Alternate Amber History Page


The Early Years (0-420 AY)

0 AY:  Fuyutsuki draws the Pattern.  He begins to explore the infinite shadow which results.

100 AY:  Fuyutsuki returns from his journeys with his young son, Gendo, who becomes the first to walk the Pattern.  Gendo vanishes into Shadow.  Fuyutsuki begins to build Amber.  Who helped him build it is unknown.

200 AY:  Gendo returns from Shadow, leading an army of followers.  They settle in the Vale of Garnath, amazed by the wonderful city waiting for them.  Fuyutsuki proclaims Gendo King of Amber, hops onto the Unicorn's back, and rides off into shadow.  The Chapel of the Unicorn stands at this spot.

200-300 AY:  Amber thrives and its sailors begin to explore up and down the coast.  It is at this time that Rebma is discovered.  The plains and hills of Sethfore are covered with city states at this time, while Harad is divided into dozens of petty kingdoms and city states.  In the plains of future Talma/Uila/Singh, various cities arise along the rivers and begin to expand and make war on each other.

300-450 AY:  Trade contact with Amber enables the coastal state of Catala to begin to expand, conquering its neighbors  and pushing inland.  Amber draws the city states of Sethfore into a league, dominated by herself, which becomes a great sea-going commercial empire.  The city of Korch unites many others to form the Kingdom of Korch in the Talma/Uila/Singh region.

350 AY:  Amberite traders found Milesia on the Isle of Emeralds.

390 AY:  The Monde invade Korch and conquer it, founding the Kingdom of Monde.

Gendo and Sakura(420-455 AY)

420 AY:  Gendo marries Sakura of Catala, daughter to Taiki, King of Catala.

430 AY:  After several stillbirths, Sakura gives birth to Tylor.

432 AY:  King Clovis II of Monde forms trade ties with Amber and begins trying to civilize his kingdom.

435 AY:  Touga is born.

440 AY:  Drake is born.

445 AY:  Shinji, Gendo's first bastard son, is born to Catherine of Florence.

450 AY:  Taiki dies and is succeeded by his son Ura, who crushes the Wanecki kingdom in what is now Begma in only three years.

453 AY:  King Ura of Catala overruns Shalomar.

454 AY:  A league of Haradian states is crushed by King Ura at Norost.

455 AY:  Gendo has King Ura assassinated.  His kingdom dissolves in civil war as his brothers fight over the regency, then kill his heir and fight for the throne.  Sakura curses Gendo and leaves the court, apparently forever.  Gendo responds by marrying his mistress, Yvette of Monde.

Yvette to the Cimbri Wars (456 AY-605 AY)

456 AY:  Van is born.

459 AY:  Yvette of Monde dies in childbirth, but Saionji survives.  Content with four sons, Gendo does not marry again for quite a while, taking mistresses instead.

460 AY:  Tylor walks the Pattern and vanishes into Shadow for a time.

465 AY:  Touga walks the Pattern and vanishes into Shadow for a time.

466 AY:  Shinji trips during his Pattern walk and dies.

468 AY:  The peace of Alsace divides Catala among three kings:  Kashfa, Eregna, and Begma, under the nominal leadership of Eregna.  However, his kingdom soon finds itself squeezed between the others.

471 AY:  The Pecheneg tear through Eregnor, then push on into the Plains of Harad, which they begin to conquer.

472 AY:  The various Harad states call on Amber for help.  Gendo appoints Drake commander of the relief force sent to help them.

472-82 AY:  The war against the Pecheneg drags on and on; most of Harad north of the River Harad is lost to them.  The remaining Haradian states unite and choose a High King, Taruka, to lead them.

482-90 AY:  The Pecheneg are pushed into western Harad, then turn and invade Begma, conquering it.  Harad emerges as a powerful state with a traditional feud with Begma's new rulers.

491 AY:  Drake walks the Pattern and vanishes into Shadow for a time.  Van does likewise.  Gendo forbids Saionji to do this, which angers him.

492 AY:  The City of Therin successfully revolts against the Etrusca, far south of Amber.  It forms the League of Thera with nearby cities, and casts out its king, becoming a democracy.

500 AY:  Fuyutsuki returns from Shadow and settles down at the castle.

510 AY:  Decline of Monde begins, as repeated assaults from Begma devastate it.

515 AY:  Touga returns from Shadow.

543 AY:  Van returns from Shadow, then rides forth to battle a dragon threatening the Golden Circle.  He never returns.

560s-610s:  The Therins crush the Mystarans and come into contact with Amber.  The Mystara river becomes the border.

