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This page briefly describes your main relatives, your father's dead wives, the main court officials and the main palace servants. I certainly don't expect you to memorize them all, but just knowing they exist will provide a boost to creative thinking, or so I hope.
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Miki's Trump Conservatory

Miki's Trump Conservatory was recently destroyed, but formerly consisted of a huge concert hall full of Trump Pianists.  After his capture by Annadil, it was used to jam trump transmissions across large swathes of Shadow.  It is unknown whether Miki will rebuild it.


Morgenstern is a construct built on a broken Pattern, using the Embran Flawed Demi-Jewel of Fire as its central processor.  It was originally created by Annadil under the name 'Horatio', after he made off with the DJ from Shaft.  It tends to use a flaming horse as its prefered visual manifestation with a hollow booming voice.

Morgenstern now works for Shaft, having chosen to switch allegiances rather than die.

Golden Circle Diplomats

Khunta Kol, Ambassador of Ashante

Khunta [Duke, roughly] Kol is a tall man whose once muscular physique is turning to fat.  Still, he could easily go toe to toe with a Lipunese sumo wrestler and win.  He is a friendly and inquisitive, but somewhat lazy man, who has caused some scandal from flaunting his concubines.  Polygamy is normally banned by Amber law, but diplomatic immunity has its privileges...  Kol is somewhat embarassed by his nation's inability to aid Amber as its honor requires, and thus alternates between being very obesiant and being very cranky.

Countess Naya, Ambassador of Begma
Countess Naya is efficient and business-like, skillful at promoting Begman trade.  She has been calling quite shrilly for aid from Amber against Kashfa and doesn't think Amber is doing enough for them.

Enlai, Ambassador of Cathay

Enlai is of Ungolian descent, making him an unusual choice as a Cathayan ambassador, but his years of loyal service earned him this post.  He spends most of his time watching out for the inhabitants of the Ward of the Far Traveller, better known as New Cathay City, and can often be found there patronizing shops and helping the inhabitants with their problems.  Enlai is believed to be jockeying to convince the royal family to support a partition of Lipun between Cathay and Hang-Kung.

Count Boris Badenov of Daiga

Short and dumpy with a thin black moustache, short black hair, and dark clothing, Count Badenov considers himself a master of intrigue.  He's quite wrong, and is quite regularly used by everyone as a pawn and made a fool of.  But he keeps trying.  His wife Natasha is quite stylish and elegant, and somewhat better at intrigue than he.  The count seems blissfully unaware somehow of the current crisis and acts as if it was business as usual.

Fergus O'Sean, Voice of the High King of the Isle of Emeralds

Fergus is a red-haired, lusty, hard-drinking man whose main purpose in life is to have as much sex as possible.  He is enabled to do this by the fact that he has little real work to do.  Recently, however, he has become a much harder working ambassador, using every promise known to man to hire mercenaries to aid his homeland, which is under attack.  He has called for Princess Kozue and Prince Derith to be declared traitors for their failure to aid his homeland with their fleets.  Upon hearing Princess Juri had been appointed to build a relief force, he asked her to marry him.  She said no.

Pythagoras, now ex-Head of the Boetian League's Diplomatic Mission (Euboea)

Pythagoras knows the Euboeans are still unpopular in Amber, centuries after Amber broke Euboea's power.  He does his best to be inoffensive, and spends much of his time in the Royal Library, working with Travis the Librarian on various lines of research, or at home in his embassy, working out mathematical proofs.  He is short, bald, and looks to be around sixty, dressed in simple clothing that makes him often mistaken for a peasant.

Pythagoras is now out of a job, as his homeland has suddenly united in a new league and declared war on Amber.  Seeing this as suicidal, he quietly moved out of the embassy and is now working as a tutor for House Commarach.

