Alternate Amber History Page



The Early Years (0-420 AY)

0 AY:  Fuyutsuki draws the Pattern.  He begins to explore the infinite shadow which results.

100 AY:  Fuyutsuki returns from his journeys with his young son, Gendo, who becomes the first to walk the Pattern.  Gendo vanishes into Shadow.  Fuyutsuki begins to build Amber.  Who helped him build it is unknown.

112 AY:  Dios, son of Anno, defeats the Aboleth, and crafts its remains into the Black House, the Plaza of the Serpent, the Chapel of the Serpent, a large hill, House Gainax, and a fortified plain around all of the above.

114 AY:  Dios weds Minalia.

116 AY:  Ishmael is born to King Dios and Queen Minalia.

119 AY:  Saul is born to King Dios and Queen Minalia.

200 AY:  Gendo returns from Shadow, leading an army of followers.  They settle in the Vale of Garnath, amazed by the wonderful city waiting for them.  Fuyutsuki proclaims Gendo King of Amber, hops onto the Unicorn's back, and rides off into shadow.  The Chapel of the Unicorn stands at this spot.

200-300 AY:  Amber thrives and its sailors begin to explore up and down the coast.  It is at this time that Rebma is discovered.  The plains and hills of Sethfore are covered with city states at this time, while Harad is divided into dozens of petty kingdoms and city states.  In the plains of future Talma/Uila/Singh, various cities arise along the rivers and begin to expand and make war on each other.

225 AY:  Cronos is born to King Dios and Queen Minalia. Amberite traders push up the Barimen river into what is now Begma and Talma.  They discover many squabbling city states united into loose leagues.

251 AY:  Queen Minalia of Chaos is assassinated.  Cronos heads out into Shadow.

258 AY:  Dios marries Queen Lini.  Sargon I becomes King of Wanecki, capital of the Wanecki League.  He immediately attacks the Talmor league.

263 AY:  Dios snaps after one too many 'clever' sayings, and divorces Queen Lini.

271 AY:  Dios marries Moiraine.

276 AY:  Queen Moiraine gives birth to David and Rehoboam; Rehoboam is said to have been clutching David's heel as David came out.

288 AY:  Sargon II finally forces the Talmor league to submit and become part of the Wanecki League.

290 AY:  Around this time, the Theran peoples begin to invade the regions of modern Therin.

296-306 AY:  Ashur I makes war on the Rikidi League and conquers it.  In 305 AY, he sacks Rikidi and slays every living person in the place after it refuses to surrender.

300-450 AY:  Trade contact with Amber enables the coastal state of Catala to begin to expand, conquering its neighbors  and pushing inland.  Amber draws the city states of Sethfore into a league, dominated by herself, which becomes a great sea-going commercial empire.  The city of Korch unites many others to form the Kingdom of Korch in the Talma/Uila/Singh region.

305 AY:  At an assembly of the Therin Tribes, Louis of the Red Wolf tribe is elected High King of the Theran Peoples.

306 AY:  Queen Moiraine falls into the Cave of Worlds while fighting an old enemy and is never seen again.

311 AY:  King Dios of Chaos marries Aviendha.

312 AY:  Rehoboam heads into shadow.

312-325 AY:  The Rising of All.  The remaining leagues of the future Begman region rise up together to try to destroy the Wanecki League.  They are not successful, but both sides fight each other to exhaustion.

327 AY:  Hoping to secure the High Kingship of Therin in his dynastic line, Louis I secures the election of his son, Louis II, as joint High King.  This becomes a custom of the Theran Dynasty.

332 AY:  Queen Aviendha gives birth to Suroth.

350 AY:  Amberite traders found Milesia on the Isle of Emeralds.

376 AY:  Queen Aviendha gives birth to Alars.  Cronos returns from Shadow and builds Olympusways.

376-413 AY:  Rule of King Juro of the Catala.  Juro consolidates Catalan control of the future Eregnor and begins to gobble up some of the weaker states of the future Begman region.

390 AY:  The Monde invade Korch and conquer it, founding the Kingdom of Monde.

400-408 AY:  The Reaver War.  Chaos is invaded from another universe after an accident involving Abyss Monks and Primal Chaos opens a rift to another universe.

401 AY:  Rehoboam returns with what becomes the Red Fleet and pitches in to assist in the war.

406 AY:  Queen Aviendha is slain during a sneak attack by Reaver forces.

413-450 AY:  King Taiki rules in Catala.  He continues to expand west and southwest in a series of wars.  Only the Wanecki manage to hold out.

419 AY:  Louis III builds Roncesvalles to serve as a capital for the League of Theran Peoples.

Gendo and Sakura(420-455 AY)

420 AY:  Gendo marries Sakura of Catala, daughter to Taiki, King of Catala.

430 AY:  After several stillbirths, Sakura gives birth to Tylor.

432 AY:  King Clovis II of Monde forms trade ties with Amber and begins trying to civilize his kingdom.

435 AY:  Touga is born.

438 AY:  At the death of Marc I, disgruntled Therans who fear the High Kings are consolidating too much power try to disregard the 435 election of Theresa II as joint-High Queen, electing Alphonse of the Long Runners.  Both sides rally their supporters and civil war erupts.

438-446 AY:  Civil War in Therin between the Theran Dynasty and the traditionalist clans.

440 AY:  Drake is born.

442 AY:  Captured by Alphonse, Queen Theresa II manages to escape her cell and kill Alphonse, before being killed by Alphonse's guards.  With his death, the traditionalists are unable to decide on another joint leader, and fighting seperately, are swiftly crushed by Theresa's son Jacques II.

445 AY:  Shinji, Gendo's first bastard son, is born to Miri of Florence.

446 AY:  The Sanction of Bourges:  Jacques II declares the crown hereditary in his family.  The kings of the losing clans are stripped of their titles and replaced with royally appointed governors.  The kings of the clans who backed the king are appointed as hereditary governors of the provinces where their clans live.

450 AY:  Taiki dies and is succeeded by his son Ura, who crushes the Wanecki kingdom in what is now Begma in only three years.

452 AY:  King Dios of Chaos marries Asuka.

453 AY:  King Ura of Catala overruns Shalomar.

454 AY:  A league of Haradian states is crushed by King Ura at Norost.

455 AY:  Gendo has King Ura assassinated.  His kingdom dissolves in civil war as his brothers fight over the regency, then kill his heir and fight for the throne.  Sakura curses Gendo and leaves the court, apparently forever.  Gendo responds by marrying his mistress, Yvette of Monde.

Yvette to the Cimbri Wars (456 AY-605 AY)

456 AY:  Van is born.

In Chaos, Ymir and Magnus are born as twins to Queen Asuka.

459 AY:  Yvette of Monde dies in childbirth, but Saionji survives.  Content with five sons, Gendo does not marry again for quite a while, taking mistresses instead.

460 AY:  Tylor walks the Pattern and vanishes into Shadow for a time.

465 AY:  Touga walks the Pattern and vanishes into Shadow for a time.

466 AY:  Shinji trips during his Pattern walk and dies.

468 AY:  The peace of Alsace divides Catala among three kings:  Kashfa, Eregna, and Begma, under the nominal leadership of Eregna.  However, his kingdom soon finds itself squeezed between the others.

471 AY:  The Pecheneg tear through Eregnor, then push on into the Plains of Harad, which they begin to conquer.

472 AY:  The various Harad states call on Amber for help.  Gendo appoints Drake commander of the relief force sent to help them.

472-82 AY:  The war against the Pecheneg drags on and on; most of Harad north of the River Harad is lost to them.  The remaining Haradian states unite and choose a High King, Taruka, to lead them.

482-90 AY:  The Pecheneg are pushed into western Harad, then turn and invade Begma, conquering it.  Harad emerges as a powerful state with a traditional feud with Begma's new rulers.

486-521 AY:  Ludovicus I the Cunning rules as King of the Pechenegs.

490 AY:  The Pecheneg are defeated by Harad's forces and push west into Begma.

491 AY:  Drake walks the Pattern and vanishes into Shadow for a time.  Van does likewise.  Gendo forbids Saionji to do this, which angers him.  Ymir builds his great fortress, Aesirways.

495 AY:  King Tethin of Begma is defeated and slain.  Begma collapses before the Pecheneg onslaught.

500 AY:  Fuyutsuki returns from Shadow and settles down at the castle.

510 AY:  Decline of Monde begins, as repeated assaults from Begma devastate it.

515 AY:  Touga returns from Shadow.

521-545 AY:  Ludovicus II the Lucky rules as King of the Pechenegs, controlling Begma and pushing into Eregnor, which he takes away from Kashfa.

531 AY:  Ludovicus II narrowly escapes assassination when he slips in a puddle of ale spilled by one of his vassals, causing him to fall out of the path of arrows fired by assassins in the hire of Kashfa.

532 AY:  Lady Suroth's daughter, the future Suroth II, is born to Suroth by her husband, Tarlock.

536-542 AY:  The Ghost Riders of Khos assail Chaos.

539 AY:  Queen Asuka dies fighting the Ghost Riders of Khos.

543 AY:  Van returns from Shadow, then rides forth to battle a dragon threatening the Golden Circle.  He never returns.

545-547 AY: Gaulicus the Unlucky rules the Pecheneg nation.

547 AY:  Gaulicus chokes on a pomegranate, leaving his 3 year old son Albanus as King.

547-558 AY:  Unrest and periodic strife in the Pecheneg lands (Begma + Eregnor) as the nobility and the King's widow, Lucillia, fight over the regency during the minority of King Albanus.

550-600 AY:  The Pecheneg state (Begma) gradually declines.

558-591 AY:  King Albanus the Peacemaker rules the Pecheneg (Begma + Eregnor).  He manages to restore peace in his lands, but loses a lot of his authority.

560s-610s:  The Therins crush the Mystarans and come into contact with Amber.  The Mystara river becomes the border.

573 AY:  The Linkha invade and conquer much of the Kingdom of Monde.

582 AY:  King Dios of Chaos marries Moghedien

583 AY:  Saionji finally sneaks off and walks the Pattern in defiance of Gendo, vanishing into Shadow.  The same day, Tylor sails out of Shadow with a fleet into the Gulf of Amber, right in time to intercept an invasion fleet from Euboea which hoped to conquer Amber and its trade by a surprise attack.  He defeats the invasion and is named Admiral of the Fleet of Amber by Gendo. The Euboean War begins.

Nuada is born to Queen Moghedien and King Dios.

583-593 AY:  The First Euboean War.  This is largely a naval war.  Amber successfully forces the Euboeans to abandon their colonies in the Shalomar Islands.

584 AY:  Belshazzar is born to Queen Moghedien and King Dios.

588 AY:  Haruka of Harad is born.

591-643 AY:  King Ludovicus III the Drunken theoretically rules the Pecheneg (Begma + Eregnor).  In practice, he spends his time drinking while his mayors of the palace run affairs.

598-604 AY:  Cimbri attacks destroy Kashfa and overrun Eregnor.

604 AY:  The Pecheneg state (Begma) begins paying a tribute yearly to the Cimbri to avoid being invaded.

605 AY:  Darien of Harad dies, willing his kingdom to Amber in the hopes they can save it from the Cimbri.  Gendo marries the heiress, Haruka.  The Cimbri pour across the border and the Cimbri Wars begin.  Tylor commands the Fleets of the League of Amber, while Touga takes command of the Amberite forces fighting in Harad.  General Marduk commands Harad's armies.

605-638 AY: Pepin (I) the Short serves as Mayor of the Palace in Begma.

605-631 AY:  First Cimbri War

605-624 AY:  The war consists of repeated Cimbri raids along the coast and into the interior.  The navy holds off the coastal raids, but Harad and Amber's forces are unable to prevent the Cimbri devastating much of the area north of the Harad River, although the Cimbri are unable to hold any ground.

606 AY:  Eowyn is born
608 AY:  Juri is born
612 AY: Catherine is born.
616 AY:  Corinne is born
617 AY: Haruka minor is born.
623 AY:  After a stillbirth, Haruka never becomes pregnant again.

In Chaos, Queen Moghedien has the last of her famous fights with Dios and storms off into Shadow.  She never returns, and is declared dead 3 years later.

624 AY: Eowyn dies during a battle on Lake Harad, which has frozen over.  General Marduk is slain and the armies of Harad collapse in the west.  Cimbri swarm south and begin to occupy Harad west of Salisbury.
625 AY:  Drake returns from Shadow and assumes command of the war against the Cimbri.
627 AY:  Catherine tires of being held safe behind the lines in Amber, slips out of the city, gathers a war party, and tries to raid the Cimbri to avenge Eowyn's death.  She is defeated, captured, raped, and killed by Arovisticus, one of the major Cimbri war leaders.  After this incident, Haruka steps up the combat training of her children,but also keeps pretty strict reins on them, wanting to avoid a repeat disaster.
630 AY:  Cimbri attempt to bring a major fleet down the coast against Amber, but Tylor defeats them.

631-639 AY:  First major truce period in the war; both sides are exhausted. Gendo sends Juri to walk the Pattern and go into shadow on a mission during this time. The Cimbri build their empire in other directions during this time.  Tylor sails off into Shadow to buy Queen Haruka a birthday present and does not return for many years.

635 AY:  Pepin the Short (of Begma) defeated the Cimbri at the battle of Karest, driving them out of Begma.

636 AY:  King Dios of Chaos marries Graendel

638-651 AY:  Carlo (I) the Brave serves as Mayor of the Palace in Begma.

639 AY:  A Cimbri warchief tries to challenge Gendo to a duel.  Gendo refuses, so the man kidnaps Haruka, forces her to 'marry' him, then tries to claim the throne of Amber.  (In Cimbri culture, women rule over land, men rule over the people who live on it. Thus, to become king, you have to either convince or force the heiress to marry you, and build up a body of followers for yourself)  Gendo says he'll admit the man's claim if the man walks the Pattern.  Foolishly, the man tries to do so and is consumed by it.  The chief (Garicus) has many relatives, however, who declare a blood feud, and the war repopens.

640-660:  Second Cimbri War.
The Cimbri put forth a great effort to destroy Amber, sending forth multiple fleets and trying to overrun and settle the conquered areas.

640 AY:  Jetta is born to Dios and Graendel

643-672 AY:  Mericivus the Lustful theoretically rules the Pecheneg (Begma + Eregnor).  In practice, he spends his time wenching while his mayors of the palace run affairs.

645 AY:  Skippy the Logrus Squid attacks and devastates Ember.

646 AY:  Tremere of Chaos is born to Dios and Graendel.

650 AY: The Dorian federation overthrows the kingdom of Linkha, and begins to overrun modern Uila and Singh.

651 AY:  Haruka Minor is murdered during a truce negotiation, along with most of the officer corps of her army.  It is crushed and central Harad is overrun.

651-678 AY:  Pepin (II) the Tall serves as Mayor of the Palace in Begma.

656 AY:  By this point, the Cimbri control most of the plains, except for isolated strong holds, and they make their first failed attempt to break through the Kolvir pass into Amber proper.

657 AY:  Touga appears to betray the garrison of the pass, letting the Cimbri into it. They flood through the pass towards Castle Amber itself, putting it under seige and bringing up every single Cimbri warrior they can.  However, they are unable to force their way past the Castle into Amber itself.

It is then revealed that Touga 'betrayed' Amber at Gendo's command, when Juri rides into the far end of the pass with a vast army of mercenaries from Shadow, making her triumphant reappearance.  Trapped in the pass, the Cimbri are slaughtered to the last man at Gendo's command, and their heads are sent back to the Cimbri who remain in Harad.

660 AY:  Battle of the Plains of Harad.  The last major field force of the Cimbri does battle for four days with the armies of Amber and are crushed. Gendo forces the remaining Cimbri to submit and sells every Cimbri he can get his hands on into slavery.  However, Amber lacks the resources to conquer the Cimbri in the areas north and west of Harad. Their confederation breaks up and splits into a dozen or so petty kingdoms in what is now Begma, Eregnor, and Kashfa.

664-682 AY:  The Social War

664 AY:  Amber's league of allies, exhausted after years of war they see as largely intended to benefit Amber, attempt to greatly reduce Amber's power in the league and to force Gendo to seperate the crowns of Harad and Amber, so that different children will inherit them, instead of Harad becoming permanently part of Amber, for they know this will lead to Amber gaining an unshakable ascendency over them.  Saionji urges Gendo to refuse, hoping to eventually hold both crowns, until Gendo points out that Saionji has no rightful claim on Harad, as the claim descends through Haruka.  Saionji then irritates Gendo greatly by throwing his support to the rebellious members of the league's proposals.  Gendo responds by having the High Priest of the Unicorn declare his marriage to Yvette annuled due to him having had sex with her while married to someone else.  (Yvette having been his mistress while he was still married to Sakura).  Saionji tries to kill the high priest in a rage, fails, and is forced to flee into Shadow.

War then breaks out. Portions of Harad revolt, supposedly in favor of Haradian independence, but mostly as a result of the desire of various Harad nobles to gain independence for themselves.  Haruka, who in some unknown fashion seems to have gained the longevity of Amberites proper, puts on her armor and leads the army against them herself, while Drake and Juri move south against the league.  It is at this time that Corinne is sent to secure control of Arden, which eventually leads to her serving as its warden.  Touga suffers repeated defeats at sea, for the league provided Amber with most of its naval strength before this, while Drake and Juri methodically conquer the hinterlands.  They are unable to conquer the cities proper, however, which are reinforced by sea.

670 AY:  Jetta, daughter of King Dios, walks the Logrus and heads into Shadow.

672-682 AY:  King Antonius the Bastard rules the Pecheneg (Begma + Eregnor).  He struggles to reassert royal authority, but is militarily incompetent, though he tries hard.

673-706 AY:  Reign of Queen Theresa III of Therin.  This is usually considered the height of Therin's power and of the Theran dynasty.  It was a time of peace and prosperity, but with stormclouds on the horizon, as the country had filled up its agricultural lands and hit the limits of its ability to expand.  In the following century, population pressures began to undercut the country's prosperity and bread unrest.  Theresa herself was able to make quite a bit of money by renting a large chunk of the Therinese army to Amber as mercenaries in the Social War and the Last Cimbri War.   She also seizes the area around Chalcedon from the Dorians after their defeat on the Day of Darkness.

674 AY:  The Euboeans become involved, dispatching their navies to aid the cities of the league.  The Dorian federation begains to attack Arden from the west.  However,  Haruka suppresses the last of the rebels in Harad in this year and begins building a fleet in the Harad ports.

676 AY:  The league crushes the fleet from Harad and raids Amber Port.  Graendel is killed by Abyssal monsters.  Setsuna of Chaos throws herself into the Abyss.

676-743 AY:  Dios appoints Ishmael Regent and vanishes into Shadow.

678 AY:  Corrinne is defeated by the Dorians west of Arden and forced to fall back into the forest.

678-682 AY:  Pepin (III) the Strong serves as Mayor of the Palace.

679-684:  The Last Cimbri war.
A charismatic chieftan, Vercintegorix arises and reunites the Cimbri for one last throw of the dice. The Cimbri are succesful at first because Amber is preoccupied by the Social War.  Juri eventually crushes the Cimbri and drives thembefore her, then forces them all into a tributary position to Amber.  The Cimbri  henceforth fade as a power, assimilate into the populations they conquered,and eventually are overrun by the next major wave of barbarians, the Alans, many years later

680 AY:  The Day of Darkness. Dorian forces break through Arden and march against Amber City. Drake attempts to march his forces north from the southern front, but can't arrive in time.  The League's fleet, strengthened by the Euboeans, crushes Touga's fleet in the Gulf of Amber, captures Touga, and moves in to seize Amberport.  The city of Amber goes under siege.  Attacked by the Cimbri, Juri and Haruka are unable to bring help from the North.  But Tylor finally reappears, sailing out of shadow with a fleet of ships who, as he put it 'keep following me around through Shadow because they keep getting to fight things and get rich'.  The invading fleet is crushed, Amber is resupplied, and Drake arrives with the main army to drive off and crush the Dorians.

680-682 AY:  With the defeat of the Cimbri, King Antonius tries to depose Pepin the Strong with a man of his own chosing.  Pepin marches the army of Pecheneg veterans against King Antonius and overthrows him.

681-82 AY:  With the help of Tylor's fleet, the league's forces are crushed.  Gendo offers them a deal, letting the cities govern themselves in return for an annual tribute payment, while their nobles titles will be recognized and they all will become Amber citizens, with the full trading privleges in Amber itself of such citizens.  The cities accept, and the war ends.

682-703 AY:  Pepin III the Strong founds the Silesian Dynasty and rules over Begma.  Pepin abolishes the position of Mayor of the Palace, being aware it might be used to overthrow his own line one day if it survives, and divides its responsibility among many different royally appointed ministers.

Peace under Gendo and Haruka (684-914 AY)

684 AY:  Corrine walks the Pattern for the first time and vanishes into Shadow for a time.

685 AY:  Lord Ymir of Aesir towed Jotunheim through Shadow and anchored it next to Aesirways to provide a testing ground for Aesir's warriors to grow strong.

686 AY:   The great dragon Nifflinar rose from the Abyss, and Ymir perished fighting it.

688-701 AY:  Third Euboean War.  Euboea is defeated and forced to cede some of its colonies.

692 AY:  Bargle the Infamous of Darinstar tries to conquer the City of Brass with the Heart of Flame, but is defeated and turned into a coatrack.

695-703 AY:  Civil War in House Olympus.  Lord Zeus and his brothers overthrow Lord Cronus and take over.

