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This page briefly describes your main relatives, your father's dead wives, the main court officials and the main palace servants. I certainly don't expect you to memorize them all, but just knowing they exist will provide a boost to creative thinking, or so I hope.
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Servants of the Crown

Court Officials

Lord Bayle, Royal Vintner

Lord Bayle is essentially in charge of ensuring everyone in Castle Amber can get drunk in style. He has extensive estates in the plains of Harad, in which he produces just about every form of alcohol known to mankind. If you want to get hammered, he's your man. He also has an extensive shipping fleet and his own port, Baylesport, on the far north-eastern tip of the Gulf of Amber.

Crusty, the Royal Fool

Dealing with Crusty is a fairly difficult experience at times; Crusty has an incredible knack for parodying anyone, and his ability to shapechange means he can take on your form and mock you with it.  He normally appears as a short, bent over hunchback, on those rare occassions when he uses his true form.  Tylor has declared him inviolable; no matter what he does,
as long as no physical harm ensues, he cannot be punished.  Many people hate him, especially because his humor is so on target.  And they're the target.

High Priest Geo

A tall, portly man with brown hair cut short and a thick moustache. He's a pompous windbag who delivers sermons about the Unicorn at the drop of a hat, and won't shut up to save his life. When you were young, he constantly lectured you about your duties. Still, he has many faithful followers at his command. And the elite temple guards.

Lady Haruna, Royal Tutor

Medium in height and build, as lovely as she is smart, Haruna taught each of you the basics of your education. When she hadn't run off to have nookie with her boyfriend of the moment. When she wasn't tormenting you all for the sins of the boyfriend of the moment. Still, she taught you quite a bit, and knows even more. She's also a trump artist of some skill. She and Yumi have a bitter feud for no apparent reason.

Lina the Court Magist

Every court needs a royal sorceror, and she's the one. In recent years, she hasn't needed to do much more than fire off fireworks for court occasions, but she's known to have slain a few dragons in her time. She thinks magic is the solution to everything. So are explosions.

Madoka, Court Bard

From some distant shadow she came, carrying an electric guitar and a saxaphone. The electric guitar doesn't work here, but the saxaphone does, and she sings fairly well too. All in all, this dark haired lass (she looks to be maybe 17 at most, although she's been around for decades...the oddities of aging in Amber) does a good job at her job. She's also noted to be a deadly hand with a guitar pick in combat.

Madoka is now formally enaged to Miki and emerged triumphant in the Rose Duel with Kozue.  It remains to be seen if winning that duel was really such a good idea...

With Miki missing, she is now notably cranky.

Misato, Commander of the Palace Guard

Misato is the brilliant, but often drunken commander of the Palace Guards who defend Castle Amber and accompany King Tylor and Queen Yuriko on their travels.  She is tall and beautiful with long dark hair and a body she likes to show off.  It's easy to forget she's a crack shot with a crossbow and deadly with a sword, until she has to pound someone flat.

Ned the Whipping Boy, Lord High Executioner; Lord Lash

When your aunts and uncles were all young, it was considered improper to physically punish them, so the unfortunate Ned, son of a stablehand, was designated to be punished in your stead. In fact, it reached the point where just about everything was being punished for a while by beating up Ned. The result is that Ned ended up becoming perhaps the toughest, most irritable man in Amber, able to take just about anything.

His period as whipping boy ended when he threw himself in the path of five poisoned arrows intended for King Gendo.  Years of beatings had made him tough enough to survive it. He was promoted to the nobility by Gendo and appointed Lord High Executioner. He takes far too much pleasure in his work, and has blackmail on virtually all of your aunts and uncles, as he remembers each and every offense of theirs for which they were punished.

Lord Percival, Master of the Hunt

A tall, skinny, brainless twit who is an idiot savant of hunting. In most situations, he is worth little to nothing, but when it comes to slaughtering animals, riding through the forest, and surviving in the wilderness, he's your man. Only the Warden of Arden knows the forest better than he.

