John's Amber RPG Examples of Play:

Non-Combat Use of Attributes

These examples use the NPCs from the Throne War NPC Cast/Potential Allies Page  and the example PCs from the Throne War Sample Characters Page.

Armwrestling:  Short Version

Dave (Ryouga):  We've decided to settle the succession with an armwrestling competition.

BA (GM):  Okay, Ranma wins the competition.

Nitro (Tenchi):  What, just like that?

BA (GM):  In armwrestling, luck and skill are irrelevant, just strength.  And Ranma has the first luck.  Shouldn't have agreed to the contest, people.

Bob (Ranma):  I AM THE KING!  WOO WOOO!!!!

Chess:  Short Version

BA (GM):  Okay, Nabiki has arrived.

Brian (Nabiki):  "What do you want, Ranma?"

Bob (Ranma):  "I challenge you to a chess game!"

Brian (Nabiki):  [grins]  "Okay."

BA (GM):  Okay, you play a game of chess.  Ranma kicks your ass in thirty minutes.

Brian (Nabiki):  WHAT?  Ranma's a moron and Nabiki is not!

BA (GM):  Chess is about as pure a warfare situation as you'll ever find.  And his warfare [Ranma has 24 points, Nabiki has a measely 5] massively crushes yours.  He buries you.

Bob (Ranma):  Then I do my superior dance.

Brian (Nabiki):  Hrmph.  I challenge you to Risk!

[Ranma crushes Nabiki again, thanks to his superior warfare and only slightly inferior luck]

Brian (Nabiki):  How about a friendly game of Poker?

Bob (Ranma):  I do my superior dance with extra butt wiggle this time.  "And no Poker.  You cheat."

[This quickly segues most likely into a combat example...]

Economic Warfare:  Short Version

Brian (Nabiki) is feeling irritated in real life at Microsoft, so he decides to destroy Shadow Microsoft.

Brian (Nabiki):  I ride through Shadow to Shadow Earth, then use my superior intellect to bankrupt Bill Gates.

BA (GM):  You do realize economic warfare is based on Warfare, right?

Brian (Nabiki):  I doubt Bill Gates has above Chaos Warfare at best, and I have five points in it.  I'll invest the time I need, as long as it doesn't take more than a few years.

BA (GM): You're right, he doesn't.  You bring a monopoly suit against Microsoft, forcing it to break up.  This takes about 2 years for you to see it through, during which nine months pass in Amber.

Brian (Nabiki):  Hah!  Chew on that, Bill!


Ryouga, Usagi, and Makoto decide to go hunting in Arden.  They decide to have a contest to see who can catch the most game in one day, so they split up.

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