Unicorn no Seishi: An Amber DRPG Chronicle

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Beowulf Kohl, D.PLH, Panopticon University
Son of Wakaba and ?
Player Character

Beowulf asks, "Lian, you said you had disguises for us? I'll be Ringo, Kanna can be John... would you rather be George or Paul?" --Dread Pirates and their Dread Disguises

"Beowulf is very sweet and gentle with good taste in clothing.  And he always gives people very nice presents.  And I love to hear him talk about all his adventures, even though you have to pry, because he doesn't like to brag."--Princess Mutsumi

"So, we're in Five Mirror City; Beowulf asked me to come along with him to help him pick out some nice Hang-Kung porcelain for his mother's birthday, and since I know the place better than he does...anyway, we're in the porcelain shop, when one of the tables starts making this weird whooshing noise.  I'm looking around, and I see a bunch of men in purple jump suits somehow step OUT of the table.  I point this out to Beowulf, who simply says, "Probably just someone from Panopticon wanting porcelain."  Doesn't even bother to look.  Given the men are brandishing laser pistols, me, I'm a little more worried.  Especially when this older guy, dark clothing, dark hair, dark moustache, radiating 'I AM EVIL' from fifty feet away, steps out.

So I pull out a trump card of Mom, preparing to get the hell out, and I tug Beowulf on the shoulder, "I don't think he wants porcelain, Beowulf."

Of course, Mr. Creepy then says, "Beowulf, where is the Porcelain Goddess?"

And I just lost it.  Who wouldn't?  I just start laughing at the guy.  Beowulf STILL doesn't turn around.  He picks up a porcelain plate set and checks the bottom of the plates one by one, and replies, "I think the idols are over by the east wall.  I'd suggest asking one of the clerks.

"Do not make fun of me, Beowulf," the man said.  "Where have you hidden the Porcelain Goddess?"

I couldn't help myself.  I should have just shut up, or just kept laughing, even though the man was glaring at me.  So I said, "Have you checked the bathroom?"

So he sends some of his men to the bathroom.  Well, I just lost it completely.  I'm rolling around on the floor, laughing my head off.  Which I guess annoyed him because he pointed a ray at me and turned me into a doll.  Well, that finally got Beowulf's attention.  He turns around and frowns at Mr. Creepy, and says, "That wasn't very nice."

Mr. Creepy says, "I tire of this game.  Tell me where you have hidden the Porcelain Goddess, or I will finish the job on your hyena-like friend."  That made me mad, but there wasn't much I could do as a doll.

"Hold on, it's in my bag," Beowulf said, taking off his backpack, and pulling his whip out of it.  Crack!  He grabbed the doll-ray device.  The man orders his minions to fire, but their weapons didn't work.  So he runs and somehow jumps into one of the tables, which then makes whooshing noises again and briefly blinks out of existence, then comes back, while Beowulf is beating down the goons.

Fortunately, the doll-ray thing had a setting to turn people back to normal, or I'd probably be in Mutsumi's collection.

I'm never going anywhere with Beowulf again."
--Prince Thoric

"Caught with his arm thrust into a bag nearly up to his shoulder, a tall, thin man gazed into space with that odd expression people get when they're digging around inside something.  Small round spectacles were sliding down his nose, revealing his cheerful hazel eyes.  He rather reminded me of a magician having trouble with a trick.  A stage magician, that is.  He wore a respectable tan suit in the style of twentieth century Shadow Earth; the jacket was casually folded over the top of a chair, and a fedora and a whip sat on a table nearby.  I wasn't sure if he was going to produce something really nifty or just finally extract his bagel."
--Beowulf's Trump


Height: 6 feet
Weight: 155 pounds
Eyes:   Hazel
Hair:   light brown
Skin:   Moderately Tanned (the power of FIELDWORK at work!)

A short biography of Beowulf Kohl

Ah, very well... if you wish, I'll tell you something about my childhood. Though I still don't see why it would be particularly interest-- Ow! Please, dear lady, I have already agreed; there is no need to resort to such measures.

<Ponders for a moment.> Mother... well, to understand about me, you have to understand Mother. She's always had romantic notions about masterful heroes and daring rescues -- so when she discovered herself with child, she decided to take me someplace where I could be raised right, to be a hero. I... well, I'm afraid I disappoint her somewhat.

So, to make a long story short, I was born and raised in Lucas. Now, Lucas is a wonderful place to grow up in; all the adventure and excitement a child could want, delivered right to your doorstep. Mother apparently hoped that this would rub off on me, and that I would choose to be a great warrior, or the leader of an elite squad of government agents.  At the end, she finally had to settle for encouraging me to become an archeologist, following (hopefully) in the footsteps of the great Dr. Jones. Alas, I'm afraid that none of this quite worked out; while I didn't end up assigned to alligator control, I'm really not much better than average.

Perhaps it was because Mother wasn't around a lot of the time. While she certainly cared, and my time with her was always wonderful when she was around, she spent a lot of time away from home. I don't *blame* her for it, I hasten to say -- either then or now -- but it did make things more lonely than they might have been. As she explained it when I was growing up, she worked at a rather sensitive government post, and had to go on a lot of trips for the government. And indeed, as I learned later, this was completely true -- it was simply the Amber government that she was working for. After I'd made it out into the wider world, she also explained that she kept me hidden from the court of Amber -- and did not expose me to it -- because she was disgusted by the behavior of some of the Amber nobles, and didn't want me to be corrupted by it. But I'm getting ahead of myself here...

In any event, she would visit me every few months as I was growing up, stay for a few weeks, then have to leave again. As I approached adulthood and was getting ready to graduate from high school, Mother started dropping hints about taking me on a very special trip to meet our relatives after I graduated, and not to make too many plans about college -- I would undoubtedly see a few things that might lead to adjusting those plans. So graduation rolled around. Mother had made elaborate plans, had said she'd be there a few days before so we could get ready... and never came.

After a month of waiting during the summer, and still no Mother, I had to assume that she was dead; she'd always warned me that she was in a somewhat risky line of work, and there might be a point when she might not come back. I cried for a few nights, then sighed and decided how to go on with my life. College was still what I wanted to do; although it was too late to get into any of the best schools, I was able to enter a rather nice state university. I went into archeology; while it wasn't my primary interest, it's what Mother would have wanted.

Several years passed. I went through college with a decent if not exactly spectacular career, graduated, got a graduate degree, and joined an expedition into the heart of Deepest Africa.

And then Mother returned...

I admit, it was rather surprising to be in our base camp -- hundreds of miles away from the nearest outpost of civilization, let alone the nearest city -- and see Mother walk into the clearing. A charitable description of my expression at this point would probably have to include words like 'fish,' 'gaping,' and 'goggle-eyed'. Honestly.

The first thing she did after spotting me was run over, nearly strangle me with a hug, cry into my shoulder and ask me how I was doing. The next thing she said was, "Bey -- I know I wanted you to go into archeology, but really... where's the evil temple? I don't see any mystic ruins anywhere near here, do you?"

"I... but Mother, I... we're going to be there in a couple of days, I'm sure --"

"I'm sure. Now pack up your things, son; we need to go."

"But, Mother! What about my companions here --"

"I've arranged for a replacement for you. Gourry? Could you come over here..."

And so she dragged me away from Deepest Africa, and brought me to Amber. I admit, at first I was not entirely sure whether this was any better; even considering the number of Children of Amber who come walking out of Shadow, the new kid on the block often comes in for a fair amount of sharp teasing. Fortunately, it did not take long for me to settle in and start making acquaintances, and I now count a number of people here as good friends. Mother brought me to Panopticon University for a look, and the rest -- as they say -- is history.

Um... could you put the feather duster down now?

Note:  A large proportion of the Shadows in the 'Beyond the Golden Circle' Page are from Beowulf's perspective, extracts from various of his scholastic writings, kindly donated to the Library of Castle Amber.

Relations with siblings:

Beowfulf, in general, is on pretty good terms with all of his relatives.  He spends a lot of time with his mother, Wakaba, and has been known to play cards with King Tylor regularly.  Beowulf and Kentaro are half-brothers, but aren't very close, though they seem to get along reasonably well.  He's been known to encourage Morgan in her desire to rescue her aunt, and seems to get along with Motoko about as well as any male ever does.  Beowulf is especially close to Mutsumi, and the two of them carry on as if they were full siblings most of the time.  He encourages Naru in her studies, and gets along quite well with Jacqueline and Shinobu, able to accept them as they are.  Thoric is currently hiding from him, after the Five Mirror City incident, though Thoric's hidden in the past and it still doesn't save him.  He's occassionally provided Keitarou with tutoring, and seems to enjoy Lady Sumire's parties, though he is no aristocrat.  He seems to spend a lot of time turning red and incoherent around Lily, while he and Kitsune take great pleasure in playing complicated pranks on one another with good cheer.

Beowulf is also known to be on fairly friendly terms with Lord Franich (the court historian), Lady Haruna, and Travis the Librarian.  He and Seta, the Royal Tutor, both went to Panopticon at the same time, and Beowulf recommended him for the job.

