon long ago; now known to not be dead.


Eldest daughter of Haruka.  She died during a winter battle on a frozen lake. The ice cracked, she fell in and perished.  Someone has appeared with the Harad Rebels, claiming to be her.  Said someone has vanished into shadow, precluding proof or disproof.  A member of the Serpent's Horn may be her, or possibly the imposter.  Whoever the imposter is, she's in the hands of Ember now.

Said imposter has, in fact, turned out to be the real thing, and Eowyn is, in fact, not dead. (See her entry above)


Another daughter of Haruka.  Raped and killed by a Cimbri warchief when she was only fifteen.

Haruka Minor

A brave and valiant warrior who was murdered by the Cimbri during a truce negotiation.


Another bastard son.  He was legitimized after Sakura's treason was revealed, and made Nanami's young life hell.  An overbearing bastard who wrote bad poetry, he insulted the wrong ambassador and was cut in half.

Said Corey was revealed to have been a blood clone made by Gendo as part of a plot to provoke Therin into war.  Due to some complications, the real Corey was left hidden in a secure shadow for hundreds of years (which was then lost completely after Gendo died), until Hel's agents found him and brainwashed him.  He was saved by Edith, a Blessed of the Unicorn, who unbrainwashed him with the help of Prince Demetrius and Queen Mutsumi.


Daughter of Lorelei.  She drowned with her mother during the boating accident.  She was only twelve.

Gil-Galad, The Traitor Prince, aka Annadil, "The Lion of Chaos"

"o/`Into darkness fell his star, in the land of Mordor, where the shadows are...o/`"
--The opening lines of The Tragedy of Gil-Galad, a popular play about the Annadil Crisis.

The bastard son of Gendo by an elfmaid from Shadow, Findulias.  He walked the Pattern centuries ago, where he apparently went mad, deciding to destroy all of creation, possibly in revenge for his ill-treatment as a youth.  During the Annadil Crisis, he was "rescued" from imprisonment in Thangodrim in Beleriand by Ota, Makoto, and Yumi.  This is now known to have simply been a trick of his, and once inside Amber, he betrayed it to its enemies, turned the Golden Circle against it, and on the Second Day of Darkness, he tried to murder all the princes of the blood and destroy the universe.

The exact way in which Gil-Galad died is unclear.  Some say Prince Shaft cut him into bits and hurled him through the Gate of Revolution, then kicked it shut.  Some say Prince Mikage invaded his mind, pinning him in place for Shaft to kill.  Some believe Princess Hiko flash-fried him, or that Prince Shizumaru tore him apart with vines, or that Prince Nagisa drowned him.  Some say Stagger Lee ran him over with his '28 Ford, then shot him where he lay, and did unmentionable things to his corpse. Some say Gendo stepped out of the open Gate of Revolution and gut shot him, then threw him off a Ferris Wheel onto an iron spike fence.  His death has also been attributed variously to firey death from Corrine and Gabrielle, sword blows from Corrine's harem, being tag-teamed by the Unicorn and the Serpent, or Vash bumping into him, causing him to fall on the Pattern and die.  Perhaps it will never been known for sure, but it is generally believed he DID open the Gate of Revolution and it had to be closed by the Children of the Elements.

Gil-Galad is known to have possessed two logrus blades, which passed into the hands of Prince Shizumaru and Prince Ota, for a time, though now they've been returned to the Houses in Chaos they were made for.  The fate of any other secrets he may have possessed is lost, such as how he possessed the powers of a Living Trump...

He is believed to have been Mikage's father.

Son of Gendo and Rei of Rebma

Chibi-Lina says to Derith, "Oh, hi, Lord Derith.  Don't  see you too much."  Derith says to Lina, "There is not much here in Amber to  interest me."  He calls up a faint, ghostly Pattern and uses it to gaze at Nagisa.  "Interesting." --Derith meets Nagisa
"He combined Father's power with Mother's wisdom, always ready to give good advice to those willing to listen.  I wish I'd been more willing to listen when I had the chance.  And no one but Fuyutsuki understood the Pattern like he did."--Kozue
"Rebma is oppressed by Amber.  Blah blah blah.  Mistreated by my family.  Blah Blah Blah.  No one understands me.  Blah blah blah.  There's my Derith impression for you.  He acts like he's the only one of us whose mother got mistreated by father and who ended up being bastardized in one of Father's weird power games.  Not to mention, why is he hogging that Pattern blade when he probably doesn't know how to draw it without cutting himself?"--Drake

Handsome and snappily dressed, Derith is a consummate courtier, politician and scholar.  He is known to be a grand master of the arts of Pattern, having studied them intensely under Fuyutsuki.  For centuries, he lived in Rebma, avoiding involvement in Amber politics, but after his involvement in the Succession Crisis, he re-entered Amberite life, commanding the Southern Navy of Amber.  While he is no great swordsman, he does carry the blade Greyswandir, one of the legendary Pattern Blades.  It was stolen during the Annadil Crisis, and then vanished into shadow and has not been seen since.  Derith was known to have been married to Queen Moire's daughter Moira at the time when Rebma sank and the Great Whirlpool formed.

Derith's absence during that great crisis was somewhat conspicuous, except for the fact that he was generally absent during most crises.  Tensions arose between him and Tylor, and in an effort to prove his loyalty, he loaned his blade, Greyswandir, to Miki during the disastrous scouting mission to the Keep of the Five Worlds, and it fell into Annadil's hands.   Derith was in Rebma when it sank.

Some rumors claim that Derith betrayed Amber for power, enabling Annadil to take his Pattern Blade, in return for the lore that let him seperate Rebma from this universe.  Others claim to have seen him in shadow near Rebma, trying to warn travellers away and seeking for a way to save his beloved Rebma.  A few have seen him screaming in their dreams as dark shadows try to devour him but are repulsed by a brilliant red light which shines from his head.

Derith is now known to be dead, slain by Taylor D'Arden, the Second Traitor Prince, who he slew in turn, sending the Jewel of Judgement off into the hands of Princess Jacqueline (for reasons unknown).  His son Lucien arrived in Amber right around the time he perished.

Taylor d'Arden, The Second Traitor Prince, son of Ota and the Leather Knight

The mad son of Prince Ota and the Leather Knight, he grew up to betray Amber to Outsider cultists in Chaos, enabling them to destroy ShAmber with creatures made from his own blood.  But his lust for power led him into the Rebma vortex, where Derith slew him even as he slew Derith.

But his evil legacy lived on in hordes of blood creatures who wrecked havoc during the Herald Crisis.

Princess Motoko is believed to have hunted down, captured, slain, or recruited all the surviving Taylor Blood Creatures.

