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Hiko the FireChilde

played by Trisha L. Sebastian

GM Tarot Choice:

Age:  82 (Experienced)
338 (Amber Time)
Height: 5 foot, 8 inches 
Eyes: Violet
Hair:  Black
Parents:  Juri and Not Publically Known 

Physical Description:  Hiko is about 5' 8" tall, with black hair and violet eyes.  She resembles Juri the most.  She has a set
of permenant bags under her eyes and her colors are black and violet.  There is a scar on her right shoulder blade where a
tattoo would have been.

Hiko is known to be the daughter of Juri and some unknown person.  She's demonstrated herself to be a powerful sorceress.

Story By Trish about Hiko's Past: Fight Makes Right

Hisame Shizumaru
"Gomen nasai. Mou ikimasu."
( I am sorry.  I must go now.)

played by Andrew Huang

GM Tarot Choice:

Age:  16
Height:  5 foot 1 inch
Weight: 105 lbs
Eyes: Red
Hair:  Auburn 
Skin:  Tanned
Parents:  Touga and Hisame Atsuko 

  Hisame Shizumaru is a young man--a boy, really, even moreso because of his small stature. He is known to be the son of Touga and a minor Lipunese noblewoman, Hisame Atsuko. She has raised him more or less by herself, as Shizumaru was conceived out of wedlock--Touga seduced her when passing through this land, and left soon thereafer--and was banished to the countryside by her family.

  Having been relatively isolated all his life (his mother chose to live outside the nearest village, rather than in it) and largely shunned by family, Shizumaru is overall pretty shy and withdrawn. He did not Play Well With Others, especially since he was an outsider. Instead, he spent most of his time with his mother, and when he got a little older, by himself out in the woods and fields. In his wanderings, when he was ten, he bumped into a man named Haohmaru, a master swordsman and martial artist. Haohmaru saw talent in him and decided to train him to fight, with his mother's approval. Shizumaru eventually became quite adept with a sword and, for some reason, a bamboo umbrella, learning to fight with one, the other, or even both at the same time. He also learned barehanded combat. In his fourteenth year, Haohmaru showed him the Broken Pattern, near his home. The master had walked it himself sometime before, and told Shizumaru that he would be able to walk it as well. About a year later, Shizumaru did walk it, and Haohmaru added the techniques of the Broken Pattern to his training repetoire.

  This life was pretty idyllic. Almost boring. And then, one day, a man with a silver arm showed up at his house and tried to kill him. Shizumaru managed to fight the man off, with the help of Utena, but his mother vanished mysteriously at the time. Shizumaru has sworn to find her--and his father, though that is an older promise he made to himself--and came to Amber along with Utena and Corrine. And so, he plunges into the story....

  Shizumaru is a quiet and polite young man; there's often a sort of melancholy, brooding air about him. He's inherited his father's good looks (and red hair, though it is somewhat spikier, and worn in a ponytail).  He seems to dislike conflict, but is ready to fight whenever needed. He has some amount of anger toward Touga for having abandoned his mother, but is not hateful; he long ago vowed to find his father and ask why he left. He seems fond of Utena and Corrine, as the former was the one who chased off the man with the silver arm, while Corrine especially seems concerned about him and his mother.  His umbrella seems to be everpresent, no matter what the weather is.

Kaworu Nagisa
"I like music, don't you..?"

played by "Scriviner"

GM Tarot Choice:

Age:  18--Physical Appearance
251--Age in Amber Time
432--Experienced Years
Height:  Five Foot and Eight Inches
Weight: 125 lbs
Eyes: Red
Hair:  Blue 
Skin:  Pale
Parents:  Not publically known, but generally rumored to be Kozue and someone 


Kaworu has recently arrived in Amber, having apparently been raised in an alternate Amber known as Ambre.   He has demonstrated substantial skills as a magician and as a musician, aiding Miki in finishing a piece for the reception dinner for the new Sind Ambassador.

Mikage Souji

played by "Timerunner"

GM Tarot Choice:

Age:  18--Physical Appearance
True Age Uknown, even to him
Height: 5 foot eight inches 
Weight: 135 lbs.
Eyes: Red
Hair:  Pink 
Skin:  Fair
Parents:  Speculated to be Gil-Galad and ? 


Mikage made his appearance by sailing a ship into the harbor of Amber Port, then being embarrassed when people he expected to know him failed to recognize him.  He is known to have walked the Pattern of Tir'na-nog.  Mikage has yet to demonstrate his particular talents other than a knack for polite behavior.

Ota "Shaft" Tenjou
"Do NOT fuck with me."

played by "RPM"

GM Tarot Choice:

Age:  25 (Amber and Experienced Years)
Height:  6 feet 4 inches
Weight:  200 lbs (All muscle, baby!)
Eyes:  Brown
Hair:  Pink (Got a problem with it?)
Skin:  Dark
PArents:  Utena and ?


They say this Shaft is one bad mutha...