Travis the Royal Librarian

Curly haired, bearded, and bespectacled, Travis is the hard-working head librarian, and probably the only man in Amber who actually understands how the library is organized. Fortunately for all concerned, he's also quite friendly and willing to be helpful. His cat Snickers is rumored to be a shapechanging beast from Chaos which secretly controlled King Gendo in the last days of his reign, but most people dismiss that rumor.

Wasyuu, Royal Doctor and Alchemist

This red-haired quack has managed to somehow keep your father alive the last few decades, despite the fact that her treatments revolve around things like trying to poison the toad which must be living in your stomach and causing your acid reflux when it spits. She does have quite a knack for chemistry; she's blown up her tower five times.

Duchess Yumi, the Royal Mistress and Arbiter of Etiquette.

Gendo dealt with one of his former wives' complaints by creating an official mistress position as a paid court position. Thus, everyone knows that she's his mistress. How exactly this improves matters, you're not sure. Still, she must have learned quite a few secrets from the old man. Let's just hope she didn't pick up any diseases either. Some people like to call her the 'Royal Bimbo', but they all seem to end up mysteriously ill or dead. Funny that.

Tylor has failed to appoint a new holder of this office, so in theory, Yumi is still the Royal Mistress.  However, it's quite certain she isn't mistressing for Tylor, or Yuriko would have tried to kill her by now.  She now holds the rank of 'Duchess of Cabra' and is officially also 'Arbiter of Etiquette' for the court, a role in which she excels.

Yumi has, to the surprise of many, been seen quite a bit with Dowager Queen Anthy of late, and is known to have closeted herself one night with Prince Nagisa.  Also to the surprise of many, she was sent with Makoto and Shaft on a mission into Shadow, from which she has recently returned.

Amberite Military Officers

Lieutenant Jill Pole, Aide-de-camp to Saionji

One of Saionji's aides-de-camp from House Pole.  She is on her first major campaign in the war with Kashfa right now.  She's noted for her athletic and scouting skills.

Keiko, Commander of the Sorcery Division of the City Watch

Keiko is the quietly competent commander of the sorcerors who work for Nanami in the City Watch.  She is known to be from outside Amber, but seems to have completely assimilated and never mentions her homeland.  Her skills at the use of magic for conducting investigations is quite reknowned. She is generally very friendly and helpful to members of the royal family.  She is known to have survived several clashes with Makoto the Mad.

Captain Ruka, second in command of Shalomar Naval Base

Captain Ruka is a handsome, dashing man who commands Shalomar Naval Base when Kozue is absent, which is frequently.  Despite rumors, his forelock is neither a Chaos Monster nor a point item.

General Tswabuki, Commander of the Trained Bands

Lord Tswabuki, a young blonde fellow, commands the Trained Bands of Amber City in times of war.  He is one of Nanami's chief subordinates, and is a loyal, honest, trustworthy fellow.  Recurring rumors assert he is likely Ramon's father, but the truth has yet to be known.

Palace Servants

Alfred the Butler

Alfred is more or less the majordomo for the castle, an old white haired man who has been Butler for centuries. He is descended from a minor line of nobles,and never lets the other servants forget it.

Chef Bork, Royal Cook

Chef Bork is a short, dumpy man with thick reddish-brown eyebrows that hide his eyes and a thicker moustache. He is from some distant shadow and has never bothered to learn Thari (the language of Amber), and thus many people have a hard time communicating with him. It's widely suspected he likes that. Most people aren't even sure what his real name is; he says the word 'Bork' so often that he's been informally named that. He's so good at what he does that no one minds.

Kasumi the Head Chambermaid

Kasumi is the quietly cheerful head of the staff of servants who keep Castle Amber from turning into a filthy hellhole like most medieval castles. She is a tall, thin brunette with a pleasant smile for everyone she meets, and probably the nicest person in Amber.  Which given how your homeland works means she's probably an axe murderess in her spare time.  You might not think she's important in the games of Amber...until you remember she has keys to everyone's bedroom and almost everything else in the Palace as well...