Ota "Shaft" Tenjou, Marshal of Amber

TAMD PC played by "RPM"

Age: 65 (Amber and Experienced Years)
Height:  6 feet 4 inches
Weight:  200 lbs (All muscle, baby!)
Eyes:  Brown
Hair:  Pink (Got a problem with it?)
Skin:  Dark
PArents:  Utena and ?

"Do NOT fuck with me."--Shaft
"Ota is ruthless, but highly effective.  I've been quite pleased with his performance, although it does raise payments for property damage."--Princess Nanami
"One of these days, I'm gonna kill that obnoxious little %$%#@##@$."--Bumpy the Pimp


They say this Shaft is one bad mutha...

Utena Tenjou returned from Shadow one day, a baby in her arms.  She declined to comment on its origins aside from
firmly stating that the child was hers.  Given that the child grew up far taller than Utena, with a far more ornery disposition, some do wonder, though the telltale pink hair of his mother and dark complexion of his grandmother are shared by him as well.

Ota "Shaft" Tenjou was raised in Amber, his suspicious origins making him a target for teasing.  He has utterly failed to display the legendary care and understanding that his mother is known for, but has displayed considerable fighting prowess, like his mother (though not quite as good).  That, combined with his already legendary temper and foul mouth (things that his mother constantly bemoans) have gotten him into frequent trouble.

It is said that his attitude changed drastically for the worse after a trip into shadow in his teens.  He returned with an even more surly disposition, muttering about being "a cat that won't cop out when there's danger all about".

As for the nickname "Shaft", nobody's sure how he got it.  Some say it's because he usually beats the hell out of prisoners during interrogation with one, others say it's because he shoves one up unpleasant places.  There are more rumors, all of them unproven.   And Shaft ain't talking.

During the Annadil Crisis, he was serving as Inspector in the Ward of the Dead Unicorn, one of the most crime-ridden wards of all Amber. He was sent there by his aunt Nanami, which makes some wonder if she has a grudge against him.  If he hated it there, it isn't obvious, since he rented an apartment within the Ward and stayed there more often than in Castle Amber.  Within the city, and especially the ward, he's gained a reputation for being a fixer, someone to go to if you're in trouble.  He's earned the trust of many people, resulting in an information network of commoners that can find out what's going on in the streets.

Shaft usually packs an auto-load rapid-fire crossbow, a weapon he's made infamous by frequently shooting people after he's captured them.  Along with the crossbow, he weilds the usual sword forged for Amber royalty.  On occasion, he'll pull out the "Whale Killer", which he calls his special occasion crossobw, while others call a harpoon gun.

He's shown a distinct irritation towards magic and magic users, believing it to be nothing but trouble.  This has not stopped him from using magic on occasion or with associating with magicians, such as Hiko, Lina, Lady Yumi, or Keiko.

His heroic deeds during the Annadil crisis are too numerous to describe, but can be found in the TAMD timeline.

Shaft used to be quite the ladies man, but he got Kasumi the Head Chambermaid pregnant during the Annadil Crisis, after which his mojo rode out into shadow and didn't come back for a long time.  His luck steadily began to go down hill, possibly somehow connected to his acquisition of a magical gem he somehow used to draw his own Fire Pattern, or possibly to his construction of his deranged construct, Morgenstern.  This finally culminated in his disappearance at the height of the crisis for reasons unknown, though he returned to Amber leading the Funk Fleet which contributed greatly to the victory over the Byakhee on the Second Day of Darkness.  Certain rumors claim that the legendary badass Stagger Lee is a shadow of Shaft; it's easy to believe, given his fighting prowness.  (They also claim Stagger gave Shaft a ride back to Amber, enabling Shaft to return in time to defeat 'that cow-loving freak', a warrior minion of Annadil, whose true name is lost in the mists of time)

Shaft is now happily married to Lady Kasumi (who either is, or shares a body with, or turns into the Leather Knight of ShAmber, Shaft's Pattern), and has a lovely daughter Jacqueline, of whom he is very protective. Shaft now serves as Marshal of Amber.

For reasons which remain unclear, Lord Loewen of House Helgram has sworn eternal vengeance on Shaft, and periodically sends bounty hunters to kill him.  Three times, they've apparently succeeded, but Shaft somehow returned from the grave.  Some people whisper he's somehow got nine lives like a cat, or thirteen like a Gallifreyan.

Shaft is known to bear Gendo's old sword, Justice, and rumored to possess a Logrus Blade named Memory.

Shaft died early in the Herald Crisis at the hands of blood creatures created by his mad son, Jacqui's twin brother, Taylor d'Arden.  Apparently, he must have already used up his nine lives.  Ironically, Taylor himself was already dead...

Shaft died before he could ever meet his daughter Moonshade.


The Whalekiller is a massive crossbow that incorporates magic and technology.  The item is slightly over six feet in
length, made of specially treated wood, metals, and the latest in performance bowstrings.  It's slightly heavier at its end, with iron added to its stock for bludgeoning purposes.  The firing mechanism is far more complex than your typical crossbow, employing a complex series of pulleys and gears to give an additional boost to its firing power.  The crossbow auto-loads, able to hold up to four of its standard crossbows in a massive cartridge that loads from  underneath.  The bow fires at a rate of one shot every five seconds.  It's said to employ some magicks as well, though what they are is something the weaponsmith nor its owner are willing to comment on.

The Whalekiller first appeared several years ago, when Ota 'Shaft' Tenjou was in his first year as an inspector of the Ward of the Dead Unicorn.

There was once a pirate by the name of Dworkin 'Whaleboy' Jones, an infamous pirate known for his ability to command sea life, and whales in particular.  He'd been working with some organizations in the Ward of the Dead Unicorn, a part of a large smuggling ring.  However, at one meeting, Dworkin felt he'd been double-crossed and decided to wreck vengence upon the guilty parties.

Prince Ota didn't mind when crime families went to war with each other, but when extensive property damage and injuries to outside parties occurs, as what happened when Dworkin arrived at the docks with several hundred maddened whales smashing the place up.

Ota discovered how ineffective regular crossbows were against whales, thus suffering one of his worst defeats in battle.  There was a lot of property damage.  Many people swore off seafood after day.  A few lobsters pinched in unpleasant places.

The Prince Was Not Pleased.

Swearing vengence, he went to infamous underground weaponsmith, Bill 'DUCK!' Vincent (The nickname came from what he and his customers often have to yell inside his machine shop...) and gave him a blunt request:

"I wanna kill Whales.  Plural."

To which Bill replied:  "Oh.  Gimmie a few hours."

A few hours later, he presented Ota with Whalekiller 1.0 Bill believed in blunt naming, he forged the sword Bigpointysword, the axe Bigcurvyaxe, and the the armor Reallybloodytougharmor.  Whalekiller was one of the few custom pieces he made that had a good ring to it.  The other one was the crossbow Ratkiller, made for Mr. Jenkins who was intending to clear out the vermin in his cheese factory.