Beowulf seems to be on quite intimate terms with Lily of late, and has been seen with her and her sister Mitsune quite a bit.

The governments of Siam and Kashmir (effectively the KTC), have put bounties on the head of Beowulf, Kanna, and Lian to the tune of one Comet (equivalent to 5,000 Royals.  By way of comparison, one could support a family of five at a middle-class standard of living for 100 months on this bounty).  They claim Beowulf, Kanna, and Lian are guilty of piracy.

Beowulf is known to have helped to rescue Nanami and Drake from crazed cyborgs recently, and to have helped to rescue the Tenjous as well.  Rumor has it he's been running about after a spikard as well.  He attended Marching with Lily.

After Marching,  Beowulf and Prince Touga apparently discovered and plundered the Castle of the Night, a shadow stronghold of Annadil's.  They then led an expedition to Leng which recovered Daffyl's Eye from the Priest in the Yellow Mask.  He then  participated in the war against the Serpent's Horn, where he took down 'Eowyn', a Horn leader who may well have been the False Eowyn of the Annadil Crisis.

Beowulf currently is on an expedition into shadow with Countess Lily, Keitaro and Shinobu Minor.  He has now just returned from that trip, having apparently defeated the forces of Pharoah Mobius.

Beowulf was involved in the disastrous recovery of the Logrusfoil Trust, suffering grave injuries.  He helped to arrange everything for Moriya's funeral, and seems to blame himself for Moriya's death.

Princess Jacqueline Tenjou
Daughter of Prince Ota "Shaft" Tenjou and Lady Kasumi Tendo
Player Character
aka "Fleet-Crusher"

"aaah! er.... your room might not be suitable for all audiences! w-wait!"--Jacqueline

"Oh crap. I've got Destiny." -- Jacqueline Tenjou, informed that she's The Bride of the Jewel.

"Jacqueline is a fine young lady, with excellent manners, and unlike many of the blood, doesn't act as if everyone was born to serve her.  Though shy, she is friendly and kind to the low and high born alike.  She also has excellent taste in clothing.  She could use a litle loosening up, though."--Duchess Yumi, writing to Jacqui's parents at the end of her formal training under the Arbiter of Etiquette (Yumi)

"Ignorant.  Clumsy.  No control of her powers.  Acts as lowborn as her mother and as her father tried to be.  Oh, and ugly too.  If she comes near the fleet again, I'll hang her from the yardarm!!!  Worthless little... [censored] [censored] [censored]!!!!"--Princess Kozue of Amber.

"Dressed in a formal kimono, a young woman kneeled facing the viewer, performing a tea ceremony.  She looked nervous, though she was making no obvious errors.  Her short, light pink hair hung down freely, accenting her tanned skin and dark blue eyes.  Her complexion was perfect, her makeup without an error.  A broom leaned against a wall nearby, and steam rose from the tea.  The shadow of a man, her father from the shape of it, fell across her and the tea set."
--Jacqueline's Trump

Age:     39 Amber years, physically 19, unknown 'lived' years.
Height:  5 feet 5 inches
Eyes:    Dark Blue
Hair:    Light Pink
Skin:    Slight tan

The daughter of Ota Tenjou and Kasumi Tendo. Soft spoken, shy, and very uncomfortable in large social affairs, she is rather friendly and very gentle once you get to know her.  There does seem to be a sort of sadness to her, something hard to describe and harder to see unless you look carefully.  It often seems as if she's constantly afraid of messing something up or offending someone.

With her father often absent in the line of duty for Amber, she has been raised mostly by Kasumi and it shows in her demeanor -- adept at domestic skills, such as cooking, cleaning and serving a great cup of tea.  She has shown brief but with small flashes of an adventurous streak in venturing out of the castle on her own, just to see what's out there.  Despite her curiosity, she has done so very infrequently, and also seems as frightened by the world out there as she is curious.  Her father's influence manifests itself in her awkward attempts at learning the arts of the sword, often asking to wield her father's Pattern or Logrusblade.  Thus far, despite her father's, her grandmother's, and other various family members' attempts, she seems to have sword skills inferior to those of the standard castle guards.  Despite this, her father tries to encourage her to become a better swordswoman.  This makes her birth-mother fret slightly, as it seems to her a bit unladylike.  She also bemoans the nicknames her father has given her, "Jackie" and "Lady Jaq", believing they sound far too much like names for boys. Her other mother, the (in)famous Leather Knight, is greatly amused.

Living in the castle meant she interacted with many magic users, those of the family and the staff, and as a result she has picked up some skills.  However, after accidentally sinking a large portion of her Aunt Kozue's fleet, including the boat Kozue was in, the opinion of the family regarding any further magical education is mixed.  Her father generally facepalms and breaks out the painkillers whenever the topic of magic and Jacqueline come up.

In terms of real battle experience, nobody can recall her having any.  In practice sword matches, her valor varies, from putting on a brave face despite trembling arms to something just short of the astonishing cowardice of her cousin Thoric.  She is, in fact, the only person Thoric fared well against in a practice match.

The only turbulent period in her life when she was nine years old, when she disappeared from the castle for the first time. Her father and mother knight went in search for her, returning much, much later, but neither they nor Jacqueline will say what happened, and will dislike being questioned about it.  Despite the length of their absence, Jacqueline seemed to hardly have aged at all.  It was after that incident that Jacqueline's bravery intermittently dipped to Thoric-like levels.  She's recovered since, but still has bouts of severe anxiety.

Her relationship with her family is largely a good one, as she really does put effort into being nice to her aunts, uncles and cousins.  She is very good friends with her cousin Shinobu, who many say are almost like sisters in their behaviour.  She's also known to be on very good terms with Duchess Yumi, who is Jacqueline's godmother and instructor in all things magic.  Her father's construct, Morganstern (otherwise known as the Notorious Mo G, Snoop Mo, and Morgansteinz) is like a deranged, wacky uncle to her. She is generally fearful of her Aunt Kozue, who openly loathes Jacqueline and still hasn't forgiven her for the Fleet Sinking Incident, and will flee at the very sight of her.  Mother Kasumi coddles her, while Mother Leather Knight and father Ota are fiercely protective of her.

Jacqui has been popping in and out of Amber at a fairly high rate.  Rumor has it she's been imprisoned in shadow, possibly in Chaos, multiple times, and that she may be the one responsible for Morgenstern's recent bout of insanity, as various people have been heard shouting about Jacqui flinging people to Chaos.  She's definitely been imprisoned at least once, given that a very large rescue for her, Utena, and Wakaba was recently mounted.

She's been seen a lot with Shinobu Minor and her recently surfaced half-sister, Moonshade, of late.  Rumor has it that she is now on some personal mission assigned her by the Unicorn.  But then, rumor also has it that she was running around for a week or two with the Jewel of Judgement in her eyesocket.

Jacqueline seems to be darker and moodier of late, probably because of her father's death.

Jacqui is known to have recently completed an important mission in the Akashan League, and is generally feared to have been responsible for the nova in the Akashan home system.  Still, the Akashans haven't put a price on her head, so maybe she IS innocent this time.  House Tremere, on the other hand, has.

Jacqui is known to have been gravely injured in the battle against the Serpent's Horn, and is currently in Chaos, trying to recover.  Rumor has it that she and Thoric somehow took down one of the Horn's leaders, who had already beaten down Moriya and Moonshade.  She's been seen quite a bit with Prince Thoric and Princess Mutsumi of late.  Unfortunately, she seems to be rather on the outs with Princess Shinobu since the Akashan mission.  Many suspect she was after Keitaro and is not pleased he has hooked up with Shinobu instead of her.

For unknown reasons, Jacqui seems to be dressing up in suits and sunglasses and jumping at the word 'Juri' lately.

Jacqui is believed to be out in shadow with Thoric and Moonshade and Mutsumi, on some sort of mission.

Begma recently exploded.  No connection can be proven, but...

Jacqui has returned from shadow with a young child named Random, who seems to be hers by Thoric.  This has surprised a lot of people.

Jacqui is known to be very, very not happy about her mothers hooking up with Fuyutsuki.

Kanna, Princess of Ember
Daughter of the Red Knight and Queen Corrine I of Ember
Player Character

(aka, "Kanna Darako Kusanagi", "Kanna the Hammer",   "Officer Kusanagi", "Lt. Kusanagi of the Ember Floral Assault Group", "Hey You! The Bitch In Tights!",   "AAUUUGH, NOT THE FACE, *NOT THE FACE!!*")

"Somewhere, -somebody- is probably getting their jollies about seeing me butt-naked at the end of adventures. I need to hunt them down and slap them silly into the stratosphere."  -- Kanna gets rare insight into the nature of her universe.