Rumor has it Kasumi is pregnant.  Rumor has it Prince Ota is the father...

Kevin the Poison Tester

Kevin is the latest in many poison testers you've seen over the years. His job is to test to see if the royal food has been poisoned. He's lasted a good fifteen years because he's a skillful alchemist and seems to have the constitution of a bull rhino. He's also the most nervous man you know, with good reason.

Mario the Plumber

Mario is a short, stout man with a thick moustache who you have never seen dressed in anything other than blue overalls, a red shirt, and a red cap.  He is a hard working man, as he and Fuyutsuki and your father are the only people alive who understand how Castle Amber's plumbing works.  He is also the least respectful of the servants towards anyone except for Fuyutsuki, your father, Skippy, and Lord Bayle (who supplies him with free alcohol), unless they demonstrate an understanding of plumbing.  He often vanishes for days at a time into the pipes, fixing things and solving problems.

Mary the Royal Nurse

Mary is a tall, thin woman who seems to have been around 30 years old forever. She tends to royal children for so long as they need a nursemaid and minder, and also has schooled the female ones in the feminine graces. She has quite a knack for music and song, but is usually fairly serious and strict. Since she never forgets everything, she probably still remembers every mistake any of you ever made when you were young. She's outlasted all of Gendo's queens but the last, and most of the other servants as well. These days, there's no royal children for her to tend, so she sees to the children of the major court officers.

Nobles of Note

Duke Crumpet of Avesbury, Warden of Western Harad

Duke Crumpet is in charge of the defenses of Western Harad, bordering on Begma and Eregnor. He controls a large portion of the grain-growing regions of Amber and a substantial feudal army. He is a bit on the snooty side.

Duke Percy of Carlisle, Defender of the Northern Reaches

Duke Percy controls the defenses of the northern border of the Plains of Harad. With the rise of Kashfa, there have been less raids from the north, but he still has the legacy of older days in the form of many strong castles. He respects only three things: the Church of the Unicorn, Valor in Battle, and Good Beer.

Duchess Joli of Sethfore, Defender of the Southern Reaches

Duchess Joli is in charge of the defense of the region of Sethfore, southeast of Amber. She has a small coastal defense fleet, and a huge mountain of money from all the wealthy cities under her admistration. Unlike most nobles, she sees things from the mercantile perspective.

"Lord Moneybags", Count Richard Wittington of Maldon

Count Wittington bought his title by bailing out the government during a financial crisis a few years ago. He is a wealthy merchant of the City of Amber who made his wealth outfitting whaling ships and importing spices and ivory from Ashante. He has great influence in the City of Amber. He is old and ugly.

Marchioness Lucrezia of Florence

The Marchioness is short, voluptous, elegant, and deadly. She is a snake, and everyone knows it. She is one of the few people who Nanami gets along with, probably so they can hunt prey together. She is a court noble, and one of the social arbiters of the court.

Citizens of Amber

Bill Vincent

Bill is a short, dark skinned man, with close-cropped black hair that often looks slightly charred because it is.  He'll never win a beauty contest, but he's one of the best weaponsmiths in Amber City, and a conjuror of some note.  Give him a few days, and he can produce almost anything you can imagine that's within his powers (Up to 4 point properties).  He is noted, however, for giving weapons incredibly literal names and for having a daughter, Rally, who is a bountyhunter.  His most famous creation, Whalekiller, is borne by Prince Ota "Shaft" Tenjou.

Dworkin 'Bumpy' Mills
Weight:  300 lbs
Height:  5 feet 4 inches
Hair:  Blue, curly, short.
Skin:  dark brown, horrible complexion
Age:  over 300 years old (looks 64 in earth terms)
Appearance:  He bears a passing resemblance to BB King, though much uglier in general.

The nickname comes from his notoriously hideous skin, and surprisingly Bumpy doesn't seem to mind the nickname.  He carries himself with an ego and a pretentious air, though it utterly fails because he has too much lower class habits to overcome (his slang, gestures, other nuances).  Basically a wannabe high class man.  He's one of the crime lords of the Dead Unicorn, dealing primarily in illegal substances, contraband, and prostitution, as well as extortion and racketeering.

