Amber Partial Powers System

POWER  [stat requirements]
* Prerequisites for this power [cost, Total cost if an advanced power]

[cost] Skills.
[cost] Subsequently available skills.


PATTERN IMPRINT [Amber Psyche, Amber Endurance]
* Blood of Amber (6/Free at Character Creation)


Imprint:  Walk one of the Elemental Patterns.  Activates the Blood of Amber, so now the Blood Curse of an Amberite can be invoked.  The rarest used, yet most feared, of all the powers of those of the Blood of Amber is their ability to deliver a Blood Curse.  Usually delivered when dying, the curse is an evoking of a character's personal relationship with the Pattern, a directing of their life energies towards some terrible goal.
In game terms a character is trading away ten points (or more) of "Stuff".  If, after the curse, the character's life continues, this means they will have lost as many Stuff points, and gained as many Bad Stuff points, as is needed to make up the ten points of the curse.  Of course, if the character actually dies, well...  Then it's not a problem that concerns the character anymore.  The character issuing the curse may use up to 10% of their points in the curse.
The subject of the curse, whether person, place, or thing, is then invested with the Bad Stuff, all of which will be directed toward fulfilling the curse.  It is also, theoretically, possible to perform a "Blessing", such as that bestowed by Oberon at the end of the Chronicles of Amber.
Once performed, there is NO KNOWN WAY of removing a Blood Curse.

Shadow Walk: In Shadow, if you stand unmoving, you are in the middle of a vast universe.  However, each step forward is an opportunity to visit another "next door" universe, another of the infinite number of possible variations on a world.  In Shadow, so long as an Amberite can move, walking, riding, sailing, swimming, flying, driving, or crawling, it is possible to move through Shadow.  This is done by changing minor things that lay in your path.  The character decides that over the next hill will be a patch of blue flowers, around the next corner is a jagged rock face, in the next village is a country fair.  Down that alley is a shop dealing in obscure weapons.  By such minor changes you move closer to what you seek in Shadow.  Shadow Walking is relatively easy since you are changing very subtle, very small details.  So, for example, in a ride through the woods of Shadow Earth, around the corner you might expect to see a greenjay instead of a bluejay.  That one detail is an easy change.  Since the changes are so minor Shadow Walking is fairly slow.  As long as someone can see you, they can follow you through Shadow.  A person of the Blood Of Amber can lead any amount of people through Shadow as long as there is a visual link, even if indirect (i.e. The Amberite can be seen by Troop A, Troop A can be seen by Troop B, and so on) then all parties involved move through Shadow simultaneously.

Skipping Forward In Time - The character goes to a place where time moves slowly.  While the character is spending a few minutes in the "slow time" Shadow, time is speeding hour by hour along in Amber.  So a character can leave, spend a few minutes out in Shadow, and return days, or weeks later.
It's even possible to find a Shadow that moves so slowly that it becomes almost like a stasis, and where the character can wait for years to pass in Amber.

Holding Back Time - The other handy trick of Shadow time is going out to a "fast time" Shadow, where hours pass relative to minutes ticking in Amber.  A character could go to Shadow Earth, sleep 10 hours and return to Amber where only 4 hours have gone by.  In faster Shadows it's possible to spend years in preparation, while only a day or so passes in Amber.

Manipulate Probability: Out in Shadow, if there is any reasonable chance at all of something happening, then a character with Pattern can make it happen.  The main limitations are time, since using Pattern takes a few moments of concentration, and probability.  A character can't make something unlikely happen, not without going into an adjacent Shadow.
The shadings of one Shadow to the next are vague.  That means that small changes can be made without travelling.  Short of money?  Imagine a loose floorboard, under which is hidden a treasure, look and it will be there.  Those with the imprint of Amber's Pattern are endlessly lucky.  What is possible can, with time and effort, be made probable, and what is probable can be made certain.  While this power is absolute, it always involves some movement, a shifting of the variety of Shadow for a particular shade.  Any Shadow manipulation is also slightly hazardous because of your involuntary movement in Shadow.  With enough time it's possible to shift just about anything in Shadow.  However, there are two important limitations.
First, in order to shift Shadow you must move.  Subtle changes don't require much movement, but the more drastic the change, the more you must move around.  The problem here is that you can easily move right out of one Shadow and into its neighbor.  Be wary that, while shifting, you don't start moving away from your objective.
Second, shifting Shadow is fairly slow.  Far slower than combat time.  If you wish to make use of some Shadow shifting it's best if it be prepared before a battle.  A minor change, such as the color of a coin, might take as much as a half a minute.  Something useful, such as weakening a wall, or making a weapon brittle, could take a minute or more.

Hellride to Artifacts & Creatures/Royal Way: Hellriding is a harder and faster way to go than Shadow Walking.  In Shadow Walking you changed one detail, a bluejay to a greenjay.  In a Hellride you focus on a detail, and change the whole world around it.  Spot a bluejay and you decide to enter another Shadow completely different from Shadow Earth, but where bluejays still fly.  Hellriding is hard, but fast.  Another problem with Hellriding is that generally a certain level of speed must be maintained for the Hellride to progress.  Since things change so quickly in a Hellride most technological means of travel (such as cars, planes, and boats) won't work at least some of the time, most Amberites tend to use a reliable mount, such as a well-trained horse.  Animals which are to experience Hellrides must be specially trained or they tend to panic and cause the rider difficulties he/she doesn't want during such a stressful and concentration-intensive procedure.

Hellriding can get you from near Amber to the Courts of Chaos in less than a week. Generally three days of Hellriding can get you to and from most places in Shadow.  Hellriding can also be used to find Creatures and Artifacts with point values.  For someone of Amber Psyche, each point takes one day to find; those with higher Psyches and more experience will need less time to find things.

Slower than Shadow Walking is travelling through Shadows where everything is to the character's liking.  For example, one can choose to walk through the worlds where there will always be welcoming faces and rosebuds strewn on the roadway. Or, if you choose to travel in a luxurious train, you can stick to those Shadows that contain rails.  This is usually known as Selective Shadow Walking or the Royal Way, and it is extremely slow but it's very comfortable.  Normal Shadow Walking from near Amber to the Courts of Chaos would take approximately six weeks, a year if Selective Shadow Walking is being used.

Shadows of Desire: Hellriding and Shadow Walking involve movement with the idea of perceptual changes (usually a change in the visual aspect of the environment, but sometimes other senses).  The next step is learning to Hellride to intangibles, such as setting off in search of "the Shadow of your Desire".  This ability also allows for Hellriding to a specific person as long as a clear psychic impression of the subject is known and kept foremost in mind during the ride.

Summon the Sign of the Pattern: You have learned how to visualize the Pattern manifesting in front of you.  You have to concentrate hard for it not to flicker out of existence.  And you can't do anything useful with it until you learn how to either bring the image into your body or look through the image.

Pattern Defense: Picture the Pattern.  Concentrate on this image, and move it into your body.  This takes a few moments at best, depending on your Psyche and how well you can concentrate, but it strengthens your mind, and lends strength to your existence.  The main use is defensive, so a character with Pattern Defense on is pretty much immune to the Logrus, and other Chaos generated forces.  Likewise, it's difficult or impossible to use invasive Magic on a character who has Pattern brought up like this. On the other hand, keeping the Pattern internalized requires real concentration, so the character can't run or fight effectively.  If the character's attention is broken, then the Pattern instantly flickers out.