Wang, Head of Hang-Kung's Diplomatic Mission

Wang is middle aged and bulky, fat, but very strong, though certainly not quick.  His head has been shaven and tattooed with a red phoenix in flight, and he obsessively wears red and orange.  He is somewhat volatile, swinging rapidly from extreme cheerfulness to depression to rage to whimsicality.  When he is calm or in one of his positive moods, he is extremely charming, while in his negative moods, he tends to inspire terror.  He seems to dislike Ishikawa Gentarou due to Lipun's past attempts to conquer Hang-Kung, he is quite friendly with Ambassador Enlai of Cathay, who represents Hang-Kung's main trading partner besides Amber, and clearly respects Ambassador Polli of Siam, although their religious debates are legendary for the passion with which they argue.  Wang is nominally a priest of the Phoenix, but his ambassadorial duties largely preclude him playing much of a role in Phoenix worship in the city.  Wang gets along very poorly with Princess Nanami for reasons unknown to anyone but them.

Wang's moods have been better of late, as the Hang-Kung navy has been kicking Lipun's ass.  This may change when it comes time for the tradition of Hang-Kung ground forces being stomped flat by Lipun ground forces, but for now, he's on top of the world.

Duchess Mimette, ex-Ambassador from Kashfa

The Duchess is a blonde fluff-head...or so it seems.  No one can believe Jasra would appoint a real idiot as Ambassador to Amber, so perhaps she's just really subtle.  She spent a lot of time partying with Wakaba.  She has now returned to Kashfa since the outbreak of war.

Ishikawa Gentarou, Ambassador from Lipun

Ishikawa Gentarou is a middle-aged man of slender build and crafty disposition. He dresses in semi-ceremonial samurai armor for affairs of state, and often fully functional armor (well, the lighter type) at other times. He plays the honorable Lipunese warrior-noble to the hilt, ready to commit seppuku--ritual suicide--at the drop of a hat, for an imagined offense that he's done, or to protest an offense against himself or Lipun.  He's always quickly prevented from following through, though, since it
looks bad when a diplomat literally spills his guts in Amber's audience room.

That's what Lord Ishikawa counts on, anyway. He indeed is playing the role, and doesn't really have intentions to kill himself. He's got too much left  to do, after all, such as persuading Tylor not to intervene in the clashes between Lipun and Hang-Kung (and also with Cathay, though to a lesser extent). When he's not blustering about fetching his tanto and slicing himself up right there and then, he can adjust his demeanor to one of cajoling and smooth-talking. Or, if necessary, he can threaten to cut someone else open, as an answer to an insult. He wears many faces, as if he were one of his homeland's master kabuki actors. Those who know him realize that he is not as hotheaded as he usually appears, but is simply using this perception to make those who _don't_ know him that well to misjudge him.

Lord Ishikawa has a bit of a personal feud between himself and the Hang-Kung ambassador, which only adds fuel to the fire regarding the politics between their two countries. Relations with the Cathay ambassador are also rather frosty. As for other Golden Circle diplomats...most don't trust him, and quite a few also dislike him. He has few friends in Amber, but that suits him fine.

Lord Ishikawa has now withdrawn from Amber since the outbreak of war between Lipun and Amber.

Princess Amelia of Sailoon, Ambassador from Sailoon

Princess Amelia is a young and enthusiastic sorceress who endlessly rants about fighting for justice.  She looks and frequently acts in a ludicrous manner, but she's strong enough to suckerpunch warhorses and a fairly skillful sorceress.  She is generally known to have a crush on Saionji.  The Princess keeps promising aid from Sailoon...if Amber provides a navy to transport it.

Thai the Monk, Ambassador from Siam

Shaven headed and wearing saffron, muscular and tall, Thai stands out in Amber, and seems to enjoy the experience.  He has little business to conduct, and thus spends most of his time meditating, having theological arguments with High Priest Geo and Ambassador Wang, and berating Yumi for her loose behavior.  Yumi just laughs, which infuriates him.  He seems displeased by Tylor's slackness and Amber's general spirit of irreverance towards anything but the Unicorn.

He has been in favor of late, as Siam has gone to the aid of the KTC in Sind.