The next day when Dworkin 'Whaleboy' Jones came back for another round of havoc, he faced the most devastating defeat of his career, and the people of the Ward of the Dead Unicorn enjoyed a large surplus of whale-related products.  Currently in use in Prince Ota's apartment is a set of dinner utensils carved out of whale bones.

Daughter of Wasyuu and Prince Gideon of Avalon
(Technically not a dead _Royal_, but she was effectively treated as part of the family by her generation...)

--Lian's Trump

"Always ready for an adventure, highly intelligent, and she builds really interesting devices.  It's kind of dangerous to be near her for long, but usually fun.  And not nearly as crazy as her mother, thankfully"--Lord Keitaro Orkuz.

"I'm sure she thought that rigging the Holy Icon of the Unicorn to prance about during the ceremonies would be helpful.  But it wasn't.  And the mechanical Serpent...  *shivers*  At least her mother stayed in her lab, most of the time."--High Priest Geo


Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Weight: 120 pounds
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red
Skin: Pale

Lian is the daughter of Wasyuu, Amber's royal doctor and resident genius.  She appeared shortly after the Annadil Crisis was over, a cheerful five-year-old possessed of more curiosity than was good for her, a trait that she still exhibits today in a somewhat less intensive form. She grew up in the castle, but also spent a lot of time in Ember, visiting Queen Corrine and her daughter Kanna, who she regards almost as family. However, her curiosity and her habit of taking apart everything that wasn't locked, sealed or guarded to 'make it better' (her own words) finally convinced her mother, after ... encouragement ... by several elders and notable members of the Court, to enroll her at Ohtori Academy. Little is known about her time there, as she was a fairly quiet student, except for occasional explosions, which were never her fault. Just ask her. After she graduated, she returned to Amber, where she continued her studies in matters magical under Wakaba whenever she wasn't busy with her own experiments or in Ember, which she visited regularly. Strangely, she also seemed to get along well with Fuyutsuki ... she visited him often, until her disappearance about fifteen years ago. She was seen going down to the dungeons, but didn't return until two years ago. Neither she nor Fuyutsuki will say anything about what she was up to all that time. Today, she resides in a shadow she calls Mechanus, but still spends a lot of time in Amber.

The governments of Siam and Kashmir (effectively the KTC), have put bounties on the head of Beowulf, Kanna, and Lian to the tune of one Comet (equivalent to 5,000 Royals.  By way of comparison, one could support a family of five at a middle-class standard of living for 100 months on this bounty).  They claim Beowulf, Kanna, and Lian are guilty of piracy.

She is off in shadow somewhere, probably with Beowulf or Kanna (the usual suspects...)  She's known to have gone space pirating with Kanna and Drake and Hiko, and rumored to have had her arms ripped off, though she seems to have gotten better.

Lian is believed to have been involved in Kanna's acquisition of a giant butter knife recently, and to have joined Beowulf's expedition to Leng.  Since then, she and Prince Touga and Princess Shinobu had to deal with an outbreak of the Red Death in Arden. She then assisted her mother with an experiment of some kind, which apparently lead to a familial breach.

A little later, Motoko delivered the Hoard of the Dragon to Lian, and after that, Lian assisted Kanna with the delivery of Merehallow to Juri in Cathuria, facing and helping to defeat the Walker in the Wastes.  They parted after that, and she set out to try to rescue the White Knight from the Abyss.  Unfortunately, she was then lost in the Abyss, provoking the Abyss monks to declare a not-yet-ended war on Amber.

Prince Drake has been known to say he's glad she's dead, for while she was his friend, her stupidity came close to destroying Amber during the Herald Crisis.

Prince Hisame Moriya
Son of Prince Hisame Shizumaru and Lady Rimururu
Player Character

"I don't care to repeat that experience any time soon. I've gotten worse during battles, but you're not expected to sit there calmly while a small chunk of your body gets taken out. There's a lot more screaming, and I usually get to be doing something back to them, too."   -- Moriya, on giving a bone marrow sample.

Moriya grumbles a little bit. "I'm a quiet, mysterious poet, who writes beneath the light of the moon among the roses and sakura. I thought that's considered romantic."

"Cousin Moriya is most certainly my favourite male cousin."--Princess Motoko

"Moriya bores me
With his stupid poems on grass
And his wooden sword."

"See, Dad, I told you I picked up some culture at Otohori.  That's a Haiku, just like Prince Boring...Prince Moriya writes all the time. But Dad, if I erase it off the front gates, the new ambassador from Lipun won't get a laugh from it!  Okay, okay, geez, you've got no sense of humor."
--Countess Mitsune

"A young man with long crimson hair strode unconcernedly through a great forest off to the right, not looking at the viewer, intent instead on his destination.  He wore a loose white shirt and long red hakama, a black-hilted sword hanging from his belt.  Soft brown eyes gazed intently ahead.  Slender of build, he still looked potentially deadly like a sleeping adder.  A bird sat in a tree above him, singing happily, unconcerned with his presence, and a deer poked its head between two trees to gaze upon him as he walked."
--Moriya's Trump

Age: 30 years, Amber and experienced
Height: 5' 8"
Eyes: brown
Hair: red
Skin: slightly pale

In many ways, Hisame Moriya seems to be his father's son. He inherited most of Shizumaru's looks, such as the slender build and crimson hair, although he gained his mother's soft brown eyes and paler complexion. He is much like his father in demeanor, as well, most of the time quiet and polite. Having grown up in a more worldly environment than his father, though, ensures that he is not also at the same time the innocent country hick. He is usually an obedient son, and is known to care very much about his parents.

Moriya's seen a bit, in fact, as his father is Ambassador to Lipun. He's lived in Amber and Lipun's capital Daikyou, and has spend a good amount of vacation/training time at both the Keep and Frostspire, his mother's old home. In recent years, he's started to develop a particular interest in the element of wood, the element that his father has mastered, and has been studying it quite a bit.

As the son of the Ambassador to Lipun, Moriya has learned quite a bit of Lipunese arts and culture--he knows the tea ceremony, for example. But he is particularly famed for his haiku poetry. The amount of meaning, wisdom, emotion, and impact that he can put into 17 syllables is like no one else in Lipun's literary history; this is especially amazing given his youth.

Moriya enjoys the rare status of being one of the few males who gets along rather quite well with Motoko. Their somewhat formal natures and attention to honor complement each other, and they of course share the interest in the sword. Both trained a lot together in that summer that Motoko spent at the Keep, and Moriya has visited Kenshi a few times at her invitation.   While Moriya has more innate skill, Motoko's sword magics continue to keep him on his toes. In those times that the two have teamed up in battle, they have been nigh unstoppable. Unfortunately, this does lead to some nasty rumors, just as between Motoko and Moriya's father, Shizumaru (to whom Motoko is also close), but they usually end up quickly quashed, as it is difficult to speak with the tip of a sword pressed against one's throat.

