Unicorn No Seishi

Non-Amberite Cast Page

This page briefly describes non-Amberite members of the Cast of this Chronicle.
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Golden Circle Diplomats

Khunta Kol, Ambassador of Ashante

Khunta [Duke, roughly] Kol is a tall man whose once muscular physique is turning to fat.  Still, he could easily go toe to toe with a Lipunese sumo wrestler and win.  He is a friendly and inquisitive, but somewhat lazy man, who has caused some scandal from flaunting his concubines.  Polygamy is normally banned by Amber law, but diplomatic immunity has its privileges...  He's getting old now, but seems likely to stay Ambassador until he dies.  He has been seen with Travis and Yumi of late.

Countess Haruka, Ambassador of Begma

Countess Haruka is Lord Keitaro Orkuz's aunt, a chain-smoking, hard-bitten woman who is not someone to mess around with.  She's on the taller side with short brown hair and a perpetual cigarette in her mouth, usually dressed like a merchant instead of a noble.  She watches out for Begma's interests with an eagle eye.  Her aim is reknowned; she's known to have outshot Utena, Ota, and Shizumaru alike in a crossbow contest last year.  Her combat skills in other areas are not so impressive, but she's still not someone to mess with.

Enlai, Ambassador of Cathay

Enlai is of Ungolian descent, making him an unusual choice as a Cathayan ambassador, but his years of loyal service earned him this post.  He spends most of his time watching out for the inhabitants of the Ward of the Far Traveller, better known as New Cathay City, and can often be found there patronizing shops and helping the inhabitants with their problems. He is noted for his skills at horseriding.

Count Boris Badenov of Daiga

Short and dumpy with a thin black moustache, short black hair, and dark clothing, Count Badenov considers himself a master of intrigue.  He's quite wrong, and is quite regularly used by everyone as a pawn and made a fool of.  But he keeps trying.  His wife Natasha is quite stylish and elegant, and somewhat better at intrigue than he.

During the Daigan interregnum, The Count found himself in the odd position that his homeland was in a civil war, and he was never been formally replaced.  While there were three rival ambassadors appointed by various factions, Tylor continued to regard Boris as the true ambassador until the war was settled.  To his pleasure, the new Daigan government has reappointed him ambassador, although he also continues to serve as the Alderman for the Daigan Ward, and more or less runs it for Nanami.

Sean O'Gowan, Voice of the High King of the Isle of Emeralds

Red haired and drunken, it's widely rumored Sean was sent to Amber so he wouldn't drink up ALL the beer on the Island of Emeralds.  He seems to spend his time drinking, wenching, and singing in pubs.  He does sing pretty well, although it takes special training to understand anything he says, even if you're from the Isle.

Lesbia, Head of the Boetian League's Diplomatic Mission (Euboea)

Lesbia, the head of the Boetian League's Diplomatic Mission, is known to have frequently contemplated changing her name for the duration of her stay in Amber for reasons you can probably guess.  She's short, with dark hair turning grey, aging gracefully.  A strong-willed and quick-witted woman, she's been fairly successful in promoting Boetian interests in Amber.

Wang, Head of Hang-Kung's Diplomatic Mission

Wang is middle aged and bulky, fat, but very strong, though certainly not quick.  His head has been shaven and tattooed with a red phoenix in flight, and he obsessively wears red and orange.  He is somewhat volatile, swinging rapidly from extreme cheerfulness to depression to rage to whimsicality.  When he is calm or in one of his positive moods, he is extremely charming, while in his negative moods, he tends to inspire terror.  He seems to dislike the Lipunese Ambassador due to Lipun's past attempts to conquer Hang-Kung, he is quite friendly with Ambassador Enlai of Cathay, who represents Hang-Kung's main trading partner besides Amber, and clearly respects Ambassador Polli of Siam, although their religious debates are legendary for the passion with which they argue.  Wang is nominally a priest of the Phoenix, but his ambassadorial duties largely preclude him playing much of a role in Phoenix worship in the city.  Wang gets along very poorly with Princess Nanami for reasons unknown to anyone but them.

Wang's moods have been better of late, as the Hang-Kung crushed Lipun during the Annadil Crisis. He is getting older, and it's expected he will soon seek a replacement.