703-751 AY:  Carlo II the Builder rules in Begma and Eregnor.  He becomes reknowned for building many beautiful castles and churches and roads.  He also runs up massive debts.

743 AY:  Dios returns from Shadow.

751-783 AY:  Pepin IV the Unlucky rules in Begma and Eregnor.  His financial difficulties lead to embarrassing defeats at the hands of the Cimbri states and Talma.

754 AY:  Corrine returns from Shadow.

755 AY:  Dios abdicates and vanishes into Shadow, never to be seen Dios, anyway.  Ishmael becomes King of Chaos.  Jetta resurfaces briefly to attend the coronation and pledge allegiance to him, then returns to Shadow.

758-771 AY:  Civil war in Euboea permanently cripples its ability to threaten Amber.  There is reason to believe Touga was involved in this.

766 AY:  Pepin IV of Begma faces major uprisings by the greater nobles, who force him to accept a hereditary council as a check on his power.

768 AY:  Jetta returns from Shadow permanently, and begins to build Nurgalways.

783-825 AY:  Pepin V the Lazy rules in Begma and Eregnor.  After a few initial attempts at active policy, he soon finds himself hemmed in by the unwillingness of the nobles to pay for anything, and turns to hunting and art instead.

797 AY:  The Theran nation cheers as the degenerate and profligate Louis VII dies.  His daughter, Marie I, proves not much better, with a harem of lovers and a tendency to spend water like wine.

798 AY:  Jetta announces the completion of Nurgalways and throws one of the greatest parties of Chaosian history to celebrate its completion.

800 AY:  Various disgruntled Theran nobles convince Marie I of Therin's cousin, Anton, to raise the flag of rebellion against her.  Civil war now erupts in Therin.

800-814 AY:  The War of Cousins.  Anton Theran fights his cousin, Queen Marie I, for the throne.  Eventually, she dies at the battle of Angiers and he takes the throne, but her son Louis escapes to Amber.

800-970 AY:  One by one, Ishmael's seven children by his three previous wives die off.

824-840 AY:  The Second War of Cousins:  Louis (VIII) Theran raises an army of mercenaries in Amber and descends into Therin.  Various disgruntled nobles join him, and he manages to capture and execute King Anton in 826 AY.  But Anton's son Marc escapes and keeps up resistance until 832 AY, when he is captured and executed.  His sister, Yvette, marries Duc Georges of Touraine, who keeps up the fight, eventually capturing and executing Louis VIII in 836.  Yvette and Georges, who becomes Georges III, takes the throne.  Louis VIII's two infant children (Pierre and Hugh) are saved by Marshal Henri d'Soulette, who tries to fight on in their name with some success, slaying Georges III in 838 at the battle of Toulon.  However, Yvette's prime minister (and later lover), Stephen of Anjou, defeats Marshal Henri d'Soulette at Vingtiemes and captures the two infants, who vanish into the Tower of Sorrows, never to be seen again.  Yvette now rules as regent for her young son, Louis (IX).

825-856 AY:  Pepin VI the Cunning of Begma and Eregnor proves adept at dividing the nobility against itself and building political support within it.  He is able to make effective war against the Talmans and Cimbri as a result.

856-891 AY:  Carlo III Weaksword of Begma and Eregnor loses the ground his father gained when he is repeatedly beaten by the Talmans and Cimbri.  In his later years, he turns obsessively to the playing of chess.  It is in his reign that the Minister of the Treasury, elected by the Begman Council from its ranks, begin to be referred to as 'Prime Minister'.

868-881 AY:  The Chamberlain's War.  By this time, many in Therin hate the house of Anjou, which has gained ascendency over the weaklings of the line of Touraine, and a rebellion breaks out, lead by the Dauphin family.  Jacques V shocks many by rising to the occassion and taking swift action to suppress the rebellion, only to take an unlucky arrow to the eye in 870 and die.  His Lord High Chamberlain, Pierre of Anjou, is also his cousin, descended of Yvette and Stephen of Anjou.  He now claims the throne, and even more families rise up.  He eventually wins, but much of the country remains in anarchy, with him able to really only assert any effective control over about half of it.

880 AY:  The House of Malablin takes control of the City of Brass.

884 AY: Gendo appoints Juri regent and vanishes into Shadow.

889 AY: Gendo returns from Shadow with a band of Elves who he allows to settle in Arden. He appoints Corinne Warden of Arden formally and has the elves swear fealty to her.  One of them, however, a woman named Findulias, has clearly become Gendo's lover and is set up at court, causing some scandal.

890 AY:  Gil-Galad is born to Findulias.

891-932 AY:  Carlo IV the Well-Beloved of Begma and Eregnor lives life as one giant party.  He makes the monarchy very popular.  He also expends a lot of its remaining resources and does nothing to prepare for the menace of the Alans.

897 AY:  Around this time, there is a minor crisis, as the new High Priest of the Unicorn becomes suspicious as to why Haruka hasn't had any children in over 270 years, and why all of them were girls.  He also tries to argue the heir to the throne of Amber must be male, and therefore Gendo should set aside Haruka and marry Findulias and proclaim Gil-Galad his heir.

This provokes a several month crisis, which Gendo resolves much to everyone's surprise (they all assumed he was using the High Priest as a lever to enable himself to get rid of Haruka in favor of Findulias) by bringing up the previous annulment of his marriage to Yvette and showing how that would forbid his marriage to Findulias.  High Priest Talio then tries to argue that he, as the Unicorn's sacred representative, has the authority to release Gendo from that law.  Gendo browbeats him into attempting to walk the Pattern to prove it.  He is consumed by fire.

Gendo then declares the Temple of the Unicorn was defiled by its former high priest, plunders it, burns it to the ground, and builds a new, larger and more elaborate one on the ruins.  He appoints Lady Michiru of Kaioh (rumored to be Haruka's lesbian lover), as High Priestess of the Unicorn. He also attempts to change the laws of succession and inheritance in Amber to explicitly include female succession. He breaks off his affair with Findulias at this time.

900 AY:  By this time, the Silesian dynasty in Begma is in decline and the Prime Ministers begin to rise to control the Begman state.

901 AY:  Lady Daria of House Salisbury is born.

912 AY:  Gil-Galad walks the Pattern and Vanishes into shadow.  He never returns.

912-927 AY:  Queen Marie's War.  The accession of Marie III kicks off another civil war as Duc Hugh Capet, descended of Louis VII Theran, argues that his male line claim is better than hers, and that women shouldn't sit on the throne of Therin.  Most of his supporters simply see their chance to exploit another burst of anarchy.  Duc Hugh defeats Queen Marie's forces repeatedly, then crowns himself at Roncesvalles in 920 AY.  He spends another 7 years suppressing the anarchy in the provinces and restoring central authority.

913 AY:  Findulias dies in a hunting accident that many suspect is no accident. Three more of Gendo's former lovers die in the same year.

914 AY:  While attending the meeting of the Parliament of Harad in Harad City, Haruka is murdered one night by a band of young Cimbri, who years later, are found to have been put up to it by Sakura, who soon after returns in the identity of 'Charlotte of Belgalad'.

Gendo and "Charlotte" the Traitor Queen (915 AY-954 AY)

915-919 AY:  Gendo personally leads the armies of Amber against the Cimbri, ignoring their protests that they had nothing to do with the murder.  He sells every noble in the Cimbri lands into slavery, leaving them defenseless and disorganized.  It is at this time that he meets 'Charlotte', who leads one of the major mercenary bands in his service, and falls for her, beginning the romance that leads to their marriage and eventually her betrayal of Amber.  Corrine mostly vanishes from sight during this period; rumor has it she had some sort of nervous breakdown after her mother's death.

920 AY:  Gendo marries Charlotte.

921 AY:  Makoto is born.  Charlotte somehow convinces Gendo that Juri and Corinne are plotting against her and her baby boy, aided by the grumblings of some among the populace who want a male heir to the throne and by the efforts of the Haradian nobility to ensure that Juri will inherit both Amber and Harad.  Gendo begins watching them carefully.

924-934 AY:  The devastation of the Cimbri opens the way for the Alans to overrun the Cimbri lands.  They then turn their eyes on Amber.

926 AY:  Gendo's bastard son Corey is born.  He is raised at court by his mother, Lady Daria of House Salisbury.

932-985 AY:  Pepin VII the Poor rules Begma and Eregnor.  Bereft of funds, he is largely unable to do very much.

935-957 AY:  The first Alan war.
935 AY:  Juri is caught by surprise while inspecting one of the border fortresses by the Alans and captured.  The Alans proclaim her the rightful Queen of Harad and claim to be fighting to enforce her claim.  Some Haradian patriots hear this and rally to the Alans, causing Harad to be torn by Civil War.

'Charlotte' now takes this chance to convince Gendo that Juri planned this and really is a traitor.  Gendo declares Juri a traitor.  He and Corrinne have a bitter argument over this during a full court session, so he exiles Corrine, declares Makoto his heir and appoints Drake to lead the war against the Alans.  To everyone's surprise, Touga resigns his offices in protest of the exiling of Corrine and departs into Shadow.

935-954 AY: The war goes against Amber, as the Alans seem to always know what Amber is planning.  They conquer most of Harad.  Juri is forced to marry the Alan war chief, Ludovicus, and gets pregnant six times, but all six are still-births.  All attempts by Juri to escape fail as Ludovicus seems to be able to somehow predict them.

953 AY:  Towards the end of the year, Nanami is born.  Touga returns from Shadow.  In Chaos, Nurgalways has the misfortune to be caught in the forefront of the invasion of the Gibberlings.  Lady Jetta is slain.

953-963 AY:  The Gibberlings War in Chaos.  The war finally ends after a huge battle on the plains around Brandenburg.

953-1132 AY:  Lady Geahavi leads House Nurgal.

954 AY:  After the celebration of Ludovicus' birthday with much drunken revelry, he passes out after raping Juri again, and she drives a tent peg through his head and escapes to the army of Amber.  Drake, at her advice, launches an attack during the bitter winter and crushes the main Alan field army.  The news arrives in Amber, shortly after which 'Charlotte' makes her attempt to destroy the Pattern using Nanami and is killed by Touga and Gendo.  Gendo refuses to apologize to Juri, although he does drop the charges of treason and restores her titles.  He also has his marriage to 'Charlotte' annuled, making Makoto and Nanami bastards.

This left Juri and Corrinne once more as the only two legitimate children of Gendo, but neither of them really wanting the job.  To make matters worse, Juri soon left to go into Shadow to blow off steam, and Corrine had yet to be notified that her exile had been revoked; efforts to contact her failed.

Gendo invoked various arcane laws to undo his annulment of his marriage to Yvette, relegitimated Saionji, designated him heir, and soon after further clouded matters by marrying Rei of Rebma and engaging in more legitimacy games.

Gendo Between Wives (955 AY-993 AY)

955 AY:  Gendo legitimizes Corey, but does not marry Lady Daria, who had married shortly before.

962 AY:  Grand Caliph Fahram ibn-Alshuana comes to power in the City of Brass.

968 AY:  Gendo visits the city of Brass and traps Grand Caliph Fahram ibn-Alshuana in a bottle and carries him back to Amber.

974 AY:  Corey insults the Theran ambassador and is cut in half in a duel.  Gendo demands Therin hand him over for punishment after he flees to Therin. The Therans, pointing out it was a legitimate duel, refuse.  Gendo declares war on Therin.

974-985 AY:  First Theran War
Drake leads Amber's armies south, and repeatedly crushes Theran field forces.  Gendo returns the conquered lands to Therin, in return for Therin ceding independence to several of its outlying provinces which had been recently rebellious.   This began a process of disintegration.  In the wake of the war, Marc II creates the Estates General as a concession in return for help paying the monarchy's war-induced debts.

977-992:  Second Alan War
The Alans try to invade Harad again while Amber is busy fighting the Therans.  Gendo appoints Saionji commander of the northern armies with Makoto as second in command.  The army mutinies, forcing Makoto to go home.  Saionji goes on to crush the Alans repeatedly, then invades their home territories and pounds them into rubble.  They are scattered forever.

978 AY:  Makoto walks the Pattern and vanishes into shadow for a time.  So does Nanami.

979 AY:  Grand Caliph Fahram ibn-Alshuana escapes by setting Gendo's quarters on fire. He returns to the City of Brass.

980 AY:  King Ishmael marries Laura of Coruscant (one of the Nine Free Cities).  Over the next 420 years, they have 8 kids, none of whom makes it to a century in age.  They also fight like rabid weasels, but seem devoted to each other when not fighting.

982 AY:  Suroth abdicates and heads into Shadow, not to be reliably sighted since.  Suroth II now heads House Suroth.

983 AY:  Siam demands cession of the cities controlled in Siam by Amberite trading companies.  Gendo abandons them to their fate.

985-1036 AY:  Pepin VIII of the Eight Wives rules Begma and Eregnor, spending most of his time chasing women, getting married, then losing them and getting married again.  During his reign, the Orkuz family directs a series of wars against the Alans and successfully turns the position into a hereditary one.

990 AY:  Corrine returns from exile.  She is given command of some of the forces fighting the Alans in support of Saionji, and performs her duties with an unusual amount of relish.  She then begins studying Trump Artistry with Fuyutsuki

Gendo and Rei of Rebma (993-998 AY)

990s-1020s AY:  In the wake of the collapse of the Alans, the Begmans expand into Eregnor, and the Prime Ministerial Orkuz family consolidates its power over the Begman state.

993 AY:  Gendo marries Rei of Rebma to strengthen relations with Rebma.  He soon finds her not to his taste.
994 AY:  Rei gives birth to twins:  Miki and Kozue.
995 AY:  Rei gives birth to Derith.
998 AY:  After protests from Rei and Queen Moire, Gendo creates the official office of 'King's Mistress'  This leads to more protests, so he divorces Rei and sends her back to Rebma, creating a breach that leads to decades of bad relations.  He also finds an excuse to fire, then later execute the Lord High Chamberlain, Thomas Cromwell, who talked him into the marriage in the first place.  He appoints Drake as the new Lord High Chamberlain.

Squabbles with Rebma (998-1063 AY)

998-1063 AY:  This whole period is marked by a series of disputes between Rebma and Amber which nearly lead to war several times.  During this time, Derith, Miki, and Kozue all walk the Pattern and vanish into shadow.  Miki returns in 1063 and succeeds in defusing the last crisis.  Gendo names him Ambassador to Rebma, and better relations resume.

This period also saw the rise of modern Begma and Kashfa, and the resumption of struggles over Eregnor.

1000 AY:  Grand Caliph Fahram ibn-Alshuana leads the forces of the City of Brass against Amber, but is defeated at Yig.  The State of Jidrash begins to rise out of the rubble of the Alans in the North.

1008 AY:  The plot of the Five Wizards to take over Amber is foiled when Touga, approached by them to betray Amber, betrays them instead.

1050-1075 AY:  King Louis XII, the last Capetian, rules in Therin.

1055 AY:  Juri returns from Shadow.

Gendo and Lorelei (1064 AY-1111 AY)

1065-1075 AY:  Second Theran War
In 1060-3, King Louis XII had exploited Rebman/Amber disputes to quietly overrun and reannex the provinces his ancestor had been forced by Gendo to grant independence to.  Gendo now ordered him to release them, and he refused.  The result was the Second Theran war.  Juri, having returned from Shadow, resumed the office of Marshal of Amber and marched south, crushing the Therans repeatedly.  She forced the conquered lands to be released and carried back the King of Therin to Amber herself.  The Therin Estates General tried to declare her Queen, but she refused the offer, convincing them to elevate the House of Valois to the throne instead.  Therin became a Golden Circle Shadow.

1075-1125 AY:  Francis I Valois rules in Therin.

1076 AY:  Gendo marries Lorelei, sister of King Francis I of Therin.

1080 AY:  Princess Mara is born.

1092 AY:  Lorelei and Mara drown in a boating accident.  Gendo now relegitimizes all of Sakura and Rei's children, then appoints Makoto regent much to everyone's surprise and vanishes into shadow.

1100 AY:  Jidrash controls all of modern Kashfa and proclaims itself New Kashfa.  It begins to expand into Eregnor, gobbling up the petty states there, and comes into conflict with Begma, beginning the first of a dozen wars over the area.

Gendo and Anthy(1112-1262 AY)

1112 AY:  Gendo returns from Shadow with Anthy and marries her.  There is much whispering and speculation as to where she came from.  Derith becomes Warden of Nedra for Rebma in this year.  Kozue becomes Ambassador to Rebma and Miki returns to Amber, becoming Master of the Revels.

1115 AY:  Utena is born.

1120 AY:  Wakaba is born.

1125-1186 AY:  John I Valois rules in Therin.

1132 AY:  Lady Geahavi of House Nurgal blows herself to tiny bits in a lab accident.

1132-1297 AY:  Lord Anglese rules House Nurgal.

1137 AY:  Tsuwabuki of House Swansea is born.

1145 AY:  Utena walks the Pattern and vanishes into Shadow.

1150 AY:  Wakaba walks the Pattern and vanishes into Shadow.

1150-1165 AY:  The Uilans conquer the various Dorian city states, integrating them into Uila, except for Singh, which Gendo takes under Amber's protection.

1156 AY:  Perri the Swift comes to the throne of House Jesby.

1165-1178 AY:  Begma and Kashfa fight a crippling war over Eregnor.  Amber remains neutral..

1166 AY:  Tylor wanders off into Shadow again.

1167-1180 AY:  The Uilan War
Uila attempts to conquer Singh; Marshal Juri leads Amber's armies against the Uila and repeatedly crushes them.  They are forced to acknowledge Singh's independence.  Misato gets her first military experience in this war.  Tsuwabuki gains his first military experience leading a brigade of the Trained Bands of the City of Amber.

1180s AY: Yumi and Loewen have an affair for a time, before she leaves to follow her destiny and he gets married.

1181 AY:  Misato joins the Castle Guard of Amber

1185 AY: Loewen marries Ataria of Darios.

1186-1223 AY:  Francis II Valois rules in Therin.

1188 AY: Loewen and Ataria have their first child, Minaria.

1203 AY:  Utena returns from Shadow and becomes Royal Bodyguard.

1206 AY: Loewen and Ataria have their second child, Malcom.

1207 AY: Yumi becomes Royal Mistress in Amber.

1212 AY:  Beowulf is born.  Tsuwabuki becomes a division commander of the Amber Trained bands.

1220 AY:  Tylor returns from Shadow.

1222 AY:  John Valois II is born.  Rumor has it Drake is his father.

1223-1271 AY:  Louis XIII Valois rules in Therin.

1225 AY:  Wakaba returns from Shadow.

1226-34 AY:  Gendo appoints Drake regent and vanishes into Shadow for a time.

1227 AY:  The new king of Uila manages to join the Golden Circle.

1232 AY:  Davros is born. Loewen and Ataria have their third child, Cydno.

1240 AY:  Gendo exiles Touga for reasons which remain unclear.  Makoto appoints Misato as commander of the Castle Guards.

1241 AY:  Ruka is born in Florence.

1252 AY:  The Kashmir Trading Collective begins its conquest of Sind.  Tsuwabuki becomes commander of the Amber Trained Bands.  Davros joins the Stylite Order.

1257 AY:  Juri retires from being Marshal of Amber.  Drake is appointed in her place.  Ruka enters the Amberite Navy.

1262 AY:  Gendo dies of old age, setting off the Succession Crisis.  Forces from Chaos attempt to put a false Touga on the Throne of Amber, but the crisis ends with King Tylor's elevation to the throne in accordance with Gendo's will.  Derith becomes Admiral of Mystara, Kozue is Admiral of Shalomar.  Nanami becomes Steward of Amber City.  Keiko is born.

King Tylor I's Early Reign (1262-1292 AY)

1263 AY:  Tsuwabuki and Nanami begin seeing each other seriously, after coming to know each other better through work. In Chaos, in the aftermath of the failure of the intervention in Amber, Helgram's enemies descend upon it, seeing it vulnerable. A short, sharp war follows, in which Minaria, daughter of Ataria and Loewen, is killed. Helgram's allies manage to help it drive off its foes.

1264 AY:  Ramon is born.

1265-1273 AY:  The Sea Peoples attack Amber
Hordes of shadow-travelling sea nomads assault Amber repeatedly, managing to land forces in the south and seize several cities.  Tylor fires Drake as Marshal because he is off in his fortress shadow and was not successfully contacted in time to do his duties in the first days of crisis.  Saionji becomes Marshal and drives the Sea Peoples off the land, then Kozue and Derith crush them at sea.  Ruka serves on the Farwanderer.

1266 AY:  Michelle is born.

1267 AY:  Tashlan, Lord Helgram (Father of Lord Loewen) holds Wakaba captive and uses her for breeding experiments before Anno, Utena, and Ishmael put an end to it.  Wakaba acquires a Lion Spikard and she and Utena fall under Annadil's control. This incident leads to Malcom's involvement in Outsider Worship being revealed, and Loewen, now Lord of Helgram, has him burned. Cydno and Loewen fall out, but for the moment, Cydno remains the heir.  Ota "Shaft" Tenjou is born.

1268 AY:  Akito of House Souma is born to Lord Hayao of House Souma and Meiko, his consort (of House Ivy).

1270 AY:  Tylor marries Yuriko of Rebma.  Shinobu Major is born.  Lord Misel of House Souma is born to Lord Hayao and Lady Meiko, the heads of the House.

1271-1293 AY:  John II Valois rules in Therin.

1272-74 AY:  The Alexandrine War:  King Alexander II of Uila tries to conquer Singh while Amber is distracted.  Saionji crushes him and forces him to commit suicide for his breach of treaty violations.  Berenice, the Queen Mother, becomes regent for Demetrius IV, his two month old son.