 "Eeyyyah, two short swords stabbed through them by the same guy would count as a kidney 'failure', yah, mom."--Why Kanna needed a kidney transplant

"So then she vaulted off the roof into the back of the speeding truck.  One swipe of that staff of hers broke out the back windows, and the second blow knocked out both of the men in the cab.  Unfortunately, the truck was still moving and promptly smashed into a wall.  I thought she was gone for, but she just crawled out of the wreckage, wiped her brow, then started dragging the men out before it could blow up.  I'd have just shot out the tires myself."--Princess Utena of Amber

"Hi, big lady!"--Lady Suu of Alars (age 10)

"Like her mother after someone bleached out the redeeming qualities.  I have to wonder if the Red Knight of Ember was a gorilla instead of a human being.  Given the woman is known to keep a harem, I can't imagine why she didn't breed with something more handsome."--Marchioness Lucrezia of Florence

"The next trump portrayed a woman; but oh, what a woman!  She was a giant with deeply tanned skin, at least six and a half feet tall, with thick red hair chopped into a careless wolf cut.  A white headband held the hair away from her blue eyes, the ribbons trailing down her back.  The span of her wide shoulders were barely contained by the yellow gi and red low-cut spandex top she wore, tied at the waist with a wide black belt.   Her legs were long and well-defined, sheathed within black tights with red psuedo-cherryblossom starbursts on them.  Despite her powerful build, she wasn't unfeminine, nor did she look surly; instead, her face was graced with a proud, smug smile, her right hand curled and lifted in a thumbs-up gesture.  Her other hand rested on her hip.  She stood in the middle of the Royal Gymnasium, a large staff with a golden sphere on the end slung on her back.

Her pose expressed the sort of solid good cheer that one often found in particularly large, powerful people, the easiest alternative to such people during their formative years being a bullying surliness.  We had our differences, but we still got along most of the time.  She was Kanna, Princess of Ember... and she was my younger sister."
--from Gabrielle's Trump of Kanna:


Height: 6 feet 6 inches
Weight: 230 pounds
Eyes:   Sapphire Blue
Hair:   Firey Red
Skin:   Moderately Tanned

Kanna is the second daughter of Corrine I, Queen of Ember (or the first, if you don't count Gabrielle.  Few don't.), and the first child of Corrine's to be actually physically born.  She was conceived soon after the Annadil Crisis, as folks were recovering from the Golden Circle Revolts and the Lava Circle invasions.  Kanna was born into a relative time of peace, as Ember began to make its presence fully known in Shadow and Reality, assisting Amber in their reconstruction efforts.

Kanna was raised, for the most part, in Ember proper, but she came along with her mother whenever she visited her old stomping grounds in Amber.  This allowed her to develop some good connections with the rest of the family, to at least be familiar with them in an extended family way.   It soon became evident that Kanna was going to inherit her mother's strength; therefore she began training in the arts of combat (both armed and unarmed) from her mother, her cousin Shizumaru, her cousin Ramon, Bodyguard Misaki, and Aunt Utena, It didn't hurt that she -liked- the training, seeing it as a way to live up to her family members (especially the stories of her long-missing Aunt Juri and Other Aunt Juri).  Besides, it was fun, and gave her the opportunity to flit down to Amber more often.  When puberty hit, it also became obvious that Kanna was going to inherit her father's muscle mass, so she redoubled her training, honing her body and spirit into a lean, mean fighting machine.

By the time she turned twenty-one, Kanna was already well-known through the kingdom of Ember as a girl whom you didn't want to piss off.   This renown wasn't -as- known in Amber, but her frequent training around the castle helped make up for it.  Fortunately for many, Kanna turned out to have a pretty decent disposition, filled with good cheer and easily capable of making friends.  She parlayed her people skills and her combat training into an off-again/on-again Military/Police career, much in the same mold as Cousin Shaft, Amber P.I.; a semi- freelance investigator often sent on missions for the kingdoms, save without as much Macking around.  She's also done a turn of duty as an Arden Ranger, applying her mother's teachings to help her older Cousin Hiko (though she did need to be told that yes, the trees were NOT supposed to be on fire, and this was their natural state, so stop asking Gabrielle to try to make them otherwise).

Kanna's temper can, and does, flare up at times; this is a source of some concern for her mother, but at the same time Corrine doesn't censure it, since she easily sees those same threads in herself and her other daughter.  Most of the time, Kanna just vents it in extra-intense sparring sessions.  But woe be it to somebody who, during an investigation, manages to piss her off -- Kanna is -fiercely- protective of her friends and family members, and does not take abuse of them lightly.

Kanna is also somewhat self-concious about her size tending to intimidate most men, but she is rather flamingly -Straight-, and is capable of flirting with the best of them.  One day she may find a True Love like her mother did, but not today.  She has some skill at dancing, from long nights at various diplomatic receptions and the more modern steps from out in Shadow.  Her mother's diplomatic training has also rubbed off on her, though she shares Corrine I's similar distate for politics in general.

Kanna has received instruction in various of the Trump Tricks her mother has refined over the years; while she'll never be a Trump Artist, she's at least capable enough to use her own deck to determine who's calling her.  She's got some artistic talent, but not enough patience to pull off the several-day-long painting sessions beginning Trump Artists have to endure to make Trumps.  She also walked the Fire Pattern of Ember on her twenty-first birthday; in the decades since then, she has made
forays out into Shadow to see what's out there, becoming more experienced and more capable of kicking butt each time she returned home.

Kanna's everyday wear tends to be tights, with shorts over them on occasion, a tank top, and a karate gi.  During most formal affairs, she'll wear a red military jacket with white cravat and gold braid, and white pants with red shoes.  She rarely wears dresses (when she does, they're enginnered much like her mother's with the removeable skirts and pants underneath), but she looks absolutely stunning in a Kimono.  She oftentimes can be mistaken for a native Lipunese in such a costume -- that is, if the Lipunese grew to six-foot-six and could shot-put engine blocks.

The governments of Siam and Kashmir (effectively the KTC), have put bounties on the head of Beowulf, Kanna, and Lian to the tune of one Comet (equivalent to 5,000 Royals.  By way of comparison, one could support a family of five at a middle-class standard of living for 100 months on this bounty).  They claim Beowulf, Kanna, and Lian are guilty of piracy.

Shortly after that, she was seen heading into shadow with a handsome young man carrying a giant spatula.  Whatever the mission was, it didn't seem to improve her mood.  She then recently resurfaced in the company of Lian and Shinobu Minor and a woman named 'Moonshade'. Kanna participated in the rescue of the Tenjous, and is known to have gone on some sort of space raid with Drake, Lian, and Hiko.  Perhaps she's taken up Space Piracy.

Kanna attended Marching in the company of Captain Ruka, surprising many people.  Their degree of intimacy remains unknown.

Kanna now seems to be carrying a giant butter knife everywhere.  Some wonder if this is a sign of creeping insanity (Some point to the deranged behavior of one of her mother's Harem, Juri of Avalon, with regard to an oversized spoon...).  Others argue it may simply be a disguised form of the exceptionally powerful crossbow...or is it a sword...or a staff...or whatever exactly it is that she is rumored to have found in shadow somewhere.  Whatever the weapon is, it's known to be exceptionally deadly.  Rumors also claim she's formed an alliance with some ancient group of gods in shadow, who may well have given her her new weapon.

Kanna has been seen with Prince Lucien of late; it is unknown if she intends to join his harem.

Kanna joined the war on the Serpent's Horn, and is believed to have emerged largely unhurt.

Kanna has just returned from taking Merehallow to Juri in the legendary Cathuria, and now seems to be in shock over Lian's fate.  Indeed, rumor has it that she and Beowulf were attacked by some sort of undead Lian shortly before Moriya's funeral.

Prince Kentaro
Son of Wakaba and King Rinaldo of Kashfa

"He's so regal and gracious and handsome.  I wish he'd look at ME like that.  I hear he has a magical mansion where every day is a formal ball.  I'd love to go there."--A lady in waiting describes Kentaro

"Selfish, stuck-up, self-centered prick.  And he's the result of adultery.  So he's a Prince of Amber.  Big deal.  Do I care?  Okay, maybe I care a little, but..."--Lord Keitaro Orkuz describes Kentaro

"Tall and handsome with short cropped light brown hair, he struck a handsome figure in his crimson and blue formal court dress.  He held a fencing foil in his right hand with the stance of a professional, and a confident smile lit his face.  He had his mother's eyes and his father's confidence and poise.  Everything about him screamed 'I am a Prince of Amber, fall at my feet all ye lesser mortals and despair'."
--Kentaro's Trump


Height: 5'10 feet
Weight: 155 pounds
Eyes:   Hazel
Hair:   light brown
Skin:   Aristocratically pale

Kentaro is a bundle of contradictions.  To the ladies, he is gracious and generous.  To rival men, he is an obnoxious, stuck up punk with an inflated sense of self-worth.  He is perhaps the most eligible bastard in Amber, the result of an adulterous fling between Wakaba and King Rinaldo of Kashfa.  Certain rumors whisper Wakaba ensorceled Rinaldo, while others say he did something to her.  The exact chain of events remains a mystery, but it's clear he was concieved during the Annadil Crisis.  He dwells in Amber, tending to reject his Kashfan heritage, although his father wants him to come home soon to prepare for the day when he must take up his duties as King of Kashfa.  The fact that his step-mother, Queen Coral, hates him hasn't made him eager to go home.

