Unicorn no Seishi: An Amber DRPG Chronicle

For hundreds of years, a madman sought to destroy Amber, to destroy Chaos, to open the Gate of Revolution and let in the Outsiders to destroy everything that he might remake all of creation and finally surpass his father.  In the year 1292, Annadil's plans finally came to fruition, and for a moment, his goals seemed within his grasp.  But in the way of such fools, he sowed the seeds of his own destruction, and the Children of the Elements brought about his defeat forty years ago.  That storm has long passed, yet many mysteries of the universe remain for a new generation to explore.  The time has come for that generation to go forth and claim their place in creation as Heirs of the Unicorn...

Unicorn no Seishi (Heirs of the Unicorn) is an on-line Amber Diceless Role-Playing Game chronicle set in a somewhat alternate Amber.  The geography and cosmology is taken (or twisted)  from the Amber novels, but the royal family has been replaced entirely by new characters, mostly adapted from various fictional works, especially Neon Genesis Evangelion and Revolutionary Girl Utena and Love Hina.

It is a 125 point campaign (Plus Free Pattern) in which the players play the fourth generation (not counting Fuyutsuki himself, who predates Amber...) of Amberites descended from Fuyutsuki, who drew the Pattern with his own blood and the Jewel of Judgement, creating Amber the Eternal City and infinite Shadow.  King Gendo, his son, died before his father, finally perishing of old age seventy years ago, and now his son King Tylor I rules Amber, trying to follow in his father's hard to follow footsteps.  Tylor and his fellow Elders are the grandparents (or parents in a few cases) of the PCs and their NPC cousins.

It is a sequel to my previous chronicle, Through a Mirror Darkly.

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