1275 AY:  Keiko is apprenticed to a Lipunese wise woman.

1280 AY:  Ruka becomes Quartermaster at Shalomar Naval Base.  Keiko signs onto a trading vessel as a sorceress.

1284 AY:  Keiko joins the City Watch of Amber.  Soon after, Keiko has her first clash with Makoto the Mad.

1285 AY:   Lord Tallis of House Souma is born to Lord Hayao and Lady Meiko, the heads of the House.

1290 AY:  Keiko becomes head of the Sorcery Division of the City Watch of Amber.

1291 AY:  Ruka becomes second in command at Shalomar Naval Base

1292 AY:  The Annadil Crisis.  You can Jump to the TAMD Timeline Page for details.  Nausicaa is born.  Lian is born. Things finally explode in Helgram after Loewen's maiming. He can no longer tolerate Cydno's increasing heresies. Ataria talks him into exiling Cydno instead.

1293 AY:  Jacqueline Tenjou is born.  Sumire is born.  Wakaba gives birth to Kentaro.  Shinobu marries Inaba.  Kanna is born.  Morgan is born.  Thoric is born.  Pacification of Uila, Wroland, Therin, Kashfa, and Lipun.  John II abdicates, walks the Pattern, and vanishes into shadow with a lot of the Therinese nobility.

1293 AY-(The Present circa F9R):  Henri I Bourbon rules Therin as King.

1294 AY:  Keiko and Ramon get married.

1295 AY:  The Lighthouse of Cabra is finished and begins operation.

1296 AY:  Motoko is born. Ataria is assassinated by agents of House Jesby.

1297 AY:  Lord Anglese of Nurgal decides to conquer the Shadow Kingdom of Blackmoor, being interested by the technomagics they weild.  The conquest is abandoned after some unknown fool in the house manages to accidentally set off a chain reaction in one of the conquered cities technomagical reactors that results in an explosion which blows Lord Anglese into a fine spray of atomic particles.  Her two eldest daughters die with her, so her son Anabaxius takes the throne.

1302 AY:  Moriya is born.  Lily is born. Jacqueline Tenjou vanishes into shadow for a time, triggering massive panic among her family.  Vice is 'born'.

1304-1312 AY:  War Against the Sea Peoples
The Sea Peoples came in force against the Lighthouse of Cabra and the Isle of Emeralds, but Utena and Kozue defeated them.

1305-1311 AY:  Kentaro, Lian, Thoric attend Ohtori Academy.

1312 AY: Keitaro is born.  Mutsumi is born.  Battle of Clontarf.  The Sea Peoples land a massive army on the Isle of Emeralds which is destroyed.  Motoko runs away to Lipun.

1313 AY:  Mitsune is born.

1314 AY:  Naru is born.

1314-1320 AY:  Countess Lily attends Ohtori

1317 AY: Keitaro is sent to Amber to be fostered.

1319 AY:  Shinobu Minor is born.

1321 AY:  Motoko returns to Amber and walks the Pattern.  She then enters the army of Amber, under Saionji.

1322 AY:  Jacqueline Tenjou is finally located, stuck in a slow-time shadow.  She's hardly aged at all, though she's been missing 20 years.

1322-26 AY:  The Melnibonean War
A huge army erupted out of shadow, landing in Harad and striking south.  It had a wing of dragons and vast legions of black armored infantry.  Four years of bloody war followed until the destruction of their fleet and Prince Kentaro leading a Kashfan army south to assault them from behind finally enabled Amber's forces to finish them off.

1325-1331 AY:  Mitsune attends Ohtori.

1326-1332 AY:  Naru attends Ohtori.  She and Mitsune become good friends.

1326 AY:  Battle of Dorcas.  Shinobu Major, Shaft, and Kentaro lead the attack which traps the Melnibonean army in the fork of the river after Nanami blew up all the bridges and Nagisa raised the river level to wash out the fords.  The last of the Melniboneans surrender after hours of slaughter.

1326 AY:  After the war is over, Motoko vanishes into shadow, founding Kenshi at this time.

1332 AY:  The setting of Unicorn no Seishi.  The events of this game are detailed on the time line page.  Jewel, Random, and Nanami Minor are born in this year.  Kozue and Saionji resign as Admirals and are replaced by Utena and Sumire.  Kozue becomes Admiral of Rebma's Pearl Fleet.  Saionji moves to Arcadia and becomes its Marshal.  Demetrius was given an MVP award by King Tylor and appointed President of the Amber City Naval Academy by King Tylor.  Lord Loewen and Lady Kodachi become engaged and announce they plan to marry as soon as Talia comes to majority and assumes rulership of House Alars.  Kitiara and Pirotess become involved in helping Beowulf to set up his Museum of Shadow near Yig, while Morrigan returns home to Chaos and the Abyss.

Ex-Wu-Drake founds House Drake in New Chaos, and becomes Marshal of Chaos.  Ex-Wu-Juri and Ex-Wu-Corrine find the shrivelled Yig of Arcadia/New Chaos, and begin nursing it back to health.  Ex-Wu-Corey starts dating Edith, who becomes High Priestess of the Turtle.  Saionji moves to Arcadia and becomes Marsha of Arcadia.  Ex-Wu-Van becomes Warden of Uberwald.   Kanna and Ruka marry rather hastily.  (six months from first date to marriage...)  Tsuwabuki and Nanami get married.

A Century of Peace (1332-1432 AY)

1332-8 AY:  Orien spends his early years in Jade.

1333 AY:  Early in March, Minako is born.  On March 20, Hanajima is born.  Asuka, Deirdre, Kurz, Melissa, Miroku,  Sousuke, and Allen von Munchausen are all born on the same day, the spring equinox.  Lady Talia marries Xaemyl of House Suroth.  Beowulf marries Lily.  Shiori is born in Ember, several months after the 'High Summer' wave of children.  Kanna buys a house in Shalomar for herself, Ruka, and Shiori to live in, near the Shalomar Naval Base.  Juri plays a part in Shiori's upbringing, even with her duties as Marshal of Rebma.

The Great Rain of Taylor Terror:  Princess Motoko and her companions hunt down and slay all known surviving Taylor blood creatures.  Rumors persist of a few which may have evaded destruction somehow.

1333-1353 AY:  Juri serves as Marshal of Rebma.

1333-1345 AY:  Naru attends Panopticon, eventually earning a Doctorate.

1333-1336 AY:  Mutsumi and Jacqui travel around the Arcadian Discworld and negotiate alliances and form the Green Circle.

1334 AY:  Telemain is born.  Makoto Minor is born.

1334-1347 AY: Telemain grows up in his father's Museum of Shadow, though the family's frequent visits to Amber let him get to know some of the other family members. Beowulf gives him some introductory training in Conjuration, while Lily works him through mind-strengthening exercises and Aeris teaches him about music and the fundamentals of Trump.

1335 AY:  Mogli Khan invades Cathay, but is defeated and slain by Emperor Chou III.  The tribes of the steppes fall apart again.   Certain lunatics within the Stylite order hit upon the idea of starting a band, to try to tap into the wave of public interest in the Stylite Order aroused by the rise of Davros to fame.  Working with Morgenstern, Millard Fillmore, and Mataka Fillmore, they create the band N'Stylite, a collection of hunky young monks who dance and sing from the top of their pillars.  This proves to be a massive out of control phenomenon.

In Amber City, the Ward of the Dead Monkey and the Ward of the Dead Unicorn declare war on each other after a Dead Unicorner is killed in a brawl at Mungo's Junk Pile in the Dead Monkey.  A massive riot erupts which spreads into six wards, killing hundreds.  The Trained Bands are called out, and Tsuwabuki, Nanami, and Prince Ramon prepare to put down the rioting.  Before they can intervene, Bumpy the Pimp and his bouncers and whores restore order in the Dead Unicorn, to the surprise of many.  This marks the first known appearance of 'Bust Rimururu', who turns the tide of battle in the Dead Unicorn when she causes a sewer line to explode under a major street, dispersing many of the rioters.  The remaining wards have to be pacified by force.

Touga celebrates his 900th birthday in a very large party.

Shigure is born in House Souma.

1336-1343:  A Dwarf/Troll war erupts in the Ramtops, and Arcadia is drawn into it.  Saionji wins the war (possibly to his own surprise) without much trouble, though it's slow work.

1336-1344:  Suu attends the Great School of Magic.  She graduates with honors.

1336-40:  Kasumi attends Panopticon and gets a medical degree.

1336 AY:  Drake spends a lot of time with Beowulf and Moonshade for reasons never revealed, but suspected to be related to the events of 1340...   In 1336 AY, the Munchausen estates suffered the 'Great Collapsing Hrung Disaster'.  It remains unclear what a Great Hrung is or why it chose to collapse on the Munchausen estates, but the result was that the Munchausen estates experienced time dilation, and two years passed in one day.

Ota Minor is born in Arcadia.

1337 AY:  Drake begins a series of long expeditions into Shadow.

1338-46 AY:  Orien moves to live with his 'aunt' Kanna and learning the ways of the nobility and the Royal Family of Amber and Ember, as well as  aquiring an education.

1338 AY:  Deirdre gets to go to Dworkinland for her birthday.

Lady Talia comes into her majority and assumes direct rule over House Alars.  Motoko and Loewen perform a rite in the Sacred Flame of Helgram which leads to Loewen being fully healed of his injuries.  Nine Helgramites turn up dead shortly before the rite; all are later revealed to be Outsider Cultists.  Lady Kodachi and Lord Loewen now get married.

Shinobu Minor and Keitaro get married.

1339 AY:  Kanako, Nanbara, Yomiko, and Violet are born.

1339-1349 AY:  Kozue Destroys the Sea Peoples, Followed by the War of Jenkin's Head (1350-1362)
In 1339, Kozue decided it was time to deal with the Sea Peoples once and for all.  Leading a mixture of Rebman and Amberite forces, in conjunction with Princess Sumire, Admiral of Amber's Southern Fleet, she swept out into shadow, found the homeland of the Sea Peoples, and crushed them like bugs.  Then she came back every year for a decade, until nothing was left but rubble.

This was good for the Isles, but bad for High King Ian O'Connel, who had been using the Sea People threat to build up his authority.  The result was the War of Jenkin's Head (so named for Prince Jenkin of Connaught, who was killed by Ian's son Douglas, who then dipped Prince Jenkin's head in lime and used it for bowling).  The result was a decade of civil war which ended with the O'Connels wiped out, and the High Kingship passing to King Sean McDiarmad of Ulster.

1340 AY:  Tomos is born in Castle Amber.

Drake returns from a trip into shadow bearing a new Greyswandir.  Drake then celebrates his 900th birthday by riding with Shinobu Major into shadow, finding a Flawed Amber where Derith rules Rebma and has Amber as a tributary state, and destroying it down to the foundations.  He then takes the rubble and has Gabrielle burn it, then burn it in the machine for burning things which have already been burned.  He then reconstructs the entire shadow into the 'Derith Was An Idiot' museum.  Rumor has it that he then calls up a Derith P-ghost and taunts him.  King Miki chides Drake for being childish.

That Hogswatchnight, the Hogfather showed up at Castle Arcadia, revealed himself to be Makoto the Mad, then exploded, showering Random, Makoto Minor, Ota Minor, and Minako with yummy candy.

1341-1348  AY:  The N'Stylite War
1341 AY:  By this point in time, the band N'Stylite is pretty much out of control, breaking their oaths with abandon.  The order formally repudiates them.  High Priest Taltos leads a Stylite attack squad when the band refuses to shut down, leading to the legendary Altamont Logrusway riot.  The end result is a five way war between the Stylite order, House Danaani, House Formorian, Snoop Mo G Records, and the United States of Chaos (a Black Zone Kingdom, led by Millard Fillmore).

The end result of the war is that when the Five Years' War ends, Motoko came back and kicked everyone in the head repeatedly until they made peace and stopped being idiots.  The band N'Stylite now broke up for the first time.

1342-1347 AY: The Five Years' War
In 1342, Prime Minister Asuma Shinohara of Lipun died.  To the surprise of many, the Emperor appointed his daughter, Ryoko, to the job.  This set off the Five Years' War, as various houses rose up against the Nagai Government.  Unfortunately for them, Princess Shinobu Major raised a mercenary army, and accompanied by Princess Motoko, Princess Moonshade, Countess Mitsune, and Duke Davros, came down on the rebels like a hammer.  To her disappointment, Motoko restrained her from wiping out the rebel houses, although Shinobu Major did get to kill the rebel leader, Lord Takai, in single combat, along with all eight of his sons.  At the same time.  (Okay, not so single combat).  During the war, a Lipunese ninja nearly assassinates Mitsune, but then panics and runs away, leaving her dazed.  Mitsune begins a program of sword training.

1342 AY:  Random (at ten years of age), walks the Arcadia air pattern late one night, much to the surprise of eveyone.  Reason she gives is, 'I was bored'.  Unfortunately this unlocks the spells that bound her shapeshifting ability and her biting habits.  Goes on a wild fanged biting spree for days after.   During a visit to Amber-Chaos, Random meets the children of Motoko's harem.  Seems to like Deirdre easily.  Claims Miroku tries to look up her skirt, she bites him on the nose.  Why the nose, nobody's sure.  Sign of things to come.

Yomiko is found reading a book, without having actually been taught to read yet.  She demonstrates the reading skills of an eight year old.

1343-1348 AY:  The War of Demetrius' Son
In 1343, Demetrius IV finally snapped.  He executed his daughter, Princess Alexandra, who had been seeing Prince Kentaro.  Kentaro responded by calling out Prince Alexander, Demetrius' favorite son, to a duel.  Too proud to refuse, Alexander went to the duel, and Kentaro chopped him into bits.  Demetrius IV demanded Kentaro be turned over.  Tylor replied that while he extremely disliked duels, they were, unfortunately, legal under both Amberite and Uilan law, and that perhaps he shouldn't have executed Kentaro's lover for no good reason.  Finally, someone shot and killed Demetrius' favorite pet dog.

Demetrius responded by turning loose the Uilan military to invade Singh.  The Singh league crumpled under the onslaught, being overrun.  The forces of Amber marched under the leadership of Marshal Tsuwabuki.  Demetrius was crushed in a series of battles.

In 1347, the three-day battle of Megalopolis happened, which combined riverine, aerial, and land combat.  At the end, the Uilan military lay in flaming ruins, and Demetrius IV had a heart attack from frustration and died.

Enraged, Demetrius V, eldest surviving child of Demetrius IV (who had killed off 4 more of his kids for failing him in the war), decided to continue the war.  Until his younger brother Perseus, quietly poisoned him, took the throne, and grovelled at Amber's feet.

Fortunately for Perseus, Tylor is basically an old softie, and he simply stripped Uila of some more land, but left him his kingdom mostly intact.

1343-47:  In Arcadia, the Blue Turbans conquer Klatch.

1343 AY:  Drake attempts to sail to the Isle of Emeralds to go help Kozue fight the Sea Peoples.  His boat mysteriously sinks, he is attacked by roughly two billion mermen, a shark bites his ass off, but he finally manages to escape alive (largely considered due to his Pattern skills).  Shiori begins her magical training with Yumi and Nagisa at age 10.

Kaname is born to Miki and Madoka.

Kuonji completes his prison sentence in Ember, and leaves, vanishing into shadow.

1344-1352 AY:  Bagok's War.
King-Priest Bagok of Siam, allied with the KTC, opened a war on Sind in 1344, hoping to exploit Amber's preoccupation with the War of Demetrius' Son.  The conquest was going well until 1349, when the war of Demetrius' Son was over, and Amber demanded the KTC and Siam give up their conquests.  The Siamese refused, so Tylor ordered the nationalization of the KTC, and turned Kozue loose on their shipping, while sending Tsuwabuki and Shinobu Major (commanding the Mercenaries she had just used in the 5 Years War) to reinforce Sind and invade Siam respectively.

Shinobu Major burned the rice fields, then let the Siamese starve until they rioted and killed King-Priest Bagok.  She then installed the lunatic mystic Dogok as King-Priest, and forced various changes which crippled his power.

Tsuwabuki drove the KTC forces out of Sind and conquered Kashmir, turning it into a formal colony of Amber.  Horatio Walpole committed suicide before he could be arrested.  He also turned Bengal into an independent state.

1344-1350 AY:  Nanami Minor attends Ohtori.  She does well until her final year, when she seems to go into total 'teenage moron' mode and makes a mess of things.

1344 AY:  Kanako, uncharacteristically for her, wanders off into the Courts when on an outing with her family and gets lost for an entire day. A frantic search ensues, ending when Blackie, of all things, goes and finds her and leads her back home. Kanako refuses to answer questions about this, despite being sent to her room for a week.

One night, Travis finds Yomiko in the library, making the books dance.  Yomiko's training in sorcery begins the next day.

1345-1350 AY:  Suu moves into the Amber Embassy and begins intense magical studies with Davros and Motoko.

1345-1351 AY:  Shiori attends Ohtori Academy.  She joins both the fencing club and choir, and eventually rises to the presidency of both before she finishes her high school years there.  She also continues her sorcerous training.

1345-1355 AY:  Naru returns from Panopticon, then vanishes into shadow.

1345 AY:  Allen von Munchausen, Telemain, and 5 other children all win golden tickets and visit Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory.  Things went horribly wrong, and Vermicious Knids overran Loompaland (Or so Munchausen claims.  Telemain fell in a taffy vat and missed the whole thing).  Munchausen drew on the skills taught him by his mother and managed to rally the Oompa-Loompas and drive off the Vermicious Knids, who swore revenge.  Or so he claims.  His parents had gone off to a restaurant and left him at the factory, and there was no SIGN of a massive battle.  Willy Wonka refuses to comment, but will no longer allow Munchausen in one of his stores, let alone his factory...

Telemain, though disappointed at missing the rest of the tour, finds the factory -- especially the marvellous Chocolate Room -- an inspiration, and buckles down harder on his Conjuration studies. He also comes into the museum one day, a few months after the factory visit, followed by a band of Oompa-Loompas. "They followed me home, Mom," he tells Lily; "Can they stay with us?" Lily gently dissuades them all and has Beowulf take the Oompa-Loompas back home to Loompaland.

Motoko, Davros, Moonshade, and Mitsune go to Yig, where Davros and Motoko both hang from the tree for a week.  They then consult with Anno, Fuyutsuki, Corrine and Lady Kodachi, and Lady Kodachi joins them on a trip into Shadow, carrying Hummingbird.    They are gone for about six months, then return sans Hummingbird, bearing the blades Shinjin and Covenant.  Motoko gives Covenant to House Alars in return for Withywindle, which she then gives to Corrine, who gives it to Miki.  The Quartet keeps Shinjin for themselves.

Hordes of creatures descend from Shadow, attacking House Souma.  Its allies come to its aid, but not fast enough to save Lord Hayao, the head of the house, who dies fighting the invaders.  Lord Akito, his eldest son, takes the throne.

1346-50 AY:  Orien enters the academy and goes through the required courses in 4 years, spending most of his free time on increasing his knowledge and
skills so he can actually get a decent posting once he graduates.  Despite relatively  low scores in his fencing classes he graduates with honors, his ability as a commander and tactician being considered far more important.

1346 AY:  Random finally gets that biting thing under control.  Yomiko is attacked by one of the castle dogs and mauled; the dog drops dead before it can finish her off.  Yomiko develops an intense fear of dogs.

1347-1351 AY:  Asuka attends the HCWA.  After crushing the Senior Tactics Instructor in the senior year wargames, she graduates at the top of her class, being the sole student to go straight to Captain.  At the age of 18.  Many boggle, others complain.

1347-1354 AY:  Sousuke is fostered in House Alars.  He is placed under the care of Lady Yuki and Lord Atleby, who Kodachi hopes will be able to soften his stiffness.  They don't have much luck, but he does learn quite a bit about how to handle complete disasters and about combat.  He also becomes friends with Allen von Munchausen.

1347-1355 AY:  Miroku and Deirdre attend the Great School of Magic.

1347-1360 AY:  Beowulf takes Telemain with him to Arcadia; Telemain helps Beowulf create the Arcadian Patternblades.

1347-1353 AY: Telemain spends his teenage years in Arcadia, taking further training in Trump and music from Mutsumi. As he grows older, he spends increasing amounts of time with his father and Dr. Jacqueline as they work on the Patternblades, and finally ends up helping them with their work. He also develops a strong 'favorite aunt' admiration for Dr. Jacqueline.

1347 AY:  Uotani and Hanajima form a girl gang in the City of Amber.  Random puts out her first album, "One", filled with sugarpop tunes infused with a distinctly Morgensternish flavor of funk and rave.  Is a dud in Arcadia.

Jewel walks the Logrus.

1348-52 AY:  Random is sent to the Amber universe for a proper education, which starts with walking the metal pattern of Amber, followed by attending the Amber City Naval Academy for four years.  Would have graduated with top honors except for the debacle at the final exam war games, where she had sabotaged the other team's equipment beforehand.  She claims it a legitmate tactic in real military situations.  The other team, and her instructors, are not amused.  Graduates as Salutatorian despite this.  Dates Orien in an on-again off-again relationship.

1348 AY:  Minako applies to enter Unseen University.  She is rejected because she is a woman.  The Bride of the Jewel shows up and turns everyone at Unseen University into a woman until they relent and let her in.

Makoto Minor  attends the Iron Chef competition while her parents are busy trying to get Minako into Unseen University.  Fascinated by their skills, she runs away from home to travel and study with one for the next twelve years.