Among the oldest of the current generation, he is quite skilled in the social graces, having attended Ohtori Academy.  He is more known for strength of mind than of body, though he is a notable fencer and adept at horseback riding.  He's known to have some skill at alchemy, having studied with his mother, and to throw very good parties, probably due to his training from King Tylor.

Kentaro is known to have a magical mansion which follows him around shadow.  There is always a formal ball about to start, and invitations to his parties there are much in demand.

Kentaro recently returned from a mission into shadow with Nausicaa, Keitaro, and Naru.  The mission seems to have been successful, but he now refuses to eat pie.  He seems to be acting more politely than usual; whether this will last remains to be seen.

Kentaro is known to be acting as Master of the Revels to organize the 40th anniversary celebration of the Second Day of Darkness while Lily is absent on other business.  The celebration having fallen rather flat in the face of tragedy, his current doings are unknown.

Prince Kuonji
Precise Heritage Remains Unclear (Could be descended of Van or maybe a child of Gil-Galad)

"It looks like the Outsiders will break through your spell in five minutes, more or less.... I think you might need a hand. Care for a  scone?" - Kuonji

"The Black Unicorn were getting ready to fry me when Kuonji swoops in out of nowhere, saves me from certain death, torpedoes their train, and then rides off into the sunset. He had no reason to help and has never asked me for anything in return, and I understand the same is true of Utena and Wakaba. He's always willing to give aid or advice to anyone who asks him nicely, and only Fuyutsuki knows more about the pre-Logrus civilization. In thanks, half of us treat him like a pariah and the other half just don't invite him to parties. If I were him I'd have  told the whole family to go to hell years ago." -- Kozue

"Oh, Kuonji can be helpful. I'm sure Faust thought Mephistopeles was helpful too. He's a backstabbing snake who doesn't give a damn about other people, and all that politeness is just a thin coat of slime over what he's really saying: cross me and I'll kill you without a thought. Eventually he'll try what his father did, and will suffer the same fate. Stay away from him unless you  enjoy being a disposable pawn." -- Keitaro

Kuonji remains the great mystery of the family.  Little is sure of him, except that he attended Panopticon at the same time as Beowulf and hates him.  He has claimed at various times to be the descendent of Prince Van or alternately, a child of Gil-Galad (aka, Annadil, the Lion of Chaos).

He is thought to have engaged in an elaborate scam on Princess Kanna to make off with some sort of key.  He is known to have saved Wakaba and Ukyou from the wreck of the Gaunt Man's shadow.  Keitaro and Shinobu Minor are known for some reason to hold a grudge against him.  Rumor connects him to the battle against the Black Unicorn Family at Mechanus as well.

Kuonji appeared at Moriya's funeral to show his respects.

Prince Lucien
Son of Derith and Crown Princess Moira of Rebma

Lucien says, "OK, so tell us how we get through the Maze"
790 looks at Lucien. "Why should I help you go loot Derith's stuff?"
Kanna says, "Because for one, he is Derith's -Son- and -Heir-, 790."
Kanna says, "If there is anyone in the entirety of Reality and Shadow who has -more- right to Prince Derith's Legacy, I cannot think of it."
Lucien says very slowly. "Derith is dead. He died because of his attempt to save Rebma. In fact, his actions let Annadil destroy Rebma and the Water Pattern"
790 says, "Just because Derith is dead doesn't mean I can just roll over and let you take his stuff. Anyone could CLAIM to be his son. Can you prove it?"
Lucien says, "I have his sword, Greyswandir. I am attuned to the Water Jewel. I have the book he left me of his writings (where he never mentioned YOU, you overrated sardine can). I am his blood."
790 says, "You don't look like blood."
He says, "And how do I know you didn't just mug him and take his stuff?"
Lucien grabs 790 and prepares to throw him to the bottom of the pit.
     -- Strife in the House of Rebma.

Height: 6'
Weight: 200 lbs.
Build: Burly, muscular, well-defined muscles. (Morrigan thinks he has a cute butt.)
Hair: Silver, clean-shaven, cut short to fit under helmet.
Eyes: Blue-green.
Identifying characteristics: He has a slightly crooked smile that makes him look quite boyish.
Colors: Favors Dark Blue, Light Blue and White when not in armor.
Personal Symbol: Argent Narwhale on field azure.

Little is known of Lucien, except that he has recently walked out of shadow in the company of Lady Arimi, met with his relatives, and then walked the Pattern, vanishing into Shadow again.  Still, he is a handsome fellow, and many folk seem quite impressed by his grace and manners.  He has the build of a man of war.

Lucien arrived at Marching with three women in tow, all quite dangerous looking, and a gem which may well be the missing Demi-Jewel of Water.  Unfortunately, he got into a fight with Prince Nagisa at the Marching dinner, and then left the next day.

Lucien has since resurfaced, bearing Greyswandir, and is now believed to be in Atlantis, working on raising an army to retake Rebma from the Bloc.  He's been seen with Kanna of late.  Rumor has it they recently went on some sort of mission, which seems to have been quite successful, given how much loot they brought back.  The destination of said mission remains unknown.

Lucien was seen recently in Chaos, apparently negotiating with King Ishmael.  He appears to be preparing for his final assault on the Bloc.

Princess Moonshade
Daughter of Prince Shaft and Nienna of the Valar

Moonshade tries to say something, cries more, then says, "The Elves are really good at that.  Mom always said she could find beauty even in sorrow."  She grabs another chug of wine.  "Bunch of damn drama queens!"--Moonshade on the Ballad of Turin Turambar

 "LIGHTING BOLT THIS, MONKEY BOY!!!"--Moonshade vs.a VR Star Wars Emperor

"I think her father would be proud of her if he was still alive.  Although, then she'd be trying to kill him."--Prince Ramon

"Makes me wonder if Shaft faked his own death so he could get a sex-change operation and come back pretending to be his own daughter."--Lady Lucrezia

"Hello, daughter. Have you met Ota's other daughter, the giant slut?" -- Keiko tells Motoko about Moonshade (not in Moonshade's presence, fortunately).

"She stood over a kicked in door, sword in hand, about to charge at some very, very unlucky man.  Solidly built, but not quite a moving mountain like Kanna, she was clearly not someone you wanted to mess with.  Long pink hair shone brightly in the light, and her silvery blade glistened as well.  Pointed ears peeked up out of her hair, showing off the non-Amberite side of her heritage.  You could see it as well in her angular features.  She wore hunting clothes in green and brown, and I hoped I would never be the target of one of her hunts."--Her trump

Daughter of the valar goddess Nienna and Ota Tenjou of Amber, she grew up hearing stories of her father the Mighty Warrior and decided to follow in his path.  Though growing up, it began to irk her more and more that Dad and Mom was a one night fling thing.  At word of the wedding of her father to a chambermaid, Moonshade decided enough was enough and that she was going to throttle the old man with her bare hands.  The news that the Blade of the Valar, a gift given to Ota by the Valar, was lost and is now in the hands of Chaosian bounty hunters irked her even more.

At first a kind soul like her mother, years of aggravation and training in the martial arts has somehow transformed her into a short-tempered, foul-mouthed, very violent demi-goddess.  She has the potential for magic, but as of yet hasn't formally trained beyond certain powers inherited from her mother (which unfortunately don't work outside her shadow of birth).  She seems to have a bit of a crush on Prince Ramon.

Moonshade was found in Beleriand by Kanna and Lian and company, who brought her to Amber, where she soon hooked up with her half-sister Jacqueline and has largely been playing sidekick ever since.  She recently acquired the Blade of the Valar, Sancasure, the Windsplitter, thanks to Prince Moriya and Princess Motoko recovering it from the Bebop crew.

Moonshade had her left arm hacked off by Kenshin, but it seems to have been healed, and she is now off in shadow with her sister.

Moonshade has now taken on the duty of being the Sword of the Bride of the Dragon.

Prince(ss) Morgan
Son/Daughter of the Green Knight and Hiko

Morgan sighs, happy.  "Got a Sword, and a sandwich, and now, to return  to Cathuria..."

"I once saw Morgan beat down five wyverns at once with that sword of hers.  His.  Whatever.  I can't imagine how anyone can be so fearless.  Where was I?  Behind a tree like a sensible person, of course."--Prince Thoric describes Morgan

"I try to avoid Morgan because I always feel like he's assessing all the ways he could kill me every time he looks at me.  Not because he hates me, but just because everyone's a potential opponent to him.  Her.  Whatever."--Lady Kasumi describes Morgan

"Clad in green armor, an androgynous young person with long black hair and angular features, clad in formidable green armor, stood amongst a great green forest, staring confidently at me.  Green eyes were obscured by long bangs of hair, and the young warrior's skin was smooth, either clean-shaven very closely or perhaps the skin of a woman.  I could not be sure.  But whatever the gender, he or she radiated power, and seemed to be sizing me up."
--Morgan's Trump

Morgan is not seen much around court, although she's known to admire Prince Ota's fighting skills greatly.  Those who visit Arden find him a gracious host, however, especially if they've come to spar.  Morgan is known to have inherited her/his father's sex-changing abilities, though she/he uses it much more freely than the Green Knight, who is nearly always male these days.