Krishya, ex-Head of the Nogul Empire's Diplomatic Mission (effectively the Sindhi ambassador)

Krishya is a cunning member of the Ralya (warrior) caste.  He is a natural leader and one of the forces behind the recent revival of Mogul imperial authority, for he knows the KTC will bring changes that would destroy his way of life.  He has been sent by the Nogul Emperor to gain the King of Amber's aid or at least consent in destroying the KTC (Kashmir Trading Collective), which is nibbling away at his land.  Krishya largely ignores the other ambassadors, other than to snub the ambassador from Siam, since he despises the Way of Light.

Krishya delivered a declaration of war to King Tylor weeks ago, then sailed home.

Aristophanes, Ambassador from Singh

Aristophanes was a playwright of reknown in Singh, and has become one of fame in Amber as well, writing biting satires and broad (often crude) popular comedies.  Most of his plays these days make fun of Uila and seek to sway Amberite sympathies to support Singh--but he is skillful enough to not be too blatantly political.  He gets along quite well with Miki, who has composed music for several of his works.

Aristophanes has had a field day producing satiric works which have helped to boost Amberite morale against its enemies.

Mistress Talia, Ambassador from Talma

Medium in height, thin and elegant, Mistress Talia is a leading trader in dyes and cloth, and has turned her embassy into an emporium for her products.  When not busy making formal dress clothing for the nobles and other ambassadors, she presses for better trade terms for Talma and tries to convince Amber to dump Uila from the Golden Circle.  With Uila on the outs with Amber, she is feeling very happy, and she's quite pleased with the aid her nation has recieved.

Grand Duke Richard the Fat, Ambassador from Therin

Richard the Fat is a huge portly man with a greasy brown beard and neatly cut, short brown hair.  He always wears a military uniform despite his lack of military experience, and he seems to spend most of his time playing with his officially non-existant harem.  He also attends every party to eat the food, and occassionally does diplomatic work.  He greatly dislikes Ambassador Aristophanes, who has put him in several plays as a figure of fun.  He extremely hates Krusty, but is unable to strike at the Royal Fool, so he just tries to avoid him.

Richard the Fat has returned to Therin since war broke out.

Duke Phillip Aristedes, Ambassador from Uila

Duke Phillip finds himself in the difficult position of attempting to justify his nation's desire to conquer another Golden Circle member.  Uila has lost its Golden Circle status repeatedly over this issue, but without access to other shadows, its economy will collapse.  He is trying unsuccessfully to convince the other Golden Circle ambassadors to back him up, but has had little luck.  To soothe his frustrations, he spends a lot of time hunting in Arden.  He has struck up a friendship with the Hunt Master as a result.

The Duke has returned to Uila, and is believed to be currently leading one of their armies.

Duchess Maria Casmir, Ambassador from Wroland

Duchess Maria spends most of her time abusing her servants, throwing and attending parties, and generally treating her job as a way to get other people to pay for her social life.  Every once in a while, she attends to the little actual work she has to do.  She has become a friend of Princess Kozue; they seem to enjoy getting in trouble together.

She finds herself in the embarrassing position of her nation having failed in its duties to Amber and her closest patron in Amber being in exile and possibly a traitor.  This has made her rather a persona non grata.

Dwellers in Shadow

Captain Esmereldas

Captain of the Arcadia, a Rebman ship which resembles a Giant Dolphin.

Great Grand-pa

Rimururu's great grand-father, the head of her clan.  Her family are boatbuilders.

Prince Hayao of Lipun

Prince Hayao looks like a sumo wrestler. He was last seen being deported back to Lipun, having claimed Jade Mask had brainwashed him into being her flunky.  Not a very bright man.


His true identity is unknown, as are his allegiances.  Shizumaru has met him in both Amber and the Courts of Chaos, and knows someone tried to pay him to assassinate Shizumaru.  Kenji refused the job, however, and told Shizumaru about it.  A short, wiry, smiling young man with a sword, who appears to be Lipunese.

Uncle Kido

Rimururu's uncle, a noted fighter with a bit of a temper.  Defeated in holmgang combat by Shizumaru.

