The Fuyutsuki Trump Deck

Described below are the common Trump Cards produced by Fuyutsuki for the Royal Family of Amber, as well as their commonly attributed meanings and reversed meanings. It is by no means an exhaustive list of cards and meanings; a particular card may have more or less meaning assigned to it by personal perceptions and history with the depicted subject matter.

This document is intended to be used with Trump Fortune Telling, (A Beginner's Guide). It can also be used as a reference to the Royal Family's common Trump Cards, and a testament to the skill of Fuyutsuki's artistry and insight, which I cannot hope to match.

--- Corrine, Princess of Amber

The Standard Trump Deck:

It is to be noted that almost every possessor of a trump deck will have an at least slightly different set of cards.  The eldest of Gendo's children possess decks that bear almost no resemblence to this deck at all, for many things in it either didn't exist or were unknown in their youths.  Some may possess trumps of Gendo's other wives or of other dead Amberites.

The Eldest:

Trump Number: 0
Alternate Name: The Artist

Description: Fuyutsuki, riding the Unicorn side-saddle, stands in the middle of a huge bonfire. It is held at bay by the Pattern, which he draws with a giant paintbrush in red on the black volcanic stone beneath him. He gazes on his work in progress through the Jewel of Judgement, which is set in a jeweler's loupe over his right eye. Gazing carefully into the flame, one can see a one-eyed serpent being held back by the Pattern being drawn.

Meaning: Fuyutsuki, the fires of creation, fire, artistic creativity, drawing, trumps and trump making, Pattern Defense, shadows of desire, the imposition of order on chaos, the Unicorn's favor, the Serpent's hatred, artistic discipline (when an artist endures in a difficult creation to its end).

Reversed Meaning: Enemies of Fuyutsuki, cold, depression, artistic difficulties (writer's block, etc), failures of creativity, derivative work, the dissolution of order into chaos, the Unicorn's hatred, the Serpent's favor, inability to finish projects, losing oneself in one's creation to the point of losing touch with reality.

Alternate Name: The Puppeteer
Trump Number: 1

Description: Two marionettes on strings, each dressed as a king, fight with each other, while Gendo, dressed regally, sits on the throne of Amber, pulling their strings. His sword, Justice, sits propped against the right side of the throne.

Meaning: Gendo, Gendo's favor, metal, the throne of Amber, the nation of Amber, the crown of Amber, manipulation, trickery, the pitting of people against each other for someone else's benefit, lies, intrigue, 'reason of state', the doing of dirty deeds for the good of Amber, pettiness, lustiness, seduction, far-sighted planning, hidden motives.

Reversed Meaning: Gendo's enemies, Amber's enemies, being so besotted by someone's looks you fail to see their true self, intrigues which backfire on the intriguer, manipulations which cause those manipulated to ally against you, frustrated desire, treason against Amber.

The Ex-Queens:

Rei of Rebma
Alternate Card Name:  The Sculptor
Trump Number: 2

Appearance:  Rei wears a black smock, covered with clay.  Expressionlessly, she is making a statue of herself from clay.  The statue, however, smiles brightly and is posed in a running position, looking as if she is running towards someone she eagerly wishes to greet.  Through the windows of the back wall of the room, one can see the deep blue-green waters of Rebma, and several fish swim by.

Meaning:  Rei, calm, inscrutability, lack of emotion, sculpting, artisanship, making, clay, water, still waters, putting one's hopes and dreams into one's creations, obedience to one's superiors, hidden passion

Meaning Reversed:  passivity, victimization, introversion, hiding one's true feelings, fear of getting close to people, failure in one's maternal duties

Dowager Queen Anthy
Alternate Card Name:  The Dreamer
Trump Number: 3

Appearance:  Queen Anthy rides a purple alicorn (a winged unicorn), vaulting upwards towards Tir'na-nog at night.  The full moon hangs in the sky in the upper right hand corner, and Tir'na-nog floats in the upper left hand corner.  Flowers trail down towards Castle Amber and the City of Amber in the Unicorn's wake, each of them different.  Her normally bound hair flows freely like a mane, flapping in an unseen wind, largely hiding the tiara she wears, which is set with a large, clear gemstone, probably a diamond. Unusually, she does not wear her spectacles.  She rides side-saddle, facing the viewer, though half-hidden by her mount's wings.  Her right hand holds onto the alicorn's horn, while her left hand holds a bouquet of flowers turned downwards, the source of the flowers trailing behind the alicorn.  The night sky is studded with stars, and perfectly clear.