Morgan's personality is as fluid as his/her gender.  One moment, she can be as gracious as a well-born hostess, or as flighty as a teenage girl.  The next, he's a serious fighter, eyes blazing with hatred, or lips set in a determined grimace.  Morgan's serious, studious, giggly, shy...   There is one thing that is definite about Morgan: his curiousity about his grandmother, Princess Juri.  It is his fervent vow to find her, release her from her duties, and bring her back to Amber.  Only time will tell if she will succeed.

Morgan is rumored to have somehow contracted Princess Juri, and seems to be on a series of missions for her.  She's known to have recovered the Sword of Air from its hiding place in Shadow, and now he has headed off into shadow on some other mission for her.  Her current location is unknown; her mission apparently kept her from attending Marching.

Rumors have begun to drift in that Morgan has apparently sworn an oath of fealty to a House of Chaos along with her mother, for reasons unknown.  Rumors also claim she now has three silver limbs.

Princess Motoko
Daughter of Ramon and Keiko

"If you can find me a room that people aren't having sex in where I can lie down, I will gladly tell you the whole story."--Not one of Motoko's better days

"She sometimes seems more to me like my daughter than my daughter does.  Ramon should be proud of someone who combines such strength and grace.  She'll be almost as good as me one day."--Saionji describes Motoko

"My niece is a fine young woman, with an honorable soul. It was my privilege to help train her into becoming who she is today. It heartens me to see her take pride in the land of her ancestors, and I hope that she will show her mother the error of her ways in shunning those ties. I do worry slightly how she reacts to most men of her age, but it will have to be an issue that she works out herself."--Prince Shizumaru describes Motoko

"Where did I go WRONG???  I spent my whole life trying to get OUT of that hellhole she's been spending her whole life trying to GET INTO.  It makes a mother cry to see her daughter go astray."--Lady Keiko (Motoko's mother) describes Motoko

"The trump was all in shades of red, showing Motoko striding angrily towards the viewer, her wooden sword over one shoulder, one of the great forests of Lipun behind her.  She wore her usual white and red hakama, ready for a duel at any moment.  Her long hair flowed freely as usual behind her, straight and black as the night.  She was determined, an unstoppable force in whatever cause she was defending."
--Motoko's Trump

Motoko is the product of the somewhat unlikely match of Prince Ramon, son of Princess Nanami and noted human shield, with Keiko, head of Nanami's Sorcery Division, Princess of Ember by adoption, and protagonist of one of the most inspiring rags-to-riches stories in history.

The circumstances of her birth are considerably less cheerful.  Keiko was carrying twins, but went into premature labor seven and a half months into the pregnancy, brought on by the stress and shock of an attempt on her life.  The assassin got away after shooting her through the shoulder and hip with a magical crossbow before she got to safety.  Extensive investigation by Ramon and Nanami alike have never managed to uncover the reasons for the attack, although suspicion is heavy it either had something to do with Lipun or Ember or Embra or one of the numerous people Nanami's pissed off over the years.

The older one (by six minutes) was stillborn, and Motoko came out small, sickly, weak and closer to dead than alive.  She lived through the first few days only due to careful use of magic by Nanami, but then began to display a fierce tenacity and will to survive that has kept her going to this day.  As she grew up, it became clear that she had inherited little of the reknowned strength of her father, perhaps a product of her early ill-health.  Her mother and grandmother both began to tutor her in sorcery from an early age, and she took to it with great aptitude.

A summer spent training at the Keep of the Five Worlds under her Uncle Shizumaru was what changed things for her radically.  She began to display an interest in the sword, compensating for her lack of physical strength with her magic.  She is known to have been heavily influenced by the philosophy of the sword he teaches as well, and shortly thereafter took off to Lipun, apparently to seek training and her family.

What followed next remains unknown to those not intimate with her, although the general belief is that she emerged with mixed emotions about the land of her ancestors.  She also emerged having developed her own unique style of sword-sorcery, which is known to have impressed both her parents.  She reconciled with her mother, then spent the next few years, serving in the armies of Amber, working and training closely with Prince Saionji.  He is known to have great respect for her, but she doesn't seem to like him much, for reasons which remain unclear.

After finishing her service in the army, Motoko took off into Shadow, found (or created) Kenshi, and began shaping it into her
ideal civilization, a task that has had most of her involvement up to the present day.  She periodically visits Amber, mostly to join her family for holidays, it seems.

Motoko is polite and courteous under almost all circumstances, but tends to lose her temper rather easily where men of her age are involved. This has led some, who notice her kindness to females and the flocks of young girls who seem to follow her everywhere in Amber, to presume she must be a lesbian, although she's never taken a lover of any sex that anyone knows about.

She gets along well enough with most of the family, although she dislikes Saionji and Ota despite the fact that both of them usually seem impressed by her.  She has erratic relations with her parents, but this is fairly normal among young Amberites.  Nanami (who seems to have mellowed out even more since the near-destruction of the universe) would spoil Motoko rotten if she'd put up with it.  She seems closest to her Uncle Shizumaru, although their respective duties seem to preclude them spending much time together.  This of course, provokes the court vultures to naughty whispers, though such whispers tend to result in time spent as an actual vulture, thanks to Nanami. Or they're temporarily turned into ice sculptures, courtesy of Rimururu. And on one notable occasion, Shizumaru was standing right behind one such gossiper as he made a ribald joke of some sort. Shizumaru challenged the man to a Rose Duel; when he hesitated, the Prince plucked the paper umbrella from the man's fruity pink mixed drink and said he'd use only that. Shizumaru thrashed the gossiper anyway.

While fairly competent with a sword, she lacks the raw skill possessed by some members of her generation, such as her cousin Moriya... though her magical abilities, in her opinion, more than compensate.

Moriya and Motoko have been seen together quite a bit of late, and are rumored to have brought Bumpy the Pimp up to Castle Amber for no apparent reason.  They are believed to be currently investigating Ota's death out in Shadow (or possibly slipped off to a love shack shadow...)  The pair are known to have been involved in defeating the Black Unicorn attack on Kafuin, rescuing Ramon from captivity in shadow, and rescuing Prince Drake from captivity.

Motoko attended Marching with the Chaos Monk, Davros, who has been accompanying her and Prince Moriya lately.  They seem to be quite close.  Rumor has it that Motoko has married the Serpent of Chaos,  or some such thing, much to the surprise of everyone.  She also seems to be very intimate with Davros, and most assume they are lovers.

Motoko is known to be in Chaos, assisting Miki's diplomatic mission.  She's known to have helped repel a Serpent's Horn attack on House Alars and to have helped to rescue the Chaosian Idol, Mataka of M^2.  Apparently, the two of them are physical doubles of each other.  Rumor has it she's become a Chaosian Grand Duchess.

Having emerged largely uninjured from the War on the Serpent's Horn, Motoko is still in Chaos; she seems to have assisted Lucien in his diplomatic endeavours in Chaos.

Motoko is believed to have briefly possessed Hoard of the Dragon, which she then passed on to Lian.  She has come to regret this since learning the circumstances of Lian's death.

Motoko recently sheared off her long hair as a sign of mourning after the death of her Sword, Moriya.  She has taken Moonshade as her new Sword.

Princess Mutsumi
Daughter of Miki and Madoka

"Loewen is just a big huggable mummy like Seta gave Mitsune for Yule one year."--Mutsumi, on Lord Loewen of House Helgram.

"Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to Hate. Hate leads to premature wrinkles."  -- Mutsumi, Jedi Master

"She's sweet and innocent and wonderfully artistic like her parents.  She sings like an angel, plays the mandolin as well as her father plays the piano or her mother the saxaphone, and every Winter Festival, she always gives me a lovely painting as a gift.  And that flying turtle of hers is VERY cute."--Lady Kasumi describes Mutsumi

"What use is someone who faints at the first sign of danger and can't handle running down the stairs to get a snack from the kitchen without ending up in the infirmary?  Weak, weak, weak.  And she doesn't like hunting.  What use is someone who doesn't like hunting?"--Lord Percy describes Mutsumi

"I turned over the card, and a youngish girl stared back at me; deep, liquid brown eyes and hair the same shade, meticulously coiled into a long braid and draped over her shoulder. She wore a conservative full-length dress of beige and green, and stood on the seashore; a small turtle napped inside an open mandolin case at her feet. I beheld in her the very picture of innocence, openess, honesty, and purity.  I was fairly certain she'd drawn this trump herself."
--Mutsumi's Trump


Height: 5'10
Weight: 150 pounds
Eyes:   brown
Hair:   brown
Skin:   pale

Mutsumi is sweet and kind, but also responds poorly to stress.  Sickly since childhood, she is constantly fainting or tripping or otherwise incapacitating herself whenever the need arises for intense physical activity.  But her mind is keen, her eye farseeing, and her hands both gentle and nimble.  She's noted both as painter, singer, and musician, absorbing most of the talents of her two parents, though she plays the mandolin instead of piano or saxaphone.  She's also learned the arts of Trump from her father, and happily turns out trumps for anyone who asks.  She also paints pictures as gifts for people, always remembering birthdays and holidays.

