John's Amber DRPG Front Page

I've been involved with quite a few Amber DRPG related projects in the last few years; you'll find links to all of them here.

Advice on various aspects of Amber the RPG
Written by Mike Loader

Old Campaigns and Throne Wars (Run by me or Mike Loader)

This is a set of links to games run by me or Mike Loader in Kansas.

Previous Chronicle--Through A Mirror Darkly

Through a Mirror Darkly is set in an Alternate Amber, using Amber cosmology, but a different royal family and history.  It's heavily influenced by several Japanese animated series, including Revolutionary Girl Utena and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Old NextGen Campaign--Unicorn no Seishi [Heirs of the Unicorn]

Rules Pages

Like every Amber DRPG GM, I've tweaked various rules and had to interpret others.  You'll find the way I do things on these pages

My Amber External Link Page

Last Update September 2, 2004