Like his father, he has been a moderating influence in Amber's treatment of Lipun, which has not made him friends among those Amberites who sought harsher punishments for its betrayal of Amber during the Annadil Crisis.  This has earned him some enmity from Prince Kentaro, which some find strange given Kentaro's own heritage as heir to another nation saved from Amber's wrath only by the intervention of his mother.  Prince Thoric, on the other hand, seems to regard Moriya as quite a fine fellow, if a bit too focused on fighting skills.  He is known to enjoy friendly relationships with Queen Corrine of Ember and Princess Hiko, Warden of Arden, as well.

Moriya and Motoko have been seen together quite a bit of late, and are rumored to have brought Bumpy the Pimp up to Castle Amber for no apparent reason.  They are believed to be currently investigating Ota's death out in Shadow (or possibly slipped off to a love shack shadow...)  The pair are known to have been involved in defeating the Black Unicorn attack on Kafuin, rescuing Ramon from captivity in shadow, and rescuing Prince Drake from captivity.

Moriya seems to now be dating Countess Mitsune, as he so blatantly demonstrated at the Marching ball.  Rumor has it he has become some sort of prophesied religious figure in Chaos, though this wasn't enough to save his father from being imprisoned in Chaos.  He is known to be seeking some way to get his father released.  Rumor has it that he has returned his family's logrusblade to its rightful owners in Chaos, House Nurgal.

Moriya is known to be in Chaos, assisting Miki's diplomatic mission.  He's known to have helped repel a Serpent's Horn attack on House Alars and to have helped to rescue the Chaosian Idol, Mataka of M^2.  Rumor has it he's become a Chaosian Grand Duke.

Moriya sustained serious wounds in the battle against the Serpent's Horn, having been cut down by two Patternblades, and was last known to have retreated to the Keep with his lover, Mitsune, to rest and heal and train for whatever his next quest may be.  Rumor has it he recently recovered some item of Shaft's lost after Shaft's death.

Unfortunately, shortly afterwards, Moriya perished on a quest for the Logrusfoil known as Trust, which had been made the centerpiece of a deadly trap created long ago by Annadil to slay would be 'foil-hunters.  He was buried at the Keep of the Five Worlds on the fortieth anniversary of the Second Day of Darkness.

Unlike Lian, he managed to die without provoking a war, and is fondly remembered by most.

Prince(ss) Morgan
Son/Daughter of the Green Knight and Hiko

Morgan sighs, happy.  "Got a Sword, and a sandwich, and now, to return  to Cathuria..."

"I once saw Morgan beat down five wyverns at once with that sword of hers.  His.  Whatever.  I can't imagine how anyone can be so fearless.  Where was I?  Behind a tree like a sensible person, of course."--Prince Thoric describes Morgan

"I try to avoid Morgan because I always feel like he's assessing all the ways he could kill me every time he looks at me.  Not because he hates me, but just because everyone's a potential opponent to him.  Her.  Whatever."--Lady Kasumi describes Morgan

"Clad in green armor, an androgynous young person with long black hair and angular features, clad in formidable green armor, stood amongst a great green forest, staring confidently at me.  Green eyes were obscured by long bangs of hair, and the young warrior's skin was smooth, either clean-shaven very closely or perhaps the skin of a woman.  I could not be sure.  But whatever the gender, he or she radiated power, and seemed to be sizing me up."
--Morgan's Trump

Morgan is not seen much around court, although she's known to admire Prince Ota's fighting skills greatly.  Those who visit Arden find him a gracious host, however, especially if they've come to spar.  Morgan is known to have inherited her/his father's sex-changing abilities, though she/he uses it much more freely than the Green Knight, who is nearly always male these days.

Morgan's personality is as fluid as his/her gender.  One moment, she can be as gracious as a well-born hostess, or as flighty as a teenage girl.  The next, he's a serious fighter, eyes blazing with hatred, or lips set in a determined grimace.  Morgan's serious, studious, giggly, shy...   There is one thing that is definite about Morgan: his curiousity about his grandmother, Princess Juri.  It is his fervent vow to find her, release her from her duties, and bring her back to Amber.  Only time will tell if she will succeed.

Morgan is rumored to have somehow contracted Princess Juri, and seems to be on a series of missions for her.  She's known to have recovered the Sword of Air from its hiding place in Shadow, and now he has headed off into shadow on some other mission for her.  Her current location is unknown; her mission apparently kept her from attending Marching.

Rumors have begun to drift in that Morgan has apparently sworn an oath of fealty to a House of Chaos along with her mother, for reasons unknown.  Rumors also claim she now has three silver limbs.

Morgan perished fighting Wu-Suroth on the Day of the Dead.

Hiko the FireChilde, Warden of Arden

TAMD PC played by Trisha L. Sebastian

Age:  322 (Experienced)
378 (Amber Time)
Height: 5 foot, 8 inches 
Weight: Thin
Eyes: Violet
Hair:  Black
Skin:  Tanned
Parents:  Juri and Not Publically Known 

"Right... let's draw this Sign, blow this Gate and GO HOME."--Hiko on the Second Day of Darkness
"I find Hiko to be an entirely worthy successor to my job, which I must now resign due to my royal duties.  Her love for Arden both literally and metaphorically is apparent to all, and I know it will be in good hands with her.  She has a passion for her work."--From Corrine's letter recommending Hiko become the next Warden of Arden on Corrine's resignation.
"Oh yes, let's put Amber's leading fire mage in charge of defending Arden.  Perfectly logical.  I suppose she'll be followed by appointing Gabrielle to the job next.  At least it keeps her where she can't screw up again and burn Amber City to the ground, but..."--Nanami

Physical Description:  Hiko is about 5' 8" tall, with black hair and violet eyes.  She resembles Juri the most.  She has a set
of permenant bags under her eyes and her colors are black and violet.  There is a scar on her right shoulder blade where a
tattoo would have been.

Hiko is known to be the daughter of Juri and some unknown person.  She's demonstrated herself to be a powerful sorceress.  She bears the Heart of Flame, the Breath of the Dragon, and probably many other powerful artifacts as well (she's rumored to have some sort of giant war golem powered by the Pattern itself).

After spending much of her life out in shadow, she returned to Amber, brought by Fuyutsuki at the beginning of the Annadil Crisis.  Her heroic deeds during the Annadil crisis are too numerous to describe, but can be found in the TAMD timeline.  She has become the lover of the Green Knight, and is the mother of Princess Morgan.  Having assumed the duties of Warden of Arden, she is not seen too much around court.

