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An Anime/Amber Fusion

By John Biles

This story is a fusion story, of Zelazny's Nine Princes in Amber with the casts of a wide range of Anime. This story will roughly parallel the first five books.

Currently, Book 1 has been completed, which roughly parallels the first Amber novel. Book 2, the Waterguns of Juysenkyo should be started soon, I hope.

Nine Princes in Anime

A ursurper sits on the throne of Anime, the Eternal City. The royal family is feuding across the many worlds of Shadow. Ancient hatreds are heading towards an explosion. And Prince Ranma is just trying to remember what the hell is going on...before his lack of knowledge gets him killed. Or his new wife kills him for dragging her into all this...

Last Update February 5, 1999

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