John's Amber Throne War

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Which are the things besides attributes which will be bid on?
  • Eldest Child: In theory, you have the best claim to the throne. Of course, given that this will be the first time anyone has inherited the throne, it remains debatable as to whether primogeniture applies...But this would give you a definite edge in dealing with the nobility and with the less self-serving of your NPC siblings (Juri, Miki, Utena, Wakaba)
  • Oberon's Favorite: Daddy liked you best.
  • Dworkin's Favorite: Grand-Daddy liked you best.
  • Queen Anthy's Favorite: Oberon's current wife favors your cause. (She's probably your momma!)
  • Favorite of the Nobility: The nobility of Amber favors you, and thus you can more easily call upon their resources (wealth, troops, hidey-holes, the best wine, etc)
  • Rebma's Favorite: The Queen of Rebma likes you, and will back your bid for the throne.
  • Sparky's Favorite: Sparky is Oberon's pet riding dragon. You're the only person besides Oberon he'll let near him. You'll basically inherit him when Daddy kicks off. He has a stable in the castle.
  • Spymaster: You control the royal spy network.
  • Castellan: You control the palace guard and defenses of Castle Amber.
  • Steward of Amber City: You control the city government, defenses, and militia of Amber City itself.
  • Marshall of Amber: You have the allegiance of the standing army. Keep in mind that it's scattered across a large area in border posts for the most part, however.
  • Admiral of Shalomar: You command the northern fleet of Amber and the Shalomar Naval Base
  • Admiral of Mystara: You command the southern fleet of Amber and the Mystara Naval Base
  • Warden of Arden: The Forest of Arden is yours to command and control, along with its forest guard. You control the main land route to Amber itself. Be proud and try to not get lost in the woods.
  • Lord High Chamberlain of Amber: In addition to a horde of bureaucrats and tax collectors, you also control the treasury and thus have keys to the royal vaults, unlike everyone else.  You're also chief judge.
  • Greyswandir and Werewindle: Two pattern blades are up for grabs. They will be bid on seperately.
  • What's in the Box? You don't know what's in the box, but I promise it will be something worth having. (A spikard, the Jewel of Judgement, duplicate Vault keys, the Serpent's other eye, or some other goodie)

  • Auction:  Eldest Child

    Being the oldest child of Oberon has several advantages.  Firstly, anyone who actually cares about primogeniture (which includes a lot of nobles and merchants) will see you as the natural heir, making it easier to take the throne without raising an outcry.  Secondly, you know all your siblings the best, for you watched them all grow up.  Thirdly, you know the history of Amber, because you lived through it.

    Auction:  Oberon's Favorite

    Oberon likes you best.  Of course, you always hurt the ones you love.  He probably treated you worse at times, simply because he expected more of you.  Still, in recent years, he's come to rely on you more, and shared some knowledge he hasn't given the others, which can't be listed here, or else they'd know it too.  He may just designate you as his heir in this meeting coming up...or because it would make you target #1 if he did, he may not.  Hard to be sure.

    Auction:  Dworkin's Favorite

    He's a lunatic, but he's family, and for some reason, he likes you.  Maybe you were a good student, or a patient listener, or you remind him of his ex-wife.  If you need help, you can call him--the lore of Trump, Sorcery, Conjuration, and Pattern are all his to command, and rumors about that he can weild the powers of Chaos as well. Whether asking him for help is a good idea is another question...

    Auction:  Queen Anthy's Favorite

    Queen Anthy has taken a liking to you.  When the King dies, many will look to her guidance until a new King is chosen.  She may be your mother, she may simply see you as the best choice, or possibly she might even have a crush on you.  But you have her support.  Given she's a noted sorceress, this is a good thing to have.

    Auction:  Nobility's Favorite

    For some reason, the nobles of Amber have taken a fancy to you.  The bulk of the nobility will back your cause, with force if necessary.  They weild great power in Amber, especially in the Plains of Harad, but at the same time, they're a fractious lot, so you'll need a firm hand.  Should you need refuge, they'll gladly take you in.

    Auction:  Rebma's Favorite

    Queen Moire of Rebma has taken a liking to you, and is willing to throw Rebma's support behind you.  This could make you master of the sea lanes, for if Amber rules the waves, Rebma rules the depths under those waves, and can easily claim their surface as well.  It also gives you access to your very own backup Pattern, if need be, which you can then deny to others.  Handy that.

    Auction:  Sparky's Favorite

    Sparky is Oberon's pet dragon, used as a flying mount.  He's only slightly larger than a horse, but he's fearsome in combat and about the only thing in Amber which can fly.  You never know when having a dragon in your corner would be handy.  (Sparky spits lightning, by the way.)

    Auction:  Spymaster

    Oberon put you in charge of the royal spy network.  Win this auction and you have agents everywhere, watching everything.  At least in theory.  You can't win a war if you don't know what your enemies are doing, and this is the best way to find out.

    Auction:  Castellan of Castle Amber

    You command the thousand man palace guard, the royal armory, and Castle Amber itself.  If you choose to exclude everyone else from the can.  If you want to then put yourself on the Throne...hey, who's going to stop you?  The Royal Guards are most loyal to you, after King Oberon.  With this, you can dominate the approaches to the Pattern Chamber, the Royal Vaults, the plumbing, whatever you so desire.

    Auction:  Steward of Amber City

    The City of Amber is under your thumb.  You don't have perfect control, but you can call out the Trained Bands, declare martial law, depose city officials, and generally run the place to your liking.  Vast wealth and manpower is available to be tapped, and you dominate the One True City.  Castle Amber will have a hard time holding out if you choose to cut its supply lines...

    Auction:  Marshal of Amber

    You command the standing army of Amber.  It owes its chief loyalty to you.  However, it's also spread out across the entire border of Amber, which may make consolidating it fast enough somewhat tricky.  You also have a network of contacts which make it easy for you to hire mercenaries, and you have access to military intelligence agents.

    Auctions:  Admiral of Shalomar and Admiral of Mystara

    Each of these two admirals commands one of Amber's two fleets.  This gives you a secure naval base commanding one of the major naval routes to Amber, a fleet of a hundred ships, and a large force of marines and sailors.  You also have a naval intelligence network and can hire mercenary ships easily.  Amber City cannot be fed without shipments by sea, and you have the potential to cut off those shipments if necessary.

    Auctions:  Warden of Arden

    Amber can only be reached by land by either crossing the Kolvir pass which is guarded by Castle Amber, marching up the sea road from the south, or by passing through the vast forest of Arden.  It is a vast intractable maze of every sort of tree known to man and enough undergrowth for five forests.  But you know its paths, you command the Forest Guard, and you control it.  You can make the paths move and bar invading armies with ease.  And if you choose to facilitate a land attack, it would be very hard for anyone to stop you.  The keys to the city by land are yours.

    Auctions:  Warden of Arden

    You are the Lord High Chamberlain of Amber.  This means that you have control of what passes for Amber's government--customs men, tax collectors, lawyers, judges, prisons, and a swarm of diplomats.  You have ears in every Golden Circle kingdom, you control the court system, and you have the keys to the Royal Vault.  You also are the official authority on the law.  You don't need an army, because you control the money, and without money, armies collapse.  With money, you can buy your own army.

    Auctions:  Greyswandir and Werewindle

    Not much to say here; having your own Pattern Blade is its own reward.  Only two are known to exist and they're up for grabs!

    Auctions:  What's in the Box?

    You'll only find out if you win the auction, but I promise it'll be something worth having.  Sorry, David, no Toilet Hanakos.  (If you don't know, don't ask)

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