She is known to have gotten on Nanami's bad side due to the disastrous raid on the Keep of the Five Worlds, although most people believe she did as well as anyone could have, under the circumstances.  She is on good terms with all of her generation, though she seems closest to Prince Ota and Prince Shizumaru.  She's known to have hosted Prince Moriya on multiple occasions, but has not had a lot of interaction with most of the current generation.  She and Kanna seem to get along quite well, though, and she's on very close terms with her aunt Corrine as well.  Some whisper she has access to Corrine's harem.

Hiko seems to have vanished into Shadow after a mysterious explosion destroyed the Warden's Lodge.  Rumor has it that she and Morgan have been forced to swear fealty to some House of Chaos.

Hiko perished on the Day of the Dead, taking many of her enemies (and allies) with her after her child, Morgan, was slain on the Day of the Dead.

Story By Trish about Hiko's Past: Fight Makes Right

Prince Lucien
Son of Derith and Crown Princess Moira of Rebma

Lucien says, "OK, so tell us how we get through the Maze"
790 looks at Lucien. "Why should I help you go loot Derith's stuff?"
Kanna says, "Because for one, he is Derith's -Son- and -Heir-, 790."
Kanna says, "If there is anyone in the entirety of Reality and Shadow who has -more- right to Prince Derith's Legacy, I cannot think of it."
Lucien says very slowly. "Derith is dead. He died because of his attempt to save Rebma. In fact, his actions let Annadil destroy Rebma and the Water Pattern"
790 says, "Just because Derith is dead doesn't mean I can just roll over and let you take his stuff. Anyone could CLAIM to be his son. Can you prove it?"
Lucien says, "I have his sword, Greyswandir. I am attuned to the Water Jewel. I have the book he left me of his writings (where he never mentioned YOU, you overrated sardine can). I am his blood."
790 says, "You don't look like blood."
He says, "And how do I know you didn't just mug him and take his stuff?"
Lucien grabs 790 and prepares to throw him to the bottom of the pit.
     -- Strife in the House of Rebma.

Height: 6'
Weight: 200 lbs.
Build: Burly, muscular, well-defined muscles. (Morrigan thinks he has a cute butt.)
Hair: Silver, clean-shaven, cut short to fit under helmet.
Eyes: Blue-green.
Identifying characteristics: He has a slightly crooked smile that makes him look quite boyish.
Colors: Favors Dark Blue, Light Blue and White when not in armor.
Personal Symbol: Argent Narwhale on field azure.

Little is known of Lucien, except that he has recently walked out of shadow in the company of Lady Arimi, met with his relatives, and then walked the Pattern, vanishing into Shadow again.  Still, he is a handsome fellow, and many folk seem quite impressed by his grace and manners.  He has the build of a man of war.

Lucien arrived at Marching with three women in tow, all quite dangerous looking, and a gem which may well be the missing Demi-Jewel of Water.  Unfortunately, he got into a fight with Prince Nagisa at the Marching dinner, and then left the next day.

Lucien has since resurfaced, bearing Greyswandir, and is now believed to be in Atlantis, working on raising an army to retake Rebma from the Bloc.  He's been seen with Kanna of late.  Rumor has it they recently went on some sort of mission, which seems to have been quite successful, given how much loot they brought back.  The destination of said mission remains unknown.

Lucien was seen recently in Chaos, apparently negotiating with King Ishmael.  He appears to be preparing for his final assault on the Bloc.

While Lucien with the help of Drake managed to liberate Rebma, he perished on the Day of the Dead at the hands of Dr. Wu-Love, along with most of the rest of the survivors of the Rebman royal family.

Mikage Souji, Master of Nemuro Hall and Head of Amber's Diplomatic Service

TAMD PC played by "Timerunner"

Age:  21--Physical Appearance
True Age Unknown
Height: 5 foot eight inches 
Weight: 135 lbs.
Eyes: Red
Hair:  Pink 
Skin:  Fair
Parents:  Gil-Galad (Annadil) and some woman 

"...But you don't know anything about dreams, you miserable little construct. You're nothing but the cast off blood of a parasite, of someone who doesn't even have any dreams of his own. I did what I did from love, while you know nothing but the commands of your hormones. And to make it worse, it was quite obvious that your technique was pathetic. Kozue would have gotten more pleasure from a toilet rod than you. Falme, give this man an ice cream cone. It'll keep his mouth shut so he can't dribble on me." --Mikage
"Mikage understands the nature of dreams, for he has seen both the light of day and the darkness of night.  You would do well to listen to him."--Dowager Queen Anthy
"Mikage?  What about him?  Aside from him bein' ***** **** ****** *****-eating  ****** pig-****** egotistical ****** **** ****!!!!!"  - Ota Tenjou


Mikage made his appearance by sailing a ship into the harbor of Amber Port, then being embarrassed when people he expected to know him failed to recognize him.  He is known to have walked the Pattern of Tir'na-nog.  Mikage has a knack for polite, yet sarcastic, behavior.   His heroic deeds during the Annadil crisis are too numerous to describe, but can be found in the TAMD timeline.

Mikage has since become of Amber's crack diplomats, sent in to mediate disputes, and has served as Ambassador to many nations.  He is about to leave for Daiga to try to finally settle their civil war.  His daughter, Nausicaa, was raised by him alone; it remains unclear as to the mother, although Mikage is known to be close to Dowager Queen Anthy.

During the Herald Crisis, Mikage ended the Forty Years' War in Daiga.  With his daughter, he infiltrated House Formorian and defeated the Outsider cultists within the house.  He then helped to defend Jacqui's primal Pattern and fought a Jewel duel with Wu-Fuyutsuki on the Day of the Dead.  He suffered a blood curse at the hands of Wu-Saionji.

With Miki's retirement, Miki is now head of Amber's Diplomatic Service.

Mikage is generally believed to be one of Amber's premiere sorcerors, and almost certainly is the strongest-willed Amberite since Derith vanished.

Mikage is closest to his daughter Nausicaa, to Princess Eowyn, and to Dowager Queen Anthy; with them, he seems much kinder than in the company of others.  On the other hand, he is not on hugely hostile terms with many members of the family, though few entirely trust or like him.  He is known to view Setsuna with great disdain, and the same for Ota Minor.

The Dreamchaser

This is Mikage's flagship, which he uses on his diplomatic voyages to other kingdoms. Made from skillfully selected cedar wood, this sleek, delicate-yet-majestic vessel sails through shadow, and though driven by sail, has never been becalmed (which is the advantage of having the Child of Air on board). It was constructed under Mikage's supervision (with his considerable seafaring experience), and thus designed for speed and mobility in mind. This boat has sailed up many a treacherous inlet where other vessels would not dare to enter.

