Quotable Quotes:

"Leather Pants are made for Groping."

"I want to Shine like the Sun!"
~Admiral of the Shalomar Fleet, RIP.

"No one EVER chooses the sex..."
~John, in a quote from an older game...

"I am innocent!"


"The New fleets?"
"We kind of broke the old ones... But all that water and those fish gave their lives for a good cause."
~Kelly and Mike talking about the nuking of her fleets.

"I want to Shine like the Sun!"
~Vice-Admiral of the Mystara Fleet, RIP.

"Nobody EVER expects the Blonde to get hurt..."
"Dear, you're a redhead."
"Oh yeah, I keep forgetting that..."
~Barb and Dave talking about various traps.

"I'm the baddest mofo! I'm full of ass-kicking goodness, baby!"
~Makoto the Mad, ranting.

"Has he asked you to tempt him with dancing maidens yet?"
"Why do you think he owed me a favor?"
~Mike and Arthur, talking about Davros the Chaos Sorceror Ally.

"My hat is off to you, Travis. I'm impressed."
~Mike, talking about Travis drawing a new Pattern.

"And if you can't trust Mike Loader and 20 Elvis Impersonators, who can you trust?"
~Mike, assuring people we wouldn't double-cross them at the
Final Showdown.

"And WHICH one of you threw that meteor at us?"
~Mike, asking about the near-destruction of Ember by Travis.

"We're gonna kill you deader 'n Disco, man. BECAUSE YOU DID TOO WELL..."
~Mike, to Travis.

"Oh no, it's the CommieCorn!"

"I wanna Shine like the Sun!"
~Mike's Mind-Munched Chaos Pawn.

"Kelly your Option Zero SUCKS!!! Why the hell did you summon up the Serpent of Chaos!?!?!?!"
~Dave, upon the avatar of Primal Chaos making an appearance...