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This page briefly describes your main relatives, your father's dead wives, the main court officials and the main palace servants. I certainly don't expect you to memorize them all, but just knowing they exist will provide a boost to creative thinking, or so I hope.

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Family Tree

(d) is deceased
(d?) is unknown if deceased or not
(m) is missing
(?) is unsure parent
?????? is unknown parent
Bold face is a TAMD PC

AMBER FAMILY TREE (Believed at TAMD campaign beginning)

GEN 0       GEN 1                   GEN 2                 GEN 3

Fuyutsuki   Moire + Yamato (d?) --------------|
   |                                          |
   +------- Gendo (d) + Sakura (d)            |
   |                  |        |              |
The Unicorn           |        |--- Tylor + Yuriko
                      |        |
                      |        |
                      |        |--- Touga + Hisame Atsuko
                      |        |                     |
                      |        |                     |--- Shizumaru
                      |        |--- Drake
                      + Yvette (d)
                      |        |--- Van (d)
                      |        |
                      |        |
                      |        |--- Saionji + Paulette (d)
                      |                              |
                      |                              |--- Michelle
                      + Haruka (d)
                      |        |--- Eowyn (d)
                      |        |
                      |        |
                      |        |--- Juri + Ludovicus (d)
                      |        |                     |
                      |        |                     |--- Hiko
                      |        |
                      |        |--- Catherine (d)
                      |        |
                      |        |
                      |        |--- Corrine
                      |        |
                      |        |
                      |        |--- Haruka Minor (d)
                      + Findulias (d)
                      |        |
                      |        |--- Gil Galad (?) + ?????
                      |                              |
                      |                              |--- Mikage
                      + "Charlotte"/Sakura (D)
                      |        |
                      |        |--- Makoto
                      |        |
                      |        |--- Nanami + Tsuwabuki(?)
                      |                              |
                      |                              |--- Ramon
                      + Rei ----
                      |        |
                      |        |--- Miki
                      |        |
                      |        |--- Kozue + ??????? --
                      |        |          |          |
                      |        |          |          |--- Nagisa
                      |        |          |
                      |        |          + Briaros --
                      |        |                     |
                      |        |--- Derith           |--- Shinobu
                      + Lorelei (d)
                      |        |
                      |        |--- Mara (d)
                      + Anthy --
                      |        |
                      |        |--- Utena + John Shaft (d)
                      |        |                    |
                      |        |                    |--- Ota "Shaft" Tenjou
                      |        |--- Wakaba
                      + ????????
                               |--- Vash

Your Relatives, in order by age (mostly)

"Professor" Fuyutsuki (Birthdate unknown, but predates the Pattern)

Drawer of Pattern, spinner out of fate, complete loon. If you know sorcery or trumps or advanced pattern, you probably studied under him. He's a fruitcake, but he's a powerful, knowledgeable fruitcake. Watch out for his hat.  He's your great-grandfather, but no one is sure who or what he had sex with to produce Gendo.  Rumors claim it was the Unicorn, but surely the Unicorn has more taste.

Fuyutsuki lives in a suite of rooms down in the dungeons under the Palace.  He has a very large lab, which the front door opens into; no one is sure if he has a bedroom or just sleeps there.  He also has a painting gallery connected to it, most of which are trumps.   All of your family are depicted, along with other people and places you've never seen.

King Gendo I (Dead--0/100 AY?-1262 AY)

Your Grandfather, the ruthless bastard.  He only ever cared about one thing in the universe:  Amber.  Everything else came second, especially anyone's personal feelings.  Luckily, he probably died before most of you were born.  His mother was rumored to be the Unicorn, but it remains uncertain as to the truth of that allegation.

Gendo's early years are shrouded in legend.  He was born some time between 0 and 100 AY, but his mother remains unknown, and so does the exact date of his birth.  Between 100 AY and 200 AY, he was off in Shadow gathering the peoples who would form the original population of Amber.  It was at this time that he fought a duel with 'The Dragon of Chaos', and in which he gained his sword, 'Justice'.