573 AY:  The Linkha invade and conquer much of the Kingdom of Monde.

583 AY:  Saionji finally sneaks off and walks the Pattern in defiance of Gendo, vanishing into Shadow.  The same day, Tylor sails out of Shadow with a fleet into the Gulf of Amber, right in time to intercept an invasion fleet from Euboea which hoped to conquer Amber and its trade by a surprise attack.  He defeats the invasion and is named Admiral of the Fleet of Amber by Gendo. The Euboean War begins.

583-593 AY:  The First Euboean War.  This is largely a naval war.  Amber successfully forces the Euboeans to abandon their colonies in the Shalomar Islands.

588 AY:  Haruka of Harad is born.

598-604 AY:  Cimbri attacks destroy Kashfa and overrun Eregnor.

605 AY:  Darien of Harad dies, willing his kingdom to Amber in the hopes they can save it from the Cimbri.  Gendo marries the heiress, Haruka.  The Cimbri pour across the border and the Cimbri Wars begin.  Tylor commands the Fleets of the League of Amber, while Touga takes command of the Amberite forces fighting in Harad.  General Marduk commands Harad's armies.

605-631 AY:  First Cimbri War

605-624 AY:  The war consists of repeated Cimbri raids along the coast and into the interior.  The navy holds off the coastal raids, but Harad and Amber's forces are unable to prevent the Cimbri devastating much of the area north of the Harad River, although the Cimbri are unable to hold any ground.

606 AY:  Eowyn is born
608 AY:  Juri is born
612 AY: Catherine is born.
616 AY:  Corinne is born
617 AY: Haruka minor is born.
623 AY:  After a stillbirth, Haruka never becomes pregnant again.

624 AY: Eowyn dies during a battle on Lake Harad, which has frozen over.  General Marduk is slain and the armies of Harad collapse in the west.  Cimbri swarm south and begin to occupy Harad west of Salisbury.
625 AY:  Drake returns from Shadow and assumes command of the war against the Cimbri.
627 AY:  Catherine tires of being held safe behind the lines in Amber, slips out of the city, gathers a war party, and tries to raid the Cimbri to avenge Eowyn's death.  She is defeated, captured, raped, and killed by Arovisticus, one of the major Cimbri war leaders.  After this incident, Haruka steps up the combat training of her children,but also keeps pretty strict reins on them, wanting to avoid a repeat disaster.
630 AY:  Cimbri attempt to bring a major fleet down the coast against Amber, but Tylor defeats them.

631-639 AY:  First major truce period in the war; both sides are exhausted. Gendo sends Juri to walk the Pattern and go into shadow on a mission during this time. The Cimbri build their empire in other directions during this time.  Tylor sails off into Shadow to buy Queen Haruka a birthday present and does not return for many years.

639 AY:  A Cimbri warchief tries to challenge Gendo to a duel.  Gendo refuses, so the man kidnaps Haruka, forces her to 'marry' him, then tries to claim the throne of Amber.  (In Cimbri culture, women rule over land, men rule over the people who live on it. Thus, to become king, you have to either convince or force the heiress to marry you, and build up a body of followers for yourself)  Gendo says he'll admit the man's claim if the man walks the Pattern.  Foolishly, the man tries to do so and is consumed by it.  The chief (Garicus) has many relatives, however, who declare a blood feud, and the war repopens.

640-660:  Second Cimbri War.
The Cimbri put forth a great effort to destroy Amber, sending forth multiple fleets and trying to overrun and settle the conquered areas.

650 AY: The Dorian federation overthrows the kingdom of Linkha, and begins to overrun modern Uila and Singh.

651 AY:  Haruka Minor is murdered during a truce negotiation, along with most of the officer corps of her army.  It is crushed and central Harad is overrun.
656 AY:  By this point, the Cimbri control most of the plains, except for isolated strong holds, and they make their first failed attempt to break through the Kolvir pass into Amber proper.

657 AY:  Touga appears to betray the garrison of the pass, letting the Cimbri into it. They flood through the pass towards Castle Amber itself, putting it under seige and bringing up every single Cimbri warrior they can.  However, they are unable to force their way past the Castle into Amber itself.