Pattern Sight: While the Blood Of Amber of a Pattern Initiate is a substance that's very obvious to anyone with Pattern Sight, non-activated blood is only visible to those with more advanced abilities.  Just as someone with Pattern is obvious in Shadow, things connected with the Logrus seem to radiate a jarring aura.  Just a peek through the Sign of the Pattern will reveal any nearby Logrus Master, or any activated Logrus artifact. The breaks and distortions in Shadow, caused by those who have the Power to move from one Shadow to another, can also be detected through the use of Pattern Sight.  The character looks for tiny disruptions in Shadow, attempting to find their source locations in the Shadow being studied, which other Shadows are involved, and what Power was used in the disruption.  How long this takes depends on how old the trail and how major the disruption.  If a single Hellrider passed through the Shadow just minutes before, the traces could be detected in just a minute or two. If the passage had taken place the day before, it might take an hour to find the traces.  However, if the disturbance was major, as is the case if a vast army was led through, then the traces will be obvious and easy to find even days later.

Mindwalk the Summoned Sign:  Now you have the concentration to be able to keep the Sign of the Pattern manifesting as you retrace your path upon it mentally.  This will take several minutes, but it empowers the Sign, thus allowing you to scry with your Pattern Sight and eventually learn the secrets of changing Shadow by direct manipulation of the Sign.  Mindwalking the Sign is only slightly less difficult than walking the actual Pattern, but it can be accomplished much more quickly.  You also now have the concentration to Manipulate Probability without moving, and the power to evoke the Pattern while still within Amber.

Scrying Lens: Once the Pattern is summoned to your mind you can use it as a great lens to peer into Shadow.  Anyone, anything can be observed in this way.  And, having found them, you may reach through the Pattern to touch mind to mind.
Finding a particular item, or person, is, however, not as easy as it might sound.  Frankly, there's a lot of ground to cover. Just scanning all of Castle Amber could take hours, especially if you include the myriad of dungeon tunnels. On the other hand, if your Psyche is sharp, and if the object of your search is not disguised, then things can go much more quickly.  Likewise, if Pattern is being disturbed, by a Hellride, or by any manipulation of Shadow, or even the drawing of a Trump, then the source of the disturbance should be easy to locate.
Searching out in Shadow is usually a lot easier.  If the character knew about Corwin's long-time residence on Shadow Earth, and knew how to locate the place, then a search of that entire Shadow would take just a couple of minutes.  Why so fast?  Because the character wouldn't have to do any kind of place by place searching.  Instead the entire Shadow would be observed, and any "real" things, stuff originating from Amber or Chaos, would show up in contrast to the rest of the Shadow.

Teleport: A character with this Power brings up the Pattern Lens and Scrys upon an area and then, through sheer force of will and Pattern Mastery, displaces themselves from their current location and into the area looked upon.  This requires a massive effort of Endurance and will tire even a highly ranked individual.  Any place in Shadow may be chosen by the character, though they must be able to scry upon it and places which are blocked/warded vs. Psyche or Pattern will be off-limits to the character via this ability.

Shadow Pockets: On a small scale, it is possible to create personal "Pocket Shadows" which can be used for various purposes.  A Shadow Pocket would then be an artificial Shadow, with just a sliver of Amber's image, brought into existence by a character's minute warping of the Sign of the Pattern brought to mind.  The power to do so is gained by Mindwalking the Sign; to attempt such reality manipulation without that power would be so taxing as to be deadly to even medium ranked individuals.
Shadow Pockets can be fixed to a particular location or can be moved around by their creator.  The environment inside the Shadow Pocket is also entirely up to it's creator.  One drawback to Shadow Pockets is their fragility.  As artificial constructs they are easily destroyed by others with the strong touch of either the Pattern or Logrus.  There are three main uses of Shadow Pockets; the Hidey Hole, the Portable Hole, and the Personal Retreat.
When used as a Hidey Hole, the character creates an immobile Shadow Pocket in some area, and then stores something there to prevent it's discovery.  While immobile, the Shadow Pocket is difficult to locate with the Pattern Lens or with Logrus, and impossible to detect by other means. It is also more stable, and can withstand all but direct confrontation with such Powers.
The second usage of the Shadow Pocket as a Portable Hole is similar to the Hidey Hole except it is mobile and travels with the character.  He/she need not concentrate on this movement, and the Pocket will travel with him/her even through Shadow.  It can be used to store things too large to conveniently carry, or to store things temporarily.  Since it is mobile, it is more noticeable to those with sensitivity to Pattern or Logrus, but can be more easily reinforced and protected since it's travelling with it's creator.
The third common usage of the Shadow Pocket is the personal retreat.  Since the character can design and alter the Shadow Pocket at will, using the Pattern, it is a perfect area to quickly get away to as a personal sanctuary.  While being within such a construct isn't inherently dangerous, if the construct were attacked from outside and was destroyed, that which is contained within would suffer varying consequences.  Those things which are real, such as the Pocket's creator, would merely be thrust into an adjacent Shadow, or perhaps thrown several Shadows distant (depending on the Power which destroyed the Pocket), those things which are of Shadow would likely be destroyed, though highly magical items and creatures have a small chance of survival.

Edit/Mold/Erase/Gate Shadow:  By bringing the Pattern to mind and walking it, you can use the power to change Shadow wholesale.  This Power allows you to open Shadow to others, putting the changes of the Hellride in the way of those who know nothing of it.  Those already Hellriding can be obstructed and/or sidetracked as long as you devote your attention to it.  Shift the Shadow that lies in their path, and you can make passage smooth or rough, as you see fit.
The image of the Pattern in your mind can also serve as a tool to manipulate whole Shadows and pathways between them. With this method you can alter structure of a Shadow or even erase it altogether.  Erasing Shadows is not something you would do lightly as it seems to have a detrimental effect on the overall arrangement of Pattern and Shadow.
Doing away with a Shadow, either on purpose, or by accident, will upset things in the larger system of Shadow.  Shadow Storms, shifting of Shadow barriers, and the displacement of established pathways through Shadow can all result from a Shadow being wiped out.  An even bigger problem is that elder Amberites and the Lords Of Chaos will likely notice this kind of large-scale interference in the order of things.
Time flow in a Shadow can be altered and with time more profound changes (such as the civilization) can be enacted.  The basic idea is that all Shadow exists as a reflection of Amber, diminished by the distortion of the distant Logrus.
The last usage of the Sign is a Gateway.  By using the Pattern Lens to look through Shadow to another place, and then editing the Sign to bridge the gap between where the character is and the place viewed, temporary Gates through Shadow can be made.

Double speed shadow manipulation, Mindwalking, travel, etc.: Speeds all uses of Pattern.  Further doublings are five points each.

Shadow Short Cut:  Walk through Shadow with the speed of a Hellride, but with the feel of standard movement.

Summon Primal Order: Inflict a complete stasis on an area.