After his coronation in 200 AY, he ruled Amber for several hundred years alone, although he had many lovers during this time.  The history of Gendo is largely identical to that of Amber, so it will not be discussed in detail here.

King Tylor I (430 AY-Present)
Son of Gendo and Sakura

It's hard to believe your grandfather somehow produced Tylor.  Tylor is open, friendly, cheerful, helpful, and impossible to believe he came from the same genetic stock as most of your relatives.  Tylor has a great reputation as a naval hero, and apparently it's actually all true.  At least to some degree.  Mostly, Uncle Tylor seems to just stumble through life, trusting to luck and the Unicorn to save him.  Unbelievable as it seems to have worked for him so far.

King Tylor, like his predecessor, possess the powerful artifact known as the Jewel of Judgement, but only wears it on certain ceremonial occassions, keeping it locked away in the vaults the rest of the time.

Tylor has explored Shadow more thoroughly than many of siblings, wandering off many times to explore its distant reaches.

Tylor is up and about, having recovered for the most part from his mental injuries, but doesn't seem to be functioning at the top of his game.

Queen Yuriko Star I
Daughter of Queen Moire of Rebma and Count Yamato

Yuriko is the hyper-efficient daughter of Queen Moire of Rebma, now married to King Tylor.  They form a good pair, as her efficiency counters his laziness, while he keeps her from becoming so tightly wound that she explodes.  She has yet to successfully produce any children, which has caused some grumbling at court.  Queen Yuriko has extensive military experience in Rebma's underwater navy, and met Tylor during a joint military operation.

Queen Yuriko has returned to Amber after being rescued by Drake and Nanami.  She is currently being bodyguarded by Vash.

Yuriko is acting as full ruler while Tylor is incapacitated.

Touga, Commander of the Western Armies
Son of Gendo and Sakura


Take Bleys, remove his good nature, but keep the rest, and transplant Caine's sneakiness into him. That's your uncle Touga. You can't trust him, but you can rely on him to do almost anything fairly well, if not quite anything the best. Except being a total and utter bastard. He is currently in exile, having been exiled by Gendo for reasons known only to Touga and Gendo.  Attempts to contact him have failed, although Tylor has pardoned him, so he can come home any time he likes.

Touga has recently returned to Amber, but seems much mellowed by his time in shadow, and much more relaxed.  He participated in Drake's raid on Rebma against Embra-Derith, and demonstrated powerful skills of sorcery.

Yuriko has appointed Touga as commander of Amber's western armies which have become involved in Talma/Uilan/Singh conflict.  Touga has been fairly successful, although the Uilans have been fighting very skillfully.

Drake--Lord High Chamberlain
Son of Gendo and Sakura

Drake was the youngest child of Gendo and Sakura, born shortly before she left Gendo.  He grew up to become a great military leader, and has served several terms as Marshal of Amber.  He currently holds the office of Lord High Chamberlain.  He spends a lot of time away from Amber, leaving the work to his assistant Nabiki, the Deputy Lord High Chamberlain, studying the ways of business and technology in Shadow.  Drake is known for taking on too many duties at once and not quite managing as a result to do any of them as well as might be desired.  When he turns his mind to one single thing, though, he becomes a nigh-unstoppable force.  Given he possesses Werewindle, one of the legendary Pattern Blades, this is often no mere metaphor.

Drake recently outsmarted the Derith of Embra by tricking him into stealing a fake Werewindle, then led the raid which freed Rebma from Embra-Derith's control, cut off Embra-Derith's arm, and took Magnus the Unseen for himself.

Skippy the Logrus Squid has destroyed his fortress shadow, Marketplace, and Drake has sworn a horrible vengeance on whoever is responsible.  Having passed his keys to his second in command, Nabiki, he has vanished into Shadow.