The lower deck has a sizable hold, used for storing various trade goods, such as silk or spices (a personal favorite of Mikage's); the captain's quarters, where Captain Fargo sleeps; the Prince's quarters, Mikage's lavishly decorated private room (where Nausicaa stays as well, when she comes along); a large kitchen; the armory; and the sailor's quarters.

The upper deck boasts three masts (the main one of which flies the Black Rose flag and the Amberite colors), several ballistae (never used, even during pirate attack, due to Mikage's intervention), the crow's nest (Nausicaa's favorite haunt), a large open area mainly used for banquets and diplomatic functions, several lifeboats, and a dock for Nausicaa's Mehve, which she uses mainly to scout ahead (sometimes too far ahead for Mikage's liking).

The Dreamchaser docks most often at Amber Harbor, and Ohtori Seaport.

Telemain Kohl, D.C, Researcher, Conjurer and Trump Artist
Son of Beowulf and Lily

"Ah, yes, a spikard. Wonderful things, worthy of study. Until someone tries to use it to hack into your brain, of course."


"A tall, rangy man stands comfortably in mid-air with arms folded, without any apparent means of support. Intelligent hazel eyes look calmly back at the
viewer, set in a craggy face under unkempt blond hair; a slight smile gives his expression some warmth. His tan vest is covered with a myriad of pockets, most
of them bulging with small items; a few similar pockets can be spotted on the underside of his blue cape, by a careful observer. Behind him on his right side,
the light of a star peeks around and through a wide band of chunks of rock and ice, casting occasional rainbow shimmers against a blue sky. This shades
away to the deep blackness of space on his other side, punctuated by a glorious array of warm stars. An Oompa-Loompa is grinning and turning somersaults
in mid-air, off to one side."

     --Telemain's Trump


Born to Beowulf and Lily in 1334, a year after their marriage, Telemain spent most of his early years growing up at the Museum of Shadow, though he frequently
visited Amber with one or the other of his parents. Beowulf, Lily, and his sister Aeris all trained him in various mental skills as he grew up.

In 1347, Beowulf went to Arcadia to forge the Arcadian Patternblades, and took his family with him. Telemain thus spent his teenage years with the Royal Family of
Arcadia, a somewhat mixed blessing. His aunt Mutsumi was able to teach him a lot about Trump and Music, and he seemed to get along well with his aunt Jacqui
and uncle Thoric; in Dr. Jacqueline, he found a 'favorite aunt'. On the other hand, his relations with Ota Minor and Minako were strongly colored by exasperation,
combined with resigned affection in Minako's case and reluctant respect in Ota's. He didn't get to know Makoto Minor very well in the year before she ran off to
join the Iron Chefs; given his experiences with the other young royals, he thinks this may have been for the best. A couple of notable examples from those years:

1350: In his first experiment with his Trump Theramin, Telemain managed to send himself (and Minako, who insisted on 'helping') to the Shadow Where The
Addams Family Is Real. Fortunately, Mutsumi was able to track them and pull them back out, before Minako leveled the shadow in a fit of panic when Lurch asked
to have her for dinner.

1352: Hearing about the extensive system of pyramids in Djelibeybi -- currently being disassembled -- Beowulf asked his son to pay a visit and document them for
posterity's sake. Thoric sent Ota Minor along with Telemain, in another attempt to interest him in something beyond the latest weapon designs. This proved to be a
mistake, as Telemain's Trump skills are barely enough to keep them one step ahead of the hordes of angry camels, not to mention the irate queen and her assassin
husband/brother. Ota kept protesting, "Hey, *my* Mom and Dad were related, why is it such a big deal for you?" Telemain just groaned. He also reconsidered his
plan for telling Ota about the airguns his father makes...

As he grew older, he spent more and more time with his father as he worked on the Arcadian Patternblades, finally becoming a full partner in the enterprise. In 1355,
Telemain returned to the Amberverse to walk the Pattern for the first time and do some research on the Elemental Patterns, in preparation for the final work of
forging. Unfortunately, something happened to him at the tail end of his research, and he went into seclusion for a month. When he came out, he went straight to
Panopticon and enrolled, instead of returning to Arcadia.

In the next five years, he managed to get a Masters degree in Sidar Lore through an almost monomaniacal dedication to his studies. He supported himself by
working at CAFAM in the summers, which left him with interesting twitches at the words 'Blue Light Special,' but also gave him with a detailed knowledge of how
CAFAM works. He became fairly skilled at dealing with Idiots On Patrol. He met Setsuna for the first time, as he and Setsuna and Yomiko defeat an invasion of the
Panopticon Feast of Saint Swivin by Mole People. They are tolerably impressed by each others' skills, and strike up a wary friendship.

Just after graduating in 1361, he decided to test himself by building an entry for the Gondola Games in Venetia. With a great deal of reluctance, he approached
Shiori to pilot his entry; much to his surprise, Shiori proved to be at least his equal in ship design, better in some areas, though less so in others. The two of them
ended up as partners in designing and running an entry in the 1362 games, which won to everyone's surprise. They studied at the College of Sea Magi for two years
as their prize, and ended up with a fair amount of respect for each other. Beowulf found him at the College, through feedback from Shiori to Kanna to Beowulf, and
the two reconciled, though Telemain refuses to tell anyone why he ran off to Panopticon.

In the following couple of decades, he spent a fair amount of time studying with various family members and exploring Shadow; details can be found in the [timeline].
During this period, he set up a permanent research lab in the Smoke Ring, a shadow he'd first found when studying at Panopticon and later used to work on the
gondola with Shiori.

In 1381, he returned to Amber looking very grim, and spent a few months in consultation with Yumi and Naru before going back into Shadow for another five years.
He returned from Shadow this time looking fairly satisfied, with a determined air about him. However, the Second Melnibonian War started almost immediately
afterwards, and drew him in before he could manage to follow up on whatever it was he had planned. By the end of the war, whatever tension had been driving him
seemed to have eased.

He went back to Panopticon in the next few years to get his doctorate in cosmology, and ran into Shiori again in the Akashan League, caught up in a fairly chaotic
incident. And rolled his eyes, before pitching in to help.

Since then, his life has settled down into a fairly regular routine -- depending on what you classify as 'routine,' of course. He typically splits his time between studying
in his lab, making expeditions out into Shadow in both the Amberverse and Arcadia, and occasionally being drawn into events with the family in one place or the
other. He spent a couple of years down in Chaos to study conditions there, staying with friends he'd made at Panopticon who shared the same interests, but
eventually came back to Amber because it 'provided a more stable environment,' in his words. He has published a book, Sources of Power in Shadow, but many
suspect that he left some of the most dangerous bits out.

Telemain is now dead, slain by Primal Chaos in the battle against the Hemingway Gang.