Imprint: Walk between the lines of a Broken Pattern to the center.  Since the large flaw reaches from the center clear to the edge, so the initiate can reach the center by entering the break at the perimeter and walking between the lines..  Those that walk the gap within a Broken Pattern have an imperfect image of the Pattern imprinted on them.  Every time they use the power of the Broken Pattern, that Break in the Pattern is with them.  Treat the Break as a specialized form of Bad Stuff, 15 points worth which only applies when using Broken Pattern powers.  Finally, the Break in the Pattern will show up as a flaw in the initiates mind, personality, or body as well.  This flaw is called the Pattern's Price.  The Broken Pattern initiate will have one personality trait or mental aspect (usually an undesirable one) which is magnified several times, or some physical flaw which may never be healed or overcome (because the body will revert back to it's flawed state, in order to conform to the Broken Pattern).  Whenever a Broken Pattern initiate fails in the use of a Broken Pattern power, the Pattern's Price will manifest itself more strongly for a time, as the Break in the Pattern gains strength within the initiate.
Broken Pattern adepts are able to utter a blood curse, just like those with the blood of Amber.  However, the Broken Pattern adepts curse is more draining than that of an Amberite, costing the Broken Pattern adept her life in all cases.  However, this curse is weaker than that of an Amberite, because no matter what the curse, the Break in the Pattern manifests itself in the curse as well, providing some way for the target of the curse to break the curse.  There will always be some action which the target of the curse can perform to break the curse. How the target of the curse can find out what action is required is up to the GM, who probably will have a pretty good idea for a quest before the curse is even uttered.

Shadow Walk:  When Broken Pattern adepts Shadow Walk, the Break follows them wherever they go.  Initiates of the Broken Pattern are not as good at travelling through Shadow as real Pattern adepts, and cannot make even small changes without moving a significant distance.  It takes an initiate of the Broken Pattern roughly twice as much movement to elicit the same amount of changes as someone with Pattern Imprint.  In addition, Shadow walking is much more dangerous for initiates of the Broken Pattern, as the Break in the Pattern manifests as a physical chasm, much like the Abyss, which exists around them wherever they travel.  The Break moves around as they travel through Shadows, and though they can see the Break, they never know where around them the Break in the Pattern will be.  Without warning, the Break can show up directly in front of the Broken Pattern initiate, and if the initiate steps into the Break, she will be destroyed forever - the final death. Thus, initiates of the Broken Pattern usually travel much slower among Shadows than those with Pattern Imprint.

Hellride to Artifacts & Creatures:  Broken Pattern initiates tend to hit the worst of Hellriding routes, and they may have to go far out of their way to avoid falling into the Break as it accompanies them.  The Break in the Pattern also prevents initiates of the Broken Pattern from ever being able to find the exact Shadow they want unless they have been to the Shadow before, or they follow someone to the Shadow. They can seek whatever Shadow they desire, but the Break will manifest itself as an imperfection in the Shadow they finally arrive in, where the Shadow does not live up to their desires in some way.  All Hellriding to intangibles are affected this way, so seeking someone in Shadow also doesn't work, instead leading to some flawed shadow of the subject.

Summon the Sign of the Broken Pattern:  As Pattern.  The Break will manifest itself as 15 points of Bad Stuff whenever the Broken Pattern Adept attempts action with the Broken Pattern Sign activated.

Hang Spells on the Broken Pattern:  Having learned to call the Sign of the Broken Pattern to mind, the Adept can now hang spells on the Broken Pattern.  Be warned that such spells may come out somewhat warped, or may slide into the Break at inopportune times and vanish, though the latter is rare.

Broken Pattern Defense: (internalize Sign) This works much like Pattern Defense for someone with Pattern Imprint, except that the Pattern has a Break in it, making the initiate vulnerable to those who can sense the Break.  Anyone who studies the initiate with Logrus Sight or Pattern Lens can see the Break, and attack through the Broken Pattern Defense with no resistance.

Broken Pattern Sight:  (through Sign) The Break in the Pattern manifests itself in a blind spot in the adepts Sight.  Certain things will simply not be visible to the Broken Pattern adept through the Broken Pattern.  There is usually no rhyme or reason to what is left out, but the blind spot will sometimes manifest to miss things which the adept subconsciously does not wish to see (such as things which would be frightening or which would conflict with the adepts beliefs).  Even worse, Broken Pattern Sight will occasionally show things which are not true, such as showing a card to be a Trump, when it is really just a regular playing card.  The Broken Pattern also usually takes longer to employ than the true Pattern, as the adept has to look at things for a few moments before the lens comes fully into focus.

Mindwalk the Summoned Sign:  It is possible for the Broken Pattern adept to make a mistake, 'stepping' off the Break in the Summoned Sign.  This usually only happens when the adept is fatigued or distracted, but when it happens, the adept is knocked out, and the image of the Broken Pattern falls from the adept's mind.  After any walk of a Broken Pattern, the imprint of the Broken Pattern will be very strong, and the Pattern's Price will manifest very strongly in the initiate.  A successful Mindwalk will empower the adept to scry and teleport as a Pattern Initiate, and it additionally allows the adept to call forth Logrus-like tendrils from the Sign of the Broken Pattern.  It also allows the adept to affect probability as a Pattern Initiate, but the Break (Bad Stuff) will always manifest itself somehow.

Scrying Lens:  As Pattern.  The same defects occur as with Broken Pattern Sight.

Teleport:  This is much more dangerous for a Broken Pattern adept than for a real Pattern Initiate.  The Broken Pattern adept has a chance of transporting directly into the Break in her imprint of the Pattern, resulting in the final death.  In addition, this transportation leaves the Broken Pattern initiate very drained and vulnerable.

Broken Pattern Tendrils:  Non-physical tendrils may be manifested. though they cannot manipulate physical objects they may be used to direct magical effects, or a conduit for a psychic contact. With effort the tendrils can be used to reach into adjacent shadows.

Manipulate Probability:  Works as the Pattern Power, except that the adept must have Mindwalked the Summoned Sign before they can affect probability.  The Break will manifest itself in the effect, frustrating the true intent or full effect desired by the Broken Pattern Initiate.

Dodge the Break:  Through practice and familiarity with the Break in their Imprint, the adept has learned a bit about how and where it manifests.  Shadow travel can now be done at near-normal speeds, and the danger of Hellrides is greatly reduced.  The blurriness and inaccuracy of Sight and Scrying is mostly cleared up.

Mend the Break:  The adept has even more control over the Break, and is learning how to compensate for it.  The cost is [2] points for every point of Bad Stuff manifested by the Break the adept is able to avoid.  The Break can never be completely avoided (minimum 1 Bad stuff), and this power does not do anything to lessen the Price of the Pattern for the adept in any way.

Support multiple Scrying Lenses:  As Pattern.

Manipulate Probability without the Sign:  This emulates the normal Pattern Initiate's ability.  The Broken Pattern adept can affect probability by force of will alone, and no longer needs the power of the Mindwalked Sign to do so.

Shadow Pockets:  Very risky business, because the manifested Bad Stuff will remain in existence within and near the Shadow Pocket as long as it exists.

Edit/Mold/Erase/Gate Shadow:  As Pattern, with the Break adversely affecting the outcome of the characters desires. The adept can also Manifest the Break, forcing their imprint of the Broken Pattern upon a Shadow.  This has the effect of introducing the adepts Break in the Pattern into the Shadow in some form.  The Broken Pattern adept can never choose how the Break manifests itself; she can only force the Break to manifest, causing the Shadow to manifest some flaw.  The Shadow will not take on the flaw immediately, but will change to conform over the course of one week Amber time (so if the time stream is different, the break will take more or less time than a week to manifest).