Meaning:  Anthy, air, dreams, dreaming, the night sky, wind, alicorns, travelling to Tir'na-nog, flowers, gifts of flowers, gardening, telling people about your dreams, inspiring people to dream, hope, flying, travel by air, turning one's dreams into reality, nurturing, success in one's maternal duties

Meaning Reversed:  Anthy's enemies, Anthy's enmity, boredom, apathy, becoming so lost in one's dreams one cannot make them reality, introversion, shyness, quiet, despair, being victimized, fear of flying, night terrors, nightmares

The King and Queen:

King Tylor
Alternate Card Name:  The Free Spirit
Trump Number: 4

Appearance:  Tylor stands in his naval uniform at the prow of an Amberite clipper ship.  It is rushing through the sea towards a great chasm into which water plunges.  Beyond the chasm in the air floats a shining city of light, which he is gazing up at, so that he cannot see the chasm.  There are wings on the side of the ship, but it is unclear whether they are real, or merely painted onto it.  In his right hand, he raises a wine glass in a toast to the city in the sky.  Broken chains and shackles lie round his feet.  Tylor smiles brightly, and it remains unclear as to whether he is seeing the doom he risks, or ignoring it.  Will he soar or will he plummet?

Meaning:  Tylor, the navy of Amber, exploration, freedom of spirit, kindness, liberation, freedom from restraint, the freeing of slaves, long journeys, air, water, boats, relaxing, celebration

Meaning Reversed:  Tylor's enemies, recklessness, lack of discipline, failure of self-control, drunkenness, rushing to one's doom, looking before one leaps, collapse of authority, anarchy, chaos, stupidity

Queen Yuriko
Alternate Card Name:  Discipline
Trump Number: 5

Appearance:  Yuriko stands firmly at attention in her Rebman naval uniform, right hand raised in a salute.  An entire ship's crew can be seen behind her, though much less detailed, in the same pose.  They are sorted by rank, dropping in status the further back they are.  One must look carefully at the picture to realize the entire crew is underwater, although their blue hair and frequently blue-green skin immediately catches one's attention.  An anchor lies at her feet.  She is calm and unruffled, quietly happy, and her gaze is as firm as her pose.

Meaning:  Yuriko, the navy of Rebma, discipline, order, strength through unity, firm chains of command, drill, practice, use of accepted, tested procedures, water, anchors, stability, hiearchy, self-control

Meaning Reversed:  Yuriko's enemies, inability to adapt, rigidness, the arrogance of command, the Peter Principle, rigid self-control which leads to one breaking under stress, excessive suppression of emotion

The Third Generation:

Alternate Card Name:  The Jack-of-all-Trades
Trump Number: 6

Appearance:  Touga faces the viewer, dressed in his usual snappy clothing.  In his right hand, he holds a rapier pointed upwards, while his left hand (pointing down)  is suffused with magical energies which form strings, controlling a marionette which dances on the ground before him.  A coin, a trump card (this very one), a paint brush, a hammer, a love letter, and a shield painted with his sigil, lie on the ground before him.  The sun blazes in the sky above him, and the ground slopes towards the sea off to his left and rises to mountains on his right.  He smiles confidently, and looks like he knows something you don't.

Meaning:  Touga, fire, flexibility, breadth of skill, charm, getting your way through charm and intrigue, attractiveness to the opposite sex, overcoming obstacles through flexible response, talking your way out of trouble, strength of personality, dedication to Amber, double agents

Meaning Reversed:  Touga's enemies, lack of depth of skill, failure through knowing just enough to get in over your head, intrigues gone sour, heartbreak, cruelty to a loved one, matricide, lack of loyalty to one's own blood kin, cruelty, malice

Alternate Card Name:  The Technomancer
Trump Number: 7

Appearance:  Drake stands in the center of a huge computer circuit which resembles the Pattern, holding Werewindle in his right hand, and a monofilament main-gauche in his left, striking a fencing pose.  The circuitry all around him crackles with life, and careful examination shows the background is made of very tiny words crammed together.  Instead of weapon sheathes, he wears a cellular phone and a personal digital assistant on his belt, and his clothing is a business suit.  Various forms of money from gold coins to paper bills litter the floor to his left, and technological weapons of war are scattered about to his right.