Saionji--Marshal of Amber
Son of Gendo and Yvette

Green haired. Considers himself an honorable warrior, although his honor seems to have some cracks in it when it comes to women. Indeed, he is quite the playboy, enjoying stringing women along.  He spends a lot of time out wandering around shadow fighting things.  He and Touga used to fight a lot--it's unclear to you if this was a friendly or hostile rivalry, and possibly unclear to them as well.  Saonji now serves as the leader of Amber's armies since Juri's retirement, after a brief period in which Drake held both the office of Marshal and that of Lord High Chamberlain.  He is Michelle's father.

Saionji has been sent to Northern Harad to prepare for the war with Kashfa which has just erupted.  He has been pushing back the Kashfan army with some success.  However, the outbreak of a revolt in western Harad has forced him to turn his attentions in that direction.

Daughter of Gendo and Haruka

Quiet and reclusive, Juri is a noted master of the sword. She recently retired from the job of Marshal to do some writing and meditating, and is currently staying at her estates about five days ride north of Amber along the coast and writing a history of her time as Marshal. She is noted for her dislike of politics and her disbelief in miracles--this has frequently led to squabbles between her and many High Priests of the Unicorn.  She is red haired, tall, and wiry.  She is Hiko's mother.

Juri is currently missing, after last being seen in the vicinity of the Rebma-Whirlpool.

Corinne--Warden of Arden
Daughter of Gendo and Haruka

Corrine is one of the strongest, perhaps the strongest of her generation, a great dark haired woman said to have once picked up a lion and broken its back over her knee.  Dark haired and blue eyed, she's a little shorter than her sister Juri, and somewhat stockier.  Like Juri, she takes little interest in politics and spends most of her time guarding Arden and exploring Shadow.  She is also noted as a skillful painter and Trump Artist, happily providing Trumps for anyone who asks.  Corrine seems to get along fairly well with most of your relatives, although their intrigues easily exasperate her.  Corrine has a pet dragon named Sparky who she inherited from Gendo.  She is known to be one of the few people who actually understand Chef Bork when he speaks.

Corrine has not been seen for some time, although most speculate she likely joined her sister Juri on whatever quest Juri is currently on.  After briefly reappearing, she vanished again.  She has now reappeared, only to once more ride off into Shadow.  And now she's back again, no doubt soon to vanish.

Phil wrote a story that sheds some light on bits of Corrine's past exposed in one of the final adventures of TAMD, called "Fractures".

Makoto--Castellan of Castle Amber
Son of Gendo and "Charlotte" (Sakura)

Makoto is an amiable sort, a friendly guy who always has a kind word for the younger generation...and a joy buzzer.  He has a bit of a tendency to be a prankster, pulling stunts like tricking people into hellriding into shadows full of jello and falling buckets.  He's also a skillful warrior, which earned him his position as Castellan of Amber Castle.  He performs these identities quite efficiently, which seems to give him a lot of free time to cause trouble in.

Makoto continues to perform his duties and has been building up the castle's supplies as fast as he can buy more.  He left for a time on a quest into shadow with Shaft, but has since returned.  He's been quite busy around the castle of late.

Nanami--Steward of Amber City
Daughter of Gendo and "Charlotte" (Sakura)

Blonde and thin with a bad attitude, Nanami heads the social vultures of the court, wrecking havoc on lives with her meddling and prying. Too many people hate her for her to ever claim the throne, yet at the same time, her social connections would make her a valuble ally to someone who actually understands the concept of not being a bitch to everyone. Known to be a close ally of Makoto, her full brother, who is one of the few people she seems to like.  Nanami also oversees the functioning of the City of Amber and dabbles in its byzantine politics.  Nanami has mellowed somewhat since the Succession Crisis, and in fact often seems downright cheerful.

Rumors speak of Nanami's involvement in some sort of raid on Lipun which may have provoked the Lipunese declaration of war.  Also rumored to have tortured Prince Hayao of Lipun in some way.  She responded to the Lipunese Ambassador's declaration of war by telling him he would be turned into a toad if he was still in Amber at the next sunrise.

