Paranoia ME
Character Creation Page

Step 1:  Concept

Your first step is to come up with your basic character concept, in order to guide your choices in the following steps.  Who are you? What is your Service Group?  What is your favorite treason?  What do you do well and where do you suck?  HOW QUICKLY WILL YOU DIE?

Fast.  That's how quickly.  Okay, next step...

But first, the Naming Protocol:

Everyone in the Complex has four name components:  PersonalName-OneLetterClearanceCode--ThreeLetterSectorCode-CloneNumber.

For example, Bob-Y-BOY-3  is a Yellow Clearance Clone from BOY sector, who is on clone 3.

Friend Computer would certainly never assign anyone silly names which are puns.  Nope, not ever.

(Though in the context of character creation, you get to choose the name Friend Computer gave you.  Is this not a great outflowing of FC's benevolence?)

Example Character:

Bob decides to create an IntSec agent, because he's always imagined himself as suave and sophisticated.  Sure, it's only in his imagination, but hey, this is an RPG, after all.  He plans ahead for the day when he will be Blue clearance and names his character...


Step 2:  Attributes

Attributes are rated from 1 to 20.  You have the following attributes.

Chutzpah, Dexterity, Moxie, Mechanical Aptitude, and Strength all convey bonus skill points in the major skill areas (Your base in all relevant skills is equal to one fourth your rating in the Attribute).  Endurance makes you harder to kill.  If not always hard enough.  Connections and Power are depleting attributes, which become weaker as you use them more often in too short a time frame, but can have very potent effects.

High Endurance reduces the amount of damage you take from weapons a little.  Endurance 11-15 you have All1 Armor.  Endurance 16-20 gives you All2 armor.  Each 5 points over that give you another point of armor.

High Strength raises your damage inflicted with hand weapons.  Add your Strength Skill Base to the damage of any Impact or Force Weapon.  (Bare Fists do Impact Damage equal to your Strength Skill Base.)

You have 96 points to distribute however you like among your attributes.

Example Character:

Bob decides to spend James-R-OND-1's Attributes as follows:

Step 3:  Junior Citizen Training.

Much as some worry about it, Junior Citizens really do learn something from their training in their Creches.  If not necessarily what they were SUPPOSED to learn.

You spend 12 years of schooling in your creche.  You recieve 2 points of Skill Points to add to your bases in skills for each of those years, a total of 24.  You may spend these skill points on any skill not restricted in clearance.  You must buy at least one skill relevant to the Service Group you plan to enter up to a level of ten.  Underline or otherwise mark that skill; whether or not you ever improve it, your permanent record will show you had high aptitude at it and you will tend to be regarded as an expert in it, deserved or not...

No skill may be raised above 12 at this phase.  Junior Citizens only get so good.

Example Character:

Bob decides to spend James-R-OND-1's Junior Citizen Training as follows:


Step 4:  Service Group Benefits

Your Service Group provided you with work experience and training before you became a Troubleshooter.  In general, it tends to be fairly young, and only moderately experienced people who are transferred; the real experts are kept home to do the most important work.

You may now spend 50 points on the skills your Service Group provides training in.  This can take you all the way to 15.  The big experts, as noted before, are generally kept home to do the real work.

Armed Forces

Members of Armed Forces begin play with a Flak Jacket (P4 armor), a Slugthrower, 20 Standard Slugs (P8 damage), 5 Grenades(P10), and one piece of equipment relevant to their specialty with appropriate clearance forms.  (Their specialty = whatever Armed Forces skill they are highest ranked in.)  They also begin with one week's K-rations.
Those Armed Forces personel with Boating/Driving/Piloting skills begin the game with appropriate licenses and forms granting clearance to drive vehicles of that type of higher clearance.

Armed Forces personel generally find it very easy to get more ammo for their authorized weapons, so long as they have time to drop by an Armed Forces armory to get it.

Members of Armed Forces kill people, pure and simple.  Any use of Scene Points to kill people is effectively doubled.

CPU--Central Processing Unit

Members of CPU begin with several items: Members of CPU have easy access to any forms they need, so long as they are cleared to have them, as their PCT can print out any form they know to ask for that they are cleared to possess.

Members of CPU are masters of the art of Bureaucracy.  They may double Scene Points spent on any skill use which relates to making the bureaucratic systems of Alpha Complex work in their favor.

HPD&MC--Housing Production and Development and Mind Control

Members of HPD&MC may pick four items off the following list to begin with. Any personel who begin with skill in Boating/Driving/Piloting recieve the appropriate license and authorization to drive higher clearance vehicles.