Meaning:  Drake, technology, finance, swordmanship, military affairs, Drake's shadow, business, corporations, computers, electronics, high-tech combat, the organizing and supply of armies, armies, modern warfare, wise choice of subordinates, discipline, vision, visionary, future-oriented, metal, rejection of tradition, innovation, electricity, fortresses, wise spending and management, magic combined with technology

Meaning Reversed:  Drake's enemies, Overlooking the present in favor of the future, giving too much power to subordinates, overly hasty change, difficulty to contact, withdrawing into one's dreams instead of making them real, overreliance on devices instead of one's self.

Alternate Card Name:  The Dragonslayer
Trump Number: 8

Appearance:  Van, wearing no armor, only a leather jacket and pants, though with metal gauntlets, plunges his glowing sword into the heart of a red, scaley dragon as it rears back its head to breathe fire at him.  The dragon is standing on its hoard of gold, silver, jewelry, and other forms of wealth as it rushes out of its cave lair, but Van's entire attention is focused on his blow.  Indeed, he fails to notice the dragon's tail coming around to strike him as it coils underfoot and off to one side.

Meaning:  Van, metal, dragonslaying, heroic quests, bravery, strength, courage, overcoming difficult odds, solving problems through physical means, the triumph of man over nature, heroic death, self-sacrifice

Meaning Reversed:  Van's enemies, dragons, foolhardiness, failure to consider one's options carefully, obsession, desire to prove oneself, the inability of humanity, even Amberites, to deny death forever, rushing off half-cocked, death by monsters or nature

Alternate Card Name:  The Lover
Trump Number: 9

Appearance:  Saionji stands in a martial pose, dressed in court finery, and holding a practice sword made of wood.  His shirt is open, showing off his muscles, and he is surrounded by showering cherry blossoms, hearts, flowers, boxes of candy, and other signs of affection.  A forest stands behind him, full of dryads rushing towards him from behind, clearly infatuated...or perhaps an angry mob about to tear him apart for toying with their affections.  It is hard to tell.

Meaning:  Saionji, wood, love, being attractive to those you desire, handsomeness, martial skill, showing off, pride in one's appearance and skills, swordsmanship, recieving gifts from loved ones, forests, dryads

Meaning Reversed:  Saionji's enemies, jealousy, mistreatment of one's lovers, wrath of a rejected woman, toying with people's affections, siring bastards, arrogance, vanity, biting off more than one can chew

Alternate Card Name:  The General
Trump Number: 10

Appearance:  Juri wears the uniform of the Marshal of Amber, and stands with weapons sheathed before a map on a table showing all of Amber's lands, with some of her campaigns marked on the map in orange.  The Plains of Harad stretch out all around her.  A young blonde female messenger, clad in a soldier's uniform, awaits her commands, ready to relay them to the troops.  Her face is calm, but her eyes betray hidden tensions, worries, and fears.  Despite this, she stands confidently as she surveys the map.

Meaning:  Juri, metal, self-control, discipline, leadership, military genius, fencing skill, elder sisters, patience, calm, rationality, philosophy, rationalism, denying of miracles, military victory, organizing of armies, Harad's royal family, north, revenge, stoicism, rejection of superstition, self-mastery

Meaning Reversed:  Juri's enemies, the Cimbri or the Alans, despair, a false front of calm, the loss of one's mother, rape and rape victims, forced marriage, the detonation of long-suppressed rage, the unhealthy suppression of one's emotions, military defeat, being held captive

Alternate Card Name:  The Dragon-Rider
Trump Number: 11

Appearance:  Corrine rides over Arden on Sparky's back.  The forest spreads out below her, an endless sea of green, and the blue sky of morning rises overhead.  She is dressed in hunting leathers, and she wears a ruby pendant which glows brightly even in full sunlight.  While she carries a crossbow, a large brush for painting hangs from her belt instead of a sword, and her deck of trumps hangs from her belt on her left.  Both she and Sparky look quite cheerful, and Sparky is emitting a gout of flame, which immolates a vulture.