Mutsumi has the odd quirk of being simultaneously brilliant and a flake.  She failed the entrance exam for Ohtori because she went to the wrong shadow and never showed up for it.  But at the same time, she can argue philosophy with Travis, Yumi, and Haruna with great facility and talk rings around Princess Nanami, who is known to avoid her after having been shown up during a formal court dinner by Mutsumi.

Mutsumi has a flying turtle for a pet, named Tama-chan.  Tama-chan likes to taunt Snickers, and their chases through the palace have led to much havoc in the past.

Mutsumi recently returned from a shopping trip to CAFAM.  She and her father assisted in the rescue of Prince Ramon.  She seems to have taken up scuba diving of late.  Mutsumi attended Marching with Naru.

Mutsumi is known to have assisted Jacqui in her mission to the Akashan League, and now seems to have joined her father in Chaos.  She doesn't seem as perky as usual.  Many suspect this is because of Keitaro and Shinobu Minor hooking up.

Mutsumi has been seen quite a bit with Prince Thoric and Princess Jacqui of late.  She seems to have emerged from the war on the Serpent's Horn with no significant injuries.  She now seems to have run off into shadow with Thoric and Jacqui.

Mutsumi appeared at Moriya's funeral, where she slapped Keiko, probably because of whatever exactly happened between Thoric and Motoko's parents.

Princess Naru
Daughter of Shinobu Major and Inaba

"She has a great future as a scholar. Highly intelligent, studies hard, very good at making deductions from even meagre evidence.  And she's quite kind and generous, too.  I'm sure she'll have no trouble getting passing Panopticon University's entrance exams.  If she doesn't give herself a heart attack from too much worrying about it, anyway."--Lord Franich describes Naru

"She punched me through a WALL!  She inherited her mother's foul temper, unfortunately.  See if I give her any suggestions about her non-existant love life again."--Kozue describes Naru

"I turned over the next card.  She sat at a table, her hair done up into some hideous parody of a hairstyle, though you could tell she was ash-blonde and could look much better if she felt like it.  Huge circular rimmed glasses hid her eyes, and she wore an orange 'Ohtori Academy' sweatshirt and running pants.  Books covered the table, along with a beaker, several runesticks, three carven rowan wands, and a small yellow, vaguely rabbity doll.  She gazed down at her book, instead of up at the viewer, frowning with concentration.  She was the brains of our generation."
--Naru's Trump


Height:  5' 4"
Weight: 160 pounds (muscle, not fat)
Eyes:   brown
Hair:   ash blond
Skin:   Moderately Tanned

A recent graduate of Ohtori Academy, Naru has now set her sights on Panopticon University.  She's spent the last year studying for the entrance exams and being rather resentful of anyone who interrupts said studies.  Thus, she is usually to be found in the library, getting Travis to help her study.  In what little spare time she has, she plays a lot of tennis and helps her mother train elite cavalry.  She's a notable swordswoman herself, trained in elite cavalry tactics by her mother, Shinobu, combining weapon use with Power Words to make her quite dangerous in battle.

Her relations with her parents tend to be rather variable, as both she and her mother are hot-tempered, and her mother wants her to go into the Amberite army, rather than running off to Panopticon University just because she was tutored by someone from there.  Her father quietly supports her when her mother isn't looking.

Naru is known to be on quite good terms with Travis, Haruna, and Yumi, all of whom she's roped into helping her study at some point in time.  She went to Ohtori with Kitsune, and they remain close friends.  She has been known to berate Lily about her dressing habits, but Lily just laughs and pats her head.

Naru recently returned from a trip into shadow with Nausicaa, Keitaro, and Kentaro.  She seems irritable of late, perhaps because of Keitaro going to Marching with Shinobu Minor instead of her...

Naru has gone off into shadow with Beowulf since Marching; she's known to have assisted in the plundering of the Castle of the Night, and to have joined the mission to Leng as well.

Naru performed ably in the war on the Serpent's Horn.  She is now resident in Cathuria with Juri.

Princess Nausicaa
Daughter of Mikage and ?
Player Character

The later volumes describe Taylor's plans to sow chaos.
These plans included -- Killing Shaft. Convincing House Tremere to stop having their heads up their asses. Getting a P-Blade and chopping down Yig. Getting Kozue to have sex with Miki so she would loosen up. Getting Utena laid.  Teaching Gabrielle to play the Bagpipes so he could have a duet with her.
Nausicaa says, "This ranges from the truly wicked to the merely insipid."
Nausicaa says, "And then there's this..."
Getting that annoying goody-goody Nausicaa to wander the Dead Unicorn naked and drunk.
Nausicaa's eyebrows shoot way up.
     -- Taylor's journal, and Nausicaa's reactions

"So, we went down to Arden to try to find these rare herbs I needed for this Talman dish I wanted to try.  I guess we could have just gone down to the market, but there isn't one at Poppa's Lighthouse, and...anyway.  So this bear comes roaring out of the woods at us, and I just ran and hid behind a tree.  But Nausicaa just walks up to it smiling and starts talking to it.  Pretty soon, it just calmed down and ambled off.  I just couldn't believe it."
--Princess Shinobu Minor

"Goody-Goody pacifistic moralizing pain in the ass.  I thought her father was annoying, but I'd rather just have him staring at me like I'm an idiot.  Sometimes I think he found her under a cabbage."
--Princess Shinobu Major

The day after the Second Day of Darkness, Mikage and Anthy were seen taking care of a red-haired baby in the Rose Gardens. People asking the two about the parentage got two disparate (though not conflicting) answers:

Anthy: She's Mikage's daughter.
Mikage: She's the child of a dream.

This immediately set off a string of rumors that only grew with Mikage's leaving the child in Anthy's care during his foreign service assignments as the newly-appointed Ambassador of Amber. Even more rumors abounded about the ring the child was wearing, or how the child sprang forth fully-formed in the span of a night.

Nausicaa grew up in this environment unscathed by all the strange tales of her origin. As soon as she was old enough she came along for nearly every single trip her father went on. She also showed her affinity for Wind Magic early on, and seemed fascinated with the idea of flight.

Her father sent her to Ohtori Academy to get 'a proper education as befits a Princess of Amber', but only months after the start of her education she sailed back into Amber (on a trade ship), walked the Pattern (proving that she was indeed, Mikage's child), and promptly disappeared.

She reappeared about a month later flying onto the deck of the Dreamchaser on a glider she called a 'mehve', with a fox-squirrel named 'Teto' on her shoulder. Much to her father's consternation, she refused to return to Ohtori, saying something about words being 'dead without experience to base them on'. Mikage reluctantly allowed her to become part of his diplomatic party to the Golden Circle, where she learned the finer points of diplomacy (as well as the best ways to put down an opposing
negotiator). Mikage and Nausicaa are now quite respected around the Golden Circle, due to numerous treaties they have brokered between these kingdoms and Amber.

Nowadays, she and her father return to Amber around once a month, and stay for a week before setting off again, which she usually spends with her 'Aunt Anthy', tending to the Rose Garden and listening intently to her stories about dreams and Tir-Na'nogth. She enjoys the company of her younger cousins, and tries to spend as much time as she can with them before leaving for another mission.

She has recently departed into shadow with Naru, Kentaro, and Keitaro.  Her return was followed by a long bout of research.  She is thought to have teamed up with Prince Lucien to assist him in recovering his father's sword.

Nausicaa has since headed off into shadow with her father.

Princess Shinobu Minor (aka 'Gabrielle the Blue'
Daughter of Nagisa and Gabrielle

"I cuooldn't beleeefe-a my iyes! Sheenuboo's reelly groon up fest. Um de hur de hur de hur. Und yuoo vuooldn't beleeefe-a hoo fest she-a cun chup un ooneeun noo.  [I couldn't believe my eyes!  Shinobu's really grown up fast. And you wouldn't believe how fast she can chop an onion now.  ]"--Chef Bork describes Shinobu

"You... you've turned into some kind of WARRIOR HUSSY!"
--Motoko's initial reaction
"I am not a Hussite, I am a Valkyrie."
--Gabrielle the Blue (Shinobu Minor)'s response



Height: 6'0"
Weight: 170 pounds
Eyes:   green
Hair:   blue-black
Skin:   tanned

Shinobu is a very recent addition to the court of Amber, raised in Ambre by Nagisa.  For a long time, her mother's identity was unknown, but she has since been revealed to be Gabrielle's daughter.  She's only thirteen years old, at least physically.  Shinobu is friendly and willing to help, loving to cook and clean and do many other things not normally done by Princesses of Amber, spending more time with the chambermaids and the cooks than with the ladies in waiting and other nobility.