Captain Lori

Captain of the Stingray, a Rebman naval vessel, assigned by Moire to assist Mikage in his Icon Quest.


A young child whose father abuses her mother.  She is a friend of Lord Totoro and brought Shizumaru to him.  Within Totoro's domain, she becomes a young princess.

Rimururu, Priestess of Frostspire

Rimururu is a priestess of the shrine of Frostspire, an ice kami in a shadow about two weeks distance from Amber by normal speed shadow travelling.  She is short, with bobbed brown hair, and in her mid teens in age.  She has extensive ice powers, and is accompanied by an ice crystal known as Konril.  Rimururu is currently being courted by Prince Shizumaru while she finishes off a period of an oath of celibacy.

Lord Totoro

A powerful forest spirit who guards a very dim reflection of the Pattern in Lipun.  He lives near Shizumaru's home village there.



Al-Ghazali, the Grand Vizier of the City of Brass

Al-Ghazali inherited his title from his father, also named Al-Ghazali.  But where his father was a somewhat middling good mage, Al-Ghazali is able to wield obscene amounts of magic.  His mother was one of the legendary Maidens of Ore, whose lineage harkens back to the  primeval days of the City.  How the former Al-Ghazali was even able to court her for breeding is a closely followed mystery.

Al-Ghazali grew up quickly in magic, training first at the Maiden House, then later heading off onto the Fire Highway to seek other instructors.  A century later, he returned, his already formidable fire powers verging on godlike and bearing powerful ice magics that make even the Caliph tremble.  Still, he doesn't seek to overthrow the Caliph like other Grand Viziers of the City's history have sought to do.  He seems content to keep the peace between the guilds, lead the occassional army and tend his palace on the northern border.  He has two sons and five daughters by his current wife, Yuki.


Purple-haired and dark-skinned, Annadil's origins and ultimate goals remain unknown.  He seems to have spent decades, perhaps centuries manipulating events around Amber.  Indeed, his shape-shifting abilities make it possible that he may have been any of a wide variety of people in Amber's history.  Does he possess royal blood?  Is he a servant of Chaos?  Is he but a pawn of some greater power?  All these questions remain unanswered.

It has been shown he can shapeshift, that he can in some manner fly without wings (sorcery?), and that he is a superior swordsman to Fuyutsuki.  He, or a shadow of himself, has some connection to Embra as well.

Derith of Embra

After successfully obtaining Kozue's mind-affecting spikard and nearly killing many Amberites at the Kozue/Madoka duel, he then tried to take over Rebma, only to be defeated by Drake's expedition to Embra.  He is known to possess the Embran DemiJewel of Water and to have lost his right arm to a blow from Werewindle.

Grand Caliph Fahram ibn-Alshuana

Ibn-Alshuana is the longest living king of the City of Brass, of the House of Malablin.  The Malablins have been in power since approximately 880 AY, with Ibn-Alshuana coming to power in 962 AY.

In one of his many trips into Shadow before the Theran Wars, Gendou found the City of Brass.  Ibn-Alshuana was just beginning his reign and welcomed Gendou with hospitality and suspicion.  He was right to do so, for Gendou trapped Ibn-Alshuana in a bottle and escaped along the Fire Highway back to Amber.  Ibn-Alshuana remained Gendou's prisoner for many years until he escaped by setting Gendou's chambers on fire.  When he returned to the City of Brass, he set forth a decree:  all Amberites are to be killed on sight.

After healing from his wounds, he embarked on an ambitious quest: to storm the castle of Amber and drag Gendou back to the City of Brass to be ritually disemboweled by fire-lizards and his entrails put to fire.  The largest army in the history of the City of Brass was gathered and they got as far as the Tree of Yig before being met by Drake and the Amber army.  The following battle lasted two months, in which casualties were suffered on each side, but as Drake was able to continually raise reinforcements from neighboring shadows, the efreet were eventually overcome and driven back.

Since then, Ibn-Alshuana has made it his life-long dream to eventually see the downfall of any of Gendou's progeny.  It is said that he lent aid to the Ulians in their wars,  but this is disputed by most modern Amber scholars.  There are also rumors that he is in league with the Courts of Chaos.