This Breaking of a Shadow is tenuous, though, and anyone with Advanced  Pattern Imprint will notice the flaw as soon as the Shadow is entered or viewed with the Pattern Lens, and may change the Shadow back to normal.  Any influence of Pattern on the Shadow for 24 hours or more (such as the presence of someone with Pattern Imprint) will cause the Shadow to revert to normal, though the change may take some time, as the original warping did.

If a Broken Pattern Adept makes a mistake while imposing the break, the Shadow will be permanently damaged, but so will the adept. The Shadow will have a hole ripped in it, which can only be mended by someone with Advanced Pattern Imprint, and the  Broken Pattern adept will be physically wounded and the Pattern's Price will permanently grow stronger.  The adept can choose to cause this permanent rift if desired, and suffer the consequences.


LOGRUS IMPRINT [Chaos Psyche, Chaos Endurance]
* Blood of Chaos [4/Free if Logrus is chosen at Character Creation]
* Shape Shift: Control Primal Form

Imprint:  Traverse the Logrus and recover from the induced madness.  Gains the ability to summon the Sign of the Logrus.

Summon and Control Tendrils:  This Power allows one who has brought the Summoned Sign to mind to manifest Tendrils from the Logrus.  To use these Tendrils the character must then "put his/her arms into the Arms Of The Logrus" which takes a minute or so.  The Logrus Master may shape its force into useful shapes, extensions far more powerful, and more flexible than normal Shadow matter.  These extensions of the Logrus operate with a Strength that is equivalent to the Psyche of the Logrus Master who wields them.  Combined with Logrus Sight, touching of the subject by Logrus tendrils will reveal whether or not a character is Shape Shifted, if they are charged with Ambient Magic (i.e.. Power Words), and the general level of the subject's Psyche, health, and mental state.  The tendrils of the Logrus can also be used to "link" into the delicate web-work of magical spells and deactivate them, or it can be used to send a raw-power feedback along a mental or magical contact.  Touching things of Magic with a Logrus tendril usually will tell what type of spell it is, and the exact spell if it is a common one or one known by the character.  Logrus tendrils can "pry" open inactive Gates, insinuate themselves into a magical "sending" and backtrack it to its origin, spells can be cast along the tendrils into Shadow.

Shadow Travel:  He/she can use Tendrils to reach through Shadow, or to reach things at a distance on the current Shadow.  When reaching through Shadow, the Logrus tendrils can be made to seek and grab a suitable anchor, and draw him/her to the object.  This way is usually the manner in which a Logrus Master traverses Shadow.  This is actually easier than Tendril Conjuration, because when the undiscerning Logrus Master starts pulling objects through Shadow, they can often be the type of Shadow object that dissolves when moved across Shadow.

Logrus Sight: The Summoned Sign of the Logrus can be used as a improved sensory organ which one looks through.  It provides "sight" in a great many more spectrums than are normally available and can be "fine-tuned" by it's user to meet the demands of the situation.  The user can see Magic, Pattern, Logrus, Trump, as well as things which are hidden.  He/she can use it to analyze any of the above things to gain greater information regarding them.  Things can also be seen to be either of Shadow, of Amber, or of the Courts of Chaos.

Tendril Conjuration: He/she can use Tendrils to reach through Shadow, or to reach things at a distance on the current Shadow.  When reaching through Shadow, the Logrus tendrils can be made to seek anything desired, locate it, grab it and draw it back to the Logrus Master.  Searching in Shadow or Chaos for something with the Logrus has advantages and disadvantages.  The advantage to using Logrus is that you can find generic objects fast.  Grabbing any defined object, sword, a plate of food, a lantern, anything defined in a general sense comes quickly as the Logrus finds the nearest occurrence in Shadow and snaps to it. Unfortunately, the more specific you get, and the further out in Shadow you are, the longer it takes the Logrus to locate something.  If you are in a Medieval-type Shadow, trying to use a Logrus Summoning to get a specific piece of high-tech equipment will take a LONG while.  The game mechanic effect is that if the player wishes to define the object in terms of points, it takes a long time (up to a day per point for items that are not anywhere near in Shadow), and the Quantity Multiplier is limited to Named and Numbered.  If the player will define the object in general terms it takes much less time, but the GM will have full control over the results...

Logrus Defense: The Tendrils of the Logrus can also be used for defensive purposes.  With the Sign summoned to mind you can fill your body with the force of Logrus Tendrils, making it resistant to the effects of Pattern, Magic, Psyche, or other forces, but providing no physical protection.  Alternately, the Logrus Tendrils can be made into a shield of Power, blocking in any one direction, which is effective against physical, energy and most Magical attacks, but doesn't provide protection against Pattern, Logrus, Trump or Psyche.  You cannot use both techniques at the same time.

Shadowmastery:  Characters with this Power can use the Summoned Sign to spot weak areas in the Shadows of Amber and the Courts and by using the Logrus Tendrils they are able to create "Shadow Veils" or areas which may be stepped through to the next Shadow without further manipulation.  This is especially useful in the Courts where areas change so drastically from one Shadow to the next. Most of the areas of the Courts are strewn with Shadow Veils linking the entirety of the Courts together. This Power also enables the character to recognize existing Veils without prior knowledge of their existence, and includes all powers associated with Shadowmastery as described by Merlin in the novels.

Mold Shadow:  Using the Logrus, and the Chaos resident in any Shadow, it is possible to manipulate the structure of that Shadow, altering it to fit your wishes.  In this way, for example, the physical laws of the Shadow, or the form of its inhabitants, or any simple detail, will be changed.  It takes about as long as it takes Pattern initiates to Shift Shadow.  Eventually, if not tended, the Shadow will drift back to its original form.  The closer to Primal Chaos, the easier a Shadow is to manipulate, and Shadows near Amber are nearly impossible to change. Unlike Amberites, who simply Shadow Walk or Hellride to their perfect Shadow retreat, those of the Courts of Chaos will find a Shadow, and then manipulate it to perfection.  Since Shadows modified with Shadow Molding have a tendency to lose their form and start continually changing, which is the normal way of Chaos Shadows, most Logrus Masters settle on a particular domain as home, called a Way (This naming can take one of two forms, either the character's first name is included, i.e. Mandorways, or, more commonly, the family name, such as the Ways Of Sawall).  It is then shaped and maintained with a combination of Logrus, Magic, and powerful Chaos creature servants.  While the personal realms of Shadow will, with precautions in place, survive a long absence, very few Chaos Lords ever maintain more than one personal realm at a time.

Logrus Tendril Servants:  It is possible to separate a tendril of the Logrus, give it a simple instruction, and leave it, unattended, to perform its duty. Logrus servants have Strength and Psyche each equal to Chaos Rank, and a Human Level Warfare.  In place of Endurance they have tireless Stamina, but can only heal or regenerate in a place where Logrus is strong.  They have no "minds" as such, and will simply dissolve if attacked by a superior Psyche.  The number of Logrus servants on "duty" at any given time depends on the Psyche of their creator.