But she is at the same time, a skillful sorceress, even if she's more likely to rack a spell for mending seams than a lightning bolt.  She's known to speak Chef Bork's native tongue, and spends a lot of time helping him in the kitchens; he's thought to have taught her a few secrets no one else knows.  And who knows what they're REALLY saying in his strange language.

Shinobu has greatly, greatly, GREATLY changed in the last few days, having apparently grown up and turned into a very muscular warrior princess, prone to wander about with a two-handed sword and a chainmail bikini...The exact cause of this remains unknown.  She's adopted the travelling name of 'Gabrielle the Blue' and answers better to that than to her own name these days.

Shinobu Minor has been seen running around with Jacqui a lot lately, and went to Marching with Keitaro, who she seems to now be quite aggressively pursuing.  In fact, she seems to have succeeded in that pursuit, from what people can tell.   Her love affair with Keitaro seems to have, unfortunately, led to a breach between her and Jacqui.

Shinobu Minor joined Jacqui on her mission to Akasha and has since returned to Amber, and seems to have gone to Begma with Keitaro.  After a vacation there, she has gone off with Prince Beowulf into shadow.  Having returned, she then was gravely injured while on the mission to recover Trust.  She seems to have since recovered.

Prince Thoric
Son of Michelle and ?

"It's probably from the Nile Empire, this shadow full of crazed Egyptian world conquerors.  Think Nazis in skirts.  With ugly hats."--Thoric on the Nile Empire

"So, I was stuck in Mingjing, bored out of my mind, while Father was trying to help negotiate a trade treaty.  Thoric offered to show me around the city .  So he took me to this obscure little theatre where we watched a really delightful play, and went to a restaurant where the owner knew him personally, and then off to this quaint little shop full of really cute origami, which the shop owner gave to us cheap because Thoric had done him some favors a few years back.  It would have surprised me if he hadn't done the same thing for me in Milesia, Five Mirror City, and Theropolis.  Sometimes I wonder if he knows everyone in the Golden Circle personally.  I know his mother dragged him all over creation when he was little, but still...I wish I had that many friends."--Princess Mutsumi describes Thoric

"The only time I've ever seen Saionji cry was the time I watched him watching Thoric during a Rose Duel.  After running away for five minutes, he just tore his rose off and handed it to Morgan to get it over with.  At least we know what all the cowards of shadow are a reflection of.  I guess he bought that big sword of his at CAFAM, probably a blue light special."--Guard Commander Misato describes Thoric

"I turned over the next card. A handsome young man with wavy blue-green hair and dark green eyes, he stood clad in expensive Talman clothing in shades of silver and gold.  A conical cap of green felt sat on his head with the unicorn embossed on it in gold.  He stood in a busy city street somewhere in the City of Amber, and everyone was smiling at him and waving.  He looked nervous himself, holding his huge two-handed sword with a blade made of white crystal out in front of him, as if to ward off some approaching menace.  He didn't have the look of a warrior about him, though his stance was good."
--Thoric's Trump


Height:  5' 11"
Weight: 175 pounds (muscle)
Eyes:   dark green
Hair:   wavy blue-green
Skin:   Tanned

Thoric's father is unknown; Michelle isn't telling.  Thoric spent his youth being dragged all over creation by his mother on diplomatic missions, and has thus acquired an extensive circle of friends all over the Golden Circle.  He's a generous man, but a notorious coward, the man who would give you the red shirt off his back, but then run for his life leaving you behind as your putting it on attracted an angry bull.  He's actually a rather good fighter on those rare occassions he stands and fights, but most of the time, he either runs for his life, or takes cover and starts slinging spells.  He possesses a magical two-handed sword, Frostrazor, of great power, though it is rarely used.

When not hiding or running for his life, Thoric plays the violin with grace and style and spends a lot of time wandering around shadow, hanging out with his friends.  He can always be talked into helping out on an adventure; just remember to not give him time to think about any danger that might be involved.

Thoric's bedroom recently burned; a pie-throwing serpent is said to have been somehow responsible.

Thoric assisted Morgan in recovering the Sword of Air, and seems determined not to let anyone forget he actually went and did something heroic for once.

Thoric is known to have escaped alone from the destruction of Michelle's estates by the Serpent's Horn.  Fleeing into Shadow, he was rescued by Beowulf, and assisted in the mission to Leng.  He then joined Beowulf on the trip down to Chaos, where, to the surprise of those who know his reputation, he is said to have helped in the war on the Serpent's Horn, sustaining a nasty Patternblade slash across the chest, and allegedly breaking the back of one of the leaders of the Serpent's Horn in conjunction with Jacqueline.  Most assume this is probably an exaggeration, especially since this was someone who took down Prince Moriya and Princess Moonshade.

He has been seen quite a bit with Princess Mutsumi and Princess Jacqueline, probably trying to help distract them from being rejected by Keitaro.  He is now off in Shadow with them.

Having returned from Thoric, it has been revealed he has fathered a child, Random, by Jacqui, resulting in Ramon and Keiko dragging him off, probably for a beating, at Moriya's funeral.

Ambassadors, Fosterlings and Children of the Court

Lord Keitaro Orkuz
Son of Nadia Orkuz (Prime Minister of Begma) and Lord Jean of Loire

"He'll be a good ruler for Begma one day.  He's loyal, brave, honest, and trustworthy.  And he draws well.  And anyone trained since childhood by me just can't go wrong."--King Tylor describes Keitaro

"Delusions of grandeur, as if his petty little Golden Circle Kingdom couldn't be evaporated in two seconds by the Jewel of Judgement or a true Amberite.  Sure, he'll rule it one day, but that's like declaring yourself king of a back alley in the Ward of the Dead Unicorn.  And he's lazy, lacks social graces, and obsesses over those stupid photo stickers.  I can't see what Mutsumi sees in him."--Prince Kentaro describes Keitaro

"I turned over the next card. It was amazingly photo-realistic.  A young man with short cut black hair and glasses stood turned off to one side, camera in hand, snapping a shot of a raging sea-shore with a look of excitement on his face.  He wore expensive Begman silks and velvets in blue and gold, along with sensible black hiking boots.  Full of youth and enthusiasm, he didn't seem to notice the large wave about to crash onto the shore, right over him."
--Keitaro's Trump


Height:  5' 6"
Weight: 125 pounds (a little thin)
Eyes:   Hazel
Hair:   light brown
Skin:   Moderately Tanned (the power of FIELDWORK at work!)

Keitaro is an amiable young man, the heir to the Prime Ministership of Begma, a title which is a king in all but name.  He is, unfortunately, far better at being an artist than in the skills of kingship, as he's rather shy and retiring, rather than strong leadership material, though he does have a knack for making people like him once they get to know him.  He's studied with King Tylor since he was little, but seems to have gotten a lot more from his training with Prince Miki and his friendship with Princess Mutsumi, as he's a skillful Trump Artist.

Keitaro is most noted for being a bit of a photography maniac, having made a trump camera which works everywhere, or so it seems.  He loves photostickers and has huge folders full of them.  He also practices trump sorcery and experiments with interesting Trump Artifacts, often in conjunction with Mutsumi.  They're known to be close friends.

He has an endless feud with Kentaro; they hate each other.  He is close to Mutsumi and is known to get along well with Prince Thoric and Prince Makoto.  He and Naru are both trying to get into Panopticon University, and alternately study together and bicker.  Countess Lily has been known to flirt with him; he's been known to faint in response.

Keitaro recently departed into Shadow with Nausicaa, Kentaro and Naru.  On his return, he joined Naru and Nausicaa in a massive bout of research, which was followed by an expedition to Mystara.  However, on his return, he seemed a lot more dismal and depressed than usual.  Shortly afterwards, he left with Jacqui for a mission to the Akashan League.  Since his return, he and Shinobu Minor seem to have become an item.  They've gone off to Begma.  After a vacation, they've joined Beowulf to head into shadow.  This mission against Mobius went well, but in further adventuring, during the recovery of Trust, Keitaro suffered near-fatal injuries, though he has since recovered.

Countess Lily
Daughter of Duchess Yumi and Travis

"It always amazes me how, at the drop of a hat,  she can go from fluttering her eyes at some man to make him melt to discussing the latest political crisis in the Golden Circle with greater fluency than the ambassador FROM that kingdom is capable of.  It's like she has both of her parents in her head, and she just lets one or the other take over as needed.  Of course, I've always thought her mother was smarter than she let on, but..."--Prince Makoto describes Lily

"I'm waiting for the day when she masters this 'wearing clothing' thing.  She seems to think she's always at The Beach.  Her mother may be a whore, but she at least usually has the decency not to prance around in skimpy clothing in front of Princes of the Blood, no matter how many people she's sleeping with behind doors.  What's disturbing is that her sister is MORE of a slut than she is.  That takes effort."--Princess Nanami describes Lily.