Duke Dalt, Ambassador from Kashfa

Blond, muscular, not very talkative.  Duke Dalt is known to have a great hatred of Countess Haruka, the Ambassador from Begma, and it's believed they've both tried to kill each other in the past.  He also hates Seta Noriyasu because the man is frequently seen with Haruka.  Dalt is known to be on quite good terms with Prince Kentaro, Prince Saionji, and Ambassador Sumire.  He seems to greatly enjoy walking up to Thoric, yelling 'Boo' and watching Thoric run.

He was seen at Marching with Princess Wakaba, sparking surprise, given that his boss, Queen Coral, hates Wakaba with a burning passion.

Morozumi Taizan, Ambassador from Lipun

Prime Minister Asuma chose Morozumi Taizan, a minor bureaucrat in the old Shogun's administration known for his skills in communication both orally and written, as the new ambassador to Amber from Lipun. It also helped that Taizan had expressed doubts about Lipun's hostility toward Amber--undoubtedly the reason that Morozumi was left in a dead-end job under the
Shogun, despite his obvious talents.

Taizan is often a soft-spoken, serious man. He knows that his country has been out of favor among most of the Golden Circle for some time, even before the Annadil Crisis, and carefully works to mend fences. He tends to be mildly self-deprecating, which generally gives a good personal impression to those he meets. He is, of course, particularly careful around the Hang-Kung and Cathayan ambassadors. However, he does not go too far to lower himself around them; though he is respectful, he does not grovel.

He has displayed occasional flashes of anger and indignation, when those wishing to keep Lipun down go too far, in his eyes, whether in trying to negotiate treaties that he feels weaken the country even further, or simply insult his nation or, on occasion, himself. He does still have a sense of honor, though not overplayed the way that his predecessor's was.  And though much of his efforts are dedicated to smoothing relations with Amber and other Golden Circle nations, he is also devoted to returning Lipun to glory. He insists, of course, that such a Lipun would not be the aggressive, expansionist, warlike nation of old, but rather, an equal partner in the Golden Circle....

Morozumi Taizan is a slender man of average Lipunese height. He wears rather plain clothes most of the time--they are of good quality, as befits his station, but is purposely not flashy. His neatly trimmed goatee and wire-rimmed spectacles add to his intellectual appearance, and he usually wears a bandanna tied over his short hair. He is known to be an accomplished artist and calligrapher; one of the items of note in his office is a gigantic brush, taller than he is. Some say that they have seen him practicing staff katas in the early morning with it, although most discount that as being somewhat outlandish and impractical.

Princess Amelia of Sailoon, Ambassador from Sailoon

Princess Amelia is a young and enthusiastic sorceress who endlessly rants about fighting for justice.  She looks and frequently acts in a ludicrous manner, but she's strong enough to suckerpunch warhorses and a fairly skillful sorceress.  She is generally known to have a crush on Prince Kentaro, who seems to like her, but not in the way she wants.

Polli the Monk, Ambassador from Siam

Shaven headed and wearing saffron, muscular and tall, Polli stands out in Amber, and seems to enjoy the experience.  He has little business to conduct, and thus spends most of his time meditating, having theological arguments with High Priest Geo and Ambassador Wang, and berating Yumi for her loose behavior.  Yumi just laughs, which infuriates him.  He seems displeased by Tylor's slackness and Amber's general spirit of irreverance towards anything but the Unicorn.

He is known to work closely with the KTC's officers, and it's believed the KTC and Siam are waiting for another crisis to cover a further war against Sind.

Jaipung, Head of the Nogul Empire's Diplomatic Mission (effectively the Sindhi ambassador)

Jaipung is a proud, angry member of the Ralya (warrior) caste.  He hates the Ambassador from Siam with a burning passion, and the KTC twice as much.  He is known to stir up trouble against both, and constantly urges Tylor to rein in the KTC.  Tylor seems to want to remain neutral, which further enrages Jaipung.  He actually had the audacity to challenge Tylor to a rose duel.  Tylor thrashed him despite a coughing fit in mid-duel.

Aristophanes, Ambassador from Singh

Aristophanes was a playwright of reknown in Singh, and has become one of fame in Amber as well, writing biting satires and broad (often crude) popular comedies.  Most of his plays these days make fun of Uila and seek to sway Amberite sympathies to support Singh--but he is skillful enough to not be too blatantly political.  He gets along quite well with Miki, who has composed music for several of his works.