1349-1353:  Allen von Munchausen attends the Hisame-Monde Finishing School for Young Sorcerors.  He graduates with honors in 1353, despite not having learned even a single power word, let alone any spells, and being proven to be magically inept.   He claims to have lost his virginity with Michelle and Atsuko at the same time during this period.  This may, for once, be actually true.

1349 AY:  The Quartet bring their children to Amber for the Spring Equinox.  While the kids are being taken round the castle by Moonshade, Davros, and Mitsune, Motoko, Keiko, and Anthy go shopping, taking Ramon and Demetrius along as porters.  What happened next remains unclear to most people, as those involved won't talk about it much.  Apparently, Ramon went to the bathroom at a boutique, and returned to find the others all unconscious with a sixteen year old girl (Uotani) standing over them, looking terrified, having apparently punched them all out.  She ran and he chased her down.  For reasons which also remain unclear, he recruits the girl for the castle guards despite the fact that this rather angers his wife and Demetrius.

Uo and Hanajima and several members of their gang join the Castle Guards.  Ramon begins intensely training Uotani, who proves a natural study.  Hanajima stuns her initial swordmaster by beating him in combat the first time he spars with her.  Tested for psychic strength, she gives Keiko a good fight before Keiko wins.  Keiko tutors her briefly, but then Anthy takes an interest in Hanajima, and begins to train her personally.

Nanami Minor blows up for reasons which remain unknown during the summer of this year, and goes into 'stupid teenager mode' very intensely.  She also beats up Uotani regularly and begins hanging around drunkenly with Corey.

Random's album "One" released in Amber and the Golden Circle, becomes a big hit, proving to be the springboard for a long and varied musical career for her.  Grandmother Michelle decides to make sure Random has The Talk before going through a decade surrounded by military men.  Rumor is that she let Random learn about sex via her harem and Lady Atsuko.  All parties concerned decline to comment, though Random is said to have been 'extra-perky' for weeks after her stay with Michelle.

In another instance of 'Kanako wanders off and does something foolish,'  she somehow makes her way into House Gainax and walks the Logrus, almost but not quite beating the youth record formerly established by Jacqueline. She then spends three weeks curled up in a ball inside a sphere of solid logrus  energy in the corner of House Gainax's courtyard before emerging, apparently  sane. Anno advises her simultaneously angry and relieved parents that she has amazing potential before they drag her home.

1350-52 AY:  Orien enters the army as a Lieutenant, and is posted to Shinobu Major's army, where he assumes the position of liaison officer with one of the mercenary companies under her command, the Black Dragon Company. The company specializes in irregular warfare, hit-and-run tactics, ambushes, and other less than honorable but highly effective methods of warfare. All their skills are of much use in ending Bagok's War. When the unit's captain  is killed late in '51, Orien receives a field promotion to captain and command of the unit, as their contract gives Amber a right to choose a new commander if the old one dies during service to the crown.

1350 AY:  Suu leaves the Embassy, and together with Anno, vanishes into shadow.  Nanami Minor graduates from Ohtori (barely), but skips graduation ceremony to go drinking and brawling with Corey.

Kanako shows signs of being restive. In an attempt to forestall Part III of 'Kanako Wanders Off,' Motoko suggests that she attend Ohtori Academy,  on the Order side of the universe, where her as-yet-untrained logrus abilities are unlikely to work. Kanako, bored with her Father's boring religious tutors, takes well to this, and moves to Ohtori just in time to catch Minor's final year of teenage stupidity. Blackie, curiously, stows away in her luggage; Kanako takes to decorating everybodies favorite Abyss Kitten with ribbons and bells.

In his first experiment with his Trump Theramin, Telemain manages to send himself (and Minako, who insisted on 'helping') to the Shadow Where The Addams Family Is Real. Fortunately, Mutsumi is able to track them and pull them back out,  before Minako levels the shadow in a fit of panic when Lurch asks to have her for dinner.

1351-1357 AY:  Setsuna attends Panopticon, earning a B.A. in History.  His years are rather mixed; while he becomes captain of the Fencing Club and does well within his major, he struggles with most of his coursework for his first two years, and he also is suspended for six months after getting in a vicious fight with another student, who he nearly kills.  His father (mother?) Kuonji appears and investigates, producing evidence which shows the student in question:  was guilty of three counts of date-rape using various drugs, had threatened Setsuna with a knife for 'looking at him funny', and was, in fact, the leader of an Outsider cult inside his fraternity.  The student in question ends up in jail, and Setsuna returns, but remains under rather a cloud for his remaining time.

1351-1355 AY : Shiori enters the ACNA, with her immediate family's sponsorship. She is extremely driven during this period, and manages through hard work and a little luck (and a rather remarkable display of piloting and naval tactics), to graduate with top honors and a Captaincy, at the age of 22.  While not quite as remarkable as Asuka's performance in the HCWA four years prior, there is some grumbling as to wether both colleges were being biased towards Princesses of the Blood.  Shiori largely ignores them.

1351-55 AY: Nanami Minor attends Harad City Military Academy.   Awards in Unarmed Combat and Military Band.

1351-2 AY:  Asuka serves under Tsuwabuki in the final years of Bagok's War.  She serves with distinction, recieves a battlefield promotion to Major, and Tsuwabuki takes her onto his general staff.

1351 AY:  Minako begins performing the rite of AshKente every few days, repeatedly trying to fix Death up on a date with her female friends.  Death is forced to ask the Bride of the Jewel to change the rite so that it no longer works if you are named Minako.

1352-53 AY:  The quiet year. The Black Dragon Company remains in Siam to make sure everything remains as quiet and peaceful as Shinobu Major left it.   Orien consolidates his command, being quite popular with 'his' men.

1352-56 AY:  Random immediately begins her education at the Harad City War Academy.  Proving that she hasn't grasped the concept of learning by history so that one is not doomed to repeat it, she once again sabotages the other team's equipment before the final exam, once again earns the ire of her instructors and classmates, once again manages to graduate Salutitorian despite this.

1352 AY:  Bust Rimururu and Rimururu (Who Bustie refers to as 'Slash' Rimururu) have it out in the middle of the Dead Unicorn in a six hour battle of water versus ice.  For those watching, it is the first time anyone can remember seeing Rimururu actually use her swords in a fight.  Prince Corey is first on the scene, and prevents other members of the family from interveing, saying '1.  It's a personal duel, not our business, 2.  It's a damn hot catfight, and maybe they'll get naked'.  After six hours of combat, Bustie triumphs over Rimururu when Mitsune arrives, and apparently mistakes Rimururu for Bustie and vice versa, causing Rimururu to pause and yell at her, then get clobbered by Bustie.  Bustie quietly vanishes into shadow for a while after this anyway.

Shortly after this, Uotani gets in a brawl at the Iron Pot with Corey, and meets Rally Vincent and begins training with her.

Allysia of House Darios was assassinated by her best friend, Jeane, at the ball given for Allysia's sixteenth birthday.  Jeane then vanishes without a trace.  House Darios blames Amber, and Darios forces attack the Amber embassy.  The embassy burns to the ground, but they fail to slay any of their chosen targets.  The result is a disaster for House Darios, as Houses Nurgal, Alars, and Helgram declare Private War on House Darios.  Darios backs down, and hands over certain leaders involved in organizing the assault.

The Great Reign of Furry Terror commences in Chaos at the same time as the Darios Crisis. 53 Chaosians with anthromorphic animal appearances and five members of House Souma are brutally slain over the course of two weeks. A deranged Tremere noble is arrested and convicted of being the Furry Ripper.  He is handed over to House Souma, who lock him into some sort of elaborate torture device hand-designed by Lord Akito; as far as anyone knows, he is still there.

Under circumstances neither have ever made clear, Suu and Touga meet in shadow during her travels with Anno.

Hearing about the extensive system of pyramids in Djelibeybi -- currently being disassembled -- Beowulf asks his son to pay a visit and document them for posterity's sake. Thoric sends Ota Minor along with Telemain, in another attempt to interest him in something beyond the latest weapon designs. This proves to have been a mistake, as Telemain's Trump skills are barely enough to keep them one step ahead of the hordes of angry camels, not to mention the irate queen and her assassin husband/brother. Ota keeps protesting, "Hey, *my* Mom and Dad were related, why is it such a big deal for you?" Telemain just groans. He also reconsiders his plan for telling Ota about the airguns his father makes...

1353-9 AY:  Allen von Munchausen serves as Fencing Master at the Hisame-Monde School for Young Sorcerors.  In 1359, his parents find out what the school actually is and force him to resign.

1353-1357 AY:  Yomiko attends Ohtori, and graduates with honors.  She excells in history (straight As) and literature, where she gets straight A+s.

1353-55 AY:  The Black Dragon Company sees action once again when Navy high command requests their services from the army for anti-pirate action. For several decades now, the Black Fleet of the Dread Pirate Flynn has terrorized Golden Circle shipping, coming out of the mists and vanishing into the night before the navy can intercept them, and so far none of their searches have resulted in even the slightest clue to the whereabouts of Flynn's base.  It is hoped that the ecclectic skill set of the Company will succeed where more traditional minds have failed. Indeed, after almost a year of gathering intelligence, Orien and a hand-picked group of Dragons manage to infiltrate the organization and discover the base, a relatively small shadow Flynn has total control over. Over the next few months, Orien and the Dragons fight and intrigue their way up to command of one of the black ships. On the next trip, the remaining company ambushes the pirate fleet and kills the pirates. Taking over the ships, they sail into Flynn's fortress and massacre the remaining pirates, including Flynn himself, who apparently was a blood creature. His remains are sent to Amber in a bottle.

1353 AY:  Juri resigns as Marshal of Rebma and vanishes into shadow with Queen Corrine, who leaves Kanna as Regent for the interregnum.  In Chaos, N'Stylite reforms.  (It's assumed there's no connection between these events, but...)   Kurz becomes one of the founding members of 'Generation 2'.

Random releases second album, "Sugarpop".  Leans more towards rave and electronica influences than previous album, earning a slightly bigger market audience.  Sells big in Amber and the Golden Circle again.  Is introduced to Chaos, where it makes the top 50.

Yumi reluctantly sends Violet down to the Embassy in Chaos to learn more of Chaos and diplomacy at Violet's request.  Moonshade takes Violet under her wing and begins training her in combat.

1354 AY:  Suu returns from Shadow with Anno and Touga, now bearing the new Hoard of the Dragon.  She's also dating Touga.

Sousuke returns to House Helgram, and walks the Logrus, as does Melissa.  They head into Shadow together.

Uotani makes Corporal, as does Hanajima.  Prince Ramon throws a small party for them, which is ruined when Corey unleashes rabid ferrets into the party room.   This results in Ramon snapping for the first time in decades and he and Corey proceed to have the brawl from hell.  In the process, Demetrius, Michelle, Makoto, and Vash all get caught in the middle of it and are pounded flat.  It only ends when Edith shows up, mindblasts both of them, and then drags Corey back to Arcadia for a while.

Random was kicked out of the Harad Academy Band for her continuing tendancies to have the military band play un-military music, such as 'I'm A Believer', 'Hard Day's Night' and 'I'm Too Sexy'.

1355-1360 AY: Shiori serves competantly, but not particluarly standing out, in the Amber Navy, mostly due to the fact that there weren't any major naval wars taking place at the time.  This continues to provide grist for the rumor mill, but again Shiori ignores them, instead dealing with shipping lane protection and the occasional pirate raid.  This also gives her ample time to practice her magical and guitar skills during long voyages.

1355 AY:  Kanako, having milked the Thaumauturgy school of Ohtori for all it's worth despite extremely mediocre grades, arranges for a transfer to the Great School of Magic. In what is probably her rebellious period, she spends her first year there using her own Shapeshifting abilities and Blackie to utterly confound Miroku on a regular basis, much to Deirdre's delight. It is at this time her profound talent and prediliction for impersonating people surfaces.  Blackie also begins to talk sometimes, though whether he actually -can- talk or if Kanako is merely a good ventriloquist is uncertain.

Naru returns from Shadow and becomes an instructor at the Harad City War Academy.  Orien resigns from the military and forms a mercenary company, the Black Dragons,  which becomes involved in the War of Jenkin's Head on the Isle of Emeralds.  Miroku and Deirdre walk the Logrus together, racing to see who will come out first.  Since both go stark raving mad, the issue is never settled.

Miroku and Deirdre then decide to enter the Stylite Order, and see which of them will be rewarded by the Serpent with a harem first, and who will get the better one.  Motoko and Davros seem somewhat non-plussed by their motivation.

Telemain returns to Amber, to walk the Pattern and study the various Elemental Patterns, as part of helping his father with the Arcadian Patternblades.

1356-61 AY:  Random serves out five years in the navy.  Is promoted to Captain by the end of her stint.  Was mostly an uneventful tour of duty, marked by a few raids on pirate dens and clusters of Sea People hideouts, and the occasional infamous Sea Raves hosted on her ship.  During this time she keeps an apartment in the ward of the Dead Unicorn, not far from where her grandfather used to live.  Got to know the neighbors. Started helping to fund the orphanages.  Apparently met Pimp lord Bumpy and got along quite well.  Rumor is that she got to know the ladies of Chez Bumpy quite well as well, though Random declines to comment and the ladies just deny it with a giggle.  During this term of service she also took the opportunity to train under various family members.

1356 AY:  Nanami Minor joins the Army of Amber.

Desperate to find Ota Minor a job where he can let out his aggressive instincts, Thoric sends him to Ankh-Morpork to train with the City Watch.  It is later agreed by all and sundry that this was probably not the optimal solution.

Minako graduates from Unseen University.  There is a great sigh of relief.

Tomos joins the castle guards.  He, Uo, and Hanajima become friends.

The Black Dragon Company's ten-year contract ends. Orien leaves the army and joins the Dragons as their Captain.

At the end of his Pattern studies, something happens to Telemain that leaves him a broken wreck. He refuses to talk to anyone about it, not even his grandmothers, and retreats into his rooms for a month. When he comes out, instead of returning to Arcadia, he goes directly to Panopticon and enrolls.

1356-57 AY:  The Black Dragon Mercenary Company becomes briefly involved in the war of Jenkin's Head. Their contract ends with the death of their employer.

1356-1361: Telemain, with a devotion that some might call 'monomaniacal', manages to get a Masters degree in Sidar Lore (admittedly building on what he learned from his father) from Panopticon in only five years. He supports himself by working at CAFAM in the summers, which leaves him with interesting twitches at the words 'Blue Light Special,' but also leaves him with a detailed knowledge of how CAFAM works. He also becomes fairly skilled at dealing with Idiots On Patrol.

1357-1363 AY:  Kaname is fostered at the Court of Amber, where she spends much time with Queen Yuriko, Anthy, Naru, and Yumi.  She tries to punch out Corey after he wanders into the women's baths, but fails miserably, leading her to work on her strength.

1357-61 AY:  An uprising of the forest tribes threatens Ashante as a charismatic warrior (Hunta He) unites several of them under his command.  A panicked king hires the Black Dragon Mercenary Company when it becomes clear that the best his army can do is keep them back from the coastal lands, and  sooner or later the tribal warriors will break through -somewhere-.  The Dragons end up going into the jungle to take the fight to the tribes. Several years of jungle fighting wear the company down, but they finally manage to corner the largest tribal army with (Hunta He) himself at its head.  What exactly happened next remains unclear, but the Black Dragons seem to have been largely wiped out, but took the forest tribes with them.  Several thousand heads of tribesmen rain down on the palace in a single night, and the trademark dragons of the company are seen flying out to sea with the few survivors.  The Black Dragons now vanish into Shadow.

In this same period, Yomiko attends Panopticon, getting a Batchelor's in Literature.

1357-1359 AY:  Setsuna earns a Masters in Shadow History at Panopticon, working under Dr. Watson.

1357 AY:  Suu and Touga get married.  Asuka is almost promoted to the rank of Colonel, until it's pointed out that she's simply too young, except in case of battlefield promotion.  Ota Minor burns the Assassin's Guild of Ankh-Morpork to the ground.  The remaining members try to assassinate him.  They fail spectacularly.  The survivors hit on the idea of renaming the Guild the 'Honorable Society of Assisted Death'.  Ota Minor pays them no more mind.

In an incident that will, in many ways, set the tone for Tomos' career, he is assigned to accompany Mikage to Siam as part of a diplomatic missions to deal with the aftermath of the KTC/Siam war.  An inadvertant comment gets him mistaken for the reincarnation of a Siam Death Goddess, touching off a mass of kidnapping attempts, assassinations, and masses of shaven-headed monks in robes trying to worship him.  The confusion ranges through several ancient temples and nearly levels a small town, but in the end Mikage seems more pleased than irritated, leading many to believe he orchastrated the whole thing in the first place.

Random releases third album, 'Oceans Apart'.  This proves to be the breakthrough album for her success in Chaos, as it hits top ten, holding the number one spot for a week.   Somehow managed to sneak off to Chaos to do a number of shows as the opening act for M^2.  Rumors begin that she is dating Ian.

1358-83 AY:  Nanbara serves as first assistant to, then as Helgram representative at the Black House.  He greatly enjoys the social scene, and engages in many disastrous romances, none of which break his will to keep trying.  He also studies law and becomes certified to practice law in the Chaosian courts.

1358-1360 AY: Kanna grabs Ruka, and the two of them go and take their -own- vacation out in Shadow.

1358 AY:  Juri returns from shadow and becomes Amber's Ambassador to Ember.  Corrine returns and resumes her queenly duties.  The band N'Stylite:  Generation 2,  breaks up after one of its members, Tamblin,  is eaten by the legendary beast, Yoko Ono.  Kurz begins a solo career, destroying the band, who no longer has anyone who actually knows how to sing or play an instrument.  Another member, Marko, swears vengeance on him.

Deirdre gets bored and quits the Stylite Order.  She forgets to tell Miroku.  She then heads to Amber.  She walked the Pattern and bummed around for a while, training with Naru, Countess Haruka, Utena, Ramon, and Kanna.

Nanbara walks the Logrus.  Rumor has it that he does not go mad after his Logruswalk; the truth of this, if anything, is unknown.

Shiori walks the Fire Pattern for the first time on her 25th birthday, as she wanted to wait for her Aunt and Grandmother to get back from their travels.

1359 AY:  Allen von Munchausen walks the Logrus and vanishes into shadow.  According to his claims, he rides the White Ship to Cathuria and becomes the knight and champion and lover of the White Queen who now rules Cathuria for the next decade or so.  He also supposedly beats Ithiqua in a wrestling match, best three out of five rounds.

Telemain, Yomiko and Setsuna defeat the invasion of the Mole People on the Feast of Saint Swivin at Panopticon.  The next day, no one remembers the Mole People existed except the three of them, and the cause of the invasion is never explained, in part because no one else remembers it.

Aburatsubo and Haru are born.  Haru is slightly older by twelve minutes.  There is probably no link to the Mole People.  They may, however wish you to BELIEVE that.

1359-1361: After meeting Setsuna for the first time at the events of the Feast of Saint Swivin, Telemain strikes up a cautious friendship with him. (It is not known what Kuonji thinks of this; fortunately, Beowulf is away in Arcadia when this starts, and seems to accept it as a fait accompli when he returns.) While Telemain is not a fighter by any stretch of the imagination, he is fairly creative and resourceful during the Mole People invasion, using conjured actinic flares and trump gates to good effect, and this seems to impress Setsuna. Telemain is impressed over the years by how often Setsuna seems to be *right* in the end, against all logic and common sense, and decides the matter merits further study.

1359-1369 AY:  Setsuna works on his Doctorate in Pre-Logrus Studies at Panopticon under Dr. Watson.  It is interrupted by several long research trips into shadow, twelve alien invasions, and the discovery that the Chancellor of the University was planning to sacrifice the entire graduating class to Moloch in order to obtain godhood.  The Chancellor discovered to his horror that magic does not in fact work at Panopticon, but students with lasers do.

1359-1373 AY:  Haru and Aburatsubo are raised in both Chaos and Amber, shuttling between Castle Amber, Alarsways, and Suu's private workshop shadow owing to Touga's various activities as an agent of the crown and Suu's propensity to get lost in her projects.

1360-1372 AY: The Blue Turban War (Arcadia)
1360 AY:  A month after Beowulf leaves Arcadia and returns to Amber, Sultan Dabi of the Blue Turbans sweeps into the Sto Plains.  Ankh-Morpork calls on Arcadia for aid, not expecting to get it.  To their surprise, Arcadia mobilizes and the forces of the Green Circle move into the Sto Plains.

Twelve years of war ensue, as Saionji leads fleets down the coast and Thoric lead field forces across the plains and into Klatch in a series of battles.  Minako assists Saionji, while Ota Minor and Makoto Minor join Thoric in the field armies.  By 1368, Thoric secures control of Omnia, while Saionji seizes control of the capital of the empire, Al Khali.  Four years of indecisive warfare follows, at the end of which, the Sultan gets killed in battle by Ota Minor and the Blue Turbans collapse.

1360-1362 AY: Shiori 'temporarily' resigns from the navy, and begins Pattern training with Juri over the the coming years.  Shiori enrolls in a technical college in Shadow in fast-time to earn an Enginnering degree, as she has some ideas for improving the design of Amber naval ships.

1360 AY:  Miroku finally gets actually told that his sister quit the Stylite Order two years earlier when Melissa and Sousuke stumble on his pillar.  .  He decides to stick it out longer, in hopes of a destiny harem.

Sick of getting his ass handed to him by Uo during sparring matches, Tomos begins looking for someone to train with to increase his toughness.  He picks Corey, who seems to be one of the few who can take what Uo dishes out, and hoping to be able to help his friend by smoothing over relations between them.  The latter fails, but he does become fairly good friends with Corey himself, and the two of them begin regularly getting together to drink, party, wench and otherwise enjoy life.

