Nine Dukes in Hazzard County

Are you on drugs?

No, I get this crazy without help of chemicals.  It's a knack.

So what is this?

This is a non-canonical Throne War setting, mostly created as a joke by me because it set my insane brain to spinning...

After centuries of drunken, tyrannical rule, your father, Papa Duke, is finally dying of liver damage.  It's about time.  Of course, being the rat bastard that he is, he has yet to reveal who will become his heir, gaining control of the Perfect Rural County, Hazzard.  Obviously, this calls for a fight to the death.

How does this change the cosmology?

Hazzard County proper is the area around the Pattern where you can't shift shadow.  Once you pass out of Hazzard Country, you ride into infinite shadow.  At the far end of Infinite Shadow is New York City, home to the Damn Yankees, Hazzard County's greatest enemies.

You can imagine Hazzard Country as resembling a perfect square about sixty miles on each side.  The Pattern is at the exact middle.  It is a huge forest trail which spirals inwards to a large central clearing in which Grandpa Duke lives in a small house, where he keeps the Perfect Still.  One does not walk the Pattern.  One DRIVES the Pattern, preferably as fast as possible.  If one leaves the trail, one then crashes at high speed into a tree and dies.  The Impassible Pattern Forest of Hazzard surrounds the Pattern itself; the only reliable entrance into the Pattern is from the north gate of Hazzard Homestead, the mansion of the Royal Family.

Hazzard Homestead is the palatial estate of your father, Papa Duke, purchased with the revenues of the sail of Perfect Moonshine.  It has a large four story house in the center, with a barn/garage off to one side.  A high fence surrounds it with gates in the north, east, and south sides.  The south side opens onto a road to the City of Hazard.  The east side leads to the road down to the royal docks on Lake Hazzard.  And the north side opens onto the hidden path to the Pattern to the north.

Most of the eastern quadrant of Hazzard County is Lake Hazzard; from here, one can sail out until one leaves the country and passes into Douglas County, from which one can begin to shift shadow.  Cripple Creek flows into Lake Hazard at the southeastern corner of Hazzard County, then along the southern and western borders of the county up into the mountains to the north.  A mountain range rises swiftly along the northern borders of Hazzard County.

Most of the County is forest, dotted with small farms.  The City of Hazzard is located about five miles south of Hazzard Homestead.  It has everything you'd expect from a backwoods small rural town.

The counties surrounding Hazzard County form the Rebel Circle and maintain friendly trade relations with Hazzard County.  You may be able to buy their support.

Character Creation

All players will recieve 250 character points; there will be no contribution points, but you're free to load up on bad stuff if you think you need it. (Or sell down attributes if you feel suicidal)

This throne war uses a slightly non-standard set of attributes:

In addition to the usual attribute auction, and all the other things you can spend points on, auctions will be held for the following jobs, items, or goodies:

You do not have to bid in any of those auctions if you don't want to, and if no one bids, the role will be assigned to one of your NPC siblings. These auctions are held in this manner: Opening bids are secret, bids after that are public. Winner of the auction is announced. Only the winner actually has to spend the points (since only one person can have each of these things).

What's in the Box's winner is announced, but only the winner learns 'what's in the box'.

The Cost of the Powers

A brief introduction to the major powers can be found here.
Those familiar with Amber may wish to use the Partial Powers System found here.

Pattern (50 points)

Pattern is the fundamental power of the Royal House of Amber.  It is the heritage of King Gendo.  Anyone who buys Pattern is automatically an heir to the throne and a child of Gendo by one of his wives or mistresses.   Pattern gives you several nifty benefits:

But it does have some flaws: Advanced Pattern (aka Pattern 2.0):  Pattern + 25 points

You can upgrade your knowledge of Pattern to learn some of the more obscure arts of Pattern.  This enables you to:

Broken Pattern (10 points)

The Pattern casts reflections of itself through Shadow.  Those reflections gradually become imperfect, enabling those not of the blood of Amber to walk them...but they also don't work as well as the real thing.  Broken Pattern gives you several nifty benefits:

But it does have some flaws: Broken Pattern Adept:  Broken Pattern + 15 points

You can upgrade your knowledge of Broken Pattern.  This enables you to:

Shapeshifting (35 points)

Shapechanging can be learned by any PC, Amber or Chaos, although it's rare in Amber and common as rocks in Chaos.  It is a prerequisite for learning Logrus.  It enables you to:

But it does have some flaws: Advanced Shapeshifting (aka Shapeshifting 2.0):  Shapeshifting + 25 points

You can upgrade your knowledge of shapeshifting as well.  This enables you to:

Logrus: (45 points) + Shapeshifting

Those who have the Blood of Chaos (Free at character creation if you buy Logrus at that time) can walk the Logrus.  Those who also possess Shapeshifting actually survive walking the Logrus.  The eternally shifting Logrus grants powers to those who walk it:

But it does have some flaws: Advanced Logrus (aka Logrus pi):  Logrus + 30 points

You can upgrade your knowledge of Logrus as well.  This enables you to:

Trump Artistry: 40 points

Trump Artistry is the knowledge of how to create Trumps and use them most effectively.  Trump Artists are rare but powerful.  To create Trumps which reach across Shadow, once must either have Logrus or Pattern, or must have the Blood of Amber or Chaos.

But it does have some flaws: Advanced Trump (aka Trump 2.0):  Trump Artistry + 20 points

You can upgrade your knowledge of Trump as well.  This enables you to:

Power Words: 10+ points

Power Words are words of power which produce simple magical effects fueled by the user's Endurance.  They work anywhere, but using too many of them will tire you out.

But it does have some flaws: Sorcery: 15 points

Sorcery is the art of creating and casting spells.  More details can be found on my sorcery page.

Conjuration: 20 points

You can create something from nothing, molding Shadow into the forms you desire.  This level of conjuration allows you to create items with any of the 1-4 point values on the Throne War Items Page.

But it does have some flaws:

High Compelling (aka Conjuration 1.5):  Conjuration + 5 points

High Compelling enables you to 'conjure' geases and compulsions into beings, in order to try to control their minds.  You can also plant geases on objects, which will then compel whoever meets some set condition.  This requires a victory in a psyche battle to succeed.

Advanced Conjuration (aka Conjuration 2.0):  High Compelling + 15 points

You can upgrade your knowledge of Conjuration as well.  This enables you to:

Buying Allies and Blood Ties

Blood of Amber: 6 points

You are a child of Gendo, but you have yet to walk the Pattern.  This gives you a claim on the throne without the need to spend the full 50 points for Pattern.  You can walk the Pattern during the game if need be.  All players in this throne war MUST BUY THIS if they do not start with Pattern.  If you buy Pattern, it comes along for free.

Blood of Chaos: 2 points

You have the heritage of Chaos in your veins.  You can learn Shapeshifting and walk the Logrus, but Pattern Blades will do bad, evil, nasty things to you.

A Spin on the Wheel of Allies: 10 points

Ten points will get you a spin on the wheel of Allies. Your potential friends range from the nuetral elder amberites to important lords of chaos to the Head Chambermaid, Kasumi (who is a better friend than you might think...).

Chaos Ties: 15 points

A House of Chaos loves you and will back your bid for the throne. This gives you an army and a lot of moderately powerful allies, but keep in mind that most Amberites react adversely to Chaosians and their friends...  This does not convey Blood of Chaos; they can like Amberites too, even if it's rare.

Golden Circle Ally: 10 points

One of the Golden Circle kingdoms loves you and will back your bid for the throne. They're not so powerful as a house of Chaos, but they're also less likely to alienate the population of Amber if you come to power with their backing.

Shadow Purchase Costs

Shadows have three aspects you can buy up. The first one is obligatory (Location), while the other two are optional.


Defenses Control of Contents

Example Characters and Examples of Play

For some examples of what can be done with 200 points, you can find some sample characters on my Throne War Sample Characters Page.  For some examples of how various things are played out in practice:

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