Timezone Page

Timezone Players in that TimeZone Pacific Central  Eastern Phillipines
Pacific Trish X X+2 X+3 X+15
Central John, Rod X-2 X X+1 X+13
Eastern Drew X-3 X-1 X X+12
Phillipines Timerunner, Scriv X-15 X-13 X-12 X

How to use this Chart:

Look down the left side and find the Timezone you're in.  Your current time = X.  Then read over to the time zone you wish to convert to and do the math:

John wants to check if 3 pm  his time on Tuesday is a viable gaming time for Scrivener.  He checks the chart, and adds 13 hours, determining that his 3 pm is Scriv's 4 AM on Wednesday.  He discards the idea.

Timerunner wants to schedule a game with Trish and John at 10 AM his time on Friday.  10 AM - 15 hours is 7 PM the previous day, Trish's time (namely, Thursday).  10 AM- 13 hours is 9 PM for John.  This is workable...until rabid wombats carry John away, anyway.


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Last Update January 14, 2000