Meaning:  Corrine.  Wood.  Fire.  The Warden of Arden.  Forest Arden.  Strength.  Endurance.  Trump Artistry.  Devotion to family and friends.  Dedication to the crown.  Painting and artistry.  Hunting.  Survival.  Association with elves.  Dragons.  Sparky. Lightning.  Belief in miracles.

Meaning Reversed:  Corrine's enemies.  Cimbri and Alans.  Damage/Destruction of forests.  Short-tempered.  Frustration.  Betrayal.  Anger.  Grief and loss of family.  Dragon slayers.

Alternate Card Name:  The Child of Two Worlds
Trump Number: 12

Appearance:  Gil-Galad stands half inside a forest, and half in a city, with the line between the two very sharply drawn.  The left side of his body is dressed in court garb and looks subtly more human, while his right side wears hunter's clothing and is subtly more elvish.  He looks slightly frustrated, holding a bow in his right hand, and a lute in his left.  A sword hangs from his belt on his right side.

Meaning:  Gil-Galad.  Wood.  Half-elves.  Half-breeds.  Making the best of both sides of a mixed heritage.  Playing the lute.  Hunting.  Holding two jobs at once.  The Elves of Arden.  Poetry.  The border between civilization and the wilderness.  Quests for one's roots.

Meaning Reversed:  Enemies of Gil-Galad.  Enemies of Elves.  Cold Iron.  Inability to focus.  Being caught between conflicting duties and loyalties.  Illegitimacy.  Victims of gossip.  Vicious rumors.  Rootlessness.

Alternate Card Name:  The Trickster
Trump Number: 13

Appearance:  Makoto stands on a stage, clad in his uniform as Castellan of Castle Amber, but he holds up a smiling drama mask made of gold in front of his face with his left hand, while on his right hand, held out as if to shake hands, one can just barely make out a joy buzzer.  A spotlight shines down on him, and all beyond the circle of light is shadowed and hidden.  The curtain is in the process of either opening or closing.

Meaning:  Makoto, water, light spirits, disguises, joy, practical jokes, cheerfulness, friendliness, a light hearted adherence to duty, defusing tension through humor, flexibility, adaptability, Castle Amber, stewardship, defense of one's home

Meaning Reversed:  Hiding one's true feelings behind a smile, the hatred of others due to one's heritage, Makoto's enemies, bad stewardship, exploiting one's powers for personal profit, hurtful tricks, Makoto's enemies, rough childhood

Alternate Card Name:  The Debutante
Trump Number: 14

Appearance:  Nanami stands in the middle of an adoring crowd of Amberites in formal court garb, wearing a beautiful and ornate yellow dress and gloves which hide every inch of her flesh except for her neck and head.  The crowd is shadowed, making her stand out.  She smiles confidently, perhaps even a touch wickedly at the viewer, basking in the glow of the adulation of the attendees of the ball.  Her left hand holds a fan, while her right hand glows faintly; it could be the ring she's wearing or the hand itself.

Meaning:  Nanami, fire, social events, social leadership, politics, initiation, drive, determination, being admired by others, leadership, sorcery, magic, confidence, magical initiation

Meaning Reversed:  Nanami's enemies, pettiness, arrogance, snobbery, cruelty, mean intrigues, abuse of power to get revenge, forcing the obedience of others, the use of magic to control people.

Alternate Card Name:  The Pianist
Trump Number: 15

Appearance:  Miki sits in a grand concert hall, dressed in blue and silver finery, playing on a grand piano.  The keys sparkle as he strikes them, and he gazes upwards to the right hand corner, where one can see a vision of a garden, in which two children play in unison on a piano.  A sword is propped up against the piano, and on the bench next to him is a huge pile of sheet music.  Notes fill the air around him in a great swirl.  His stopwatch sits on top of the pile of sheet music, but it is too small to read the time, though one can see the time is running.