Bumpy's had his way in the Dead U for as long as he's been there, rising through the ranks quickly and staying on top through intimidation and blackmail.  A recent thorn on his side, however, has been the arrival of Ota 'Shaft' Tenjou.  He found it grand that his new adversary is of royal descent, but was horrified when he finally met the young royal in person, who, after Bumpy tried to bribe him, promptly threw him out the 5th floor window of his casino.  He finds the lack of respect from the young upstart maddening, and has frequently gone to war against the police in the ward because of it.  Shaft's managed to stomp on enough of Bumpy's schemes to hurt him, but never done enough to put him out of business entirely.

Bumpy is frequently seen with a walking stick, which conceals a blade, and with a cigar lit in mouth.  There are many stories of Bumpy's depraved sexual habits, though nobody knows how much is true.  There's a scar along Bumpy's back from when he dodged a shot from Shaft's 'Whalekiller' crossbow, from one evening when the royal inspector was feeling particularly vicious.

Bumpy would love to eliminate Shaft, but is wary of the heat that would come down with the murder of a royal, especially of Utena's.  Due to his connections with the underground, Bumpy frequently knows what's going on around the Dead U, and often what's going on outside of it.  Because of this, Shaft has frequently beaten him about for information.

Master Horatio Walpole, Guild Master of the Kashmir Trading Collective

Horatio Walpole is a short, fat man in expensive clothing who believes he can buy his way out of anything.  This is because he can.  He is fantastically wealthy through leading the group of merchants who control trade with Sind through the Kashmir Trading Station.  Rumor has it he would do anything, even kill his own family and eat them, to avoid losing his position or having the KTC shut down.  In person he seems far too affable to be so ruthless, though.  He has a feud with Krishya, the diplomatic representative from Sind for obvious reasons (see Krishya's description).  He is noted for having given expensive presents on their birthday to every member of the Royal Family for the last ten years he has held his office.  He is the younger brother of Mayor Robert Walpole.  Political collusion at work?  Most definitely.

King, Barkeep of Maison l'Roi

King is the barkeep of a small gin joint in the Ward of the Iron Pot.  She's often mistaken for an effeminate man, since she wears her hair short and has a prediliction for fine men's clothing.  She is also, because of this, often assumed as a lesbian.

She's a friend of Shaft's, though rumor is the involvement is a bit more than that.

Her fighting skills are said to be great, dealing with unruly patrons and foolish robbers bare-handed and always coming out on top.

She currently has a massive stock of cheese.

Makoto the Mad

Not to be confused with Prince Makoto, this lunatic is a young mage who is utterly infatuated with blowing things up.  He seems indestructible, periodically appearing and wrecking havoc for no discernable reason, then getting killed in a bloody confrontation with someone.  He loves fire magics.

Rally Vincent

Rally Vincent is a noted bounty hunter and maker of weapons, trained in the latter by the famous Bill Vincent, her father.  She has short, wavy black hair and dark skin, with bright blue eyes.  She is most noted for her apprehension of Makoto the Mad a few years ago.  Unfortunately, he escaped from jail by blowing it up.

Sir Robert Walpole, Mayor of Amber City

Boss Tweed was but a pale Shadow of Sir Robert Walpole, who is quite possibly the most corrupt man in the universe.  He smuggles wine into Amber in the same ships that enforce the customs laws.  Half the city council is on his payroll, the other half are on his blacklist.  For nearly thirty years, he has ruled Amber City in collusion with Princess Nanami, ever since her appointment as Steward of the City.  Sir Robert Walpole has the nickname of 'Screenmaster General' for his ability to cover up graft and scandals.  Still, he knows how to take care of his own, and he's a brilliant administrator when not embezzling like a madman.  He is short and handsome, but to the surprise of everyone around him, completely faithful to his wife, Emily.  It is perhaps the only promise he's never bent or broken.

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