Mistress Talia, Ambassador from Talma

Medium in height, thin and elegant, Mistress Talia is a leading trader in dyes and cloth, and has turned her embassy into an emporium for her products.  When not busy making formal dress clothing for the nobles and other ambassadors, she presses for better trade terms for Talma and tries to convince Amber to dump Uila from the Golden Circle.  She seems frustrated by her failure to achieve this after the Annadil Crisis.  But she keeps trying.

Grand Duchess Catherine, Ambassador from Therin

Catherine is the very essence of Therinese grace and beauty, fighting with every weapon she has of word and deed to prevent the final annhilation of Therin at the hands of its enemies.  This is not an easy struggle.  Prince Kentaro has offered her much support in the past, and they are sometimes seen together at parties.

Duke Seleceus Aristedes, Ambassador from Uila

Duke Seleceus is short, ugly, fat, and annoying.  But he's an effective ambassador, and very generous to the poor, which has made him many friends in Amber.  He is a frequent target of Aristophanes' parodies.

Duke Szolazny Rackozi, Ambassador from Wroland

The Duke supported the King's faction in the Wroland Civil War and was rewarded with the plum job, where he hasn't much work to do but a large salary and house to do it in.  He is fat and happy, and he also paints beautiful landscapes.  He is known to be a good friend of Prince Thoric.

Dwellers in Shadow

Bad Asses

Stagger Lee

Little is known of the legendary bad ass Stagger Lee for sure.  During the Second Day of Darkness, he drove his '28 Ford along a cloud into Tir'na'nog and into the Pattern Chamber, hosing down Annadil and his servants with bullets from his .45, razor sharp playing cards, and the elder sign grill of his car.  He's also known to wear an ox-blood Stetson hat and to curse like an entire fleet of sailors.  Prince Makoto is said to have braved many challenges to free him from his eternal sleep on a mountain to bring him to Amber's aid.

It remains unknown whether Stagger now sleeps until Amber needs him again, or is out terrorizing shadow and defying the police to hang him.


Prince Hayao of Lipun

Prince Hayao looks like a sumo wrestler. He was last seen being deported back to Lipun, having claimed Jade Mask had brainwashed him into being her flunky.  Not a very bright man.  He is now a monk, if rumors are true.


His true identity is unknown, as are his allegiances.  Shizumaru has met him in both Amber and the Courts of Chaos, and knows someone tried to pay him to assassinate Shizumaru.  Kenji refused the job, however, and told Shizumaru about it.  A short, wiry, smiling young man with a sword, who appears to be Lipunese.  Prince Moriya encountered him at the Demogorgon Memorial Service.


A young child whose father abuses her mother.  She is a friend of Lord Totoro and brought Shizumaru to him.  Within Totoro's domain, she becomes a young princess.  Destiny unknown.

Lord Totoro

A powerful forest spirit who guards a very dim reflection of the Pattern in Lipun.  He lives near Shizumaru's home village there.


Captain Harlock

This scar-faced captain was once a Rebman naval officer, whose squadron was out on manuevers when Rebma vanished.  Now he has become a mercenary pirate, preying on Rebma's old enemies and hiring out his services to those in need of a small squadron of ships.

Dread Pirate Roberts

The leader of the Shalomar pirates, who sails in the ship Invincible.  Certain rumors claim he is the son of Dworkin the Pirate, and possesses the ability to command whales and other sea creatures.  Kozue has been trying to catch him for over a decade.  He is known to have sent Kozue a letter telling her she danced with him at Marching.  Whether this is true is unknown, since no one actually knows for sure what he looks like.


Ambassador Arimi

Princess Arimi of Rebma was ambassador to Amber when Rebma sank.  She is a lively, energetic woman who is often quite outspoken.  She still lives in Amber, trying to protect the interest of the Rebmans who live there.

Captain Esmereldas

Captain of the Arcadia, a Rebman ship which resembles a Giant Dolphin.  Believed lost with Rebma.

Captain Lori

Captain of the Stingray, a Rebman naval vessel, assigned by Moire to assist Mikage in his Icon Quest.  Lost in Rebma.

Duke Miwa, uncrowned King of Rebma

Miwa was the Ambassador to Atlantis when Rebma sank. He now leads a community of exiled Rebmans in Atlantis.  He's very charming and charismatic; he's married an Atlantean, Lady Meiko, and seems happy to stay in Atlantis.  He is the heir to the Rebman throne as the oldest of Moire's surviving children.  He is believed to be allied to Prince Lucien now.