Summon and Bind Creatures of Chaos:  As detailed in the Shadow Knight rulebook.  This is the only way Demons can be conjured. Takes 1 hour per point.

Summon Primal Chaos:  This is the final lesson of the Logrus Master ONLY taught to those formally in the Shadow Master's guild and only with their permission.  Primal Chaos, a force in direct connection with the untamed Chaos at the remote center of the Courts, will bring total destruction to whatever Shadow it occupies.  Once summoned it must be dispelled quickly, or it will run amuck, eventually absorbing the entire Shadow back into nothingness. When it is summoned, the tendrils of the Logrus are used to keep it in check and contain its area to a small, controllable force.  While in this condition it can be moved with the Arms Of The Logrus to selected areas, utterly destroying everything of Shadow substance it contacts.  This is EXTREMELY taxing on the character's Endurance AND Psyche.  Only characters with Amber Rank or better in both can hope to contain the Chaos, once summoned, and even if more highly Ranked this control can only be maintained for a few minutes. After this time, the Logrus Master must either attempt to dispel it (using the Logrus tendrils to snuff it out) or release it.  Once released, unless halted by some force (perhaps some disciplines of the Pattern), Primal Chaos will destroy the entire Shadow where it was summoned.

Create Black Threads:  This Power enables the character to "burn" areas of weakness in Shadow to allow for easier travelling.  To do this takes a HUGE effort and is usually done by groups, such as the Shadow Masters' Guild, when they need one of their kind to travel quickly through the Shadows of Amber.  They would then extend the Logrus together, meshing it's Tendrils together to form a great construct of Power.  This is then thrust outward, channelling Chaos and Magical Shadow Manipulation along it's length.  The effect is to produce a magical "Express Railway" which Demons, Chaos Lords, and other creatures of Chaos can travel on very rapidly.  The speed of this travel is actually faster than Hellriding, and a being travelling along a Black Thread could reach anywhere in Shadow (from Chaos) in less than a day!  A single character can produce these Threads but they are far more limited in range and require huge expenditures of Endurance.

Once created, they will remain for 1 day per point of Psyche of the creator.  For group created Threads such a construct will remain viable for 1 day per point of the highest Psyche in the group plus one-half day per point of Psyche in the rest of the group.  The nearer to Amber the more this duration is reduced.  A Thread, once created, is vulnerable to the effects of Pattern and can become 'broken' by someone bringing the Pattern to mind and influencing it.  It can also be cancelled from its point of origin by those who created it OR someone wielding Pattern in this vicinity.

Examples of this include the Black Road (which was one hell, er, Chaos of a Thread!), and the one created in the Courts for the demon Gryll to ride upon when he came and got Merlin for Swayvill's funeral.  Note that travel along this pathway is relatively safe and can take the form of walking or flying (though flying is far quicker).

Logrus Scry:  The Logrus Master can actually use Logrus Sight through the tips of her Logrus Tendrils.  This makes searching through Shadow much more reliable, since the Master can decide if the item that is latched onto is really what she wanted without having to drag it all the way back to herself.  She can also engage in combat with the Tendrils at the other end in an effective manner, even being able to form the Logrus Shield around distant objects, for example.  Logrus Scrying is mostly chaotic, as it has to follow the natural swirling of the Tendrils, at least until they latch onto something they were sent to find.  Then slower continuous extension can be done from that anchor point out in Shadow.

Control Primal Chaos:  The Logrus Master is able to exert fine control over small bits of summoned Primal Chaos.  It can be incorporated into Shape Shifting (Fists of Annihilation), Items (Sphere of Annihilation), Conjurations, Spells, etc.

Pit Diving/Abyss Exploration:  The Logrus Master can anchor themselves to the Courts of Chaos/Rim of Chaos/Lip of the Abyss/etc. with one Tendril and cast themselves into the Pit and/or the Abyss while surrounded by a specialized Logrus Shield that keeps them from dissolving/ disintegrating/ burning/ etc.  Pit Divers hope to find objects suitable for refinement or newly created Demons to bind, for the Source in the Pit is forever chaotically spewing out lumps of matter.  Abyss Explorers search the darkness for its nebulous primordial forces and beings.  The Abyss in entropic and leveling while the Source is creative and chaotic.



Shift Body Parts: You can do some gross manipulation of your body structure.  This is far above the cellular level; you can do things like shift your weight around or lengthen limbs.  You cannot create new structures, and your mass must be conserved from the last Basic Form you have taken.

Shift Wounds: This lets you concentrate your shapeshifting abilities on healing a wound.  The wound usually closes and heals in under an hour (a few minutes for scratches), but you can't regenerate lost tissue with this, and you can't use this during combat, it takes too much concentration. Healing wounds is much slower when not done in a Basic Form.

Automatic Shape Shift: You let your involuntary control of shape shift take over.  Your body will change into a form which has a greater chance of survival.  Useful for surviving awkward situations.

Involuntary Primal Form Access: When you are in great danger, your unconscious mind takes over and shifts you into Primal Form.

Primal Form:  You can consciously will yourself into Primal Form or you can stop your subconscious from forcing you into Primal Form.  However, you still have no control over yourself while you are in Primal Form.

Shape Shift Features:  You can only accurately substitute yourself for another person if you've had close contact and the opportunity to practice.  Partial shifting of features, like moving your facial proportions around so that you are no longer recognizable, is easy.  However, doing this analytically, for example, trying to turn your hair red by picturing the color you want, doesn't work.  Instead, you should try imagining some other red-headed character, someone you know well, concentrate on their hair, and then imitate the person.  This ability only works in the character's Basic Forms.

Shift to Animal Shapes:  You can shape shift into any animal form of comparable mass that you have studied, i.e. that you have a full Psychic impression of.  In this context, 'animal' means an organic non-vegetable form.  These are Named and Numbered forms that you practiced in - you will not be clumsy or disoriented, so there is no bad effect on Warfare, Psyche, etc.  You can also get the locomotive abilities of the studied animal...flight, swimming, etc.  Other abilities such as poison, fire breath, etc. are beyond the scope of this ability and are part of Shift Anatomy and to Animal Abilities.

Shift Anatomy and Structure, Shift to Animal Abilities:  Instead of having to shift into animal form to gain the animal's ability, you can simply change your own form to add the ability.  For example, you can have your character sprout wings like a bird or a bat, or develop claws or armored scales.  In addition, you can move around, change, duplicate, and augment the body's internal organs.  Aside from the obvious benefits of generating two hearts, or a sub-brain, you can use this ability to regenerate lost body parts, which takes about a week of total concentration.

Shift Persona:  Part of the problem with trying to imitate someone else, regardless of whether you look, sound, smell and feel like them, is that you can still give yourself away by not acting like them.  Shape Shift Persona lets you change your personality so even slight, subtle mannerisms can be imitated.  There are dangers to Shape Shifting Persona.  If you attempt to Shape Shift into the personality of a particularly powerful mind, you run the risk of it overwhelming you. In essence, you actually become that person, and may totally lose control over your character. Usually this ends with sleep or unconsciousness, when your own natural Persona will come back into existence.

