A century ago, the Outsiders put forth their tentacles, and let forth the call for nine candidates to come forth and compete to become the Herald of the Outer Gods.  A new generation of Amberites arose to put down their menace, and to battle Hel, Queen of the Dead, who sought to exploit Amber's vulnerability and turn it into a universe of Abyssal Slaves like her own.  But before the power of the Captain of the Phoenix Fleet, the Bride of the Dragon, and the Hanged Woman, and the Bride of the Jewel, and the Heir of the Unicorn, and the Twice-Born Prince, and the Lion's Cub, no power could stand, though the Seeker, the Crafter, the Child of Metal, and the Master of the Waves fell before the final battle, and the Child of Fire and the Ever-Burning Brand and the Son of the Seas perished on the Day of the Dead, and the Daughter of a Dream lost her wings for a time.  Now a century has passed, and life proceeds as peacefully as it ever does.  A new generation has arisen, to make themselves princes of the universe, all of Shadow for their playground.  But now the trumpet sounds, and the Nine Riders must go forth, as the curtain rises on the final act of this saga...

Forth the Nine Riders is an on-line Amber Diceless Role-Playing Game chronicle set in a somewhat alternate Amber.  The geography and cosmology is taken (or twisted)  from the Amber novels, but the royal family has been replaced entirely by new characters, mostly adapted from various fictional works, especially Neon Genesis Evangelion and Revolutionary Girl Utena and Love Hina and Full Metal Panic.

It is a campaign in which the players play the fifth generation (not counting Fuyutsuki himself, who predates Amber...) of Amberites descended from Fuyutsuki, who drew the Pattern with his own blood and the Jewel of Judgement, creating Amber the Eternal City and infinite Shadow.  King Gendo, his son, died before his father, finally perishing of old age one hundred and seventy years ago, and now his son King Tylor I rules Amber, trying to follow in his father's hard to follow footsteps.

It is a sequel to my previous chronicles, Through a Mirror Darkly, and Unicorn no Seishi.

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