Jade Mask

Jade Mask is a sorceress involved in drug smuggling who bears a strong resemblance to Wakaba.  Her sorcery tends to be serpent themed.  She has clashed with Shaft and Nagisa recently, but escaped.  She has been shown to be the Embran shadow of Wakaba.  Shaft severed her right arm and took her spikard.

Lina Inversed

The white-haired, gun-toting court mage of Embra.  She filled Lina Inverse with cold iron buckshot at the battle of Sakhalin Island, but perished in the battle.

The Man with the Silver Arm

The Man with the Silver Arm appears to be a shadow of Drake, probably from Embra.  His left arm is silver, and he has demonstrated he can outfight Shizumaru, and that he wields a shadow of Werewindle.  His horse seems to be intelligent and doesn't take him as seriously as he takes himself.  He has attacked Ramon, who he maimed, and Shizumaru, who lost an ear to him.

Naga the White Serpent

Naga is an over-endowed sorceress who wears not much more than a leather bikini and has the #1 rank in 'Annoying Laughter'.  She is, despite being basically a nutcase, a skillful sorceress and mercenary, if you don't mind collateral damage.

Venir 2.0 and SKYNET

A white-haired man, who wears sunglasses and a trenchcoat.  He has a jewel in place of his left eye, and his left arm is made of silver.  He carries a shape-changing weapon known as 'The Ends of the World', and seems to report to something called 'SKYNET'.  Whatever his true nature or identity, he talks like a cyborg and seems to be after the Demi-Jewel of Wood for reasons unknown.  He possesses some degree of sorcerous ability.

Recent events showed him to serve a trio of Goddesses, one of whom is now 'married' to Shizumaru.



House ????? (probably Erle):

   |      |- "One to Destroy"
   |      |
   +------|- Fuyutsuki + Grey / Crystal Knight / Unicorn
   |      |                  |
????????  |- "One to Keep    |--- Gendo (d)
              The Balance"/  |
              The Hanged Man |--- Moire (d?)
                             |--- Shayla (d)

House Gainax:

   +-------- Anno + ??????
   |                   |
????????               |--- Akio/"Annadil"
                       |--- Anthy + ?????(Akio/"Annadil")
                       |                |
                       |                |--- Mamiya
                       |--- Setsuna

(Possible that Fuyutsuki and Anno are -brothers-, given Fuyutsuki's
recent 'nephew' comment in reference to Annadil)

Davros the Stylite

An amiable sort, he can found meditating on a pillar in a desert just past the Amber/Chaos border (on the Chaos side), trying to be worthy of being tempted by the Unicorn, who seems to have not noticed him.  He greatly assisted Shizumaru's quest to recover his stolen Icon, in return for the promise they'd try to convince the Unicorn to send him temptations to resist.  Last seen back at his pillar.

Lord Falme

A son of Lord Dormammu of Chaos, he tried to assassinate Mikage and failed.  He's been turned into Mikage's puppet and seems to have developed a strange obsession with ice cream.

House Fomorian

Twisted, warped, and ugly.  Fond of Zeppelins.

House Gainax

Keepers of the Logrus and Keepers of Lost Items.  Ever wonder what happens when the dryer eats a sock?  They know.

House Helgram

Serpent-worshipping Super Freaks.  They are led by Lord Loewen, a bandaged up Chaos Lord, who has put a 100 ton tre-stone bounty on Shaft's head, claiming Shaft threw him into the Sacred Eternal Flame of the Serpent, then poured gasoline on him and left him to die.

House Hendrake

Noted warriors of Chaos.  Shizumaru is wanted in Chaos for killing twelve knights of House Hendrake, with a ton of tre-stone bounty on his head.

House Jesby

Noted sailors of Chaos, who claim to have invented sailing.

Visitors from Other Universes

(d) is deceased
(d?) is unknown if deceased or not
(m) is missing
(?) is unsure parent
?????? is unknown parent


[[Only 'relevant' portions listed here...]]

