Trumps by John Biles

John's Playing Around with Image Manipulation Programs

Travis, the Royal Librarian


Countess Lily
Daughter of Yumi and Travis


Deirdre Angacu
Future Daughter of Moonshade (circa 3gen era)


Princess Naru
Daughter of Shinobu Major and Inaba

It is said that Naru has sworn an oath to hunt and mangle whoever has been circulating this trump...

Princess Bust Akari of Amber, Song of the Phoenix


John uses Photoshop to color other people's art:

Elder Lore Yomiko, as colored by John Biles


Outsider Lore Yomiko, as colored badly by John Biles


Makoto, Princess of Amber, colored by John Biles


The Triumvirate, Colored by John


"A Day at the Beach", Colored by John Biles

John couldn't resist coloring this picture by John Staton.

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Last Updated: March 15, 2008