It is then revealed that Touga 'betrayed' Amber at Gendo's command, when Juri rides into the far end of the pass with a vast army of mercenaries from Shadow, making her triumphant reappearance.  Trapped in the pass, the Cimbri are slaughtered to the last man at Gendo's command, and their heads are sent back to the Cimbri who remain in Harad.

660 AY:  Battle of the Plains of Harad.  The last major field force of the Cimbri does battle for four days with the armies of Amber and are crushed. Gendo forces the remaining Cimbri to submit and sells every Cimbri he can get his hands on into slavery.  However, Amber lacks the resources to conquer the Cimbri in the areas north and west of Harad. Their confederation breaks up and splits into a dozen or so petty kingdoms in what is now Begma, Eregnor, and Kashfa.

664-682 AY:  The Social War

664 AY:  Amber's league of allies, exhausted after years of war they see as largely intended to benefit Amber, attempt to greatly reduce Amber's power in the league and to force Gendo to seperate the crowns of Harad and Amber, so that different children will inherit them, instead of Harad becoming permanently part of Amber, for they know this will lead to Amber gaining an unshakable ascendency over them.  Saionji urges Gendo to refuse, hoping to eventually hold both crowns, until Gendo points out that Saionji has no rightful claim on Harad, as the claim descends through Haruka.  Saionji then irritates Gendo greatly by throwing his support to the rebellious members of the league's proposals.  Gendo responds by having the High Priest of the Unicorn declare his marriage to Yvette annuled due to him having had sex with her while married to someone else.  (Yvette having been his mistress while he was still married to Sakura).  Saionji tries to kill the high priest in a rage, fails, and is forced to flee into Shadow.

War then breaks out. Portions of Harad revolt, supposedly in favor of Haradian independence, but mostly as a result of the desire of various Harad nobles to gain independence for themselves.  Haruka, who in some unknown fashion seems to have gained the longevity of Amberites proper, puts on her armor and leads the army against them herself, while Drake and Juri move south against the league.  It is at this time that Corinne is sent to secure control of Arden, which eventually leads to her serving as its warden.  Touga suffers repeated defeats at sea, for the league provided Amber with most of its naval strength before this, while Drake and Juri methodically conquer the hinterlands.  They are unable to conquer the cities proper, however, which are reinforced by sea.

674 AY:  The Euboeans become involved, dispatching their navies to aid the cities of the league.  The Dorian federation begains to attack Arden from the west.  However,  Haruka suppresses the last of the rebels in Harad in this year and begins building a fleet in the Harad ports.

676 AY:  The league crushes the fleet from Harad and raids Amber Port.
678 AY:  Corrinne is defeated by the Dorians west of Arden and forced to fall back into the forest.

679-684:  The Last Cimbri war.
A charismatic chieftan, Vercintegorix arises and reunites the Cimbri for one last throw of the dice. The Cimbri are succesful at first because Amber is preoccupied by the Social War.  Juri eventually crushes the Cimbri and drives thembefore her, then forces them all into a tributary position to Amber.  The Cimbri  henceforth fade as a power, assimilate into the populations they conquered,and eventually are overrun by the next major wave of barbarians, the Alans, many years later

680 AY:  The Day of Darkness. Dorian forces break through Arden and march against Amber City. Drake attempts to march his forces north from the southern front, but can't arrive in time.  The League's fleet, strengthened by the Euboeans, crushes Touga's fleet in the Gulf of Amber, captures Touga, and moves in to seize Amberport.  The city of Amber goes under siege.  Attacked by the Cimbri, Juri and Haruka are unable to bring help from the North.  But Tylor finally reappears, sailing out of shadow with a fleet of ships who, as he put it 'keep following me around through Shadow because they keep getting to fight things and get rich'.  The invading fleet is crushed, Amber is resupplied, and Drake arrives with the main army to drive off and crush the Dorians.

681-82 AY:  With the help of Tylor's fleet, the league's forces are crushed.  Gendo offers them a deal, letting the cities govern themselves in return for an annual tribute payment, while their nobles titles will be recognized and they all will become Amber citizens, with the full trading privleges in Amber itself of such citizens.  The cities accept, and the war ends.

Peace under Gendo and Haruka (684-914 AY)

684 AY:  Corrine walks the Pattern for the first time and vanishes into Shadow for a time.

688-701 AY:  Third Euboean War.  Euboea is defeated and forced to cede some of its colonies.

