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What is the purpose of this page??

The purpose of this page is to collect a set of stories dealing with probably one of the strangest uses to which the Arthurian Story Cycle has ever been put...a crossover with Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon is a popular Japanese animated series and manga story by Takeuchi Naoko. Sailor Moon is a shojo series dealing with the heroic adventures, comic mishaps, and everyday life of a group of girls who are the reincarnations of the heroic defenders of a magical kingdom that existed on the Moon millenia ago.

The Arthurian Story Cycle is the collection of tales revolving around the semi-mythical figure of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. It is the great tragedy and romance, in the sense of the medieval romances, of English literature. Arthur has taken on a multiplicity of identities over the millenia and ah half of Arthurian literature.

Where does this fit in the Sailor Moon Continuity?

A Tokyo Senshi in Queen Rei's Court occurs some time after Sailor Moon S.

What if I haven't memorized all this Arthurian stuff backwards and forwards. Can I actually understand any of this??

Yes. Of course, I'd urge you to go rush out and read all of it you can :)

The Great Grandaddy of Arthurian Literature is Sir Thomas Mallor's Morte d'Arthur. If you don't feel up to wading through Middle English, you can find many adaptations of it into modern English, although many things usually get cut from these adaptations. If you feel really brave, or have a good grasp of this sort of material, you also might want to check out the Vulgate, Geoffrey of Monmouth, and various of the REALLY old source materials.

THere are also many fine stories done in the last century adapting the Arthurian cycle to the modern mind in various ways. Thse include Alfred Lord Tennyson's Idlyls of the the King, T.H. White's The once and Future King, Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Mists of Avalon (Horribly anti-Christian, but still worth reading at least once for a view of the events of the cycle seen through the eyes of a pagan woman (A revisionist Morgan Le Fay. Very well characterized)), Mary Stewart's arthurian stories, Steinbeck's unfinished attempt to modernize Mallory, and others.

Help, I can't figure out who is who!

HEre's a link to the Characters page, with a cast list. Here

When does everything happen? The timeline...please...must...have...timeline...

Here's a link to the Timeline Page: here

Where can I get episode X?

Right here! For the low low price of absolutely...nothing!

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