Utena Tenjou returned from Shadow one day, a baby in her arms.  She declined to comment on its origins aside from
firmly stating that the child was hers.  Given that the child grew up far taller than Utena, with a far more ornery disposition, some do wonder, though the telltale pink hair of his mother and dark complexion of his grandmother are shared by him as well.

Ota "Shaft" Tenjou was raised in Amber, his suspicious origins making him a target for teasing.  He has utterly failed to display the legendary care and understanding that his mother is known for, but has displayed considerable fighting prowess, like his mother (though not quite as good).  That, combined with his already legendary temper and foul mouth (things that his mother constantly bemoans) have gotten him into frequent trouble.

It is said that his attitude changed drastically for the worse after a trip into shadow in his teens.  He returned with an even more surly disposition, muttering about being "a cat that won't cop out when there's danger all about".

As for the nickname "Shaft", nobody's sure how he got it.  Some say it's because he usually beats the hell out of prisoners during interrogation with one, others say it's because he shoves one up unpleasant places.  There are more rumors, all of them unproven.   And Shaft ain't talking.

When he isn't beating the hell out of someone, he's often seen with the ladies, and is seen as prime royal bachelor material.  Rumor is that he's already romanced his way through the ranks of the chambermaids, and has been seen flirting with Kasumi the Head Chambermaid, which is known to be a hazzardous thing if you don't want your sheets filled with itching powder or worse (though he claims he's just joking around and she knows it)

Currently, he serves as Inspector in the Ward of the Dead Unicorn, one of the most crime-ridden wards of all Amber. He was sent there by his aunt Nanami, which makes some wonder if she has a grudge against him.  If he hates it there, it isn't obvious, since he rents an apartment within the Ward and stays there more often than in Castle Amber.  Within the city, and especially the ward, he's gained a reputation for being a fixer, someone to go to if you're in trouble.  He's earned the trust of many people, resulting in an information network of commoners that can find out what's going on in the streets.

Shaft usually packs an auto-load rapid-fire crossbow, a weapon he's made infamous by frequently shooting people after he's captured them.  Along with the crossbow, he weilds the usual sword forged for Amber royalty.  On occasion, he'll pull out the "Whale Killer", which he calls his special occasion crossobw, while others call a harpoon gun.

He's shown a distinct irritation towards magic and magic users, believing it to be nothing but trouble.  This has not stopped him from using magic on occasion or with associating with magicians.  He has yet to walk the Pattern, which make some doubt his claim of royal blood, but he says he'll get around to it later.  He's too busy cleaning up the Ward of the Dead Unicorn


The Whalekiller is a massive crossbow that incorporates magic and technology.  The item is slightly over six feet in
length, made of specially treated wood, metals, and the latest in performance bowstrings.  It's slightly heavier at its end, with iron added to its stock for bludgeoning purposes.  The firing mechanism is far more complex than your typical crossbow, employing a complex series of pulleys and gears to give an additional boost to its firing power.  The crossbow auto-loads, able to hold up to four of its standard crossbows in a massive cartrige that loads from  underneath.  The bow fires at a rate of one shot every five seconds.  It's said to employ some magicks as well, though what they are is something the weaponsmith nor its owner are willing to comment on.

The Whalekiller first appeared several years ago, when Ota 'Shaft' Tenjou was in his first year as an inspector of the Ward of the Dead Unicorn.

There was once a pirate by the name of Dworkin 'Whaleboy' Jones, an infamous pirate known for his ability to command sea life, and whales in particular.  He'd been working with some organizations in the Ward of the Dead Unicorn, a part of a large smuggling ring.  However, at one meeting, Dworkin felt he'd been double-crossed and decided to wreck vengence upon the guilty parties.

Prince Ota didn't mind when crime families went to war with each other, but when extensive property damage and injuries to outside parties occurs, as what happened when Dworkin arrived at the docks with several hundred maddened whales smashing the place up.

Ota discovered how ineffective regular crossbows were against whales, thus suffering one of his worst defeats in battle.  There was a lot of property damage.  Many people swore off seafood after day.  A few lobsters pinched in unpleasant places.

The Prince Was Not Pleased.

Swearing vengence, he went to infamous underground weaponsmith, Bill 'DUCK!' Vincent (The nickname came from what he and his customers often have to yell inside his machine shop...) and gave him a blunt request:

"I wanna kill Whales.  Plural."

To which Bill replied:  "Oh.  Gimmie a few hours."

A few hours later, he presented Ota with Whalekiller 1.0 Bill believed in blunt naming, he forged the sword Bigpointysword, the axe Bigcurvyaxe, and the the armor Reallybloodytougharmor.  Whalekiller was one of the few custom pieces he made that had a good ring to it.  The other one was the crossbow Ratkiller, made for Mr. Jenkins who was intending to clear out the vermin in his cheese factory.

The next day when Dworkin 'Whaleboy' Jones came back for another round of havoc, he faced the most devastating defeat of his career, and the people of the Ward of the Dead Unicorn enjoyed a large surplus of whale-related products.  Currently in use in Prince Ota's apartment is a set of dinner utensils carved out of whale bones.

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