Random's apartment robbed.  One week later a local gang's house is burned to the ground, no survivors within.  Random says she was fishing by the docks during the fire.  When asked, the other citizens of the neighborhood 'didn't see nuthin'.

1361-1372 AY:  Random finally hears of the Blue Turban wars and makes arrangements to delay her service to the Amber military until the conflict is over.  Serves in the Arcadia Armed Forces from 61 to 72, where she displays an uncanny knack for military tactics and having an uncannily low rate of casualties, earning the loyalty of her troops.  Makes the rank of Lieutenant General of Arcadia at tour's end.  Produces enough material for six albums, which are in fact sent back to Amber and Chaos during the war.  Her continued unprecedented musical success in Chaos and Amber continues.

1361-65 AY:  Yomiko, by very hard work, earns first a master's, then a Ph.D in Literature, specializing in Amberite Literature, at Panopticon, studying under Dr. Tess Chaucer.

1361 AY:  Traumatized by years of war, Orien disbands his mercenary company.  He also is rumored to see Bust Rimururu intimately frequently in this period.

Upon graduating from Panoption, Telemain decides to test himself by building a gondola for the Gondola Games in Venetia. (The year's tuition at the Sea College of Magi is merely frosting on the cake.)  After much internal debate, he sets his teeth and asks Shiori (as the noted naval expert of his generation) to pilot his design for that year's games; much to his surprise and chagrin, she turns to have a better naval design sense than he does, though without his skills in engine design and construction. After some argument (and some very startled respect from Telemain), they decide on a partnership to enter next year's games. Omninous thunder rolls in the distance.

Tomos' mother, Louise and her lover from Therin, Yves, marry, with Tomos' blessing.  Uo and Hana accompany Tomos to the wedding in Therin.  A drunken Uo manages to punch out one of Yves' brothers, to the applause of his whole family.  Hana fends off the drunken advances of several minor Theran noblemen, mostly by calmly talking about their mistresses where their wives can overhear.  Tomos nearly seduces the maid of honor.  Louise, however, laughs and takes it all in stride, while Yves just shakes his head and is pleasantly cheerful despite it all.

1362 AY:  Orien vanishes into shadow.  Deirdre enters the HCWA.

Telemain and Shiori work on their gondola design. Their final design wins, much to everyone's surprise; Telemain collapses as the gondola crosses the finish line, but manages to revive in time for the awards ceremony. A giant black dragon rises up out of the canals and attempts to destroy the judges' platform in the middle of the ceremony, but Telemain manages to open a trump gate and dump the dragon into Der Heimat von Pukenheim before collapsing again. "They deserve each other," he was heard to mumble as Shiori shook him awake.

1362-1364 AY:  Telemain and Shiori study together at the Sea College of Magi. Beowulf goes to visit him down there, after hearing news through the grapevine from Kanna, and the two reconcile; Telemain explains that it wasn't anything to do with his father, and that he had to get away for a while, but still refuses to say anything about what caused him to run off in the first place.

1363 AY:   The first of a series of royal bankruptcies in Therin.  Yuki and Kyou are born in House Souma.  Asuka is now promoted to the rank of Major.  She is transferred to the HCWA, where she becomes Senior Tactics Instructor, running the annual wargames.

Kaname enters the ACNA.

Tomos makes Corporal in the Guard.  He begins working closely with Keiko as part of the Magical Crime investigation unit.  Despite this he picks up only the most rudimentary magical skills himself.

1364 AY:  Miroku finally snaps, and leaves the Stylite Order, giving up on Destiny Nookie.   He joins the Priests of Kundali.

Telemain returns to Amber after his time at the Sea College of Magi, and begins studying with his grandmother Wakaba to improve his conjuration skills.

1365-75 AY:  The Jesby/Darios War
Houses Jesby and Darios have feuded for centuries; the feuding finally erupts into open private war, which drags on inconclusively for a decade.  Things finally culminate at the Battle of Breaker's Reef, in which Darios forces manage to drive the Jesby forces onto a reef, crushing them.  Peace is then made.

1365-1373 AY: Shiori enters Panopticon University on Telemain's recommendation.  She goes on to earn a Master's degree under Professor Morrison.

1365-1400 AY:
Kanako leaves the Great School of Magic with extremely high honors in 1365 AY, having stayed two extra years for post-graduate work. Despite no formal training in the  Logrus, she has acquired a potent mastery of Logrus Sorcery.   She returns to Chaos proper.Anno of Gainax agrees to take Kanako under his wing as an  Apprentice/Assistant Keeper of the Logrus. She spends eight to ten hours a day intensively training with him and Jack, then comes home and trains more with her parents and various of their friends and lovers.

1365 AY:  Drake takes a pleasure cruise with Nabiki and Sumire.  Things go horribly wrong, as a shadow storm hits and blows them into a shadow where Pattern and Magic and Trump do not work.  They are trapped on a small tropical island with seven castaways.  Everyone assumes Drake is off burning more Rebmas and didn't want anyone to know, so no rescue is mounted at first...

Hatsuharu is born.

Melissa and Sousuke return to Helgram.

Minako annhilates both fleets at the battle of Minako's Folly; she gets heavily chewed out by Saionji.

Setsuna returns with Dr. Watson from a field trip into shadow, bearing a black blade which disturbs all who see it, and an owl who becomes his constant companion.

Yumi sends Yomiko to live with Motoko and her spouses for a time, to learn about the Chaosian side of her heritage.  Yomiko spends a lot of time with Mitsune and Moonshade, working out and overcoming her childhood frailty, and with Motoko and Davros, delving into Chaosian lore.  She and Davros have many late night discussions of books.  She also becomes very friendly with Kanako and Nanbara.

Late at night, one of Telemain's experiments in self-replicating semi-autonomous devices manages to escape from Wakaba's lab. He is awakened the next morning with the news that his device has spawned dozens of times over, forming a near-perfect copy of the capital city of Pinata in the fields outside of Castle Amber. Mortified, he rushes down to try and clean up the mess, only to find that Deirdre has taken up residence and refuses to let anyone tear it down. She is finally talked into leaving when Telemain promises to relocate everything to Beleriand.  Aule was reportedly not amused. Or was sniggering into his ale, depending on who you ask.

He makes sure to break from the moving long enough to attend Yomiko's graduation from Panopticon, and to get Shiori settled in there.

1366-1370 AY: Telemain shuttles back and forth between Amber and the Smoke Ring, working on research and training with various family members, including polishing his Trump skills with Corrine. It's at this point that Wakaba, after pointing him futilely at several of her young female magic students, pushes him into training with Kentaro, with Beowulf's full support. While it fails to achieve Wakaba's goal of getting Telemain to loosen up and spend some time on dalliance, he does learn a great deal about conjuration, as well as a certain amount of semi-conscious charm. He returns to Panopticon to attend Setsuna's graduation in 1369.

1366-68 AY:  Nanami Minor goes to Arcadia to train with Saionji.

1366 AY:  The graduating Cadet class at the HCWA (which includes Deirdre), unable to graduate without Drake's signature, goes looking for Drake, under Asuka's leadership.

Lord Loewen discovers Yomiko's fear of dogs, and attempts to 'cure' it.  The end result is that Yomiko goes from running away from dogs to tending to create twin paper blades and hacking to death any dogs she encounters.  There is also a notable rise in Yomiko's swordfighting skills.  She also begins training with Kodachi in wood and plant magics.

1367 AY:  Early in the year, the Senior Cadets of the HCWA, with the help of Davros (dragged into things by Deirdre), manage to find Drake and bring him back.  Drake decides to avoid all ships in the future.

Deirdre now becomes the head of the 7th Military Mage Company, 'The Blue Jayhawks', at the rank of lieutenant.

Kaname graduates and is assigned to the 'Swallow', in the Southern fleet as a member of the Amberite Naval Mage Corps.

After he takes a dagger in the chest to prevent a mystical serial killer from getting to her, Keiko takes Tomos shopping as a reward.  While picking out several very nice items, they bump into the Logrus, who is out looking for a birthday present of Jewel.  They join forces and proceed to more or less rampage across several dedicated shopping shadows.  However, the Logrus' casual disregard for minor trivialties such as monetary exchange leads to a misunderstanding involving the combined CAFAM/Wal-mart/Beebo's Discount Beverages Reserve Anti-Loss Army.

When the dust settles, the accounts are cleared, but some hard feelings remain.  Keiko's Ultra-Supreme-Trestone-and-Real-Platinum card is downgraded to merely Supreme-Trestone-and-Real-Platinum, causing her to sulk for 3 weeks until she finds a new dress she has seen but not yet bought.

1368-1372:  Anthy takes Hanajima into shadow; no one is sure what they do, other than that Hanajima was initiated into a Broken Pattern and returned with very potent wind powers.

1368 AY:  After nearly being killed when a groupie turns out to be a cannibal vampire, Kurz leaves the music industry and joins Helgram's army, where he's assigned to work under Sousuke and Melissa Fillmore, his childhood friends.

Kanako ill-advisedly mindshifts to Motoko as part of her 'I must  impersonate everybody' agenda. Things go horribly, horribly wrong, but at least Davros hasn't yet gotten her top off when Motoko walks in and dumps the mother of all Resume True Forms on her. Things calm down again after several months, although Davros never looks at Kanako the same way again.

1370 AY:  Violet enters the Amber Diplomatic Corps.

Setsuna comes to Amber.  In the middle of a howling rainstorm by climbing over the walls, knocking out several guards who try to stop him, and slipping stealthfully into the castle.  He almost manages to slip past Ramon into the King's chambers, but Ramon grabs him.  He then asks why Ramon is guarding the Pattern Chamber.  Setsuna claims he just wanted to walk the Pattern, so Ramon wakes up Makoto and Keiko, gathers a squad of guards, and hauls Setsuna down to the Pattern.  Setsuna walks it with ease, then salutes them and has the Pattern send him... somewhere. He is not seen again for some years, but Kuonji comes by a day later and explains that Setsuna is, in fact, his son.  Kuonji does not name the other parent.

Telemain vanishes off into Shadow for a decade or so. He spends the time cataloging a number of shadows that have interesting or unusual sources of power, including but not limited to still-functioning Sidar artifacts and various Elemental sources.

1371-73 AY: Orien returns to Amber, and promptly moves on to Rebma, where he lives for a while with the Miki and Madoka, learning to play the sax from her. He also meets Basara, Rebma's court bard, whose pacifist ideals are a strong influence on Orien.

1371 AY:  In Sailoon, the Cult of Shuma-Gorath nearly frees their dark god.  Ambassador Amelia assembles a strike force of Beowulf, Kanna, Nausicaa, Kaede, Naru, Kentaro, and Sumire.  They arrive in time to discover that someone has already slaughtered the cultists and prevented the ritual.  They spend some time rampaging through Sailoon, slaughtering monsters, just to make the trip not a complete waste.  This leads to the infamous 'tea with goblins' disaster, of which none of them will speak (though there are rumors of Kentaro having been stuffed in Beowulf's bag and used as a club.  Most discount these, as Beowulf wouldn't be so cruel).  Gourry makes his first appearance in over a century, rescuing them all with the help of Naga the White Serpent, Kitiara, and Pirotess.  Much embarrassment ensues.  Beowulf hires Gourry as head guard for the Museum of Shadow.

In Chaos, the entire House of Malkier, a minor house of Chaos allied to Alars, was slaughtered in a single night. The vast majority of them were killed by a single stab to the brain with silver knives. Fardred, Lord Malkier, was found dead in his quarters along with his wife and young children, an infant daughter among them. He died in combat of multiple wounds. Fardred was a noted swordsmaster. A young son, al'Lan, was absent from the house at the time and survived the massacre.

Allen von Munchausen resurfaces at the Gondola Games in 1371, which he won in one of the most spectacular victories ever, driving a Swan Gondola of his own design.  Even an assault by Deep Ones and Vermicious Knids (who, oddly enough, hate each other on sight...) couldn't stop his victory.  He attended the College of Sea Magics, where he once again discovered his deep inability to get even the simplest spell to work right.

Telemain hears rumors of a shadow where a pre-Logrus race -- known as the Jjaro -- apparently had and used a great deal of Sidar technology, if they weren't Sidar themselves. Technology that still operates. Telemain goes to Panopticon to research the shadow before heading out there, and runs into Shiori getting ready to leave on summer break. She dragoons him into taking her along, saying "Hey, that sounds like fun!"

The following months involve them getting trapped by enslaving alien races, fencing verbally with rampant AI's, helping a paranoid but determined cyborg, and discovering the legacy of the UESC Marathon. In the end, they escape from the shadow alive, and Telemain manages to bring with him the core of an artificial intelligence known as 'Leela.'  After getting his father's help in checking her out and adapting her to computer systems he had access to, Telemain gives her a home in his lab.

1372-1400 AY:  Beowulf goes to Arcadia, and works with Thoric, Mutsumi, Jacqui, Dr. Jacqueline, Minako, and the Bride of the Jewel in forging the Turtle Spikards.

1372-1382 AY:  The Wagnerian Jyhad
Lord Loewen decides it's time for a war, in order to keep his army in shape.  House Helgram's forces move into shadow and attack six variations of the high-tech shadow of Wagner in a row, gradually refining various strategies through experiment.

Kurz, Melissa, and Sousuke acquire experience in high-tech warfare from this.

1372-1382 AY:  Makoto Minor  spends a decade in Uberwald, helping out Van, learning from Dryads, and punching out amorous werewolves and vampires.

1372 AY:  Fuyutsuki, Anthy, Nausicaa, Eowyn, Yumi, Motoko, Hanajima, and Davros rebuild the Shadow Theatre.  Rumors circulate of a massive sex rite held by them there, but the rumors are squashed when Fuyutsuki 'accidentally' leads a herd of rampaging elephants through the streets of Amber City, squashing the eight bookstalls selling supposedly true accounts of the rite, then publishes his own book, 'The True Story of How We Rebuilt the Shadow Theatre'.  While no one who reads the book seems to remember anything it said, they all come away convinced it was completely innocent.

Baron von Munchausen somehow manages to fling the entire College of Sea Magics to Rebma, and is thrown out of the Sea College and told he will blasted on sight if they ever see him again.  The College of Sea Magics officially dubs him 'The Human Typhoon'.  It takes nearly a year to get everything moved back to Venetia.   Shiori hears of the flinging of the Sea College, and is reportedly both ticked off and amused by the affair, as while the place shouldn't have been flung, its nearness to New Rebma is nice.

Random gets flung to the Ward of the Dead Unicorn.   Morgenstern pleads innocence.  Disappears from public view for a while.

Kanako walks the Pattern, but shows no real interest in it afterwards.  She returns to Amber at fairly frequent intervals over the next forty-three years to walk it repeatedly, though.

1373-77 AY:  Aburatsubo attends Ohtori Academy.

1373-75 AY:  Haru attends Ohtori.  He does well initially, but suffers a lack of focus and attention starting in the high school.  Studying with Naru improves his grades, but he continues to show a lack of direction.

1373 AY:  Asuka is considered for promotion to Colonel, but manages to mouth off at the promotion committee, who shoot her down.

Rally Vincent ends up in the drunk tank, (along with Princess Random, who is there for other reasons), much to her embarrasment, after being in some sort of hideous brawl with her boyfriend of the time, a fellow named Randall.  Randall then disappears, leading to a murder investigation.  No body can be found, however.  Randall then shows up, weeks later, having gone to Begma in the interval, and makes sure the charges are dropped.  He and Rally try to reconcile and fail, and he leaves to become a golden circle merchant.  Rally swears off men.

Orien returns to Amber once again and moves into a nice townhouse in the city. Frequent parties and constantly changing women seen in public with him give rise to a reputation as a playboy.  He also meets King, and becomes friends with her. Her bar is his favorite quiet place for a drink.

Random later returns to the drunk tank after a night of partying at Orien's gets out of control.

Tomos is transferred to Castle Amber interior defense to help Mario beat off a combined invasion of firebreathing turtles and ambulatory sentient fungus.  They do so successfully and afterwards, spend the better part of several months in the sewers and pipes of the Castle, attempting to clear out any signs of the infestation, in hopes it doesn't come back.  This of course fails, though the firebreathing turtle activity does dwindle dramatically for quite some time.  As a result of his actions, Tomos is promoted to Sergeant.

Telemain returns to Panopticon to attend Shiori's graduation.

1374-1386 AY: Shiori spends the next 12 years as a 'Goodwill Ambassador' from Ember to Chaos, not serving in any offical capacity, but spending time at both the Amberite Embassy and at House Alars to show to the populace that not -all- descendants of Haruka of Harad were out to annihilate the Great Houses.  In fact, she manages to convince Kodachi of Alars to train her in sorcery, and transplants several forms of Emberite and Rebman plantlife to the House Alars gardens.  She also trains with Davros and Motoko during this time.  She manages to avoid the Second N'Stylite War, mostly by playing good rock (and putting on mini-concerts in the Embassy and Alarsways) during the entire period.  Yomiko attends several of Shiori's concerts and becomes rather a fan of her music.

1374 AY:  Valentine's Day, aka The Night of Death by a Thousand Kisses (Arcadia):  Thoric finds Jacqui, Dr. Jacqueline, The Bride of the Jewel, The Hostess, and Mutsumi all waiting for him, wanting to have a romantic evening with him.  Without a mob.  Just as Thoric calms everyone down, the Sign of the Logrus shows up, with Jack trying desperately to restrain it.  It is drunk and bitter, and has been watching movies about romantic suicide.

The result is a humongous riot, which only ends when Jewel makes her first appearance in Arcadia, and shows everyone that Morgenstern has been broadcasting the entire thing on Pay-Per-Trump.  They all team up to kick Morgenstern's ass and force him to listen to Abba until High Summer.

1374 AY:  Violet is assigned to the embassy in Melnibone.

Random Tenjou, in service to Sarantium, one of the Nine Free Cities, leads a massive mercenary army into shadow to destroy a ravening horde of ABBA clones which are preying on their coastlines because 'I owe Uncle Mo one.' This culminates is a masterful twelve-month campaign in which she crushes their home shadow into rubble. At this point, it is revealed that Random has actually spent the entire year in a drugged-out haze, and Kanako has pulled off the one of the most spectacular long-term impersonations ever.   Nanbara forks over practically his entire life savings in tre-stone, dances on top of the Amber Embassy wearing a five-year-old's sailor suit while singing 'I'm a Little Teapot,' and agrees to be Mitsune's personal slave for three months. Kanako walks around looking really damn smug for an entire year, and takes Xaemyl, Mitsune, and Davros (her Shapeshifting mentors) out for an expensive dinner. Loewen is effusive in his praise; Motoko, less so.

While visiting Amber on spring break, Washyu volunteers Haru to do some experiments.  He survives, mostly unscathed, as does Washyu.  However, a significant part of Washyu's lab shadow does not.

Telemain encounters rumors that the 'Cone People' are going to attack the Munchausen estates. Feeling a certain obligation to investigate, given the tenuous connection they share from the Wonka factory tour, he sets off, only to run into von Munchausen himself. The two surprise a small but vicious group of Cone People when they try to scout, and get chased by them across Shadow and right into the base camp of one of Professor Watson's expeditions. Chaos ensues.

1375-7 AY:  There is unrest in Melnibone, as intrigues and attempted coups unfold as Moorcock I lies dying.  His eldest son, Moorcock Minor, is killed by the other six claimants, who then fight each other for two years.  One by one, the brothers die, until Moorcock Minor emerges from hiding and wipes out the last other claimant, Leiber, and takes the throne, marrying his sister Michia.

1375 AY:  Uotani and Hanajima make sergeant.

Rally Vincent briefly dates Vash.  A trip to Calendar World ends this, although neither will speak of everything that happened.  (An entire city in Calendar World is known to have become an endless row of waffle houses at this time, though...)

Random and Miroku begin seeing each other off and on.

Later in the year, Random throws the now infamous 'Highway to Hell' concert in the Black Zone.  By this time her style has decidedly swung towards punk, industrial techno and heavy metal bizzarely fused with taints of pop.  Said concert results in a mosh pit that fills an entire shadow and carnage that is topped only by the infamous Second Altamont concert.  At the end of said concert gets thrown into a drunk tank.  While there, gets a surprise visit from Jewel.   The following day, Random drops out of sight, does not surface again for several months.

Haru drops out of Ohtori, walks the Pattern, and disappears into Shadow.   Upon hearing, Suu is somewhat irritated, but Touga just smiles.

1376 AY:  Night of the Soul Cake Duck (Arcadia)
In one of her many experiments, Dr. Jacqueline transforms the Soul Cake Duck into the Soul Bake Duke due to her bad spelling.  It goes on a rampage, baking people's souls, until finally Ota Minor, Makoto Minor and Minako hunt it down and bring it back to be fixed.

Setsuna surfaces at House Helgram, bringing Loewen several dead dogs as a greeting present. Loewen seems pleased, and employs Setsuna for the next thirteen years.

To the shock and surprise of her fans everywhere, Random resurfaces as a Stylite.  She puts out her first Elven-themed album out.   Much to the relief of Amber and Chaos, her fans seem agreeable to the new style and, by and large, become a kinder, gentler horde of fans.  Pillar sales increase.  The Stylite order fears another incident along the lines of N'Stylite, but to their relief Random does no such thing.  The Stylite order gains recruits at a level unprecedented since the first N'Stylite outbreak.