Personality and Aptitudes

Like his father, Telemain is known as a gentle and forgiving man, though he is often cooler towards people and more willing to speak negatively about them. Though
he also works to keep this within limits; as he has said on several occasions, enemies waste too much of one's time. He is also noted for being able to divert
conversations and encounters away from areas he finds disturbing, annoying, or time-wasting. (It's rumored that a few people are close enough to him to get him to
open up further.)

He tends to spend most of his time in research, though he doesn't bury himself in the lab all day; he always tries to take meals with members of his immediate family
if they're at the castle, and participates to some degree in everyday castle life.

His lack of a romantic life is a puzzle to several people, including his Grandmother Wakaba, who is constantly trying to set him up with one or another of her current
crop of female students. While he tolerates this from his grandmother, he can get irritated when other people bring the issue up; if pushed hard enough, he will remind
them of who his mother is, and ask if they really thought she would send her son out into the world without at least a solid theoretical background on sex? Including,
he adds, the ways in which it can be used to manipulate people? If he gets really annoyed, he'll start quoting from one of Miroku's Kundali treatises, from memory,
verbatim, until they go away. Fortunately for all, this happens rarely. He respects Miroku's intellectual ability but not his promiscuity, and often warns him (and the
other 'playboys' of his generation) that they're playing with fire and will get burned one of these days. Despite this, he is not down on the idea of romance itself, and
can be heard speaking wistfully of his parents' relationship.

Although bed-hopping is one reason Telemain used to argue with Orien, another one raised its head at the start of the Second Melnibonian War. While Telemain
prefers peaceful solutions to conflicts, he can and will fight if necessary, and considers pure pacifists to be unfortunately deluded at best. As the flip side of idealism is
that sometimes you have to fight for your ideals... He regrets the rift with Orien, and hopes that Orien will recognize the need to defend people before he loses
someone else he cares about.

Telemain is a reasonably skilled conjurer, and a reasonably skilled trump artist, and is known to combine the two in a variety of interesting and useful ways. He also
knows a fair amount of obscure lore, a lot about Shadow and how to get along in it, and a lot about dealing with Academia and related settings. He is halfway
competent at working with the Pattern, but knows much more about it in a theoretical sense than he can put into practical use.

Nanami--Steward of Amber City
Daughter of Gendo and "Charlotte" (Sakura)

"Are you done whoring yet, Kozue?  Or have you pencilled in a few more men tonight?"--Nanami
"Elegant.  Beautiful.  Wise from much pain.  She manages Amber City like a gardener does a garden, watering and nourishing it, and sometimes weeding and pruning.  Her tongue is sharp, but only to defend her heart.  My sister, I will teach you to laugh yet."--Makoto
"The Arch-Bitch of the Universe."--Kevin, Lord Lash

Blonde and thin with a bad attitude, Nanami heads the social vultures of the court, wrecking havoc on lives with her meddling and prying. Too many people hate her for her to ever claim the throne, although she's clamed down in recent years. Known to be a close ally of Makoto, her full brother, who is one of the few people she seems to like.  Nanami is also known to be fond of her nephew, Prince Shizumaru.  She treats him with more respect than she does the King, in fact.  As might be expected, this makes some tongues wag, especially as she is said to have made out with him on the roof of City Hall at the end of the Day of Darkness.  Nanami is, however, publically linked to General Tsuwabuki, father of Prince Ramon.  Shortly after the end of the Herald Crisis, she finally married Tsuwabuki after a seventy year long romance.

Nanami continues to oversee the functioning of the City of Amber and dabbles in its byzantine politics with great skill.

Nanami played several important roles during the Annadil Crisis.  She engineered the destruction of an evil Chaos Sorceror, Jade Mask, and the defeat of Lipun's fleet with the assistance of Prince Ota and her son, Prince Ramon.  She also rescued Queen Yuriko from Kashfa and cured Wakaba of some hideous disease.  Finally, she aided Prince Makoto in freeing and unleashing the legendary bad ass, Stagger Lee, whose aid proved important during the Second Day of Darkness.

During the Herald Crisis, Nanami is known to have somehow lost or destroyed the Lion Spikards of which she was long the guardian, and acquired Magnus the Unseen during the rescue of Drake from the hands of the Cyberpope.  (Some assert she had to be rescued herself).  She is known to be quite proud of her long time lover Tsuwabuki's promotion to Marshal of Amber.  Nanami is known to have accompanied the assault on Hel's Primal Pattern on the Day of the Dead.

Nanami has mellowed somewhat since the Succession Crisis, and in fact often seems downright cheerful.  Despite this, she is known to have enmity towards several Princes and Princesses of the Blood:  Princess Mutsumi, who once publically humiliated her and Princess Michelle, known to have slapped her in public.  She also is on bad terms with Duchess Yumi and her daughters Duchess Lily and Mitsune because they're too...forward.  She seems to have somewhat softened towards both of Yumi's daughters, since their marriages to Beowulf and Motoko respectively.  She is also known to gravely dislike Princess Hiko though she rarely expresses it any more, given she hates to speak ill of the dead.  (Some whisper she somehow caused Hiko to explode at the Battle of the Courts of Chaos...).  She and Kozue have moved from dislike to barely restrained hatred these days.

Nanami greatly favors her son Ramon, her daughter-in-law Keiko, and her granddaughter Motoko.  She seems to respect Kanako's skills, but doesn't seem to like her much personally.  She seems confused by Nanbara, generally displeased by Miroku, and a little disappointed by Deirdre.  She gets a strange look on her face when Shiori comes up, and alternates between being aggravated by Random and somewhat impressed by her.  She seems to view Kaname with favor.  Nanami tries very hard to avoid Setsuna and Ota Minor.  Oddly, she at times seems to favor Captain Special Agent Uotani over her own granddaughter and namesake, Nanami Minor.  She is known to respect Yomiko and Telemain's intellectual skills.  She's also know dislike Violet intensely for some reason.  Nanami has become friendly with Haru in recent years, but doesn't seem to like Aburatsubo.

As of Day 4 of the campaign, Nanami is dead, slain by the primal chaos explosion during the battle against the Hemingway gang.  Her spikard passed to Motoko and then back to Anno.


Constructs may not be princes of the Blood, but these four constructs tend to act as if they were relatives of the blood, so...

Gabrielle, Daughter of the Queen of Ember

"I am all the wonders of creation."--Gabrielle's favorite saying
"Gabrielle is quite intelligent and fun to be with, as long as the area is fire-proofed.  I always enjoy her company and conversation."--Nagisa
"Literal minded pyromaniac freak.  She's as insane as Morgenstern, but hides it better."--Someone who refused to be identified because they wanted to live.