"I turned over the next card.   I've heard of a legendary set of porno trumps; for a moment I wondered if I'd found one of them.  A young woman turned slightly off to the right smiled brightly at the book she was reading.  Her white skirt, fringed in blue, was slit so heavily up the side, it was fairly close to being more a very long loincloth than a skirt, revealing the curve of her strong, shapely legs.  Perhaps the very long light blue stockings were intended to make up for this.  Long translucent silk light blue gloves covered her hands and her forearms, while her shoulders and upper torso were bare.  One got a quite good view of her cleavage, with a dark blue bustier providing for some minimal decency in that region, but leaving her midriff bare.  Just to be incogrous, however, she was standing in front of a huge map of Amber and the surrounding region,  and you could see the title 'Thoughts on the Nature of Reality' on the cover of the book.  Four more books lay open on the table near her, though Snickers had apparently curled up on one of them.  I couldn't understand her at all."
--Lily's Trump


Height:  5'10
Weight: 155 pounds
Eyes:   Blue
Hair:    Ash Blonde
Skin:   Light Tan (as might be expected from not wearing much)

Countess Lily is one of the older members of this generation, a graduate of Ohtori and the current Master of the Revels of Amber.  This gives her plenty of free time to flirt, read books, and get into trouble.  Lily was very shy and repressed as a child, and very studious.  Now she's quite outgoing and friendly, and dresses in a rather risque manner which gets her the attention she seems to want.  She is generally about as daring as she can get away with, although she does seem to have a keen sense as to who to flirt with and who not to.

She has her mother's knack for water magics, and is a skillful sorceress and shapeshifter.  She's also known to be a crack shot with a crossbow and to have an extensive knowledge of the latest fashions and of shadow.

Lily spends a lot of time trying to keep her younger sister out of trouble, when not sharing in that trouble.  She gets along well with most people, although Sensei Haruna hates her for no apparent reason, though it probably is simply the Haruna-Yumi feud carrying over.  She is on good terms with both of her parents, and likes to tease Keitaro.

She is known to have recently headed into Shadow with Beowulf, with whom she seems to be on rather intimate terms.  Lily attended Marching with Beowulf, and is known to have participated in the rescues of Drake and of the Tenjous.

Lily is known to have aided Beowulf in his looting of the Castle of the Night and is believed to have joined him on his mission to Leng.  She assisted Amber's military forces in the War on the Serpent's Horn, and now is off in Shadow on an expedition with Beowulf.

Lily suffered only minor injuries in Annadil's deathtrap shadow and helped to arrange Moriya's funeral.

Countess Mitsune (often called Kitsune)
Daughter of Duchess Yumi and Travis

"She always knows where the party is because she IS the party.  My kind of woman.  Makes me regret I'm off the market.  Oww, Kasumi, let go of my ear!!!"--Prince Ota describes Kitsune

"That finishing school seems to have finished off her self-control.  Are you sure I'm her father, Yumi-chan?"--Travis the Royal Librarian describes his daughter

"I turned the next card over.  A woman with short blonde hair smiled impishly at me as she perched on a chair in a cafe, a bright green drink sitting in a large glass on the table next to her.  A green and gold Cathayan dress was wrapped tightly around her, both concealing her flesh and revealing her figure at the same time.  Comfortable pumps on her feet, she leaned over on the table, supporting her head with one hand, a large red flower tucked into her hair over the ear on that side.  I felt like she'd just been waiting for me to arrive for the party to start."
--Mitsune's Trump


Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 150 pounds
Eyes:   light brown
Hair:   very blonde
Skin:   pale

Mitsune is a classmate of Naru's from Ohtori, the younger daughter of Yumi and Travis.  She's a very playful woman, more interested in partying and having fun than in anything even vaguely serious, though she sometimes talks about being an ambassador.

Like her older sister, she's a skillful sorceress and shapeshifter, known to favor turning into a fox, thus leading to her nickname.  She has some skill with electrical magics (and some whisper with sex magics).

Mitsune gets along well with anyone who knows how to have fun, and poorly with anyone serious.  Although she's usually in trouble for something.

She is known to have recently headed into Shadow with Beowulf and Lily, and is known to have assisted in rescuing Prince Drake and the Tenjous.  Of late, she seems to be dating Prince Moriya to the surprise of everyone.  She has been seen down in Chaos with Miki's mission of late, and is known to have helped rescue Mataka of M^2.

Mitsune was gravely injured in the war on the Serpent's Horn and retreated to the Keep with Moriya to rest and heal.  Rumor has it she's gone on some expedition into Shadow with Moriya.  This expedition seems to have turned hideously sour, as Moriya perished.  Mitsune now bears the Logrusfoil Trust.  She is currently in mourning for Moriya, and seems very shaken up.

Ambassador Sumire Kanzaki of Ember
Scion of House Kanzaki, actually daughter of Drake and Nabiki

"Lady Sumire  always throws the most elegant parties, almost as good as mine.  I was quite enjoying myself, chatting with some lovely ladies and the Ambassador from Therin, when these boorish ninjas decided to crash the party.  People began running everywhere, screaming, spilling drinks on themselves, and leaving blood on all the expensive upholstery and carpeting.  Sumire's security staff did their best, but they simply weren't up to the job. I was regretting having come unarmed, so I hefted a chair and prepared to do battle for the lady's honor.
That's when Sumire clapped her hands, and this flaming naginata appeared out of nowhere.  And then she went into action.  The blade end left a flaming trail as it moved, slicing the first wave of ninjas into a bloody mess.  She whirled it over her head, and fire erupted from it in bolts, burning away the remains of the first wave, leaving nothing behind.  Then she pounded the second wave of ninjas into paste, and when the third wave ran for it, she shouted words of power, and long silken streamers erupted from the naginata as she waved it in an arc, tangling them up.
Then she called the servants to bring me some drinks to fortify myself, and asked me to read their minds for her.  I did, of course.  Oh, why were they there?  I was asked by Lady Sumire not to tell, and I keep my promises."
--Prince Kentaro

"Two words.  Gold Digger.  Oh, let me add 'Arrogant', 'Bitch', and 'Vain' to that.  I wish I could think of something nice to say, but I can't.  Well, she's not a whore, unlike certain members of our court.  I can say that about her."--Lady Haruna

"It was a rather strange trump.  Dressed in a long, elegant purple dress, the short haired woman before me seemed to be almost dancing with a naginata, whirling it over her head like a baton, albeit a baton that left a long flaming streak.  The blade was made of a golden metal with a delicate red tracery upon it, all curves and arcs.  Flames roared up all around her, highlighting her brown hair and golden jewelry.  Behind the flames, you could make out some sort of building, perhaps a factory of some kind.  She smiled confidently, maybe even like a predator, at the viewer.  This was a stranger to fear."
--Sumire's Trump


Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 140 pounds
Eyes:   Hazel
Hair:   brown
Skin:   Ember Tan

Sumire is the heir to Kanzaki Enterprises, a metal working company in Ember.  She has been a 'friend' of Kanna ever since childhood.  Sometimes they get along, and sometimes Sumire is enough to drive even the even-tempered Kanna to the verge of homicide.  Sumire was recently appointed Ambassador to Amber by Queen Corrine of Ember after the previously appointed Ambassador snapped from the cold and begged to come back home.  Sumire seems rather more comfortable with Amber's climate than he was.

Elegant and aristocratic, vain and arrogant, Sumire is the very essence of nobility, with all its strengths and flaws.  Everything must be done properly and in order, and all must know their place and stay there.  To those who play by those rules, she can be quite kind, and she is known to be generous to her servants.  Those who do not know their place will fall before her biting wit.

Sumire is known to be on fairly good terms with Nanami, though their friendship sometimes resembles more an alliance of vultures against a corpse than true companionship.  She is on excellent terms with Prince Kentaro, and there are rumors of romance between the two.  She is known to regard Princess Jacqueline and Princess Shinobu as both ill-bred and unworthy of their station.  She seems to have a certain grudging approval of Princess Motoko, and is on good terms with Prince Thoric, despite periodically chiding him for his cowardice; they have known each other since childhood.  Even Amber isn't large enough to hold the totality of her disdain for Duchess Yumi, Countess Lily, and Countess Mitsune; she typically refers to them as 'the whore triplets'.   She seems to have a certain fondness for Beowulf and Mutsumi, inviting them to her parties because they both tell very interesting stories, and their general kindness to all seems to have made an impression on her.  Indeed, two of Mutsumi's paintings hang prominently in the great hall of her embassy.

Sumire is known to be a deadly combatant with her favorite naginata, which she crafted herself in a two week session in one of her family's manufacturing facilities.  It seems to have quite extensive powers, and can cut through almost anything, even tre-stone.

Sumire has assisted Kanna in the rescue of the Tenjous.  She is also known to have provided some assistance during Prince Moriya's mission to Endor.

She is now definitely known to be the daughter of Prince Drake of Amber and Lord High Chamberlain Nabiki.  She seems to be off in shadow assisting her father with some mission.  This mission has turned out to be the attack on Kanawa, which was a grand success.

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