692 AY:  Bargle the Infamous of Darinstar tries to conquer the City of Brass with the Heart of Flame, but is defeated and turned into a coatrack.

754 AY:  Corrine returns from Shadow.

758-771 AY:  Civil war in Euboea permanently cripples its ability to threaten Amber.  There is reason to believe Touga was involved in this.

880 AY:  The House of Malablin takes control of the City of Brass.

884 AY: Gendo appoints Juri regent and vanishes into Shadow.

889 AY: Gendo returns from Shadow with a band of Elves who he allows to settle in Arden. He appoints Corinne Warden of Arden formally and has the elves swear fealty to her.  One of them, however, a woman named Findulias, has clearly become Gendo's lover and is set up at court, causing some scandal.

890 AY:  Gil-Galad is born to Findulias.

897 AY:  Around this time, there is a minor crisis, as the new High Priest of the Unicorn becomes suspicious as to why Haruka hasn't had any children in over 270 years, and why all of them were girls.  He also tries to argue the heir to the throne of Amber must be male, and therefore Gendo should set aside Haruka and marry Findulias and proclaim Gil-Galad his heir.

This provokes a several month crisis, which Gendo resolves much to everyone's surprise (they all assumed he was using the High Priest as a lever to enable himself to get rid of Haruka in favor of Findulias) by bringing up the previous annulment of his marriage to Yvette and showing how that would forbid his marriage to Findulias.  High Priest Talio then tries to argue that he, as the Unicorn's sacred representative, has the authority to release Gendo from that law.  Gendo browbeats him into attempting to walk the Pattern to prove it.  He is consumed by fire.

Gendo then declares the Temple of the Unicorn was defiled by its former high priest, plunders it, burns it to the ground, and builds a new, larger and more elaborate one on the ruins.  He appoints Lady Michiru of Kaioh (rumored to be Haruka's lesbian lover), as High Priestess of the Unicorn. He also attempts to change the laws of succession and inheritance in Amber to explicitly include female succession. He breaks off his affair with Findulias at this time.

901 AY:  Lady Daria of Amber is born.

912 AY:  Gil-Galad walks the Pattern and Vanishes into shadow.  He never returns.

913 AY:  Findulias dies in a hunting accident that many suspect is no accident. Three more of Gendo's former lovers die in the same year.

914 AY:  While attending the meeting of the Parliament of Harad in Harad City, Haruka is murdered one night by a band of young Cimbri, who years later, are found to have been put up to it by Sakura, who soon after returns in the identity of 'Charlotte of Belgalad'.

Gendo and "Charlotte" the Traitor Queen (915 AY-954 AY)

915-919 AY:  Gendo personally leads the armies of Amber against the Cimbri, ignoring their protests that they had nothing to do with the murder.  He sells every noble in the Cimbri lands into slavery, leaving them defenseless and disorganized.  It is at this time that he meets 'Charlotte', who leads one of the major mercenary bands in his service, and falls for her, beginning the romance that leads to their marriage and eventually her betrayal of Amber.  Corrine mostly vanishes from sight during this period; rumor has it she had some sort of nervous breakdown after her mother's death.

920 AY:  Gendo marries Charlotte.

921 AY:  Makoto is born.  Charlotte somehow convinces Gendo that Juri and Corinne are plotting against her and her baby boy, aided by the grumblings of some among the populace who want a male heir to the throne and by the efforts of the Haradian nobility to ensure that Juri will inherit both Amber and Harad.  Gendo begins watching them carefully.

924-934 AY:  The devastation of the Cimbri opens the way for the Alans to overrun the Cimbri lands.  They then turn their eyes on Amber.

926 AY:  Gendo's bastard son Corey is born.  He is raised at court by his mother, Lady Daria.

935-957 AY:  The first Alan war.
935 AY:  Juri is caught by surprise while inspecting one of the border fortresses by the Alans and captured.  The Alans proclaim her the rightful Queen of Harad and claim to be fighting to enforce her claim.  Some Haradian patriots hear this and rally to the Alans, causing Harad to be torn by Civil War.

'Charlotte' now takes this chance to convince Gendo that Juri planned this and really is a traitor.  Gendo declares Juri a traitor.  He and Corrinne have a bitter argument over this during a full court session, so he exiles Corrine, declares Makoto his heir and appoints Drake to lead the war against the Alans.  To everyone's surprise, Touga resigns his offices in protest of the exiling of Corrine and departs into Shadow.

