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What is the true nature of time?  In shadow, time can be molded like clay by those who possess the blood of Amber.  A million years can pass in a second of the True City's time.  Indeed, this is how some shadows can claim millions, or even billions of years of history, despite the fact that not even a millenia and a half has passed since the Pattern was drawn.  Some shadows have independent timelines, while others drag their neighbors along with them into sync.  Golden Circle shadows usually quickly synchronize with Amber time, though there are a handful of exceptions.  And the timeflow of Amber itself cannot be changed, except perhaps by Fuyutsuki or the Unicorn.  And if they did change that flow...how would we know?  And thus, here in Amber, we measure all time by the clocks of the One True City.  But then, almost all men make their home shadow the measure of all things.

An excerpt from Thoughts on the Nature of Reality, by Princess Juri, daughter of King Gendo I of Amber, and Queen Haruka of Harad.

The Timeline:

Week -1 (March 15-21):

Week 1 (March 22-28): Week 2 (March 29-April 4): Week 3 (April 5-11): Week 4 (April 12-18):
  • Day 22
  • Week 5 (April 19-25): Week 6 (April 26-May 2): Week 7 (May 3-9): Week 8 (May 10-16): Week 9  (May 17-23): Week 10  (May 24-30): Week 11  (May 31-June 6): Week 12  (June 7-13):




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