Nanami has recently participated in the rescue of Queen Yuriko from Kashfa, and is currently treating Princess Wakaba for a disease acquired by her in Shadow.  She seems exceptionally cranky of late.


The bastard son of Gendo by an elfmaid from Shadow, Findulias.  He walked the Pattern centuries ago and has never been seen again.  Recently, he was rescued from imprisonment in Thangodrim in Beleriand by Shaft and company.  He seems quite wistful and sad and quiet now, unlike his youthful joviality of times past.

Derith--Admiral of Mystara
Son of Gendo and Rei of Rebma

Handsome and snappily dressed, Derith is a consummate courtier, politician and scholar.  He is known to be a grand master of the arts of Pattern, having studied them intensely under Fuyutsuki.  For centuries, he lived in Rebma, avoiding involvement in Amber politics, but after his involvement in the Succession Crisis, he has re-entered Amberite life.  He commands the Southern Navy of Amber.  While he is no great swordsman, he does carry the blade Greyswandir, one of the legendary Pattern Blades.

Derith's absence during this great crisis has been somewhat conspicuous, except for the fact that he is generally absent during most crises.  However, he is believed to be currently putting the Southern Fleet in motion to deal with the raids taking place along Amber's southern coast.

There are rumors of some sort of tensions between him and King Tylor, recently.  He loaned his blade, Greyswandir, to Miki during the disastrous scouting mission to the Keep of the Five Worlds, and it is believed to now be in Annadil's hands.  He is not taking trump calls.  With Rebma now a whirlpool, most fear for the worst.

Miki--Master of the Revels
Son of Gendo and Rei of Rebma

Master of the Revels for Amber, he provides entertainment for the court and city and oversees the city's theatres. He is a talented pianist and a fencer of some repute. Friendly and open, almost everyone likes him. He has publically announced he has no interest in the throne.  He also turned down the offer of the job of Admiral of Shalomar, pointing to his lack of naval experience despite his Rebman ancestry.  Carries a stopwatch and times things frequently.  He spends a lot of time trying to keep his sister Kozue out of trouble.  He is known to be a close friend to Madoka the Court Bard, and rumors whisper of a budding romance between them.  Certainly he has been known to join her on long nights in the gazebo, where they play together.  In the last few years, Miki has possessed a magical piano which can be miniaturized for transport.

Miki played an important role in the defeat of Embra-Derith, and has been travelling back and forth between Rebma and Amber frequently with messages from Moire to Tylor and vice versa.  Rumors have also been spreading that he possesses some sources of knowledge more than one might expect an humble Master of the Revels to possess...

He has recently become engaged to marry Madoka, the Court Bard.

Miki has been recovered from the hands of Annadil, and is currently resting in the castle.

Kozue--Admiral of Shalomar
Daughter of Gendo and Rei of Rebma


Kozue is Miki's female twin.  She is sly and manipulative, driving her brother insane with her reckless behavior.  She seems to have very bad taste in men, but some say that is just a front to help drive her brother crazy.  She seems to dabble in a little of everything.  She is currently serving as Admiral of the Northern Fleet, and has shown a remarkable knack for naval combat...perhaps her Rebman heritage shining through.  She doesn't seem to be so good at the organizational side of things, however.

Since the loss of her hand and Magnus the Unseen, Kozue has withdrawn to Shalomar, and few know what she is up to.  Some say Tylor has sent her on a secret mission, while others fear she may be planning to simply ride out the current crisis in her frustration.  Recent rumors claim she's sailed off into Shadow with her fleet and vanished.

Kozue seems to have returned to Amber; her current plans are unknown.

Utena--Royal Champion and Bodyguard
Daughter of Gendo and Dowager Queen Anthy

The pink-haired, boyish goody goody of the family. She is also one of the best among the elders, perhaps the best at feats of arms, although many would argue Juri and Drake are superior to her at leading armies.  Utena now serves as Tylor's bodyguard and judicial champion, as she did for King Gendo in his last years.