935-954 AY: The war goes against Amber, as the Alans seem to always know what Amber is planning.  They conquer most of Harad.  Juri is forced to marry the Alan war chief, Ludovicus, and gets pregnant six times, but all six are still-births.  All attempts by Juri to escape fail as Ludovicus seems to be able to somehow predict them.

953 AY:  Towards the end of the year, Nanami is born.  Touga returns from Shadow.

954 AY:  After the celebration of Ludovicus' birthday with much drunken revelry, he passes out after raping Juri again, and she drives a tent peg through his head and escapes to the army of Amber.  Drake, at her advice, launches an attack during the bitter winter and crushes the main Alan field army.  The news arrives in Amber, shortly after which 'Charlotte' makes her attempt to destroy the Pattern using Nanami and is killed by Touga and Gendo.  Gendo refuses to apologize to Juri, although he does drop the charges of treason and restores her titles.  He also has his marriage to 'Charlotte' annuled, making Makoto and Nanami bastards.

This left Juri and Corrinne once more as the only two legitimate children of Gendo, but neither of them really wanting the job.  To make matters worse, Juri soon left to go into Shadow to blow off steam, and Corrine had yet to be notified that her exile had been revoked; efforts to contact her failed.

Gendo invoked various arcane laws to undo his annulment of his marriage to Yvette, relegitimated Saionji, designated him heir, and soon after further clouded matters by marrying Rei of Rebma and engaging in more legitimacy games.

Gendo Between Wives (955 AY-993 AY)

955 AY:  Gendo legitimizes Corey, but does not marry Lady Daria, who had married shortly before.

962 AY:  Grand Caliph Fahram ibn-Alshuana comes to power in the City of Brass.

968 AY:  Gendo visits the city of Brass and traps Grand Caliph Fahram ibn-Alshuana in a bottle and carries him back to Amber.

974 AY:  Corey insults the Theran ambassador and is cut in half in a duel.  Gendo demands Therin hand him over for punishment after he flees to Therin. The Therans, pointing out it was a legitimate duel, refuse.  Gendo declares war on Therin.

974-985 AY:  First Theran War
Drake leads Amber's armies south, and repeatedly crushes Theran field forces.  Gendo returns the conquered lands to Therin, in return for Therin ceding independence to several of its outlying provinces which had been recently rebellious.

977-992:  Second Alan War
The Alans try to invade Harad again while Amber is busy fighting the Therans.  Gendo appoints Saionji commander of the northern armies with Makoto as second in command.  The army mutinies, forcing Makoto to go home.  Saionji goes on to crush the Alans repeatedly, then invades their home territories and pounds them into rubble.  They are scattered forever.

978 AY:  Makoto walks the Pattern and vanishes into shadow for a time.  So does Nanami.

979 AY:  Grand Caliph Fahram ibn-Alshuana escapes by setting Gendo's quarters on fire. He returns to the City of Brass.

983 AY:  Siam demands cession of the cities controlled in Siam by Amberite trading companies.  Gendo abandons them to their fate.

990 AY:  Corrine returns from exile.  She is given command of some of the forces fighting the Alans in support of Saionji, and performs her duties with an unusual amount of relish.  She then begins studying Trump Artistry with Fuyutsuki

Gendo and Rei of Rebma (993-998 AY)

993 AY:  Gendo marries Rei of Rebma to strengthen relations with Rebma.  He soon finds her not to his taste.
994 AY:  Rei gives birth to twins:  Miki and Kozue.
995 AY:  Rei gives brith to Derith.
998 AY:  After protests from Rei and Queen Moire, Gendo creates the official office of 'King's Mistress'  This leads to more protests, so he divorces Rei and sends her back to Rebma, creating a breach that leads to decades of bad relations.  He also finds an excuse to fire, then later execute the Lord High Chamberlain, Thomas Cromwell, who talked him into the marriage in the first place.  He appoints Drake as the new Lord High Chamberlain.

Squabbles with Rebma (998-1063 AY)

998-1063 AY:  This whole period is marked by a series of disputes between Rebma and Amber which nearly lead to war several times.  During this time, Derith, Miki, and Kozue all walk the Pattern and vanish into shadow.  Miki returns in 1063 and succeeds in defusing the last crisis.  Gendo names him Ambassador to Rebma, and better relations resume.