Corrine's Trump of Gabrielle at age 10:  A strawberry blonde, wavy-haired girl stands in the middle of a room, her hands gesturing outwards towards the viewer, her amber eyes alight with an impish, joyful smile, matched by that on her lips. Around her rises an inverted cone of trumps, half with the Green BG/White Unicorn, the other half golden BG/Red Flaming Alicorn. She stands within a circle of flame, unharmed, spinning around her feet, lighting up a ruby floor tracery that looks suspiciously like the Pattern. The rest of the card is dark.

Gabrielle's sigil is a ring of fire.

Gabrielle, daughter of Corrine and the Red Knight, is bright eyed and friendly, most commonly manifesting herself as either a ten year old girl or as a woman in her thirties.  In either form, through any of her twelve known manifestations, she remains a master of Trump and Pattern and Sorcery, the most powerful and oldest known construct.

She is known to be very friendly with Kanna and Keiko, who she treats as her sisters.  She is on rather bad terms with Morgenstern, who she sees as a wanna-be.

Gabrielle tends to see everything through the perspective of fire, which can sometimes lead to somewhat warped solutions to problems (Plant blight in Arden?  Why not just burn the forest down?)

Gabrielle has recently been revealed to be Shinobu Minor's mother, prompting many to wonder how exactly she managed to have a child.  She is married to Prince Nagisa.  It is unknown what he thinks of the Serpent having kissed her after Daffyl's redemption, in which she assisted.

Gabrielle's recent Cage Match with the Logrus ended in a tie after they were both disqualified.  She seems to be on very bad terms with Jacqui now, for understandable reasons.

Jacqui and Gabrielle seem on somewhat better terms after her involvement in some sort of operation together which has not been made public.

Since the Herald Crisis, Gabrielle has continued to be active in family affairs, though increasingly the business of Ember preoccupies her.  Most of you have had only casual contact with her, though she seems quite fond of Shiori.


"Rivers rush about.  And what does it get them?  They fall into the ocean.  Do you want to fall into the ocean?"--Kafuin
"Most constructs are much like their maker, but more insane.  Thankfully, Kafuin is nothing like Gideon."--Juri of Avalon
"He talks way too slow/Rambling on and on and on/Senile old construct/"--Written by Mitsune for a poetry assignment at Ohtori.

Kafuin is a construct built around a flawed Jewel of Judgment, taken from Black Unicorn Amber, a dark version of Amber-Oberon that threw in with Annadil and was defeated in the battle that took the Keep of the Five Worlds. Through this Jewel, Kafuin can control and direct the elemental energies of the Keep and its surrounding shadows. He is, as a result, probably the most versatile of the constructs--the other two are based around Fire and Pattern. He also picked up Trump and Sorcery when he was built; he can process some elemental energy into Pattern energy through the Jewel, but it is not very efficient. His primary purpose is to maintain the Elder Seal in the Keep which locks out the Outsiders and keeps the Fount of Power sealed. He also acts as a custodian for the Keep, watching over the shadow as a whole, as he has a link to the golden tree through which Shizumaru molds the Keep's reality.

Shizumaru chose to model Kafuin on the late Kafuin Nikochin, a monk of the Way of Light in Lipun who was master to Haohmaru, Shizumaru's own teacher of martial arts. His physical form is that of a diminutive old man wearing a straw hat and monk's clothing, and is always carrying his shakujou staff. He is a bit crotchety, a bit whimsical, sometimes serious, and almost always calling people 'lad' or 'lass'. If you look younger than he does, he'll treat you as a young'un, never mind that you may actually be centuries older. When asked about this, Shizumaru merely smiles and says that this is what the old Kafuin was like. He has spent much time in study, though, and is quite wise and learned, particularly in elemental lore.

He seems largely amused by the other two constructs' ongoing feud, and takes no sides in it.

Recently, Kafuin was off line due to Black Unicorn sabotage.  He is now back in action.

Kafuin is not seen much in Amberite affairs, and speaks of maintaining elemental balances.  He is rumored to have helped to train Yomiko, however, and seems favorable enough to Akari.

Morgenstern, aka Snoop Mo G or 'Uncle Morgy'

"DISCO INFERNO!"--Morgenstern just before the flaming disco ball cuts loose.

"Everybody loves Morgenstern."--Alan Harnum (Keiko, Juri of Avalon, Motoko, Nanami)

"Morgenstern is a certifiable freak. I just have to say that  again for emphasis."--Andrew Huang (Shizumaru and Moriya)

"That's right, Gabby can light a hotter flame, but she can't spin the needle onna record like DJ M0rganzteinz"--Prince Ota

Uncle Morgy is some sort of Pattern Computer, similar to Gabrielle (of course, he'll say Gabrielle is similar to HIM...), apparently built by Shaft (Although Morgy has been known to claim to predate the Logrus and the Pattern...)  He and Gabrielle have a long going game of one upmanship which may eventually destroy all of creation, or perhaps lead to a Construct Wedding.

Morgenstern is known to combine Fire, Pattern, and Trump in interesting ways, and he once controlled ShAmber for Ota, but probably doesn't any more, given its destruction.

Morgenstern has two common forms when he manifests a body through his manifestations:  either a flaming stallion, or Shaft's sidekick from the 90s remake.

Morgenstern is the most unstable and erratic of the three constructs best known by the Royal Family, being moody and sometimes taking a very hard to understand view of matters.  Being funkified by Shaft over the last 40 years probably hasn't helped, though it makes him entertaining.

Morgenstern recently underwent repairs after having gone mad for no discernable reason.  Of course, some people would say he is always insane, but...

Morgenstern and Gabrielle are believed to have wrestled down Daffyl during the war on the Serpent's Horn.

Morgenstern has moved to Arcadia, where he is now linked to its Fire Pattern, although he maintains a facility in Shamber.  If you want to cross over to Arcadia without waiting for portals or using the Cave of Worlds, he's the man to talk to.  He continues to run his record company, and trades Amberite Porn tapes on ChaosBay a lot.

Morgenstern is still a freak.


Created by Beowulf, she is the only construct known to live inside a magic bag.  Her home shadow seems to be a musical trump font, trapped in the Golden Age of Radio and loving it.

Possessing great trump powers and magic, Aeris has grown into a fine young lady if you like mad scientists, heavily armed blimps, wild adventures, and being chased by Nazis for no apparent reason.  She provides fire support to Beowulf during his adventures, and is said to possess facilities in Arcadia and Amber alike, connected by her Mad Trump Skills.

She is known to favor Telemain, but most of you have seen little of her.  She sometimes manifests as a red-haired, freckled human woman in her mid-twenties, clad in engineer's gear.  She's also known to have 'Who can produce the most whacked out device which works' contests with Wasyuu and Suu, and to think Pinata is 'close to the perfect world'.  Give her a call at your own risk.

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