Juri, Eowyn, Kanna, Wakaba, Utena, and Naru go off into shadow together.  They return a month later, looking satisfied.  After this, Naru has the giant butter knife Kanna used to tote around.

1377-83 AY:  Aburatsubo attends the Great School of Magic.

1377 AY:  Yuki is sent to House Helgram for fostering.  He falls under Anji's influence.  Kyou is sent to House Olympus and falls under Hercules' influence.

1378 AY:  Tomos opens the Valois School of Fence in Amber City, teaching the combined style of swordplay and martial arts he developed based on the traditional Therin styles he learned as a child.  Interest is minimal at first, until an ex-student Tomos barred from the school manages to defeat a largish gang single-handedly in the Ward of the Dead Unicorn.  This is not particularly due to the teachings of Tomos, but despite that attendence skyrockets for a short period, then settles down to a small but constant level.  It proves particularly popular among the young men of the lesser noble houses of Amber, due to the combination of brutal effectiveness, fairly graceful movements, and Tomos' own panache.

1379 AY:  The Red Death (Arcadia)  On a particularly dark and stormy night, the Bride of the Jewel somehow mistakes Rincewind for Thoric and beds him.  In the morning, she realizes her mistake and tries to annhilate him.  'The Red Death' ensues, as she chases him across the Discworld for six months, finally giving up after Dr. Jacqueline explains that Rincewind is, in his own way, an integral part of the new Pattern, and cannot be easily removed from it.

Haru returns from Shadow, showing a profound interest in philosophy.  He begins training more intensely with Naru, who quickly sends him on to Juri.

1380 AY:  Orien begins to hang out with Vash, occasionally vanishing on week-long trips into shadow with him. When asked, they claim to visit interesting bars in shadow.

One of Tomos and Corey's semi-regular binges of excessive social behavior gets out of control when they manage to hook up with Cho and Allen von Munchausen, who are out for the same.  The resulting mayhem is legendary in best Munchausen style, fueled by Corey and Cho's mouths and Tomos' utter inability to say no to the idea of a good adventure.  After the fight with the Red Dragon Tong, the group managed to accidentally disrupt the plans of Wan Lung, evil Chaos undead sorceror, when Corey tried to seduce his virgin sacrifice and Munchausen snuck into his harem, while Cho and Tomos fought the Red Dragon goons trying to come through the door.  The resulting magical explosion was visible several shadows away, and the group was on the run through the Black Zone for almost 3 days before they finally managed to trick the several angry mobs after them into fighting each other.  All four vow to never to speak of it again, which lasts exactly 37 minutes before they find another bar and begin telling the story with even further embellishments.

Random gets kicked out of the Stylite order.  Official explanation is this was a result of many offenses through the past four years.   Rumor is that Miroku came by and did too good a job of tempting her off her pillar.  The Stylite order experiences an unprecedented exodus of members.  Random takes this opportunity to disappear into shadow for a number of years, still sending out new albums to her record company every year.  Style drifts to more of an accoustic, down-to-earth tone.  Fans become tree-hugging freaks that like to go sailing.

She spent several weekends with a large bag of popcorn at the Shadow Girl Theater.  What she was hoping to see, nobody knows.

The Amber Military remind Random that she still owes five years of service.  She begs delay, pointing out that her 'Heartland' tour is already commencing and it will just have to wait till it's over.

The Quartet and Kanako come down to breakfast one morning, and find Yomiko shows up in a halter top and a skirt that barely goes down past her butt (though she still has her glasses).  Everyone seems rather non-plussed.  For several weeks, she runs amok, engaging in a wide range of completely non-characteristic behaviors, from drinking to wild flirtation to bar brawls.  Many wonder if she perhaps walked the Logrus (considered unlikely, as she has all the shapeshifting skills of a rock).  After three weeks of this, Miroku walked into the embassy, home for a visit, and found her mostly naked on a couch with one of the embassy guards.  Some sort of long talk between the two of them ensued, and afterwards, Miroku asserts she'd snapped after reading several of his works of Kundali 'theology' all in one night.  Whatever the real cause, she now returns to her normal behavior patterns.  Miroku locks all his special manuals in the embassy vault.

1381 AY:  In Mystara, the CFRC find a way to make White Plume Mountain able to teleport around the countryside, then build a gigantic temple for the Yellow Monks on top of it, along with various temples, monuments, etc.  They then attempt to teleport the mountain on top of Rilfandel, which results instead in them squashing a major Elven clanhold in Alfheim.  This kicks off the CFRC-Elf war.

Telemain returns from Shadow looking very grim-faced, and spends months closeted with his Grandmother Yumi and with Naru. He then goes back off into Shadow.

1382-1402 AY:  Makoto Minor goes to Yig and studies with Ex-Wu-Corrine for twenty years, serving as a Forestal and studying Wood Lore.

1382 AY:   King Henri of Therin tried the expedient of repudiating his debts.  The result was a short, sharp civil war which ended in the complete victory of the Capuchin family of bankers and their allies.  Appointed as 'Reciever of Public Funds', Etienne Capuchin became effective King of Therin.  The position continues to be the prize all the merchants aim at.

Deirdre is promoted to the rank of Captain and assumes command of a regiment.

Kaname resigns from Amber's Naval Mage Corps and moves home to Rebma, where Kozue puts her in charge of building up Rebma's Naval Mage Corps.

Shizumaru is released from prison.  For reasons never clearly explained, the letter of notification to Rimururu goes astray, and he is met at the gates by Bust Rimururu.  Too excited by his release to think straight, he fails to realize he's dealing with an imposter, until she hears the Quartet coming and runs for her life, but not before she almost steals a kiss (see the Perry Shiz/Rimu against the wall pic...).  Rimururu is quickly trumped and takes her husband away all for herself.

Ota Minor climbs Cori Celesti and spends 3 months gambling with the Lady, losing every time and having to gamble away more and more things, until finally, someone takes pity on him and points out that gambling with the Lady is unwise to say the least.

1383-87 AY:  Haru, acting on Juri's advice, enters the HCWA.  As with Ohtori, he initially performs well but not spectacularly, then begins to slide during his third year, when he almost flunks out.  However, his distraction seems to be Glory Road, which he spends a great deal of time studying.  Fourth year, he buckles down again, and the skills he's acquired in his trips across Glory Road allow him to regain lost ground and then some.  He rapidly shoots into the top 10% of the class by graduation time.

1383-1389 AY:  The Third Coming of N'Stylite
They say that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. N'Stylite reforms, under the guidance of Marko, a member of Generation 2.  Their intial tour 'Look at our Butts Wiggle' proves a huge success.  Unfortunately, this simply sends the Stylite order over the edge again, resulting in the Second N'Stylite War.  It culminates in the Helgram/Stylite Order alliance, and the Second Battle of the Altamont Logrusway.  Kurz and Marko fight a duel on top of a pillar as the battle rages around them.  Setsuna, Sousuke, Kaname, and Melissa are all known to have been present, but it remains unclear what they did, in part because...

No one present will explain exactly what happened next, although mentioning Second Altamont to a veteran is likely to reduce them to either gibbering madness or homocidal mania.  It apparently had something to do with Baron Munchausen, 'the Moon Princess', the Giant Bat of Sumatra, an army of Huggy Corrines, werewolf-vampire Brittney Spears clones, and Andy Jackson fighting Michael Jackson on top of Bessie, the Giant Cow of the Atlan Tepes.  Maybe.  That may simply be the deranged ramblings of lunatic minds.

1383 AY:  Aburatsubo now comes to Amber and walks the Pattern.  Asuka is now promoted to the rank of Colonel.  She is now transferred to command of the forces garrisoning the forts of northern Harad.

Akari is born.

Nanbara is suckered by a Marillith, who convinces him that his father and sister have been replaced by evil duplicates.  This leads to the infamous 'Kanako the Doll' incident.  Nanbara is saved from a suicidal attack on his father by Miroku, who manages to clean out his brain.  Embarrassed and humiliated, Nanbara resigns from his post as Helgram's representative at the Black House, and plunges into his legal practice and seeks some way to strengthen his mind.

1383-1393 AY:  Nanbara practices law in the Courts of Chaos.

1384-1392 AY:  The Dragon Wars (Arcadia)
A rise in the mana levels enables the Dragon Riders of Wyrmberg to take their dragons out into other parts of the world.  They begin conquering Llamedos and move against the Sto Plains.  The Green Circle assembles its forces to fight them, and 8 years of war ensue.

Ota Minor fights a legendary duel against a gigantic bronze dragon over Sto Helit.  Minako blows up far too much of Llamedos and is reminded that not all spells need a 20 mile blast radius.  Makoto, Thoric, and Saionji defeat the main Dragon Armies in 1390, at the battle of the Octarine Grass, breaking the back of the invasion.  The Dragon Armies fall to squabbling and break up.

1384 AY: Yuki walks the Logrus and vanishes into shadow.

1385 AY:  Kyou hears Yuki walked the Logrus, and he walks it too, then heads into Shadow for a while.

Tomos, Uotani, and Hanajima are all promoted to the rank of Captain, and now largely serve as special agents.  Tomos begins detached duty as a Royal bodyguard
for Queen Yuriko, spelling Vash during his frequent trips into Shadow with Orien.

Minako defuses a fight which threatens to destroy most of Continent XXXX, when she suggests a compromise name for the Turtle Spikard of Creation (Dr. Jacqueline wants to name it 'Fuyutsuki-Slayer #57', the Bride of the Jewel wants to name it Curuya, Mutsumi wants to name it Alphonse, and Beowulf just wanted out of the giant Emerald he'd been trapped in in the first few seconds).  The spikard is dubbed 'Bill' after Bill Vincent, famous artificer and weapons maker.

1386-1391 AY:  The Second Melnibonean War.

Under a new King, the Melniboneans invaded Amber.  Amber called upon the Golden Circle for help, and a massive war resulted.  Things went poorly for the Melniboneans.  While they originally took Petra, as they marched on Caerlon, Marshal Tsuwabuki united with a Kashfan force and crushed the invaders.  Asuka's successful performance in the battle leads to her promotion to General.  Shortly afterwards, the Kashfan government had a financial crisis after the coastline was ravaged by Melnibonean raiders, and withdrew from the war.  Shiori returns from Chaos in time for the Second Melnibonean War, though not in time enough to prevent the sacking of the Kashfan coast.  This reportedly pissed Shiori off enough (given that the Kashfan coast is north of Shalomar) that she took the attack -personally-, re-entered the navy at her original rank, and pursued an agressive campaign against the Melnibonean Navy.  She pressed on with the rest of the Amberite forces to help turn the Melnibonean Navy into "salsa, chunky, with crunchy deck bits", serving with distinction and demonstrating WHY she had earned the rank of Captain in the first place.

Forces led by Tsuwabuki, Shinobu Major, Touga, and Drake pressed into Shadow and attacked Melnibone, sacking many of its cities, and forcing the signing of a favorable peace treaty.  Nanami Minor serves with distinction, targeting and killing numerous high-ranking Melnibonean sorcerers and leaders.  Asuka's corps sweeps through some of Melnibone's subject provinces.  She wins six victories and kills the High Sorceror-Priest of Mournfal.  Deirdre leads her regiment with distinction, and recieves a field promotion to Major, put in command of a wing.  Haru serves with surprisingly little distinction in the Amber Army in the Second Melnibonean War.  His unit sees some of the most intense action of the war and suffers tremendous attrition, among the worst in all of Amber's forces.  By the end of the war he's become bitter and withdrawn.

1386 AY:  Orien publically denigrates the war against Melnibone (Basara's influence, no doubt about it), then flees into shadow a few minutes ahead of a mob, which sacks and burns his home in Amber.  Orien claims to be searching for 'wine women and song' as he vanishes.

Telemain returns from Shadow, just in time for the start of the Second Melnibonian War. Although it galls him to be stuck back in a 'safe' location when many of the people he knows are out on the front lines, he pretty much spends his time making various devices for the front-line troops.

Violet is assigned to the embassy in Daiga, after the war closes the embassy in Melnibone.

The CFRC-Elf war ends when Rimmer is found drunk, naked, and in bed with one of the female elven leaders.  The group realizes that obviously this is a fake Rimmer and kill him, then go looking for the real one.  They discover to their embarrassment that was the real Rimmer, just under the influence of magics laid upon him by priests of Thanatos.  When resurrected, Rimmer kicks all their asses.

At the outbreak of the Second Melnibonean War, the Amber Military strongly reminds Random that she has unfinished duties to attend to, and punctuates the reminder by having Utena deliver it.   The 'Heartland' tour wraps up in Shamber and Random returns to active duty, ranked as a Colonel (based on recommendation from Saionji and the record of her performance in the Blue Turban wars) after passing a detox and skills assessment test.  Displays an exemplary command performance during the wars.  After the war is over she immediately resigns from military life, despite promises of a bright career in the military.

1387 AY:  Miki now decides to send Kaname down to Chaos to train with trump masters there.  Specifically, Millard Fillmore.  Kaname soon decides she is not too thrillled with this lunatic, but meets and befriends Kurz, Melissa, and Sousuke at this time.  (This eventually leads to her involvement in Second Altamont in 1389...)

1388 AY:  Kaname meets Nanbara, and ends up trumping him into a shadow ocean.

Demetrius takes a brief leave from the naval academy, and takes T, Vaprak, and Bogdozan to see the Mystara of this universe.  As the fates would have it, upon arrival, they immediately walk into the same bar in Glantri City where the CFRC is meeting with a scholarly mage to gain knowledge of some artifacts.  A massive riot ensues which burns down the entire block, releases a horde of air elementals who rampage berserkly, and results in Vaprak eating the head of the Glantri City Watch after ketchup is spilled on the man and he just smells sooooo good.

1389- 1398 AY (The War of Nicephorus):
1389 AY:  There was a coup in the city of Nicephorus, a Talman city.  Nicephorus went over to Begman allegiance; many suspect this was the result of manipulations by Nadia Orkuz, Prime Minister of Begma.  The Talmans claimed Begmans had staged a coup; Amber declared neutrality.  This set off the War of Nicephorus.  To the surprise of many, Begma suffered hideous early reverses, as the Talmans stormed into Nicephorus and retook it.

The war went badly for Begma, as many of the border cities were overrun in the following years.

However, in 1393, Nadia Orkuz had a heart attack and died.  Her son, Keitaro became Prime Minister.  Keitaro successfully called upon friends he had made in the royal families of Amber, Arcadia, and Ember, and with their 'unofficial' help, turned back the Talman tide.

Since 1398, there has been a tense peace between Talma and Begma, but many fear another war is likely.

1389 AY:  Nym the Swagman and a band of theiving associates descend upon the capital of Melnibone.  While the exact details are unknown, they are said to have stolen the entire flock of Imperial Nightingales, a talking severed demon head, twenty bottles of Catalan Wine (bottled circa 420 AY) and Moorcock I's Dragonscale Armor.  Several of Nym's associates are tracked down and killed by Melnibonean agents who spot the wine being put up for auction on ChaosBay.  Nym, as usual, is not caught.

Setsuna vanishes after Second Altamont, and is presumed dead.

1390-1408 AY (The Fronde):
Kashfa was on the verge of intervening in the War of Nicephorus in 1390, when the riots, disorder, and eventual civil war known as the Fronde broke out.  A combination of noble disaffection, dislike of Queen Coral, financial crisis and a massive crop failure led to the near collapse of the Kashfan state.  Amber refused to intervene, arguing Queen Coral had 'meddled in Amberite Court Affairs'.

Nearly twenty years of anarchy and bloody civil war followed.  The end came only when Prince Kentaro, to the surprise of many, came to the aid of his father, and somehow convinced Shinobu Major to sign on as a 'volunteer'.  She is accompanied by Princess Nanami Minor.  Shinobu Major wiped out six major Kashfan noble houses to the last man, woman, child, and dog, and soon had the rest reduced to quivering fear.

The Kashfan monarchy became much stronger, but is also now dependent on Amberite aid to survive in the face of resentful nobility and angry peasants.

1390-1415 AY:  Kyou begins extensive studies of martial arts and wilderness survival with his uncle Hibiki.

1391-1399 AY:  Having forcefully and vehemently declined to re-enlist in the army after mustering out at the end of the war, Haru vanishes into Shadow to again obsessively study the Glory Road. While he spends lots of time watching battles, he seems to be more interested in the Road itself, as an unusual shadow phenomenon.

1391 AY:  Shiori heads off into Shadow after the Second Melnibonean War, with an admonition to the family to "CALL ME ahead of time before a good naval war comes up, okay?".  She then heads off for a while.

At the end of the war, Telemain goes back to Panopticon to pick up his doctorate.

1392 AY:  Orien shows up in Amber again with a wagonload of high-quality  shadow wine, asking 'Is the war over yet?'   As his former home is a ruin, he moves into the  Palace.  Asuka now takes leave from the military.  After a brief and disastrous stint as an Idol Singer, Asuka vanishes into shadow.  Deirdre becomes an instructor at the HCWA, training military mages to become officers.

1393-98 AY:  Ota crosses over and visits Amber to meet his relatives.  He immediately gets in a late-night brawl with Corey for no good reason, and is banned from the kitchens by Chef Bork for all of eternity.  The next night, he mistakes Captain Uotani for an intruder and attacks her.  Things go downhill from there.

1393 AY:  Aburatsubo stuns everyone who knows him by beginning intensive sword training with Utena.

Nanbara reads the book 'Pienetics:  The Science of Coughing Up Money To Us', and is convinced to give the Church of Serpentology a try.

Random decides to settle down in Amber for a while.   Unfortunately, this happens to be when her brother Ota comes to visit Amber.  Their accidental reunion in the castle proves surprisingly negative.  Witnesses say they heard much shouting from the room the two went to talk privately in, which was soon followed by Random getting punched through the window and down three floors to Anthy's rose garden.   Fortunately, or, unfortunately, she landed in thick rosebushes.  They avoid each other for the remainder of his stay.

The Amber Raves, having faded away some years after Prince Ota Major's death, come back, thanks to Random sponsoring the event and providing the funk.  The raves also introduce the monthly Dance Dance Duel of Revolution, which Random dominates, when she was in the mood to participate in them.   This begins a long introspective time for Random, and it shows in her music.  Her fans, as a result, become a horde of philosophical theorists wasting vast amounts of time in coffee shops.

1394-1400 AY:  Miroku serves as the Kundali Order's representative at High Priest Rural's court.  He and High Priest Rural become good friends despite (or maybe because of) wildly differing temperaments.  It is at this time that Miroku begins to delve into philosophy more deeply.  He and Yomiko meet and debate various issues on a regular basis.

1394 AY:  Setsuna is revealed to not be dead when he and Damask and various other people burst out of a cake together at Miki and Kozue's four hundredth birthday party, then start to do a striptease for Kozue.  Kozue turns red, and flees with them chasing after her.  The various would-be entertainers all turn up thoroughly beaten over the next few days.

Later that year, Setsuna begins writing 'The Secret History of the Cone People'.

1395-1401:  Akari attends Ohtori.

1395-1400 AY:  Asuka surfaces in Chaos; she spends a lot of time training with Moonshade.

1395 AY:  The Hundredth Anniversary of the Good Diet is celebrated in Wroland.  Prince Ramon and Princess Keiko attend the ceremonies, where there is an attempt to assassinate them both.  It fails, and evidence surfaces which seems to connect Wroland factions to the long ago assassination attempt on Keiko when she was pregnant with Motoko.  That case is closed.  Nanami Minor is shot twice, taking bolts meant for Keiko; Captain Uotani survives uninjured, then has a 'which of us can squash more assassins flat first' contest with Nanami Minor.  Minor wins.

In the aftermath of this, Keiko seems to begin to finally warm to Uotani, and begins teaching her magic.  It soon becomes obvious that Uotani trying to use most forms of magic is a bad idea, after she turns Dowager Queen Anthy into a duck briefly by trying to cast a simple light spell.  However, she is able to handle Power Words, and begins studies with Haruna as well.  Uotani is promoted to the rank of Captain Special Agent.

King Ishmael is nearly assassinated at the Feast of High Summer by Rask, one of the most feared killers in the Courts. Rask is killed seconds before delivering the fatal blow by Lynne of House Hendrake, who had come to meet him for her parent's Black Zone estates. After dispatching Rask with a single blow to the heart, Lynne escaped.  When Ishmael attempts to contact her to reward her, her corpse is found buried on her parents' estates, having been dead for a year.

Violet is now transferred to the Wroland embassy.

With a stack of books and a load of questions, Random schedules a lunch with Juri in regards to her book , and they discuss and debate the workings of life, the universe and everything.  This soon becomes a regular habit.  Random also asks how on earth several positions in Juri's other book are possible.  Much to Random's frustration, Juri just laughs, smiles, and declines to comment on that particular book.  This slowly becomes a great nagging source of curiosity.   The album 'Things that make you go ara?' is released.  Yet another winner.

Ota Minor accuses Setsuna of killing his horse.  Setsuna points out that the horse was found ripped apart by claws, and that he does not, in fact, have any claws.  Ota Minor claims Setsuna set his owl on the horse.  Setsuna laughs disdainfully at him and tells him he is a moron.  Ota Minor replies that he doesn't have multiple wives...yet.  Setsuna laughs at him again and turns to go, and Ota Minor gets mad and challenges him to a rose duel.

They fight an early-morning duel, so early the dew hasn't evaporated.  This is revealed to be because the dew is actually a layer of oil Setsuna spread across the arena the previous night.  He ignites it with the lightning from his sword, then blazes through it and plucks Ota's rose while Ota is still panicking.  Anthy bans the use of burning oil in future duels.