Duchess Yurika, Pearl Admiral of Rebma, Commander of the Nadesco Mercenary Company

Duchess Yurika was leading the Pearl fleet against the Manta-Men when Rebma sank.  She has since turned her fleet into a good-hearted mercenary company, selling its services to states with weak navies.  She's flighty and seems an airhead, yet her record as a commander is almost perfect, and many regretfully admit she may well be the best naval officer in the universe, at least on the Amber side of things. (How she and Tylor stack up relative to each other is unknown).  She is believed to be allied with Prince Lucien.



Al-Ghazali, the Grand Vizier of the City of Brass

Al-Ghazali inherited his title from his father, also named Al-Ghazali.  But where his father was a somewhat middling good mage, Al-Ghazali is able to wield obscene amounts of magic.  His mother was one of the legendary Maidens of Ore, whose lineage harkens back to the  primeval days of the City.  How the former Al-Ghazali was even able to court her for breeding is a closely followed mystery.

Al-Ghazali grew up quickly in magic, training first at the Maiden House, then later heading off onto the Fire Highway to seek other instructors.  A century later, he returned, his already formidable fire powers verging on godlike and bearing powerful ice magics that make even the Caliph tremble.  Still, he doesn't seek to overthrow the Caliph like other Grand Viziers of the City's history have sought to do.  He seems content to keep the peace between the guilds, lead the occassional army and tend his palace on the northern border.  He has two sons and five daughters by his current wife, Yuki.

Derith of Embra

After successfully obtaining Kozue's mind-affecting spikard and nearly killing many Amberites at the Kozue/Madoka duel, he then tried to take over Rebma, only to be defeated by Drake's expedition to Embra.  He is known to possess the Embran DemiJewel of Water and to have lost his right arm to a blow from Werewindle.  He is sealed away behind a barrier Derith made.  Or possibly dead.

Grand Caliph Fahram ibn-Alshuana

Ibn-Alshuana is the longest living king of the City of Brass, of the House of Malablin.  The Malablins have been in power since approximately 880 AY, with Ibn-Alshuana coming to power in 962 AY.

In one of his many trips into Shadow before the Theran Wars, Gendou found the City of Brass.  Ibn-Alshuana was just beginning his reign and welcomed Gendou with hospitality and suspicion.  He was right to do so, for Gendou trapped Ibn-Alshuana in a bottle and escaped along the Fire Highway back to Amber.  Ibn-Alshuana remained Gendou's prisoner for many years until he escaped by setting Gendou's chambers on fire. When he returned to the City of Brass, he set forth a decree:  all Amberites are to be killed on sight.

After healing from his wounds, he embarked on an ambitious quest: to storm the castle of Amber and drag Gendou back to the City of Brass to be ritually disemboweled by fire-lizards and his entrails put to fire.  The largest army in the history of the City of Brass was gathered and they got as far as the Tree of Yig before being met by Drake and the Amber army.  The following battle lasted two months, in which casualties were suffered on each side, but as Drake was able to continually raise reinforcements from neighboring shadows, the efreet were eventually overcome and driven back.

Since then, Ibn-Alshuana has made it his life-long dream to eventually see the downfall of any of Gendou's progeny.  It is said that he lent aid to the Ulians in their wars,  but this is disputed by most modern Amber scholars.  There are also rumors that he is in league with the Courts of Chaos.

Jade Mask

Jade Mask is a sorceress involved in drug smuggling who bears a strong resemblance to Wakaba.  Her sorcery tends to be serpent themed.  She clashed with Shaft and Nagisa long ago, but escaped.  She has been shown to be the Embran shadow of Wakaba.  Shaft severed her right arm and took her spikard.  Either dead or sealed in Embra.

Lina Inversed

The white-haired, gun-toting court mage of Embra.  She filled Lina Inverse with cold iron buckshot at the battle of Sakhalin Island, but perished in the battle.

The Man with the Silver Arm

The Man with the Silver Arm appears to be a shadow of Drake, probably from Embra.  His left arm is silver, and he has demonstrated he can outfight Shizumaru, and that he wields a shadow of Werewindle.  His horse seems to be intelligent and doesn't take him as seriously as he takes himself.  He has attacked Ramon, who he maimed, and Shizumaru, who lost an ear to him.  Believed sealed away in Embra.

Naga the White Serpent

Naga is an over-endowed sorceress who wears not much more than a leather bikini and has the #1 rank in 'Annoying Laughter'.  She is, despite being basically a nutcase, a skillful sorceress and mercenary, if you don't mind collateral damage.