Meaning:  Miki, pianos, music, music composition, water, dreams, pleasant memories, creativity, timing, punctuality, measuring, fencing, cheerfulness, brothers, brotherly love, romantic dreams

Meaning Reversed:  Miki's enemies, rejection, dangerous dreams, memories which hold one back, clinging to a lost past, defeat, dejection, depression

Alternate Card Name:  The She-Wolf
Trump Number: 16

Appearance:  Kozue, clad in the garb of a huntress, stands with one foot on a fallen deer with several arrows still sticking out of it.  Her eyes have a red tint from the sunlight all around her, and her smile shows her teeth, a triumphant smile.  She holds a dagger in one hand which resembles a carven fang, and a quiver is on her back.  The bow is propped against a tree nearby; she is at the edge of a forest.  [It's known that Kozue came up with this pose herself, unlike most of the other trumps, which were generally apparently done from memory by Fuyutsuki]

Meaning:  Kozue, metal, water, aggressive women, predators, hunting, sea travel, the Shalomar Fleet, the Shalomar Naval Base, wolves, carnivores, fangs, bows, playing with one's prey, mistreating one's own relatives, using men and tossing them aside, success in battle

Meaning Reversed:  Kozue's enemies, fierce loyalty to one's blood, victories which provoke revenge, pyrrhic victories, duels to the death, romantic agonies, being dumped by a woman, the bitter whispers of others

Alternate Card Name:  The Son of Rebma
Trump Number: 17

Appearance:  See the Trump Jeff did.

Meaning:  Derith, Grayswandir, Rebma, water, metal, the art of pattern, the ocean, coral forests, Nedra, good manners, organizational skills, strength of will, victory at sea, wardenship, intense study

Meaning Reversed:  Derith's enemies, defeat at sea, secretiveness, isolation, abandonment of family ties in favor of other bonds, being lost at sea, subtle quests for revenge

Alternate Card Name:  The Champion
Trump Number: 18

Appearance:  Utena charges towards the viewer, sword thrust forward.  She is dressed in her garb as the royal champion/bodyguard, and behind her, a helpless child takes refuge.  The background is only a grey blur with speedlines.  Her foe cannot be seen.  She looks serious, but not grim, and clearly expects success.

Meaning:  Utena, defending others, honesty, bravery, justice, suffering in place of another, hope, faith, naievty, trusting others, athletic talent, skill with weapons, metal, cross-dressing, honor, duty

Meaning Reversed:  Utena's enemies, innocence which leads to being suckered, being an easy mark, being manipulable, inability to express femininity in a healthy manner, weariness from heavy duties

Alternate Card Name:  The Onion Princess
Trump Number: 19

Appearance:  See the Wakaba Trump.

Meaning:  Wakaba, onions, wood, spunk, cheerfulness, hope, kindness, sorcery and sorceresses, social occasions, friendship, aiding one's blood kin, fans, expensive clothing, playfulness

Meaning Reversed:  Wakaba's enemies, sadness hidden behind a smile, jealousy, unrequited love, spite, tears, onions (in the sense of onions making people cry)

The Fourth Generation:

Alternate Card Name:  The Violinist
Trump Number: 20

Appearance:  Michelle walks through a forest, clad in a blue-green dress, playing her violin, while a herd of children follow her, dancing to the tune.  Animals sit and watch--fish, birds, and beasts.  She is crossing a bridge made out of interwoven notes over a stream.

Meaning:  Michelle, music, inspiring others, the admiration of others, children, entertainment, leadership, beauty, forests, streams, violins, teaching, guidance of the young, friendship of animals

Meaning Reversed:  "those who can do, those who can't, teach," being held back, over protectiveness, being treated as a child, hostility of animals, wandering lost

Alternate Card Name:  The Human Shield
Trump Number: 21



Meaning Reversed:

Alternate Card Name:
Trump Number: 22



Meaning Reversed:

Ota "Shaft" Tenjou
Alternate Card Name:  The Enforcer
Trump Number: 23



Meaning Reversed:

Officials and Servants:

High Priest Geo
Alternate Card Name:  The High Priest
Trump Number: 24



Meaning Reversed:

Court Mage Lina
Alternate Card Name:  The Sorceress
Trump Number: 25



Meaning Reversed:

Lady Misato, Commander of the Palace Guard
Alternate Card Name:  The Soldier
Trump Number: 26



Meaning Reversed:

Mario the Royal Plumber
Alternate Card Name:  The Plumber
Trump Number: 27



Meaning Reversed:

Places Around Amber:

Royal Library
Alternate Card Name:  The Library
Trump Number: 28

Appearance:  A table covered with books stands amidst a maze of twisty, bendy bookcases, all alike.  Every sort of written thing you can imagine covers the bookshelves, or is spread out on the table, from cuneiform tablets to dot-matrix computer printouts.