This period also saw the rise of modern Begma and Kashfa, and the resumption of struggles over Eregnor.

1000 AY:  Grand Caliph Fahram ibn-Alshuana leads the forces of the City of Brass against Amber, but is defeated at Yig.

Gendo and Lorelei (1064 AY-1111 AY)

1065-1075 AY:  Second Theran War
In 1060-3, King Louis XII had exploited Rebman/Amber disputes to quietly overrun and reannex the provinces his ancestor had been forced by Gendo to grant independence to.  Gendo now ordered him to release them, and he refused.  The result was the Second Theran war.  Juri, having returned from Shadow, resumed the office of Marshal of Amber and marched south, crushing the Therans repeatedly.  She forced the conquered lands to be released and carried back the King of Therin to Amber herself.  The Therin Estates General tried to declare her Queen, but she refused the offer, convincing them to elevate the House of Valois to the throne instead.  Therin became a Golden Circle Shadow.

1076 AY:  Gendo marries Lorelei, sister of King Francis I of Therin.

1080 AY:  Princess Mara is born.

1092 AY:  Lorelei and Mara drown in a boating accident.  Gendo now relegitimizes all of Sakura and Rei's children, then appoints Makoto regent much to everyone's surprise and vanishes into shadow.

Gendo and Anthy(1112-1262 AY)

1112 AY:  Gendo returns from Shadow with Anthy and marries her.  There is much whispering and speculation as to where she came from.  Derith becomes Warden of Nedra for Rebma in this year.  Kozue becomes Ambassador to Rebma and Miki returns to Amber, becoming Master of the Revels.

1115 AY:  Utena is born.

1120 AY:  Wakaba is born.

1137 AY:  Tsuwabuki is born.

1145 AY:  Utena walks the Pattern and vanishes into Shadow.

1150 AY:  Wakaba walks the Pattern and vanishes into Shadow.

1150-1165 AY:  The Uilans conquer the various Dorian city states, integrating them into Uila, except for Singh, which Gendo takes under Amber's protection.

1165-1178 AY:  Begma and Kashfa fight a crippling war over Eregnor.  Amber remains neutral..

1166 AY:  Tylor wanders off into Shadow again.

1167-1180 AY:  The Uilan War
Uila attempts to conquer Singh; Marshal Juri leads Amber's armies against the Uila and repeatedly crushes them.  They are forced to acknowledge Singh's independence.  Misato gets her first military experience in this war.  Tsuwabuki gains his first military experience leading a brigade of the Trained Bands of the City of Amber.

1181 AY:  Misato joins the Castle Guard of Amber

1203 AY:  Utena returns from Shadow and becomes Royal Bodyguard.

1212 AY:  Beowulf is born.  Tsuwabuki becomes a division commander of the Amber Trained bands.

1220 AY:  Tylor returns from Shadow.

1225 AY:  Wakaba returns from Shadow.

1226-34 AY:  Gendo appoints Drake regent and vanishes into Shadow for a time.

1227 AY:  The new king of Uila manages to join the Golden Circle.

1240 AY:  Gendo exiles Touga for reasons which remain unclear.  Makoto appoints Misato as commander of the Castle Guards.

1241 AY:  Ruka is born.

1252 AY:  The Kashmir Trading Collective begins its conquest of Sind.  Tsuwabuki becomes commander of the Amber Trained Bands.

1257 AY:  Juri retires from being Marshal of Amber.  Drake is appointed in her place.  Ruka enters the Amberite Navy.

1262 AY:  Gendo dies of old age, setting off the Succession Crisis.  Forces from Chaos attempt to put a false Touga on the Throne of Amber, but the crisis ends with King Tylor's elevation to the throne in accordance with Gendo's will.  Derith becomes Admiral of Mystara, Kozue is Admiral of Shalomar.  Nanami becomes Steward of Amber City.

King Tylor I's Early Reign (1262-1292 AY)

1263 AY:  Tsuwabuki and Nanami begin seeing each other seriously, after coming to know each other better through work.

1264 AY:  Ramon is born.

1265-1273 AY:  The Sea Peoples attack Amber
Hordes of shadow-travelling sea nomads assault Amber repeatedly, managing to land forces in the south and seize several cities.  Tylor fires Drake as Marshal because he is off in his fortress shadow and was not successfully contacted in time to do his duties in the first days of crisis.  Saionji becomes Marshal and drives the Sea Peoples off the land, then Kozue and Derith crush them at sea.  Ruka serves on the Farwanderer.