Venir 2.0 and SKYNET

A white-haired man, who wears sunglasses and a trenchcoat.  He has a jewel in place of his left eye, and his left arm is made of silver.  He carries a shape-changing weapon known as 'The Ends of the World', and seems to report to something called 'SKYNET'.  Whatever his true nature or identity, he talks like a cyborg and seems to be after the Demi-Jewel of Wood for reasons unknown.  He possesses some degree of sorcerous ability.

Events of the Annadil Crisis showed him to serve a trio of Goddesses.  He has not been seen since the Annadil Crisis.



House ????? (probably Erle):

   |      |- "One to Destroy"
   |      |
   +------|- Fuyutsuki + Grey / Crystal Knight / Unicorn
   |      |                  |
????????  |- "One to Keep    |--- Gendo (d)
              The Balance"/  |
              The Hanged Man |--- Moire (d?)
                             |--- Shayla (d)

House Gainax:

   +-------- Anno + ??????
   |                   |
????????               |--- Akio/"Annadil"
                       |--- Anthy + ?????(Akio/"Annadil")
                       |                |
                       |                |--- Mamiya
                       |--- Setsuna

(Possible that Fuyutsuki and Anno are -brothers-, given Fuyutsuki's
recent 'nephew' comment in reference to Annadil)

House Aesir

Think Norse Gods.  With the Logrus.  Some houses like to make fun of them by saying they're descended from a cow.  Odin leads this house.

House Alars

House Alars is a house in decline; its feud with Princesses Jacqueline, Hiko, and Morgan is known to have resulted in the death of much of its membership.  The regent, Kodachi, struggles to restrain it from a suicidal war on Amber, since the death of its head, the old Lord Alars.  Rumor has it that Hiko and Morgan have been forced to swear fealty to House Alars.

Notable Members:

Anno, Keeper of the Logrus

A depressed old man who watches over the Logrus and grumbles about the good old days.  He is known to possess a copy of Peterson's Guide to Pattern Blades in Sidar.  Possibly Fuyutuski's brother.

Bebop Bounty Hunters

This crew of bounty hunters was good enough to actually capture Prince Shaft once.  Little is known of them but names: Spike Spiegel, Jet Black, Faye Valentine, and Radical Edward (although Edward is known to be some sort of Logrus Hacker).  They recently clashed with Motoko and Moriya, and now seem to be working for Nanami.

House Danaani

This is an artistically inclined house of chaos, noted for producing beautiful works of art.  Some of its members craft entire shadows as works of art, and they're a good house to go to if you need a custom shadow.  They have a feud with House Formorian.  Lugh the Mighty leads them.

House Darios

House Darios are noted sailors.  Jesby, Darios, and Venir tend to argue a lot about which one of them invented sailing, boats, fish, etc.  Darios and Jesby feud quite a bit.  Ahab the Obsessed leads House Darios.  House Darios is the only house to have totally refused any contact with Prince Miki's diplomatic mission.

Davros the Stylite

An amiable sort, he can found meditating on a pillar in a desert just past the Amber/Chaos border (on the Chaos side), trying to be worthy of being tempted by the Unicorn, who seems to have not noticed him.  He greatly assisted Shizumaru's quest to recover his stolen Icon, in return for the promise they'd try to convince the Unicorn to send him temptations to resist.

Davros now accompanies Princess Motoko and Prince Moriya; rumor has it that they're either Chaosian religious figures, a menage-a-trois, or possibly both.  He's almost certainly Princess Motoko's lover.

Davros is known to bear a spikard, and to have been kidnapped by the Serpent's Horn as a result of this, but he is now free.

House Dormammu (minor)

House Dormammu is a minor house, home to flame headed people who live in a strange multi-colored psychedelic shadow full of floating rocks connected by great silvery ribbons.  Lord Dormammu leads them.

Lord Falme

A son of Lord Dormammu of Chaos, he is the faithful retainer of Prince Mikage, and usually accompanies him on his trips to court, where he has made himself beloved of all the children of the court by giving them Ice Cream.  He seems to be rather quirky, but that's Chaosians for you.

Mataka Fillmore

Daughter of Millard Fillmore, she is a notable warrior and Idol Singer, forming one half of M^2, a very successful Chaosian Pop band.  She also claims to be Hoji of Helgram's Fiancee.