Shift Aura:  This shifts the mind's Mental Structure so it takes on a completely different Psychic aura.  Note that it doesn't change the ability, the Psyche, or anything else. It just changes the appearance of the mind, so that a Psychic touch will not detect the difference. Some of the possible auras include that of a plant or animal, the lesser Psyche of a normal human, or the imitation of any person's Psyche known to your character.  This power can also be used to cloak the presence of the Logrus or Pattern in a person, or to make either of them appear in a greater/lesser magnitude than is truly the case.
This is the ability to alter your own Psychic Imprint such that existing Trumps of that individual will not work (it will seem as if they are 'dead'). Note, however, that any items possessed will require re-attunement to the individual (if appropriate). Such items will not function for the character until re-attuned. This process usually takes several days.  To enact this change requires a ritual meditation of up to an hour for oneself and up to a day for another. Deflects trumps, temporarily de-attunes stuff.

Creatures of Blood:  The blood of such an individual possessing this Power has very special properties.  Cut yourself, bleed out a few drops, and you can Shape the blood into a creature of your desire.  This creature will have a measure of your own powers.  So, for example, if you have the Blood of Amber, your blood creature will have a bit of power over Pattern as well.
Corwin's 'bloodbird' is a prime example of a creature made of Shape Shifted blood.  In this case the bird has the power to fly through Shadow and has an innate "homing" connection to Corwin.  It's also important to note that the bloodbird is a non-player character.  It operated independently of Corwin, delivering Oberon's package, then leaving, then returning to rescue Corwin at that moment when his life was in grave danger.

Shape Shift Others:  Character's who possess this ability are able to impose their Shape Shifting on someone else.  The character must make psychic contact, and if the subject resists the subject must be completely dominated by the character's Psyche to proceed.  On the other hand, if the subject of the Shape Shifting is willing, the process can be quick and simple.  Can not do Advanced Shifting abilities on others.

Absorb and Eject Mass:  Many forms cannot be adequately done with the mass possessed by a Human sized character.  It is for this reason that a character with Shape Shift can use his/her power to absorb mundane Shadow Material into him/herself to take on sufficient mass for the desired form.  For example, when the Demon Servant, Gryll, came to Merlin to take him back to the Courts he lacked sufficient mass and size to carry Merlin on his back.  Gryll then proceeded to absorb some furniture from Merlin's room in order to gain the desired size and mass.
The Shadow Material which the character absorbs cannot be living material, nor can it be magical.  It must be considered generally mundane in the Shadow in which the material exists in order for the Shape Shifter to be able to assimilate it into themselves.  This process increases the time required to Shape Shift greatly, adding up to 15 minutes, and if the Shape Shifter wishes to then go to a form with less mass/size he or she will have to expel the absorbed matter first, which will take twice as long as absorbing it.  Note that the character may not decrease their mass less than their smallest Basic Form's original starting total.

Plant Forms:  This power allows you to become a plant.  The definition of what a plant is varies by Shadow, so in this context it means a largely non-mobile form that has the ability to gain sustenance passively. For example, in a hostile Shadow, take the shape of a local tree and you will have food and water enough to heal and rest without doing any work. Plant forms are particularly excellent for meditation and mental rejuvenation.  You also discover your Plant Form, an appropriate vegetation Basic Form.

Elemental/Inorganic Forms:  With this power you can shape your body into  totally nonhuman and even inorganic forms.  All through Prince of Chaos Mandor and Dara use this, going around as pillars of flame, storms, and so on.  The size of the forms you can assume is related to your mass; specifics are somewhat messy.  Turning yourself into stone is not smart, for example, since it has a significantly higher density than you do in your human form, so you'd end up smaller.  You'd also have a lot of problems moving.  If you shapeshift to a rigid or immovable form you're still just as rigid.  That's why flexible and amorphous forms are favored. Now, while you could use this power to give yourself natural attacks, like lightning bolts from a storm, there are a lot of simpler ways to do this.  For one thing learning to create such attacks would take a lot of practice in each form.  For another, projecting energy is VERY tiring.  Amber rank endurance would be prostrated after two or three such bolts.  Chaos rank endurance would last for maybe one.  As an aside or two, you can't do this to only part of your body, unlike most forms of shapeshifting. It's either all or nothing.  You can't just turn your left arm into flame.  Another thing is that your new form tends to be cohesive.  Someone with a sword could damage you in an elemental form by swinging it through you.  The presence of a foreign object would disrupt your body and injure you, albeit probably not as much as if you were in human form.  If someone manages to detach part of your body you'd lose that portion of your body mass.  And if, for example, you get extinguished while in a fire form you're in real trouble.  If your form is totally destroyed you're dead.  So sticking in a fire form around a water mage is probably a dumb thing to do.  Your face usually appears somewhere in the new form, but it doesn't have to.  Thus if you were willing to lose the mobility and size you could turn yourself into a rock, indistinguishable from any other rock by normal means.  However you wouldn't be able to see or'd be limited to your natural psychic sense and  whatever senses rocks have...You can use this power to make yourself less vulnerable to certain dangers, but there are usually concurrent risks from the form itself.  You also discover how to access to an new Basic Form, your Avatar Form, which is an especially flashy Elemental Form (details of what it is, and who decides, to be negotiated with the GM).

Advanced Shape Shift Others:  Such as Shift Other Auras and form Creatures of Blood of others.

Shift to Creatures of Power:  Since some creatures have innate powers, it's now possible to Shape Shift into their forms and use those powers.  Certain shapes seem very interesting, such as the demon shapes and dragon shapes that promise tremendous power.  Use the Item and Creature Section as a guide for the possibilities.
For more mundane forms, you may incorporate Powers and Qualities into your Shape Shifting.  It takes 10 minutes per point, and you must trade each point for a point of Endurance and stay above Amber rank Endurance.  You can even temporarily trade Endurance for other attributes in a two-for-one ratio.



Trump Sketches:  Trump sketches can be drawn in pencil, marker, charcoal, etc.  They are relatively 'quick and dirty' Trumps which are good for a limited number of uses and do not possess the innate indestructibility of real Trumps.  They can be made in 30 minutes to an hour, though Dworkin is rumored to be able to create one in under 30 seconds!  Trump sketches are good for a limited number of uses depending on the creator's Psyche.  After this usage is complete the sketch will be un-empowered and no longer viable for communication.  If the Trump Sketch is to reach across Shadow, then the creator must have either the ability or the potential to influence shadow (Blood of Chaos or Amber, Broken Pattern, etc.).  Otherwise, the Sketch works only within the Shadow it was created in. These Trump Sketches can only be used for mental, verbal of visual contact / communication.

Trump Sketch Transportation: The sketches may be used to travel (the same restriction apply across shadow as for communication).

Create Trump:  This involves creating a card representing some particular person, place, thing or object.  When the user concentrates on the card there will be a psychic bond between the user and the subject of the card.  Creating a Trump takes from 4 hours to two days of concentrated work depending upon the character's Psyche, Endurance, and relative level of experience with making Trumps.  As time passes, the character will find that creating such paintings takes less and less time.  Suhuy, for example, could probably render a fully functional Trump in 20-30 minutes of work.

The medium used also determines some of the time, i.e. Painting in oils while better for highest quality Trumps takes much longer to dry and become functional whereas Acrylics are relatively quick drying albeit not as conducive for that 'ultra-realistic' look which is the hallmark of quality Trumps.