Telemain goes to the Akashan League as part of his doctoral research. While there, he gets caught in the crossfire of some fairly nasty trouble, and then runs into Shiori; the two of them look at each other, blink, and ask "What are *you* doing here?" in stereo. Telemain rolls his eyes, and tries to help out.

1396-1400 AY:  Aburatsubo attends the HCWA, graduating with distinction.

1396 AY:  Ota Minor goes down to the Amber Embassy in Chaos and begins pestering Davros to tell him the secret of how to get a destined harem.  Davros finally gets irritated and tells him to go sit on a pillar for eighty years.  Ota misinterprets this as a come-on and freaks out.  The result is an Ota/Asuka/Moonshade/Davros brawl that finally ends with Motoko and Mitsune coming home from a hard day's negotiations and sending them all to go sleep on the roof in the rain.

Davros turns to his wolf form so the rain won't bother him.  Ota gets sick of the smell of wet dog and tries to punt him off the roof.  This time, Moonshade and Asuka pull them away from each other.  Ota challenges Davros to a rose duel; if Ota wins, Davros has to tell him the real secret of destiny nookie.  To the surprise of everyone, Davros accepts.  Then he names 'Logrus Tendrils' as the weapon the duel will be fought with.

The resulting duel is over rather quickly, as one might guess.  Ota sulks off back to Amber.

Setsuna fights a duel with Lord North, who accuses him of killing Lord Northwest, his brother.  Setsuna claims it was self-defense. He disarms Lord North and his owl pecks out Lord North's eyes, then Setsuna and his owl depart.

Telemain gets his doctorate in cosmology from Panopticon.

1397 AY (Arcadia) - Prince Van rides forth to battle a dragon raiding the fringes of Uberwald. The dragon turns out to be the formidable Chaos beast Raiu, clad in board shorts of power that render it virtually unstoppable by making it better at everything than the person who fights it. After getting badly mauled on the first go-round, Van defeats the beast by bribing Nym the Swagman to fight it. The dragon's enchanted board shorts make it even better at suicidal greed than Nym, and it dies trying to steal the Uberwald Pattern. Nym grabs the huge enchanted board shorts and flees. Van declares victory.

Ota tries to get Davros drunk, so he can get the secret out of him.  He succeeds in doing so, and Davros details an incredibly long quest he had to do in order to get his destiny lovers, ranging from giving Lord Loewen a dog to stealing one of House Jesby's galleons to kissing Queen Yuriko on the lips to having sex with the Unicorn.

Ota gets all the way through step nine (of twenty six), before Motoko finds out that 'Davros' was actually Mitsune (and not drunk at all) , and hears of the long list of things.  Mitsune gets in trouble, and Motoko tracks down Ota before he can try step ten (kissing Queen Yuriko on the lips).  The real Davros finds Ota and tries to explain the real story of how he got three wives, but Ota just can't believe it.

Setsuna is spotted poking around a just burnt warehouse in the dock quarter; he claims to be looking for his owl.

Shortly afterwards, the first draft of 'The Secret History of the Cone People' vanishes.  Setsuna angrily accuses Ota Minor of burning it.  Ota Minor looks up from the marshmellows he is roasting and says he thought it was scrap paper.  They fight a vicious brawl through the hallways of the castle until Misato, Makoto, Keiko, Naru, Uotani, Tomos, and Hanajima, along with fifty royal guards converge on them and force them to break it off.

Setsuna announces he is heading into shadow to work on a second draft where fools who don't deserve life won't burn it.

1398-1401 AY:
Uotani goes into shadow with Seta; he swiftly returns, while she is gone for three years.  When she returns, she demonstrates proficiency in the basics of Broken Pattern use and further increased unarmed combat skills.

1398 AY:  Rumor has it that Ota fights and kills the Great Troll of Skdjfi for Lord Odin in order to get a drink from Mimr's Well.  He doesn't seem to like any of the answers, and shortly afterwards, returns to Arcadia and resumes working in the City Watch of Ankh-Morpork.

The Wonka Chocolate Factory begins selling a new line of candy, "Orbitals".

1399-1418 AY:  Haru returns from Shadow and begins studying with all of the family Pattern experts.  He starts with Juri, followed by Nanami, Wakaba, Tylor and finally Drake.  Those who know him closely report that he seems much calmer and more focussed than previously.

1399 AY:  Corey tries to seduce Violet, and is found naked in the gardens the next morning, unable to remember what happened.

1400-1420 AY:  Aburatsubo serves as a member of the Military Mage Corps, rising from Lieutenant to Captain.

1400 AY:  King Sigismund II of Wroland died peacefully in 1400, and was succeeded by his son, Sigisimund III without a hitch.  In Chaos, a rift opens in space/time, disgorging an army of Grape Creatures led by King Julius V. The army marches on the Courts, crushing the Black Zone forces that stand in their way. Gilva rallies the hosts of Chaos and marches to meet them. Julius is assassinated right before the two armies meet, and Gilva crushes the leaderless army like a grape. Ishmael makes the survivors a subject people.

Deirdre gets bored of teaching, and arranges to transfer to the Arden Rangers, where she spends 17 years learning Elven Lore and generally assisting Warden Shizumaru.

Miroku decides he wants to go see the Amber side of things.  In part this was because he was discovered in bed with Lord Darios' wife and had to run for his life.  He wanders the Golden Circle for two years.  Rumor has it he met and slept with Bust Rimururu in this period.

In Mystara, the CFRC appears to various of their groupies and announces they have become immortals.  Worship of them commences.  In Amber, the news reaches T, Vaprak, and Bogdozan, who vibrate violently in unison.  Demetrius also vibrates, but in a different frequency.  Damask quietly crosses Mystara off the list of shadows visited in the studies of Hisame-Monde students.

Minako is appointed Regent of Aidacra, home of the Water Pattern of Arcadia.  She settles down in the city (which she has been known to refer to as her 'Love Shack'), and begins importing everything she thinks is cool.

Briefed that there were rumors of a new Lion Spikard surfacing, Random is easily convinced to lead an expedition to investigate.  Along with Vice and Kanako, they track down the conspiracy to a group of cultists hiding away in the DOOM shadow.  The resulting battle leaves the shadow's population drastically reduced, and the attempt to forge a new Lion Spikard foiled.

Yomiko returns to Amber; Kanako, of all people, uses it as excuse to come with her, claiming to want to spend more time in the ancestral homeland than just a summer stay, her longest previous stretch of time there. She spends her time doing nothing much, although she picks up a few unarmed combat pointers from her grandfather. Motoko seems very pleased by this.

1401-1430 AY:  Uotani serves as Queen's Bodyguard while Vash departs to have fun in Shadow for a while.

1401 AY:  N'Stylite Generation 4:  Beast Wars forms.  This variation of the band consists entirely of Furries.  At the advice of Davros and Miroku, the Stylite Order institutes legal proceedings in the Courts of Chaos to sue Marko and N'Stylite for Trademark Violation.  It remains unclear as to whether Chaos has any Trademark laws, and if so, what they are, but the legal proceedings force N'Stylite:  Generation 4 to largely tour in shadow and on the Amber side of things.

Akari walks the Pattern.

Having mastered the arts of Logrus, Jewel became Assistant Keeper of the Logrus in New Chaos in 1401, after the previous assistant Keeper, Dorcas, attempted to help release an Abyss Master from the Abyss.

Yomiko and Naru become good friends, and Naru begins training her further in combat.

1401-1406: Akari attends Great School of Magic in Lemuria.

1402-1418:  Miroku pops up at Castle Amber in 1402, and begins studying under Yumi, Seta, Travis, and Franich, studying the history and lore of Amber, and putting his talents to work assisting some of Franich's expeditions.  He writes several philosophical Kundali treatises, making a name for himself.

1402 AY:  Nym the Swagman attempts to rob Castle Arcadia.  After looting in the treasury, he and his band go to the kitchens, where they stumble on a chambermaid getting a snack.  His masculine charms win her over, and she helps him and his band of men sneak out of the castle by a concealed tunnel.  Later that night, Nym sells his companions out to the Arcadian City Watch, and scampers off into the Ramtops.

Three days later, Nym wakes from sleep to find himself butt-naked in the Dwarf Quarter of Ankh-Morpork with the words 'Trolls rule; Dwarves suck' tattooed all over his body in Dwarven runes.  This sets off the 'Great Nym Hunt of 1402'.  It ends with Ota Minor finding him and designating him 'Official Ankh-Morpork City Watch Archery Target'.

In his own ineffable manner, Nym somehow escapes.  Ota swears to find him, then immediately gets caught up in a case involving Dwarven prostitution, becomes hideously nauseated, and has to go home to Arcadia for a month, after which he can't remember the last four months of his life, even after a Patternwalk, because every time he remembers, he suppresses the horrible, horrible mental images.

Makoto dates King Dios of Chaos for a year, before things fall apart.  Henceforth, she tends to judge all men by his standard.

Shiori returns from Shadow, shortly before the Viking Wars start.

Random learns that Minako is regent of Aidacra, triggering a scream heard through the entire Ward of the Dead Unicorn.  She then finds out Makoto Minor is dating King Dios.  Juri has to talk a gibbering Random down from the spires of Castle Amber.

Telemain heads over to Arcadia to do some research in Shadow there.

1403-7 AY  (The Viking Wars) :
Raiders from shadow attack Frostspire.  Prince Shizumaru leads Amberite forces to Frostspire's aid, and with the help of Princess Kozue, he find the home shadow of the Vikings and devastates it, removing that threat permanently.  Or at least, hopefully permanently.  Akari assists in the last two years of it.  Shiori serves in the Viking Wars, and teaches the Vikings, in her words, "the *magic* of Orbital Bombardment."  She also introduces them to the wonders of magical artillery broadsides and spell-reinforced ship ramming, serving with distinction as she coordinates both naval maneuvers and the magical teams on the ships.

1403 AY:  After a year of watching Miroku mack on women, Captain Special Agent Uotani tells him to put up or shut up.  A massive lovemaking session follows, at the end of which, Miroku passes out while she's just getting going.  He is seen for weeks, begging her for another shot, but she tells him to come back when he can go the distance.

Random stops asking Juri about that other book.

Violet is transferred to the Therin Embassy.

Minako arranges for N'Stylite:  Generation 4 to cross over into Arcadia.  They perform a sold-out concert in Aidacra, then go to Ankh-Morpork, where, due to an unfortunate incident at the Broken Drum, the city panicks and assumes they're the first wave of an invasion from Uberwald.  Massive rioting ensues, made worse by Ota Minor shooting several members of the band with Whalekiller, Mark III, before someone finally tells him what's going on.  Minako gets mad and imposes a trade embargo on Ankh-Morpork and begins sinking Ankh-Morporkian ships.  All-out war almost erupts before Makoto Minor performs emergency brain surgery on Minako with her fists.  Minako calms down and the situation is defused.

Telemain comes back to Ankh-Morpork from Shadow just in time to catch the tail end of the N'Stylite debacle. This convinces him never to get involved in popular music, and he's seen to pat his Theramin gratefully every so often for months afterwards.

Juri and Random leave for shadow for a while, last seen boarding a white ship at the piers.

That Bloody Action Hero Hogswatch (Arcadia)
It began when the priests of Blind Io announced their god had informed that 'Everything is about to go to hell in a handbasket'.  The resulting 12 days are a train of scenes cut from Jerry Bruckenheimer movies and spliced with old Christmas Specials. A battle at the alchemist's guild leads to the leveling of five blocks, crazed terrorists are massacred in the Maul with goatloads of collateral damage, the Tower of Art explodes for no particular reason, and a giant asteroid made of coal is only narrowly averted. The endgame comes when a mysterious ice gypsy named Alias fights Mr. Teatime to the death on the back of a moving sleigh high over Ankh-Morpork. The Hogfather is wounded in the melee, and duty forces Alias to deliver gifts to the children of the world. This is remembered by Ankh-Morpork as 'That Bloody Action Hero Hogswatch' and by the rest of the Disc as 'The Hogswatch We All Got Those Cool Toy Knives'.

1404-1409 AY:  The Invasion of the Dark
In the year 1404, Sailoon was overrun by a strange threat out of Shadow known as the Dark.  Strange creatures made of living darkness overran and ravaged the land.  It was originally assumed to be some sort of Abyssal Outbreak, and Prince Demetrius was dispatched, along with Princess Eowyn and the Amber Air Fleet, and a detachment of the army led by Princess Asuka.  Princess Random is also known to have tagged along, and Aburatsubo was involved as one of Asuka's subordinates.  Shiori becomes involved towards the end of it, putting her Panopticon degree to good use.  Telemain also joins partway through, helping out with his own study of Sidar matters and his powers.  They defeat the Dark and track it to its point of origin in shadow.  It is revealed to have escaped from a Sidar Prison Shadow, breached by some unknown force.  If the cause of the breach is ever determined, the knowledge is not made public.  Asuka is promoted to Major General.

1404-1414 AY:  Yuki returns from shadow and trains with various masters of House Suroth for a decade.

1404 AY: (Arcadia) In an incident still talked about in the city, Ota Minor catches up with the ice gypsy, Alias, two weeks after Hogswatchnight in the Mended Drum and attempts to arrest her for impersonating a Holiday. Alias points out that this isn't a crime. Ota points out that it in fact is, thanks to Crazed Lord Snapcase, who also made it illegal to seduce a tree. Alias points out that the person doing the duties of the Hogfather can, in fact, be said to be the  legitimate Hogfather, since he is defined by his duties. Ota replies, "Right then, Miss Hogfather, you're under arrest for several billion counts of  breaking and entering."  "Go away," said Alias. Violence ensued.  Who won this fight is debatable, but when the rioting stops two days later, Ota is found dazed under a heap of maimed trolls, and Alias has vanished without a trace. Ota receives the label of 'The man who tried to arrest the Hogfather'. Much to his horror, it sticks.

Not too long after the unfortunate incident with the 'Hogfather', Ota Minor starts getting overworked as some members of the city guard resign in embarrassment. Telemain comes back to Ankh-Morpork about this time, after another trip out into Shadow; Ota immediately grabs him and asks him if he's seen anyone out in Shadow that he could hire for replacements. Telemain apologizes, he hasn't seen anyone that would fit well into their organization. Ota continues to pester him for weeks, until he finally snaps and says he'll go out and find some new guardsmen for Ota. Telemain heads out into Shadow, and Ota goes back to work, satisfied.

1405 AY:  For reasons which remain obscure, N'Stylite: Generation 4, is booked to appear in Roncesvalles.  Unfortunately, the Chaosians and agnostic Therinese merchants involved fail to realize that certain sections of Therinese scripture speak of Animals Dancing on Pillars as a sign of the end of the world.  Roncesvalles riots, and the band is lynched.  N'Stylite:  Generation 4 is then ambushed by giant robots in a misunderstanding on the way home, and the band breaks up in Chaos.  Marko places a large bounty on the heads of Kurz and Baron Munchausen, even though neither are present at the disaster.

Random and Juri return, just as the Dark outbreak passed its first year.  Juri returned to Amber to resume her duties, while Random joined the attempt to stem the Dark's invasion, serving under Asuka's command.  As usual, she serves well and actually earns some respect from Asuka.  Asuka also is puzzled as Random bids goodbye at the end of the campaign with a Mutsumi-like hug and leaves the military once again, not sure what she did exactly to get hugged or why Random keeps on quitting the military if she's so good at it.

1405-1432 AY:  Random re-dedicates herself to her music, finding a nice blend of her past quirks and new twists.  Albums come at a rate of one every three years, always accompanied by a tour spanning Amber and Chaos.  On occasion she gets together with M^2 for a concert.  Over these years, Akari is semi-regularly seen attending Random's concerts (usually two or three per tour), and usually goes to the post-concert parties or meets up with Random to chat over coffee afterward. This develops into a pretty strong friendship between the two.

1406 AY:  Tomos takes a leave of absence and heads into Shadow.  In Arcadia, the Vampires of Uberwald manage to overcome and imprison Van, then try to walk the Wood Pattern.  After the first few dozen die in experiments, the rest rise up, kill off the fool who suggested this, then untie Van, apologize, and go home.

Tremere noble Jack Renfrew escapes from House Souma. Second Great Furry Reign of Terror in Chaos, as every furry ex-member of N'Stylite 4 is hunted down and killed. Marko briefly goes into hiding. Renfrew is finally captured and returned to the Soumas. He insists that he was framed, and that he would never hurt, dear, lovely, succulent succulent furries, ha, ahaha, ahahahaha. The Stylite Order gives him a good citizenship award.

Telemain comes back from Shadow accompanied by a band of men, who all look remarkably alike, speaking in an odd accent vaguely reminiscent of Genua. Telemain introduces them to Ota Minor, saying they worked for a government anti-crime agency known as the Surite, serving with distinction and receiving several medals, but that they were looking for something different with more action. Ota hires them happily, and agrees to give them the rank of Inspector, as a mark of their previous service.  There are a few grumbles from the rest of the guards, as the newcomers can't seem to pronounce anyone's name correctly, but Ota is happy with his new squad and pays them no mind. Telemain stays around a couple of months to see them settle in, then leaves for the Amberverse, smiling to himself, murmuring something about 'shadow of Infinite Clouseaus, heh.' But he's not running away. Of course not.

1407-1410 AY:  Random spends three years in Shamber, absorbing the funk, inspiring material that would fill several albums.

1408 AY:  Rincewind is found at the center of the Primal Pattern, clutching a coconut and insisting it isn't his fault.  It is never determined what exactly wasn't his fault, and he is handed over to Minako, just in case he did do something bad.  After a few months, Rincewind is quietly sent by Mutsumi back to Unseen University to see if they can help him recover his sanity.

For no apparent reason, Loewen decides it is time for Nanbara to prove he can be a great warrior, since he's obviously never going to be a great brain.  He orders Nanbara to go and forge himself a kingdom out of shadow.  Nanbara half-begs and half-browbeats Kurz, Melissa, Kaname, and Sousuke into helping him.

Nanami Minor heads off into Shadow.

1409-1417 AY:  When Communists Attack (Arcadia)
It began when a strange red unicorn with a hammer and sickle embossed on its side attacked and mauled Gamera, the Pyroturtle.  Then the hordes of red-shirted warriors poured out of shadow under the command of the Marx Brothers (Harpo, Karl, Groucho, and Zeppo) and swept over the Hogfather's Castle of Bones, and captured him, then brainwashed him to deliver communist propaganda and comedy routines to all good little boys and girls.

Then Ankh-Morpork erupted in chaos, being full of poor folk who had nothing to lose but their heavy debts.  Ota Minor was overwhelmed by a mob and sentenced to be executed.  The Arcadian government now found itself in the uncomfortable position of having to intervene on the behalf of the rich parasites of Ankh-Morpork or watch stange invaders overrun more and more of the Discworld and see Ota Minor die.

Mutsumi slipped into the city and rescued Ota Minor, while Thoric and Saionji led the armies of the Green Circle to the Castle of Bones and Ankh-Morpork respectively.  Makoto punches out Harpo at the battle of the Castle of Bones after becoming frustrated because he never speaks.  Years of fighting ensued, before finally the Commiecorn and the Marx Brothers fled into shadow, where they probably still lurk.

1409 AY: Orien joins Amber's diplomatic corps, ending his period of public parasite-ness, at least for the moment, though some people believe this is just an excuse to get state-paid vacations in exotic places.

1410-20 AY:  Hanajima takes a leave of absence and heads into Shadow.

1410-1432 AY:  Shiori spends the next three decades in and around the Amber/Rebma naval bases and the ACNA, pursuing advanced naval training with her father (Ruka, duh) and Aunt Kozue.  She serves on various patrols, holding the rank of Commodore, as well as teaching the occasional course at the ACNA.  Shiori also undertakes random missions out into Shadow for the crowns during this time period.

1410 AY:  Asuka vanishes into Shadow again.  Kanako returns to Chaos.

Nanbara, Kurz, Melissa, Kaname, and Sousuke take the forces they have raised and ride out into shadow.  They find the shadow of Crysalin, a medieval kingdom oppressed by an evil king.  They swoop down, rout the tyrant, then install Nanbara on the throne.  He proves more effective than any of them expected.

Crazed cultists attack the Amber Embassy in Hang-Kung.  Violet is sent to investigate; Yomiko joins her.    Violet eventually determines that Shuma-Gorath cultists are responsible, though never finds any (publically announced) reason as to why Sailoon cultists would attack the Amber Embassy in Hang-Kung.

1411-15 AY:  Telemain spends some time down in Chaos, staying with friends from Panopticon and making trips out into some of the shadows surrounding the Courts.

1411 AY:  Reciever Jean Marc le Bleu tries to cut the bread dole in Roncesvalles.  Riots erupt, and the Reciever is forced to resign.  Kurz, Melissa, Kaname, and Sousuke head back to Helgramways and report Nanbara's success.  Loewen seems pleased.

The Plumber's guild of Ankh-Morpork is forced to revise its policies by Ota Minor after an exploding toilet nearly kills Thoric during a visit to Ota Minor.  The guild had promised to fix it within the next few hours, but did not in fact, show up until three weeks later, leaving the watch house without a privy all that time.  Ota Minor forces the entire guild to go live in the Ankh river for a week.  After that, they promise to speed up their work.

Setsuna resurfaces, when he breaks into the women's baths at House Helgram, and hacks three women to death while Kaname and Melissa are there, taking a bath.  The usual riot breaks out, and Setsuna is confined in a cell.  Further investigation shows the three women were already dead, and had been replaced by a trio of shapeshifting assassins.  Setsuna is released, and Lord Helgram offers him work.  Setsuna offers to return once he finally finishes the Secret History of the Cone People.