1266 AY:  Michelle is born.

1267 AY:  Ota "Shaft" Tenjou is born.

1270 AY:  Tylor marries Yuriko of Rebma.  Shinobu Major is born.

1272-74 AY:  The Alexandrine War:  King Alexander II of Uila tries to conquer Singh while Amber is distracted.  Saionji crushes him and forces him to commit suicide for his breach of treaty violations.  Berenice, the Queen Mother, becomes regent for Demetrius IV, his two month old son.

1280 AY:  Ruka becomes Quartermaster at Shalomar Naval Base

1291 AY:  Ruka becomes second in command at Shalomar Naval Base

1292 AY:  The Annadil Crisis.  You can Jump to the TAMD Timeline Page for details.  Nausicaa is born.  Lian is born.

1293 AY:  Jacqueline Tenjou is born.  Sumire is born.  Wakaba gives birth to Kentaro.  Shinobu marries Inaba.  Kanna is born.  Morgan is born.  Thoric is born.  Pacification of Uila, Wroland, Kashfa, and Lipun.

1295 AY:  The Lighthouse of Cabra is finished and begins operation.

1296 AY:  Motoko is born.

1302 AY:  Moriya is born.  Lily is born. Jacqueline Tenjou vanishes into shadow for a time, triggering massive panic among her family.

1304-1312 AY:  War Against the Sea Peoples
The Sea Peoples came in force against the Lighthouse of Cabra and the Isle of Emeralds, but Utena and Kozue defeated them.

1305-1311 AY:  Kentaro, Lian, Thoric attend Ohtori Academy.

1312 AY: Keitaro is born.  Mutsumi is born.  Battle of Clontarf.  The Sea Peoples land a massive army on the Isle of Emeralds which is destroyed.  Motoko runs away to Lipun.

1313 AY:  Mitsune is born.

1314 AY:  Naru is born.

1314-1320 AY:  Countess Lily attends Ohtori

1317 AY: Keitaro is sent to Amber to be fostered.

1319 AY:  Shinobu Minor is born.

1321 AY:  Motoko returns to Amber and walks the Pattern.  She then enters the army of Amber, under Saionji.

1322 AY:  Jacqueline Tenjou is finally located, stuck in a slow-time shadow.  She's hardly aged at all, though she's been missing 20 years.

1322-26 AY:  The Melnibonean War
A huge army erupted out of shadow, landing in Harad and striking south.  It had a wing of dragons and vast legions of black armored infantry.  Four years of bloody war followed until the destruction of their fleet and Prince Kentaro leading a Kashfan army south to assault them from behind finally enabled Amber's forces to finish them off.

1325-1331 AY:  Mitsune attends Ohtori.

1326-1332 AY:  Naru attends Ohtori.  She and Mitsune become good friends.

1326 AY:  Battle of Dorcas.  Shinobu Major, Shaft, and Kentaro lead the attack which traps the Melnibonean army in the fork of the river after Nanami blew up all the bridges and Nagisa raised the river level to wash out the fords.  The last of the Melniboneans surrender after hours of slaughter.

1326 AY:  After the war is over, Motoko vanishes into shadow, founding Kenshi at this time.

1332 AY:  The present day, setting of Unicorn no Seishi.  The Events of this game are detailed on the time line page, which is not yet public access.  Jewel, Random, and Nanami Minor are born in this year.

Queens of Amber
Queen  Years  Duration  Children  Surviving  Deceased
Sakura 420-455 35 3 Tylor, Touga, Drake 0
Yvette  455-459 4 2 Saionji 1 (Van)
Haruka  605-914  309 Juri, Corrine  3 (Eowyn, Catherine, Haruka Minor)
(Sakura in Disguise)
920-954  34  Makoto, Nanami  0
Rei  993-998  Miki, Kozue, Derith  0
Lorelei  1076-1092  16  1 (Mara)
Anthy 1112-1262 150 2 Utena, Wakaba 0
Yuriko 1270-Present 22+ None Yet


Ages of Amberites

Thanks to Phil, we now have a nice chart of everyone's age that I'm too lazy to convert to html.

The Amberite Age Chart can be found here.


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