White Rose Avalon:

GEN 0       GEN 1                   GEN 2

Dworkin              ...
   |                  |
   +------- Oberon(d) + Faiella (d)
   |                  |        |
The Unicorn           |        |--- Eric (d)
                      |        |
                      |        |--- Dierdre
                      |        |
                      |        |--- Corwin
                     ...         ...
Corwin Pattern ......

GEN 1(or 2)       GEN 2(or 3)       GEN 3(or 4)           GEN 4(or 5)

King With No Name
    + Morgan (d)
    |        |
    |        |--- Tess + Bleys of Avalon-Amber
    |        |                 |
    |        |                 |--- Horatio + ????/Juri/Etc
    |        |                                       |
    |        |                                       |--- Julian
    |        |
    |        |--- Angus + Ryoko (d)
    |                          |
    |                          |--- Juri + Roderick --
    |                                                |
    |                                                |--- [Horatia]
    + Ryoko (d)
    |        |
    |        |--- Darako (d)
    |        |
    |        |--- Trucido
    + Cait (d)
    |        |--- Venir (d)
    |        |
    |        |--- Dante
   ...       |
             |--- Gideon + Kim -
                         |     |
                         |     |--- Dara
                         + Wasyuu
                               |--- [Lian]


Dworkin              ...
   |                  |
   +------- Oberon(d) + Clarissa (d)
   |                  |        |
The Unicorn           |        |--- Bleys + Tess of Shadow Avalon
                      |        |                    |
                      |        |                    |--- Roderick
                      |        |
                      |        |--- Fiona + Mandor --
                      |        |                    |
                      |        |                    |--- Rhianna
                     ...       |
                               |--- Brand (D) + Jasra (d)
                                                    |--- Rinaldo (d)

Prince Gideon of Avalon

Prince Gideon looks like Vash, but thankfully doesn't act like him.  He and Princess Juri are siblings from yet another shadow with delusions of grandeur.  Or possibly, we're the shadow with delusions of grandeur...naaah.  He is notable for his vast collection of toys and his broad range of powers.  And a really spiffy red coat.  He is currently building some sort of giant machine which he assures everyone won't explode or try to eat the Pattern.

Princess Juri of Avalon

It's not too hard to guess who Princess Juri of Avalon resembles.  Wielder of a Patternblade, she's shown she knows how to use it very well.  Most often seen in the company of Princess Corrine, Princess Hiko, and Prince Roderick, no one knows why she is here, although the rumors range from her being Corrine's lover to her being the last survivor of a destroyed alternate universe to her springing out of Tylor's head during one of his migraines.  None of this explains why she carries a wooden spoon everywhere, though.

Prince Roderick of  [Squid Gumi] Amber

This muscular redhead has attracted quite a lot of attention, both from his broad range of magical skills and his tendency to follow Princess Juri around like a puppy.  He seems an amiable sort, and a bit of a ladies' man, although the word 'train' makes him twitch.  His origins are also unknown, although it's generally assumed Corrine picked him up in shadow somewhere along with Gideon and Juri of Avalon.

"Handsome with a thin red moustache and twinkling grey eyes, a smile upon his lips, he could be the son of no one else but Bleys, though his nose was a touch larger, and his face a little more round.  He wore stylish clothing in red and purple, a ring upon each hand, a rapier at his hip.  He was tall and well muscled, ready to pose as a Greek god if necessary.  Yet, I could read just a touch of frustration in him; likely he had spent his life trying to measure up to his father and failing.  He had not yet learned like his father to simply act as if he was the best at all things, whether he was or not; indeed, I'm not sure if Bleys even realizes he is not number one anymore."

--Corwin's first impression of Roderick

The Three Goddesses

Beings from another universe beyond the cave of worlds, they resemble the Norse Goddess of Fate...well, sort of.  One of them, Urd, has declared herself married to Shizumaru; it remains to be seen if she will cause trouble for his new relationship with Rimururu.  VENIR 2.0 seems to serve them.


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