1412 AY:  A major incident of some kind takes place at House Alars, although the details are covered up; rumors claim the child of one of the members of the Serpent's Horn slain at Alars eighty years earlier infiltrated the house and was revealed to have been in cahoots with some assassins.  The exact truth never comes out, but Lady Talia is known to have spent several hours chewing out Allen von Munchausen and Lord Atleby and Lady Yuki.  Allen von Munchausen angrily storms off into shadow.

1413 AY:  Molon, Warder of the Black Tower is assassinated.  The killer is never found.

Captain Special Agent Uotani gives Miroku another chance.  This time when he wears out, she wraps him in a package and leaves him in front of Bumpy's with a note that says 'Please Help This Man Learn How To Last In Bed'.

Violet is now transferred to the embassy in Arcadia.

1414-24 AY:  Kaname goes to the Jacquiverse and delves into high mysteries of Trump with Mutsumi.  She also beats up Ota Minor on a very regular basis.

1414 AY:  Nanbara throws a going away party for Kaname in the Nanbara Empire.  Kurz, Melissa, Munchausen, and Sousuke all attend.  Munchausen kisses Kaname goodbye and gets knocked into a punchbowl.  Loewen and Motoko both attend, and Loewen offers Nanbara a rare moment of praise.

Munchausen is not seen again for over a year after he leaves the party.

Ota meets Violet and hits on her.  To the surprise of all and sundry, she takes him to bed.  Afterwards, he's unable to walk for a week.  As far as is known, they've never had sex again.  Ota, when asked, gibbers about fans, then changes the subject.

1415-18 AY:  Random spends three years in Rebma, for obvious reasons.   Many are surprised when she leaves, as she often commented it was nearly a perfect residence for her.

1415-1432 AY: Telemain returns to Amber and continues to work on his research, alternating trips out to Shadow with time spent working in his lab or working in the Amber library.

1415 AY:  Kyou returns from training, attacks Yuki, and gets his butt kicked.

Lady Yuki begins to fret because Munchausen isn't taking trump calls.  She asks Kurz to find him.  Kurz gets Melissa and Sousuke, and they try to find him, quickly discovering that neither Logrus nor Magic can locate him.  A consultation with Motoko reveals that Pattern can't find him either.  Certain covert contacts are drawn upon, and it's discovered that he hasn't fallen in the Abyss.  Anno reassures them that Munchausen isn't dead and will turn up eventually.  Kurz, Melissa, and Sousuke are unable to bring themselves to just wait for him to turn up.  After months of searching aimlessly, they suddenly get a lock on him with Logrus, and find him at the Beach, Mark 2, trying to relax.  When asked where he was, he explains that the Sign of the Pattern became jealous because he was sexier than it was, and that it imprisoned him for six months in a high tower while it had its way with beautiful women and forced him to watch.  He eventually escaped because one of the women found him more desirable than the Sign of the Pattern, and got it drunk, then stole the Jewel of Judgement from it, and used it to bust them out.  But as they fled, she looked back and the Sign of the Pattern turned her to stone.  He was forced to flee without the Jewel, and came to the Beach to relax.  He then offers them a bottle of wine he stole from the Sign's lonely tower.  It turns out to be quite tasty.

The legendary Chaos Assassin Luigi attempts to assassinate Thoric and Mutsumi while they are in bed with the Bride of the Jewel.  The Bride accidentally vaporizes Luigi due to a fortuitously timed orgasm.

Kanako fails to come home one evening. This in and of itself is not unusual, as she often sleeps at the homes of those she knows, but persists for several weeks. Trump calls fail, as do attempts to locate her with  Pattern, Logrus, or Magic. Blackie sits at home and cleans himself and says nothing.

What follows is an increasingly frenetic search, because when Lord Loewen and the Bride of the Dragon's daughter goes missing, all the stops are pulled out.  A Logrusghost of Kanako is called up, and it turns out to be a nine-year old girl and is of little help.  Kanako's Patternghost gibbers and froths, tries to bite off Davros' head, then annhilates itself by trying to call up the Logrus.  Searches in both Arcadia and Amber using the respective Jewels of Judgement fail.  Nanbara then suggests that perhaps Kanako has stupidly imitated someone and drowned in their psyche, then somehow killed the original and taken their place.  This triggers a huge wave of paranoia in both Chaos and Amber.  Things calm down in Amber when Vice (of all people) suggests that Fuyutsuki (as Fuyutsuki can't have been killed and replaced, since his Pattern would revive him) use Resume True Form on everyone, then hold Justice, and question each member of the royal family, 'Did you kill a duplicate of yourself since the day Kanako vanished?'.  All of the leading court servants are power worded and interrogated as well.

It is at this point that certain people remember Munchausen vanished for six months before Kanako did, with both Pattern and Logrus failing to find him, and resurfaced shortly before she vanished.  Munchausen is swarmed by a rather large posse, and then one of the greatest feats of human history is attempted:  trying to get the complete truth out of Baron Munchausen.  Eventually, it is determined that Munchausen got in a fight with someone, set off a shadow storm, and the result was that he ended up trapped in a shadow where powers didn't work, and there was only one way out, which was six months away from where he started off.  But there was lots of good wine.

The family concludes that Kanako probably attempted a Logrus experiment, screwed up, and trapped herself somewhere, and will eventually return.  The search ends, but various people continue to fret.

Yomiko seems to be very, very shaken up by the disappearance of Kanako, and leaves Amber, going to the Keep of the Five Worlds, where she's rumored to spend the next few years training in deeper secrets of wood lore.

1416 AY:  Munchausen allegedly rises out of Ishmael's soupbowl, and begs him not to eat it, for an entire civilization living in fast time at the bottom of the bowl will be destroyed.  Ishmael forces Munchausen to eat all the soup.  It is later discovered that the incredibly rare and expensive soup was one of Munchausen's favorite varieties, the sort which a poor noble like himself could never afford the real thing, only shadow copies...

Tohru is born in Therin.

Azalin is born to King Ishmael and Queen Laura.

1417 AY:  Nym the Swagman robs himself in a fit of confusion.  Akari wins a Golden Ticket, visits Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. It's like a dream come true for her.   Drake suddenly realizes there's an infinite number of Ambers where Amber was destroyed and only Rebma remains.  He cries for three days straight.  Miki finally gets fed up and beats the ever living crap out of Drake for three hours straight, then tells him to get a life.  After this, Drake's hatred for all things Rebman begins to fade.

Deirdre resigns from the Rangers and heads into shadow.

The Plumber's Guild of Ankh-Morpork having failed to speed up its work, Ota Minor has their guild-house rezoned as a practice killing zone for the 'Honorable Society of Assisted Death'.  A remarkable speed up in plumbing speeds follows.

Setsuna is three pages away from finally finishing 'The Secret History of the Cone People', when Baron Munchausen drives a giant Logrus Bulldozer over his house in shadow in the belief that it is full of Vermicious Knids who wish to take his magic bag.  He and Munchausen fight for three hours, at the end of which Setsuna takes Munchausen's magic bag and drives Munchausen off into shadow.  Said magic bag turns out to be full of rabid Abyss Kitties, who hunt Setsuna for the next week before he manages to pick them all off in ambushes.

Setsuna now moves to Helgramways, and takes up service to Lord Loewen in return for the promise of an Ota Minor/Munchausen-proof vault to keep the continuing draft of 'The Secret History of the Cone People' in.

1418-1423 AY:  The War to End All Wars(Arcadia)
A confused religious movement begins in Klatch, fanatically opposed to all warfare.  Its members decide they must conquer the entire planet in order to ensure there can be no more wars.  Ota Minor spends a lot of time busting up small Pacifist Terrorist cells.  Makoto Minor leads an army of werewolves into the conflict by beating up all their pack leaders and becoming Queen of the Werewolves.  For five years, fierce conflict rages across the southern Sto Plains and Omnia, until Mutsumi invites the leaders of the People's Pacifist All-Conquering Army to tea, where she basically explains to them why they are stupid.  This leads to a schism within the ranks of the army over whether or not she was right.  It soon tears itself apart and fades away, though lunatic cells of the movement still surface from time to time.

1418 AY:  Momiji is born.  In a fit of stupidity, Miroku steals the woman Corey is seeing during one of his periodic breakups with Edith.  After bringing her to a high state of satisfaction, Miroku has yet another fit of stupidity and tries to get her to testify on his increased endurance to Uotani.  Corey, of course, shows up in the middle of this.  The result is a massive knockdown brawl followed by Miroku demonstrating he can run away in shadow fasfter than either of them can follow.

Yomiko now surfaces in Arcadia, and spends the next several years staying with Violet and getting into various adventures in Arcadia.

1418 AY:  Haru finally approaches Fuyutsuki about the Pattern.  The conversation is very brief.  Shortly thereafter, Haru puts himself into a coma for almost two weeks by walking all 5 elemental Patterns back to back.  When he finally awakens, he's undergone a further shift in persona, now nearly completely at peace with himself.

1419 AY:  (Arcadia)  Five would-be assassins are found dead outside the doors of the royal bedchambers, slashed up as if by claws.  The exact cause of their death is never publically announced.

1420 AY:  Kaname, Ota Minor, Minako, Makoto Minor, Yomiko, and Violet raid and blow up the Pay-Per-Trump station in Genua after it begins broadcasting a Jacqueline Tenjou Porn Marathon.

At a house Helgram party, Setsuna informs Lord Loewen that 'Nanbara is the biggest idiot ever to walk the Earth'.  Nanbara challenges Setsuna to a duel.  Setsuna accepts, but appoints his owl as his champion to fight in his stead.  Nanbara and the owl fight an owl vs. owl duel (Nanbara shapeshifts, of course), which Nanbara wins by resorting to Logrus Tendrils. Hoji rules that using logrus tendrils in an animal-form fight is cheating, and forces them to duel again.  Nanbara loses, much to his embarrassment.  Loewen does not seem very pleased with Hoji, Nanbara, or Setsuna after this.

Shigure is appointed Ambassador to Amber, after the previous Ambassador is 'accidentally' stabbed with a silver knife at a formal state dinner at Castle Amber by the Ambassador from Melnibone, Lord Dirge.  Ambassador Shirek (of House Jesby) went berserk and ate Lord Dirge.  This kicks off...

1420-25 AY (The Chaos/Melnibone War)
The Chaos / Melnibone war becomes famed as 'The war where no army manages to reach the enemy intact'.  The extensive use of shadow manipulation by both sides results in armies crossing shadow invariably arriving having been chewed to pieces.  Many of the Chaos houses make only minimal contribution, as they care nothing for Lord Dirge or Melnibone.  House Helgram puts forth great strength, however, and Lord Loewen goes forth with Usui, Cho, Setsuna, and Anji to spearhead Helgram's assaults, while leaving Sousuke in charge of the defense of Helgramways.  Several Melnibonean shadow provinces are blown up by Primal Chaos, and the Melniboneans manage to stage an uprising of the Grape Creatures of Chaos in 1423.  The Grape Creatures declare Lord Momiji of House Souma the source of all evil (for no apparent reason, given he's a 5 year old), and march on House Souma, where Kyou fights the leader of the Grape Creatures to the death in a spectacular battle whose dramatic effect is ruined when Yuki arrives in response to a trump call, and asks him if he's been helping to make wine.

Eventually, both sides decide there's been enough pointless death and make peace.

1420 AY:  An assassin named Noir makes his (or her?) first appearance by assassinating CATS, Jr.  as he lays in wait to assassinate Juri and Corrine during a visit by them to Chaos.

Hiro of House Souma is born.

Kyou and Yuki are assigned to the Chaosian Embassy in Amber as bodyguards and assistants to Shigure.  A few days later, Kyou meets Uo at King's bar and they have a massive brawl which ends when King stomps all over both of them.

Aburatsubo vanishes into shadow.

Hanajima returns from shadow, seeming grimmer than before.

1421 AY:  Minor returns to Amber from Shadow, hears about Uo and Kyou's brawl, and stomps down to the Chaosian embassy to issue a challenge.  A mix-up on her part (and poor listening skills) result in her having a graceful, elegant and property-damaging duel with Yuki, which ends when Ramon and Keiko show up to basically drag their daughter back to the castle by the ear.

1422 AY:  Princess Annette is born to King Rinaldo and Queen Coral of Kashfa.

1422-1423 AY: Akari pleads wanderlust and disappears off into shadow for about an Amber year. Upon return, declares there's no place like home, and says very little about what happened.

1423 AY:  Miroku briefly surfaces in Castle Amber to have a third go with Captain Special Agent Uotani, having just made the seventh initiation of the Kundali Order.  She informs him that he's inadequate and his father is still twenty times better (she's lying as she's never even seen his father naked, let alone had sex with the man).  Miroku cries for a day, then vanishes into shadow again.

1424 AY:  Emperor Chou III of Cathay perishes in war against the Ungols.  He is replaced by his 2 year old son, Tian Long.  In Roncesvalles, there is rioting when the bread dole has to be cut, and many houses burn in the chaos.  Tohru's parents die in the fire and she goes to live with her uncle and his wretched family.

Munchausen shows up over Castle Arcadia in his flying gondola with Princess Asuka, and gets Violet, Yomiko,  and Kaname to come with him back to the Amberverse.

An attack on House Helgram in 1424 by an elite Melnibonean Dragon Rider corps is blunted when Melissa, Kurz, and Sousuke stage a desperate defense of the House (while most of its armies are off fighting in shadow), followed by Allen von Munchausen, Violet, Yomiko, Princess Asuka, and Princess Kaname popping out of nowhere and crushing the Melnibonean commander flat with Munchausen's flying gondola.  The commander survives, only to be pulled apart by berserk swans.  No, really.

Melissa and Kurz are rewarded for their role in the Battle of Helgramways by becoming members of the Shin Ten Swords.  Allen von Munchausen, Yomiko, Violet, Princess Asuka, and Princess Kaname are all decorated and honored by Loewen.  Unfortunately, Munchausen shows up for the ceremony driving a dogsled, and is chased off into shadow by Lord Loewen in a screaming fit.

Setsuna now resigns from Helgram's service and vanishes into shadow, looking very angry.

Makoto Minor becomes Assistant Warden of Uberwald under Van.

Kisa of Souma is born.

1424-7 AY:  Violet takes a leave from the diplomatic corps and vanishes into shadow.  Yomiko goes with her.

1425-9 AY:  Minako places her regency in the hands of a lieutenant and heads to Amber to actually meet all of her relatives.

1425 AY:  Tomos returns to Amber with his young half-sister Tohru in tow.  The shy nine-year old girl soon finds herself with several older guardians and protector as Captains Uotani and Hanajima both take a shine to her.

Minor vanishes into Shadow for training again, after a sparring match with Uo that ends with her being stuffed headfirst into a barrel and rolled down a public street.

Minako surprises Random as she suddenly surfaces in Castle Amber.  By all reports it was a tearful reunion.

1426-30 AY:  Deirdre surfaces in the Jacquiverse, and spends four years exploring it.

1426 AY:  Setsuna surfaces in the Jacquiverse, and gets into a huge brawl with Ota Minor at the Broken Drum. He then vanishes again.

1427-30 AY:  Makoto Minor comes over to Amber to meet all her relatives, getting in lots of trouble with Minako.

1427 AY:  Violet returns from Shadow, and is assigned to the staff at the Amberite Embassy in Chaos.  Yomiko is appointed a Captain Special Agent of the Crown, joining that rather small, elite group, under the code name 'The Paper'.  Violet also is appointed Captain Special Agent, under the code name 'Shadowdancer'.  (It appears to be Yomiko's idea to adopt code names, though she rather spoils their utility by telling them to roughly the entire population of the universe at the slightest excuse.)

The three sisters of Arcadia are reunited as Makoto Minor visits, and the three cause much chaos.

1428 AY:  The Kuonji/Bork/Makoto Bake-Off ends with Kuonji winning the best 3 of 5 rounds.  Tylor proclaims Kuonji's scones as best in the universe.

1429 AY:    After the opening shots of the latest round of Kozue/Nanami sniping, Haru finds himself drawn in to Nanami's side, to the vague astonishment of many.  Kozue accuses Nanami of trying to use Touga's son as a sextoy to get back at Touga.  Touga and Haru are mostly bemused, while Nanami nearly blows a gasket.  However, Touga disappears with both Kozue and Nanami for three days, and when all return, the social jihad has ended.

1430 AY:  One of the largest parties in the history of Amber is thrown for Tylor's 1000th Birthday.  Tylor makes out with Yuriko on a table, Touga and Nanami dance with each other for the first time anyone can remember, and Drake fires off a thousand exploding Sakuras into the sky as a fireworks display.  (Or so he claims, though most people suspect he didn't take the time to track down a 1000 shadows of Tylor's mother.)   Aburatsubo returns from Shadow and settles down as a courtier.  Deirdre returns from Shadow for the party, and sticks around after that.  Random is crushed by Nanbara in the Great Dance Dance Duel of Revolution .  Some say she has never recovered since.  Nanbara gloats endlessly, especially because he also beats Deirdre and Miroku at it too.  Setsuna surfaces, and gives Tylor a copy of his finally completed 'Secret History of the Cone People'.  Yomiko reads a copy and complements him on it.

Miroku and Makoto Minor date for a few months, until she dumps him because 'He doesn't have a cool car like Dios-sama did'.  Or something.  (Certain rumors claim that there was some sort of unfortunate encounter with Hanajima, in which she asked Miroku if he'd come up to Uotani's standards yet and told Makoto all about his past dealings with various of the family.)

Nanami Minor attends the King of Fighters tournament in Lipun in order to have an excuse to beat up Random.  She goes two rounds further after that, then forfeits her fourth match.  Corey makes it round five simply by letting people exhaust themselves trying to beat him up, then grabbing them and kicking them in the balls until they submit.  Until he encounters a Judo master who grabs and throws him out of the ring.  Rimururu enters the King of Fighters and is matched against Bust Rimururu in the first round at their mutual request.  Rimururu goes down in four minutes.  Deirdre enters the King of Fighters and was clobbered in Round 2 by Bust Rimururu.  It is possible that Deirdre may well never recover her dignity.  Bustie goes on to crush Miroku in her third round.  Asuka and Bust Rimururu have a fifty minute slugging match, which ends when Asuka trips and gets knocked out of the arena.  Unfortunately for Bustie, she faces Yuki in round five.  Unable to lay a hand on him, and badly winded from her match with Asuka, she eventually gets hooked and tossed out of the arena.  Yuki goes on to face Kyou in round six and defeats him.  Unfortunately for Yuki, he is matched against Gerta the Grappler (from Daiga) in round seven, who manages to hurl him out of the arena.  The tournament is eventually won by the lovely Judo master, Yawara, in a fierce match against Mas Oyama.

1430-31 AY: Orien leaves the diplomatic service for another expedition into shadow.

1431 AY:  Tohru begins working in the Chaosian Embassy in Amber as a chambermaid.

Nanami Minor, Tomos, Hana and Uo get shanghai'd by Drake and Sumire and end up involved in a caper that destroys multiple shadow governments, stealing the formula for original Coca-Cola, and otherwise wreaking havoc.  When pressed, Drake admits he was bored.  Uo is teleported away by Hana-chan when she seems to be about to snap when this revelation is made.  True to form, Tomos has an utter blast, Minor, much less so.  She does, however, return with a necklace of seventeen cybernetic ears.

Shortly after Tohru began working at the embassy, House Helgram intelligence discovers that there was going to be an assassination attempt on Shigure. Lord Loewen informs King Ishmael, who quietly warns Shigure by secure channels.  Ishmael asks Loewen to send a team of covert agents to watch for the assassin.  Due to Shigure being a lazy ass, the employee listing of the embassy hasn't been updated in months.  This means, among other things, that Tohru isn't listed on it.  Thus, when Sousuke finds someone wandering around with a passkey who isn't on the employee list, and when he sees said person heading into Shigure's chambers with a large basket which radiates magic and could easily conceal a million nasty things, he ends up reacting impulsively.  He shoots her, then realizes too late she was innocent.  He gets yelled at A LOT.

The assassins were successfully stopped later.

1432 AY:  Forth the Nine Riders takes place.


Queens of Amber
Queen Years  Duration  Children  Surviving  Deceased
Sakura 420-455 35 3 Tylor, Touga, Drake 0
Yvette  455-459 4 2 Saionji 1 (Van)
Haruka  605-914  309 5 Juri, Corrine  3 (Eowyn, Catherine, Haruka Minor)
(Sakura in Disguise)
920-954  34 Makoto, Nanami  0
Rei  993-998  Miki, Kozue  1 (Derith)
Lorelei  1076-1092  16  1 (Mara)
Anthy 1112-1262 150 2 Utena, Wakaba 0
Yuriko 1270-Present 162+ None Yet    



Queens of Chaos
Queen  Years  Duration  Children  Names of Live Children  Dead Children
Minalia 114-251 137 3 Ishmael --  House Hendrake 
Saul -- House Helgram 
Cronos -- House Olympus
Lini  258-263  5 0    
Moiraine  271-306  35  David -- House Jesby 
Rehoboam -- House Darios
Aviendha 311-406 95  Suroth -- House Suroth 
Alars--House Alars 
Asuka 452-539  87 Ymir -- House Aesir 
Magnus -- House Vanir 
Moghedien  582-623  51  2 Nuada-- House Danaani 
Belshazzar -- House Formorian
Graendel 636-676  40 2 Jetta -- Nurgal 
Tremere -- House Tremere
Laura 980-Present 542 9 Azalin 8 Dead



Kings of Therin

Ages of Amberites

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