Millard Fillmore

Millard Fillmore is a crazy old man who lives in a house with 41 cats and claims to be the Emperor of Chaos.  Millard Fillmore is a very ancient Trump Master and explorer of Shadow.  Millard Fillmore is the head of M. F. Productions, which plays an important role in the Chaosian Music Industry.  It remains unclear which of these identities is more important...

House Fomorian

Twisted, warped, and ugly.  Fond of Zeppelins.   They have a feud with House Danaani.  They are led by Balor, a one-eyed freak said to have a death gaze with that one eye.

House Gainax (minor)

Technically a 'minor' house, though they possess geat influence.  Keepers of the Logrus and Keepers of Lost Items.  Ever wonder what happens when the dryer eats a sock?  They know.

House Helgram

Serpent-worshipping Super Freaks.  They are led by Lord Loewen, a bandaged up Chaos Lord, who has put a 100 ton tre-stone bounty on Shaft's head, claiming Shaft threw him into the Sacred Eternal Flame of the Serpent, then poured gasoline on him and left him to die.  Loewen somehow survived being left in the Chamber of Revolution to die.  He seems to have foresworn his war on Amber to the point of leading the rescue mission into the Serpent's Horn's fortress.  It remains unclear how Princess Motoko convinced him to change his notoriously stubborn mind.

House Hendrake

Noted warriors of Chaos.  They are also the Royal House of Chaos.  King Ishmael leads them, and General Gilva commands their armies under him.  They are known to feud with Helgram.

King Ishmael

The gladhandling King of Chaos.  A noted warrior, but more noted for his clever plans and his ability to make his enemies destroy each other. He is known to greatly desire a spikard.

House Jesby

Noted sailors of Chaos, who claim to have invented sailing.  They are led by Perry the Swift.

House Nurgal

House Nurgal are noted sorcerors and experimenters with power word forms.  You can't go ten feet in Nurgalways without setting off a rune, it's said.  They also work with glass to create marvels.  Lord Nurgal VII leads this house when not recovering from one of her experiments.

House Olympus

Think Greek gods.  With the Logrus.  Horny old bastards, but powerful.  Zeus the Horny rules House Olympus.

The Serpent's Horn

The Serpent's Horn is an underground group of fanatical Chaosian terrorists who rabidly hate Amberites; their stated goal is to
cut off the horn of the Unicorn and present it to the Serpent.

During the hunt for Demogorgon, they ambushed Moriya, Motoko and Davros with a trapped no-magic Shadow full of albino
alligators and demon warriors. However, their collective team of Logrus "masters" were unable to stop Motoko from faking
them out and turning the magic back on to allow an escape by teleport, while Moriya and Davros held off the alligators and

Later, Serpent's Horn apparently allied themselves with Lord Alars in the concerted effort to kill Morgan that resulted in the
death of Lord Alars, and the loss of the Air Patternblade to House Alars.

After Morgan made off with Merhallow from one of the Serpent's children, Daffyl, Daffyl began knitting together the many splinter factions of the Horn into a unified organization.  They successfully stole Merehallow from House Alars, kidnapped Saionji and Michelle and Lady Atsuko, and captured Davros during a failed assault on House Tremere.  However, a joint Amberite/Chaosian task force recently successfully crushed their forces, and Daffyl was healed of his madness by having his lost Eye returned to him.  With this united force shattered, the Horn will likely once more dwindle into a state of being pathetic.

Former Leaders:

House Suroth

House Suroth are the best shapechangers of Chaos, their bodies fluid as clay in a potter's hands.  Suroth the Eternal leads House Suroth, and has since its start.

House Tremere

Noted artificers of Chaos, a very tightly controlled clan who do magick for hire for the other Houses.  Few trust them, but they do seem to keep to their contracts reliably.  House Tremere is led by a council of seven, whose chairman holds the rank of 'Lord Tremere', although there's rumors they answer to some sleeping entity of power.

House Vanir

Noted sailors of chaos.  They are close allies of House Aesir, expert sea-raiders and traders.  They are led by Eric the Red.


A noted Chaosian mental case.  Yog seems to show up whenever Chaosians get too serious and tries to throw a note of total anarchy into the proceedings, such as having the sacrificial victims get up and begin breakdancing or replacing Constructs with giant disco balls.  He is rumored to be the result of crossbreeding between a Chaos Lord and some shadow being that believed itself a god.

Visitors from Other Universes

(d) is deceased
(d?) is unknown if deceased or not
(m) is missing
(?) is unsure parent
?????? is unknown parent


[[Only 'relevant' portions listed here...]]