Working from memory, without a live model, will DOUBLE or TRIPLE the amount of time to create a card.  Trumps made from descriptions, without the Trump Artist ever having observed the subject, have a HIGH probability of linking to a Shadow, instead of the actual subject.

When the Trump Artist first sits down to create a Trump, he must clear his mind, then think upon the subject of the Trump they wish to create, and finally bring up the Power of Trump.  Once in the empowered state, they then begin drawing the lines upon the medium they are using, rendering a life-like representation of the subject, and embedding the Power of Trump into the image.  Trumps cannot be drawn if there are things to distract the Artist, they must have total concentration during the entire process, and any interruptions during the Trump creation stage will require them to start over.  The Power of Trump makes the Trump indestructible while it is activated and the equivalent of [4] armor otherwise.

Trump Memory:  In creating a card, either a new one, or redrawing an old one, you memorize the image, so it is permanently imprinted upon your mind.  That means you can attempt to contact an image without an actual card being present.  This is a great effort on both the Psyche and Endurance of the Trump Artist, but if persistent it can be accomplished.  Note that this is ONLY possible with person Trumps not those of places or objects.

Quick Activation:  A Trump can be designed to take only moments to activate.  When it is touched and concentrated on like a normal Trump, it activates almost immediately, popping on without warning.

Instant Activation:  A Trump can be created to activate by sight or touch alone.  When someone looks and concentrates, or touches the active face, the Trump instantly activates.

Quick Transport: A Trump can be altered or designed so that as soon as contact is made, transportation is automatic. The combination of Quick Transport and Activation make great Trump Traps.

Disguised Trump:  The subject or object of the Trump is not the true point of contact.  Particularly nasty when combined with Quick Activation and Quick Transport.  Combines nicely with Etched Trump.

Trump Alternate Forms:  Also known as Etched Trump.  Allows the character to make Trump images in things other than a paint/card-stock medium.  They are able to engrave metal, form sculptures, make laser etchings, etc. with Trump power.  Essentially any artistic representation which is conducive for concentration and highly vivid in nature (even a written description!) can be used for the creation of Trump at this level (though the artist would require the appropriate skills for such a creation).

One of the advantages to these types of Trumps are that while they easily recognized as such by a Trump Artist they are not necessarily recognized by someone uneducated in the ways of Trump creation.  Such Trumps are 'usually' more difficult to 'prime' or initiate contact with but function identically to normal Trumps in most other respects.  Another advantage to this type of Trump is that such images/objects are greater storehouses for power and a character can empower them to actually open a Trump Gate when activated.  While this will use most of the item's power they may be 're-powered' by a Trump Artist at any time subsequent to such a usage.

Trump Mimicry:  The ability to copy the style of another Trump Artist.  Forgeries are obvious to the real artist, Trump Artists with more points invested in the Power, and others with significant Psyche advantages over the counterfeiter.

True Trump Memory:  Trump anywhere one can remember and anyone with whom one has had psychic contact.


Sensing Trump:  A character with this ability is able to sense the usage of Trumps in his vicinity.  Actual range is dependent upon a great many factors and the GM will be the ultimate arbiter as to whether the character can sense the usage or not. Factors affecting this would include the sensing character's Psyche, the proximity to the Trump user, any and all intervening barriers (including other people), magical wards and the like, etc.  Additionally, the character will be able to sense the power used in making Trumps.  When a character is within a few hundred feet of a Trump being created they will immediately notice this great flux of power (unless the artist has taken special precautions using various wards, scry blocks, Psyche dampers, etc.).

Someone who is a Trump Artist is also able to detect the characteristics of a Trump by careful examination.  If the creator has an extreme Psychic advantage, any ill effects/traps on the Trump might have a chance to activate.  Otherwise, the Artist is informed of the pitfalls.

Trump Defense:  as rulebook.

Trump Caller Identification:  This Skill/Power enables a character to become familiar with the style and magical 'mark' of a Trump artist.  Unless purposefully obscured the character should be able to recognize a new Trump as either one of several artists with which he/she is familiar or as an unknown.  If an unknown artist is encountered any subsequent Trumps rendered by the same person would be obvious to the character as being from this particular 'unknown' artist.

Additionally, this power allows the character to tell the identity of a caller, without opening to the contact.  Upon receiving a Trump Contact check through your Trump Deck. The card of whoever is making the call will be psychically active (though if another Trump conversation is taking place, this will only narrow down the possibilities).  Obviously, this only works it the character happens to have a Trump of the caller.  As the character becomes greater attuned with this Power he/she will be able to merely concentrate upon his/her Trump deck to determine the caller's identity.

Trump Jamming:  It's possible, with intense concentration, to jam any one Trump. Concentrate on a single card and the victim will be blocked from sending or receiving Trump calls.  Psyche advantage is not 'required' when using this method if the other person simply gives up.  However, should someone "push" the contact, then there will be a Psychic battle with the person. You can also cause Trumps of yourself not to show any visual image at all when in use.  Thus a caller can hear your voice but not see what you currently look like, where you are, etc.  This is referred to as a Trump Blackout.

Trump Blocking:  It's possible, with intense concentration, to block several Trumps.  It requires the actual cards of the subject to block.  Concentrate on all cards and none of them will be able to receive calls; their cards will appear dead (warm) to everyone else.  This requires a clear Psyche advantage over each of the targets.

Trump Spying:  There is another level of concentration where you simply observe the operation of Trump.  This allows you to overhear conversations as the Trump is being used.  However, you must actually touch the specific Trumps.  If you have Trump for only one of the participants in a Trump Contact, you will overhear only what that person says, and will be unable to "hear" the other end of the conversation.  Additionally, if the character is in the vicinity of a Trump call, i.e. standing on the other side of a room while another character attempts to make or receive a call, that character's card may be used to "tap" the connection.  The character simply takes out the card of the person engaged in the Trump Contact and applies concentration.  Note that if the character doesn't have a Psyche advantage it is possible that the nearby character will 'notice' something odd about the call.

Trump Gate:  Trump Gate is the ability to create an open doorway from any one place to another.  It requires the use of a Trump for the destination point.  The Trump is then opened normally, but instead of walking through the Trump the user pours Psychic energy into the connection and reinforces the bridge between the two places.  Finally, a temporary doorway from one Shadow to another is created.  At least Amber Rank Psyche and Endurance is required to create such a Gate, and the character will be totally exhausted from the effort if at that minimum Attribute requirement.  Trump Gates only stay open, unattended, for 10 minutes or so, though if the character wishes he/she may continue to pour more energy into it to maintain it, though even a top-ranked individual would be hard pressed to keep one open for more than 30 minutes.

Trump Subterfuge: This Power can be used to cloak Trump conversations from those who might be sensitive to such (a very distinct Psyche advantage by the opposing party would be required to sense such) and make Trump Spying  and/or Trump Sensing nearly impossible.

Trump Scrying:  Use location Trumps as a tool to scry throughout Shadow, using the subject of the Trump as the base point for scrying.

Trump Location:  Activate person Trumps and get an impression of where in Shadow they are.  Gives enough of an imprint to Teleport or Shadow Walk there.

Trump Pushing:  Can open a contact between any group of Trump images.  No Psyche advantage required, unless the contact is held open against someone's will.  With the advantage, can also push people contacted through to the location of an activated object Trump.