She seems rather depressed lately, for reasons unknown.

Wakaba--Queen's Bodyguard and Judicial Champion
Daughter of Gendo and Dowager Queen Anthy

It's hard to think of Wakaba as a princess of Amber. Her hair is an ordinary brown, pulled back into an elaborate hairstyle that probably takes her an hour each morning to put up. She dresses fashionably, and worries more about her love life than power or politics. Still, she is one of your aunts and a noted sorceress. She and Utena are very closely allied.  Even after centuries, she's still the baby of the family, at least to her siblings.  Wakaba acts as bodyguard and judicial champion for Queen Yuriko Star.

After being captured with Yuriko in Kashfa for a time, Wakaba was rescued by Prince Ota, and is currently being treated by Nanami for some sort of disease.

The Fourth Generation of Amber

Daughter of Saionji and Paulette
[Sound of violin music]


Michelle is of medium height with long aqua-green hair which is somewhat wavy.  She always dresses elegantly.  Unlike her father, she is slender rather than athletic, artistic rather than militant.  She is reknowned for her skill with the violin, and is a somewhat skillful sorceress.  Her mother is long dead, one of Saionji's lovers out of Shadow, and she is technically illegitimate.  She trained musically with Miki for a time, and usually seems closer to him than to her own father.  She bears a strong resemblance to Michiru, a woman whom rumors claimed was Queen Haruka's lover.

She has been seen a fair amount with Prince Shizumaru of late, accompanying him on several missions into Shadow.

Son of Nanami and some unknown male
"I am NOT A HUMAN SHIELD!    Okay?!?"

It's generally considered that whoever his father was, the man must have been big because Ramon is simply huge.  He's tall, with short dark hair and bulging muscles.  He tends to wear martial arts clothing, and is noted for his skill in those arts.  Ramon is an easy going guy and somewhat easily exploited, which usually results in his mother lecturing him.  He bickers constantly with his mother, who has been known to use him as a human shield.

Ramon has been seen on several missions with Shaft of late.  He recently returned from aiding in the rescue of Princess Wakaba.  Rumors connect him to the sorceress Keiko romantically.

Daughter of Kozue and Lord Briaros
"Now you've made me REALLY angry!"

Shinobu has short black hair cut in her mother's style and a rather bulkier figure, inherited from her father's side.  She got picked on a lot because she was an ugly little kid, so she got tough fast and learned how to fight very well.  She has a legendary temper, during which she seems to get impressive bursts of strength.  She has an uneasy relationship with her mother, who is sometimes affectionate and sometimes distant and usually manipulative.  She was raised by her father in Sethfor as a result; he is an easygoing man, tall, dark haired and bulky.  Most observers remain confused as to why Kozue had a fling with him in the first place.

Shinobu has been appointed to command the southern army against the Therins, and is currently pressing them southwards, having taken their capital and celebrated her birthday in it.

Vash the Stampede
Parentage Unknown
"Love and PEACE!!!"

Vash wandered out of shadow recently, acting as a bodyguard for Robert Blake. He walked the Pattern after Crusty double dog dared him to do it, and to the shock of observers survived it.  He seems to be a complete idiot, though in Amber that probably means he's a genius.

He is currently employed as bodyguard to Queen Yuriko.

Recent events have shown he bears an odd resemblance to Gideon the Ravager Beast.

Gendo's Wives

Sakura of Catala (first time)--Dead

Sakura was Gendo's first wife.  Tall and dark haired, she was from Catala, a kingdom which once ruled all of what is now Kashfa, Eregnor, and Begma.  Tylor, Touga, and Drake were born during her first marriage to Gendo.  Then, when Gendo  provoked a civil war in Kashfa in order to prevent its new monarch making war on Amber, she stormed out and didn't come back for a very, very long time.