White Rose Avalon:

GEN 0       GEN 1                   GEN 2

Dworkin              ...
   |                  |
   +------- Oberon(d) + Faiella (d)
   |                  |        |
The Unicorn           |        |--- Eric (d)
                      |        |
                      |        |--- Dierdre
                      |        |
                      |        |--- Corwin
                     ...         ...
Corwin Pattern ......

GEN 1(or 2)       GEN 2(or 3)       GEN 3(or 4)           GEN 4(or 5)

King With No Name
    + Morgan (d)
    |        |
    |        |--- Tess + Bleys of Avalon-Amber
    |        |                 |
    |        |                 |--- Horatio + ????/Juri/Etc
    |        |                                       |
    |        |                                       |--- Julian
    |        |
    |        |--- Angus + Ryoko (d)
    |                          |
    |                          |--- Juri + Roderick --
    |                                                |
    |                                                |--- [Horatia]
    + Ryoko (d)
    |        |
    |        |--- Darako (d)
    |        |
    |        |--- Trucido
    + Cait (d)
    |        |--- Venir (d)
    |        |
    |        |--- Dante
   ...       |
             |--- Gideon + Kim -
                         |     |
                         |     |--- Dara
                         + Wasyuu
                               |--- [Lian]


Dworkin              ...
   |                  |
   +------- Oberon(d) + Clarissa (d)
   |                  |        |
The Unicorn           |        |--- Bleys + Tess of Shadow Avalon
                      |        |                    |
                      |        |                    |--- Roderick
                      |        |
                      |        |--- Fiona + Mandor --
                      |        |                    |
                      |        |                    |--- Rhianna
                     ...       |
                               |--- Brand (D) + Jasra (d)
                                                    |--- Rinaldo (d)

Corrine's Harem (Aka, the Spoon Gumi)

This trio claimed to be from another universe, but most people believe they are simply part of Corrine's Harem she keeps in Ember.  They haven't been seen in forty years.

Prince Gideon of Avalon

Prince Gideon looks like Vash, but thankfully doesn't act like him.  He and Princess Juri are siblings from yet another shadow with delusions of grandeur.  Or possibly, we're the shadow with delusions of grandeur...naaah. He is notable for his vast collection of toys and his broad range of powers.  And a really spiffy red coat.  He is currently building some sort of giant machine which he assures everyone won't explode or try to eat the Pattern.

Princess Juri of Avalon

It's not too hard to guess who Princess Juri of Avalon resembles.  Wielder of a Patternblade, she's shown she knows how to use it very well.  Most often seen in the company of Princess Corrine, Princess Hiko, and Prince Roderick, no one knows why she is here, although the rumors range from her being Corrine's lover to her being the last survivor of a destroyed alternate universe to her springing out of Tylor's head during one of his migraines.  None of this explains why she carries a wooden spoon everywhere, though.

Prince Roderick of  [Squid Gumi] Amber

This muscular redhead has attracted quite a lot of attention, both from his broad range of magical skills and his tendency to follow Princess Juri around like a puppy.  He seems an amiable sort, and a bit of a ladies' man, although the word 'train' makes him twitch.  His origins are also unknown, although it's generally assumed Corrine picked him up in shadow somewhere along with Gideon and Juri of Avalon.

"Handsome with a thin red moustache and twinkling grey eyes, a smile upon his lips, he could be the son of no one else but Bleys, though his nose was a touch larger, and his face a little more round.  He wore stylish clothing in red and purple, a ring upon each hand, a rapier at his hip.  He was tall and well muscled, ready to pose as a Greek god if necessary.  Yet, I could read just a touch of frustration in him; likely he had spent his life trying to measure up to his father and failing.  He had not yet learned like his father to simply act as if he was the best at all things, whether he was or not; indeed, I'm not sure if Bleys even realizes he is not number one anymore."

--Corwin's first impression of Roderick

Other Beings from Beyond Space and Time


Rhianna assisted Moriya and Motoko and Davros in the Demogorgon hunt after being summoned forth by the Gloom Device.  Believed to have returned to her own universe.

The Three Goddesses

Beings from another universe beyond the cave of worlds, they resemble the Norse Goddess of Fate...well, sort of.  One of them, Urd, declared herself married to Shizumaru; she then vanished during the last days of the Annadil Crisis and hasn't been seen since.   VENIR 2.0 seems to serve them.

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