In addition, all HPD&MC personel live in 'Special Housing' and may use 'Special Cafeterias'.  They effectively live in housing and eat at places equivalent to one security clearance higher than they actually are.  They also recieve medical care as one clearance higher.

HPD&MC personel are inverterate gladhandlers.  They are smooth as silk.  They may double Scene Points spent on any Chutzpah skill.

IntSec--Internal Security

Internal Security Agents must choose another Service Group they have been trained to infiltrate.  They must select two skills from that Service Group's skill list and raise at least one of them to ten.  They recieve the same special equipment as that Service Group does.  They also recieve the other special benefits, so long as their cover is not blown.

Intsec Agents also have a special implant; if they hit the panic button, at least in theory, a horde of Intsec Troopers will soon show up.  If anyone is remembering to monitor you.  They may accidentally shoot you, so be careful about using it...

Intsec Agents are good impersonators.  They may double their Scene Point expenditure on any activity intended to let them pass as their cover identity.

Power Services

Power Services representatives gain the following equipment: Power Services personel have unlimited access to the Power Services Power Access Tunnels, a network of tunnels which weave through everything, often allowing one to bypass areas you are not cleared to enter.  It also allows easy access to all the wiring and power supplies.

Power Services are adept at squeezing the last erg of power out of equipment.  They double the value of their Scene Points spent for any activity which exploits this or involves manipulating power flows.

PLC--Production, Logistics, and Commissary

PLC Clerks receive: All PLC Clerks have a boating/driving/piloting license with clearance to drive vehicles of higher clearance.  Even if they aren't any good at it.

PLC Clerks recieve a 20% discount on all goods purchased at PLC.  They can also request free delivery of goods phoned in on a Com Unit (if they have one), although the lower clearance you are, the longer it may take to show up.

PLC Clerks are particularly adept at getting access to the goods they need and desire.  Any use of Scene Points to acquire goods legitimately or on the black market is doubled.

R&D--Research and Development

R&D Techs may choose 4 of the following items: R&D Techs become adept at surviving experimental malfunctions.  They may make a Power check when caught in the middle of one; if they succeed, they will not die, though they may end up injured, mutated, etc.

Also, R&D Techs are adept at squeezing the best performance out of experimental equipment.  They may double any Scene Points spent on using it.

Tech Services

Tech Service Field Agents recieve the following: Tech Service Field Agents have access to a Black Market contact who can sell you the equipment you need but can't get.  Or anything else he can get his hands on.  And happily buys anything you happen to...find...on the job.

Tech Service Field Agents learn to work under abysmal conditions with hideously inappropriate equipment to do things which are theoretically impossible.  They may double all scene points spent on fixing things.

Example Character:

Bob decides that James-R has been chosen to infiltrate HPD&MC, where he is an actor, under the cover name 'Pierce-R-OSN-1'.  As such, he has been trained in Performer and Disguise.

Bob decides to spend James-R-OND-1's Service Group Benefits as follows:

Step 5:  Hobbies

Everyone has a few hobbies.  Even in Bubblegum Complex.  You recieve 20 skill points you may spend on any skill.  Skills in your Service Group can be raised up to a 20, if you so desire.  Those outside it can be raised up to 15.

You can even buy treasonous skills with these, which brings us to our next step...

Example Character:

Bob decides to spend James-R-OND-1's Hobby Points as follows:

Step 6:  Secret Society and Mutations

Every PC gets to join a secret society.  If you've read the Treasonous Report on Secret Societies, you can suggest one you want your character to join.  Friend Computer will probably happily grant your request.  Unless he has other ideas and you haven't bribed him enough, anyway.  Or if he needs to ensure everyone doesn't pick the same one.  Or if you haven't made the pie higher.  Should you not care or have not chosen to commit treason by reading the report, you can let Friend Computer roll randomly to determine which Society you belong to.  And he would never cheat on that roll, nope.

Different societies grant different bennies, but in general, all societies give you a ready source of allies, a set of secret recognition signs and access to things which are dubious at best and probably treasonous.  In return, they will frequently assign you to do things for them.


Friend Computer will roll you a random mutation, but may take requests if you think of something he finds sufficiently amusing.

You may choose at this point to become a registered mutant.

Example Character:

The details of James-R's treason are not available at your security clearance.

Step 7:  Equipment

The last step is to buy anything you want beyond what you got from your Service Group and Secret Society.  You begin with credits equal to your Monthly Salary in your Computer Account.  You may spend as much as you like of it on either legitimate equipment you are cleared to have or on black market equipment through any contacts you have or your secret society.

Link to the Equipment Page

All BC Complex Personel have the following items free:

All Troubleshooters recieve the following items free:

Example Character:

As an infiltrator of HPD&MC, James-R gets his equipment as if he was an HPD&MC member.