Yvette of Monde--Dead

Gendo's second wife was formerly his mistress, married mainly as an act of spite against Sakura.  She was a pretty young blonde lass, who was married to Gendo for four years, then died giving birth to Saionji.

Haruka of Harad--Dead

Haruka's father was the last king of Harad, who willed his daughter and kingdom to Amber in order to gain protection from the invasions of the Cimbri tribes which were overrunning everything north of the Kolvir Range.  Haruka grew up a warrior, fighting the invasions, and fought constantly with Gendo.  There were persistant rumors she was lesbian, but she did have several children by Gendo, of whom only Juri and Corinne survive.  She was murdered, but the killers were not found until years later.

"Charlotte of Belgalad"  Sakura of Catala (second time)--Very Dead

Agents of Sakura murdered Haruka.  She then managed to swoop in and seduce Gendo, having disguised herself with shapeshifting.  Somehow, she convinced him to retroactively annul all his former marriages, rendering Saionji and Juri bastards, then married him and produced Nanami.  She apparently planned to use Nanami to try to destroy Amber somehow.  She died at the hands of Touga and Gendo in the Pattern chamber under circumstances neither of them has ever been willing to discuss.  The common rumor is that they killed her by forcing her to walk the pattern herself.  He annulled the marriage as well, thus making Nanami a bastard.  Rumor has it this contributed to why she's so cranky, as this has never been reversed.

Rei of Rebma--Living in Rebma


Rei was sullen and quiet, with blue hair and pale skin, the sister of Queen Moire of Rebma.  Gendo married her in a diplomatic marriage at the behest of the Lord High Chamberlain of the time.  He soon found her to be creepy and too passive and not up to his physical standards.  He kept her only as long as was necessary to avoid a breech with Rebma, then had the marriage annuled.  It still caused a diplomatic breech with Rebma.  She is mother to Derith, Miki, and Kozue.

Of late, she has demonstrated the ability to create oracular statues.

With Rebma vanished, her fate is unknown.

Lorelei of Therin--Dead

She was tall and thin, dark skinned with dark black hair.  A gracious hostess, she was in many ways the perfect wife for the King of Amber.  She has no surviving NPC children, but she's available as a PC mother.  She had the misfortune to drown during a boating accident.

Dowager Queen Anthy--Very Much Alive

Dowager Queen Anthy was Gendo's last wife, and still is alive.  The young dowager queen is younger than many of her step-children. She is shy and quiet, the least assertive of the queens Gendo married over the years. In fact, she is sometimes so passive it gets downright creepy.  Still, she is gentle and kind. Her hair is purple and wavy, pulled back into a bun, and she wears glasses. She is mother to Utena and Wakaba.

These days, she seems largely content to advise Tylor and to maintain the castle gardens.  She also acts as the umpire for the Rose Dueling Arena.  In recent days, it has become apparent that she is the guardian of the Demi-Jewel of Air.

Dead members of the royal family, in order of Death

Everyone listed here is presumed dead, usually with good reason.


One of Gendo's bastards.  His shoelace came untied while walking the Pattern for the first time. He tripped and fell and the Pattern ripped him apart.  He has become a cautionary tale in Amber.


Van was Saonji's elder brother.  He rode forth to challenge a dragon that was raiding the Golden Circle.  Neither he nor the dragon was ever seen again, and his trump is cold and dead.


Eldest daughter of Haruka.  She died during a winter battle on a frozen lake. The ice cracked, she fell in and perished.  Someone has appeared with the Harad Rebels, claiming to be her.


Another daughter of Haruka.  Raped and killed by a Cimbri warchief when she was only fifteen.

Haruka Minor

A brave and valiant warrior who was murdered by the Cimbri during a truce negotiation.


Another bastard son.  He was legitimized after Sakura's treason was revealed, and made Nanami's young life hell.  An overbearing bastard who wrote bad poetry, he insulted the wrong ambassador and was cut in half.


Daughter of Lorelei.  She drowned with her mother during the boating accident.  She was only twelve.


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