Meaning:  The Royal Library, books, scholarship, searching, mazes, paper, writing, tablets, pens, pencils, knowledge

Meaning Reversed:  Confusion, getting lost, verbose but empty writings, dyslexia, books which contain falsehoods, the burning of books, hatred of knowledge

Courtyard of Castle Amber
Alternate Card Name:  The Aerie
Trump Number: 29

Appearance:  The courtyard of Castle Amber bustles with people.  The picture centers on the well near the front doors of the palace proper; the doors are slightly ajar, welcoming visitors.  The sun shines down brightly, and the walls rise up high, shielding the courtyard from unwanted intruders.  A robin perches on the wall, looking down at those bustling below.

Meaning:  The Courtyard of Castle Amber, aeries, nests, high places, purposeful crowds, meeting places, places of refuge, day to day routine, welcoming

Meaning Reversed:  Hiding from the outside world, a refuge from reality, an ivory tower, isolation, crowds, losing touch with reality.

Gates of Amber City
Alternate Card Name:  The One True City
Trump Number: 30

Appearance:  One stands at the western gates of Amber City, gazing down the Road of Trade towards the heart of the city. The most recognizable buildings of the city jut up over the walls, from the crystal towers of the Temple of the Unicorn to the basalt Doomspire.  The street and the gate itself bustle with mercantile traffic and travellers.  Several citizens gaze welcomingly at the viewer, although a single figure does seem displeased by what he sees in you.

Meaning:  Gateways, new beginnings, trade, doors, Amber City, Kingdom of Amber, merchants, caravans, travellers, cities, urban life, acceptance, diversity

Meaning Reversed:  The closing of doors, the sealing off of possibilities, irreversible choices made for good or ill, chaos, moral decay, the corruption of wealth, arrogance, exploitation of the poor or rural folk, rootlessness, inability to make a decision

Temple of the Unicorn Main Gates
Alternate Card Name:  The Temple
Trump Number: 31



Meaning Reversed:

Docks of Amber Port
Alternate Card Name:  The Harbor
Trump Number: 32



Meaning Reversed:

Great Plaza of Harad City
Alternate Card Name:  The Crossroads
Trump Number: 33



Meaning Reversed:

Base of the Steps to Tir-na'nog
Alternate Card Name:  Ascent
Trump Number: 34



Meaning Reversed:

Base of the Steps to Rebma
Alternate Card Name:  Descent
Trump Number: 35



Meaning Reversed:

Alternate Card Name:  Sanctuary
Trump Number: 36

Appearance:  There is no standard Sanctuary card, but every deck Fuyutsuki makes has one.  Its appearance is that of whatever the owner considers to be a safe haven they can run to.

Meaning:  Varies greatly by owner of the deck, but has the general connotation of a safe place, a hideyhole, security, safety

Meaning Reversed:  Also variable, but can connote a fear of taking risks, a retreat to known safety in the face of unknown dangers


The Beach
Alternate Card Name:  The Border
Trump Number: 37

Appearance:  The viewer stands on the beach itself, a broad aisle of sand between blue water to the right, and a built up street full of shops and hotels on the left.  Children play in front of you, chasing a ball towards the ocean as their parents watch placidly from deck chairs to the left.


Meaning Reversed:

Alternate Card Name:  The Store
Trump Number: 38



Meaning Reversed:

Alternate Card Name:  The Party
Trump Number: 39



Meaning Reversed:

Ohtori Academy
Alternate Card Name:  The School
Trump Number: 40



Meaning Reversed:

The Shadow Theatre
Alternate Card Name:  The Oracle
Trump Number: 41



Meaning Reversed:

Written by: Corrine, Princess of Amber
Transcribed by: John Biles and Philip J. Moyer


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