Consume Trump:  Makes a Trump Gate which stays open two days draining the Trump of its Power instead of taking energy from the character.  Paintings/Cards are non-rechargeable, but Etched Trumps can be reactivated by a Trump Artist through working them over again.



Power Word Potential:  The character has the potential to develop their own personal Power Words.  Note the advantage of Power Words over Sorcery is that they are powered by the character, and work regardless of the local Shadow rules about Magic.

Power Words:

Invasive Power words generally require a psychic advantage over the target in order to succeed, however it the targets name is known they will be effective regardless of any psychic differential.

New Power Words:

Advanced Power Words:

Advanced Words  are twice as taxing to Endurance as normal Power Words.

Special Power Words:

Special because of prerequisite powers, which are noted after the point cost.

Basic Conjuration (5 points)
The object takes one minute per point to build, but it will fade away after a while (several days out in Shadow, less time near Pattern, more time near Chaos). It also instantly vanishes if moved across Shadow. Such items can only be created where Shadow is malleable; this will not work in Amber and is difficult in the Golden Circle. On the other hand, Chaos Shadow is highly magically charged and easy to manipulate.

An object can be temporarily implanted with magical power. Attunement takes an hour, and each point of power adds ten minutes. The power lasts ten times as long as a simple Conjured Shadow Shape would, but it also fades when moved across Shadow.

Conjure Shadow Shape:  Shape a shadow object into what is desired.  The enhancement takes about an hour, but it will fade away after a while (several days out in Shadow, less time near Pattern, more time near Chaos).  It also instantly vanishes if moved across Shadow.  This is also vulnerable to being dispelled.

Item Analysis:  The character can analyze a conjured item by touch, slowly identifying its various abilities. It is possible to identify the creator of the item if you have experience with their style of conjuration.

Improved Item Analysis: Analyze conjured items at a distance of several yards, enabling the examination of other characters' items from across the room without alerting them (unless your staring at the item in question is noticed).  Takes several minutes by sight, while analysis by touch is now a matter of brief moments.

Empowerment:  An shadow object can be temporarily implanted with magical power.  Attunement takes a half-hour, each point of a quality adds ten minutes, and each point of power adds an hour.  While vulnerable to dispelling, it is not easily broken by Shadow Travel.

High Compelling:  The ability to conjure memories, and emotions within a target. With enough time the target's memories or personality may be altered to whatever the user may wish, though a psychic impression of the new personality is needed. A Geas may also be given, though it's duration depends largely on how different the new behavior would be from the targets usual attitude.

Complex Conjuration:  A Conjured Shadow Shape can be designed to be permanent within the Shadow it was created in.  This takes one hour per point.  Any attempt to dispel the conjuration must cross the Psyche of the conjurer.

True Conjuration:  This is a permanent magical effect.  If the Conjurer has the potential or ability to mold Shadow, it lasts even through Shadow travel.  The effect can either be an Empowerment or a Complex Conjuration, and it takes ten times as long to cast.

Quick Conjuration:  Changes the time frame.  Improves the unit of time in the rate of Conjuration one step on the following list:  six hours - one hour - ten minutes - one minute - ten seconds - one second - one-tenth second - etc.  Every [5] improves the time per point another step.

Advanced Powers and Qualities:  Up to the 8 point level.

Exalted Powers and Qualities:  Up to the 16 point level.


Basic Spell Components
This is the capacity to create new spells using by combining Sorcery's basic spell qualities or 'components', and also includes the capacity to rack and cast one spell. The basic spell components out of which whole spells are created are: 'Power' Sorcery

This is used to invoke a Power as part of a spell.  Each form cannot be learned unless that power is possessed at the basic level.   Trying to invoke two Powers in one spell is a very bad idea... As is trying to rack a Pattern, Broken Pattern, or Trump invoking spell in the Logrus, or a Trump, Logrus, or Shapeshifting spell in a Broken Pattern.

Intelligent Sorcery:

A spell with this micro-spell will be possessed of a certain degree of intelligence, and can guide itself without aid from its caster. It can accept complicated commands, such as a ward whose password or list of authorized personnel can be updated at will. Spells with this micro-spell and Manipulate Shadow can be cast across shadow boundaries to any shadow in the immediate area (where there is no significant difference in the function of magic). A lightning bolt could be crafted that would turn a corner and aim for the largest human target, or "the man in red robes," even if the sorcerer was unsure of the target's position.

Spell Rack:

Named and Numbered spells can be stored in a properly prepared container.  A single spell can be racked in one's mind.

Use Other People's Racked Spells:

The Sorcerer can detect and use spells racked by other people. This power works as usual for containers; the Sorcerer must be in Psychic contact with the container in order to access the spells therein. They can spend a few minutes of study in order to figure out exactly what the spell does and what Lynchpins must be specified, or they can be brave and try to cast it without knowing what it does.  If the subject resists, the Sorcerer must have the Psychic advantage to cast the spell.

Bestow Spell:

The Sorcerer can rack a spell in another person's mind for that other person to use.  The Sorcerer cannot leave any Lynchpins open because non-Sorcerers cannot fill them in.

Bestow Spells:

Rack a dozen spells in another person for their use.

Personal Spell:

One spell can be racked permanently; it is usable over and over without maintenance because it does not leave the Sorcerer's memory when cast.

Personal Sorcery:

Rack a dozen permanent spells.  Can also rack a Horde of ordinary spells where only Named and Numbered were possible before.

Quick Casting:

This allows the caster to reduce the casting time of a spell by one step on the Casting Time table.  They can also fill in lynchpins at double normal speed.


Every spell a Flawed Pattern initiate casts has the Flaw within it.

Every spell a Broken Pattern initiate casts has the Break within it.

[0] Rack spells in Icon:  Another of the main uses of the Summoned Sign deal with Magic.  It can be used as a "rack" for hanging spells.  The Initiate can bring up and use the Summoned Sign to rack a dozen of his/her spells, although they do decay after a while (about of 4 months in the Courts, 4 weeks in Shadow, or a week in Amber).  The time required to weave a spell into the Icon of Power is the normal spell casting time plus 10 minutes.  Note that less defective Patterns are harder to rack spells on, because the Initiate needs to be more sophisticated to find the 'hooks' and 'edges' to attach the spells onto, since they are rarer on more perfect Patterns.

[0] Rack Conjurations as one-lynchpin Spells. Max 10 + Psyche in powers for a single spell.

[0] Create Items that have and use Power Words.

[0] Create Items that can rack spells and/or use Sorcery.

[0] Creatures of Blood may have Qualities and Powers that imitate their source at no cost in time or effort.

[0] Create items that have Trumps within them.  These Trumps cannot be new; they must be copies of Trumps the Trump Artist has previously created.

[5] Conjuration By Trump: Allows the permanent racking of a conjuration spell within a trump, taking 1 day / point to make the original trump, and 1 hour / point to recharge the trump after each use. Where the point cost is the total value of artifacts / creatures being conjured. Max points / trump are 10 + Psyche of creator. Recharging possible by anyone with Conjuration, and Trump Artistry (does not require advanced).

[5] Power Source Enhancement:  Conjured Item can incorporate appropriate Partial Powers at a 1 point cost per 1 partial point cost.  This supersedes the ordinary Artifact Creation point costs where there is conflict.

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